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Kim. .1. I'owcll t?'H* Mow Mi* KoiiihI
New Strmirtli to l.iw to lli?
Tto\. .1. Powell of Statoslioio. (Ja..
siiffor-l from ?t?tua<*h troubles so
seriously that they affooto l his work.
Mo struggled on under the handicap
as host lie could- hardly realizing,
perhaps, just how much sickness was
hurting hiii>.
One day he learned of Mayr's Wonderful
Stomach Keinody. He took the
first dose the decided to the fiTll
treatment. He wrote:
"Since i sing the six hot ties of your
wonderful stomach remedy I feel like
another man. It has been quite a
wonder to me to know how one could
have a stomach disease like mitt* and
live and do th work I did. I just escaped
the operating table.
"Now I can eat what I please and it
It is certainly not a confortabl
should invade your home, tliey could s
vaults for taking care of your money
strong locks and thick walls. W'li;
have I'KACE OF MIND, and tli t
safe bands.
Do YOUR l?s
The First N
Lost Dollars t
M ike~a mental note of t
your d ivs. Tlie dollar th;
no more good. I Tit the
in this safe hank and dnv
compounded quarterly, is i
sleep and plav. It is youi
in ess.
Then, too, (here are nui
an association with this hai
to the voting business man
THOUSANDS of dollars
Come in and let us sho
help you.
Merchants & \
I II1". It?? Dll I 1
Business dull. Now i
chinery repaireil and put in ;
ready for work hy the time th
added to our already experien
pert Circular Saw Hammer
not cut true let our man ti\
and in line with other shops d
We will appreciate your husin
Pee Dee Ir
Origin of "Whisky.n
Tho word r?k is an Anglicized form
of tho Welsh word wysg. n (Vl'lc word
rr caning water It is connected with
the Irish word nis?pi?? from which the
fixon g> Ut 'h<- word whisky.
Kr? .-It I: :. I"o; I; ut:-!
( o\iiictoii Until I'd
iloi'sti't I.iil'l ill" nitliT nr !:?>
t in fn >t tin.-*- w;is i-r.Mii to U< v. Mr.
I nwc ]. ! i lia - Im-.ji j i r... i to : In hi s- > f
.Mills |?T |M'H|ilr*- in .ill parts 111 Fill- II..'.oii
w, ii nr. iii'iii'. rr.iti nil.
Miyi's Wiimli-rl'ill Stomach I?l\
r|i ;irs tin- ilii'i-sii*i ract hi iiiiiriiiii
i . erosions. r<ii:n\'s poisonous mailer
i.ul loins:- swift relief to siilfi'iirs p
'. in sti ailiiflit.-.liviT ;t?i?l ill-,
t-stinal ilisorili't's. Many ileelnre it
i* is sa\i'i i!i"'n from op"; atioii< am! ^
I i-aitv til''' sui'i it has > i\ i h ir lives |
; We want all people who have citron-1
if stomach trouble or constipation. no
matter of how long stamlini:. to try! '
j one dose of Alayr's Wonderful Stomach
Uemedy?one dose will convince >on *'
This is the medicine so mnnv of our;
' h
people have been taking with surpn>-;
itig results. The most ihmouvh system
cleanser we ever sold. Mayr's! ^
Wondeful SStotnach Remedy is now (
| sold here by Lathi's Drue Store and (j
l"ug::ist every where. \
rfeeling to know that if hureiar: or tin j .,
oeaisly timl your motif.'. i?nr bat k has
.It was Imilt for that purpose, with (j
niot put your money in the hank am) i t'
isicuie feeling of knowing that it is in i !'
inl.ing with l*S.
ational Bank "
Vre No Good ' >
his and remember it all "
it is spent can hrinjr y?>11 n
d tll.ir that is deposited in | r'
ws 4 per cent, interest, i
making money while you j m
"silent partner" in hus- j
inhtrrs of ways in wind)
lk can he of great benefit
; such ways as ina\ mean b
to him in a few years,
w you wherein we can i jf
^ | i::
"armers Bank
j "i
ii ( vkum vv
I ri
j f
' I' I
War! l
T !
the time t" h.a\c your ma- .
lmxk1 shape, then vou \s i 11 he
e war >i are is o\er. W e have ,,
ceil force of machinist?* an e\anil
f iler. If \out saw does
it. Our prices are reasonable
loing this class of repair work. '
ie.s and will try to please. . J
on Works
v, S. C.
