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POPULATION, 76,295,220
Official Announcement of the Census
of the United States For 1900.
N'tlllOirr In tlie Fortjr-FIre StnU'k l?
f". 4.027.007, Kriirrirntlni; Ap|?ro*lnii?t.-Tv
Hi.' l*..|.iilnlloii Vor A|.|iorlloiuiifiil
I'nrpokck? Statement liy the l>lr?-?-tor
! ?>f tlir fVllHUH? llr Spent S(!.:ifil.'J(ll,
Washington. D. r. (Special). ? The
official announcement of iho total population
of (hi' I'niteu Sir ? for 1900 is
70.295.220. of which 71.027.007 arc contained
in the forty-five Ntntos reprefienting
approximately the pop'.tlation
io be use for apportionmont purposes.
There is a total of 134.158 Indians not
axed The total population In 1800.
with which the aggregate population
>f the present census should lie compared.
was G3.000.750.
Taking the 1800 population as a lias's.
there has been a gain in population
?if 13.225.404 dnrintr tli.> ln*t ton v..!>? ?
representing nu inetv.-ise of nearly
Mtrritty-nne per rent.
Following i< the ottieinl announce
iin*nt by States:
UkKV 1890. taxed.
.Mnlumin 1 .828,607 1.313.ol7
Arkansas .. .. 1.1)1,504 1.128.170
California .. .. 1.485.(15:1. 1.208.1:10 1.549
Colorado. .. .VJ!).70(1 412.108 507
Connecticut . . 908,355 740.258
Delaware .. .. 184.155 168.40.1
Florida 528.542 .101.422
1 icorgia 2.216..120 1.837!.353 ...
Idaho.. .. 161.771 84.185 2,207
Illinois 4.821.550 :i.S20..1!)l
Indiana 2,516,46.1 2.192.404 !!!!
low; 2,251.829 1.011.806
Kansas 1.460.406 1,427.696
Kent nek:. . .. 2.147.174 1.858,615
l.oiiisinna .. .. 1.181.627 1.118.587'
"Maine 604..100 661.086 ..!!
Mat-viand .. .. 1.180.046 1.042,390.
Massac I inset Is.. 2.805.146 2.25*8.9t3
Mietiitran .... 2,410.782 2.003.880
Minnesota . .. 1.751.105 1 ..101 !826 1.768!
Mississippi . .. 1.551.372. .1,289.(100
Misson ' .. . . 1.107.117" 2.670.184
Montana . -243.280- . 132.150 10.746
Nebraska .. . . 1.068.001
Nevada , 42.334 45.761 1,10.5!
X. Hampshire 411.588 376.530 j
Vcw .Jersey.. 1,88.1.66!) 1.444.061
New York 7.268.000 4 7ll!
X. ( trohnn . 1.801.002 1.617.047
North Dakota. 110.040 182.710 4 692'
Dhio 1.157.545 3.672.316 ....
Oregon ... 411.5.12 .11.3.767
Pennsylvania 6.301.365 5.258.014
Witoih Island.. 428.556 345.506
^otith Carolina 1.340,312 1.151,140
votith Dakota. 401.559 328.808 10,932
IVnnessoe 2,022.723 1.767.518
Tevns .1.048.828 2/J.15.523
, .iki.i 1,47'J I
Vermont .. :l43.64l 332.422
Virginia 1,854.184 1,055,080 ....
WisldiiKt ii .. 317.672 349.390 2.53!
VV. Virginia 0158,900 762.791 ....
Wisconsin . 2.068.063 1.686.889 1.037
Wyoming .92.531 60.703 ....
Total for 43
States 74.627.007 62,116,311 44.017
Territories Ac.
Alnska est i
mate! 44,000 32.052
ii/ma. 122,212 30,620 24,644
W^istiict of Co
Ucnibia 278.713 230.392 ....
Haw oi 134.001 89.090
Indian TcKtv. 301.069 ISO.132 36,033
New Mexico 103.777 133.393 2.037 1
I tkl'ilionw . . 398.243 61.834 3.927 !
