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The Bamberg Herald.
A* W. KNIGHT, Editor.
Rates?$1.00 per year; 50 cents for
six months. Payable in advance.
Advertisements??1.00 per inch for
first insertion; 50c. for each subsequent
insertion. Liberal contracts made for
three, six, or twelve mouths. Want Notices
one cent a word each insertion. Local
Notices 8c. per line first week, 5c. afterwards.
Tributes of Respect, etc., must
hf? naid for a?i rf?crular advprtisincr
Communications?News letters or on
subjects of general interest will be gladly
welcomed. Those of a personal nature
will not be published unless paid for.
Thirsday, November 9, 1899.
The day is past when a business
man can rely on his reputation solely
to sell his goods. He must let
the people know through the columns
of his home paper that he has
the goods they waut, and that his
prices are attractive. People have
gotten oat of the habit of going to
one store all the time, and the man
who hustles for the trade is the one'
who gets there.
* * *
The Dewey presidential boom has
died a-borning, killed en foetus," as
it were, by the doughty old admiral
himself. This is what he says to
nr?A of these hvsterioftl hnnm floaters.
instances as this will cause them to
change their minds. An up-to-date
business man and wide-awake advertiser
not only builds np a fine trade
by advertising, bat he is the means
of bringing people to town who
otherwise would not come.
That Throbbing Headache
Would quickly leave you, if you
used Dr. Kings Life Pills. Thousands
of sufferers haye proved their
matchless merit for Sick and Nervous
Headaches. They make pure
blood and strong nerves and build
up your health. Easy to take.
Try them. Only 25 cents. Money
back if not cured. Sold by Thos
Black and Bamberg Pharmacy,
It is as sensible a yarn as ever a
sailor-man spun:
?4I have no political ambition
whatever, and won't allow my name
to be used as a candidate under any
possible circumstances."
"Not even to save the country?"
suggested the*tempter.
"Not even on the pretense of saving
the country," said Dewey, "because
the saving of the country does
not depend on'auy one man. If this
country gets so poor in presidential
material as that, it will be in a very
bad way."
\ * *
The "war of ink" between the dispensary
people, in and out 9f office,
is ended, for which the gods be
praised. Peace, the white-winged,
does not hover over the rival camps
to any alarming extent, however.
The warring forces have simply
drawn off. and are evein or each other
* J cy ~ "
with that sort of suppressed ferocity
which one may see in the eyes of
parted bulldogs. Had it not been
for the opposition of certain newspapers
to the dispensary, the public
would never have been regaled with
* x the nauseating dirty-linen laundrying
that this disgusting dispute has
paraded. .Altogether the mother
nest of our commonweal rum shop
seems to have been a pretty foul one,
and this stirring up has by no man.
ner of means purified it
* *.
Agitation of a question often does
good. Lastjyear] Bamberg county
did not receive any portion of the
dispensary fncd, but gets a little
over $300 this year. The question
was agitated during the last campaign.?Denmark
Our brother of The Times was
himself a candidate for County SuDerinlendent
of Education last vear.
and the '^agitation" to which he refers
was certain promises made by
him on the hustings that if elected
he would "guarantee that Bamberg
county would get $5,000 from the
dispensary fund." Does he mean
to infer that these wild ante-election
aporings?which did not influence
sufficient votes to elect him to the
office he coveted?had such a potent
influence on the powers that be
in Columbia, that now, after a
lapse of over a year, they wring
three hundred and odd hard, cold
American dollars?not counting the
centimes?from the grudgingly given
np dispensary hoard? We pause
for an answer.
* * *
Advertising pays, indeed it does.
Mr. J. A. Spann, after some earnest
~ SOlicnaSoiTdircu?' part^coucluded
to test Tee Herald as an adver\
Using medium, and advertised a
special sale for last Monday, November
6. The advertisement was
not set in large display type, nor was
it a large acL The type used was
small, and the display rather crow ded.
Mr. Spann tells ns he sold more
goods last Monday than any day
since he opened. His store was
erowded all day long, and, although
extra help was employed, not near
all the customers could be served.
The other stores in town were not
overrun with customers, aud we saw
salesmen in several stores idle several
times during the day, while at
Spann's it was impossible to serve
^ the customers. Some of the merchants
of Bamberg do not believe in
advertising, bat we think a few such
A Frightful Blunder
Will often cause a horrible Burn,
Scald, (ut or Bruise. Bucklin's
Arnica Salvo, the best in the world,
will kill the pain and promptly heal
it. Cures Old Sores, Fever Sores,
Ulcers, Boils, Felons, Corns, all Skin
Eruptions. Best Pile cure on Earth.