- j
I III IM>I I (Ml >11 N < I;?!?
j.; vlcit ttf . rv- " i" :
tomciv. WI?111:r i: ? i'"i* I'^r
liuee, stove t'f lii'il- r 'i1 *? '
I 1*1?! Ji 1 ?1 !y til'' : '1 '
|ill|'|uiso. A".'I "A 1 ''.i l'l". " I :1H"!!
It, J ll.ls * ^ " I'" 1 'l-1' '' ' l'1 tr
|?; too I: I Vt: t"f .I.'V'M '
,s t < <i I SIIOI it I..
i. for. r.
' I
In 0". . 111'I.i : f : -v arc !
t?r( nc - t i .} ur what ,,
tlim o? \> i' :j. j; j always
sf-onis tft ! from l ist yetr a
tpp'98.-* 'i i Journai
I't'ili Han ;>? | ,
. K *0
' %. * ??? -si.? Mini
w, s. c.
ierman Camps Battle With Dread
Disease?Many Succumb to Contagion?
Russians Press Forward.
ondoii.- ,\h<!!u aii.-i-.-l two-thirds of'
In* lima' battle line :u-ro.?s north-1
a.-i? ni !-'i;iim ?- the ;iiniics nl tin- si 1-1
iand f'fituany < u:ninm-il |o li:;ht
errriv. ;u mii:;*- i??mi.i> ?ini ?nv ^ .
l-t it!,(I latest Statements from both
nit's ;iif worded with t!ic optimism
nit liii.- c!:;ir;iit*Ti/.fcl :il! those offi-.
ial pronouno-menis. It was agreed
uit the allies had continued tlii'ir adalloc.
Tin- French claimed "marked prog*ss."
The German annoum-eni# Jit
i.'in Ib-rlin. i!uni 'i in-istiii- thiit the
tiv.'i.iii Ii;m1 In-ill lepulsed. m-verthen
li-rri'd t'? it as an iiilvalire. |
I .'I si-\\ In-re li in i; tin- hattV I runt
i ithi-r side si -ins to liavi- arliieved
'* notable siir?-ss.
'1 he continued lorwani inovi-inrnt
f lii ssi.iii troops in <i.-i!ii-ia: the
|?|ii-arar.i-e ol German aircraft <1 roping
hoiuhs over various plan's in
elgium and again in Paris anil Warnv.
and tin- innvi inent of vast bodies
F German troops into Kussiii by way
r Fast Prussia, were ciiii-riy siuniti-'
nit in a summary of tin- events in'
nth thi-ati rs of war. . j
Of tin- 'lerniiin bombs thrown none
ui> to have (him extensive damage.
t:i- man i- ii-ported to have heeti '
;lled in P.olgiutn and em- in Paris j
in- exjdo-.ixes in Paris till near the)
uarlcr oi-i-tipii d l?v nianv Anu-rii-ans. i
i la-re is ;in uin-ontinned rumor ,
mt an attiu-k on Antwerp is impend j
.Wither army has a?-hii-vi-d any-j
iin-: "oti.bli siin i- the allies have i<--|
orted progress in one direelion. The
Hies iit on<- point ?*l:iiin to have
trow ii hack a desperate udvant-i- bv 1
< rack Prussian (iuard. and the j
ei ii:an.- iti- isi that, with a weaker i
<ri e. their ril.t Iris cheeked the ad-j
,1 ve of ; u ixnl Kii-ui-h and Itritish
)p < brought up by rail.
Recurring r* .' "oners to bayonet '
li.u-is sci-in io prove conclusively!
ml tlits pii-tt?i-? que and rotminiir
base of Witifare. which it was
anight had l.ci-n killed by tin- advent '
f an at guns and other equipment or
n'di rn armies, is not all a tiling of!
ie past.
The French official coiiiniimicalion !
iys that ai some points the trenclies i
a- only loo meters apart: thus a1
mill portion of the millions engaged
:vp taken the stimulation and thrill
hantl-l.) hand ligliting.
What oiqiosition the Germans have
ict is believed u?- hAv?? lumn litil? mre
p an a cavalry screen. The
gbtinir centered again along the Rivr
Niemen. from Druskeniki in Sualki.
Russian Poland, to Sopoizkin.
lie official statement issued at Petrorad
said the German artillery had
en unable to assume the offensive t
I Sopot/kin. and that their retreat j
as more or less general.
oth Sides Continue Hard Fighting. !
English Forming New Army.
London. -Tin- vines of the oppos-!
ig armies in Northern France are
ill striking Varu blows at each otheri
i ap ell'oit to break through the nw
H-ctive position.
l'oth sides, according to the French ,
Ticial report is- m d have made some
i oarers. !he *'icniiiin- on tin* aliies'
alii ]t? |>> tin* area test.
