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Subscription price $1 i>er year.
Correspondence 011 ctuTent subjects is
invited, but wo do not agree to publish
communications containing more than
." 00 words, and no rosixnisibility is asstuned
for t he views of correspondents.
As an advertising medium for Charlotte.
rineville, Fort Mill, and Uock
Hill business houses The Time# is unsurpassed.
Hates made known on application
to the publisher.
Ixk'uI Telephone No- 2d.
The Pallbearers union is tiie
latest tiling in labor unions, which
is the last union we cure to go up
* * *
There's always something to he
thankful for. Czolgosz is doa I and
the gush and gammon with which
the country was deluged recently
seems to have about subsided.
* *
Sampson, intentionally or otherwise,
managed to keep out of the
nnval battle in which Schley annihilated
Ccrvera's fleet, and thereby
ran no risk of losing his bacon,
but since then, like Sampson of
Phillistine notoriety, has worked
his jaw to perfection.
Commenting editorially upon
the necessity of the Legislature, at
its next session, taking action in the
matter of the erection of a home
for indigent Confederate veterans,
the Rock llill Journal of Wednesday
says: "Other Southern States
have made provision to take care
of these noble old heroes and South
Carolina must not be behind." In
a country where cotton sells forT1.cents
per pound most people consider
themselves fortunate to have
one home.
"The most outrageous of all
'Southern outrages' has been committed,"
says an exchange. "From
somewhere in 'the sparsely settled
ex-Confederate section' there has
come to President Roosevelt a fat
'possum labeled 'Booker Washing
ton.' Evidently the white people
of the States lately in rebellion are
hatching a period of re-Reconstruction."
A deplorablo oversight
was the failure to send along
with that 'possum a bng of sweet
'tatqos of the McLaurin variety.
An exchange wonders why such
a comparatively small number of
persons attend church. Put your
enr to the ground and keep an eye
open, brother, and you will learn
that one reason why so many people
show no interest in church
work nowadnys lies in the fact that
too many pulpits are filled by men
who do not enjoy the confidence of
the public. It may be true, in accordance
with the old saying, that
it takes a thief to catch a thief, but
it isn't generally understood that
it takes a two-fnced minister to
make the word of God interesting
to the average sinner.
Tammany Loses?Party Gains Elsowhorc.
Wow York, Nov. 5.?Soth Low,
former president of Columbia university
and four years ago the
Citizens-Union candidate for the
first mayor of Greater New York,
was elected today tho second mayor
of Greater New York, by a plurality
ranging anywhere from .'10,000
to 40,000, defeating Edward
M. Hhephard, of Brooklyn, the
Democratic nominee.
Columbus, ().,Nov. 5.?The Republicans
have carried the State
by over 50,000 plurality, re-electing
Nash governor. The Logisla*
will be Republican on joint ballot
and will return Foraker to the U.
J3. Senate.
Louisvillo, Nov. 6.?The CourierJournal
claims the Democrats will
have increased majorities in both
houses of the next General Assembly,
which will elect a successor to
U.S. Senator I)eboe ( Republican).
The entire Democratic ticket is
eleoted in Louisville, which has
been Republican f<?r years.
Providence. 11. I., Nov. 5.?This
Btato has gone Republican by decreased
majorities. The Democrats
made big gains.
Philadelphia, Nov. 5.?Both the
city and State have gone Republican
by decreased pluralities.
Baltimore, Nov. 5.?The Democrats
have carried Maryland nnd
will elect Mr. Gorman Senator.
Lincoln, Nebr., Nov. 5.?This
8tate has probably gone Republican
by 8,000,
Short Items of More or Loss Interest Grouped
for Times Headers.
The Atlantic Coast Line's freight
depot and the cot*on oil mill in
Dudingtou wore destroyed by fne
j last Wednesday.
It is said that "Winthrop college
j will have a creditable exhibit at
the Charleston exposition.
A serious affray took place in
the Anderson cotton nulls just
j before closing time one evening
l last week between Jauies Duncan
and John Fisk, two young follows
| of about 17 years ?>f age each,
i Fisk was struck on the head with
on iron weight and had his skull
crushed. The physicians say he
will dio.