Persons hi i lie
service of the
1S. stntion
cil abroad 'cstimatcd)
.. . S4.4')0
!ndians. etc..on
Indian resetvat
ions. exec|it
t Indian
Territory ... .... 143.282 .... ;
Total for seven
ter'".loi uis.A1,067,313 932.943 89.341
The Director ??l* tl.c Census, in aunouifcing
the population of tiie Coiled
States, inr.de a statement, which, in
part, follows:
"The figures of tii population are
the result of a enreful eomputation by
means of tlie latesi tabulating machines.
It lia < been the enstoin heretofore
to make a rough count, using the
names on the schedules as a basis, lint
in this decade it - *ns iii.ioimitn?i
avoid the errors likely to arise from a
I i*liinin:t * count, nud also the necessary
oxpei.se and delay incident to
such a proceeding. The plan was
adopted of verifying the count at once ,
liy the use of the electrical contrivances
referred to above.
'The early completion of the tabulation
of the population of the States
enables the Census Office to submit the
figures to Congress as soon as it eon
venes in December, thus giving that
body tht information necessary to .lb
pose of the tpiestioii of the reappor
tionment ot Represer.tatives at the
renting session.
'"lite cost of the administration o'
the bureau up to this date, including
the expense ineielcnt to the preliminary
work, as well as the rest of the enu
ineration and supervision, is $6.K01,9t>l,
eif which over $4.(100,000 has been expeueled
for supervision and enumeration."
Itnllr'iHilii Fttr l'orto KI?o.
The? Executive Council at San .luau.
Porto Kico. has granted a franchise to
the Nort American Company to build
300 miles of a system of railroads in
the interior of the island and to oper
nrs? the same. The work is to he com
p'.Otcd in three years.
I ruifti W.ii'Nlilp* ?( Aniiapoll*.
The French man of war Cecil to and
Ittiititft arrived at itw Naval Academy
at Annapolis. Aid , ami received the
usual salute* frotu the Naval Academy
t icers
The Annual Proclamation Issued by
President McKinley.
lie DealKiinlrii November '11>, n? u l>ny ol
Thank* t o a Kind Vrovidctice
Kor National Itlemliigt.
Washington. I>. P. (Special!.?The
follow in}; Thanksgiving Day proclamation
lias been issued:
"It lias pleased Almighty Cod to
bring our Nation in safety and honor
through another year. The works of
religion and charity have everywhere
been manifest. Our country through
all its extent has been blessed with
abundant harvests. Labor and tbe
great industries of the people have
prospered beyond all precedent. Our
commerce has spread over the world.
Our power and influence in the cause
of freedom and enlightenment have
extended over distant seas and lands.
The lives of our ottleial representatives
and many of our people in China have
been marvellously preserved. We have
been generally exempt front pestilence
and other great calamities and even the
tragic visitation which overwhelmed
the city of (Jnlveston made evident the
sentiments of sympathy aud Christian
! charity, by virtue of which we are one
| united people.
"Now. therefore. I. William McKinley.
President of the Cnited Stat??s. dn
hereby appoint and set apart Thursi
day. November Uil, next, to lie observed
by all the people of the Cnited States,
at home and abroad, as a day of
thanksgiving and praise to Him who
holds the nations in the hollow of Ills
hand. I recommend that they gather
in their several places of worship and
devoutly give Him thanks for the pros
|htmy ? upri'wiui lie lias endowed lis,
for seed time :itul harvest, for the
valor, devotion and humanity of our
armies and navies, and for all llis
benefits to its as individuals and as n
Nation: and thai they humbly pray
for the eontiniianee of His divine favor.
for eoneord and amity with other
jnaiions. and for righteousness and
peace in all our ways.
"In witness whereof. I have hereunto
set my hand and caused the seal of
the Culled States to be affixed.
"bone at the City of Washington
this 25)1 h day of October, in the year
of our I.on!, one thousand and nine
hundred, and of the Independence of
tlic T'nlted States the one hundred and
t wenty-tiftli.
"JOHN HAY. Secretary of State."
An Kinptoyr'* Slight Krror llnroilt* in
Dentil ami Destruction.
Wilkesbarre. IVnn. (Speciali.?A
tremendous explosion of gas occurred
in No. 1 shaft of the Kingston Coal
Company in Edwardsville in which
live men were killed and six others
were badly burned. The dead are
Peter Nsovige. Michael Galahaus.
