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/ me Art ol SwIamJor.
^Vhen one wants to swim with the
back up, It Is necessary to make some
fflfort to keep the head up, for most of
Its bulk must then be above the surface
in order to breathe. If Is the
nruis which do this part of the work,
not the legs, as Is so often believed,
it is a common error for inexperienced
swimmers to suppose that nil of their
progress is due to the efforts of the
irmo anil f h n t tkn fnot n r a iicai) uitn
ply to .-support the weight. On the
contrary, it is almost exactly the opposite
way, and the prevalence of this
misconception by women accounts
frequently for their inability to swim
rapidly. Many of them simply Hop
their legs straight up and down after
they have learned to support themselves
in the water, nad then wonder
lhat their arms become so tired and
that they make so little progress as
compared with their masculine
friends.?J. 1\ Paret ,in Harper's
Anti-Sign Movement In Maryland.
llagerstown, Md., will have no moro
Bieiis'**on the street, after that dav re
eently when $.",000 worth of them
were consigned to the woodpile. Tlwj
removal of signs is In compliance
with n recent ordinance passed l?.v theCity
Council, and Includes all kinds.
Sevesnl merchants will test the legality
of the ordinance, and a strong protest
will be made by the merchants
against it.?Baltimore News.
Kolri From tlir Paris Kxpsoillon.
"The Singer Manufacturing Company.
ot ill) Broadway. New York,
show their usual American enterprise
by having a very creditable exhibit
located in Croup XIII., Class 71). at the
Paris International Exposition, where
they show to great advantage the celebrated
Singer Sewing-Machine which
Is used in every country on the globe,
both for family use and for inauufac
turtng purposes. The writer was
highly pleased with this display and
observed with much satisfaction that
It was favorably commented upon by
visitors generally.
The Grand Prize was awarded by
the International Jury to Singer Sewing-Mncliiucs
for superior excellence
in design, construction, efficiency and
for remarkable development and adaption
to every stitching process used
in either the family or the factory.
Only One Grand Prize for sewing
machines was awarded at Paris, and
this distinction of absolutely superior
merit confirms the previous action of
the International Jury at the World's
Columbian Exposition, in Chicago,
where Singer Machines received liftv
four distinct awards, being more than
were received by all other kinds of
sewing machines combined.
Should it be possible that any of
our readers are unfamiliar with the
celebrated Singer Machine, we would
respectfully advise that they call at
any of the Singer salesrooms, which
can be found in all cities and most
towns in the United States."
Wlgg?"What sort of a man is
Ttjones? Rather eccentric, isn't ho?"
Wagg -"lie's the sort of fellow you
might expect to go to a horse show in
an automobile."
A trn\?llnjr Halesnmn lti each Southern Stnt?;
sr. i to <HO por month nml unvoting expenses;
experience not ? hrolutrly nooossnry. Address
1'knicks Tobacco Wokkh t o , I'enlckit, Vn.
Fortune TeHing In China.
The fortune teller Is indispensable at
n Chinese wedding. If the fortuues
are not satisfactory either party may
break the engagement.
FITS permanently cured. No 11 ts or norrnta.
nevs after llrst day's use of l>r. Kline's (ire ?t
Nervo Hestorer.S-trial bottle and troattwot'reo
Dr. It. it. Ki.i.ne. l.td .lMl Arch st. I'hila. l\i.
"Two years uro. when my daughter
was married, 1 Rave her away." sighed
the rich man; "and ever since I've regretted
that 1 couldn't get rid of uiy
son-in-law a? easily."
Indigestion is a bad coin|>iiuion. (lot rid of
it by chewing n hnr of Aduuis' Pepsin Tutti
Frutti utter each men I.
The bunco man loves to operate on people
who are well to do. Ho. 41.
'I'lic ltr?i I'rcBcrl|>lton for CIiIIIm
and Fever is a hottle of Oiiovr'h Tahts.i.khs
< Tonic. It is simple Iron nmt i|itiiiiuo
in a tasteless form. No cure.no pay. Prion U5r.
The managers of a theatre can't compl
a in that he never gets a show.
Sufferer?"Do you cxtrnet te th
without pain?" Dentist?"Not always.
I sprained my wrist on one a couple of
days ago, and the blainc.li thing hurts
Don't worry ovcrmucn
about those sharp pair.'j in
your head. Seek their cause
in your liver.
