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The Bamberg Herald.
ESTABLISHED I?11V 1st. 1891. '
?" 1
A. W. KNIGHT. Editor.
Rates?$1.00 per year; 50 cents for ?
six months. Payable in advance.
Advertisements?$1.00 per inch for r
first insertioh; 50c. for each subsequent a
insertion. : Liberal contracts "made foi [
three, six, or twelve months. Want No- *
ticesonecenta word each insertion. Local *
Notices 8c. per line first week, 5c. after- 1
wards. Tributes of Respect, etc., must
be paid for as regular advertising.
Communications?News letters or on 1
? subjects of general interest will be gladly k
welcomed. Those of a personal nature
will not be published unless paid for.
THURSDAY, September 17, 1903. !
Speaking of Bamberg.
We heard a well-to-do farmer of Orange- ;
hnv<? fAnntu while sneakini? of the !
I?P vw* 5 ?W-V ?j , * ?
improvements which have been made on
the new bridge road,that bethought it "the (
beat road in this part of the country. It
is certainly a contrast to the road on the
Orangeburg 9ide; we people over there
have got to wake our side up and have
? - " the road improved." This is the road
that the convicts have been working. If
we can have as good roads all over the
county as. we are now having built, Bamberg
and Bamberg county may feel proud.
It is good roads together with a good
cotton market which-makes cotton come
here so abundantly.
"We recognize that Bamberg is the
livest town in this section, and that more
business is done there than in any other
of the neighboring towns. The people
stick together and go into an enterprise
with one heart and purpose. This accounts
for the town being what it is toX
' day." Thus spoke one of the most
prominent citizens of a not far distant
"If we except the cities which import
cotton, Bamberg has marketed more cottnn
than ?nv other market in South Caro
iv lina or Georgia," said a drummer who
has recently been through these two
f States.
A mowing machine on Railroad Avenue
and some other streets would not be
bad. Weeds do not look very good od
our main residence street, especially
since clay has just been put there to iml
prove it. ?
Denmark Doings.
Denmark, September 15.?Misses Inez
and Julia Zorn returned home last
Wednesday from an extended trip in
Georgia, to the delight of their many
^ friends..
Mr. C. A. Berry, of Charleston, and J.
B. Gillam, of this place, seem to be the
cotton buyers of this market, as they are
getting all the cotton. There are several
others here, but they do not seem to be
in it a little bit Two hundred and ten
bales were sold here last Saturday.
Mr. D. I. R. Felder has accepted a position
with Mr. J. B. Gillam, behind the
counter, where he will be glad to serve
SEjfe? the public! : .
gap Mr. C. T. Bamberg, of Ott'e Siding, is
now with the Denmark Dry Goods Co.,
|jrvi where he wilL.be glad to see his friends.
We are glad to report that Dr. J. S.
*** ! ' Matthews is improving, who has been sick
with fever for several days.
, The graded school at this place resumed
IVV Vv work last Monday morning with the fol- ,
lowing teachers; Prof. J. Arthur Wiggins,
principal, Misses Carrie Reaves, of Latta,
8. C., Janie P. Flenniken, of Winnsboro,
V. S. C., Lila Davis Tew, of Columbia, 8. C.,
Janie May Carroll, of Chester, S. C.,
Lillian Giambrell, of Abbeville, S. C.,
Fannie Lou Koger, of Greenville, S. C.,
and Kate Izetta Patillo, of Charleston, 8.
- C., as assistants. The number of scholars
enrolled was about one hundred and forty.
Mr. Albert Ehrlicb, traveling salesman
for A. Ehrlicb & Bro9., of Savannah, was
g; v in town last Thursday, seeing his custoV;
xMr. W. H. Bamberg, of Ott's Siding,
one of Bamberg county's largest contractors
and farmers, was in town last ThereM
day, shaking hands with friends. "Uncle
BiHy," as he is better known, is never
idle, and his friends say that the great
* " trouble isthat he does not stay with them
long enough to give them the news.
A. Mclver Bostick, Esq., stopped over
in town last Thursday en" route to Bamberg
front Beaufort, where he had been
I ? -- in attendance upon court.
Hon. (X W. Garris stopped over with
us a short while last Thursday on his way
to his home in Bamberg.
Hon. and Mrs. H. H. Crura, of Columbia,
arrived in the city last Saturday. Mr.
Sk Cram returned to Columbia Sunday evenL
ing, bat Mrs. Cram will remain with her
children, as they have entered the graded
Mr. U.-$t. Milhous had the misfortune
/ * to have one of his fingers cut off by the
t gin last Week.