Only 25 cts a box Cure guaranteed
Sold by Tnos Black and Bamberg
Fitting School Dots.
nil t* fvQino
X liC J^l'l svii Hiiu laiiiuuny u?iuo
the youth of our country in obedience
and fidelity, as well as in intelligence
and industry, is accomplishing
a great work for his country.
The cardinal virtue of good citizenship
is obedience. Without this
there cau be but little peace or
prosperity. Where laws are disrespected
and disregarded there is nothing
but strife and turmoil; but
when obedience to law is the guide
of life and action, peace reigns and
every one is allowed to follow the
arts and industries according to his
own purpose. Progress is thus possible.
Add to obedience the spirit of
fidelity, and you have two elements
in character which must count greatly
in human progress. Let no teacher
esteem lightly the task of training
children in these two virtues.
Such are the true patriots, the true
benefactors to the nation.
Men often speak lightly of certain
laws and their obedience to
them. Such words, falling upon
the ears of children, would lead
them to believe that it is a small
matter to obey or disobey, as may
suit one's convenience. In this they
may sow the seeds of disobedience
to law and constituted authority.
Let no teacher speak thus; but by
word and act impress the majesty of
the law upon the youth of our land.
To do this it is not necessary to insist
upon blind and dumb acquiescence
in bad laws. In our country
there is a remedy for this. By voice,
and pen, and vote, such laws can Ik
repealed. This shows the necessity
for education, as the better educated
we are the more effectively can we
work for the repeal of such laws,
and for substituting wholesome lawf
in their stead.
The Pitting School will keej
watch-night on the 14th, to witness
if possible, the meteoric shower. A
grand sight is expected; a fail
night is hoped for.
Head Master Willis attended th<
Association of Preparatory Schooli
and Colleges of the Southern States
which met in Columbia on Thur?
day and Friday of last week. Th<
Carlisle Fitting School has been ad
mitted as a member of the associa
The members of the baseball clul
played quite an interesting game or
last Saturday. With some practice;
a real good team could be placed is
the field, <
The Kilgo Society will discnsf
the subject of war and arbitration
in the settlement of international
disputes, on next Friday evening.
0 > Maqisteb.
A Narrow Escape.
Thankful words written by Mrs,
Ada E. Hart, of Gorton, S. D.
"Was taken with a bad cold which
settled on my lungs ; cough set in
and finally terminated in Consumption.
? Four Doctors gave me up
1 saying I could live but a short time.
; I gave myself up to my Savior, de{termined
that if I could not stay
I with my friends on earth, I
| would meet my absent ones above.
My husband was advised to get Dr.
Bang's New Discovery for Consumption,
Coughs and Colds. I gave it a
trial, took in all eight bottles. It
has cured mey and thank God, I am
ooTT^i-1 or?a nn-ar a wpII and hPftlthv
oa v v/u uuu uvii w ? % ??? ? y
woman" Trial bottles freest Thos.
Black's and Bamberg Pharmacy.
Regular size 50c. and $1.00.
Guaranteed or price refunded. ,
| i "% ' " ,
A Daily Newspaper at Gaffney.
On account of the State Baptist
Convention which meets at the enterprising
city of Gaffney on the
29th inst., Manager Ed. H. DeCamp
| has determined to issue a daily edition
of The Ledger during the convention.
These daily editions will
contain a complete stenographic
resume of the preceding day's doings
in the convention, sketches of
prominent workers in the Baptist
Church of South Carolina, pen
drawings and pen pictures of Bap
tist church buildiogs and Baptist
institutions, as well as a complete
resume of missionary and educational
work beiug done by the BaptisUm|^th;s
The price for the week will be
only 15c., and every Baptist itr the
State should have his or her name
enrolled for the week's eutput.
Send silver or two cent stamps to
The Ledger, Gaffney/S. C.
Knowiug Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy to be a medicine of great
worth and merit and especially valuable
for coughs, colds, croup and
whooping cough, we will hereafter
warrant every bottle bought of us
and will refund the money to anyone
who is not satisfied after using
two-thirds of a 25 or 50 cent bottle.
"Aren't you afraid the law will
! take us in hand for gambling?" said
? I. ^ hrt/1 4rtn4> Vaam
llie UIIIIU. man >yuv uau juoi> uccu
persuaded into making an election
j bet.
; "Never mind," answered the confident
politician. "Even if it does
you're all right. They wouldn't
send you to jail for making that
bet. They'd seud you to the insane
LaGrippe, with its after effects, annually
destroys thousands of people. It may be
quickly cured by One Minute Cough Cure,
the only remedy that produces immediate
results in coughs, colds, croup, bronchitis,
pneumonia and throat and lfing troubles.