For 11:idays or 111010 a violent
il'lo lias been ravine in the hills
i plain* bo!woen tin- rivers Oise
111 SiCltl: e 1 >ilii-';.l aerilMlits. belli
1 1 iii: 1 ami Km mm. are silent as to
ii... t;r i* voit-tr bill ill tiif?
onlal attain on 'lie lierninn.-" strong'
i'oititle' :.:: 1 i \v. 11 reiiil'Tieil posh
. a 1'.:r south tlie u! 1 it-- b.?ve
-lit::. prof IV** 'I'll. C-.-V
]. are lied lo |e!
!!- IV tn.fi; I !: ? I :; t * I c
1 1!: i;a! "I: i!t .
! ' a'. -ni. to 11 .' 1 and
H-! i i r 1 V. ;i!'.;:t :. ' l:a- t 11 no
.a:-.. 111 !: . ii a-i:ei;i ill 'tie
nil a i.l W'oev;. i-"i 11 ."in:ill1 le
tie;: ;.11 imps v illi y In.-.-es
Gladstone's Quick T en per,
A story i.. t- Id (if ni: encounter be j
ve.ut Qit* 11 Yu'or'a and 'Had tone
ladstotie. in an audience ith tit
teen, one day p-editc. d a li-t 01" tlo
ojdo whom !:e wished to 1." Hinders.
Tlie qii- i e. d niiirred anil said:
cant 01 crijite many as ties. Mr
! . 11' 111,1 " Wlii-r- e; i-n Mr. Gladstone
! " < ai* i-r iiii.i ft t> tup. r. tore
.. li t tip Th- - a th:sh- d sliub'.
ir.t -.ti-i t.e'i 1 to Mr Gladstone,
! si: .'My iift* . \ arii quiti'd the
a! ; - ..... r.-e . . ?.r?rt time l;>t. r
r G; 1: '< pia d a i.'.'.v li.-t.
; > !i .-'.i-r r * a . a tie- previous up. >
.- ill. i"..*- ni. > a. v.;'in at leokitlC j
: i; ir ii in n Mr. Hl.ai !
oir-li Voiuetttri Caiicci
! c : n : . . . \ app* rited ;
i; . 1:.:.j : :. - i r. '. r the pur j
? ! ' !:: 'in ".p. 'lit.'.' ;
. us * u i: . "i ! >*;?i ;ilitl |i.i- I
l. 'i- I: : ::*<i 1 ? ;* |t';|. . ill ?1< t
I . i !.;!'i .i, " 'I'll.
. \ i ir. '.niu'mi
! .ill- iniilisi'iii
.' . i ! . :: lui :nl tin Iri !i
I ! . ' . I.I. I tlif . It:! Ml' \!i )
... !l H . <: ' ill li t lltl 1 - I
\ ; ;ii ?:*. t tl ?!;t i?it .ii.-.-r t ii j
i:"m ...... |
Al! es L.mJ in Austria
Puris A : ' !; i" ! :iIiatr 1
\\ |t;i|'t : V .- ? . ft rv. ;ti*il' ! *
i !.\ I' ! IJut ( . ' I? It .1,.'.. ! '
t II." . . .r. - 'illil f I j
i. I in I i.t * '"** in ..I'-rj,
f,|. 1111?s.. . i'< '111, : i .1- i'..;- .tl l.l. !
1 i . f .! !
'i . i.ii* ; ;.! ! j
! . j
f 1 *I:i
L iut 'j li1. Mlicle.
(j.cat Armies Fighting [ )cspcraie!y
Washington. Tlic lliirtj -entli day of _
lln v.M-at Initio of I lie i lisne to lilt' |.
lii iiiMM.-t hi Paris, finds, the Franco | Lj
ISriti.li and German urnih s still fight- Jl
iiic d< sjH tjitoly, wiili tli,' Germans
li?- ct ly ft" isiinu the i:'at1 tial ad\a?u< J
of tin* ailiea on General ^'on K.in k's j
ihuiU. S
The Fretieli army is emtren In-d in
a position between the Soman- and \
the t?ise, approximately sixty miles i ]
north of Paris. i
On the eastern end of tlfu battle line jl
tin- (h ; mans are reported j to he malt- tl
in:; a ?h iermlned assault bn the Vef- j p,
dun positions. One leport ?>f the lipht-j w
iim pin-o.s the German casualties at!
Ju.iMio de.td and la.000 wojind; d. ^
The Ge.man army heacliuartera in j,
its latest e.ili< ial sta.tenim.jt re^arditm \
the situation in France cojlnnes itself 0
io stating thai there have been some, S(
minor engam -incuts, but that nothing t
of importance lias transpired. ?
