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SpecaialioB \* to Control ol Neit
Hon*? of RepreseBtatires.
IVnrticall/ Vlmitted that R*>puh(ii'huh
?r.? IlMtroii);l)|iv KouMl.?
IMnnlmint Varty not Ktp?ct?d u?
Make Oat u.-? in the South. M*>
A WaHhiag5>Mi correspondent of
'ltie News and Courier says ax the
preiAnt newsUm oT Congress nears
ifh end there are belter evidences
day by day that the Republicans a'M
oyer the country ar?* thoroughly
rou.l?'d. There is not a better viewpoint
in the world for politic?: purposes
than (.he national Capital, and
from thlb'pl^^ now on-? ruay get a
fairly accurate view of the situation
as 4t will ippear when the next session
of Onngrees is called to order in
December 'AMI the Democrats ha-'
a ^majority ? ? til-* House, if so, what.
wj|l thU majority b?\ and where win
it come from'
Taking the Southern States flr.l
there has been a change lor the iwh
tur during the u-iat two months Not
l>ug ago > /" is helh ved by some that
there might t?e Democratic loss in j
North Carotin*. which already has |
l twee Republicans in the House,
w/iere it ought not to have any. that
Virginia would send two Republicans
wjtiene they b'i*e one now and that
Maryland wyuid further increase her
Kojpubli an majority in the House
Iierause of loesi igsupK In t+iat St.t-e. |
North Carolina will not increase I
hor Republicans; Virginia may lose j
lift* one Hv-i?i?i?llcan .she now h.in.
because of ' o? fact that a" a>?s> *skIvo'liehtAf
Merry C. Staurt, is run-!
nltig against Sletitp, ami is krus-k-1
iiik (he Sie"i(? machine into l>its or.
every slump in the Ohl Dominion,
the older Hl<?nip, rather of the pr?sent
Representative from the Ninth!
Virginia district, was a good Con- j
fixtfrate soldier and did valiaut service
to bin Stat? during the war. |
The lie joined the Mohaue forces
and wen' t ? 'he had politically, liutj
iti4tnaged i ? stay in Congress tiatil I
lie died. Then his son followed him.
In Maryland the situation is!
brightening up for the Demoer its.
anil it is now said that the throe
Republicans may itM reduced to one.
So much for the Southern States. The
others are -ill right, and if the census
just taken gives tho.ni more cpresentHl
ion Ur* Democratic majority
in Hid Mouse hereafter will be
still larger
Congress's >n earner, of Texa.-?. isVii.t
int "whip" of the Democrats is
.cellng cW?**M"fii.l because we b-^linve
that wo will win a great victory in
the cougiessiotial elections this fall.
On (he other hand the Republicanare
up in the air. Kur the lirst time
in many yvtr.i the Democrats tu the
House are 'inited, wliiie the Republicans
are ajdtt into warring factious,
which appeal to he irreconciliable.
Tlio pi'ispeet of victory has a tec
neucy it? ceui*ut the Democrats toKeth<-r,
while tlie prospect of defeat
seems (<? irrrtate th KepuliKcaiiH.
KpoaUer Cannon's rec**nt declaration
thai shooting *Aan f >o pood for tin-'
iin>ur,tpnl.<i aid Dint they ought
to suffer Dio ignominious death of
hanging. w is uot exactly like pouring
oil uu the troubled waters
"Naturally, as the Democrats f^el |
certain of electing the House, there J
has been m-jr.h talk about who will;
Ho Kpcaker There is no doubt 'hat j
i\ very large majority of the present :
1 ein:>eral iv members, at least 90 per I
cent, of 1 In*ai. are for Champ Clark.)
The dianii's ace that Ills name will
lie 1 Sat* opty one presented to the
caucuft. The country expects him to
lm elect! I ?" the Democrats have a
majority o. *he next House.
Occasionalty the Itepublicans start
a story <in its rounds that there is
much opposition to him, and that
the Democrats are badly apiit up]
on i lie tiia-ukership question. ls*mo- j
dials haie loo muiih sense to pay
much sHoniaoti to these Republican
fables of Opposition to Mr. Clark.
