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Successor to
Th? Cheraw Reporter
Established July 9, 1885
which was
Bn tared as Second Class Matter
According: to Act of Congress
of March 3, 1879.
Published Weekly by
? tricklin Printing Company
J. H STK1CKLIN \ Editors and
V. J. STUCKLIN J Managers
Subscription price $1.00 per year J
Advertising rates made known
on application.
Candidates are awful slowabout
coming out.
Cheap rates on all railroads to
Cheraw on July 7th.
The grass s growing faster than
the farmers can kill it.
Farmers are feeling blue, but
there's a better time coming.
Thousands of bushels of oats
have been ruined by the rain.
If you are going away for the
summer you will want The Chrlonielc
to follow you.
The best horse racing ever, and
the best base ball, Cheraw, July
7th. Watch for further announcement.
Mr. E. W. Duvall has tiled his pledge
as a candidate for lieutenaut governor
and will be In the race to the finish.
The State Campaign.
Only six more days from today the
office seekers In South Carolina will
be on the road. Thecampaign begins
June 22 and ends Aug. 27. The campaign
opens In Sumter, and the last
n1ar.? mi th? nrhprinlp in Wwherrv
Chssterield ! reached on June 27. According
to custom the candidates will
be lnrlted to address the citizens of
Cheraw In the town hall on the night
of June 27.
Special For'
3 lb. can Standard Tom;
Table Peaches, can
Pie Peaches, can
Salmon, Alaska brand, <
Core Flakes, package
Fresh Green Cabbage, i
Snap Beaus, 2 quarts fo
Dried Peaches, per poui
Dried Prunes, per poun
Dried Apples, per pnun<
Octagon Soap, 6 bars
Peaches, per dozen
Oranges, per dozen
Bananas, per dozen
Phone 176.
i i i
4 Per Gent Inter
The anuou moment of .Mr. S. I!. 1
Keir for .Magistrate for Cheraw J'
townshiq appears in this issue. .
Mr. Keid has served in this capae- ^
ity for a number o years and needs 1
no utroduetion.
Now that the trees in the streets H
have been trimed up, and the M
grass will soon be cut nice and
smooth, we suggest that some :
effort be made to till the many &
mud holes that are o be scon in
the roads and on the side walks -a
for several days after a small rain. '
Lets have a More Heautitul
Cheraw ' as well as a ''Greater W
Cheraw."?Ladies of the Civic ||i
League, take notice.
Albert Oliver hi
II. W. King 1]
T. G. Griggs |(.
Naaman Turnage fv,
S. J. Post011 bl
W. P. Shaw
Cordy Windurn
W. II. Gaskins
Jas. S. Wadsworth
II. A. Watson 01
A. J. Kirkley ac
W. N. Munsjn ]n
John W. Ilorton 0"
P. C. Newman he
C. W. So well ta
Miles Watson rc
W. J. Streator .
W. K. Woodward
C. W. Estes L
J. II. Segars aj
E. D. Jones ~
K. Mcl. Watts m
W. E. Duvall
Jas. A Watson
J. N. Talbert ,T
G. W. Kennington
Sidney D. llurscy
R. Burch
J. R. Catoe
J. C. Gathings
M. C. Courteney ? (J*]
B. C. Moore
C. R. Brock m
J. C. Rivers
AV. J. Hoffman C:
J. E. Agerton p)
* ^ iir
The Pleased One.
"Scribbles writes some very pleasing st
verse." ,rt
"Indeed! I've never beard of it pleas- ?
ing anybody."
"Evidently you've never observed its >v]
effect on Mr. Scribbles."?Birmingham jj
?? ra
ThisWeek. ?
itoes 9c
14c i
:an Oc \\
10c it
ler pound 2^c
R ll
t 5c
ad lHc |J(
d 11c iii
1 11c ;U
24c ^
15c \
lis, Proprietor, j .j
Cheraw, S. C. *1
1 i i i i?r
. .1'
! j /
- t
I *. i
President. I;"
: t H
Cashier. j
est on Savings n
I ^
j *j
?????????? I it
hid Kelp in Lydia E, Pink*
aril's Vegetable Compound
Ilndaon, Ohio.?"If mothers realized
:: good your remedies would do delitepirls
J believe there would be
'r"^Z71StL ."i fewer weak and ail#?4;%ing
women. Irreg"ole.r
and painful
ajrv )f*\ periods and such
^ ? raJ; troubles would be
2* relieved at once in
r w flm many cases. Lydia
f : E. Pinkham's Vcgem.
