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Fort Mill times. [volume] (Fort Mill, S.C.) 1892-current, October 31, 1900, Image 3

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Pithy Points Gathered fur the I'cratd]
of Times KeuJeo.
Rer. Mr. Y mguo is conducting
/i protracted meeting in Pleasant
Hill Methodist church. Services
ore held, both morning and evening.
The hooks of the treasurer of
Port Mill are now open for the
payment of town taxes. After the
15th of November delinquents will
Ijo required to pay tin? usual penalty.
Messrs. A. 11 Parks and A. li.1
Merrill have been drawn t<> serve <
on the netit iurv ? f th? ? ???<
- - J -- ? " l'l" " ,v "
ing term of the court of general
sessions, which convenes in Yorkville
on Monday. November 1-.
Mr. L. E. i jigon returned to I
Fort Mill Friday evening, afior tin
absence of several months, during
which he was employed in Scriven,,
<ln. He expects to secure a position
in Florida in the near future.
Magistrate McElhaney has been
contined to bis room for several
dnys with la grippe. There atoj
also twootlu r 1111 mbers of his family
indisposed at -pres. nt. Mrs.
McElhauey and daughter, Miss
Mr. Win. J. Rogers and Ms;
Kudo-ia Perry, two popular young
people of Pleas nit Valley, were
married on the evening of < )ct ?bcr
25 th at the homo of Mr. J. W. Hall. '
the ceremony being performed by
tlieir pastor, Rev 11. A. Yongu \
Mr. James Boyd, a young white
man who lives ? miles north of i
Fort Mill, and a son of Mr. \Y. F. I
Boyd, met with the misfortune last
Wednesday afternoon of getting
bis right hand broken in three
places in a corn sluvdder. It ;s ,
thought that his hand will have to
ho amputated.
Miss Susie While was one of the i
two tear hers in this county who j
was awarded a first grade certificate
at the recent examination
held by the county board of odu- I
cation. Messrs. \V. M. ('rook ami
A C. Faris and Misses Canonic
and Mary Crook, all of this township,
wore issued second grade certificates.
Cards have been issued announcing
the marriage of Mr. Kdwanl
Kimbrcll and .Miss Myra Fravor
at their prospective homo on Hootii
street in this place Tm.-diy evening,
November <>. Tlie ceremony
is to be i>erfuriuecl by Kev. i)r.
?J. H. Til unwell and will be witnessed
by only a small number <?f
relatives ami friends ?.f the prospective
b:i<le and groom.
The Fort Mill Light infantry,
40 strong, left last night at 10
for Columbia, to pariieipate in the
military parade and la-view which
aiv to l>e hold in that city tomorrow.
Hofoiv leaving it was d eided
thai the company wili not
outer the competitive drill, hut
two members of tlie company.
Sergts. Arthur Harks and Fi.tio
Cousart, will compete for the individual
prizes to lo jjiven the
three best drilled men in the State
in the manual (if arms.
The S. I). ]>arrou chapter. I 1).
of Ehenezcr, lias smveeihd in
making arrangements with Hill
Arp to lecture in the Fn shylerinn
High school at 1'oek 11 ill Friday
evening at So'cl ck. This is j robably
the best opportunity r-i;r j.-eopie.
will have of hearing ihll Ai j.
for n long time, and Fort Mih
should be Wt 11 repriS' lileil at the
lecture. The money realized from
the lecture will he devoted to the
erection of a Confederate monument
in Kl?v?uv^ "V '
... t.v i I villi It I ) . .* I I I. ots
art- for sale at the drugstore of
Dr. T. J>. Mencham in this place.
