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Grand Ni
Mr, Automobile Owner:?1
field County in the interest of
nrantild tA tolra norf in
www* ?v VWMV f?MV UA %111Q
Fill up your car with youi
This is the first time anything
effort along t^his line should be
behefit of all the people of Chei
Start WU1 Be Made 1
Automobile Marke
6:15 P. M
9:30 A. M
10:00 A. M?
13 :00 A M
12:00 Noon
. 12:45 P. M
1:45 P. M....
3:15 P. M ...
?JJL w Aim', ii - - -?
5.-00 P. M./
t . .
Dinner at Hoi
L. H. TROTTI, President
Executive Committ
Interesting McFarlan News.
McFarlan, Sept. 17.?Mr. J. It. Ti
has bought the store building on nu
street from Mr. J. W. McCaskill a
will move his stock of Kroceries ii
the store at an early date. The c<
slderation was $350.
Mr. C. G. Teal will move his stt
of goods into his old store bulldi
that he occupied before moving ii
the W. O. W. building. The store ro<
under the W. O. W. hall Is for rent u
would be a splendid place for u lui
mercantile business, as none of I
present merchants here curry u co
plete line of dry goods or shoes. Sou
body is missing a fortune by not op
lng a full stock of dry goods, millim
shoes, etc. here.
Mrs. W. S. Braswell has been c<
fined to her room several days, s
ferin with neulgra, we are very soi
to report
Mrs. G. C. Northcutt and childi
visited her mother, Mrs. B. F. Ti
mons. at Patrick, S. C., last week.
Miss flora Belle Steagall of Ch<
teifleld spent Sunday with Miss Da!
Lee Northcutt.
In loving remembrance .of (Lltt
Mary Beatrice Northcatt, who died
year ago.
Mrs. S. T. Timmons and chlldr
spent the week-end in Patrick with t
family of Mr. B. F. Timmons.
Little James Robinson of St. Lot
' but who is spending some time wi
his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. D.
Timmons, at Patrick, S. C., is visit!
his aunt, Mrs. O. C. Northcutt, tl
week James is the baby son of ft
Eugne Robinson of this couty.
, Miss Rel?ecca Petrues left Inst we
for Greenville to enter Eastern Carolb
Mrs. Moore of Mt. Croghan, S. <
spent Sunday with her daughter, Mi
T. L. Baker.
Mrs. Charles Campbell of Ruby vl
ited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.
Baker, Sunday.
Mr. J. W. McCaskill will leave th
w Cars Invited t
fiplrl riniii
\ Booster 1
inety-Mile Parad
tiesterfield Coun
r, October
fou are invited to join the Great "BO
the Chesterfield County Fair. Every ai
and parade of ninety miles to visit evei
friends who will "BOOST" for The <
like this has been attempted in this Coi
i made in the interest of the County F
jterfleld County.
7rom Chesterfield, 9.00 A. ]
d "SCOUT" Will Take Le
. ? Chesterfield
? .Kul?y
? .. ?.. Mt. Croghan
- ? Page land
?. ? ?Catarrh
tel Hampton, McBee, 50c
W. J. TILLER, Vice President
week for Lakeland, Fla., to make his p]
home. Mrs. McCasklll and the children
will go In few weeks to join Mr.
^ McCasklll. We regret to lose this p<
splendid family.
^ The Unlte<l Farm -Women's Club
met at the school house last Saturday
afternoon. A good number ofe th
ineiuliers were present A Ispfendld jn
?ck program had been arranged and was
"K well carried out the subject being a
?to most interesting and Important one u,
As It was alHiut school clothes for rpj
nd children and pre|turlng their lunches, .
rge many helpful suggestions were offerthe
ed by the president and memlters of sj
m- the club. Mesdnmes J. B. Northcutt
ae- and J. T. Phillips were hostesses to twn
su- the club and served a most- rofroshinu
? r
iry mul delicious salad course. jH
There will l?e n meeting of the
? stewards and official meniliers of the fu
u# Pleasant Hill church at the church hi
,ry here next Saturday afternoon at rt
o'clock. th
lm. It is Near at Hand to Hundreds of co
_ _ . ca
lay Che raw Readers. fr
Don't neglect an aching hack.
je Backache is often th* kidneys' cry
_ for help.
a nil
Neglect hurrying to the kidneys* aid
Means that urinary troubles may .
en , ,, sti
Or danger of worse kidney trouble. ^
Here's Cheraw testimony.