One Aycr's Pill at night tor
a few nights drives away morning
J. C. Ayf.r Company,
Practical Chem's!*, Lowell, Man.
Ayrr's Saraaparii'a Ay er s Hair Vipor
AyeT'a Pills Avrr"s Cherry Pectoral
Ayer's Ague Cure Ayer's Comatonc
N&i* "'V
Ui? Itldlcnlonn Fflort to Kxplnln nn TTnfortiinnlft
Cntn|iRlEn Ulternncn ? No
Trunta "ill tliri HIchiiIi?k of tlio L?w"tVliy
Grltcc* Cnmiot Find Any.
Mark Ilnnnn lias demonstrated an
nliillty equal to that of Roosevelt in
putting liis foot further into a mess
wnen attempting to explain an mi[fortunate
campaign utterance. When
the rough-riding orator tried to explain
the meaning of his declaration
that "nil Democrats are cowards" lie
made a had matter worse, and now
comes Ilauua with an amendment to
his Chicago prouunciameuto that
"there are no trusts in this country,"
which puts his party in a hole from
which i? will not is* likely to extract
itself even by the most desperate
llnntia "explains" the naive declaration
that what lie said was not "there
are no trusts." but that "there are
no trusts in the meaning of the law."
The difference between these two assertions
is evidently very great to
th?v astute mind of .Mr. llanna. hut
to the average citizen tliey mean
about the same thing, except that
the amended statement is much
stronger and more significant than the
one which it seeks to excuse. The
plain I-higlisli of it is that Iluunn lias
lot the cat out of the hag. True is it.
uuecu, mat mere "are no trusts in
the moaning or the law"?that is of
tlio law as detined and executed l?.v
the Republican party.
If any one disputes Ilnnua he ran
call to his support as witness Attorney-tJenorrtl
tlriggs. This functionary
will swear till he is blue in the
face that there is no such thing as
a trust under his interpretation of
the law. Despite the fact that his
home State of New Jersey is the
wholesale incubator of trusts this man
(Jriggs cannot see one. lie knows
that there is an anti-trust law on the
statute books, a law which the Supreme
Court declares is fully competent
to provide a remedy for trust
evils, tlriggs knows the. law, but lie
is trust blind. "In the meaning of
the law" to him there are no trusts.
Vud this is just where the trouble
Is. As long as tlriggs is Attorney
< >0110101 aiiti in' or some man equally
blind will lu? Attorney < 5< noral as long
as McKinleylsm is maintained at
Washington?then* will lie no trusts
"in the meaning of the law."
Ilanna's tongue is 1m ruddling his
brain, lie says there are no trusts,
and in the next breath makes the remarkable
statement that "what antitrust
laws have been enacted have
been enacted by the Uo|niblieans."
Why, if there are no trusts? If Ilanna
is not choked into silence he will
be the best Itryan orator on the
stump, for lie is so steeped in his own
coueeit and so poroinely belligerent
that he tells the truth without knowing
The "full-Dinner-I'nll Arjjnmeni."
The Anierienii wnri.*iti?r?...... ? ? -
lieves that the injunction is used to
oppress labor is cxpt'ctwi to dismiss
all liis fears in consideration of three
meals a day. The man who regards
the Constitution as a sacred instrument.
not to be tinkered with by selfish
politicians, is urged to surrender
all his convictions for the gross tielights
of :i full dinner-pail. The "sentimentalist"
who dreams of equal
rights, the brotherhood of man and
free institutions, is to confess that he
is an impostor if thereby In can be
sure that his pantry will he well
stocked. Heretofore orators hare appealed
!o the reason of their hearers,
to their convictions of what was
right, but Senator Ilnnuu bases bis
appeal upon the lowest conceivable
considerations. The American voter,
from his point of view, lives only to
eat. not to think.?Haiti more Sun.
i t J& ; _
One Point of I>lfier?Mico.
One point of difference between the
letters of acceptance of President MeKinley
and Mr. I'.ryan is worthy of
notice. Mr. ltryan says:
"If elected I shall appoint an At
mi oey-iienerai who will, without fear
or favor, enforce existing laws."
1I*? is discussing tlit* trust question.
Mr. MrKinley very wisely says nothing
about his Attorney -Ceiicral the
very clever gentleman who eotnes
front the trust-breeding State of New
Jersey, and who is eminent principally
for his friendliness toward the
great corporations and trusts.
It is a point of difference which it
will he worth while for the people to
ltrynn Counter* on llontoi.