The sharpening of Mri'isli censorship g
just aiinoiineed is apparent to a mark- J jj
. d degree air- ady. A eonside able | ?
amount 01 unoiinuui icjioris, cowiiiivni , v
a.m1 oeial dispatches from tlie war c,
zone nut being transmitted. i tj
In ;lie eastern theater the Russian j,
pursuit of the Aus:ro-Ge?ruan forces j
in G.ilhia continues. w
\ Russian official statement say? the , t
tjaMciai! fortil'md positions of Cdyscliky .
and l-'onlstyn. together with all ihe j ^
.\u >':inii arti lery. have been captured. |
ii,lowing the capture of Jarosiau
tlie ltn-s au Hag has moved forward J ''
twilve it.iu s to the .west of that post- j ^
ti..n and new flies over the towns of i
I'r/A'Wo :-Ii and Laiicut. Tlie Russians j
a'so claim to be steadily closing in on j
Cracow. .
A r.erlin official statement says that 1 ^
there is no news from the-sastern war'
! 6(
aiena. |
Zepfn in airships have extended
their op rations to the Llelgian sea- ^
side resort of Ostend. Tho bombs j i
el r.pped from a dirigible caused con-)
siderabli damage to buildings and ere- 1*
ated a panic among the inhabitants.
Kinperor William is reported to be C1
suflcring from a severe cold caught in ' 6<
n violent rainstorm while observing the I a
G tinan soldiers in the tenches be- ;
fo e Verdun. M
The Ilerne government 's reported jt
In have declined German's request to )}
send her forces through Switzerland, h
Italy, it is said, is prepared to defend ( j)
Switz? rland's neutrality should Ger- j ,
luany attempt to cross the frontier, j r
A French official announcement i states
that the Germans are auain hnm- m
lard'iig the historic ct'Mndral of
ltheims. | r
Belgian Refugees in i ndon
London. -Every clay at I o'clock a hell
rings in the g eat < \ .union hall .
of Alexandra palace, whenupon 1.500
women, children and old men. with a j .
scattering of youths, set u> a clatter. *
of wcm lb'.i shoes. This aunts; liieni park j 9
is now the largest camp far Me'gian j
refugees in the London d stiiet and e
makes ideal quarters for tli lionu-less
foreigners wno are being pa ed for
there. | g
Two German Warshipa Sunk
London.?According to i inessage
from 'lie (^|4|ki'ws, a ,
and two the
According to t
two professors of the u^^^^^jAgriculture
at Rennes, Franc^B^T made I 3
Fonie Interesting experin^Bts In pro- s
longing the lives of cutsJrBiors. One b
hundred different flowers wverp used e
in tho experiments, end It Iwas found t
that sugar helped to keel) most of , t
them fresh, but. was positively In- j t
Jurious to lilies and swecj p as. It j t
hastened the opening of ro-ws and i
orelil Is, hut did not thus < ft t tulips, ; b
daisies or chrysanthemums. j s
Experiments were made with small o
quantities of chloral, ethei. glycerin, lc
alcohol, Hmcwater and nmmonin salts, <]
each of which served to leigthen tho ; c
life of various flowers. S> me of tho | f
flowers, kept in sugar and ^Vater. lived ( tl
four times as long as they ordinarily ! n
would. j
Tim sugar does not havejan exactly i it
equal effort on the different flowers ! v
It preserves. Carnations seem to liko ! n
a in per cent solution, and roses do j c
better in a solution of from right to ii
ten pi "<">f lj
Tlx- !> st tango dancer need not s
noeosMtrily be tho quickest and most
agile person in time of distress
1 il
po net think that the girl who has p
sx?-nt nnx-lt time and money r.n her ''
lingerie ribbons lias money in the 1
fi.iiik always. ?
! 1
The perfumed lady may bo very ^
partienlar about the scent in her hair v
Is rli>- Just as fortiinatoiin the sweet- !l
f;> of her thoughts? . j ^
Wli'-n a man er woman takes tip the v
entire- conversation talking of the ''
lai'--it dance steps, ho has not very ''
nrich i>t the serious in life. j o
Win :i a man rises to show a conr | v
tt cn.- r cognition to iho woman guest. i '
wait ' !:if wife oi-vr.*. !lo may fall '
' eve t*i < -t-r S
. vvoiti i- iij it- iiiii.i.ing cups (
1 I
A prop.-rly muz/l?d dog can't bite
? j t:
Pir'j hands are preferable to the h
public- rolb r towel.
