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Up Says a Day Should Be Set Apart
for Them. ^.
? ?
Mrs. Arp Says She Is Willing To
(live a Dollar If Bill Will Work
It Out.
Come now, let's divide out. There
Yte : <) good working days in itie year.
Suppose we ea.ll one of them orphans'
lay. We have a Labor Day and \Va.-:hngton's
birthday and independence
my ana other days sot apart for observance,
why not have a day for the
orphans of l-lcorgia? The orphanage
it Decatur is in groat need and the
<ood men in charge have askea the
people to give, the 23th day of this
month to their service, the labor and
earnings of one day. What hotter can
wo do with it? Madam DeStael said
lhat our hank account in heaven would
be made up of the money we gave away
in charity while we lived upon tno
jarth. Huntington died worth $50.300,000.
tint lie could not take it with
him. and it is feared that lie will have
<i very small bank account up yonder.
He could have endowed a hundred orprimages
and had plenty left for his
kindred. Surely wo can all give
-something on that day. 1 am going to
give fl'. Mr. Crumley shan't shake his
Methodist locks at mo. "lie that
giveth to the poor lendeth to the
lA?rd." "And now, if you like the
security down with the dust." as the
old Scotch preacher said when ho sent
around the hat for chairty. The word
fatherless means an orphan?a child
bereft of a protecting parent, either
father or mother, or both. The word
mother less is not in the Bible, but the
word fatherless includes it, and it is
found in the scriptures thirty-eight
times, and is always coupled with a
reward to those who befriend the orphan.
or some calamity upon those
who oppress them. Job says. 'If 1
have lifted my baud against the fatherless,
may mine arm from my shoulder
blade," and St. James says, "i'uro
religion is to visit the fatherless and
ilie widow in their affliction.' Good
friends, it will not do to say you have
never wronged the orphans. Neglect
of them is a wrong. If nobody gave
what would become of them? Everybody
ought to give?give according to
your purse?gi\e as the Lord hath
blessed you. It is a peril not to give.
St. Peter keeps the books, and I want
him to tind my name on them with a
good hank account attached.
I had a funny conference with my
wife, about this. She says she will
give a dollar if I will work it out.
"What do you want me to do?" said 1.
"The window cord is broken," she
said, "and the sideboaru lock is out of
order, and the longhandlod broom that
i brush down the spider webs with is
worn out and needs another broom on
it." "Is that all?" suid 1. "Oh! 110.
The hall papering is pealing oft and
needs repaying, and there is a leak in
the roof over the dining room." "Is
that all?" said I. "Well, you ran
fini-h the day sifting the ashes and
putting some around the rose hushes.
Mr. Iierch>mans's book says that ashes
are a good fertilizer for the roses." 1
pondered awhile and then ventured to
auk where she was going to get the
dollar to pay me. "Why, from you of
course," she said. "Where did you expect
me to get it? Didn't I give vou
everything 1 had, and didn't you promise
to Rive me everything you had?
Didn't you say, 'With all my worldly
goods ? thee endow?' What's mine is
mine and what's yours is mine, too.
according to that." "But my dear,"
said 1, "haven't I supported you and
maintained you for all these years and
responded to every want and wish 1 ,
could?" "Why, yes, of course you
have; hut if a wife was to keep accounts
with her husband she would
bring him in debt every time. Board
and clothing don't pay ior nursing and
night watching and sewing and darning
and housekeeping and raising up
ten children through infancy and
childhood, and doctoring measles and
whooping cough and boils and colic,
etc. 1 made a thousand little garments
for them with my needle before
, there was ever a sewing machine invented."