The Charleston I'ost <I>.tn> says;
"Colonel Bryan made a good point in
answering Senator I lamia's diatribe
against him. lie declared that lie
would very gladly meet the llepuhlican
candidate for President, ami if
the National Committee would certify
that Ilanna was to lie President in
event of Itcmibllenn <o. ?
? * ' 41 I I lit'
election, Hrynn would lie happy to
debute wltli the Ohio Senator. Now it
is up to MrKinloy to take up the eiidXels
in debate or for I latum to declare
that he keeps the conscience of the
administration and so is qualiticd to
meet Hrynn."
]lon?fT?lt Should It** Mtiszl*d?
* ? "
it nai no our colored friends Miink
of tiovernor Roosevelt's latest charge
of cowardice against tin* colored troops
thai fought at San .luan 11 ill V Coloni'l
Roosevelt will not bring many colored
vc?ti'S to the Republican ticket l?y
svtoli speeches as that, tho more < -pc*
dally wlion lie has no foundation
whatever for his assertion of rownnl*
ire. Ih'foro he gets turough with his
campaign he will have lots of explaining
to do. No wonder Mark Ilauun
wants the rough rider muzzled.
Ccst For the Bowels,
No matter what alls you, headache to a '
cancer, you will never net well until your ,
bowels are put right. Cahcxrxts help t
nature, cure you without a gripe or pain, t
produce easy nntural movements, cost you 1
Ium 10 ceuts to aturt gettiag your health '
iack. Casearets Candy Cuthartlo, the j
genuine, put up in metal boxes, every tab- t
let lias O.C.O. stamped on It. Bewure of *
imitations. ?
The most idiotl of slang expres- 1
sions is: "I don't think." It is so su- r
Salesmen Wmitrd.
Two hon?st. reliable men; experience not nbso.
IntelV necessary; nnl/iry and oxpemtea paid.
a oori?es louacx'o ork? Co., Bedford <. Ity, Va.
"Some folks are so refined that they
object to common sen.-e.
Wo refund 10e for ovory packnee of Putnam
Faualksh Dte that (-tils to >rlve satisfae- c
Hon. Monroe Mrun Co., Uuionville, Mo. <d
Siold by all druggist*.
It promises to bo ex pensive to heap coal
of lire ou one's euomy this winter. t
Mrw. Wlnsiow'sSentlilnir Syrup forchlldren I
loot hint;, softens the itums, red ucos 1 nfiammn- t
tton. alleys puiu. cures wind colic.25c.ahotti?. i
1 ?
A gorgeous costume flashei
of a ball room. The queen of s
i, The nervous hands of a w
and night, the weary form and
rost, for the dress must be finisl
To that queen of society a
say a word. One through" he
social excitement, and the other
may somo day find their ailmen
i Nervous prostration, excitn
ness, sleeplessness, loss of appe
serious trouble, which has boei
For the society queen and t
nothing so reliable as Lydia
Compound to restore strength
Mrs. Lizzie Anderson, 49 Unio
" Dkau Mas. Pixkham :?I feel it it
grateful 1 an*, tc j*ou for what your
time 1 suffered everything a woman
I ovaries, fulling of the womb, and letici
needle to sew. The first dose of your
much that 1 kept on using it.. I have
and able to do my work. I also ride a
it. 1 am thankful to the (liver of all
curing sufferic
icine to every
Mrs. Sari
Ei^lP ^-\i pleasure to t?
Finkharn's Ve
/ time without
wk -,, ijjT My back untl
_ time. 1 was a<
icine. I liu.l i
After taking <>
>-.?N ytS&iC&ltMi I continneii it:
MKS^SARAH 5W'CDtR| six bottles 1 wi
"" 1 ' for me. I recc
Tcfifin aiw?
VflV VJj^r vfcjy the writers'special
18 Plates eJ SCU0,10c. | I
B a 10t. can o! tikby's Premier i
B Soup nr.' .3 eight plates of the Le t ? ^
n soup you ever tasted. L
B It" there was a way to maVe roup j!
fij better, we would learn it ? but i,
B there isn't. 0
8*)xiaii MiMiaoatawnry g
Turtle Mock Turtle
B Chicken Kidney or Oililet L t
Tcmalo Keady-inade Soups. B '
| One cm wi'l make you a convert. Dj
Libty. hftN*lll Cp Libby. Chicago M | j
3 Writ* ? for our free book. "llow to B ;
Mxku Gocd Thiuj* to Eat."
r\- D.. 1I
tjf i. 10 u i i ? rro?;;... ?vop^
Cough Syrup Quick. Mirr rrmulU. . [
?.clu?e kult?tilutc?. Cci Ui. Bull's Cough b\iup. |
"v- * * .
