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Department of Jostice Asks Grocers,
Association to be Dissohed.
Allege** That It Constitntcs a Combination
mid ('onsplitwy in Keatialnt
of Trade. Officers and Member* of
Association Made Parties to Suit.
.KvHfance to Sut>stAntiate Charge*.
Another action under the Sherman
anti-trust law was startby the deIpartment
of Justice Thursday at
Washington, when Oliver l>. Street.
United States attorney for the northern
district of Alabama, was instructed
to file at Birmingham a petition
against the Southern Who'esale
I Grocers' association, its officers and
members, alleging that the asaociatiin
constitutes a combination and
conspiracy in restraint of trade and
asking that it be dissolved.
The suit, it was said, at the de~
pertinent Thursday, is one of the results
of the investigations which the
government for some time piXt has
been making with reference to combinations
that seek to eliminate competition.
maintain a high scale of
profK and increase the cost of living.
In the opinion of the official
the investigation cleanly Indicated
that an unlawful conspiracy exists.
Mr. Street was in conference f?>r
several days with th<* ?! partment and
left Wednesday night for Birmingham.
The issue will be pushed 'o
a speedy trial, t.he officials he'S^'lug
that they have ample evidence *>?
substantiate the charges mads.
The following statement r<*zar Iing
the matter was made at "he depart
nv nt of justice:
"The petition alleges that the combination
was organized for th" pt.i
pose <>i unci .nas resulted in coercing
and preventing manufacturers from
selling the actual necessaries of life
direct to the retail dealer or consumer
or to any wholesale grocer
in the Southern States unless said
grocer Is listed In a so-called 'greenbook'
published and distributed hy
the association. That manufacturers
are persuaded urged and coerced by
the association to fix limited selling
prices ut which staple article of food
are to be sold and to refuse to sell
such commodities to any wholesale
grocer who does not maintain the
prices so fixed and listed.
That in certain lines maunufacturers
and producers have been induced
to bill their goods at an enhanced
price, and to turn ovr a precentage
to -the president of the association ,
who rebated the same to the jobbers
maintaining suc.h limited selling
price. That no firm could become a
member of the association or be listed
in the 'green book' unless a majority
of the other concerns in the
Iwfiipiy gave their approval; and
that unless suc.h firm was duly listed.
it was unable to secure direct
buying privileges from those manu
facturers who observed certain "rules
of practice" adopted by the association.
There are many other allegations
set forth in the bill as to the general
ecbemo and plan by which this
combination sought to prevent the
members thereof and to restrict trade
and commerce.
The department for some time has
received complaints as to the bur- ,
dens suffered by the people of the
Southern Rtates because of the operations
of this association. After a
careful investigation the department (
(believes that the association operates
to increase the cost of the nec- ,
essitles of life, such as coffee, sugar,
cereals, soap and many other lines.
The association as set out in the
government's petition or bill consists
of various firms and corporations
engaged in t.he wholesale groc- (
ery business within the states and
territories of Alabama, Arkansas, ,
Florida, Georgia, Indian Territory,
IxMiisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, <
North Carolina. Oklahoma. South
Carolina. Tennessee, Texas, Virginia
and the District of Columbia.
Married by Sign language.
William Dilworth, a deaf mute
prize fighter, bettor known as "Dummy
Decker," was married at Savannah,
Ga., Monday morning to MiBs
Katharine Martini, of Baltimore, the
bride nlso is a deaf mute. She
reached Savannnh from her former
home a few hours before the wed- <
ding. The marriage service was j
translated by the finger language to
the young man and woman.
Assaulted Own Daughter.
A Bluefleld, W. Va., special says ]
a posse and officers of Lagon connty.
Went Virginia, are sconring the (
mountains In that vicinity for I.. C. j
Carter, who on 'last Sunday at Stone i
Branch, assaulted his 16 year old |
[. daughter. An officer from that section
states that Carter will be lynched
if captured.
