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it not been for Cardui. When 'fp,
I began taking it. I could not f|j
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fjf V*
The Man
C?pyriflvt, 1908. by Dodd. Me?d ? C*.
mllR neit morning was rainy.
A quick, rlolent storm had
rushed up from the sea during:
the night.
Chase, after a sleepless night, came
down and, without waiting for his
breakfast, hurried out upon the gallery
overlooking the harbor. Genevra
was there before him, pale, wistful,
heavy eyed, standing in the shelter of
a huge pilaster.
"Holllngsworth," she said drearily,
"do you believe he will come todayT'
"He?" he asked, puzzled.
"My uncle. The yacht was to call for
me not later than today."
"I remember," he said slowly. "It
may come, Genevra. The day is
She clasped his hand convulsively, a
desperate revolt In her soul.
"I almost hope that It may not come
for me!" she said, her voice shaking
with suppressed emotion. "It will not
come. I feel It In my hoart. We shall
die here together, Holllngsworth. Ah,
in that way I may escape the other
life. No, no! What am I saying? Of
course I want to leave this dreadful
island?this dreadful, beautiful, hateful,
happy island. Am I not too silly?"
She was speaking rapidly, almost hysterically,
a nervous, flickering smile on
her face.
"Dear one," he said gently, 'the
yacht will come. If It should not come
today my cruisers will forestall Its mission.
As sure as there Is a sea those
' cruisers will come." She looked into
j his eyes Intently, as If afraid of something
there. "Oh, I'm not madP* he
laughed. "You brought n cruiser to
me one day. I'll bring one to you In
return, we 11 be quits.
"Quits?" she murmured, hurt bj the
"Forgive me," he ??id, humbled.
"Hollingsworth," she said after a
long, tense scrutiny of the sea, "how
long will you remain on this Island 7"
"Perhaps until I die?If death should
come soon. If not. then God knows
how long."
"Listen to me," she said Intensely.
"For my sake you will not stay long.
Sou will come away before they kill
you. You will! Promise me. You will
come?to Paris? Some day. dear heart?
"To Taris?" he said, shaking his
head sadly. "No, dearest one. Not
sow. Listen: I hare In my bag upspairing
energy. The flag, limp In ths
damp air above the chateau, shot up
and down in pitiful eagerness.
But the small boat edged away from
close proximity to the tug and the
nearby dock. They spoke each other
at long and ever widening range. At
last the yachfs boat turned and fled
toward the trim white hull.
Almost before the startled, dazed
people on the balcony could grasp the
full and horrible truth the yacht had
lifted anchor and was slowly headed
out 1o sea.
Chase iooked grimly about him into
the questioning, stricken fares of his
companions. Tie drew his hand a -ross
bis moist f ifdiead.
"Ladies and pe- th-mon." he said seriously
and with -lit the f:*iftintent
to jest, "we are supposed i?i Jn' dead!"
There was a siiitrlo shriek from 1 !io
bride of Thomas Saunders. No sound
left the dry 11i?m <:f the other watchers,
who stood ns if petrified and kept
their oyer, pined upon the disappearing
' They have left me here to die!"
etimo from the stiffened Hps of the
Princess Cotiovra. "They have deserted
nm! Cod in heaven!"
"Look!" cried Phn?e. pointing to the
dock. Ilalf a dozen glasses were turned
In that directh n
T!k- dyiatr and the dead were leaping
about In the wildest exhibition of gleeful
The yacht slipped into the unreachable
horizon, tIn* feathery ?loud from
Its stack 1 yin;- over :ifr:tln?-,t the h;.ilc;t
pky, shaped like a finder that pointed
mocklnply th?? way to safety.
White fired anl despairing. the
v.-.atellers tarae! nv.vy r? ?! drarrert
themselves iiTo :' ? s-;.l re'1 hails of
the buildin:: ipry h.-l f-w . :;? t-> regard
J'.s (!;< ir Jo;i.!i.
All day Ion;: the I-larders rejo'.erd.
Their sh mts r. ePl ' h: afd by
the bcslrwl. > l i i a 'red varfastie
;:! < ( from the forest. Uul
stairs an offer frem a great American
corporation. M.r headquarters would be
In Paris. My duties would begin a>
goon as my contract with Sir John
Brodney expires. The position is a lucrative
one; It presents unlimited opportunities.
I am a comparatively poor
man. The letter was forwarded to me
by Sir John. I have a year In which
to decide."
"And yon?you will decline?" she
"Yes. I shall go back to America,
where there are no princesses of royal
blood. Paris is no place for the disappointed,
castoff lover. I can't go
there. I love yon too madly. I'd go on
loving you, and yon, good as you are,
would go on loving me. There Is no
telling what would come of It It will
De nara ior ine 10? to stay away irom
Parte?desperately hard. Sometimes I
feel that I will not be strong enough "
to do it, Genevra."