"Yes," said 1. "I remember,
and you mudo your own clothes amt
my shirts? my plaited bosom shirts,
with pearl buttons?yes, 1 remember,
1 can't find any ius good now." Then
she remarked: "You couldn't get a
good housekeeper for less than SKK1
per year, could you? And that would
make over $T(,00Q, and the Interest < o nponnded
woa.d make five times aa
much more that you owe me. and you
ask me where I am going ?Q KOt Hie
dollar." "But, hold on, dear," said*.,
"you forgot that I had to support and
educate your ten children?you alw.ivs
call them yours?and that old Abe
Lincoln set all your 'niggers' free, and
that the war broke me all up and I've
had to scuffle for a living ever Hnro,
nrl I ffii'n vnn mAnnu
!-? " n liVUC?Cf 1 yuu
?isk for it and keep you in cologne and
camphor and liver medicine nnd missionary
money and little presents for
the children and grandchildren on
their birthdays. Didn't I give you tw#
dollars last week to buy amber beads
for Mary' Lou. When the cook quite
or gets slc.k, don't I get up and make
a fire and cook the breakfast nnd move
around on tiptoe to keep from weaking
you?and?and?and?haven't J
made you a marble chip walk to tbc
street for your number a shoes to
walk on?" "Is that all." said my
wife, and she laughed at me and said?
"Oh, you know I was just joking. I
know that you have done the. best, you
could. I wouldn't swap you off for
anybdy. Now go and tes if you can't
climb that new ladder you made yesterday
and get some squabs for supper
to-night. There mrst be a dozen or
more up there, and the girls have invited
company 'to tea." Ladders and
squabs! Well. 1 tried the new ladder.
It %is fourteen feet long and reaches up
to the gable end of the smokehouse,
where the pigeors live, and by the
time 1 got nearly r.Mthin reach I didn't
know whether my head was swimming
or the ladder careening, and I just shut
my eyes and slul down with alacrity,
like 11 fireman, and liked to have had a
fit ofnervous prostration, and my wife
Just laughed at me when 1 told her I
am the boy, and -ho hasn't yet realized
that I am growing old. I go 10
the butcher's and the baker's and the
postoflleo and dig the potatoes and
hunt up chickens and eggs and bring
her fresh rose-; every morning and look
after the little grandchildren while she
takes her evening nap. 1 have a lot
of letters to an wer every day. and before
I ran finir.li one somebody wantlooiething
dono, and when night emits
I am us tired as an old dray horse. We
used to l>? rich, but now we are as
poor as Lazarus. Hut still we put on
ills and keep open house Just like we
lid before the war, and our daily visi.ors
have to tie entertained and 1 niu-t
help do it. A stranger tvmo the other
day while 1 was working the roselioda
and hud charge of two little grand- !
children and my wife was napping. Ho !
took a scat on a bench and said lie
mine to see me about lying ?the sin of
lying. This alarmed me for a moment.
Then lie said that 1 was the
writer for the pres-s and had influence,
mil li?> w.-uiteit tm? ti? liein him reform
the world about lying. And he told
me how the pollt riaiis lied and the
newspapers lied and the mer. h ints
lie i and made their clerks to lie and
dicoivo .heir customers and how the
lawyeio lied in the court house t > d" ei\e
tin* jury, and some of the preachers
had got to lying and inak ng up
sensational stories in the pulpit. He
was well nested and iiuoicd criiiture !
and tulkeil in a stream until 1 got tired
of his abstractions. Tin 11 he asked n.n
if a lie or a deception wn- justifiable
under any circumstances. I replied
that there were some while How or deceptions
that 1 thought were admissible
under certain circumstance . lie
looked surprised and asked me to give
him an instance or example. Wei:,
paid I. a woman culled on my wife yesterday
while she was in the kitchen
putting up peach pickles. Tills old
woman was a long setting hen and my
wife got Vt ry tired of her, and at last
when she rose to leave, my wife said:
"Can't, you sit longer? Why are you
in su h a hurry? Well, do cull again
noon?I'm sorry you can't sit longer."'
The stranger spoke abruptly and sa d:
"Your wife deceived her and did wrong
?she ought to have told her that she
van llllRV 21 T1 r 1 rniut Im ovidiaml Ihm'f
you think so?" Well, row. s?i<l 1, let
me put another case. You came here
and found me hard at work with my
coat off and I had two little children
to watch, for my wife to'd mo not to
let them get out of my sight. and now
they have gone. I must hunt them up.
and I've listened to your abstraction.;
for half un hour and all to no practical
purpose, suppose 1 should -;ay to
you, my friend, you will have to excuse
me; I must look after the children
and work my garden, and I re Icon
you had better go. What would
you think of mo and my rudenfss?He
looked surprised and grieved ar.d said.