,ls Mrs. J. B. Caudle. Church St,
Cheraw, says: "My hack ached so no
badly that I could't do any work. I
was sore an<l lame and tired easily,
il* My liend ached, hud dizzy spells and
!?" the kidney secretions passed Irregularly.
When I read about Doan's Kid- ^
Rk ney Pills, I got some . I used about
na four Iwxes and was rhl of all sIriis of (>,<!
kidney trouble. I havo taken Doan's c'?
Kidney Pills since then, when I have tlu
needed a Kidney medicine and they P'r
s' have never failed to relieve me."
Price 50c, at dealers. Don't simply P'11
ask for a kidney remedy?get Doan's
!' Kidney Pills?the same that Mrs.
Caudle had. Foster-Milburn Co., Prop.,
Is Buffalo, N. Y. con
o Join
ity Fail
e Around
5, 1915
OSTER"" trip around Cheste:
ltomobile in Chesterfield Count
ry town in the county.
3rcat Chesterfield County Fni
inty. It is fitting that the firs
air which is to be held for th
M., October 5th, 191!
ad; Others Follow.
e Depart
f. 9:00 A. IV
- - -V 9:40 A. IV
.. LlO:15 A. M
?. 11:15 A. M
ill2 :15 P. M
.^^50p M
C. L. HUNIEY, Secretar;
irhaps the Heaviest Since the OfTer
sive Began Is Now Going On.
Kaiser on Scene.
Three small sections of tlie froi
the Western zone are the centn
>lnts arouiul which the buttles I:
reen the Allied French and Brlth
id the Germans continue to rap
lese lli? between Soucliez and Vimy
the regions of I.oos und La Basse
iinal, and around Mesuil and Ma
ges, on the southern bend of the lin
"We have maintained ull the lie
sltions coinjuered" says the Frenc
'port in dealing with the tightin
stween Seuchez and Vimv. in tl
rtois region, whore artillery and ii
iitry hatting is hi progress in tli
The British are driving hard agnin:
e German third line to the east c
>88 while the French in the Chami
tne district, are directing their effori
wards gining control of the railroa
nstitutlng the chief line of eonnnun
tion of the German Army on the
Against the claims of the Britis
id French, the German Ifficial stat?
wit minima ze the Allies progress an
scrllK's the repulse of attacks b
rong counter-strokes.
Allrmimu .... ??-- r-. ?* 1 * ? - >
>'H lilt; rauucni i"?: ?
issla near Dvlnsfe, hi the sector ens
Vilna ami Inthe southeastern zon
nr Konnln and Putllowka nr
limed by Iterlln.
Dr. Bell's Pine Tar Honey which Roe
the very root of cold troubles. 1
n rs the very root of cold troubles. I
nrs the throat and Rives relief fron
it cloRRed and stuffed ftelinR. TV
les have ever lieen the friend of mm
drlvlnR nwnv colds. Moreover, th<
le-honey qualities are peculiar}
active in fk'htirR children's cold
member that a cold broken at tlu
rt Rreatly reincl's the possibility el
npllcatlons. 23.
- * - ? - ?ji -r-?
Plans for Such In Submarines Being M* A, C
Considered by Navy Department _
I Cu
Washington, Sept. 27.?Steam tur- bines
may be substituted for gasoline
or oil engines for surfuee cruising ?n 4k m m
future American submarines. Plans /%
are under consideration at the Navy I m I It"
Department, it was learned today, for ^
steam experiments with boats of the
t! class now building. A< yet 110
definite decision has been reached,
nut the fuult of internal combustion
engines for submarine work has l>eon I C m ~u
so dicleult to overcome that Navy
designers are seriously seeking a substitute.
1 A |team-propelHed submarine was
| built for the Navy more than a de'
cade ago, but proved so hot when the ? ^ I
Aires were lighted that she was not LC3VCS vJClOl
accepted and never left her dock.
? Many French submarines employ
steam engines sucessfully and it is
understood that a scheme, details of
which have not been made public, has
y been evolved by American Navy engi- ^n(. ^rnM(ri, Vt.
ncers wnicn promises even lietter resuits.