?. L. ? i. XfcrJ, -?{itr ii i' ''
DrnlnrM Cnnnol Br Cured
>v IikmiI applications, nv they cannot reach the
llseased portion of the ear. There is only one
vay to euro ilvaf nest, and that la by courtltuiofial
remedies. 1)< afness 1b caused by an Illumed
condition of the mucous lininguf tlie
Eustachian Tube. When this tube Is InUmad
you have a rumbling pound or Itnporect
bearing, anil when it is entirely closed
H-afnotiP is the result, unil unless the lutlarunation
can he taken out anil this tube restored
to its normal condition, bearing drill be
lcstrojr?-d forever. Nine cases out of ten nrn
uused by catarrh, which Is nothing but an lulumeil
otid ition of the mucous surface?. i
Wr will give One llundied Dollars for any
use of Deaf ties- (can soil by catarrh) that caolot
be cured by Hull's t ut.irrb c ure. Send
or circulars, free.
F. J. CiiEMtY <fe Co.. Toledo. O.
Sold bv Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family I'iUe are the best.
Dull tares isn't in :t with a dull
<i t/urr n \ i? Ml mil' 1FII y.
Tnko Laxative Promo Quimnk Tarlks.
All driiKKixt* rotund the money if It fulls to
ure. E. W. Okovk'k *>iKuniuro on eucb box.
Not even the shoemaker ran measure
ime with a foot rule.
am surr Plso'sCure for ConHunii>ttnn raved
ny life iliric your* hK". Mil*. i iihs. lt<>n- |
uxs. Majilo St.. Norwich, N. V.. Fob. 1", 11W?.
il beneath the brilliant lights I
ociotv is radiant to-night,
eak woman have toiled day 8
aching head have known no I
nd her dressmaker we would |
)tnouso culture, luxury and
through tho toil of necessity,
its a common cause. 5
ibilitv, fainting spells, dizzitite
and strength, all indicate
u promoted by an over-taxed
he dressmaker alike, there is
E. Pink hum's Vegetable
i, vigor, and happiness.
n St., Salem, N. J., writes :
? ray duty to write and tell you how
medicine has done forme. Atone
could. 1 had inflammation of the
Drrhccn. At times could not hold a
Vegetable Compound helped me no
now taken six Dottles and am well
. wnee waiui foci no bad etYect-s from I
good for giving you the wisdom of I
ig women. 1 recommend your med- B
woman troubled with cny Of these E
ah Swoder, 103 West St.t
Porte, ind., writes:
us. Pinkiiam:?It gives me great
fll yon how much pood Lydla t?.
getabte Cc^mpound has done for me.
en sufferer for years with female
lid not sew but a few minutes at u
suffering1 terribly with my head,
kidneys also troubled me all the?
1 vised by a friend to take your medio
faith in it. but decided to try it.
tie bottle I felt so much better that
* use, nnd by the time I hail taken
is cured. There is no other medicine i
mi mend it to all mv friends."
^ Owing to thr fact that mmf skeptical
W 11 people have fruin t??nr to tune quratloned
J J jyf the genuineness <>f the testimonial letters
we are constantly publishing. we have
e National City llanfc, of Lynn, Ma**.,
ti to any person who will inow that the abov*
>t genuine, or were published before obtain'rvj( y
permission.?Lyuia K. Pinkiiam MiuiCIM Co. i
r?rrsi whfat
Jfc, 3^ rn H li Y Y ISfL,n 1
li*d May seed wheat from a crop that ylcldil
311 to 35 bushels per acre, reeleiiDBit by a
pocial seed wheat cleaner, in tew two bushel
sis,price ? 1.25 per bushel. Seed Oats prowu
d North Carolina from Texas Rod Itust Proof
wil, the North Carolina crop yieldl p SO
ucIimIs per acre, price 50c par bushel. Prices
n cars nt Charlotte, N. C.. freight to be
mil by buyer. Terms cash with order.
:HAio.(iri7 <>:i, A kertii.I/.IK CO?
Kit El) OLIVER, t llARLbTTb. N. C.