At a meeting of the State agricultural
and mechanical society in
Columbia Thursday night, Muj.
1 A. II. White, of Rock Hill, was
; elected president to sueeed W. D.
Fvans, whose term had expired by
constitutional limitation. J. W
Dunnovant, of Chester, was elected
vice-president for the Fifth Congressional
The foundations for the AbbeI
ville furniture factory are being
excavated, and it. is said that the
machinery lias already been purchased.
The entire stock has been
i subscribed and tho men at the
head of it are practical men, with
snfiicient means to make it a success.
There has been an epidemic of
: barn burning in Anderson county
for the past ten days, it is not
i known how any of the tires origi:
listed, but in all cases large quailI
tities of forage had been stored and
; spontaneous combustion is sup!
posed to be the cause.
A McLaurin man says that in
the event of Senator McLaurin
being appointed to a cabinet position.
Col. J. L. Orr, of Greenville,
president of the Piedmont Manufacturing
Co., and of tho Orr Co'ton
Mills. Anderson, would make
the race for the Senate next year
as tho representative of tho element
which is now supporting
Darlington never before had
such cause for complete satisfaction
in tho tobacco business. With
no drumming, no "breaks," no
blowing and with a short crop of
light weight leaf tobacco to handle,
results in every respect have been
entirely satisfactory to buyer and
seller and warehouse man.
Olio of the most interesting
events of the past week in politics
was the announcement that Judge
Beuet won hi not be a candidate
for jutlgo again. There are many
people in tliiH Stale who do not
love Judge Benet, but men are
few who do ijot admire him. There
aro also but few who have any
well-defined objection to him.
AI >e Jeffords, who escaped from
the penitentiary, was captured by
detectives in Augusta, (in., Saturday.
Jeffords was tried on a serious
charge of burglary in Lexington
county over 12 years ngo
and was given a life sentence, the
extreme penalty. After serving
12 years, Abe made his escape on
! the 11th of September, 1000.
| There was a $.">0 reward for his
Spreads Like Wildfire.
When things are "the best" they
become "the best selling." Abraham
Hare, a leading druggist, of
Belleville, ()., writes: "Electric
Bitters are the best selling bitters
I have handled in 20 years." You
know why? Most diseases begin
in disorders of stomach, liver, kid'
neys, bowels, blood and nerves.
: Electric Bitters tones up the
. stomach, regulates liver, kidneys
J and bowels, purities the blood,
i Min-iim urns tin' iifi vt'H, nencecures
; multitudes of maladies. It builds
up the entire spstem. Puts new
life nnd vigor into nny week, sickly,
rundown man or woman. Price
f>o cents. Sold by T. 15 Meackam
AVilliam Senver and Walter
Hinder, two young white men,
who went to Columbia from Newton,
Mass., several months ago, to
take places in the C. C. & A. railroad
shops, were fired upon by unknown
parties, in their homes just
outside Columbia Saturday night,
Seaver was instantly killed and
Kinder is suffering from a number
of wounds. The shooting is believed
to have been a result of the
machinists' strike in that city several
months ago.
That Throbbing Headache.
Would quickly leave you, if you
used Dr. Kings New Life Pills.
Thousands of sutferers have proved
their matchless merit for Sick and
Nervous Headaches. They make
pure blood and build up your
health. Only 25 cents. Money
back if not cured. Sold by T. B.
Mcacham, Druggist.
The Home of Satan is Not Hell and HI3
Appearance is Net Repulsive, but is That
of an Angel of Light.
Chariot to Observer, 3rd.
What is the greatest hindrance to
i the triumph of Christianity ?
It is not tli9 barrooms; nor the dance '
! hall; nor the gambling saloon; nor any ;
of those lesser evils which some saintly j
souls delight to denounce.
It is the neglect of the Biblo, tho failure
to regard the Word of God as tho
only sword of the Holy Spirit, the adulteration
of Scripture truth with the
notions of men. Both the Church and
the clergy are prone to teach t he tra-I
| ditions of tho elders, or the telics of
Paganism and Popery, or tho half
I trut hs of their own denominations, sis
eternal verities, and as the voice of God.