On next Thursday evening. Nnvein
bo r S, at iv o'clock, tin* pnI>1 i<Krhool
building in Piiievtlle, N. C .,
will bo Iho scene of a two-act
drama, '"Tin* Last Loaf, which is
to bo presented by seven youngpoo
pi o of that town. Th * p!ny is
said to bo an interesting on.- and
will doubtless bo p: venti d in such
a way ns to reflect credit on th *?
who compose the cast of chan.e
levs. An admi/roon }>:? of < niy
15 cents is to l? charged, an.!
the proceeds of the ente.'taii m> nl
are to he dcv?t?d !o the school
librai y il i- I;?that a
audience will b ]J sent.
Pour Attempt**. /?> i'.udi Ciitin.
The Uoek Hill <: "i'c.-ia'i'ell{ of
The State say.-. that ah a.I. .*?<> hah s
1 of coth>m la I >?; i: * to Springs,
Mason A Co. were <lc;h iyed by
lire in that place at an ear'.y hour
; Sunday morning Tan nmv water
\ wan ks pm >vi (I tin ir eiiiency and put
'.out tin* fire in 10 minute1; after it
was discovered.
It appeals that th m wcv time
other distinct nth mpis to imrn <
j cotton in IJock Hill on Sunday
'meruit:.;. At 1 o'clock tin-to was
j a hla'/.e in a row of Fried liohn
cottou in the rear < i lland Urns.'
resiaurnnt. Tin fire was exlinI
Lriiii-hcvj with n lnickct of water.'
A t- w i.oiirs li ter .^!r. Campbell, of
tho South Car lina junl (dcoiLjia ,
Railroad < hiee, found a hale of
j>i aire on i ;s ci pipar.yV
plalform. While at work upon
that tho alarm was sou mini from
A. Friodheim A: ihos." pla form tti
the rear of tl eir store. All of these
small blazes v. -re subdued without
any trouble ami without allow ine;
a spread..
Lanca ?toi's? bullion Dollar Mill.
Fane isti r's million-dollar cot too ;
mill is now in t i.tlit, says The ]vevicw
of that |lioe. Tho erect ion
of the in w mill is enly a matter of
lime, and short timea! that. 'The
contra ! forth.- construction ef lite
mamm th building was !< t last
\v*edm s lay, by Pro.sid.ni Springs.
Messrs. P. C. Thompson & Urotht
is. we'd known cc lit mot.e ra of Columbia,
formerly < [ Joi min^hum,
A 111., were the successful bidders
antomr n dov.on or more.
0 I
The buildi.ui* is to be comp eted
by llm ji; -t i f next May. and if
not ;:;i hod by that time the conir.tcl
j rovides f-a* a daily foifeiture
?!i tlie part of li t* contractors.
Tin1 new mill ?v:!l b ? four stories
r.it'll, .<(?0 feet 1<>ii!^ and 12.) feet
wide. Handsome towers will adorn
the building, in which lur^o clocks ,
will ')? placed.
Something like 4.000,000 bricks
will be rviiuiic-l for the tn w mill,
ami ah at that nuirbnr arc
now ready 1*?r li e \. othu n. The
contractors tiro expected to bc^in
sv<?rk in ab ml b n <1 >va.
K'I!et! tier 1 ha'v Ch.'iSrcti.
A special to I'.ic Charlotte !>"\vs ;
fn.in 1 run toviiie, N. C., lad
Wednesday ny- s thai at nu early
1: liir thai ill. tail ;, at In !i?*i:i<
t miles n< r;h*. a ! "f 11nntci: viihy
a colored woman Carrie Caldwell,
killed her three eluhlren, a_;e'i
two, four and f r: y? ars, by cutting
their throats v ith a it./.or, end
^ il 5.1
nu ll I'Hi-.Ui'tl her own thr< at. I inwoman's
mind ln-iil boooni i:
ranged ov? t the death .1 in .
mot lit i' aiul father, the ('.-.lit . i
I'll' latter 1:< v in;r c. uni t! r :it!y.