It will prevent consumption.?Bamberg
To Purify and Enrich the Blood,
Strengthen "the Nerves and Invigorate
the System, use Dr. M. A. Simmons
Liver Medicine. Sold by Dr.
J. B. Black.
Dr. W. Wixon, Italy Hill, N. Y., says,
"I heartily recommend One Minute Cough
Cure. It gave my wife immediate relief
in suffocating asthma." Pleasant to take.
Never tails to quickly cure all coughs,
colds, throat and lung troubles.?Bamberg
'* \
Dots from Denmark.
Mrs. E. M. Cox, of Bamberg,
ami Miss Julia Ulmer, of Ulmer, '
were in town Thursday.
Mr. J. D. Copeland and Jno. R. <
Bellinger, Esq., of your city, were
here Friday.
Mr. B. S. Cogburu and family, of i
North, were in town Friday. <
Messrs. Cine Faust and Henry ;
Free paid our town a passing visit
Friday, en route for Barnwell, to
attend court.
A "D /I o n orVi foi1
vayi;, -n. X . XIX111C1, ttiiU v.?u6uBv.,
Rosa, were in town Friday.
Messrs. A. E. H. Simmons, J. W.
Barnes, H. W. Adams, T. C. Tant,
and J, J. Simmons all sold cotton i
here Tuesday for 7 cents.
Mrs. Orene Lee and Miss Mamie
Lee, from near Govan, were in town
Messrs. R. W. D. Rowell and D.
K. Kay went down to Bamberg salesday.
Misses Minnie Zeigier, of Bamberg,
and Lottie aud Clemmie
Mitchell, of Clear Pond, spent Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Free.
The town council is having some
much needed repair work done on
our streets.
Mr. T. C. Tant went up to Barnwell
Mr. Roney Martin, from near
Double Pond, was here Monday.
Mr. Owen Radcliffe, of Blackville,
, was in town Tuesday.
Mr, J. A. Price, of Sally's, was
here Tuesday.
Mrs, C. B. Free and Mr. Freddie
Free, of Bamberg, were in town
Misses Bessie and Mary Ellen
Simmons, left Wednesday with their
aunt, Mr3. Julia Cox, for the State
Mr. and Mrs. L Krawchek went
down to the county seat Tuesday.
Messrs. Hampton Simmons and
. Hammond Bamberg left for the
State Fair this morning, and Messrs.
1 ?> i TTT ,i n 3 *rr:n;^
, lom raie, wiiue omun, ana mine
r Osteen went up yesterday. S.
| Chamberlain's Pain Balm Cares Others,
Why Not Yon?
| My wife has been using Chamberlain's
Pain Balm, with good results,
) for a lame shoulder that has pained
her continually for nine years. We
[ have tried all kinds of medicines
r and doctors without receiving any
benefit from any of them. One day
5 we saw an advertisment of thismed3
icine and thought of trying it, which
we did with the best of satisfaction.
[ She has used only one bottle and her
5 shoulder is almost well.?Adolph
I L. Millett, Manchester, N. H. For
. sale by all druggists and medicine
dealers. ^
) The Companion for the Best of '99.
I During the remaining weeks of 1899
t The Youth's Companion will maintain its
L fresh and varied interest for young and
old by presenting articles from the pens
of eminent men and women and stories
I by the most gifted writers of fiction.
[ Among these contributors will be Frank
i R. Stockton, who presents & droll story,
"The "Wolf and the WheelbarrowJames
Bryce, author of "The American Commonf
wealth," who offers "Hints on Reading;"
W. D. Howells and Jane Barlow, each of
whom contributes a serial story; Bret
, Harte, who recalls an early California experience
in "How I Went to the Mines;"
Mary E. Wilkins, who tells of "Sereny
Maria at School;" and Henry M. Stanley,
1 who under the title "For Life and Liberty,"
> relates a thrilling adventure of his travels
i in Darkest Africa.
The November and December numbers
containing these features are given to
' every new subscriber for the 1900
' volume free from the time subscription is
received, in addition to the Companion's
exquisite Calendar for 1900?the last Calendar
of the century and the most beautiful
one ever given to Companion subscribers.
, Illustrated Announcement Number con.
taining a full prospectus of the volume
for 1900, will be sent free to any address.
The Youth's Companion, 208 Columbus
a V*
Avenue, Dosion, Jiiass.
