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' ii
Ilic .rcri Jtlili tL'isujs..
t* ubi tription priiv . ?] > r y :.v
Corresponded o crrrent >.il j i .
Invited, but w?? u ? n >! : reo r > j. t?.1 ennimunuatto*'
?nt it In i >?t? it".!" tlmo
1500 words, and no n ponseMlitv is
gunicd for Hip \ ?< vrs ??t lives; ?>?i id- nts
Asa.*) advertising modi :m for Clin.lotto,
Piin villi*, MiM. ami Itoek
Hill hu.-iness < TifVi;.. - i : run:'
passed. Kuvs mail t known ?>:i ?ippii;\i- '
lion to the imhlkdic .
Local Teh jt'ioii No. '."i.
A formation of the Aoriml: and
Implement Trust to openly ???
11 oil need. After Januaiy 1, l5N)l,
every jtioee of tnnehinerv used hy
the farmer must he pnrclnced at
trn.st prices.
JOvory factory in <!; country has
been captured, together with :.] 1
the ri*:!ltsfnml j nlents A number
of factors s are to If shut do.* n
find oriees <if jKYrien11 in-i I imii'.>
inputs arc b> be braced up.
Thousands <?f tiavelin;/ men ami
ngi nts in charge of agricultural
implement depots, linvc lM-ei vol
'notice t<? look for other cup ! >yment,
that by March 1 none of
their services would he needed.
The trust schedules of prices
ar.? being (;r angtd now ami w !1
go into etVeet after the big monopoly
takes hold.
Nearly all the bio impl meat
firms of the country have agreed
to pool their issu \s in the trust.
It. means that every piece of
machinery, plow, harrow, roller,
piek, shovel, hoc, rake, scythe, etc..
must he purchased through the
trust at trust prices. Therd will
be no remedy. It will bo a ease i
of stand and deli\or.
.It - Mark llunna, who secured his j
*>v .neat in the L'uited Stales .Senate
by bribery, ts making a desperate
effort to save the mortgaged Mo- j
Kiuley administration from <1.
by rnisinp the cheap old cry tlint
Mr. lJryun is trying t > net iiio pour
spainst the rich. It is loo late
.. i.M the day t<> rescue Mr. MeKiu*
ley. The people' ..[ I lie I'nitvd
States know Mr. I'.ry in tin ev
nervative defei der of tiie constitution,
the courageous opponent of ;
reckless colonial adventure, and
the champion'oijop.it imate wealth. |
commerce and industry apaim \ ' 1
: # the lawless and predatory trusts t
which,are supporting; their wi-.d; i
j *' 'apont in the White House. The ?
whole country knows Mr. l'ryuu 1
as a safe and si net re leader, ins!
as it knows Mr. .MrKinloy as the
most corrupt and ^ucapible man i
ever placed in the chair of W ash- 1
inpton and Jefferson. <
McKinley's defeat is as certain I
as his ipnoble place ia \incri<n:n <
history. The convention which it
nominated him was dominated h\ ]
the arch-briber of .America, and <
it ; idol was e::-( lovcriior Taylor, a ?
fugitive from the justice of his t
own Slate. It was an apeiheo.s i
of human preed. The men will. I
are trying I?? pmp. fuato him in 1
power have *:atherrd tin* pontes! j
political corruption fund !?::t:i
in the history of the world. (
These are the men who say that I
Mr. I>ryun is trying to set lie ,
poor against tlio rich. Tit truth ]
intent Mr. Jlryan has <!<>;ie nidi <
to l?rino ih,. honest rich ; nd the !
honest poor together than nn\ (
other man of this i{e?iernti<.u. !! is t
greatest service to his country is i
that lie has put hope in the breasts ?
of poor men and made them real I
i/.o that their wrt nun can lie rif*hl- 1
cd ly the peaceful exercise of i
their votes. Ho has sought to .
awaken in the minds of honest, i
men m weaim a roali7.nt.ion of tin <
tIn* perilous conditions **rontc il <
by the law-defvinj* eombianiions ?
which Ibe Supreme Court it- *
self lias 11,'nii:onined iii Mwepln;; !
tonus. t
Uoatl Mr. Urynn's own earnest i
and statesmanlike words in bis sMadison
Square (iardou speech:
"Wo arc not opposed <?? that
wealth which comes as thcrewud ?
of lionet toil, and is enjoyed by i
^thoso who ^five to society some- I
thin^ in retnru for that which ?o- ?
m ciely bostowH upon them. The i
EL Ueinooratic party today i< not ^
only not the enemy honest e
< vv
allli 1 lint a i'i.-.-ri:!s n'. i.'.y ?i
nuts Je or of ?nird employ -il in its
t'.inul ili.n>. Y.'e ?:rsiv the line
bi t\ve< n honest wet; 11 li and j>r?c'atory
wealth. \\ e draw the li'i"
between that wealth which is a
j.lSt CI IMpfStSMt ion fi)" HMvict'S1
r?'ii(U?rnI ami that wv:.i h which j
sin-ply iticisniVfi the advantage:
win !i (?m ?.*iihas taken over
man} ci! '/. iih. aid no lamest industry.
i,?> honest <><-< upiiti< ti. no
li'-m fit mm m m! f*-ar the suecesH
nf tin Deni H-ratie parly."