LJr !P* I H nmck re iMnml runs. !
Roe* H<? ? f t*M nm>ntal? antl |O fifty ** trratmaut ,
frrf. Dr. n II. URKLN tt buKtf. Vox v. AUiBtt. Oft
fhat Liltla Booh For ladies, .V^;'?V.;.
AI.K'E MASON. UociiKsTKn. N. Y.
1 . .R . - -
without MUSIC
dreary place. ^
Bp^rutlon -n tonio.
buy irn organ or
^-Sl I'bvno ?oma time.
TttjEfjo^ *'. jJ?U.?SS Why not uowV
V i ?l Au Instrument
is furniture It's
tv- i'l-crs^fJl outer t a 1 n in e n t,
>ljv *Li: jltl its investment
-rjr^4' ^y.?L'? If you get o;u> of
/??9i ?55ji '|j5J tile Standard
Ercal'^caBCCSS^'fM&V makes repre-entC??5f
itrrrxrrzxjr^3 id by me. age will
TWa ESsdnUilr i?!?? n?.t ?? "
PIANOS $175.00 UP.
tif~ \frlte for Calnlo^tic un?l Terms.
Columbia, S. C.
and all other kind." of wood workiugmachinery.
My Sergeant I.op Ileum Suw .Mill
Is the heaviest, strongest, and most efficient
mill for the money 011 the market, quick,
accurate. State Agent for II. It Smith
Macbiuo Coraj>any wood working machinery.
For high grade engines, plain slide valve.
Automatic, and t'orliss. write me: Alias,
vtuiuriowo, nuu oirnourM ? \>rii8.
132(? Main Street, COLUAtlilA, S. C.
The w?"rn?' p0r
I many orders 1 m
i-HRines. Boilers, Saw Hills, Clrist
Mills. Brick Hachinery, Ginning Macliinerv.
Machinery Appurtenances and
Supines in General is
When in need, drop us a lino and wo will
do the rest.
A ear load of the celebrated ".Sprinkle"
Wood Split Pulleys just iu.
? ??ram??
ii aTahonal %
| Send for Catalogue
Enter Sept. 4.
II CUAS. K. KCKKitbK, Prrtldrnt.
J? Mention where you i?w notice of Soliool.
JfFREE*! "'r
6SIO Luruit SI., ST. I.OS IS, Jio.
l\ \jH Evaporators,
WrMlL* kettles,
Urltllr Twine, Bnbbll. Haw Teeth and
P) I??, Shafting, Pulleys, Melting. Injectors,
plpa*. Valre# and Fitting*.
At'OllHTA. OA.
ATTENTION is facilitated If you mention
tbia paper when writing advertiser.-. No.41
If you lime been pay-J ?T~
iiik Hi to *a lor Hiiore, / . \A
a trial of TV L. Dou|f- ft > -- JJgi
Iuh (M or S.".AO alloc*
w ill convince you that PV * M
they nru just uh kihmI rjk?\
in every way tuk! coat r
from til to tll.no lean. Ty m|p f
Over 1.OOO.OOOwearera. /|y, jr" i
I VJSE One p?ir of W L. Douglas
KfASTGOLOtfv*^ S3 er S3 50 3hoe* will
at trVFl c-r_ positively outwear
LE'S two pairs ef ordinary
fT5S-.-.6-,, S3 or $3.50
We arc the Inrioit maker* of ineu'a S.1
nml S:t nft ehuee 111 the world. We make
anil Hell more tf3 anil M.3.AO ilioon than any
other tw 1 mamifactnrcra la the l>. 8.
("JThc repntnttou n( W. 1,. I
Danslui S* 0" ?n<1 to AO .her. f..i | nror
ULO 1 u'y'.e.c mfort, and >?C3ri- knowi. | DLOI
rvpfywh?r? thmufhnut llifworld
CH Tlifjr hf># to m*e t?rt'?r eatiefar- f]rt
4>|J| Ju ?l??n II.an other rnnk?? l n wn?? ^J.UIJ
the standard hee al ? ay* hf^n
CUnC placed eo hi eh that the wrarer* CUOE"
OnULi etpect more for their monn On'jLi
than thejr ran pet eleewherc
THE It K. .4 ?.?? ,\ i...rf W I. i> '( aii<l?r-?
ahoea are sold than any other make 1* h.-iinn 'I'll KY
A K t; I II i: ftEHT. Nr.,
them i we fire on*- dealer e*elueWe ?a!e in tarh town.