It will not be a surprise - to any
who are at all familar with the good
qualities of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy, to know that people everywhere
take pleasure in relating their
i experience in the use of that splendid
medicine and in telling of the
i benefit they have received from it,
, of bad colds it has cured, of threatened
attacks of pneumonia it has
averted and of the children it has
saved from attacks of croup and
: whooping cough. It is a grand,
good medicine. For sale by all druggists
and medicine dealers.
Mr. Isaacs (in Chicago)?Ish der
a delegram fer Mr. Isaacs sayin' dot
his shtore has burned down in New
Hotel Telegraph Operator?No!
Mr. Isaacs?Yell, vhen von gomes
sendt it right up to ray room, blease!
Used by British Soldiers in Africa.
Capt. C. G. Dennison is well known
all over Africa as commander of the
forces that captured the famous rebel
Galishe. Under date of Nov. 4,
1897, from Vryburg, Bechuanaland,
he writes: "Before starting on the
jast campaign I bought a quantity
of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy, which I nsed
myself when troubled with bowel
complaint, and had given to my men,
and in every case it proved most
beneficial." For sale by all druggists
and medicine dealers.
Bnford's Bridge Breezes.
Mrs. H. W. Ritter departed this
1?'a Cnn/)an OnfAKax 9Q lnfif of.
iilC ouuuajfj vvbvuct <v t/j juuv wv
dawn. A good Christian woman
has gone to her reward after a long
period of suffering from typhoid
fever. She leaves a heart broken
husband and 6ix children to mourn
her loss. She had just reached the
prime of her useful life, which was
about forty years. Her remains 1
were interred at We3ley Chapel
Church the day following her death.
Be v. W. C. Kirkland, of Scotia,
spent a few days in our neighborhood
last week.
Miss Florrie Brabham, of Bamberg,
opened her s ;hool in this section
last Monday, with about twenty
pupils on the roll.
Mr. J. Gordon Brabham visited
Allendale last week, ,
Mr. <J. Frank Brabham had a i
horse to escape from his lot one day
last week, and although streuuous
efforts were made to ' head" the ani- '
mal, it was not captured until it
reached Norway, B. G. J. I j
Another Atlanta Scandal.
Atlanta, Ga,, November 6.?A
warrant was sworn out to-day for
Thomas J. Hunter, formerly auditor
of the Atlanta and West Point Railway,
and located in Atlanta, charg
ing embezzlement. Several days
ago a shortage in the union ticket
office at the depot was announced
and the agent "checked out." Mr.
Hunter left the city several daysbefnwi
nt Uia +imr? QrnQi<lo Vinrron
lui c tuiOj at 11 jujv. 10 ucgaii
work on his books, and has not} yet
been located. The amount that
Hunter is alleged to have embezzled
is not known, and it may require
an investigation of all of the local
offices of the Atlanta and West
Point and the Western Kailway of
Alabama to ascertain, as they made
their reports on ticket sales to the
auditor's office.
President George C. Smith, of the
Atlanta and West Point, declines to
make any statement in regard to the
shortage, nor will he say who swore
out the warrant Street rumors
place the shortage at from $18,000
to $40,000. Mr. Hunter was prominent
socially and his home was one
of the handsomest in the city.
ftp Omn City nv Tat rnn )
U1A1?i Vf VUlvj - v. a vUUW|i
Lucas County, j
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is
senior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney
& Co., doing business in the City of Toledo,
County and State aforesaid, and thai
said firm will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED
DOLLARS for each and every casf
of Catarrh that cannot be cured by the
use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed ir
my presence, this 6th day of December
A. D. 1886.
j seal. > Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally
and acts directly on the blood and 'mucous
surfaces of the system. Send foi
testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
You never know what form of blooc
poison will follow constipation. Keep th<
liver clean by using DeWitt's Little Earb
Risers and you will avoid trouble. The.i
are famous little pills for constipation ant
liver and bowel troubles.?Bamberg Phar
In a local school the other Sab
bath the teacher was explaining
how Eve was formed by a rib taker
from the side of Adam. The next
day one of the scholars astonished
his mother by exclaiming: "Mother
I've got a pain in my side. I think
I am going to have a wife."?Aberdeen
Weary women need an occasiona
dose of JDr. M. A. Simmons Live]
Medicine to Strengthen their Nervef
and Invigorate their Systems. Sole
by Dr. J. B. Black.
"Whut did you smash 'im foh?"
"He insulted a frie^ er mine."
"Whut did he say?"