Kat* Moth Ball and Die*.
At Mobile, Ala., Jack Hr.rris. !
16-months-old son of A. J. Harris,
died Monday evening from eating a i
moch ball, which he found on the
floor. Toxin* poison resulted.
Suspicion Arouord by Alleged Intimacy.?Brothers
Had !H*ad Han's
Stomach Analyzed.
As dark as the act of Henry the
Eighth is the terrible accusation that
is being brought against two prominent
people of Swainsboro, Gn. Never
before in the annals of the history
of the county has it been so completely
charged with excitement as
it is. Bunc-hes of men are to b*
seeu standing on the street corners
talking excitedly and the sheriff of
the county and his deputies are profeeding
in all directions lu search
of an alleged fugitive.
This excitement is due to the fact
that the state chemist, to whom the
stomauh of Mr. Fred Flanders, who
tiled June 4th was sent, has intimated
that the stomach was full of poison
and that arrests had better be '
made. The stomaoh of the deceased
was sent to Atlanta because relatives
of Flanders felt that he was poisoned
and suspicion rested on Dr. \V. '
J. McNaughton and Mrs. Flanders.
When the sherifT went to arrest
them Mouday morning, it was discovered
that Dr. Mr.Naughton had
sold hte place and all his property
had been turned into cash and that
he had left. Mrs. Flanders was arrested
by the sheriff and brought to
Mr. and Mrs. Flanders have occu- 1
pied the home of Dr. McNaughton
since the death of his wife, about two
years ago. Dr. McNaughton boarding
with them. About two weeks before
the death of Flanders, ho became
violently ill with what Dr. McNaughton,
pronounced to be acute nephritis.
He was attended by no other
physician but McNaughton and nursed
by no one but his wife. He gradually
grew worse and finally on June
4 th pusscd away.
ltrothers of Flanders, on account
of Dr. McNaughton'b attention to
Mrs. Flanders before, and after the 1
death of her husband, became bus- j
picious that there was some foul play 1
and Tuesday they had his body exhumed.
a coroner's jury empanneled 1
and his stomach removed by L>rs. '
Smith and Ohandler and sent to Atlanta
in order that the state chemist
might analyze its contents.
Only Sunday a report was received '
which intimated that arrests would
be in order, however, too late to
catch Dr. McNaughton, for be had
gone. Flanders was worth four or |
five thousand dollars and he was i
insured for about live thousand. lJr. ,
McNaughton had lived in the county
for a number of years and was con- ,
sidered a good citizen. ,
Three Men Are Dead ami Two Others 1
Are l*robal>ly Dying. I
A. I. McCasgiU. aped 63; Will Martin,
aged 31, and (leorge Teacliout,
112 years old. are dead, and Clarence j
Smith and Dee White are believed t
to be in a dying condition as the re- '
suit of drinking wood alcohol on Saturday
night at the village of Meauwataka.
four miles from Cadillac.
Mich. Teachout and McCaagill lived ,
in Meauwataka and the others in
McGasgill operated a soft-drink
establishing nt in Meauwataka. and
when he went home Friday he took
four gallons of whisky. The supply 1
ran out Saturday evening and Mc- 1
Cask ill is said to have conceived the
idea of mixing wood alcohol with
sugar water and pop to complete tin
night of drinking. He died during
the night and was followed four
hours later hv Martin and Teachout.
Negm Man Shoots llis Son.
Tuesday evening James Hullock. | '
i-oiorcd, was committed to jail at I 1
Raleigh. N. C.. to await superior I
court trial for shooting his son, Sam c
Mullock, at -his home near Garner s
The son was reprimanding the father 1
for whipping the wife and mother '
when the old man s^iz-ed his guu (
and shot tJie sou in the abdonteu.
ltltKAKS WOltLll'S KK(X)I{D.
? 5
Aviator Soared l.tlKi Feet in m 111- i
I?1 une at Indianapolis.