A . table Compound is
::::: fine lor ailing girls
and rundown wo$
i men. Their delicate
y ft Mi organs need a tonic
' /' 'At /'t "illili tltv VVMll^V UUVI
vcs now -tcibition and life from the
st dose."?M rs. C> eorof. Stricter,
udsun, Oliio, K. 2N*o. 5, Box 32.
Hundreds of such letters from
other: expressing tlieir gratitude
>r what Lydia L. Phikham's Vegetae
Compound has accomplished for
icni have been received by the Lydia
. Pinkkain Uedicine Company, Lynn,
Young: olirhs, Heed This.
Cirls wl;o are troubled with painful
irregular periods, backache, headhe,
draggii.g-down sensations, faint,
g spells or indigestion, should take
lmedi: te action to ward off the seri!s
consequences and be restored to
alth by Lydia E. Pinkham's Yegeble
Compound. Thousands have been
stored to health by its use.
If yon would like special advice
iiout your case write a confidenal
letter to Mrs. Pinkkam, at
ynn, Mass. Her advice is free,
id always helpful.
r. F. B. Sineath Has Best Crop
Between Virginia and Georgia
?Mr. Watson Has a Fair Stand.
Mr. Editor?I have been travling
for several weeks looking
or hhe crops as I go, and I have
me over a great part of the two
roluas and the majority of the
aces that 1 have had the pleas e
of visiting have very poor
ops and poor prospects?no
and, and what stand they have
)1 is little yellow stuff.
L found three or four places
here they had fair stands. Mr.
ni Watson has an average crop,
'hen 1 left Mr. Watson's place I
cut on to Cheraw and from Che
iw I walked down to Montrose. I
,1 l.m?u M iQY'Tk WILTTJU.i*H
saw some one off from the road,
lowing around the house, as I
alked up there 1 thought that it
as the garden spot of Chesterild
count}, and having a curiosy
to know who lived there I went
:> to the lie use and to my surprise
found Mi. F. B. Sineath there.
rdl 1 was glad I went by there,
was about ten o'clock in the
orning. lie had his boys to take
icir mules from the plows and
>me in, then we all went to the
nise and talked of old times and
/ and by twelve o'clock rolled
'ound and dinner was served.
Iter dinner was over the boys
cut back to their work and Mr.
ineath walked over the crop and
icre 1 found tlie best crop that I
nve seen between the Virginia
ate line and the northern bouniry
of Georgia. His cotton had
good stand and an average of I
x to eight leaves to the stalk. I
is corn was tine also, averaging
)out ten inches in height and
id a healthy color. We then
cut down to his pasture where
i had about eleven hogs and seval
It It* pigs, all looking fine. Helming
to the house we came up
;e hack way through his orchard.)
was was one of the nicest orcli-1
ds that 1 have seen in many a
d.y. The trees were hanging
it!i fruit. L wish that you could
1 his place, everything looks so
ice and encouraging, every one
icr seems to he enjoying life. 1
ist ihink that if every one in
hetertield county had the pros eU
of siieli a success hel'ore
,cin t lull In* lias, tlioy would not
r so casl down?there would not
a so many broken-hearted farmrs.
If I could la* there when his
nil is ripe I am sure 1 would en?y
myself. If the farmers could
!l see liis orchard they would
nil farming and go to raising
nit exclusively.
1 will ring off for this time.
II. K. DKitiS.
Newberry to Entertain R. L. C.
The state convention ao the
lira I I jotter Carriers association
ill he held iii Newherry, S.C. on
uly ' >, 4, and The indications
re that the attendance will be
irge and the meeting will be an
it cresting one.
Estate fund for summer
sch^p being inadequate for the
sup^B of two summer schools,
whj^Kid colored, in eacli county
the^fre several counties are
holdKjoint Summer Schools.
C<Mty Superintendents, EasterlinPof
Morlboro and Rivers of
ChesRrfield, have arranged for a
jumnfr school for white teachers
to beheld i:a Cheraw, to open July
18th,/>nd continue in session for
four >eeks.
Sufraer school instructors have
been lecured and the following
courtf of study planed:
Prrt E. D. Easterling, of the
Univ&ity of South Carolina, who
has be"tn taking a special course in
Mathematics in the University of
Chicagb this year, has been elected
principal of the summer school and
will te?ch the following branches:
Mathematics and Pedagogy.
Missjiarriet Godfrey, of the
Cherav Graded school, f as been
elected instructor in. History,
Englist and Civics.