"I)o you mean it?" No. said I. and if
1 did, it would he very impolite for nm
to tell you so. 1 had rather tell a little
white lie hadn't you? He wa silent.
for a minute, and then siid: "Well,
I reckon 1 had better go." and he Initio
me an affectionate goodby.
But let us not forget the orphans
nor the day. There is no lie about
that. Sometimes I feel like an orphan
myself and wish my father and mother
were here to comfort me. i reckon
that is a sign of second childhood.
Now I have a labor of love before
me. I shall compile that hook of poems
and I want help. Kind friends have
sent me 222 copirs of the poem I asked
lor aiul it will please me and lielp mo
to have the lovers of Rood, pure poetic
literature send to me. the titles of. say,
five or more of their favorites, and also
the nam?? of the authors. Address
Major Charles H. Smith, Cartorsville,
Oa.?Hill Arp in AtiantA Constitution.
Held Up Far Down.
While William Ilcfl'ner was at work
In the pump house of <(Irani colliery,
Mt. Carinel. i'enn.. .'{imi feet under lite
ground a few nights ago. three masked
highwaymen, armed with revolvers,'
rohhed him of s.">n, his monthly pay. 1
He drew the money last Saturday and
hid the money in a hole In the roek.
The roldut.s waited at the door of the
pump house until he bent over ihe
machinery to oil it, when they crept
Into Hie sina.l enclosure, and. rinsing
tlie door, surrounded the pump man,
and informed him if he moved or said
a word he would he shot. HefTner,
realizing that he had desperate men
io neat wini, tinn?i? ?l the money over.
? LMiiludclpliiu I'uhlic Ledger.
Wife?"1 told the man to come and
tune the piuuo*nt eleven o'clock."
Husband?"Yon must be n mindreader
"Becauttc Is the hour I Unci set
to fin sh tbe lHHt chapter of myt?ook."
?Harper's Bnaui'
Systematic Work Begun to Pc.t.ov?
the Deb ris in the Stricken City.
rh* Pur* oT tlio ami Sick?-Tlio
| I
Dnii(?r of Kpldeinir i* I* In i
(lnrnr. Am CjwciI-foiirtlt Ion* or tli? !
Enbtnercml Town* on the Mainland ,
? 1)1*1 nfoctln th? Cllr.
CJalveston. Tex. (Speelan.? Hope is
romiug to relievo despair ami tin* sanguine
are dreauiin.tr that a new CJniveston
will arise from the ruins of the
old. There is no pcstileuee. the snj?- <
ply of water, if not adequate, is Midi- 1
c-ient to relieve suiter I lit:, and there is (
food enough to satisfy the demands of
The tirst real attempt to elear away i
the great mass of deliris piled along | '
the heaeli front for a distance of
several miles was begun Friday. Ad- j
vertisemetits were printed in the News j
for hundreds of men and hoys to do J
this work. A multitude responded, j '
They were formed into squads and
promptly put to work with poliee and I \
deputy sheriffs in elinrge.
A newspaper correspondent visited '
the lieaeli and walked a mile along
its border. The stench from the dead
bodies was ahsol.itt ly sickening. |
Kverywhere little groups of num. women
and children, with scarcely enough
clothing to cover their nakedness.were j
<tiggitig in the ruins of their homes,
for what little household property thev
i ouM savo. In most distances I lit*\ ,
vcrc unable to tind a ri'innnut <?i
their property.
Yv ? thousand. mostly women ami
? !;.left the ?"ly Friday. am!
t.i h'vithIm nunc were eager to go. but
\ f?r? unable to obtain transportation.
C.if irnian MeMasters. of the Cham
her of ('imiiHprcc. lias eharge of tho
viler relies! work. Tlio eompany is
;?liolr.:r i.ihj : II along llio inalns, |>1 n^rtin*
!>ro.;on phi cos ami thereby
: s ;i :t in the 2iow.
t'r v> ire sii|i[)ly continues bountifn)
ami at many corners lomomulo is
o?rvoil at five cents for as many glasses
olio can drink.