Could ?lie re be anything more j
mnservut iv more wise, tt.ore pa-'
tii lie t-an that? Is there an
honest eiti'/i n any win ro who dot-B
not ;-av, * * A i:! ?i
At ti:*r NMionnl Capitat.
l>:rnt:ir corn uulencc.
Washington, Oct. 20, 1900.?
When old /'a*;k {.'handler made
Hayes a possibility i>y ciuiiu'.ipr '
Ida ?!?clioii iikit 11.' vet urns
showed Tilden's eh etiun. ho ostubIih111
ii a precodi iit. taat has been
slavishly followed by tlio ?i? pub- 1
lioan managers of every national
ratnpai'4ii sin< e. The lvepubhoans
have ultvedy iv c-!?*clotl iMcKiuloy.
according i<> t!n .r cl aims. and the
voting sa \! Tu edny v. ill bo a mere
formality. ri ho object of il.i.s blulV
and bluster lis so *, lain that ho who
ra;m ja-iy n id it. *):: o eei that 1
lur??o mi rtion of Vuc public wliieh
lalii no puiscnal p?rt in polities
IlitT than to vote to accept the
id. a i'.v.t ?.Ir'.Cinley V elect i .n is a..-,
sniid, and list way will If paved'
to woik ilannus plan- to r. s-ure '
the election by the corrupt iite ?>l
ini in y and any other croolo:! way
that pro?outs itself, and those lu>
know liltie or notion" about the |
manipulation (i polt! lea! II!*?? !?ill- j
nry will 'do km re apt to accept the i
result ho obtain* d because it had '
boon so confidently/ homed before
election. "Ho who laughs last
laughs l oft." 'The Hi'snooratic i
mutineers could* shatter some of
iho surface judical iot.a which the}
Republicans i.ro point int.; ?>u< r.s !
itHsurin^ inlo\ V election, but t
to do ho they would hi:\o to show
when innnv thousand Ihyan voles
are which th" lioptihlicau h.
an fondly eonntin^ for McKinloy.
1 tul that ihoy do n(<t deem i! ^ned
policy to do. I| i.-i the silent vole
11ie 1 i they are dep. tnliw upon to
? <et Rrj'iiU ami Stovt-nAon, and to
ocuto that voto for the llopubii ans
wiaiM be to make t?*on ?!*? for
ho voters and to lose tnueh of it.
Tho blobbeiinir the wool isn't
i i . 1
m .tun. but .t ts exact .y cxprci stve
n this case of tho men who first
... , .,
\K'.i\< (i me i.'i!i? JSiiermnn out
it tin) Senate to make room for'
llannaand afterwards ! .irked him
nit of the eabinet. whore in* had
>uly horn a figurehead. while Hay
rf Hin'od the duti s . f Senv'ar\
f State. (ivcr tin4 death of Sherii.\n.
v. 'noii MccuiTi 'l in W asiilnj/i>n
Inst week. is. ahonl as disgust,
nlv a polities! episode as tin* world
ins ..ooii on this side of th(> Atlanie.
It was k'.llino a man and then
)rii-iii?,t him for his virtues.
I'ank ? xnminer.s Hint can detect
'rnudulent manipulation of hank
icokrt !>\ crooked eniph -yeOH is. a
icoded irforai which has been oin>1
lilt i d by the news of a ?700,000
Idalcati n of an mplr.yro of the
h'irst National ihink of New Voihj
"ity. Sec: clary f raj*e was inclined
i tr<nt the matter rather lightly
vhen asked why the bank examin
rs employed at tui^li salaries by
lis department had not discovered
[|ii? big defalcation in tlioiexaminations
of tli? bnnk's books, lie
will, ns though it wore a matter of
no oonsii|Mima *. "Our examiners
til. not bo exported to ili^c.'ivrr mi
?lil dofalcution wbon the bank odi ors
therrH"lves h ive not found or
mspoeted it. 'kin* Kirst National*'
Bank can fit and it to;.- < i v. with a
urplus of $t?,0bb.00t). i'lio; ' few
tvonis i f So. rotary (?Ji;,e are a
drong ihdietineiit of the national
)ank system, as it is now run. if
lie bank cm.minors "can not bo
N pec ted' to liii'l cvo .koihio-s until
t s pointed out to thorn by the
>nnk i dicers, pray. how do they
am their salariesf If Mr. Jbynn
s (fleeted J'resident, bo will get. a
Mierotary of the Treasury who will
xpeot more of the bunk examiners
ud will moo to it that tin y are men
, i l!. o.nowh ?W? ami skit I enough
?o meet his expectations. This
particular bank, lu<s l> en Fuch a
pet of Ui publican Kerretarys of
the Treasmy since lb'iT, through
fuvciB given it by tbo Treasury
1 )cpurtuiont, Hint the bank examiners
may have been ufinid to look
too closely into its books.