He has w?r?ed hard to unite the
Henn icr.'ita rod has I'xl them to several
victories, though the Keptib<i
n?j)ia it?er>-secen majority at tlje
yt this Congress and still
have forty-three majorjUy, and beli?vo
l?n ought lo be rewarded with
the fipenhorahip."
Anyone who will take the trouble*
to wan (be pages of the Congrnssiou- '
nt Record fmm day to day will dad !
thai M it* fu'l, p ackcd. in fact, bulg- ]
lag from oo.vr to cover, *ith cam-j
paiga apt* ohes. While it is true that
the Democrats are taking about as j
much Qf ih'S space as their Republican
Wet bran, tie re is a difference in
the matter presented and in the j
voice of e<;ir"-s?ion. One Is the Item- ,
ocrntic int-roher pounding th elife out
ol the Republican across the cham- j
ber for putting the present tariJT on ]
the people; it is full of optimism. ;
hope ;uol <>?od cheer. What is 111** .
other? A will of despair and a fran-i
Uc appeal to at ami by the party. j
An iiHoa-. the Republicans are goiiag
to *;e? everything tlr re is to lie
bad aitd hit while the iron's hot. '
, WW Mooches will no* stop when
fl Oongreon t<lfoaran.*For ten days *fI
Statehood BUI Phnmom the Senate.?
Ijiml Withdrawal Meaaure I'uwwmI
June 25 Set for Adjournment*
Congress is expected to adjouri
on June 25. according to plant
made public by Senate leaders, af
ter consultations with House leaders
a careful canvass of both brunches
and a revision of the Senate's legls
latlve program. The plans perfect
ed are as follows:
After remaining on the senate cal
endar for almost three months in t
state of uncertainty us to its fate
the bill providing for the admission
of .the territoriettvof N*-w Mexico ant
Arizona to* seperate Statehood was
taken up by Lhe senate Thursday and
passed after a debate consuming lit
tie more than two hours.
The measure was called up by
Senator Beveridge. chairman of the
committee on territories, and w aa
passed after speeches by Senators
Beverldge. Frazier, Nelson. Iiughca
aud Stnoot. AU the speeches were
favorable to the creation of the two
States, but the Democrats favored
the house hill.
When the vote wras reached there
a'us a division on the senate substitute
for the house bill, but with that
amendment accepted, the senate
voted aoliJly for the passage of the
' The senate substitute was adopted
as an amendment to the house bill
j by a strictly party vote, the vote
standing 4 2 to 19.
| As passed the bill would provide
j for the admission of the two terriI
lories as States, but not until after
j a constitution had be a adopted by
j each of them, approved by the president,
and ratified by congress.
The artion of the Senate in adopting
the bill for the issuance of certi(icut/'s
of indebtedness to furnish
..1... ~ > "
j iti v.uiii|.iv>o irtiiiiimiiuu projects
as an amendment to the land
witdrawal bill, caused Western Senators
to express fear that it might
encounter obstacT* s in conference.
| This fear was based upon statements
i that the House was opposed to the
j reclamation measure.
j Voting Man <'barged With Appropriating
Uncle's I'uikIn.
| After showing her cousin over the
j premises and interesting him in the
! calf, chickens and garden, tho daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Henderson,
I at Spartaulmrg, in the absence of
her parents, showed her kinsman
Monday where her father kept his
money buried. According to the testimony
brought out in tlie hearing,
John Reel es was penniless, for ho
had just asked for a loan of 15 cents,
before being shown the treasure. Afterwards
he returned to the house a
while, and then excused himself and
went out and unearthed the money
uid took $56. it is alleged. He had
previously announced his int? ntion
of remaining all night with the Hendersons,
but on exploring his uncle's
hidden wealth, and helping himself,
it is said, he took Krench leave.
I ?
.... ..V. nnuiun
It is announced that the $2:52.10,
which Lieut. C. R. Men net t. of the
United States army, Ijorrowed front
Col. W. T. Itrock, has been returned
and Is placed to the credit of
the department in the treasurer's office.
This matter played quite a part
in the proceedings before the court
of inquiry. Col. Itrock testified that
lie loaned Lieut. Dennett this money
as Air. Dennett needed tie cash to
go 011 the annual Inspection tour this
year. The court of inquiry has not
yet rendered itc decision.