MissjErin Kohn, of Columdia,
will gile lessons in Drawing and
Manujf" Training, probably alternatingjwith
lessons in Primary
EacW branch will receive five
Pirsrand second grade teachers
.certified?8 are renewed on regular
attends ice upon summer schools.
Any tej dier in this section of our
state xv o wish to avail themselves
of ths opportunity may attend.
The onlt expenses would be board
and raiifoad fare. It would be
couveniint for many teachers to
return to their homes by rail every
Friday afternoon if they wish
5to. Ai y letters in regard to
board a< dressed to Mr. E. Walker
Duvall, >f the Cheraw Board of
Trade, \ ould be placed in proper
hands : >r reply. The Cheraw
Graded chool trustees have kindly
offere 1 the graded school building.
Chera f is noted for health and
hospital y. Under such favorable
cfcnd tions the Pee Dee Sumer
ScKoo is expected to be a great
Genr Bragg Near Death.
' Fond 4ue Lac, Wis., June 10.?
Gen. EdJrard S. Bragg is near
death, 9 ofelock Monday
"Bfgftt- ?n"
scious../ftfen. Bragg was consul
to Cuba, put was recalled aFter lu
had said It was as easy to nuuce t
whistle o tit of a pig's tail as tc
civilize t le Cuban's.
Ma crebus Discoveries
mark the wonderful progress of the
age. Air Sights on heavy machines
telegrams' without wires, terrible wai
inventions to kill men, and that won'
der of wonders, Dr. King's New Discovery?to
save life when threatened
by coughs, colds, lagrippe, asthma
croup, bro: ichitis, hemorrhages, haj
fever and whooping cough o lung
trouble. For all bronchial affectione
[ it has no equal. It relieves instantly.
Its the surest cure. James M
Black of Asheville, N. C., R. R. No. 4
writes it cured him of an obstinate
coug hafte * ail other remedies failed
50 cents and $1. A trial bottle free
Guaranteed by Theo. E. Wannamaker
1 *
Why iak<
Are yo 1 thin, pale, easily tir<
strength? Then your digesl
thin, your nerves weak. Yc
You need Ayer's Sarsaparill;
free frc m alcohol. We beli<
these s atements, or we won
and fin \ out. Follow Ins ad
The endorsement of your doctor will certai
Pills as a fafnily laxative. Liver pills. A
I Our Line of
I We sell Fire
! Accident
(Plate Glass
and {ill other forms of in
IjWe also buy, sell ar
j Let us know
Wfaddill (a
k j Real Estate a
| | Cherai
Our Penny ColumnRooms
for Rent?Nice rooms
for light housekeeping located
on Kershaw street. Apply to
Chronicle office for further information.
For Sale.?Nice young Mare. Will
work anywhere. For particulars see
J. F. Harper, Cheraw.
Wanted.?A nice coutry cured
Ham. Apply The Chronicle office.
Fresh .Green .Cabbage, Snap
Beans, New Crop Potatoes. Cheraw
Cash Grocery.
For Rent?Three Rooms, fur
nished or unfurnished. Apply Mrs
Mary Sherrill.
Fresh Green Cabbage, Sna^
Beans, New Crop Potatoes. Cheraw
Cash Grocery.
For Sale.?Two pigs, residence
lot Main street, also twenty foui
thousand shingles.
Theodore KeiK.
A Womsi's Great Idea
la how to make herself attractive. Bu
without health It Is hard for her t(
be lovely In face, form or temper. J
weak, sickly woman will be nervoui
and Irritable. Constipation and kid
ney poisons show in pimples, blotch
es. skin eruptions and a wretchec
always qrove a goiaend to women wh<
want health, beauty and friends. The;
regulate stomache, liver and kilneya
purfy the blood; give strong nerves
bright eyes, pure health, smoothe, vel
vety skin, lovely complexion, gooi
health. Try them. 60c. at Theo. E
Committee Appears Before Rail
road Commissioners.