"He said dat nex' ter me, nu
frien' wah de mo8, ignu'nt pussoc
in dis community,"?Washing tor
The Flashing Eye, Buoyant Footsteps
and Kosy Complexion resul
from the use of Dr. M. A. Simmoni
Liver Medicine. Sold by Dr, J. B
Teacher?Willy, please give me i
sentence in which the verbs "to set*
and "to sit" are used correctly.
Willy (after a brief deliberation)
?The United States is a country or
which the sun never sets and or
which 110 other country sits.?Puck
Temporary Derangement of Digestion,
through overwork, worry oj
emotional excitement, are quick!]
rectified by Dr. M, A.Simmons Liv
er Mediciue. Sold by Dr. J. B. Black
A gentleman in Louisville, Ky.
makes a pet of a large white gander
which is devoted to his owner anc
accompanies him on bis walks} Ii
approached by a stranger the gander
flatters to his master, squawking for
protection, and is comforted as one
might comfort a dog.
Dr. H. H. Haden, Summit, Ala., says
"I think Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is a splendid
medicine. 1 prescribe it, and my confidence
in it grows with continued use '
It digests what you eat and qifickly curet
dyspepsia and indigestion. ? Bamberg
There is so much more grain consigned
to Canadian lake ports than
the Canadian lake vessels are able
to carry that .the dominion government
has suspended for the remainder
of the season the operation of
its coasting laws forbidding American
vessels to carry freights between
Canadian ports.
Mrs. F. J. Dickson, Westminster,
S. C., writes: Eleven years ago I
fni- a mf VlQ tinoMfi tn /In mv
>YAO 1V1 V Uiviivuo uuttviv w v4v
work, and Dr. M. A. Simmons Liver
Medicine restored me to good health.
Think one package of it worth a
dozen of Zeiliu's. At Dr. Black's.
Her head rested on his shoulder
and her little hand lay confidingly
in his. .
'Tell me now, Alfred," said the
happy maiden, "how you ever came
to pick me out as the girl you wanted
to marry?"
"Well, Dora,', replied the ecstatic
young man, in a gush of confidence,
"it was maw that put me up to it."
"I had dyspepsia fifty-seven years and
never found permanent relief till I used
Kodol Dyspepsia. Cure. Now I am well
and feel like a new man," writes S. J.
Fleming, Murray, Neb. It is the best digestant
known. Cures all forms of indigestion.
Physicians everywhere prescribe
it.?Bamberg Pharmacy.
Third car load of mules and horses at
G. Frank Bamberg's stables, for this season.
When you want one, go where
they are. He keeps them.
J. D. Bridges, Editor "Democrat," Lancaster,
N. H., says, "One Minute Cough
Cure is the best remedy for croup I ever
used." Immediately relieves and cures
coughs, colds, croup, asthma, pneumonia,
bronchitis, grippe and all throat and lung
troubles. It prevents consumption.?Bamberg
Wanted?Several bright and honest
persons to represent us as Managers in
this and close by counties. Salary $900
a year and expenses. Straight bona-fide
no more, no less salary, Position permanent.
Our references, any bank in any
town. It is mainly office work conducted
at'home. Reference. Enclose self-ad
dressed stamped envelope. The Dominion
Company, Dept. 3, Chicago.
"I wouldn't be without DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve for any consideration," writes
Thos. B. Rhodes, Centrefield, 0. Infallible
for piles, cuts, burns and skin diseases.
Beware of counterfeits.?Bamberg Pharmacy,
We will sell the entire stock of goods in
the store of Yarn & Bishop at Bamberg,
S. C., on Friday, November 17tli, ir.stant,
beginning at ten o'clock a. ni. Sale will
be made in lots, according to the class of
goods, and will be made to satisfy mortgage
given to us by Yarn & Bishop. Terms
.lvo. R Rf.i i iv?:Kit. Attornev.
November 9th, 1891).
The State of South Carolina?County of
Orangeburg?In the Court of Common
J. Frank Jennings and Michael G. Zeigler,
in their own right and as executors of
the last will and testament of Henry H.
Jennings, deceased, Henry Zeigler and
Tillman Zeigler, by Michael G. Zeigler,
their guardian ad litem, Plaintiffs,
against Wilmot Jennings, et al, Defendants.
By virtue of a judgment in the above
entitled action, I will sell at public auction
at Bamberg Court House, during the
legal hours of sale, on the first Monday
in December, next, the following described
real estate:
i. All that certain lot or parcel of
land situate in the town of Midway, in
. Bamberg county, and State aforesaid,
measuring and containing on the north
and south lines one hundred and fortytwo
feet, on the east and west lines three
Vinnflfofl orirl f An fAAf- oti/1 K/~m n/-I Arl /-in
the north by the old Charleston Road,
i on the south by lands of the South Carolina
and Georgia Railroad Company, and
on the east and west by lands now or for:
merly of the esstate of Peter P. Carson.