As an example of such erroneous ant
I injurious teaching, see the commoi
I idea of pulpit and pew in regard u
If you ask, "Where is Satan's home,
and what is his personal upi>earanoo?"
| at least nine out of ten Will reply, "llis
home is in hell, and he is dark and re
|iui^nu in jus jniiMiuiii uppcarilllCO.
Yet the Bible teaches that bath of these
answers are untrue.
1. Hell is not now the home of Satan.
Yea more; it never has been; and the
llihle asserts that more than one thousand
years must yet pass by before
Satan's foot can cross the threshold of
hell. To deny this is to deny tin; testii
inony of the llolv Ghost as repeatedly
| given in God's Worth
Six times since Adam's day, in tlio
I (lid Testament is Satan seen. Where
j is he found and in whose company?
In the third chapter of Genesis he is
I seen in Eden, the Garden of God; ami in
I company with Eve, a pure and holy
I woman.
In the 22nd eliaptor of 1 Kings ho is
i seen in heaven, in company withangels
and is permitted bv the Lord todoseeud
| to earth on a message of deceit.
In tin* 21st chapter of 1 Chronicles he
1 is seen in the holy city of Jerusalem,
and in company with David, the kingly
representative of (lod on earth.
In the first- and second chapters of
Job he is twice seen in heaven, and both
j times with the holy angels, and also
j conversing with God.
In the third chapter of Zccliariah lie
i is again seen in the presence of Jeho|
vali, and there to resist that One who is
I the priestly representative of God for
i man.
Not one iota of the Old Testament
has the slightest intimation that Satan
has yet ever been even in the neighborhood
of hell. Precisely the opjiosito is
true, for lie is always seen either in
heaven or on the earth.
Does the New Testament give the
slightest hint that Satan has yet over
been one moment in hell?
In the third chapter of Matthew ho
i is seen with Jesus Christ in three places;
| in the wilderness, on a mountain and
j on the temple in Jerusalem. Next be
is seen near Christ and with Peter, the j
I leader of the apostles. Next lie is near.
or in, the room whore Christ and His
disciples are celebrating 'll? Passover,
find he is dealing with Judas, the treasurer
and only uflicial of tho chosen
twelve. Next ho is seen iu a great revival,
where Ananias was prominent.
Then time and again was lie with Paul,
so that iu 1 Thessalonians 2:18 it. is
written, "Wherefore we would have
come auto you, even I, Paul, ouco and
again; but Satan hindered us."
Neither in the Old Testament, nor in
the New Testament is there one jot or
title of evidence to prove that Satan
has as yet ever seen a single gleam of
the lurid tires of hell, or even smelt one
particle of the smoke thereof. To say
that lieli has been, or is now, his home,
is to discount and deny the testimony of
the Holy Ghost.
2. How does Satan appear? Is it with |
a human form and a dark face, wreath- !
ee with sardonic smiles? Is it with >
scale-like flesh, with bat-like wings, i
with sharp horns and cloven feet and!
forked tail? Such is his api?eurunco as
constantly told in prose and poetry and
picture. Our children aro shown such
pictures in tho nursery, and our yout h
read them in the thrilling words of
Dante, Milton and John Huuyan. Doing
thus trained up in the way they
i should not go, when they are old they
I o., i.ru- ,i.f....... ;?
Hut how differently d<x>s God's Word j
siH?ak. The Holy Ghost, through Paul,
testifies that lu? apjx-ars a.s "an angel of
light;" and by Kzekiel that ho is "porfeot
in bounty." Ho is callod "tho
anointed eh -rub"?not an ordinary
ungol, but one oxaltod above his follows,
I being anointed like kings and priests.
, His moral character is hideous for ho
18 ft liar and murderer; but his mental
| jxnvor is immense, and his jtorsonal apI
pearance is attractive and magnetic.
Thus the ideas current among us con1
corning Satan came not from the Bible.