Mcvo effective measures wore taken
to keep undesirable people otY the island.
Soldiers patroled the water
front and challenged ai! who eouid not
show a proper reason for their landing
or who wore unwilling to work
for the privilege of coining into town.
"Clean" is a sign met with in every
block and "clean up" is the order of
the day. The city is reviving mulct
the stimulus of lire, lime and carboiu
acid. I.lnie is everywhere and more
is wanted. It is spread on the streets,
poured in gutters, on sidewalks and in j
< (>11:11*9. There sire n<? more disi ? ? ?->i.1 _
objects in th<> business sections..
Thousands of men are at work removing
the debris ami binning it
Hundreds of stores are open for business.
Kvery limn, proprietor, clerk
and porter, con le v and wish trouser* j
rolled up. is busy "cleaning up." The I
millionaire and the negro work side j
by side.
"In thirty (lays you will not know it
is the same city." said John Scaly,
(Minimum of the Financial Commit- j
tee. "We have sent over the State fot
11km) carpenters. 1?n? additional masons
and artisans of all kinds.
"(Inhesion will rise greater and better
than ever. This is what we desir<
to impress upon our good friends of
the North and the Mast. We are more
than thankful to them for the substantial
manner in which they have
come to our aid.
"There is a great work to be done j
and we will do it. Losses are forgot
ten. and we will now face the future I
with full confidence."
The sanitary experts are pushinv ! 1
the work of burning the iloml w 1
other disposal is considered. l'eople j
who linve lost relatives and friends j '
made 110 objection and looked upon the :
plan with favor. Disinfectants are !
used as never before in the world.
The smell of the charnel-house has
been driven away, and flu- whole city '
i- fiiVd with the funics of carbolic
. < bl and liine in solution. i
C"cjt 8IIOO I>n?tltutn l*?0|?le In lirajorlii j
C'cunty?Knoil Stippllm Sent. j ]
Austin, Texas (Special).?The desti- , 1
tntion and suffering in the smaller 1
towns and in the country districts on '
the niaiuland that were swept by the
storm i3 greater than Indicntcd in the
earlier reports. Many application*for
aid were received from these points '
by Governor Bayers. 1
It is stated that there are over Mono
/lllO t I t H f/? nv/v/v??t-. 1 - - **
in siuuie |p?-i?|?j - in . iruzunn ? onnty. ' I
It Is estimated thnt over eighty per I 1
eent. of the houses in that eounty were t
destroyed hy tie* Btcrm. /.II the other I
buildings were damaged, i.fony people
were hilled irt the eountry districts, i
Prosperous plMitn'lous have been <
completely dovaetnt'"1. Farm huild- i
ings are rll po*?et and all crops destroyed.
The homeless hungry f
people of liiehinoml, Alvin, Angleton. j
Seahrooke and m ny other places have |
appealed for aid.
In rospon30 to th?s.> appeals the (
floveruor ordered t^a shipments of;
food eupp1iaP. * ' will give some re- .
lief, rd'-' >; are being or-l j
gnulze'* -""r towns and ^
comr '?sts v ,
lie f
It Is
has g
Wntlilndon Itrina.
The War Department has decided
tluit Colonel Amos S. Kiiuball acted
In a proper way In awarding Manila
supplies contract.
American miners in disputed Alaska
territory received notice from Secretary
Hay of protection tinder the Anglo-American
modus vivendi.
The State Department was informed
!!...? TA r ? ? ' ' **
iii.ii ii.iiHi- liivuri-u aim * criiiauy unapproved
the Itusslnn proposition for
restoring pence in China.
The Navy Department has made arrangements
to bring home for burial i
the Itodies of ntlieers and men of the
Navy and Marine Corps who died (
abroad sinee the beginning of tlie war
with Spain. '
Our Ailnplnt lilnmU. ,
The seliools of Cuba opened Monday.