Take no ?iif>etfttiite* ! Jneiet on having W. I..
Dourlai shoe* writh name and price atamj ?i! ? u bottom.
If your dealer will not f et them for yon, a< ud d mt to
fartore. enclosing pnre and 'iir eitr* for carrara.
Hlate lind of Jeath* r, eire. and width, plain ??r rap t???*
Our ehoee will re ich you anrvrl??re / vi" AVer.
W. is. I>ou(Im a *?!*?? *??. Vli urUton, time.
i rhompton't Eye Water J
About Crow Indians.
The Crow Indians art* gradually dySig
out. chiefly from contagious disjnsos.
Thoro Is but llttlo intemperance
among them. It Is a crime to sell
liquor to an Indian or to bring it up)n
tlio rcsprvatlon. and the law is
strictly enforced, therefore they are
not in the haldt of drinking except
when they wander off the reservation,
(tut there is a great deal of tuberculoids,
scrofula and such diseases. These
are the causes of many of the deaths.
There were twenty-two eases of smallpox
on the reservation last year, but
tiono of them was fatal. The census of
the tribe has Just been taken, showing
u total of 1,041. or ."1 loss than last
year. The year before the number fell
off thirty, and that lias been the aver
ape decrease for several years. The
landlord at the hotel near the reservation
says that for several years all his
vegetables and hay have been furnished
him by an Indian named Stops,
who litis a good parden and produees
pood crops. W hen Indians conic into
Hie apency they usually take their
meals at the hotel, sometimes fifty or
Sixty a day, but the landlord says there
|s no money in feedinp them, because
they eat so much. He has in pay fifteen
and seventeen cents a pound for
meats, and every Indian will eat a
pound or more at a meal. They are
passionately fond of ice cream, and
pearly every day several call at the hotel
to inquire if it is to be served at
dinner. If so they stay. It' not they
come acain.
A Decided Hint . ?.
Mr. flroneli?"You women think tod
nitn li of your clothes."
Mrs. Crouch?"I don't think much oC
these." Indianapolis 1'ress.
'n- wui ? ar
Central Time at Jurk-ionville and Savannah.,
Eastern Time at Othur Points
Schedule In Effect May fith. 1ft*).
KOIITHnot? n n. Nodi -Ua|lv l)a|,y
Lv. Jacksonville (P S).... ... SUtNtl hjW
Savannah (So. Uy ) ... . I-lup 1-Ojai
" Barnwell .... 4 Dip; ?"t14
" Blackville 4 17pi 4 l">a
| " Springfield . .. . 4 4up| 4 asa.
Sally I 4 4Spj 4 47a.
A r. Columbia 0 (X>p rt 00a
S Lv. Charleston. iSo. By I 7 i>?n IliWp
" Summervillo . .... 7 41a l-iOUul
* Hruiii'hvMllft 1 ' J r* *
OrnnRrtburg 2 50a
" hingvillo 10 l.ia 4 .fa
Ar. Columbia . |ll Ooaj A33%
Lv. Awtaata. (So. kv > *2UUa auopj staonj
Lv. Uramtovlliw . " ... J iju o.llp 10 i:>p'
p. Edtfctteld ...... I I0p! . ...'
Lv AtKen . . 1 1 3A)j>|
Lv. Trenton 77777. 777km TuOpllToop
" Johmiton 5 -t'u 4 Up II ?\)p
Ar Columbia, (U. D.I S50p V 10a,
Lv. Columbia. (Bid# St 0 00a i> lOp fi 15a'
Wiutiyburo 7UJp 7 21 "a
" Chc?tor - -51,. dpi,
Kock Hill . S2ip 8 47a
Ar. Charlotte . >i hip ;M0a,
A i Pontile I " . ' 14 51m; 1 .lap
Ar. Ku-hmond . i (Tildat ll iilS
Ar. \ViuihiDRtoii . ." | . TTiTu."esiip
" Baltimore (Pa.RK) 1 9 r?n ll?5p
Philadelphia ; 111 .Via; .'56a
New Yorlt.. I 3 O.Jp "I I 'a
Lv. Oolambln . 777" "777 ~~ <11 43a r fBS2
Ar. Bpartatibum a lop II 25a.
" Aaheville 715p 2 5Ji>
Ar. Kuoxvillo 4 15a 1 Ji)p
A r Cincinnati " } :aYp. 7 4.'.a
Ar. I<uut*vUlo . . I 7 77iop!77<oii
Lv. Louisville } 7 4S?| 7 48l?