Soaring to a height of 4.3S4 feet, 1
Walter Mrooklns, in a Wright hi- [
hlane .Monday broke the world's aet- '
aplane record for altitude at the av- '
iation meet at the Indianapolis, Ind., 1
Hrooklns' high (light, in which he
exceeded the record 4,16.1 feet made
by i.ouis Panlham, at Los Angeles >
inst tail, was also a speed triumph. 1
According to the rigtster of the in- <
Uruments, Brookins was 1,900 feet t
In the air seven minutes after he t
left the earth. He rose to that point t
In a wide circle. '
Continuing his circles, Brookins <
rose steadMv at a speed of about 50
miles an hour. Thirty minutes after
he had started he reached his
highest altitude and began the do- (
scont, maneuvering at lower levels, I
until at a height of 100 feet h?' i
*hut off the motor and glided easil) i
to the ground alongsile the start- <
tug rail. t
.<;ei> fathkk lavs down the
!to<ly Found Cold in Death in Cemetery
nt Cumnril, X. V.?Hri'AM
i'lerml by 11 til let.
Cold in death. his death pierced
?y a pistol bullet, the body of Mr.
William Skinner was found in Oak
wood cemetery, Concord, N. C.. Saturday
evening. The weapon of destruction
was lying near the body,
bearing mute witness to the traaic
Well Kmmn Artist of New York
Kn<cay?><] to Daughter of Boston
Hanker, Ends His Fife.
Leon Guypon, well known as an
artist and illustrator, shot himself
through the head in his studio at
New York Tuesday, and was found
dead on the floor, a revolver by his
?M. C. Mer.T, a close friend, explaining
the tragedy said that Guypon
had been engag d to Miss Agnes
Foster, daughter of a Bostou banker,
but had brokt n the engagement be- j
cause of i.l health, lie stiff red with
heart trouble and had heen told b>
physicians that lie might die at any
tinie. He could stand it no longer.
Before killing himself the young
artist sent to his former fiance in
Ropton a check for $7,212' "all th"
pennies I had saved," as he expressed
it in a letter to his fib nd, Merrill.
In his letter to Merrill, h<wrote:
"Since I came hack to New York
for no apparent reason my heart went
a<l to pieces again. I told you It
was throat and my stomach, r suffer
more than words can describe.
No doctor can help iri" and 1 fully
realize that 1 am doomed.
"I do not want to poison her
brignt, happy life, yet I cannot live
without her. I have fought manfully,
but I am beaten. So there is but
one honorable path open to me and
i shall calmly st p into it because
my conscience is clear."
When a heavy envelope on a table
near the body was opened the artists'
will, written in his own hand, was
found. It said in part:
"This is my last will. 1 am an
nrithan and have no blood relatives
Aft" r my death do not look for my
money, as I have already disposed of
it. All my pictures and all my belongings
1 give to Agues Foster, of
No. 4 1 Winthrop street, Boston.
Mass., and to Mr. Hiram 0. Merrill,
uf New York. They may divided theiu
amicably betwe n themselves, or sell
them, or give them to friends, or do
whatever they wish with them." 1
urssin- uj ue cremaien ann my asties
thrown to the four winds.
I/OSes His Fife While Helping to Res*
cue Two Roys.
Mr. P. G. Adams, a well-known
farmer, living at Penny's pond, near
Italeigh, N. C.. was drowned Tues ay,
while helping to rescue two boys.
All were bathing in the pond. Adams
went to crawl up into a boat in which
were the two (toys, when the boat
capsized. He helped to get the boys
ait to shallow water and when they
reached the bank badly frightened
they were horrified on looking back
to see Adams sinking for the last
time. It was an hour before bis bodywas
recovered. No water in his
lungs indicates that heart failure
may have followed his exertion in
saving the boys and that this rather
than the actual drowning caused his
Icath. He was 4 0 years old and a
Mob Overpowers Sheriff and Takes :
tne I'rtsoiier.