The' government service is in n
crippled condition in all I lie departments
and is likely to remain
so until after the election, owing
to the absence of nearly all f the
responsibleofficials, who are in the
tieui doing political work of some
kind, or putting np a bluff that
they arc, while their salaries tiro
going right along.
?_ ,
20,000,000 tfoxern.
Loudon, October 2f>.--The Fortnightly
Koview publishes mi nrtit-It*
on China by Sir Kobert Jlurt,
director general <>f the Chinese
Imperial maritime customs. It is
eliietly interesting hcv.viUHO of the
alarming opinions enunciated regarding
the future by an experienced
obseiver who is probably
more familiar with ofliciul China
than any living foreigner, lie
declares that the Boxt r movement,
though olfieially inspired, has
t .ken hold i T t he popular iniugination
and wiil j-pread throughout
the length and breadth of (lie
country. lie says.il is purely a
"patriotic volunteer movement,"
and thai the Boxer pal riot of the
future v. il! po.vs".-?t5 tlio t?est weapons
money can buy, and then the
"yellow peril" will be beyond
11 refers to the prospective
growth of this Chinese movt merit
as tlireali wing the world's falure,
and says that 20,O,.K),00'.t or mote
Boxers, armed, drilled, disciplined
and animated by patiiotie, if mist.alu
n motives, will make res'd Mice
in China impossible for foreigners.
They will take from the foreigners
everything the foreigners have
Inliwi Ir. ,ni x.-.ll ..... l.l
...... .*.!? v vtill ' JiU
^luth/es with interest ami will
carry the Chinese flu}* and Chinese
arms into unity a place that eves;
fate, v will j<;it su^tx'at today, thin;
pr< paring lor future upheavals and
disasteis. !:i fifty y? jirn thero will
J?e millions yf ftrnted licxeisnt the,
call of thts Chinese govcrumen'. 1
''Micro is not the slightest doubt of
lliat, mid if tl*o Chinese govt rn- \
meat con tin turn to exist it will en
courage, and will lie quite right
to encourage, uphold and develop,
this national Chinese movt mcnt. |
It Kales no ir :otl for the test of the
world, hut China will be acting
within its rights and will carry!
through a national programme.
Sir Hobert fears that the rente- ,
('i.-s are outside tin* range of prac- j
tieal polities and loohs to Ihe future
11:1 i of foreboding. Nothing but1
partition under certain conditions
. .t
or the miraculous spread of Christianity
can. in his opinion, avert
the peril, and he does not see how
either can l:o achieved. Failing
these, the lawlessness of the present
rising must he condoned and :
tin* Mancliu dynasty supported.
White-Capping itlounofln.
T!?e Mormons are being whitecapped
in lliis county, and the citizens
insoiiicrcc ionsof the county
wneie vlit' eiders have been operating
are determined that the1
proscelyting must cease. The
Yorkvillo 1'lnqnirer sava:
"The people of western York
ami eastern Cherokee are giving
the Mormon hlers who are opcr-|
alius* in that section quite a lively
time of it. Of late several Mor i
mony have been whipped severely
by crowds ( 1' dispensed citizens,
and the elders ponernlly have been >
piven to understand that they enn
not establish themselves in the
neighborhood peaceably.
"Tluv Vonlioc* ground' section of ,
Cherokee county as far east as
i-: - . - .. .
i\ iit : n ? r't K, lit mis county, has, ;
for <| i.l?' u miintior of years. boon
"i inviting liol<l f?>r the o!d? rs. I
T.ioio is ? great deal ??f ignorance
mil immorality in tho neighborli
?k1. ami rh far hack as twelve or
tifti en years ngo, tin* Mormons,
succeeded in g? tting quite a foothp:d
Of Into tho elders have berDinr
much more enterprising and
energetic than pri vion-ly, and. as i
a consequence, many leading citizens
i f the vicinity have become
aroused to active opposition."
The elders hoetn, however, to bo
holding out among their c uvoits. ,
. y
For Ti is Weslc Only:
Bt *\ 1 jSIS'
Styles llml are an-J
thorative; cutting)
llaftla that is perfect; matel|jj
rials that are b?st.
pa 1()0 Suit just from
03 t Hi'* factory. $ "> to $15 j
Ifj j in price, l?ut they are
^ worth more.