Adam Waynoles and Frank Maenlonski.
miners, and David Evans, a driver
hoy. When the injured men were
brought to the surfaee by the rescuers
ilie skin hung in shreds from their
nodies. The work of rescue was danporous,
as "after damp" had accumulated.
Tlie first rescuing party that
wont down the initio was driven hack
and two in the party had to tie carried
out. The accident was due to an etn
ploye who diverted the air course unwittingly.
Blow Open it Sufi- ut Koumllicmi, Ohio,
mill Fire on Citizens.
Hcilcfontaiuc Ohio (Special). A gang
of mounted rolihers raided the village
of Itoundhead. fourteen miles from
liere and got away with considerable
A terrific explosion aroused tin* resi
dents and citizens, who appeared on
the street and were shot at by the robbers.
who finally rode away toward
Lima, tiring as they went.
The heaviest loss was at Mcrtz &
May's store, where the safe was blown
open and $400 secured. Six hundred
dollars in bank notes was scattered out
of their reach by the explosiou.
Mittiy Block* in t'liliH-m. 1'iinti en.
Wiped Out
London (By Cable). A great fire liodestroyed
J,r?0 houses ill Atnoy. (')iinn.
The destroyed houses were nl! in tIk
business section, near the Americun
and British settlement.
British. Ktissiini and Japanese ma
rit.es were lauded with ongiues and
fought the dailies heroically.
tiencrat !.? Ordered From Ciiliit.
The army division of Cuba was dis
continued and the Department of Ctibr
established by an order of President
MeKinley. Beneral Leonard Wood it
placed in command of the new depart
ment. Cenernl Fit/.hugh Lee is ord
ered to command the Department ol
the Missouri, with headquarters ai
Umii ha.
A Mother Murders Iter Son,
Clifford Cawthou, sixteen years old
was found dead iu his bed. at tbi
home of his widowed mother. In Chut
tnnooga. Tenu. His head had beet
harked to pieces with a hatchet. Mrs
C'awthon. according to the police, con
fessed Inter that she killed her son "be
cause lie was had and smoked cigar
ttu??inu Auibntiiuloi In IVudiliigiou.
Count Cassiul. tue Hussmu Ambnssu
dor to the United States, has returnet
| to Washington.
. ? - ? ? i'
The Millionaire's Valet Accuses Law*
yer Pai.'ck of Murder.
S iimitinnal in I lie 1'iimnin
Itlrn ClMP In Now York Cily-Tlii' Confoitsioii
('linrgen Tluil Patrick Caiiwil
tl>o Millionaire'* I?o:?tli l?y tin* I'm- of
( an Anesthetic?Ho Denies the Story.
York City (Special)- Developments
t?f ;i sensattonal ? -luiraoicr have
followed each other in the now famous
Ittce case. Charles l\ Jones, who was
the private secretary ami valet ol"
William Marsh 11 ice, the :i:;od millionaire,
who tiled recently umler suspicions
eireumstauces. attempted to
commit suicide in his cell in the
Totnhs by stuhhinir liintseli wish a penknife
The attempt was made .iust about
' twenty-four hours after Joins had
inatle a full confession to Assistant
District-Attorney Osborne in which
1 he practically accused Albert T. Patrick,
who was the New York attorney
fin the old millionaire, of murdering
Mr. Uice by the :t<liiiinist cat ion of
drugs, and finally of some nuesiheiie.
10110s also said that Patrick gave him
tho knife and urged hint to commit
suicide. Mr. Osborne declared that
Jones's confession was voluntary. Mr.
llouse. attorney for Patrick and Jones,
has charged Osborne and Captain Mr(Musky
with employing the third degree.
It is stated that a personal friend of
Jones induced him to make hi? confession.
At least ii was this friend,
whose name is withheld, who wait to
Assistant lJistriet Attorney Osborne
and invited liini to liil-awiee. the prisoner
:u the Tombs. Mr. Osborne accepted
the invitation, .lotus's confession
was heard the presents of witnesses
and taken down b> a so uographer.
Jones reserved nothing in his confession.