Mr. Taft says socialism will soon
he quite an issue. Not having been
many more p ople than usual with
long hair, it had not struck us that
ter the gavels in the Senate and
House have fallen for the Inst time
this session, and only janitors and
cartakers are found in the places of
the nation's law-makers, the IV-cord
j will lie (tuning as usual. "Leave to
| print'' for ton days has been granted,
I and judging by what has been done
before, every possible form of cam!
paign matter will bo found within
; its oovers. Members may put w hatever
they wish in the Record without
the least fear of refutation or
answer. These ten issues will be
"Home consmnntimi" loun. ?
Up iii th Northwest 'mliana. Ohio
and othv-r States. the indications arc
becoming brighter every day for a
magniftcient Democratic victory. It
is already settled that Heveridge is
to go Indiana and that will mean,
in ail probability, almost an entirely
solid Democratic delegation from
that State in the House. The same
rei*orts are coming in from other sections.
The Republicans from President
Taft down are imitating the
ground hog. They have come out
and seen their shadow, and it looks
iike they must go back in for two
years. Really, that terrible tarlf law
haunts them day and night, and *hey
can't get awary from it.
- ( Iwrgcd With Fraudulent o
I. I'nitel States Mails.?Pre?ddeo
Wilson Ueleased on Bond.
i United States post office inspector!
? raided the handsome Broadway otti
* cea of the United Wireless TelegrapJ
. Company Thursday and caused tht
. arr 8t of Christopher C. Wilson, tb<
- president of the company; Samne
- 3. Bozart. first vice president, ant
William W. Tompkins, president ol
* the No w York Selling Agency. whirl
umcers 01 tne wireless company say
?hh formerly their finance ageut, bui
' has ceased to represent them.
I Chief Inspector Mayers save out
? a formal statement in which h?
I nharftes that although the ronipati)
haa been running at a loss, the price
of its ahares haa beon advanced b>
manipulation to ficticious values,
f and that individual officers ot' the
1 company have sold out their stock
i 10 the general public at a p rofit
i estimated in one instance at between
$5,000,000 and $10,000,000 with
other instances in proportion.
W ilson whs released on $"5,000
bail and Bogarty $10,000 bail, for
appearance on July 12, when a further
hearing will be held before a
New York City federal commissioner.
Tompkins was arrested at his
farm near Mahopac Falls. N. Y.,
and brought to New York city for
arraignment. Ho could not find the
$10,000 bail required, and spent the
night in the Tombs.
"The complaint on which the warrants
were issued is drawn under the
federal criminal code, on information
of Carter B. Keeno, a posiollieer
inspector, who deposs that the
grounds of his belief are official investigations
made by hitn. Information
obtained by him from tin* books
of the United Wireless Telegraph
company, and the inspection of letters
and envelopes sent by the postolftce
establishment of the United
States through the United States
Slain With Shotgun as lie laty in
Bed by Unknown Party.
T?. W. Deloney, one of th; best
known farmers of mints? ?*??? a..i?.. .
sus, was assassin at ed near Ashdown.
Ark., Tuesday night as he lay in bed
asleep by unknown parties who ttred
two charges from a shotgun into his
body. Deloney ree ntly had a quantity
of meat stolen and under a warrant
the property of several white
men was searched. This, it is lav
lieved, was the direct cause of the
tragedy. The people of the section
are greatly excited and it is feared
trouble will result if the assassiu is
rhii teen Cars la?aded With Vegetables
Are I>erailed.
Seabord Air Line train third. No.
S, through vegetable express, composed
of thirteen ears, was derailed
near l.ugotT, some four miles from
f'antden, Thursday afternoon about
one o'clock. The thirteen cars were
thrown into the ditch alongside the
track and seven were destroyed.
It appears that the arch bar of
the tirst car broke and catching the
frog of the switch, thus teasing the
track im ?111v- iv,r ? a ......4
.wi ? V ;ui US, Ulltfhalf
of which must be entirely rebuilt,
resulting in derailing of the
ears, 'vhich followed. A six-foot embankment
was ploughed up by '.be
ears for a distance of several hundred
Jailed by Negro Magistrate.