{ j
I 11
Wli* n in doubt boil your drinking : ?
water. ! f
I !<
kitji your cars open and your ;
mouth shut.
Kvery day in tin' year should b< c
rio.m- (j> day ' Si
.Many si ri us lung troubles follow
Ili f'b ctt i! cuius j ?i
Hydrophobia and stray dogs are a j ti
bad combination. : p
Valus cf Hcn$y.
It' ! y j.t hi |c;-.omoj and nourish
n? ,.s <i i. t. rati d ri linJd cane sugar -v
Is i :i! . ' ; <>:;: and laciing in r.oar- w
ishna-nt lb my is a inellicine as Weil 'J
as a t- . b Hive it to tilt; children in
;i. i i< did - l!o sure, however, that "
. i t pure homy, tilticoso in mora
.muni than sugar. The re aro impor- w
tail- d. is r-vi ti in pu ro honey, "
: i to the condition < under whit Ii ^
i-- in ' -. just i s tie is a gr-nt
; in fruit, according to tb
it mi v.iiicb it is grown. Dark red
! . V in !..ucll tile lies' 1 although l!i'? ^
1111;de dMiiand light acllow liotu y,
lot its tin y insist onflighl colored (
11; i. i truit. because Any oat with i
tie ;r ryes ami do not tllink 1
Sub ci ile to tnc (iliroiiii I '
?f3 - ! -J-1-? i ?-1?J-r1-! ?I -f--I-f!?! -ri?I I ! !- !-!: j
"My dear Miss Hurton," dictated
lr. Rogers to his new stenographer.
Have you got. that?"
Little Miss Smith had got that, hut
ir Rogers had discovered during her
tree days' service in the woolen iniorting
company that her stenography
as superior only to her spelling and
'{inscription. However, lie was a
indly man and intended to keep Iter
she showed signs of improvement
childless widower of fifty, he looked
ut mi tlte world in a benevolent ana
. It'depri ciafory manner.
"My dear Miss Burton," lie said
gain, and then he slopped. Mis.
mith, with uplifted pencil, watchei
ini He had fallen into a daydream,
nd tiie essence of it was that he
ished ho had the strong, clever,
upabie Miss Burton to advise him in
le depressed condition of the wool
np<. Ming business,
rii.. ii. u in riff was nlavltig havoc
ith liia affairs, and two of ltis old.
uated employes had recently left him
> establish an opposition business,
[iss liurton had been with him for
von years, working her way up from |
eiiogiuplmr to foreign buyer. lie
aiud a good deal on Miss llurton. If
p were not twenty years her senior?
' .My dear Miss Hurton," lie said for
ie third time, resolutely putting aside
ie dreaming impulse. "Now that you
re in Knglunri you might run up to
ludderslield and see if you can't find
une novelties that might go well on
ie market lu re. 1 am anxious to put
ut a new line. Have you got that,
[iss Smith?"
"Yes, sir," said little Miss Smith,
Disiug iier pencil between her teeth.
"I want a new, strong weave, not a
roi:s weave like my last sample, but
jiuethiug durable, showy and servicehie.
One that a man would like to
II ipilfflli:
. r~
"My Dear Miss Burton."
nit pn his back apdwo^ljMb^
shamed ofsTiowIng lo fir9"7nPH^CT*
he best you can for me. That's all."
The last words were addressed to
dis9 Smith exclusively, but she coacientiouely
embodied them in the
?ody of the letter, which unfortunate'y
scaped subsequent perusal, because
here was a pile of correspondent 9
hat day and Mr. Rogers picked i 0
wo letters together and only sigiu 1
he top one.
The letter duly reached Miss Mary
lurton In London. Miss llurton h; 1
elected a particularly fine assortment
f goods that spring, but when she r eived
Mr. Rogers' communication she
id not go to Huddersfic.'ld. On tl.a
ontrary she sat down and stared at
he letter for about live minutes; and
hen the strong-mind* d, capable butiess
woman buret into tears.
Her employer was evidently goit.t
isane. She had cane to regard In r
rork as something more than oinplo/lent,
she had an interest in the sue*
ess of the business second only to lc r
Merest in Mr. Rogers. It was n< t
ike hi in to write in that way; in fact,
[ he were in bis right mind lie coul l
ot possibly have done so.
A hasty survi y of the si'.ua'im a; 1
he decided to take the next boat back
n America, which she duly did.