He told of th dazzi'iig tetnntntion
of t?"ijNH),iMO. the opportune arrival
of the very man who li.td the
knowledge and tiie nerve to iio the
part that was beyond Jones, of tho administration
of tablets, tlu- constituents
of which lie did not know, 'ho
tinal hastening ot the end o! the dying
man with the anesthetic, the o\oihauling
of dice's paper ar.d tfie use of
the dead man's cheek lieok
Jones's description of the last moments
of Mr. Uice. which is a part of
his eotsfessi . lollows:
"Mr. Patrick asked me for > towel
and a sponge, and I gof them for liini.
lie then asked me to leave the room.
I left the room. He ..aid: I \\: 11 re
main with Mr. ltiee until lie goer, to
sleep, and will go out tin- si,',, door.'
"Two mimics later I heard Mr.
Illee laughing after I left the 1*00111. I
went to the door and peeped in, and
S.-IW Mr. ltiee lying on Ids back, at <!
the towel was folded in a com- shape
and was over his whole face, and Mr.
Patrick was holding it over his face
with his right hand. Mr. Patrick did
not see me. nor did Mr. ltiee. 1
opened iho door jitsi enough to
tt nil I nu." ?MI tt lil i ,| II ?IN >l? III
as I saw the position of tilings 1 wont
an I laid down oti my 1 >? 11 and won io
"When I woko up. about n o'clock. I
tnrncd Uir light up. 1 took hold of
his hand and found i* limp ami 1 iI??loss.
1 lirst looked for Mr. Patrick,
and then son! for the doetor. When
tin* doctor iaim* lie pronounced Mr,
Hire dead."
Lying on a cot in ltcllevue 11<i^|?it;i 1
.lories was heard to exclaim: "t inly
think that I was in * hat otnpr room
and know that Mr. Itioc was being
killed and didn't raise my hand in In lp
I'atriek denied Jones's story I'mtv
beginning to end.
Their Alignment on the \iij;l<i-(acriiiiiii
Agreement Non Complete.
Washington. 1?. ('. (Specialt - The
alignment of the I'owers on t.lie Aughi<Jerman
agreement is now complete.
Aside from Italy and Austria, whose
adherence to the agreement was ox'
peeted, owing to their political rein
tions with Germany, Japan is the only
out* ol tln? Powers which has given
unconditional assent to the agreement.
, As the matter now stands f'.ve of the
, I'owcrs are mated in all the terms of
the agreement, viz.. Great Kriiaiii,
Germany. Italy. Austria and Japan;
I throe of the Powers, the I'niled States.
France and (Cassia, aeeept the clauses
relating to the open door and the territorial
integrity ol i'ltlna, hut withhold
aetiop on the third clause as to
future procedure in case any Power
! seizes ter.ilory.
f .MrAlUter, Kerr, f'niiiphctl atnl Heath
j 11<-1 <I For Mill flirt's Heath.
Pnterson, N. J. (Speeial).?After the
examination of six witnesses and a
thorough investlejitioii I.I th? tluatli rit
Jennie ltossehietor. the (iraud Jury
of Passaic County indicted Walter C.
Me.* lister. (ieorge J. Kerr, Andrew
1 Campbell and William A. Death. There
is an indictment for murder and one
for as-milt against each prisoner.
This action of the (trend Jury was
in accordance with instructions given
to its met11tiers by Judge Dixon, tell
lea them that the tou: men Were ha
hie under either or botn charges. It i
learned that the hnllot to Indict was
L T]
Smallpox ravact's on Indian reserr
a lions arc nttrneiinr t in* attention of
tli.- Indian Commissioner.
leneral Elwoll S. Otis was ordered
to Chiraco to command the Depart
inetit of Lakes.
Tii" Treasury accounts for October
closed with ail excess nf receipts over
expenditures of S".l?.~>l.ot?7.
Tlie Navy I lepart ni"iit decided to lo
cate tin* new million-dollar dry dock
at ill" ISrooklyn Navy Yard between
docks N'os. I and 'J.
President McKinley pardoned Cldn
Iloey. a Chitianian. who is dyinc in
the Km land < Vt.i lions of Cornet ion.
and who was eonvieted of perjury in
eonnneetioti with the Chinese iintuiCiation
Consul i ieneral llolloway. at St. Petersiuirc.
notified the State Department
of an additional duty plaeed on
eoal imported into ltm-sia.
.1. I*. Morcan ?V Co. paid tin* (iovernntent
s:;7ti.:?Ki for silver taken by I'nited
States marines at Tien Tsiu China.