From 1-10,(MHJ to loO.OOO children
attended. I
The reports of military operations <
In the Philippines show that of late
these have been trivial. <
The Philippine Civil Commission '
proposes to expend .?b.000,(MM? for the !
eonstruetion and repair of roads and '
bridges throughout the nrelilpelago. I
Anna II. Meleeoke has been appoint'
rd postmistress at Waisninu, Hawaii
Miss P.eitha Aden, daughter of the (
riovernor. Will be married to I.ieuten- |
ant l.ogan. V. S. N.. next month, the |
ceremony taking place in the palace at
San Juan. Porto IUco. ,
tlovernor Allen returned to San ]
Juan, after a tour of Porto Itieo. He
found considerable crops on the rioo
and nii'ii plantations. |?ut littlo coffee.
No anti-American sentiment was encount
A cyclone destroyed the crops of tho
district of Trinidad. Province of Santa i
('lava, Cuba. The people arc desti- >
tute. Kfforts will l?c made to relieve J .
the situation.
While insane. Frank W. Frowning. .
of t'cutreville. t'al.. killed a Japanese !
nborer and then lili w up his employer's
house, lint killed 011:7 himself.
An tiered by ihe fa Hurt of t'hief IIlowahe,
of the KaUiina tribe, in Wy I
omlng. to cure Ids ehihl. an Indian i j
named John stoned the chief to death. (
>1. M. Worthington. of Washington, i |
IV an otlieial of the Fulled States .
Fish Commission, became violently in- , |
sane at Duluth. j .
On account of the extreme drought. i
the Fish and Came Commission of ji
Maine ordered the sale of licenses for ' !
September hunting to be stopped tin- i
til there is a fall of rain.
The 1'nited States monitor Wyoming
was successfully launched from the '
shipyard of the I'nion Iron Works in
the presence of thousands of people at J
San Francisco. I :
Judge Cautrlll. :it Oeorgetown. K.v.,
denied a reopening of the murder ease ,
against Powers, Inn suspended execu- (
lion of the life sentenee for sixty du.vs !
In order that the defendant might sip- i
peal. 1
Swift A- Company, of Chicago. have Jj
seiatred eontrol of the enormous liusi- i
ness and plants of the Kustmans Company.
of New York City. The Fastmans
Company has a capital of ?."?,000tIKM).
By the fall of an iron girder from
a railroad bridge at Hielunond, Va..
rtlenwood Seay was killed and John
llanson. formerly of Philadelphia, : j
wtis ha?lly injured.
The Twentieth Century Movement
of the Methodist Church to save 'J.imm.
fVld souls before the end of lfttil is
ahout to l.e put under way.
The Deutschlnnd and the Kaiser
Wllltelm der Crosse start' 1 on a
race jicross tlie Atlantic from New
York City. ,
John I?. Rockefeller has made Spoil- f
m.*m Seminary, a negro college <>f At |
Inntu. <!n.. a present of ?> 1M?.?km?. |
Tin* house occupied by J. (!. llothor- i
digton, of Chicago, was robbed for the
fourteenth time in fourteen years. <
The burglars took $-."0 worth of prop- I
prty. %
XV. J. Rrynn and 1'nited States Sen- 1
itor Wellington opened the Maryland
Iloinoorntie eanipaign at Cumberland
The Senator renounced his allcginne
to Republicanism.
Zaek Montgomery, who was Assis
Hit Attorney < leuera^ luring Clev? f
land's tirst term, died at bos Angole
Cal., after an illness of several day- N
A gang of sneak thieves are opera
lug in Newport, It. I. Many house
Including the residence of I .or ,,
Pauneefote. have been visited by tli
thieves. The cottagers are considers j
l?ly alarmed. >,
Knr?ltii. j
The bower House of the Austrial ,.
[teichsrath has been dissolved and .
tew election ordered.
Three hundred men of the Sixt t
United States Cavalry defeated fli o
[lexers at Hunting Park. l'ekin. killin t
hirty of the enemy and taking man
The Philippines being t'nited St:it? (]
'erriioev < 'amiibi lm? ,l,,,-?,i?..t .a....
inly domestic postal rates on let to;
for the islands.