\\ In 11 111. woman a rust' Hull inorri
1114 -!.?' c- nipluineil to !;? r Icoth.r
who wii i visit ini* her I ud sho e: .
sick 11:11! asked Ii. to at hen; to
the hiYt slot':. II \v< nl ( > the
I run l ft " t lull Jill! | So ii! (i \ l'f! 1 lstret
timed t > Liu* house found lluil
in his 11 lis 11 en his s.1 r I mil kilh 1!
in r three t * 11 i) <! 1 c 11 mil h;ul cut
her own ' hived. The woman's
litish iiid v;us absent from home 011
;i visit to ivlativ( s.
Alt Democrats Should Vote.
The followin<4 ;i|?1 t :.l to all ! )emocrats
.11 South Carolina to vote at
tlie j^eiu riiI election no:;t Tuesday
was is.-ueil hy t'ol. Vv'ylie .tones,
Stat chairman, one day la.-t week:
'"In view of the present apatliy
...1.:. 1 .
which MS'S'UIS TO l*X:St nillOIIg til"'
I huuocr.ils of I his Stair at tin? genrra!
? iection, I fori it to l?e my
duty.ns your chaiiuwin ti> address
you in this public manner a:ul
urge that you all cmiio out on
November tith and cast your vot? s
for the D.-uiocintic ticket tn>m
Presid at to ? ..roller. Our pt <>ple
have colts 11 int . the way of thinking
that when they have east their
votes in the primary there is no
farther use t > vote. Hut this is a
very df 141 go reus policy to pursue
aasl may r< . nil in gn at hnriii to
our St;.i *. Our Stat.* and county
1 i k *;* ' p * I .*, i hi* lv< pa ilica t*;1
!.*.vt put uj) no >] > ..-ition ;.J ail.
"jh * ' It p* . is 'I . ' ,v - nn < ! <*
?:n' I ci. 4 i 11 the Cd < nip
1; of jo g: oca, f.iui they have a
em *i: i*.to in every ( rugics; i .1 a!
'! tii*t iri this St;.:e hoping to
1 .. 1 1
IidVt llieir canu?utl'.. .ea'tu t>y a
Uej nb man house. Lot ivi'iy
I tenmevatie voter ccnie out ami
volt' lor the Dcnuuvutic nominees
in his ilistriot n? d h vt thein In
sui'h mi overwlu lining majority
that not i vt n a Ivepublican house
would dure unseat tluun or unL
consider a contt st.
'The Democrats of this nation
have iven you one of the "isadcst,
purest and most brilliant men
this country has ever produced,
and the 1 h-iur.cruts of thin Slate
have tciven you 'inrii of youi host
men as candidates lot- Congress,
and I can not believe that you will
not come out and vote for them.
We have lit urd of hit'' v-vi.."^
throats on :ill sides that our repre- ,
sontation in I'onerous would bo'
rod.uood by a llepuhiienn Congress
0:1 account .>1 our small voir in tlu*
gemou! v lection.
"Now, ieliovr Demoeruts, do not
allow this serious ehurge to t>o
made against you."
< ?- _ (
Would.a t V* ?sk v,t into
[New i'ort World 1
Murk Twain ran s loss for the
alinerhty dollar t!ma any ithor man
iti Now 'l i rk. i 1? is out of debt,
tho ri y dtios on hiy books will pro- '
vido tin ilioouto for hi:nsi f ami
his family many years and ho has i
more oonlraots i' >r tin* futuro than
ho euros to 1.11. The following incident
best shows Mr. ' 'haiioiis* utter
disregard for the coin of the
A reporter of The W orld was di- I
feted to \ itii him and make "rrangomeiits
if po-sible to have Mr. .
t 'lemons .itlend the Bryan muss 1
meeting ut Madison Square (iavden
and write uh-juI what hp snv for.
The World.
"Tim Wi.rid has dire ted me,.