! They came originally from Paganism;
' from that Paganism which prevailed in
J Babylon, tho city built by Niuirod, tho
| son of Cnsh, and the grandson of Ham.
; As ho seems to have journeyed eastward
! to reach Babylon, he may havo carried
j this idea of a "black devil" (this Zerno*
| bogus as ho was called) with him from
j Africa. At any rate the dark hue of
i Gushite is 011 it, and the fetid odor of
! the negro is in it.
Ix?t us accept tho testimony of thoBiblo
on this subject, and realize who
Satan is; whence ho came; what is his
mission; where ho dwells; and whither
iiu win :ii liisr go. moil will we begin
clearly to behold the glory of his grout
conqueror and final judge, .Tonus
Christ. For as tho shadows in a pic!
turo bring out more clearly and fully
the lights thereof, and thus render that i
picture more perfect; so tho real character,
history and doom of Satan will
reveal more clearly and fully tho dij
vine radiance of our King and prove tho
! infinite and eternal greatness of His
salvation. J. B. MACK.
Fort Mill, S. C.
Hoisting His Campaign Sails.
They do any that Col. Alexander
Robertaon Banks, of Rock Hill,
this county, ia trimming liia aniia
in the effort to induce tho political
winda to carry him into the
office of State auperinlendent of
education, the job now held down
by one MeMahan. The colonel
will have to get tip before day and
raise a dust before he can beat
McMalian.?Yorkville Yeoman.
Notie? to Koad OyerMer*,
The law requires the overseers of
York County to see to it that all road
hands belont?iii? to their section jliibor
lor forty (40) hours annually on that
section. If this work is not done, it is
the fault of the overseer and tho law
holds him responsible for it.
All overseers in York County are
hereby uotified and warned to"summon
tliier hands and put tiieir full time for
1901 on their sections between this date
and the 18th day of November next.
By order of the County Boord of Commissioners.
Attest: Couuty Supervisor.
Mary J. Hunter, Clerk.
| I v 1 " l>\SS \v \ KX1 N(t.
All persons nre warned not. to
bunt, iisli or for any purpose whatever
enter upon any of the lands
owned or controlled by the undersigned.
The law will be rigidly
enforced against any one disre- j
garding this notice.
S. E. White. Mrs. J. M. Odf.i.i>.
J. W. Audrey. P. Nims.
.T. M. Spkatt. Miss Bcssie White.
Kduak Jones. W. I. Jones.
D. A. Lee. J. B M \< k.
J. H. Ooltii.vup. W. B. Hoke.
W. E. Spkatt. B. M. Spkatt.
T. M. Huuhks. T. S. Kiukpatrick.
T. C. Spkatt.
Office in Jones buil<linf?, Main Street,
j Fort Mill, S. C.
Terms, strictly cash.
Are approaching and you will
peed Window Glass. We have
a full stock of the usual sizes.
A Candle
Is a ^roat source of convenience
and comfort. We would like for I
you to see some Candlesticks we
have, made of oxidized wrought j
iron in artistic shapes, looks as
well as bronze. Price 15 cents
with a caudle thrown in. Buy a
prir for your mantle. They would
adorn it.
Tooth Picks
Should be on all well regulated
tables. We have the best quality
at 5 cents the box. If you should
commence to use thorn, you would
never be without them and then,
your guests expect to find then) on
your table,
F( >K
The Charlotte Observer
North Carolina's
Foremost Newspaper.
BifiRor and nioro at tractive than ever,
it is ail invaluable visitor to the home,
the office, the club or the work room.
Contains all the news of the world.
Hasiho Associated Press Dispatches;
special correspondents at the State and
National Capitals and ail experienced
corps of correspondents throughout the
The Daily Observer SewenokayB
Is per annum; $1 for six months;
for three months.
* in: orun-urrmj WIF>rrV(T,
A perfect family journal. All tho
news of tho times. Only $1 por
Sample Copies of Either upon Application
Charlotte, N. C.
Old newspapers for sale at The
Times office. 20 cents a hundred.