01 i: Aiioi'Ti-ai islands.
Serious riotiiii. at Acnadil'a. Porto
Ilico. resulted in a eontliet between
civilians and a native recimeni. The
soldiers bred into the mob and s"VeraI
persons w< re wounded, none fatally.
.l-tso llir/mon lii'tiile/ Movor of
I'once. and Jose <>01110% Drio/.o, a
physician, were appointed uicmhcrs of
the Kxecutive < ouneil of I'orto Ilicu.
ixm KsTir.
The John \V. (iarreii esiaie in lt.ilfitnoro.
Mil., ainonntin-j: to S1.rinn.iMii)
in real esiaie, was partitioned anions
the lieirs.
There was a heavy rainfall all over
Texas, and 111111 li damage was done 10
property in different places by wind
and liirhtninj.'.
Charles it. Fast man. of Harvard,
who was indicted on tlie charge of
ninrderint; lti chard I! (Iropan. .1:\,
will lie placed on trial at (' 1 mbridue.
Mass.. sonic time between December
I and 1">.
Keinorse over 1 he fact tiiat he had
aeeident a lly killed ids son drove
Frank Farrell, a proniinetii business
man of Philadelphia. to suicide. His
body was found in t he Delaware liiver.
' <r. Michael \Y. Kelliher. a prominent
physician, of I'awtucket. It. I..
under italic!mint by the tirand Jury
fu; conspiracy to defraud a life insurance
company of SJotiit, committed
suicide by taking poison.
t'ornelius I.. Alvord. Jr., defaulting
note teller of the First National It.anK.
| at New York City, will lie tried by
Federal authorities.
As a result of a conlerenee between
!'resident and faculty of the Chieaao
j 1 nivers'ti. the professors will no
longer talk about John D. Uockefeller
i'rofessor Ilenry St. tJeorjie Tucker
was desiyna;cd as actiuj; president of
Washington and l.ee Fniversiiy. In x
iuyton, \a? until the next election.
1:1 a weddin.:; celebration at which
several men discharged their pistols,
sit tireciiwich. Conn.. Harry Mead u is
'twice shot and seriously wounded.
The lotlC overdue Meatier Unheal
Dollar arrived at Seattle. Wash . with
.'to! 1 passengers and $1,000.1 KM) in {jold
II list.
I In* iifvxt'o i- ported lyiiehoii no.tr An
i uisloii. AIji.. was not killed, 1 >t:i was
given lil'ty lashes while tied ,11 a sack.
| A eontrtioi l'or furnishing to Uie army
\..?(H>.t)tM? yards o| khaki, to l>e made
i iitio uniforms for American soldiers in
the tropies. was awarded in New \ orl,
< 'ity.
It was antiotineed that a new effort
was to hi* made to ohtaiu the liberation
of Oiierlln M. f "after, late of the
Engineer Corps. I*. S. A.
Leading Chicago physicians declare
drinking anil cigarette smoking are
I increasing among American women.
"!'lf Ctiited States transport .Meade
I arrived at San Francisco front Man
| ila. The vessel hail over :HM> siek anil
, discharged soldiers.
Uo-s|yn Kerrcll. the train rohhir
charged with the murder of an e>.
press messenger named l.ane, was eon
vieietl of innrder in the llrst degree. at
Marysville. Ohio. Tli verdict carries
with it tin' death sentence.
Severe lighting ueettrred hetweell
A list ro-11 navariaa and Montenegrin
troops over a hoillldar> dispnte.
Iff. Voshi rg ICckow. CFlief of tlie
C.crn an Bureau of Coinnieri ial Treat
ies. at Berlin, ih elar- d that the C.ilteil
States is iJtM'iiiaity's greatest trade enemy.
! Bl'eanse of Ihi* is at sa-areiiv of i n:il
t hrniiKhnut the Austrian 1 li?Slate
mini's hi Holieuiia ami Moravia
; ii to In' largely extended.
.?;i|?:t 11 nave unciiiiilitifiiial iish m in
thi! A rmlo-f Sennit n ngrectn* in r? Manlii
_' I 'liina.
A powder magazine was exploded
l?v li^iitnin^ at Nankin. China, and
many persons were killed.