Mr. ClciiH ns," said tho reporter, j
"to ohor you i joii will go to j
Madison -hpinc Cnrden tonight'
fir.il I !1 its readeis what Mark '
Twain thought ot tin- Bryan meet-I
i'tp. A carriage will take you over
ihery, you will have a good box
seal, #n!tt niter the mooting you ;
will be driven Hick lo|tlio hotel,
where a stenographer will take
you dicta?i<>it."
"Tiiat is a very llatter in poller and
levant you to thank The World for
the compliment, hut 1 would rather
ink work 5 eiie.ht. .said -Mr. I'ler.ieun,
i i l.in peeahar drawl.
"Why, tliere won", be any work
about it," sd:d Ihe i? porter " this
meeting will i? > something worth
seeiie.;. it will !? th > ureal es t |
tliiu ,; it Ihe kind tl.nl has I hi j ?pete
d t:?;riiiv; I.: rni.;puif;ii and
it will latere ' you rnivht ily, aside
horn the imue y nsidirat; >n."
" I eti, hut ! i. iii to work when
is not neeiMsiv." replied Mr.
t'leiliei.s. "j admire toe oilier
people w h ? are I;: lust i ions, lent I
an the hi//: e.*<1 man alive. I hat'
work. It w>uld destroy all my 1
pii asure at tin' i.o eliii}/ i! I knew
! had to i! i M.uie work ufn it
Wl.f. o v i i.
" '! he W I !v W'll l.l> take loll;-.
i "i hi) mil: ilr.s allir the nieetinu
i ?u can di-'tn'e j II that >< u e?ir<
to bay. I'ran! "ally you will be
ttino . KJ f >r hO luinuteS woi'it,"
"That is true, but i inn th,.,t
and sir") y and w >;i 1?i ruth r in
I?t*(i and t n1 mi* of the s'l-ep I
missed ni;*!d when ! out hack
iH an i ???. > . V < n del k no a
lm\v la.-.y 1 am ami I <?w aim 'i i
dinlike d< isi(4 wot i; of any kind.
No, il talked to me an limn* it
would not clianm" my decision. I
fully apple iafi Sue coinplimeul,
hut I only work when ! have 1
Fresh Meat
Fresh lee.
Yes: Ira St :I!?? V; Suit will keep
ei?|isl:t!tl !v oi; li, ml a sup-ilv ' Meats
and lee. <'mil p;; r.-.t i v; Iv s|H-akiiitr, we
have In-, a unavoidably out o' tie- busiin
ss for I wo months, hut v.v n i to be '
able, iu ill - future, by i .< a: -at imi to
Imsities- and fair dealing with our )t.itroits,
to furnmh them with both .Meat
and tee in season, anil merit a libcnd
shari of tlie public juiroine^e. j
Orders for Sunday lee i:-reived Satur |
nay, and l< e delivered from i to a a. in. ,
Sunday--, t'al! up No v7 any time you ,
Iteed I .eef or le-.;.
I It A ti. M5YTHE A. S?N.
Th<- Ih-sI in tin* r it v at tin- |>rio<*.
< a'.iiiii-; jH-r down.
Smaller oti.uit iti'-s and other siz"* .
Vi ukoikiMC,
0. J. KADliSt Chariot (it, N. C.
No. 1 W.-st i", li .a i .
Cation \V;?r?'!i<>u?t'.
Arivoa.- \vi?iiini' t ? slor<- tin ,r cotton
i'i ;* fl' Siu dry pi tpc wil' find fii.it we
pared t-> ? ori iiml Irinnfo mrno
. ,r i 1 .: J; . I . i . ?
n.ill. Our I'cr sforint; t\nd ilisur
\Tt^ .M ill )ic i? c:ts .? C i..c??-1* lllollt ll
or P/actiona' j>a.- of u laoitii. Wo will
al.a ui- Hon . osi any ?-oito:i t!oi\:tl .
V.'itli \M at jm.' cent i in rest.
FT. Mf - f. MANUl'VUTlT.lN'f: CO
itiptcmbci 1> H>.