Lv. Cincinnati I 8.Mil H0t)|>
Lv Knoxviiiu 7777 1 tin h ,-:,7i
" A*h? vil!o . .. | S llll.i j ;lll:")|?
""i ' nnjiiru in 4:,;,i n i' i>
Ar. Columbia rd)|>'
I v New Vorlcil'a.k.ur . ..7 7 ttWpilgitai
" Philadelphia GOip1 :i 00a
" Hii.tunore .. 8 27p| ft 2J?
l.v. WwHhi gt'n (So.Ry) '.VOp.ll l'*
l.v Htchmoofl ~ "** 'lUMp'faoTin
j'V. IJanvllTei 4 88al 6 ?jp i
Lv. < |i.?rl,,[N- " "... 1.,;,
ltook Hill <.*02n'l0 45p
" l;n? ster . OUSn 1120p
Wminhnro. ... 10 2ia 12 ISa
Ar. (' llnmhin. (IllrlgSt (i!Ul|*'11 23al 1 JUa
Lv. (. >lum1tiu. il'. D.).. ir.Vm 4 ;sua
" Johnston I0ai)p| 1 :wp 0;K|?
' Troiit.i'i . . ^ 11 <KH.j 1 4Rp| I) 4hik
Ar Aik.ri 2-1<;> ) " :*ia
Ar. Ktliri-flolcl I 4 p ;j ,-v
Ar Grnnituvillu.. 7." :S0rft| sTsj ; isi
Ar. Aiikiki, .. | QOa |>{|ip >< tf>a
JJolumbift (So u>-?? 5nSbp|T385
Klngville I 4.<p' 2 32?
" Orangeburg ftStplatfa
ltrunohvillr tl lap! 4 2.V?
" Sunimorvlllo 7 28p'r?-,2?
Ar < Harlawtow 816p| 7u0a
l.v Oolninbla (tlu. Uy.) ~ " FTUS
Ar ?-allv ,12 421. 2 B7a
?JPrln*flold 12OOP 2 4Tm
luacKviile 1 K'p :i(tfo
" llarnwoil ? 1 27p: :i 'JOa
" Savannah ... HJ.ip 615?
Ar Jacksonville (P S.f 7 4'iji It 7'.r,a
Trains tit ami II iiir<n! e\ cpl ruiuduyl
arnv?j iuiU depart from Hamburg,
t Daily except Sunday
Sleeping Car Sercieo.
Kxrollent daily passenger service between
Florida ami New York
Nos. ;*l Htxl U4-Nfw York and Florida Kxpress.
Drawing-room sleeping cars letwcrn
Augusta and New York
Pullman drawing-room sleeping cars between
Port Tampa, Jacksonville. Sav.iunali,
WnihlnKton and Now York.
Pullman sleeping cars bet veen < tbnrlntte and
Richmond. Pining cars between Clinrlotio
nd Havanunh.
Nos. ill and 3I>? U. H. Fast Mail. Through
Pullman drawing room buffet sleoping cars between
Jacksonville nuil New York and Pullman
sleeping cars bet ween Augusta ?n?l Charlotte.
Piping ears serve all meals enrouto.
Pullman slecpfug cars between Jaekson vtllo
end Columbia oil route dtulv la-tween .lacksjn.
vil!o noil I'lorlnnau, vui Ashuvillo.
ThirdV P.fcHfii. M(jr., Tnitfif Mjjr.,
Washington, L>. G. Washington, IJ O.
Ufn. Pmh Ak'I,. As'i Ul-u. l'us-4 Ajj't..
WiuiiiuuUiu. PvG. Atluutu.Oa.
^ promptly procured. OR NO FEE. Ser.d tin It!. ?kctrti,\J/
5Jor ph.tto f .r frve rt |- rtt.n pstcntahiUt It.. '< "llr*W
A tot (hiain l .8. <nJ K reiyn r.itont?.ni iTr?dc Morli?,"W
A-TREE Kairf?t term*'ever offered t<i inventor* (}j
s#) All bu?iu<**a c.nnaeniial. bound advic?. Faithful IJ)
V pprriw. Mi*l?rUo charges.
pre. A. SNOW & co.|
{) Opp. U. S. Patent Office, WASHINGTON, Bl C.HJ
j ' s

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