While ofliccrs from Arkansas were
route to Mastod* n, Miss., with Eliner
Curl, a negro, they were over
powered by a mob at Como, Miss.,
Monday night, who took t.he negro to
Mastodon and lynched him. Curl
was charged with shooting W. I'.
Miller, a plantation manager, who
lttemptod to arrest him for writing
in improper letter to a white woman.
Following the shooting several
weeks ago. Curl escaped although he
was pursued for three days by a
r>osse with bloodhounds. He was
aptured at Marion, Ark., Sunday,
ind the officers and the prisoner were
thoard an Illinois Central train when
he 1110b boarded the train at Melees
crossing near Como.
Former Sheriff Poisoned.
A special from Oneida, Tenn .
says Frank linghett, e\-sh?riff of
h-ott county and a candidate for the
election as sheriff, was poisoned, presumably
by whiskey given him by
i supposed friend. This is the sec>nd
alleged attempt upon his life
n recent weeks. Hughett's condiion
ic rriti/'ul Unt it i?
- - - - - * V * Ml) I'VI I S V o I HWU^UI II C
vi ] 1 recover.
florllfs Taken From IWM?p.
Five more bodies have been reno
ved from the i'rench submarine,
!Muviose. These include the body of
Commander Callot, who was found
load at his post, his bands clutching
he periscope. AH examination of
he bodies by physicians at Calais,
Prance, has disclosed the fact that
loath was rapid.
llehcllion in llriwril.
Advices received by the German
Cablegram Company at Berlin from
ftio de Janerlo state that insurgents
n the prefecture of Jurua, in the
?cre district of western Brazil, have j
Irtven ont tbe governor and declared j
iheMr independence.
ending of a goo<l man. The deed
'iad been committed some two hours
V fore the body was discovered.
Mr. Skinner was going toward the
cemetery about four o'clock, but was
not seen afterwards, until three ladies
strolling through the cemetery
came upon his lifeless form. They
immediately notified the police and
Ooroner Caldwell was summoned,
but after vi wing the body decided
that an inquest was unnecessary and
the remains were turned over to the
Mr. Skinner's mind hud evidently
become unbalanced. Since the death
of his wife he had not been in his
usual spirits and at times was very
despondent and gave evidences of
insanity, lie called at the post office
last Thursday and ? nquirei
about his mail, saying he was penniless
and was looking for a letter
from his landlady in Charlotte.
In his coat pocket two notes written
on an old bill-head were found. They
were numbered one and two and
are as follows:
Note No. 1.? "1 am a lonely father;
no home to no to; just left niv
two children, Kr and dear C. 1 seen
all of them, I care to see. Mother
Is in heaven. 1 don't know where i
will go. Life is no pleuure to me
since I lost her. I have no mind it
is a blank. This is for one of my
children ad no one else.
Note No. 1!. -"1 have done a better
part by some than 1 ever sot
credit for. Salisbury depot. My eyes
is failing- Concord is my next place
and I hope it will be my last."
Mr. Skin a* r was no years old and
was a tinner by trade. He was well
known in Concord. having spent
the greater part of his life at Concord.
He was a hard worker, straight
and .honest in his dealings and loved
by all who knew him. If*- leaves
five daughters, all of who are married
and living elsewhere.
( ulluiit ('apt. Archie With President
in Auto Offer Aid.
That "an invitation from the
President is equivalent to a command"
was disproved by a young
woman Sunday in Washington, when
Mr. Tuft invited her to take a ride
in his automobile. The President,
hov.ever, did not feel that he had
suffered a rebuff, as the invitation
had been extended merely in a desire
to assist.