. . /
-v .[
1 hat we are or^aniziiis* now is
tin' oiio yoa want to j > n if you;
want to buy some j^ood hooks for
X inns presents, ai d it is tlie very j
sort of present you want when you i
find how handsome liiey are. Anil
you v. ill tell your neighbor wheal
you litul that we ran furnish you '
at two thirds of regular prices.
Any of the popular l>ooks of the '
day sueli as ' David llnrum,'''
"Janice Meredith.'' ''ilichard Carvel
"Kesuneetion," "l'risoneis of
nope, "isni;it? of the Strong," ,
ele., i;l 1 elegantly hound Ht $1.15.
The publisher's price is $1.50.!
Other hecks, children's hooks,!
si a in lard sets, etc., in nil kinds of '
bindings at correspondingly low
prices. To get hooks at those
prices you must give us your order
before November 15. If you are,
not satisfied with theui when the) (
arrive you need not pay for them,
that's nil.
There is no excuse for the good
housewire worrying about what to
prepare for tlie dining table. I
have everything that she may
want?Heavy and Fancy Groceries,
I Witter, Fggs, Cheese, Country
Produce, ofe.. etc.
Try my home-made Sour Krtut, j
at o rents per pound. It is nneh j
nice r than that shipped here fi an 1
other points.
The best CucMiinber Pickles at 10 !
i*eiits per dozen.
The c hoicest Apples nnci Ha- |
mum* at all time*,
"Mien Axle <?reuse" in t|e? kind '
you should use when your wa^on
needs };reie-inj;. It comes in 1<>
and 'J') et nt eiuis.
J?.\K!"iKS' I'.RKAD c\ery Saturday.
A. 0. JONliS.
i\i\ !; ?. - - - (MI.MIOTTR. N. <\
' i i'n nmr'.i pi-nsnre ii railing yoin
atteiil ion to l h \ erv lev prions of m v
l i. ,?lil jji -11 Wb .-.Li'-s. whuli
I'm- fifteen yi rs have lim no eqnn',
? liter for i.i inii or tiiei|i>;iiiai purpo<? .
H i iio; pit" base I lar^c quanMI ier. ><f
o,<| MimiiIai.1 (.torn Wibiiey at \erv
low prie - las: Kiiniiner when distille v.
i !> for o; -ii, i am [ r |i*? o>
id >j.' < ia 1 a i.< >0 ion /ad wry low <|.i
I at ion to inyono wo'iny iiny I hiiio ia
lay Via*. All < .a 11 i ' in list lie areola
I'.i ni I I v ; a-.li . if I .rib i' (. .?
i'? ?-:ir? I'n! *."> i \.i my price list,
wtiic'.i M ,i ?:111<I ln>.\:
Sweet Mash Corn, ?! ? to 41,7.'?
Old ('urn \Y liUkip , very line . 2.00
( 'iNIll K<>S<'<iill, . l.tl't
Host Holland (a/lit . 'J (Hi
Finn (ienevn ( iia.
First-rate Snnleam Kye, 1.150
i'? -f Sunbeam Kye, 2.00
Kim- High < Jjnde itye>. J.(Ml
Nort h ('andilia Apple Ihiindy, S.vift
Old N. ?Ptfaeh liramly, '-i.atI
I'uie New England Hum, 1.75
I e.ie.h ami Honey, .00
Iioek and liye, 1.7.">
Fine !'.ot',! <I NYliiskies, in elos.- l?ox S.on
No eh-irgo will he nijile forked wlnn
yon want such ijti:intiti< s.
Most respectful I v,
A valuable plantation near Thorn's
ferry. Fort Mill township, containing
IVmr htinilreil and eighty-one < IS] meres,
now rented to good tenants. Terms,
die fourth etish, balance on long time.
Address; \V. I? ItODOKY,
Hock Hill, S. C.