At Anniston, Ala., Thursday for
th" fir.-vt time since reconstruction
'ays two white men have been convicted
before a negro magistrate.
Sunk O'Dell and Eugene Wade were
arrested in iiobson City, a negro
torwn, on the charge of violating the
prohibition laws. Ha<\h pleaded guilty
at the trial before Mayor Addison
Snow, a negro, and could not pay the
fine so they were sent to ail.
Novel <Juery.
A most unusual r??nn??a? ' -
formation has rome to the department
of Agriculture. The letter was
received from a citizen of Missouri,
residing in the town of Wellville.
After usking concerning the agricultnral
possibilities in the Piedmont
section of the State, he concludes
with the following query: "And are
all parts of the State badly infested
with saloons, mosquitoes, negroes,
and other pests""
1'nkitown White Man killed.
A man. unidentified at the inquest
was killed Tuesday afternoon, .across
Che river from Columbia, in Lexington
County, by being struck by a
Columbia, Newberry and Laurens
train. No. 53. A pint bottle, half
full of liquor, probobly tells the tale
of the aeoldent. The bottle was
found ia the maa'ti pocket.
Seoator Dolfirer Defies Administration to
Ckase Insurgents Ooti
The Iusiirjji-nt Leader of the Senate
j Slashes Ihi^dont Taft, Senator
Aldrich and Speaker Cannon tor
j Faults of the l*arty. Kssentiall)
J. a Challenge to the Administration.
1 From the lips of Senator Dilliver,
of Iowa, the battle cry of the "in1
surgent" Republicans was sounded
on the floor of the Senate the other
day. In a speech which bristled with
defiance to President Taft. Senator
Aldrich. Speaker Cannon and all the
other champions of the Inroads ot
predatory wealth, the great Western
' lawmaker sounded the call for a
new Republican crusade against fake
tariff revision., against the gr?'d and
oppression of monopoly and against
the false leaders of the party to
which Abraham I.iaeoin, its founder,
gave bis heart and soul and finally
his life. Not in years has there been
a spw ch ot such power and eloquence
on either lit or of Congress aud rturiug
the three hours which the thundering
lowun held the floor, the
dumbfounded regulars sat cowering |
in their places, scare* ly one of t hem j
leaving the Senate chamber.
"Last year witnessed two iuipo*tant
hou/.es perpetuated on the
American peopi said l)olli\er, "the
discovery of the North Pole by l)r.
Cook and the revision of the tariff
downward by Senator Aldrich."
This was the starting point of his
attack ou the Republican "standpatters"
and he kept at it vigorously
from beginning to end. Dolliv r declared
that he spoke as a Republican,
as a guarian of the Republican faith,
and he defid liis enemies to drive
hlui and those who stood with his
fr? m the party. The speech was an
open and ringing declaration of war
on the dominance of commercialism
in politics ad public life.
it was essentially a challenge to i
the Administration, the Aldrich and
to Cannon, to a light to the death.
In his denunciation of the humbug
ami false pretense of the Paye-Al
uricii revision of th - tariff, the Western
senator wont further than in
any of his previous attacks on that
measure. He hurled defiance, mingled
with scorn, at the President,
tilling him lie would welcome deliverance
from the yoke of patronage,
and taunting him with the utter in-' j
consistences of his vuriou* speeches
on the tariff and other subjects. He J
also Referred with withering scorn
to the attacks of Speaker Oannou on
the progressives and the insurgents.
In closing lie solemnly devoted himself
to the tight against monopoly
and tariff.
In concluding S-na^or Dot liver
said: "1 propose to tell not only a hat
has gone on in Congress last year
in connection with the tariff, hut also
what is now going on to prevent
members following their own dictates
of ooscience. 1 am through with
tarifT revision as accomplished by
those interests to which it primarily
belongs. I shall stand on the tioor
of Congress and fight it ju?t as long
as Iowa returns me to Wa-diington.
and i shall do it as a Republican. 1
uw? > vmo iur m> pooia-ai [tie. l |
ha\e toiled for the public 25 jenr.s
and 1 do not propose that tny remaining
years shall be Riven tip to
a dull cons nt to these cocspiracies
which would rob the people to multiply
private wealth. This is .i iov- i
eminent of the many and for (lie I
many, not of the few and for the
m m +
HniitiliM' and I'eru >li*jr Kngage in
War Presently.