, T. B. BKI.K. - - T. B. BES.K.!
j *
Nfcw Ynk's
There is one kind of apparel
whoiein New York's pre-eminence
is establifhed the world over. That
;s apparel for boys. Pronounced
as the leadership of Paris for women's
wear and of London for
j men's, it is universally admitted
that Now York has evolved a distinct
order of style for its youth
everywhere admired. Crescent
j Clot lies for I Joy's arc the product
of the best known makers in New
^ or!;. Tin y are the perforation of
lit, fashion, and fublic. They are
the only boys' clothes made thati
J will utain shape. Any woman.
; wiiuKi purse allows the least Ice- ;
I way in tin gratification of pride in ;
i dressing iter boy will be delighted ;
with the style and positive economy
of Crescent Clothes. In all
I ages front It up and for vouni? matt
i to ? host uiPHburo. This bettu!
tifill I ln?* of Hoys' nppurcl will In1
I round only at ?
Mail orders promptly tilled.
coj \ J |
The Center ol Attraction
for those who are especially partieular
about the hvundoriny of their Summer
i?uruiems is tin laundry. ICveryouo ,
known except those who haven't tried ,
our work, how clean; properly starched I
and ironed every article proves itself to j
he after it has been throny.li our hands.
If you don't know us. let's yet no- I
I'.ir i.i .e of mind and comfort of body, '
he cure that your laundry yoes to the :
Model Steam Uuin.irv, Charlotte. N. C. i
Ed. L. flchl.tlANAY, Agent,
Port Milt, S. C. ;
We Feed the Hungry.'
When in town nm! you vui'it >i i
l'ooil nienl, reineinlier hv fend 1
tin* A irood tncnl for
25 oolite. Our Kistnurnnt is
on Depot r!root.
Hand Bror, rock mix,s.c. j
Spratt Machine Oo.
Hilck. Lumbrr, Laths, Lime, Shingles,
Building .supplies, and House
rittlngn of nil kind-.
Contractors n- d builders. Estimates
on oil work furnished promptly.
11 i*SIN ESS
A V .A V-A f A V A V ^ V J
VV A N T J? n
ii 11 1) 1 ij l/j
W A lN T:
Wanted by T. B. BELlv: Cotton,
Oats, Potatoes, Chickens, Egos, and ?
which the Highest Market Puices wii
Fok Sale by T. B. BELIy: At tiii
$1 o.OOO ay* rtii of Clothing, Shoes, Du
ies, etc.; V.lbo "Old Hickory" and "1
Giiain Drills, and other Farm Implex
Call oV us for Guano and Baugim
is. BELK, ..
Special induoemen's t
mny wish to exchange C<
Fertilizers. Wo pay the
for the Set d and sell our
u basis of small profit,
tiling you should invest i^
<^ur business was co
pally to the salo of tin
have expanded till yon n
store very nearly anythi
This week we desire to
Youths' and Children*' S
Shoep, flats, Trunks and
these tfoods we are oil*,
that are worth looking inl
are nil new and of the we
Wo aro paying 15 cts. a d
it. F. GUIEU,
I ' ~
$ 50
glassware, ry<
$.1 9*
i m ; j jg i
A t-v./ JH3hBEMLisi
? Y 4, r'At T' <? %
\\r 4 AT rV P TA
\) Ai\ i LV,
Cotton Seed, Corn, Peas,
>thkk Coi'ntrv PRODUCE, uott
ll he Paid.
e Lowest Prices $10,000 to
v Goods, Hardware, Guocku'iedmont"
Wagons, Buggies,
; and Tier.
o fnrnu rs who
tton Seed for
highest prices
Fertilizers on
This is one
m by
nfini'd princi eerien,
but Weill
find tit our
ir: you want. )
i mention our
nils. Trousers,
Crockery. In j
rill;* bargains
I >. The j^'oi >ds
nrwel! quality.
oz for 0!4?s.
i -n
C2.1RL0TTE, N. C.
! look especially after the shiptrade
and below quote very close
es. Will be gUd to have your
*. Tei wis cash with order,
n, per gall on. In Jug (boxed;,
, $1.73 and 5a.
flr*t-class goods at $1.73 and $a
rs from $1.60 to $s, $j 30 and
per gallon.
s from 5i 60 to $ 2, and $2 50.
Ine Imported "Fish tUn" xK $3
l?lc Brandy, (2.25 per gallon,
ich Brandy $2 50 per gallon,
charge for jug and Imx on above,
10 charge at these prices for Keg
t wanted ii: tucli quantities.
. us Lavs your 01 dors and oblige,
1 ik

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