' eiieral Rot ha was reported lo lie
m.irehiii? Willi a strong fnree of Iioers
t<> invade < 'ape i 'ninny.
formal union of rlie I'rec and I'tiltedTMi'sPyierian
<'liurelies of Scotland
was aeeninplislied.
Rear-Admiral Rninos was sworn in
as Spanish .Minister of Marine at Mad
ri I.
Kdward Henry Smart Ri ?ht. seventh
Karl of Darnley. died in London,
lie was Imrn in IST?1.
iiihli Vlex I leu if*. 1 lie f hieiisro Xinti
1 i.-: Iti-lil 'i>s linal iiici-i.ui; in la>iiili?n.
j The Venezuelan Govern men ulecrivil
; . r? -iiui|':ioii of payment of interest
pi -ill ili'lii.-i ml Kmiis I'ruin November
I 7, 1900.
Bill Takes Trip From Atlanta to<
A ii n*if .'ti
Georgia Was the First Road He liver
Traveled Over Arp's Father Helped
Build It.
Some . id an i stei c swrc t memories
rattle over n as I journeyed on the
old Henrgin Railroad from \tlanta to
Augusta. It was the ti? t railroad 1
ever saw anil traveled ? '>. My ;;ood
old father \va. o:ie ?< " the original
stockholders. He snhscrihed $r?,00o and
paid it ;is it was called for. In those
dry.- it : !s were lie hnllt. ? ti lucid - or
qn< 'tien.alde, in>. eiioi ; sehenms.
Tin : > was c i preferri I : *k or income
Ponds or lirst and m -olid mortgages.
hut everything was simple,
plain and lion . I 1: .ve great reverence
for that road. I lived in lr:\vronof-ville
while it w:. luing l.nllt.
Stone Mountain was our imaret; d >
put. and it was there I i-rst vaoturcd
tu hoard a train as I joarnoyed to
Athens to enter college. How solemn,
ltnw inspiring w - tlii.t ride. I la nn rnl'c
that i seemed to ni? that the trees
and iein i - and farms and habitations
weieall moving swiftly b tekwa; P ;..
while the train seemed to b>. still and
qiiivi "ill;; on its tr jv. l had the same
I IV, li.,.. .I.~
1 I 1 e\ er \\ I ! H I! i I
in an ele\aloe. !: at the Ciilsey
House. iii N? w Yt rk ami 1 was not
eniisriou of Roint; up, but thought
the hotel was rapidly ?lo-tending into
seme subterrnni an cavity. Young peoplo
now.id; y.s have no tv!i ?-\p? idem?.
*! hey d.i n. i la member tie- time
ttlini there wire no railroads or telegraphs.
nor *\viu machine- ( ro-ikir.u
..i .i . or match- - or steel pin-,
an.i Mil- " i. they . in not appi iata
o." lie a at 1 for l lie blessings (li.- >
i njoy.
A- we ileaioil Stop- Mountain mid
I le- !; I npoa in haid. liiajc eaai
init i \\ a carried hack in memory to
the del!- ii u! days <>: my vomit. when
nearly dxty y< irs nj.-o that mountain
war i ,i:* try.--1 lug jilare and hoys and
f:irls journeyed there oxt-aji mile* I
from I iwrenei villi- at: I >po..i a I. py
day and while tluie and on the
v ay we reveled in In. yonn dr am
and eyas looked love to ey i s that
s??<; ii o again I n-n ember wh. a Hi to
nun a tower on that mountain's top
a lower Hiu feet high. woo a- slender
top did ranutiim touch the clei -Is.