The visiting members of the K:t: ,s
mis City Fire I'rignde are enterlai: a
ng crowds at the Crystal Palace, i ,
London. The smartness of (lie Ann
can firemen has called forth unstin '
?d praise.
A military expedition 1000 stron ,
eft the Tagus for Lorenzo, Marqui ,,
t is thought with the purpose of pn j
renting the Hoers taking asylum i
Portuguese territory.
n German Government gun fact ( r
oauufnctnriug a new * . mil. ,]
for the infr 'llgl <]
ov e> ,1
Peter Austin, of Stormvillo, N. Y,
Confesses. But Pleads Solf-Defense
Ili* \VIf?> All Slit* Knew About tb?
Crimr. Ttirii llt> Mnkr* n CleAti
IttiuM of tbo Aftalr.
PouRhkoopsio, N. Y (Spooial).?The
murder mystcry of Stormville was
flea rod ujt wlion 1V1 or Austin, the
rartuor who wa . arrostod a few days
mo. oonfossotl to District Attorney
Wood and Sheriff Smith that lie killed
['liarlos P.rowor fotirtoon yours :mo
:md throw the l?od> in tlio old woll.
whore tho skoleti *.i was found II*
!;i.vs li?? killed tli** man in s**!f defense. I
Austin's wif wont before tin* (Irniul
Tury mill told .ill that sin* know about
I In* oritno. Tli is is h r story, as ^ivon
3tit l?y tho authorities:
"llrowcr had lived with us <ifl" :m*l
3ii fur throe yours. Ho was a nuci'r
man. ami a*ml forty yoars nl*l. Ho
seemed vor\ I'?nnl ol" tin* oldest of m.v
two daughters. a girl then twolvo
roars *>1*1. who is now tlio wife of
Mr. l'ritrgs. tho hlneksmith. in llnpoivoll.
Ill* spoko to mo about marrying
li<*r. and 1 rotnikod lihn for thinking
f sin h a tiling. I'm* said ho would
kill both 'iu? and my husband, and
Ihon ho would l?o froo to liavo iho jrirl.
Ilo lauirbod wlion bo said it. and I
thought h" was joking. One evening
ho and Peter wont otti to ntilk tho
rows. Peter oatno !i > oo alotu*. His
leg was all blood, and 1 nskotl what
was ;ho mat lor. 'l'lton In* told mo
that In* had Killed It rower."
Tho lUstriot Attorney next had tlio
wife rottent hot* story in tin* presoitoo
of Austin, who was brought front tho
jail. 'tin* result was that he broke
down ami made a eleau breast' of tin*
VIhii.v l*f?r?ofi? l.iltelv to SiiIT.t mul I>ir? i
Si it in to ;t New
Port Towr.sond. Wash. tSpeeialk? !
I'lio steamship lClihu Thoinpson arrived
front Capo Noun*, bringing 'Jim
passengers. many of whom are wit limit
moans. Hot* ollloors report enndiliotts
but liitle el tan .cod. There are
K.wni |-|.?nn> | H' i >11! IS IIIITi', Ill.in.V Of
them ill destitute circumstances. ami.
is winter approaches. much uneasiness
prevails aauuivr Ilie unl'orlunales.
is tlie.v ean see no prospects of pelting
nvay anil nmhini; ahead hut sutVerin^
mill perhaps death.
r.efore the Thompsoii sailed from |
N'otue n report reached there thai rich j
uiir;-inirs had Icon struck on Itlue |
Stone ("reel;, the other side of Cape |
York, 'l'liis caused a stampede, and
til small steamers and schooners at |
SoTiie headed for the scene of the new j
drike. loaded with passengers. lt.v |
lie time the stampede is over, and |
the last steamer of the season sails j
louth, ! me may lie almost depoptta
t eil.