It was rumored, says a dispatch
from Lima. Peru. Friday, that the 1
attempted meditation between Peru
and Kcuador had failed owing to the
conditions Imposed by Kcuador as a
basis for the peace negotiations.
Both countrh-s began several days
ago the withdrawal trom the frontier
of the troops which had been massed
?hi;n an outbreak of hostilities was <
believed to be Imminent.
Th - w ithdrawal w as In accord- <
ance w ith the io9i?tence of the rued- :
iatinR powers whAn the United States,
Brazil and Argentena undertook to ?
aet jointly in arbitrating the boundary
dispute between tlte two reuublles
Four (1iin?'M> l*r??wn?M|.
Ah the British Steamer High- |
land .M orach ?as proceeding down |
the Schupkill river Friday, bound ;
for Auckland. New Zeu and. sewn (
members of the Chinese Crew leap- j
ed overlvoard in an endeavor to escape.
Four were drowned and the
other three were captured.
f'ut in \V?Kt*s Caunet Murder.
Matt IteUHR'-n -dtot and killed J110. ^
Studier, of Amsterdam. N*. Y.. foreman
of the Wlconaln Button works.
In l.acrcsse, Wis.. because his wages
were reduced. ReusRon la under arrest
and admit* his guilt.
Allfgrd Attempt to Throw Young
Woman from Window.
With her hair hanging down and
her person bloody from an encounter ?
with two men in the hotel. Evelyn
Jon* s, a young woman of about 20.
was rescued from a second story window
of the Oregon Hotel in Spartanburg
Monday morning, where she
had luckily caught a hold, utter being
throwu from the hiiil.tinp
she claiuie 1, by L. D. Crews. on??
of the proprl* torn of the house.
The young woman was a gut'st at
the hotel. Cases of disorderly conduct
were made out against the
proprietors of the hotel, and, upon
investigation before Mayor I^e. they
were each tiued $50. Evelyn Jones,
who claimed she was on her way to
Jacksonville. Kla., and had stopped
over in Spartanburg on business, was
detained at the police station till
the arrival of her train. It was alleged
in the trial that she was conducting
herself improperly at the
hotel and that the proprietors were
trying to put -her out.
ggsggj World's 1
?f|l Greatest
bhmmmhi blwul ud EiUTMI
For Rheumatism. Sciatic*. Lame Back. Stiff
Joints and Muscles. Sore Throar Col da. Strain*.
Sprain*. Cut*. Brui*ea, Colic. Cramp*, Toothache
and all Nerve. Bone and Mualc Ache*
and Paina. The genuine ha* Noah'* Ark on
every package. 25c.. SOc. and SI .00 by all dealer*
in medicine everywhere. Sami. .e 1% -rmilfrtx
Naak >?a*dj Ca.. tirianl. V*. sad Iwtra. **?
Wealthy Wittow Murdered.
Ih-an Krhart. who whs arrested a!
Easton. near I.eavensworth, Kau., on
Tuesday night in connection with the '
murder of Mrs. Kathrin Schultz. the
wealthy widow whos> body was found
in her home last week, was taken
before the county attorney's otlice
Wednesday and examined. . Erhart
is a farmer forty years old. and tiehusband
of a niece of Mrs. S?'-hult7.
Be prepared for an emergency by bavins
on hand. More animals die from colic than
all other non-contagious diseases combined.
Nine out of every ten oases would have been
cured if NOAH'S COL'C WtMtDY hud
beengl ven in time. lt| _ ..naiLS A w._
isn't it drench or dope,
but is a remedy given '?'r Vs. \7?
on the tongue, so simpie
that a woman or Xd CJ.
child cau give it. It iff . i H
your dealer cannot
supply send 50c inl * Iff T 1
stamps and we will! k Iff / * ff Bfc
mall a bottle. NoahL^^^^LJfcA^L^U^
mnJ 1 ZM VA
M E R.VO U ^ 1
iL! ^
Cost of Livj
? TH
King Fruit Pres
Will keep perfectly fresh all kind of
^ _i
lies, piums, tomatoes, con
u**i more than twenty-five yr
imall package puts up 50 pounds of
gathered. SAVES MONEY, Til
I have used the Kiug Fruit Preserving
Powder for f.be past ti\
years. Would not be without it.