and it w.ts hull; l?y Aaron Cloud,
wlio-e very name made him .1 tilling
archil-, t. I; was the hi ' skvst rnpr-r
rii r hi:iIt in 'h orgia I r? :ue;ul <-r
tin- delightful (iay when a burnetii
lassie with hazel eyes and Indian hair
iisu-aili ! tin i winding iii with
me ami as v.- s it t< gethrr on it - dizi
zy pinnacle I thought I w. s tiltlo
| near-"- heaven than I had ever hern
la ' re. I'nd- r nret- i-< of hi-IdinR
Ik r from Ji rm. I nail em.de oil h??r
with i y arm . ml t!,i pa'pltating hue
up; n her I o. oiii tedd :i.e how fast her
loait was tn ?; in:-, a: I (here almu f
in the e|i mis we plighted our tic h I
reinenila-r when ()*: winter r.igiit the
storm canto and the rain ih-s ended I
and the wi m- - blew, and th:r tower
fell utul i-.rcat was the fall of it. I re- |
! iim i.11ii ?* wiit'ii tin wa- a tin*- 1?.t I I
;it ttii- l>.i. . ih it mo.ml:?in and ono J
[ eight there wa - ;i h ill on the spaciotl- I
dining n din, ;i I "bright the lights
shone o'er I'.iir women ami bravo men"
and for the lir-t time I s \v that
ineetily girl whom ill hoys called
lleeky l.itliiner. and whose da hing
beauty (Ire thrill to Ik. as innlns<oa
draws (lies, lie.- fanier lived tut fir
tnvay, a -iilist: nti I fartiir". and a few
ycn.ru In or "our Hooky l>. line Mr#.
I(. l.c , nh Kel mi. 11:< wife of the I rued
;;-.d eloquent do- r of Cartersvillo.
1 rem( rnbei* wlwn that great solid
tnoiintain of granite seemed larger v
s. much latg<r than it !oo5:s to ve
now. for l was young then and nature
had not begun to slit Ink with mc.
Kve.-ything i: -mtilh r now and every
year g?t- nal'ei till. A I't.pe says
of the dyim. Christian "The world
root de it disapp* rs. ' arl will
to thos" who die of old age. Tom
Mr a| expre 1 it beautifully and
pathetically win n !i il l
"I remcinlx I Tremember t..e llr Ires
diirk an ! Iiigb.
I used to tliit I tiieir I rider tops were
close against t be y >,
Hut now I'm growing older and find it
little joy
To know I at farther off from heaven
than when I was a hoy."
I remember that historical town
cnlhd Madison, where many of my
coIn ge r inI? lived. They are nil
gone nov . it i? tine - l? ft to comfort
ino in my d<"-lining years. I? wall
f re I saw this railroad when I wn
a hoy of fo : < n. and it v. a >onipi?
tri! to .Madi on \\ ...n. fi Hensation
of womb r ; c I alarm a I looked at
th huu' h i:i'h?n tha' eanir* puffing
down the tr; with a train behind it.
My father li.ol to hold my hand, for
i t: f ni 1?I"d li.-t i should jump the
track ar.*1 kill us all.
My father v a - pvoud of mat road ?
prouo be. re lie help. I to btiiid it.
ii' k(]" r. Th it tc -k for twelve years
n .tro.jt r. r' r.c a dividend The
- I: 'ni do n. down, <vvn. till it
r'i he I its lov e noint in 1MT |t
v;a then w.;ih only IfT <'pt. on the.
dollar, hut he had faith and clung t/i
t with ho;.i Ahout tha% time a cornt;""
.< ' il i< vol tin a crisis a panic
? 'it " o\ ... itry ana to sndi
tiu . '. it .... .... .i . ho whs torced to
NO. 34.
e?ol 1 his stock. It distressed ..int and
grieved my mother, but lie said there
was no help for it. The stork must
go. I remember the night he came,
home and told my mother that the
stock was gone he had sold it to
Judge Hutehins for 27 eeit s on the
dollar?the stork that he had paid 10<?
cents for twelve years before. Father
was sad ami the tears fell on mother's
cheek and none of us eared for supper.
When father went bark to the
store that night 1 sat down by mother's
side and took hrr hand in mine.
"Mother." said I, "you must not feel
so had about that -toek. Let me tell
you a neeret. I a t night I proposed
to Oetavia Hutehins, I a-'ked her to
marry me and she said she would and
we have lived the time the 7ih of
March and in less than three months
I'll get that stork back and it will be
in tie family ngtin. Now. don't .von
tell, but you mv tn't cry any more."
and 1 Uis.-rd her on In r cheek and
said. "Mother. Mr. Shakespeare -avs
All's well that en Is well.'" P.ut my
dear moth r was a woman and womanlike
she told an intimate friend
what I sr.id about g? Iting the stock
back a" I that fraud told another \v?