The committee appointed by th
board of trade consisting of Messr
E. W. Duvall, W. D. Evans am
W. T.. Thrower, who have bee:
working on the freight rates t
Cheraw for a year and who hai
the matter up before the railroai
people in Richmond about a yea
ago, and since that time have tat
en the matter to every official o
the Seaboard, from the Presiden
down, asking relief from the dif
criminating freight rates, and r<
ceiving none, appeared yesterda;
before the railroad fcommission ii
Colnmbia, and showed to ther
Cheraw was circled by five com
peting towns, each of which hai
a bttter freight rate than Chera\
had, the difference running fror
10 to 25 per cent., and three of th
five have a longer haul than Che
' raw, and no one of the five is dc
ing as much business as Cherai
? railroads. 1 ,
It was pointed out to the rai
' road commission that Cheraw
5 was paying from $11,000 to $13
1 000 per year more for freight tha
the same business was handled fc
any of the other towns, showin
n forcible figures how she was b
ing overcharged in freight rates
The railroad comraissionei
, showed great interest in the dii
cussion and promised to look can
fully into the matter at once am
P !- * 1J
see lirenei cuuiu nut ue n?u.
' What!
Every candidate for office thi
> year will favor good roads. Bu
? will a single one of thera be abl
to offer a feasible plan for gettini
them??Anderson Mail.
More Attractive
s That business platform of Mi
Ilyatt is going to prove vastl
more attractive than the eternj
liquor question.?Orangeburg Se
> Alcohol?
ed, lack your usual vigor and
tion must be poor, your blood
>u need a tonic and alterative,
i, the only Sarsaparilla entirely
*ve your doctor would endorse
Id not make them. Ask him
[vice. J. C. Ai/er Co., Lowell, Mass.
* -? ^ J 1_ A UM1
tilly gri'iUiy uitrcuc yuui tuuuuciik? m n/wi
II vegetable. Ask your doctor about them
plete. ]
Bonds 1
Live Stock I
Automobile f
Rent |
surance. I
id exchange Real Estate.
r your wants. 1
I Lindsay, 2
nd Insurance, g
kV, S. C. |
Among The Churches
Schedules of the Various
Churches for the Coming
Baptist Church.
Dr. L. H. Shuck, Pastor.
Sunday School 10 a. m. Morning
service 11.15 a. m. Evening
service 8:30.
B. Y. P. U. 7:45 p.m.
Leader?Mr. H. L Powe.
St. David's Episcopal Church.
key. a. s. thomas, Jttecior.
Service and sermon at 11 a. m.
. and at 5:30 p. m.
, Sunday School at 10 a. m.
Service Wednesday 5 p. m.
Presbyterian Church.
; Rev, A. H. McArn, Pastor.
Sunday school at 10.00 a. m.
Church services 11 a. m.
No evening services in church
* during the summer.
Prayer meeting Wednesday
t evening at 8.30 P. M.
) Westminster League Sundays
i 8.30 p. m.
Methodist Church
Marvin Auld, Pastor.
1 Preaching Sunday at 11 a. m.
3 and 8 p. m. by the pastor.
f Sunday School at 3:30 p. m.
' J. D. Smith. Superintendant.
' Prayer meeting Wednesday
evening at 8 o,clock.
J To all of these services every'*
one is cordially invited.
?? ?
~ Chesterfield Mission.
James Russell, Pastor.
e Preaching first Sabbath al
s Ruby 11 a. m., and at White Oak
d 3.00 p. m.
Preaching Second Sabbath al
0 Chesterfield 11 a. m.
A Preaching third Sabbath at
3 White Oak 11 a. m., and at Ruby
r 3.00 p. m.
Preaching fourth Sabbath at
,f Chapel 11 a m., and at Chester
t field 3.00 p. m.
Marlboro Circuit.
7 John B. Weldon, Pastor.
1 1st Sunday, New Hope, 11 a. m
a Pleasant Hill 2.30 p. m., and a<
l' Oak Grove 5 p. m.
^ 2nd Sunday, Shiloh 11 a m
v and at Ebenezer 4 p. m.
a 8rd Sunday, New Hope 11 a. m
e Pleasant Hill 2.30 p. m., and a
Oak Grove 5 p. m.
4th Sunday, Ebenezer 11 a. m
tV and at Shiloh 4 p. m/ ^
For House of Representatives.
? 'I hereby announce myself t
e" candidate for the House of Rep
resentatives and pledge mysel
s to be governed by the rules o
npmnf?r?tip Primarv.
J. G. Grant.
I hereby announce my candi
dacy in the Democratic Prima
ry of Chesterfield county fo
s member of the House of Repre
t sentatives from said county.
W. F. Stevenson.
For the Senate.
I hereby announce myself a can
' idiate for the State Senate fror
Chesterfield county, Subject to th
rules governing the Democrat!
- Party- GE0- K: LANEY;,
For Magistrate.
I hereby announce myself a can
didate for reappointment as Mag
istrate for the town of Cheraw.