Olin, S. C.
I am pleased to say that 1 save
the Kins Fruit Preserving Powder a
thorough test last year and saved
<11 ray fruit nicely, without the use
>f air-tight jars. I expect to Us*- it
ti the future.
MRS. Il>\ It. JOHN.
will force water to k
anywhere about the
hard water, and hare
or attic tank to freex*
Columbia Supply
W?nt?d??To buy Hides. Wool
wax, Tallow, etc. Write for price?.
Crawford & Co.. 508-510 Reynold*
Street. Augusta, Ga.
Egg* for Hatching?superior quality.
Buff Orpington $1.50. Brownil.eghorn
$1.00 setting. Geo. d. Au-stla,
738 Glenn St.. Atlanta Ga.
Wanted?Hardwoods, loga and lumber.
We are cash buyer* of poplar.
cedar and wuluut logs. Also
want poplar, ash, Cottonwood, cypiess
and oak lumber. Inspection
at your point. Easy cutting. Writ*
us. Savannah Valley Lumber Co.,
Augusta. Ga.
Maplehurst, on the Aaheville and
Lake Toxaway railroad. Three
hundred f* et front station. Modern
Conveniences. No oooHumie
tlves taken. A. L. & L. E. Davenport.
Horse Sho\ N. C.
Hoard in Mountains, on Aahevilie
and Tow away railroad, near statlon;
t- lpgraph and telephone facilities;
private residence; rates
reasonable; tine climate. Address
W. A. Osborne. Horse Shoe. N. C.
Asthma Sufferers?I had tta- asthma
since childhood. If you ha\e it,
write me. perhaps I can help y?>u.
\V. F. Wilson. ll?01 VV. Front a'.,
Pla>rfield. N. J.
Clyde, X. C.?Sky land Home opened
July 1. Pure water. Delightful elinnte.
Good service. HVr terms
write Mrs. A. C. Marvin.
Honey Made (Quietly on the side.
Unlike No. I. "Sealed secrets.'* E.
Rogers. No. 5, Horseshoe. N. C.
For a short while we have decided
to save our future customers agents'
expeuses. This will save about twenty
per ceut. on Organs, and about te*
per cent on Pianos
Orpuis, from up.
Pianos, from ."S'?o up.
I.es? tho discount us stated above.
Write at once for catalogs and terms
to tile old established.
Glip this and send for catalogue.
Columbia. S. r
Allc^sl >1 urilerisl fail
A mun he't< veil t > lie Joseph
Weiidli the go.I murderer
Alma Kellner, of l.ouisville. Ky., was
lodfp <1 in the county jail, at Hainpton.
this state, Thursday morning- J
The man was arrested at Fechtig. fl
5. <\. and is said to tally with the ^
description of Wendling. The prisoner
gives the name of Charlie
Pointer. of Kn gland, and eruphatical|v
a. nies that he is guilty of the
crime. i v. .idtj
BBIB Hypoderm ?c^
"Jed in'
W HH 3| treatment
> Wj of Alcoholism
DRUGS tortus*
ing Reduced
erving Powder
(mit, apples, peaches, pears, betn,
okra, cider, wine, etc.
ars from New York to Florida.
(r<><? J ?- -*
..tut ?uiu lasic is just as when
T.be King Fruit Preserving Powers
ba\e been used by ma for
eral years, and I can not get alone
without it.
Die key. (la.. May 19th., 1904.
1 am so well pleased with the
King Preserving Powder that I will
uot be without it.
Meet. N. C\. June 5th.. 1899.
Itehen, bath room, laundry, barn, and
place. You may have both soft and
> It hut aa well as cold. No elevato4
> or leak. I
r Co.' Columbia. S. C.

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