Meanwhile JitMe Miss Smith was
omonstrating her incapability at < .'*
ry turn. Il?-r speliin < mi; lit have d ?
ghled the heart of Mr. Carnegl
hough it went somewhat beyond his
wn ideas of r< form, but her transcrip*
ion could have d 'lighted no man.
liss Smith clu ri-iued the idea that
owels were an immaterial episode in
letter. So that, when Mr. Rogers'
est customer reiejwd a communion*
Ion informing him that the goods
I'hich he had order- d had a ticking of*
cct (Mr. Rogers had dictated "talc*
ug"t, and wrote back canceling his
rder, Mr Rogers perceived that Miss
hnitli's days w< re numbered. And
>hen a letter slipped past his scruiny
grntui'ousl.v instructing a large
ailor that lie could supply him with
nine fine drool for white waistcoats
which should have been "dri!l"i Mr.
toger.s ^at (k".vn to cogitate.
Tim result was that, being soma
iiinit of a titinnnis as well as a kitelcarted
i i?i. hi- placed a note up m
liss Smith's desk !nrii - h>*r lute h
our. uiixi tuii'K Iter that t w? mouths'
alary would at ln*r dispo^'il. and
hat it v < ai l is- : K-il;!t* lor Imf o
ok all'*.it for a jm'ii ? cotiaotiial | >
'l'ti! ri :" . Mi s Smith h d
"M'ss ;-rrtoti, as vour ? i: 1 ; !.?>t r. !
ntnii a. il \t?u." said Mr. Itnyors, ? slimit!;:
a tl.amity v. kit h In* was \< v
it' I'r.ijn "lii'.it. And .Miss Itiirtot> s
nswor was remarkably feminine f r
lit h a s? roit^-Mimh I woman.
"Tin P'! Take y? nr hateful t !d 1- ?
?r!" she raid, fliimin? it down ci
is U.
"My tit ar Miss I'ur'nn." n*:*d ,V~.
ioKt rs, ::?iw that. t>u an- it: Kny.lai !
. . l.".l!ii! . . . what's this? 1
at.f a a- w. stronv. nifo. 11 it a ems
iio 1 '? .* my 1 tsi sample, hat st>:j;
iiu? iliitahh'. showy and *- rvii ahi".
r ... i r ... v.liv, it is simpiy
"It is." snappr-d Miss !:::r*<oi. "'l icit s
lty i irttriid home. ! thoiaht y. a
iiist he iil. A < >..a aren't iii . .
'lit 'i Mr Kov'v.i \| lain<d. a' 1 I
li:-s I'Mttna, l.:ivin.r 1. til lifrwiTt' a
t tiitf * ij !. *. tinti* t.' tl that iltf s> l i- '
ids fi t "u. :\ *'* and "wife" m.y! I
ad :!y c.uiIms. d hy an. My viol
an. ri! d wit!: a:t Iniell* tn . l!:;t
I) ;t tl inadf it worst* than tVi-r.
Sudd' i;!v she In entne siw.ip 1'i.r M
rtp-rs was stamlilu: o\?*r it r. \. 'li t i
ry in: i*tn|tIoyi r lila; \;.r siou t< i I
is fact*. j
"Mary." In.* paid, in u firm voice, "it
v. as abominable. lb.it now that tho |
mistake lias been made, won't you?
w on't you??"
Ami a moment" later ho was clasping
the strong, cupablo Miss Marv |
Hurton in his arms. And he found j
that ho did not feci anything like his 1
a no. j
It was not until tho end of Miss ,
Smith's l!i.v!i hour was at hand that (
lie r< iiieinh- v d to tear tin* letter
which lie ha<; left on iier desk to
\ business le'V?r7" Inquired Miss 1
Murlon. wondering wiry he? was destroying
it so carefully.
"No. iiiy dear." nusvvervd Mr. Itog<
rs. 'Tin Jw>t covering up ;ny traeks.
that's all. lit' the waj. can you find
a place In 3*011 f* department for an
ignorant, uniritelligont young woman
with a genius for happy blundeviug?" J
trepyrlelif 1j?M. hy TV. C, Clmpm^n.)
J* ^ ^ j
\\ II \ rs I'll K RKAS'fN > - j
Want Chcrutt i'eaple in INmr Health'
Without Knowing the Cause.
Then* are scores id' people who drag
?ui a miserable existence without reilizjng
tin* cause of t!i"ir suffering.
1 lav alo r day they are ra< Ned with
backache and headache; suffer from
nervousness, dizziness, weakness, lamguor
and depression. IVrhap* the |
Kidneys have fallen behind in their
wrk of filtering the blood and (.bat
nay be the root of the trouble. Look
to your kidneys assist thew in their
Work ujvc I lelil tile help I hey Heed.
" l? I.rli I y ViWitlll.