For Governor.
I beg to announce my candi
dacy for the office of Governor
subject to the decision of the
Democratic voters of the state
Campaign promises are easib
made. My purpose is, if elect
. od, to give the people a plain
honest and business-like admin
- istration. Of course I shall ad
vocate good roads, good schooli
and good government, my atti
tude as to the same being wel
known to the public for man)
I consistently advocated prohi
bition and was among the first tc
give money and lend influence tc
push that movement twenty
yeara ago.
As a business man my chief
aim, if elected, will be to con
duct a State government along
business lines. F. II. Ilyatt.
The Cultivated Pea.
Prom its original home as a native
wild growth In western Asia and adjacent
Europe tho cultivated pea has
been taken by man to all civilized
countries. It has been cultivated for
thousands of years, for dried peas
have been found In Egyptian tombs.
kept the king at Home.
"F the past year we have kept the
King of all laxatives?Dr. King's
New Life Pills?in our home and they
have proved a blessing to all of our
family," writes Paul Mathulka, of Buffalo,
N. Y. Easy, but sure remedy
for all stomach, liver and kidney troubles.
Only 25c at Wannamaker's.
U luaj.
1st?Pure Drugs and Medicines
I buy my drugs only from
Manufacturers of established
reliability. Every article is
warranted to be absolutely
pure and full strength.
My prescription department
is carefully looked after. Puri
ty, accuracy and moderate
prices are points we aim for.^
3rd.?Patent Medicines.*
I keep all the leading- kinds
and am constantly adding new
ones to my stock. Some I
buyjin large quantities and will
be glad to furnish in 3, 6 or
12 bottle lots at special prices.
4th.?Soda Water and Ice
Flavored with pure fruit
juices. Very refreshing.
5th.?Wedding Presents
Sterling Silver Teaspoons
and all odd pieces. 1 personally
warrant all to be Solid
Stealing Silver. I have also
Rogers Platey Knives and
Forks (The 1847 Rogers).
None better on the marketChina
Ware, Cut Glass.
- ? i -i -ii
A large assortment at an
. prices from one dollar to ten
' dollars.
t, Box Paper, Pound Paper,
r Envelopes, Writing Tablets,
Lead Pencils, Ink, Carbon Paper,
Blank Books, Ledgers, Time
Books, Cash Books, Day
Books, Memorandum Books,
* Order Books, etc., etc.
8th.?Talcum Powder.
Body Sachet, Rice Powder,
Face Powder, White and Flesh
t Colored.
9th.?Toilet Soaps.
A large assortment. All
10th.?Hair Brushes.
The largest assortment ever
: brought to Cheraw. Careful_
ly selected. Every brush full
i value, 10c to 52.50. Combs,
- All Prices. Extra heavy ones,
f Last forever with ordinary
f care. Prices range from 5e
to one dollar each.
n\ rtcr I o m no 9C/.flnfc Art
vjiajj L-aiupo, iv w
~ cents. Burners, Wicks, chim.
neys, kerosene oil, etc.
12th.?Paints, Varnishes,
I carry Lucas' Line. They
look good longer, last longer,
q and cost no more than others.
I 13th.?Wall Finishes.
Such as Muresco, and Alabastine.
All colors and easy
- to put on.
Theo. E. Wannamaker,
Dealer in
Pure Drags and Medicines,
~ Cheraw. S. C.
IP p.p.1
P. P. P. win purify and vitalise your |
blood, create a good appetite and give your I
whole system tone and strength. tj
A prominent railroad superintendent at I
Savannah, suffering with HalarU, Uyspep.
3 sla, and Rheumatism says: "After taking
P. P. P. he never felt so well In his life, and
feels as if he could live f oreven if he could
] always get P. P. P."
If you are tired out from over-work and
clot* confinement, take
P. P. P.
If you are feel In* badly In the spring n
, and out of sorts, take M
P. P. P. J
If your digestive organs need toning up, H
take J
P. P. P. I
If you suffer with heed ache, Indigestion, 1
debility end weeknees, take i
. P. P. P.
If you suffer with nervous prostration, j
nerves unstrung end e general lot down J
of the system, uks ^
; P. P. P.
For Blood Poison. Rheumntlsra, Scnf.
ule, Old Bores, Meier!*, Chronic FeauJe
Compkinte, teks
P. P. P.
Prickly Ash, Poke Root
and Potassium.
The best blood purifier In the world. g
Batannali. . OrorgCw. f

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