Accompanied by his aide, Captain
Butt, the President was taking a
spin in his handsome car. As they
drew near a young man and young
woman who were on horseback, the
mount of the latter stumbled and
fell, throwing its rider. Captain
1 tutt sprang from the machine and
ran to her aid. the President mix
iouslv looking on to see if site had
boon hurt. He proffered the line
of hi.s machine, suggesting that the
young woman allow him to send her
She declined saying. s.he would
remount Captain Butt and her escort
assisted her back into the saddle
where she swayed dizzily for a
moment. Again the President tendered
the use of his ear. but again
the young woman declined t.he offer
and presently was herself again.
She and her eseort then rode off
without the President and Captain
Butt having learned whom t.hey had
ItKhKASKIl <>\ It A11 j.
O. I*. Sasser, Charged With Theft,
t'mler ilond.
A special to The State says: "O.
P. Sasser. a young white man. who
lias been in the county jail for approximately
two months, charged
with the theft of a gold watch from
the Southern Kxpress company, has
been released under a bond of $f<00
this afternoon.
The rase of the young man .has
created more than ordinary interest.
Although a comparative stranger
in this section of tho state, being
originaly from North Carolina, the
loyalty o fpractically the entire busi
nes element of 'tranchville, where
his headquarters were made at the
time of his appreht nsion have had a
tendency to make the case more remarkable.
He has resided at that
point only a short while, but every
effort has been made to have him released.
and the fact that the bond
was signed by several well knswn
business men is expressive of the
confidence which be enjoys alvout
Hranchville. He has always horn<
an excellent reputation, even before
his residence in this state, they gay,
and there are some who are disposed
to attribute the misstep to over-indulgence
in whiskey.11*
"There's no use o' talkln'," said
Fanner Corntossel as he sat down
on the horse trough. "I can't git along
with some o' these here summer
"What's the trouble?"
"I've Just been lectured by thai
good lookin' young woman with
glasses for sp'Uin' the color sthom?
of the gulden by putting paris green
on the vegetables." ? Washington
Daughter ? Father, dear father,
won't you forgive me and John for
Father. Dear Father?Yes, if you?
er? elope again right away.?Judge
"Futhrr " oiH iho is**1a #?*?!**
"w hut is a plutocrat?**
"A plutocrat, my son, is a man
who is vastly wealthy, but declines t?
endow- any project in which you are
immediately interested." ? Washing
ton Star.
The Youth?Oh. the cloak of invisibility?
Just the think 1 want for ray
ad venture. May 1 try it on?
The Dealer in Magic?Young man,
for goods of this description we al
ways require payment in advaucs.?
London I'um h.
Little Willie?Say, pa, what is a
I'a?A philosopher, my son. Is a
man who can generate a dozen good
and sufficient reasons why other peo
pie ought to he perfectly satisfied
with their lot in life.?Chicago News
The Lightning Elevators.
If any young lawyer w ho has an of
tiee in a laige building in tiiis city i.?
pondering because a rustic client
whom he expected to call litis failed
to do so he cau chalk it up to a
strange incident which gave the
countryman some speedier impres
sions of elevator service than th#
"express service" which the building
The elevator entrances on the first
floor of the building have dials like
clock faces above them with liauilF
indicating the position of tile ear a'
all times. When the farmer enterec
the building the other day it happen
ed that one of the elevators was out
of order, and a workman, hidden from
public \ iew. was in tiie shaft tinker
iug with the dials, and after their list
had been explained to him by a portei
he glanced tip at the one which was
being repaired.
At that minute the workman or
the inside, wishing to test the mech
anism., gave the dial hand a spit
around from the figures 20 to 1 with
lightning rapidity.
The farmer jumped several feet ir
the air and gasped, "Hy heck, dt
them ears come down that fast?" hf
exclaimed when he recovered ho
l.reath. "I'll be gol swinged if I g?
up in one of "em," and lie hurriet
froui the building. ? Philadelphia
The Early Mother-in-Law.