J Oil call MM" III! IIIWH- III-.III.. J....... .
mended n ini'ilv than Ihiuu's Kidney
| I'illH. f |
\\\ I'. Morgan, Wadcsboro. N. C.. I
iys: "My kidneys were badly disord''1' t|
and I had rli????u?n f i?- t win as .
hronghoiit my laxly. The Kidnoy so- j
rotions also passed loo fre?|Uon'ly
nd caused ino no ond of annoyance. i
Joan's Kidnoy I 'it Is mad- nio well." 1
The above is nol an jsolatod 'aso.
Mr. Mo run n is only 0110 of many in
this vicinity who liavo gratefully indorsod
Moan's. If your liaok aches-*
if your kidneys botiie.- ynn. don't sim-|
oly ask for a kidnoy rented.' ask dis1
ii * 11 > lor Moan's Kidnoy I'jlls. tko
...- tha' MMorgan had. "tie all
s I ores. K isior Millnirii Co.. Props.,
Mnfi'aio. N V. - Advortisomont.
Austrians Are Completely Routed j
N'ish. Scrvia.?The battle which lias I
i been in progress for several days near
j Kriipani, on (lie Mrina river, has acI
cording to official announcement ended
in complete disaster for the Austrian
The announcement declared that
lfin.noo Austrian troops wore engaged
in this encounter, while the Servian
forces included various bodies of men
?vlio had been eonci ntratcd along tin
Mrina. reinforced by troops hastily re
called from Soinlin and Slavonia. The
lighting was very sanguinary.
Russians Take Jaroslav
I'etrograd.?Russian troops have occupied
the fortified Austrian position
of Jaroslav. according to official announcement
made here. The Russian
llag is flying over the town.
Jaroslav is an important railroad
cciucr. A bridge near the town
crosses the San and commands the
passage of that river. The town is lo
ca'.cd seventeen mi'es north-northwest
of Przcnisyl and is on the railuad lino
fiii' i'. n 1 I T.emtio. ^ nr.d '
Tlie Austrian attempt 0n Shabat*
repaired v;'iir*fteav.v loss.
. and for Chickens, Eggs and Country
I Produce he sure and give me a call,
j Am hotter prepared than ever to serve
you. Located next door to Express
; office on Market street, and I will appreciate
your business, and if good
stuff and good service is what you
are looking for I am sure you yill
! continue with nic once you give me a
trial. Yours for business,
V'lcfe Sympathies.
Out In the world "f talk ope hear?
many condietiug opinions. A great
saint once said. "Who hears tho eternal
voice is delivered of many an
opinion." You do not need to hear all
tne t;uK. nil tile various opinions or
many men, to know tnjo v. iitdom
Your own hushed spirit will teach
you wisdom if you will listen. I'i:*
in those lonely hours t< arli yon rod
to ho ready to love nil the vast v;:rio?\
of life that the world may o'fer you
at any turning. Encourage his? thou slit
and wide sympathies. Remember t
sympathize even In the sib nee wit
tin* people you read of and In *;r of
who are > uitn < 1 iiT? rent fr?:m yours* if
Try to understand nio'ives and in? ..:i
iligs in Jilten lives. ; :>d if von do ti'iwell
Micuch your loneliness will h*
11:r:i? 1 into the very h? -r eduoatu n
fir ve is. And win n life rails yen
som day into its mhbt its life surety
will ? < :ne d y. your lamp will bo shirtlit'
'i 1 liti..lif ami v ill ?'n d a lovely
ladiane ; !! jiheut you for J'OU will !
be able to hand on to oth< rs the wisdom
that routes with dov's feet.
Chinese Peaches.
Two years ago seedlings of a permit
tree, which was found growing in |
Tihi t at jin elevation of fc..'!)l) fe t, j
v.j re brought to this country. It is ;
exported that this tree can be trur-fed
to !? ar froiiit in New England clear
up to the Canadian herd* r. If the e
hopes are realized the peach tree will
have underyono a marvelous trams- j
I formation. When J'.r-t brought to Eu- !
rope about three cuturies before the j
Christian era it would not ripen fruit 1
IX rill cf tlx- Island of J?!xul-s. This,
Island is ;ir the fvirt iiic southern j
i ilix- nf tlx- As 11 sen. and lias a |
climate much 1 ik tint < f southern
< alifornia. v i-'i |. -> I ability to ftost.
Those lirst f ".u-Ix-:. mf tender as a
l.avcl man/:". Tliis Chinese variety
is hardy as a northern apple.
No Chest. This Policeman.