Springs, by dayl
r* Engine difficulties of both sub- American Rockit
marines and aeroplanes led to the at the Panama-Pa
C recent visit of Henry Ford, the automobile
manufacturer, t<v Secretary
Daniels. A statement of the problems
encountered is being prepared for Down the Coast <
Mr. Ford's informntlon. gig Trees De] ft,
. ' ifornia Expositioi
5 Our Canter of Aros. if1."' ,ht;"C.?
The center of area of the continental Arizona, 1 he V
United Statee (excluding Alaska. H* and over the Rate
?all and other recent accessions) la
In northern Kansas, about ten mile* ??????
? north of a place called Smith Center,
mvr.0' \c0?T\ln latl A special trai
tude 39:6B, longitude 98:50. The cen oil
ter of population is 51 miles south and ^^rs, i llilmans
about 657 xa'-lec eaat *f the center of and a Library Ob
4rea- party for the entii
{ a wonderful antiseptic Strictly high[
(lerms and infection aggravate eluding, all exper
ailments and retard healing. Stop that rp? .
!* infection at once. Kill the germs and . most att
" get rid of the poisons. For this through OUT beau
puri>ose a single application of Sloan's SS at her best.
r <..t~?4 ?t? * - -
uuiy ituis uie pain out I Th *1
^M1 ht\i1 liiiiiiiiu irowtfr
the blood. Sloan's Linment is an emer- > ^ f?
~ gency doctor and should be kept con- M L& I
stantly cvn hand. 25c., 50c., The $1.00 m. J
size contains six times as much as the
25c. I Tourist Agents
Get in oi
^Printed S
?k HE]
a If you do not want separate
the family, at least you should
^ stationery for each member of lilsJl
s I have the name of the head of and
vnnr fumilv mi it Stntl
e. "?""v *"
If it is a private letter the ness
printed heading could he just and
your name and below it the mail
name of your town, thus:
James W. Johnson ()]
Chesterfield, S. C. tale:
st i
v Then all members of the fam(s
ily could use it for their pri- p,.jn
(1 vate correspondence. voiu
ll tie.
The cost is no greater than
h you are continually paying for
U? ...... 1.?. the
-- Dtoiiuuci^ wuun juii uuy it . ?
d in small lots,
n We make you low prices on nnC(
;t lots of 250, 500 or 1000, with spel
0 envelopes to match, and also Post
e printed. he r
. <lp,i
p, Youcan have it either plain
or fancy, and in single sheets will
or the fashionable fold, a? you sign
t prefer. be 1
Sand Your O
T5he Cheraw
Huof, Pork and Pork Saussage
Tlngton Hotel Bldg.. .Second Street
'autiful Trip
attis Exposition
>er 10th Returns November 6th
The Route
imphis, Kansas City, Denver, Colorado
ight through the Royal Gorge and the
rs in Colorado, Salt Lake City and a week
cific Exposition at San Francisco.
r>f California, by daylight, stopping at the
lonte, Santa Barbara to tbe Panama-Cali1
at San Diego. Three days in Los An.1
1 - ?
i tnrougn Kiverside, the Grand Canyon of
World's Greatest Wonder," Albuquerque,
>n Range of the Rockies to Kansas City.
n, consisting of a Baggage Car, Dining
Standard Drawing Room Sleeping Cars,
servation Car for the exclusive use of the
re trip.
class service, at an extremely low cost, inises.
ractive month in all the year to travel
tiful western country and when California
1 be personally conducted throughout by
Ihn HI l^eb ana- ugMi.
rns tour!^
i H
S. A. L. Railway. Raleigh, N. C.
?? ? ????? ??
n This 1
Fashion is inexorable in its decrees, and
ion lias decreed that you have your name
postoflke address neatly printed on your
This does not apply alone to the busier
professional man, but to every man
woman?or young man and young wo?who
writes a letter.
L' course not every person obeys the diej
i\\ fnelt wtn l\uf f/\ lot /o\iioiiloi*iol 11
? v/i Kj.tiuwu, uui iv; i#\. vuuamiivu
lite you should do so.
It is but a question of time when your
ted stationery will be as much a part of
personal equipment as your hat or your
If is better to lead than to follow, for
being of a lender indicates tt?at you have
i character and initiative.
Neatly printed stationery fa an assari
that your name will be correctly
led, that there will he no mistake in your
office address, and that your mail will
eturned to you iii the event of its non
Strange; a to whom yon may be writing
not be required to puzzle over your
ature, or your address, and errors will
few?probably none.
Orders to
S. C.

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