A l,ouis\ ille man who loves tc
browse in the public library said that
he was reading Plutarch the othet
day and came upon an interesting
thing. "I had always imagined," hr
said, "that the mother-in-iaw joke
like others which have their mail
habitat now in vaudeville and tlu
funny papers, was a purely moderi
creation. I was disillusioned on tha;
score, however. Plutarch related th?
story of a young man who threw i
stone at a stray u<?g and hit hit
mother-in-law. "Not so had," was hi:
comment.?1 .ouisville Post.
Being Generous.
I.it tie Kdward was very bright
but. being an only child, was inrlinet
to wish and get the best of everything
for himself. Mis mother was trying
to overcome this fault and instill gen
erosity and unselfishness in its place |
One day Kdward came in and ap |
proached her in this manner:
"Mother, didn't you tell me whenevet
I had anything to divide I must givt
away the biggest half?" "Yes. son."
Kdward at once left the room; return i
ing in a tew moments, lie handed hi; !
mother some chewing gum. "Here j
uonier, you divide tins gum!"?Tin |
Heard in the Bath.
"That's the laziest rubber I evei
saw," criticised the patYon in th?
Turkish hath parlors. "Why, he looki
as if he were* asleep."
"Oh, I If fix that in a few minqtes,'
assured the proprietor.
"floing to give hiin a call?"
"Yes, I am going to tell him t<
stretch himself." ? Chicago Dail)
He Had It.
"Have you anything in the way o
a carpet beater?" inquired the de
partment store patron.
"We have," replied the floorwalker
"Take the elevator to the seven
teenth floor and you'll find some rug:
at >29.98 that beat any carpet yoi
ever saw."?Chicago News.
Between Friends.
Miss Bonepart?How does my new i
tailor-made costume fit, dear?
Miss De I'liin-*- A :
-y (..mwniiri; ^r-w?< I
\Ylj?r, it tits evfrr^ngle as if you hac
been molded in it.
In the Barber Shop.
"It takes an Hi tiw to cut hair."
"Yes, and it takes an* artist toj jr?
without a hair m*' ? Clt*?elan< 1
CharKe? K. Hamilton Fl>es hen New
York to Philadripbttu
lA-it iKwrn(?r\ hljivtft n
Monday Morning hm-i KowtHil
I'tuladelphiit One IUiu< ami Fifty
lie Minutes I alter. tv < tuip r? l)i?|
lamv of Fightjr-Kight Miles.
j A dispatch trom . Nv w "?ork ?:iv>
Charles K. Hamilton aro. Pom Uityernyr's
Island In an iifvr a?ie Monday
morning and speo vithout a
break 88 miles to Phi'.<! in a
successful cross-crour.tr j t ??.ht. under
the auspices of t) e N> v. *- ?tv Times
and hhe Philadelp tin I'.il a. Ledger.
He made th? trip >?. on* In ur aiul
I?1 minutes, leaving '!?* . ?rtn r's Inland
at 7.3o and ti aiming at
Philadelphia ;it 9.3 ti.
Alighting at the av>a?"i tic id. he
delivered letters from ;? v Hughes
and Mayor Ray nor t< Stuart
and Mayor Reyburn. >? ? puui met
sages of congratulation li? in them
to hear in return are started fer
| N? w York again, with . niy brief tn:
erruission fer food. * s"! ;a e oil. He
j had flown uppoximati 1\ 70 miles < f
j h's ftum journey ?ln i a sluggish
motor drove hint to d? ? iid In a
' swamp near South A.rlwy M. J.,
it 11'.r T. p. in. Tlu | n poller was
| broken there in landing t ut after
I repairs tiad been in:* ? mitfnn ve
j sun.eti his ight at ? 1 and landed
j at Governor's Island < ; > TIuir the
j tri> was made in oim t?. and Sf?
I minutes at an <s*i:i ' ?f peed of
r.4 miles an hour. ?. t m n breakH
the -ccord made in tie i'. turn (light
from Albany to New Yc ' r.