< 2. All that certain other lot or parcel
' of land situate in the town of Midway,
in Bamberg county and State aforesaid,
measuring and containg on the north
i and south lines sixty feet, and on the
, east and west lines two hundred feet, and
bounded on the north by lands now or
formerly of the estate of Peter P. Carson,
on the east by lands now or formerly of
Burk & Son, on thfe south by the South
? Carolina and Georgia Railroad Company,
and on the west by the public road.
Terms: Cash, and the purchaser or
purchasers to pay for all papers, revenue
stamosK and recording, and all taxes falling
cfue after the day of sale; and in case
the purchaser or purchasers fail to comply
with the terms of sale, that said premises
1 be resold on the same or some subsequent
' salesday on the same terms and at the risk
' of the former purchaser or purchasers,
I Master Bamberg County.
November 6th, 1899.
The State of South Carolina.
1 By B. W. Mi ley, Esq., Probate Judge.
" Whereas, Isaac W. Carter hath made
1 suit to me, to grant him Letters of Ad,
ministration of the Estate of and effects
: of W. H. Carter.
These are therefore to cite and admonish
all and singular the kindred and
creditors of the said W. H. Carter, de1
ceased, that they be and appear before
me, in the Court of Probate, to be held at
r Bamberg, S. C., on the 21st day of Novem}
ber, 1899, next after publication thereof,
\ at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, to show
cause, if any they have, why the said
Administration should not be granted.
Given under my hand, this 6th day of
November, Anno Domini 1899.B.
Judge of Probate Bambeig County.
J Published on the 9th day of November,
t 1899, in the Bamberg Herald.
County of Bambehg.
In the Court of Common Pleas.
8 / .
(complaint served:)
Mary E. Smith and Margaret Smith,
* infants, by A. W. Summers, their guardian
ad litem, plaintiffs, against M. Ellen
Smith et. al., defendants.
To the defendants, above named: i
You are hereby summoned and required
1 to answer the complaint in this action of
t which a copy is filed in the office of the
. clerk of Court of Common Pleas for said
Comity and to serve a copy of your answer
to the said complaint on the subscribers
f at their office, Orangeburg, S.;C., within
r twenty days after the service thereof, exclusive
of the day of such service, and if
* you fail to answer the complaint within
. the time aforesaid, the plaintiffs in this
action will apply to the Court for the relief5
demanded in the complaint.
, Dated June 27th, A. D., 1899.
[ To Robert T. Scott, absent defendant,
p and non-resident of this State:
_ Please take notice that you are hereby
served by publication and that the sum'
mons and complaint in this action are now
? on file in the office of the Clerk of Court
for said County of Bamberg, and that
copies summons and complaintand notice
t have been filed in said office for you, and
. have been served on said clerk for you, as
. your residence is not known and with due
' and diligent search cannot be found out
} and ascertained.
Plaintiff's Attorneys,
Attorneys for guardian ad litem.
[sealJ .C. B. FREE,
C. C. C. P. and G. S.
i . Oct. 14,1899.
Look In Your Mirror I
Do you see sparkling: eyes, a healthy, |
tinted skin, a sweet expression and a grace- B
ful form ? These attractions are the result B
of good health. If they are absent, there I
la nearly always some disorder of the dis- |
tlnctly feminine organs present Healthy B
menstrual organs mean health and beauty S
everywhere. i
Wine ofCardui
makes women beautiful and healthy.
It strikes at the root of all their
trouble. There is no menstrual disorder,
ache or pain which it will not
cure. It is for the budding girl, the
busy wife and the matron approaching
the change of life. At every trying
crisis in a woman's life it brings
health, strength and happiness. It
costs fi.oo of medicine dealers.
For advice in cases requiring special
directions, address, giving symptoms,
" The I^aies' Advisoiy Department, '*
The Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chat
lauuugo, X cuu, H
MRS. BOZENA OTITIS, of Oenarflle, I
Texas, says"I was troubled at monthly I
Intervals with terrible pains in my head and I
bad^Jbu^have been entirely relieved by Wine I
Money to Loan.
Izlar Bros. 8f Mice,
Attorneys and Counselors at Law,
BAMBERG 0. H, S. 0.
Agents for the largest fire insurance company in America.
They pay spot cash, without discount, for all losses.
Do not insure in small, insignificant companies, when
yon can have the best for the same money.