"But Paris is huge, Holllngsworth,"
she argued insistently, an eager, Im- i
pelling light in her eyes. "We would
be as far apart as If the ocean were
between us."
"Ah, but would we?" be demanded.
"It la almost unheard of for an
American to gain entree to our?to the
set in which?well, you understand,"
she said, blushing painfully in the
consciousness that she was touching
his pride. He smiled sadly.
"My dear, you will do me the honor
to remember that I am not trying to
get into your set. I am trying to induce
you to come into mine. You won't ?
be tempted, so thafs the end of It.
Beastly day, isn't It?" He uttered the I
trite commonplace as If no other
thought than thpt of the weather had
been in his mind. "By the way," he
resumed, with a most genial smile,
"for some queer, unmascullne reason I
took it into my head last night to
worry about the bride's trousseau.
How are you going to manage it if
you are unable to leave the island until?well,
say June?"
She returned his smile with one as
weeuy uemcueu no uu uuu oeen,
catching his spirit. "So good of you to
worry," she said, a defiant red In her
cheeks. "You forget that I have a postponed
trousseau at home. A few stitches
here and there, an alteration or two.
some smart summer gowns and hats?
Oh, It will be so simple! What la it?
What do you see?"
He was looking eagerly. Intently toward
the long, low headland beyond
the town of Aratat.
"The smoke! See? Close Inshore
too! By heaven, Genevra, there's a
steamer off there. She's a small one
or she wouldn't run In so close. It?It
may be the yacht! Walt! We'll soon
see. She'll pass the point In a few
Already the cltitsens of the town
were rushing to the pier. Even before
! the vessel turned the point the watch|
era at the chateau witnessed a most
' amazing performance on the dock.
Half a hundred natives dropped down
' as If stricken, scattering themselves
j along the narrow pier.
The people were simulating death!
They were posing as the victims of
the plague that Infested the land! As
he was explaining the ruse to his mys- tilled
companion the nose of the vessel
came out from behind the tree covered
i An Instant later they were sending
wild cries of Joy through the chateau,
and people were rushing toward them
from all quarters.
The trim white thing that glided
across the harbor, graceful as a bird,
was the marquis' yacht!
It Is needless to describe the Joyous
gaie that swept the chateau Into a
maelstrom of emotions.
They saw the tug put out to meet the ,
small boat; they witnessed the same j
old maneuvers: they sustained a chill
of surpri-e and despair when the'
bright white aud blue boat from tlie j
yacht eame to a stop at the command ,
from the tug.
There was an hour of parleying.
Tie; iioleagun-d one-; si muled with de- ?
lets whistled gay .letoioi uiiueiiis t?
the ceaseless song: "Allah is great!
Allah is good!"
No man in the despised house of z.
Tasweli Skaggs sl'-j.t that niglit. The Gj
guard was doubled at all points open *!
to attack. At - in the morning hep- ; 8
pinghaiif, Iirowne ami Chase cinic up ?
lroii! the walls f?>r eolYeo and an hum's | E
rest. They v. ere wet ami eold. They *
had heard Kabila's p-ini<?n^ sheiiliug |
derisively ail niuiu Imip: 'Where is the a
warship? Where is tiie warship?" j
"it will mine. ! am positive," said
Chase, insistent in spile of his dejection.
They drank their < offee in si- j
lenee. He knew that the others. Ineluding
the native who served thetn. J
were repardii.p him with tiie pity that
one extends { > the vainglorious Pimp- j h
part who pees down wiMi tlyinp eolnra. ?
lie weid out upon tlie west pnliery j R
and, utterly fay nd. t'.r.-w himself in: > j 3
an thiexpo.nl < ha.ira'd stared ,'hrou It ! B
tired eyes int., the Inserwtahle niylit ' H
thai Iiid the sea from view?the faith- P
less, tiioaiiitip, jeerinp sea!
When h" aroused himself with a f
start the pray. dawn was upon
him. lie d : : ; t.
The lit \t instant lie was < ti his feet, . ?
cluiehhip the stone balustrade with a j
prlp of iaoa. !< .( ? staitinp from ids ;
head. \ .-!i? ut at ' to 1 is Hp... lilt lie
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need repairs, tor further detailed infoi
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sheld b
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oison and skin diseases. a>s
the Pain; ends Malaria;
lor. Thousands endorse it. KM
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arkct Street ^
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it proposition. ji
quick. 'ij
kdsay I
Insurance, ^
S. C. 1

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