Hit; pot; K< M.1.!N<; now going on I
'i White Oak ('iiinp, Woodmen of the
World. JOIN NOW and SAVE
i on art* surely to die. (Jut ready
,v hile y< ?.i ran.
Money Leaned
We negotiate !iK)il<4Hf?e loans on
:n proved farms nt. reasonable
\Vithi;i{SIv?>n & Si?ia'ci:i:.
lii'ek Mill and Yorkville, S. ('.
Fur First class Service to
! I ?!?!/! OVS - IIKsT.U H INT,
()|>|M)sii<t hit I'r. bvterian church,
CM AJJ iiOTT 10, N, C.
!>< >v-(< rs in i iii; city.
! >: luiu-h ooi.iilcr iii the Slate.
<22 1 West Trade street. ^
Our second fn!l crop of Dross '
Furniture, etc., lnss just arrived. On
beet wo have over had ia our sovontei
the people are learning where to got
ees. Our business is run on broad-g
never misrepresent uuything. Noith
tors' goods in order to sell ours. We
The only "low" things wo have is oui
If you need a Sewing Machine. !
Shoos, I )ross Goods, Cloaks, Boys' C
ask is that you boo our stock ami com
you nionoy we will make you a prosci
Tj. J. M /
Ladies' fleece-lined
Ladies' plain fast-colored
Ladies lmlbrigj?an
Misses, an elegant one
ltoys' "Iron Clad," like leather..
Ladies' cashimere
A full line mens' cashitncro and ?
Onrotidofl' DRESS SH1KLI). Try?
wardrobe. They are only
A full line of LADIES' COLLARS.
Y( >1 NG MEN, wo carry u full a
^oods for you. Our stock of SHIR
full dress, can not he surpassed. In
.. r..11 1: ' TT
.....v <i ..<<1 inn*, jiiui ni ijuuaoiwciir \
cotton. In fart, anything you wear v
5 Factory Loaded ?
S"Leader" and "Repeater"
? powder and "New Rival" lo
? Superior to all othi r brands 1
* Winchcst r Shells are for sale
U' having them when you buy and
at ti;
Wo have a large and W"ll-M*lected sto<
Notions, She
Also a nice line of?
And we solicit a share (if jour patrona
Our now Line of Ladies' Dress (iowl
surprise yon.
Call and examine our largs stock of ?
Our suloRtneu nre obliging n?l court
excellent bargains. Com aud act
i tit
fioods, ( uil.'rwcjit", SIioi'b, Cloaks,
r sales this year are by far the
on years' career. This r.hy?vs that
the best <ro< us at the lowes? priun^e
and honest principles. We
er do we run clown our oompeti'
don't have to not down so low. I
r prices. I
Store llenter. Furniture, Carpets, I
lothinc or anything else, all we I
ipare our prices. If we can't save |
it of the goods.
lssev. i
? - j H
15 and 25c. I
15 and 25c.
5, 9 1-2, 10c.
25c? flj
15 and 25 c. n
cotton liogc.
\ nD
i pair. Ono pair will do for your SH
lino in all colore. 15, 25 and 50c. Nfl
10 and 20c. SB
25 nnd 50c.
.Luc* mm
iirl up to date line of furnishing flB
Ttt, iu negligee, atiif bosom Rud fl^H
Collars, (.'utTs and Neckwear wo flHH
ve show you the best in wool and I
ve have it.
: & epps. i
'? *** ?? ????? mn4 nm{, . MM
jhotgun Shells. |
loaded with Smokeless * Ml
aded with Black powder. * 3
for * m?|k
bv all dealers. Insist upon 5
v or. will get the best. R gfggre {
??j|K I
-?- ' .' I
les, Hats, and Readyde
ice Pamilv ftrnnorioa
? ? -??j ? * vvvt^uui
b and Ready-made Skirts will M H
as' and Boys' Suits.
;eous nnd cau aliow you ?<>???
? us and wo will do you good. fl H

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