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Old Samurai Blades Are Looked
Upon as Sacred.
A Curisu* Formula of Etiquetto Fol- j
Iowa Whon "tho Stool Biblo of
Wo" Is Drawn From It* Sheath
by a Hand Which Grasps It In Poaca.
If oae were Id a friend's bouse In
Japan and should ask to examine one
of the aid samurai swords: that rest In
the lacqnered sword rack In a place
of honor there a curious formula of
etiquette would be followed by the
He weald go to a closet and return
with a little square of silk la bis band.
This be wonld wrap about the sharkskin
handle of the sheathed sword before
touching bis bare band to the
eheath. Then, with bis right hand
grasping the silk covered handle and
the fingers of his left gingerly raising
the lacquered hilt from the rack, the
Japanese host wonld lift the sword to
the level of bis forehead and bow to It.
All this In reverential spirit and with
utmost gravity. The square of silk,
preserved for no purpose but this and
baring Its own name in the Japanese
vocabulary, la to prevent the defile- !
mast of the handle by a band which j
grasps U In peace. The bow Is meant
for tbe spirit of the swordsmlth who
forged this weapon. The reverence Is
for tbe sword Itself, "soul of the samurai."
In tbe Japanese poetical conception
nod aptly called by foreigners
"the steel Bible of Busbldo."
MQI ion M 0017 ioe uegiuuiug ui ius
formality. When the Japanese host
anaheaths the blade he does It with
the edge toward hla own body and the
point directed away from hla guest.
Whes tbe guest receives the sword In
his owi hands he must be careful to
keep the outer edge always away from
the direction of his friend tbe host.
If be wishes to examine both sides of
tbe blade be must even turn bis back
so that never will the menace of tbe
sharpened edge be directed toward bis
After tbe examination Is completed
the sword la returned to Its scabbard,
and tbe owner receives it wiy? another
bow and places It once more on
' tts race.
Tbe etiquette of tbe sword la no
empty thing. With the high spirited
Japanese, who have Dot forgotteD the
many centuries of chivalry and of
kaad fighting behind them, the delicately
carved and curiously welded
sword of the aa mural has a significance
almost sacred. There Is a philosophy
of the sworn no less stern
than the use of the weapon.
fit rhe old days when the Japanese
fighters wore the war masks and the
steel armor aeeu nowadays Id the
curiosity shops the boy was taught
that as the shining blade must be kept
free from spot and corruption, so must
his soul be ever clean. Neglect of the
blade brings rust; neglect of the soul
an Impure character.
Then the sharp edge was bold not
only as a constant guardian of per
6objU safety and honor, but as a sacred
disciplinarian to punish wheuever Its
possessor stepped from the narrow
path of the Yumuto spirit of chivalry.
Again, the sword was emblematical
of true eeiitilitv. which is never over
bearing or vulgar in deportment, liut
sternly self repressive.
No men kicv ? when ' f<.??<
fill . isiIm.I'?. ?
tinw it "j .Japanese I.ma w;tu ;
was ltie man win. I r-t u p. . I t!ie
rude nrmize blades of a p. online folk
by the tempered steel of tlie \ainato i
blade. There is in the imperial collection
"f swords ai Use castle oi > ara I
the weapon worn by the t'rowu Prima;
Sholokii. wiio compiled the eonslitu
tlon nt seventeen aiin-les in a. 1>. tU)3
tlie oldest sv.ord known in .Japan. Kron
that weapon, which was straight ant
not curved as ail other swords of Nip
pun are. down in tlie fall of the Toku
paw a shogiinate in the mitldle of tin
last ceniury I lie re is an unbroken Ids
tory of tlie art of tlie swnrdsmiili
Twelve centuries of recorded art it
swordmaking and tlie names of ovel
10.000 makes constitute tlie history of
the sword in Japan.
The Japanese blade, placed nlmos
ou a par with the liamascus produe
Id art nnd utility. differs from tlit
.Arabiau weapon in one material detail
of manufacture. Instead of huviup a
UDitorm hiph temper, wtiieh pives the
remarkable llexibility possessed by the
Damascus blade, the Japanese sword
has two tempers, a hard and a mild
The edpc of the blade is hard with
the tiDest temper, the body and back
of a milder temper, sufficient to pive
some elasticity. A Japanese sword
cannot be bent half double with the
pressure of a hand: it is nearly ripid
Thouph sword utanufactttre lias eeased
to be in Japan today outside of the
povernmetit arsenals, whieh turn out
only the accepted military blade of the
modern army, t he country is tilled with
priaed relics of the past art. and these
are relics which the Japanese will not
sell. A possessor of one of the old
swords, keen and blue white In luster
as the day It was forged, would sell
his bouse, eren himself maybe, before
he would part with his iron Bible of
Bushido for money.?Japan Magazine.
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