To mx Hh .lo-sjieari-. city police
"!!? ? inany part:.." l.-U 'iiaf V. hie!: lioh<
rt was a I.- I t?? perform the otlxr
I i::I;T lie \ i.i *111y c.oisiih r> d beyond
hi in While fi patrol tlx- roits'ah'c i
. aeci i.-11 <1 bv a woman, who laid!
l i:'"i> 1 ii.i a piteous tale of woe cm
-iiix; ' r ! : ..i.-l I ;:p|" ai ;I !x-r
"t-1'1 man" h ' yo "fa ." ami had so j
f t ri-ri '-'d T v.i.-jiari tVat she \\a r
frai'l to i-o ic: a "! U a'' want to
pi.- hita til.- nick. b eaa. In's a' rirht i
v!c :i lc 's sclcr. hit it's the drink
that mak s him f;r villi." sin- explained.
"if c mid pater Into tb*
lif" an' pie him a t'tirht like, it wld
i lit If ,i paid I '. .son tat- hint."
"Wall ye?" she jihad. .! "Whit dan
ye tal;' tne fur'.'" i|tieri? d Robert, scorn- j
fully; I'm no' a ghost'" j
? , ?{
Professional Cards
Pit. J. F. rrMlKKIII'KK
Rental Siirpenn
I'Ihums: Otlice 1 Residence 174 '
Office over M. ?V K. Hank l>iiildiii?
nit. (j. x pinch, .ik.
Pen.UI Siinrenii
Office Honrs: .1 to 1' and 2 to 6
I 'hoiios: Offifcc ~2. Resident 72
, i > i i
*v roi.i.ocK * m.iFS
Office. Cliiqnola Club UuildiiiK.
Out' member of firm hill fi" at
Chesterfield evv-ry Monday*
a wm^mmmrn-mmm-m* i.
Fivcry and Feed StahIM
: Sand and (>rnvel for salt.
Next to Ranard Hotel
j Reasonable prices. Prompt Scr.Ico I
r~ "
Two connecting i?flice 1 oonia in
now .Post Office building, fre
lights, water and heat. See us for
Clieraw Insurance Trust t?.
?? '
Lightning Killed H>m.
A' few years ago we had a very rainy
spring. For twelve days 1t rained. On
the morning of the thirteenth day
(which was no exception) iny friend
and I drove over to the country grocery
store. The sage of the community
spoke of the weather and the number
of days it. had lasted, and advised
every one to i?tay Indoors. Of course
wo all laughed" at his feax. especially
my friend. That afternoon my friend
went out on Ids farm to Jix a piece of
barbed wire fetnee. White busy at his
work the rain and thunder increased.
A sharp clap af thtnader caused us ta
ro In search of him. Imagine our horror
on flpding his body hanging lifeless
en the bar-bed wire with marks on
clothes and body where tho lightning
hud bttrtxd.?1Hdcr.go Tribune.
You May Li
According to all the
*\ 'However, You W
Had you Thot
Will you debts be paid? Will \
us you* wife? Wiil jour c
Is the Prospects EncouragingThinking
long and well?and if
for the payment of your depts
and orphans
Cheraw Insurant
And WELLS wil
Ladd Building Over Pos
Guaranty Loan
Real Estal
* n L iotlir
11 rviuu.-> k>i iimim
[t will be our p
Prompt attention at all
Give us your FIR!
represent the strongest s
Phone 192
The same place near A. C. L. J
freight station.
i-rjces ngoi ana an worn guaranteed.
jour name and return address printed
on them, sent post paid for only
35 cents
No matter who ;ou arc, what your
usiitoss. or where you live, you should
so an envelope with your name and
return address for every letter you
The "iivelopes we give yon arc the
l est qua'.iiy white. The return card ^
wi.'j ay* car as follows: j
After five days return to
R. F. D. N. 1,
You may clip the following blank !
land write just what you want on the i
hies, and return to us with 35c In
i-ilvcr or stamps, and the eiypiif^T~
will lie mailed to you the"1ray after J
;he order is received.
After five days return to
Write your name on first line; rural
: outc or box number on second, and
postoffice address on third line, and
mail to
> ????? j
ive Forever:
! Rules of the Game,
ill Die Some Day
jght About It?
>-?ur widow wear as good eMhes
nlldren conti.iue in schorl*
-or is it Clouded with Gloom!
you decide to make provisions
and the support of your widow^^B^^^H
ce & Trust Co ~ M
1 tell you How
t Office, C h (};?,?.(
- -Tl
- IjSfl
& Trust Co. ^
V, s. c. 'I
[e, Loans,
ance, Bonds, etc.
lea sure to serve you.
standard companies
finUvson Bide

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