That Hamilton did not n.ake the
return trip as easily .e Ho outgoing
trip was due on!;, 'i b.eie. He
negecivd to clean V; - ?p;iil? plugs,
they fouled, tlie eng.'.? bi.P<*d, and
h< had to come down i Ho- hanks
of the Raritan river, tv., u above
South A in hoy.
Curtiss stills holds '! < M t;?t record
for speed, but H:.a !< n Monday
took all A in clean re?ur?l? '< i crowscountry
distance and dotal en. aim,
using his own tiguren fi r m. return,
his average speed is j, io v. figure.
The broken propcdi w..? the secom!
mishap of tie kim; noting (ho
day, but he secured n i.r*? i-epelfer
and with a new set <?p.,it? plugs
the aviator was able t< heel* within
1hours, although 1* b? .o- wero
allowed in the terms ?f hie < entraci.
During tiie who!? ? ! t.ii first lap
Hamilton never varied uu ie than
two minutes from his t.ir.c mini and
came down on the haiuJI<? i? t.n f laid
down to mark his landing p< l with
iiif precision of it in uiiiiy. pigeon
setting 011 its porch.
It is an interesting n in nt.eiico
that Hamilton won ha ?. in r? with
the same biplane that von ;i,? internatonal
speed trophy Im Hfcnii It.
Cu"tiss at Rheims las' e.n ami that
h? hjis driven liy the e.. ire impeller
witjh w hich Curtiss reionlly n .ale his
historic flight from Ail-any t? New
The weather was hi* a* f r Digit!.
as Hamilton wheeled b.* .umytann
f'Oin its tent on Dov? nil r e Ian.I a
special train, cJiartc:?ij by tin New
York Times and trie lb .l.nUlpMa
Public Ledger and carrying hi- mother.
hi.- wife, his ? ? i? t n < I ..mean,
Alliert C. Doty and | e!, stood
on a siding of the TVm.vyIvol.ia Icr|
m.nal in Jersey City fro Lho
I word.
I't-ricii.oi*k frim'.
Hoy Ai'iiumnt So\er* I'.-wat t.lc and
i it'll lis ( 'lllli K la I 1 .
Clyde H- ckle. eighteen old,
made a terrifying fi.OOO-tm t Kit loon
ascension Sunday nifrhf ingnic for
a part of the time to 11 clniiti rupo
of tlie air craft. Il? landed a halfhour
after tlie start in ' i>? M-idille of
a shallow lake at a ui.iiu i nunrt,
m ar Lincoln, Neb.
Adolph Wei berg. i.n ;?t<n;.ut who
gives exhibitions at t! < f?M?t ly us('ending
and dropping j?? a i^Mrhuto,
had mad*- preparation tor (mm tegular
trip. Young Heckle with ntt.erp Wan
holding the ropes. Th? l?> had asked
to be allowed to n.ake the ascent,
but was refused.
Just as the aerona-it in his
parachute attachment calbd t?> tils
assistants to let go. Ilfi M? with'a
knife severed the tw? n j* m holding
the aeronaut. The air bap leaped
upw ard and Heckb grasp*d th?< clutch
rope of the balloon Wrlbtrg,
wit.b his parachute, w?.? bit on the
For possibly a thousand f ? i Heckle
w*nt upward like a rniint, cltiiKing
only with his I lieu ho
managed to swing him*.* ' a-lride tho
( lutch rope and aft*: an ascent of
over a mile, came tic wo without a
misYiap. *
Iconic h?t|?
The .% iti?- of t\h? VI I -Iimt Vipiday
nool which v..^ t< have been
he)<! today at Oufces Piehrr> has hten
IK**11 on* ?1 on account <>1 11n rains.
I* J.tiA not yet been dented v/ho.i il
wi.:l t>? held, but anu< uiu emoiit will
t?. *.<*? fatcr.

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