WANTED.?To buy each week
sevoral hundred bushels of good
wheat. Wo sell meal, flour, bran
and middlings, and will pay Rood
prices for corn and wheat. We
want your business and promise
entire satisfaction. Have you seen
our cicular announcing changes?
A new and up-to-date miller.
Hock Hill Holler Mills.
Tax Extension Notice.
The time in which to pay town
taxes has been extended to Satur-1
day, the lCth of Nov. After that
date, the loiral pennlty will be
collected. Ey order of the council.
J. SI. Sprutt. Treas.
November 1, 1901.
W *><4.
A Meat Market
ft At which reasonable prices predominate
I)?h nt lust been established
in the .tones building, on
Main street, where the eho rest
I can lie had at any time.
A first-class restaurant and lunch ,
counter will be run in connection
with the market. Fresh Fish,
OysterSj^nnd all other eatables to
be found on this market will be i
served each day in the week.
W. E. DEATf >N.
We Like Your Poll.tr
in payment of laundry work left in
our care, but- we strive as well for your
approbation. Our aim is to wash
clothes clean, iron shirts, collars anil
cutis to your liking (we mean by that
)?>lishe<l or domestic finish), and generally
to all'ord you the best satisfaction
at prices commensurate with good work,
but still cheap. The ijort'eot work
of the Model Steam Ijiundry. Charlotte.
N. C., all the time at short prices has
won the general favor of good dressers.
Shipment s made Wednesday evening.
En. L. McElhaney, Agent
Fort Mill, S. C.
Rock Hill I
Grain Dealers, I
We Sell:
Corn, Fresh Table Meal, White Flour,
Graham Flour, Bran, Middlings,
Crushed Corn and Mill Feed of all
We want your bush
Don't make tlie Mi
Of your life hy fjoin^ to the wr
Blill SHOP, where you will find i
ronuy to sorvo you. Our patrons in
of holes, rips, cuts and fringes. W
slinve. Call at third door of think ]
Ever Occ
That the best
can employ is
111 ent in a new
circulates aim
of whom you <
Fort Mill and
covered thorou
FOR SALE.?Fine Jersey Red
and Berkshire pi^s. Prices roauonablo.
Apply to L. N. Culp.
WANTED.?Renter for hoope
recently vacated by Mr. J. C. Warren.
Apply to Dr. J. L. Spratt.
~ V
f J V
VV. 1 V
f I $
In Hoc Signo
The 4i.^n which means
most in the business
world of today is the sign
of business judgment
and Lr0O(l tnste shnwn in
printing. Ours is the
right 1 kind. It gives
character to your business
announcement. Our
printing stands for us
and fofr- you.
(Rock Hill, S. C.
J. U. Traywick & Co.,
a|ni> wines,
No. 42 East Trado St.
charlottJe. - - - n. c.
t !. : our i ? i> ii.i.-nt :.il .. 11. r I I >r. :,j.plying
for natentj: it may be worth money.
Wo promptly obtain U. 8. and Foreign
and TRADE MARKS >r return EN" I
TIRE attorney'? fee. Head mo<lel, sketch
or photo and wo +end an IMMEDIATE
FREE roport <in patentability. \\ e give
the best legal service and advice, and our
charges aru moderate. Try us.
I Patent Lawyers, ,
Opp. U.S. Patent Office,Washington, D.C. {
Roller Mills,
lock Hill, S. C.
We Buy:
Shell Corn. Ejar Corn, Wheat and
Grain of all kindjs. Wo also buy second
hand crocus Licks.
les. Got! our prices.
!. L. BARNES,?Sec. and Treas.
ong place. Visit the CITY BARi
corps of wliite barbers always
ver go away with their faces full
e beautify the face with an easy
Liuilding, facing railroad.
& SON.
i i
W//1 I
I IT ? ,
air to U I
salesman you
an advert isespaper
wliieli *
)iur i> e n nl o I
- c-f I - " I" !
expect trade?
township are
ghly by
WANTED.?Ladies and gentlemen
to do writing at home; good
offer; salary $15 per month. For
particulars address. enclosing
stamped envelop: "Mrs* A. J*
Roddey, Lindsay, 8. C."
? .1

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