They make a specialty of gin houses, and have reasonable
prices for cotton is what has helped you to pay out of debt.
Low prices for the goods you have bought helped you also.
Everybody knows (they who know anything) that iron and
steel have made great advances in the past three months.
To protect my trade from this advance, I bought a car load
each of Buggies and Wagons before the rise, and you can
readily see that I have the inside
The Wagons are here, and the Buggies too, and another
car of Buggies will arrive next week. My long experience
in this line has taught me what to buy, and if you will take
the trouble to walk down to my repository I will show you
the best assortment of Buggies, Carriages, Surreys, andi
such like that you ever saw anywhere, and I have them at
the old price. Also Harness, Whips, Lap Robes, Umbrellas,
Horse Blankets, and any and all sorts of "Mule Millinery."
I have in the barn fifty head of mules and horses,
and can suit you in price and quality, any kind you want.
High prices <
?at? , : .w
Bamberg, S. C. . ; /'
^ . . . /^r *
Cash. Advanced
oil Cotton.
Those who propose to store their
cotton will do well to write us. We
are advancing nearly the full value
of cotton in our warehouse, and for
1 - very moderate charges- we keep it
protected from the weather or loss;
by fire. ^
These accidents often happen, and gome times a great deal 6f valuable
property is destroyed. Bat no matter how many fires we may have in
Bamberg, prices will not be increased at
Hays's Furniture Store.
Our prices are always low, so low in fact that-yon wonder how we can
sell so cheap. The reason is plain; however. We bay in large quantities
for cash, taking advantage of all discounts, and this enables us to sue
cessfully compete with-ihe largest dealers in our line. When you want
Minn, Cupli, Mtiiji, Bugs, Skis, Mil Ms,
etc., our store is the place to come. We want your trade; and if low
prices and fair dealing count for anything, we will surely get it.
Hammocks and Easy Chairs.
/ S
We have a beautiful line of these goods, and now is the time to buy.
The prices were never lower, the selection never better.
Bed, Room Suits and Wardrobes.
We have some beautiful pieces of furniture jn th^se, and they are sure
[to suit your taste and pocket-book. Baby Carriages, Enameled Beds,
1 - - ? - " ? 1 - ? it--' 1- ? _!_ . 1 _
jSprings, Lounges, in tact, auytning ana everytaing to inraisa a nome
complete, including a first class iine of 1
We can save you money, and it will pay you to see our stock. We also
carry Trunks, and Lime in any quantity.
\ All styles and prices. No trouble to show goods. You are always
welcome, whether you buy or not. Yours truly,
X = Imperial Gas Lamp
W ||K/ Covered by U. S. Patent*.
I Admittedly the BEST light on the market and
j the most economical,
j The Imperial co mon store gasoline and gives a
K 100 candle power light at a cost of one I
cent per day.
f One Gallon will burn 60 hours.
( m The needle keeps the burner clean, so it will not clog, and i
VI U the generating tube being in center of flame, insures a light
U that will not go out. There is no odor, no spioke and no i
flicker. The light can be raised or turned down just as with
!j flFT a gas jet or lamp. The Imperial is the most perfect light .
; J/f?L on .the market and everything pertaining to it is the best to ,
W If not sold in your town write us for catalogue.
W i3?*i34Ud? street, CTflCAOO, IUa1
^ vr'-.-v A
; .J. " ' '
'*; .<?'? ' 4c'
Hardware! A
My fall stock is corjing in every
day, and was bought before the advauce
in prices. I am therefore in ^
position to save you money, I have
a beautiful line of
Lais aoi Lai Ms
of all kinds. Lamps for the store,
parlor or kitchen. The prettiest line
of decorated parlor lamps ever seen
in this section. v \|
stoves aim Ranges. '
A carload of stoves and ranges, all
sizes and prices. I can sell, yon a
good stove for $8.50, including fur- '
niture. My stock of
Fancy da il Glnm '
is complete, embracing porcelain and
china dinuer and tea sets, chamber Assets,
etc. All kinds of glassware,
also agate ware of every description,
I have the largest'and most complete
stock I have ever carried, and
want you to look it over. I mean
exactly what I say. I will save you
money. It^ is a pleasure to show
goods. Call in and look around.
Yours for business,
We Have " J
We have bought the stock of
goods formerly belonging to
Miss Sal lie Rice, and nave
moved into her store. Here we
are showing a fall and complete
I line of
Fall ail Water Bluff, : I
Mrs. Shack hasjast returned
from the Northern markets,
where she purchased the latest
creations in fashionable goods.