Nome is [iraetieally free front sick- j
less, smallpox and other diseases havng
V it w i i *ii ni? in Cup** Colony IS uiiietl by I lit
W ill* Cuntiot 1'uy Kent*
<'lli(? TnU'fl VJniil It \ f'i'li.n ?!?* i'oI-'aV I
In I lie Cape House oi Assembly the
remier. Sir John Cordon Sprigg, re lyiii^
to n question ooiieerniiig the
ate of refutrees who had not been perart
ted to return to their oeetipntIons,
aid that if charitable funds failed, the
Joverninent would see to it that the
efttgees did not starve.
London (By t'aldei. The Cape Town
orre^pondenc of the I tally Mail, reerring
to the question put in the
louse of Assembly to Sir John (loron-Sprigg
regarding the refugees,
"The distress among them is very
prions. Large numbers. mostly
iinerleaiis. are living in eaves on the
ides of Table Mountain, owing to
neir Inability to pay rent."
nille M**i\ in rolonitio lirins 1li?* OI?l
Kittil** War to a i'linui*,
Wnlsenbtirg, t'ol. (Speeialt. Ueptyds (
rotn Sbarpsdale, a small town near i
lounr I'.iaiiro. in Southern Colorado,
ay that the fowl over Die use of the '
attge, which lias existed long between
attic men and sheep moil, reached a ,
liinax a few days :ipi, when the cat*
le men drove IttMMl shoeji over a high
nveipice, killing nearly all of them.
The troll hie has grown out of the
canity of water along the water
nurses. Where grass stil! remains the
l>oe|> were pastured, and after they
ad once passed over the ground vatic
refused to eat on It, and cither died
r became very poor. It is said that
lie entire country has taken up arms.
M?l .%< fhleiit to si N tne Y t-nr-OI?l Itallfin
< ft11 ot Hoiiim! Hronlc. \
sJonJervIlle, N. J. (Hpccinl). Ratio
>eirox, a i:.tie-year old Italian ?;lrl,
ml two companions wore playing on
!?> r..iIroail tracks at lloutxl Itrook fl
.licit a west hound freight train bore
own on litem. Katie's enntpaions
raped by jumping down an embanknent,
but Kttlle did not see the train
mil it was almost osi top of Iter. She
-.imped, but fell so that Iter hands
ay on the east-hound traek. An eastmind
passenger train running at the
ate of fifty miles an hour catue tlmnlerlng
alone and, rut oil three lingers
>r iter right hand. Her injuries were
tressed by two physicians. who ,'oe- I
leve she will reeov?/. * | 1
? v
lie Speaks On The Evils of These
Great Monopolies.
- 4
flc is Enthusiastically Welcomed to
St. I.ouls, Where He Makes a
Speech to the Commercial Travelers.
St. I.ouia, Mo.. Spe. Sal.?Hon. W J,
Bryan spoke here Saturday at. the C diseam
Hail, under the r.u-pi.ert of the
National Dcmocratle ( lab of Commercial
Travelers. The hall is s.id c?
seat 11.COO people. Net only was ev vry
seat occupied, but every available fo ?t
of stuudii>g room was al-o covered. Mr.
Bryan was late in arriving at the hall,
having beeu detained by his attend
uuce upon n meoiing ot tuo lvns.glvtB
ami |j!idip? of Honor at Cois urdi.t
l'nrk. where ne also made a brief !i?i
dress. 'Mr. Bryan had anlvei in the
city about f> o'clock, coming here I'rtnii
EUkSt St. Louis, lie was e>e:?rtod aero?*
11k> Mississippi by a committee Of the
commercial traveler who met him in
the Illinois city. They brough" him
into this city in a carriage drawn l?>
four ereani white horses, and followed
by 20 other carriages, all drawn by
white horses. and accompanied by ?
mounted guard anil a large .s<piad of
The meeting at the 0>L.um:u was
presided over by .1. \V. Jump. chair
man of the t'ominei da! T:av?d? rs'
Club, and the lime previous <'o Mr.
Bryan's arrival was ti 1 !*.? 1 by other
sptakeis. The lirsi of these was lion.