man in confidence and the confidence
ki pt spiculing and spreading until
the engag-am lit and the tuck matter
get ail over tlie village and at last to
Judge Hut bins. I wrs mortltied an.I
alarmed, but my a'Tirn I stuck close
to me. for she was d"? adfiilly in lov*.
though -he ibni's it to tins day. In
due tin.' \\. wen ma'Tied and were
so happy we didn't want :ny stork on
anything el e hardly. A i\\ days after
our marriage, as I was passing his
office, the stern old judge called me
in. He unlocked his iron . ife an I
taking out a paper, said to in "1
lie.?d Hint you told year good mother
that you were going to marry Ociavia.
and get that, railroad stock l ark. Hid
you tell her that?" I wa? intensely
a'armed. hut. like (leorg ' Wa kingl
in. I woul I not tell a lie. "Ye*,
judge. 1 did." said I. "but I didn't
ni" in it." i replied. I saw the twinkle
| in his eye. "Well." said he. "1 thought
J that if you were determined to nave
I hul jimt .?s well give it to you
now." st:if ho handed mo tIn* i itiiirtite
with the trin: tVr a' catty written.
I don't know what I Id. tint lie enjoyed
my cmhanas a.cut. What si
considerate ir 111 !: was. ! renieailier
Ih. : a few nu :'li.- after lie .sent six of
the family m --e up to t?ur house
i ie nmtmtng I:< < e we got up. We
le rit t" 'ii tal! 'iig tin the front step:-,
and my wife asked me to get up and
-? what they wanted. They informed
me that "til 1 master tohl them he
had given tin m to ire and Miss Ortavi
i and to e-ime up lure." They
were all -er\all's who had long said
that when >ii ,s Oetavin got married
tliey wore gwine to live with tier.
That was tlie urtt.il p: riinr.nv tif
slave owners i<i the'; children. We
had no use for tlietn. and sent them
back with a kind note lugging the
judge to keep tilt in for us awhile
longer. Some years after that Mr.
Lincoln sol thorn free and to tell tlio
truth I am glad of it. for they wore
always a care and an expense.
Now, while I write our train has
readied t'nion I'otnt and I remember
when we college I oy u-fd to t ike the
tandem mule train from here to
Athens. It was an all t ly journey,
for i: took lis eight hours to make the
fifty mile . l.iit we rod" on top and
h td lots i ' fun and plenty of good
tilings to cat that our mothers had
provided. Ves, | love to ruminate
atiout those goo;| old times when everything
had a roseate hue and wo
wrote love letters to our sweet hearts
and reveled in love's young dream.?
Hill Arp in Atlanta Constitution.
ryvIK er.n-pine hand
I 1 n not erastp Co,!'.*
' mJ
y (-J <&?fj<^l
Kind's cliiinilifi*.
jjt P"J/n.>v A p'Htirn-pPrft < /*iJ?Sjv_yv,t
'ion prohibits proV
' * warm-hcartpd
vcMJ y v i lmf' h iipvit has ,i
K%Jr I / , old hand.
tfav ? - 'Z s*) 1 110 ,'RU
* "* of ronformine
l 3 f In ti p v.orhl with
out whrii you "n iv Chri-t within.
Tii o p ip': ' prop st of f'hs i-1 ianit v
is the only 11 i 1 tin t sav< t'.i word
front ruin
God In ns niuu Rloritic I when Ifo
stoops to man as when tnon bond before
Hint 111 worship.
Salt in the . pi rnon may ni ir?, hut it
will hpal.
Kwcrss is not :tt what you havp hut
in what \ 0 1 : r
ft is little so 1 ndinc a hand unlPsa
you Rivr a hprt.t.
No coin is purrpiit with Cod without
Jovo's stamp on it.
It takes morp than h'eh prirp to make
a thine hiehly prrpious.
If Vflll f It n )| ?K't 4 r ??i irtr. /? f/tn
lose the happiness of livinR.
Wo may need many of life's hardship-.
to nltiva'r homos' *knrss.
It is easier far to sow nn-secds than
to r proof ?h..a
The violent partisan knows only the
bi: 1" p'.ank
The only limit to tlod's jsifts is the
has in which we fft^h them.
People who ?Je<tr away new piths
will In- bruited bv the thorns.
t,od may br-ak h rd hearty b-jt ha
will never b"eak ir..'j Lked om>

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