Call in and look around^* v
m 1.1. sens co?
At Miss Sallie Bice's old stand.
i i, ^
Southern Railway.
Condensed Schsdule in Effect June llili, 1300.
SSOpi 7 OteLv... Charleston... Aril te8jg? '3
60Gp 741a **.. Summerrille..44 1018a lWm
ffiOp 855a u ... Branchville... 852a
8Sip 923a ** f ..OrangebnJ*...44 822a 529p
920pl015a " ....Kngrflto.... M 780* 43? y
...... 1048a "Camden JnpntkmLv ...... 15Q> ' v
XI 40a Ar Camden. hw 800p
10 lOp U oojAt. .. .Colombia-. J,t| 6 4Bal tfiBp
lm i
jwy viuw ...JwauvufHiv... i 819p
941a " Bamberg..^.:" r82(a 689?
8alp 962a "....Derunark...." 811* 619p
&50p 1010a " Blackville " I 7 66a 508*
957p 1109a " Aiken 7 0?a (009
1045p 11 j^Ar. Augusta un.<LLv " 620a tlQp
' Sac. iwT"3J"
Sun. only Qua.
Lv. Augusta, i 7 00a 9 30a 5 21p
Ly. Tennille 515a 810p! 8J?
" Sandersville 525a 821k 82b ^
, Ay. Augusta 988a Tlppj 8
Mix. mii!
Daily Exsa
S : ? ? * - g
LV. Allendale. 6(8a ...... ......
" BarnwelL 7 26a 12
" Blackville 746a l?b.,~~ *
Af. B^tesburg. ... 8a0p .
Vljf- ^C|T. foilll.
N. _ ' BxsujBxau <*dy
Lv.Batesburg 425p .....
"Blackville. lOttd 7OCpl0M8
" BarnwelL 10452 78Spl0afi*
Ar. Allendale '. TTTI 830p U lift
* * * ' '
Atlanta and Beyond.
Lv. Charleston* 700a 5S9p(...?.
i At. Augusta....: U5la 1046?......
" Atlanta 820p 500a....?
Lv. Atlanta. UOOp 512a 460p
At. Chattanooga f 645a 925a] s46p
Lr. Atlanta..... 880a) 415j>
Ar.Birmingham.......: lL20alOlOp
" Memphis, (via Birmingham)... 980p 745a
Ar. Lexington. 600p 6801
" Cincinnati. ,. TOp 745a
" Chicago. , 715a 680p
Ar. touisville. 786p fife '
" St.Louis 7 04a H&:
' ^ ? " . * ?
At,Memphis, (via Chattanooga):.1*19
r . . 'J-gT-T
To Ashevlllo- Oinolna>ti'Lo?i??fllf?
Lf. Augusta..................I.:.... 240p *&
M Batesburg. 1. t........ 4Ifla 1207a
1y. Charleston....7^ fOp tT80p
Ly.Columbia (UnionDepot).......JltOa 8?
Ar. Spartanburg .*. 8l0p U ?*
" Asbeville , TOQp 24Qp
4* KAOXVlllA 41fia tap
m pjadrinnatl 790$ TAfijt
** fonlaviHe (via jellico), jffjy "
To WaafcJugton an<l tha East* Augusta,..*.....'.'.....;..,..,.....
t^Op) fifeo
u Bateaburg... ..... 419pl2?fc
" ^TharM** (t7njra Depot).,..... 683p 8 jjjjp ~
ir. Danrtile..!.".gSa Tfig
Jy. Bichmond ....| 606a ildp
At. Washington. .v . I".. TSK
~ Baltimore Pa. B. B.... 812all25p
? Philadelphia. 1188a?25fia
? Now York 2o?Uaa
Sleeping Oar Line between Charleston and
Atlanta, yIA Augusta, making connections at
Atlanta for all points North and West.
Solid Trains between Charleston and Ash* ~ %,
jille, carrying elegant Pullman Buffet Parlor
PQ&neotions at Oolumbta with through twins
foF Washington and the "Ban; aisoforJacfcaonHio
afcd all Florida Pointa
TWrd V-P. & Gen, Mgr., Traffic Manager,
Washington, D. 0. Washington,IX Ot
DttPaas. Aft.,
Charleston, S. 0.
~ .'U*5.
The Largest and Moat Complete
Establishment South. . 'V
?Manufacturers of?
Doors. Sash. Blinds
ftiii Mittiaifesg
Sash Weights and Sash Cord. Office
and Ware Rooms Kin* Si., oj?v posite
Cannon St.
OhaMn-S. 6.
<53la? a^ Specialty

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