John A. I?e. Democratic emdidate for
Lhutenant tlovernor ot this St'U \ and
himself a commercial traveler, ami by
Hon. Webstrr |).tvis. Mi Davis t?xjVt
occasion to reply i<> the rwiv.ti charge
tlia lie had nete'd money
President Hi tiger for i thing a po i ion
In favor of Hi* Dense rata: L diet hi
the pre en: campaign He s iii thai h.
had gone to South \frict to vi-it ,i
personal friend of iiis. iho v/aa eunsul
mere. Me then sii'i:
"I have 1>< 11 accused of sin inf minus
crime by men I do not know and who,
I have no doubt., are getting bit; pay for
what they are. doing. 1 challcng 'it <n
to produce a Kindle 1 :.ha I have
ever writ t? u or to brim; forward any
other legitimate proof to auk Lint into
their charge."
Mr. Davis said tint, since ho had t *Uen
his position his crippled brother. ,
who iiad held the place of assistant
pot master at. Kansas <'ity, had been
deprived Of bis office.
Mr. Brye.n received a greit < vat'on
whrli he appealed on the s'a , lie *
read his (speech from ninam :it <?1
the entire document wr.a well nivod.
Beginning his sjnvb, he .v id* The
lament of David over A v.i!oai one
of the most pathetic pas. ,-tc; f tinOld
Testament. The fact t "b ;o>?
was in rebellion vgainst i! i .v< *l
as potential uuUinri>iy di ! it : aluit-o
the father's affection. and ' > v\i:ins
query, 'Is the voting ir iu, An ilnrn.
safe?" lingers In the memory nil w!n?
study the life or' the 541 ?*.it IIk'i c\v
King. And, yet, the inte.rent. \-V !
David felt in his von, \bntiom. !. it* y"parallel
in the more than h.i i i oni \
familhs whi.li make up the A .. -:i a \
people. \
"No language ran i i! ! 1 m r \
cr's love, or overstate the U<. I.:: in- \ |
tercet which the fa'iie' f t - in h \ <
welfare of his child. From the time \
when the mother's Iif-? h.ing; i.i tiie \
balance at the boy's I.i t Lh until the \
death of the pat fit-; i:i"i - is scarcely '
si waking hou. when the son is nor.
prevent in tt;eir f! 1?>11 y5 . at.il pi mi . if
Is to this parental devotion, no uir.?<rsally
recognized, thai I -1 .sir* n a.>
peal on this occasion.
"I would call the attention of ?? ? >father
and nioiner to pr> n-nl ? 5:t.- .11
and indi: triil ermdiro. 1 - 1 ?
hrk them IO analyze 11:> .-on I . j/is.
InvcaiRato their (mum *. and ft 1 ? nrienelrs.
I would i>r? -s 11th n *!ili
question: 'I* fho young i in A!? >1 >w,
safe?' Art1 yon satisfied with fri s s
Ribilitif -. and tlio probabilities j < 1
now open I it-fore vour son '
"la ho Ral'o wlirn foreign or <!<*m
financiers arc allowo I t<? in. -- i ?i
monetary system under who!) ho
"I ho aato when national bin o*tfrtil
the volume of liinu-y v.:'1' ii
ho does business?
"Ifi ho tnfo when th< bond ' i i :n;
rlaKR determines .ho -i/o of intlonni
dohls tmon whi li v m . ! <>
to nay interest?
"Ts he safe when by me\n* of
laid almo t entirely upon comwnipti ui
he is comp' lied to contribnta or linr
to nis wants rather than accord in.-, to
his possers'ons?
"Is he safe when corporate intrreid*
Influence as th<y do to day the .selection
of those who are to repro-on* hiit
in the Senate of the United S' : e 7
"If he Is a wage-earner, and you do
not know how soon he may be, :i f
he is not now, he ir. safe when h lUntile
to he deprived of trlnl by jury,
through the svfflem known aj? gov rn - \
me t by injunction?
"I"? he safe, if a laboring man, when
he is denied the protection of arbitration
and compelled to sibn.it to such
hours and terms ? " n corporate employer
may propose?" c .
Mr. Bryan then entered in'o a-. < ? - '
h&native *od severe ."rrnig"""'i ' of th#
tru ita ar.d their evil rrau'.is < - *

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