' Mr/James N. Veazy, of Cincinnati,
was the guest of Hon. H. H. Crum at
Rice's Hotel one day last week.
Mr. W.'B. Rast, of Swansea, who has
the contract for the dormitory at the
Voorbees Industrial School grounds, was
in town last Saturday.
Mr. J. A. Suqamersett, who was agent
for the old South Carolina & Georgia
Railroad this place some years ago, but
who is now trainjnaster for the Columbia,
Newberry ? Laurens Railroad, with headquarters
in Columbia, was in town on
Monday, calling on his friends Mr.
a friondc in rmr
^ OUftUUlCIdCl^b uoo mouj iAiv^Mu
mt - little city, with whom he will always receive
a warm welcome.
Oor merchants did a very fine business
gjgT. last Saturday
rhm A goodly number of our young men are
enjoying themselves shooting doves on
Mr. W. H. Bamberg's place near Ott's
Mr. J. Sigmund Walker left Monday
for Walterboro. where he will open up a
soda water business.
The Caivin vagrant law of Georgia is
just the thing we need in South Carolina,
as there are enough loafing negroes hanging
around the towns to keep all crops
from suffering for work. Another law
that is very much needed in this State,
and which we will see the necessity of
before always, is that any person who
owns a rifle must give bond to keep the
same, except officers of the law, military
or other companies commissioned by the
Governor, or show to the satisfaction of
the board of registration that he is entitled
to keep one, just as he would have to
show that he was entitled to receive a
registration certificate.
The much-needed rain has come at last,
and the people are planting rutabagas
QTiri tnrnina in a till nflflnfP.
Rev. Frank Willcock filled his appoiut
ment here last Sunday morning and
evening. Quite a good crowd attended
both services.
If you need a buggy or wagon you can't
afford not to get Frank Bamberg's prices.
He is not giving this stuff away, but he is
coming as near doing that as any other
dealer in the State.
? The Cotton Market.
The cotton market in Bamberg continues
steady. The price being paid here today
(Wednesday) for best cotton is 10$
cents the pound. Receipts for the week
about 800 bales.
8. A. Read, Cisco, Texas, writes, March
11,1901: "My wrist was sprained so badly
by a fall that it was useless, and after
using several remedies that failed to give
relief, used Ballard's Snow Liniment, and
was cured. I earnestly recommend it to i
any one suffering from sprains." 25c, i
50c, $1.00. Sold by Dr. H. F. Hoover.
The New Annapolis.
Turning down to the left from "Lover's 1
^ane," where we have l>ee? walking, we 1
troll oil to the Naval Observatory and
library. 'i
s a neat little building, and is fitted up
n a most excellent manner. The telecopes,
spectroscopes, and other astrononical
instruments are of the latest design,
md are used exclusively by the Midship- 1
nen of the two upper classes and naval 1
:xperts. Here the time of day is carefuly
reckoued, and all watches and clocks ]
n the naval service are corrected by it.
Leaving the observatory we walk on
owards the library. Just before reading
it, however, our attention is drawn to t
beautiful little monument on our left.
3u a large pedestal and around a tall >
narble shaft are four cannon of granite supporting
the upper part of the monuneut.
This makes a beautiful and im
posing tablet to the memory of the he
roes, to whom it was erected. Two mar- .
Pie tablets tell the motive which prompted
the fallen heroes' friends to erect it.
In Jauuary, 1846, Midshipmen Clemson
Mid Hyuson were washed overboard the
LJ. S. Brig Somers off the coast of Mexico
not far from the city of Vera Cruz and
drowned. Later on, in 1847, Midshipman
Pillsbury was killed while in action with
the Naval Batter}', which assisted at the
storming of Vera Cruz by Gen. Scott.
Midshipman Shubrick was drowned soon
after while attempting to rescue a comrade,
who had fallen overboard his ship,
the Somers.
which we reach next, is a brick building,
set back in a grove of large trees. With
its tall columns, it presents the appearance
of an old Southern home. The library
contains about 15,000 volumes, besides
the many series of government reports
etc. All the latest books of tictiou,
as well as the works of classic authors
and books of reference are to be found
here. The reading room is also in this
building, and all the best magazines and
periodicals are on the tables. Only persons
attached to the navy are allowed to
use the library, and the Midshipmen have
preference over all others.
Just beyond the library is a quaint old
relic of the past?erected on a. neat pedestal
is the mast head of the once famous
cruiser,- the U. S. B. Delaware of 1817.
The figure is a huge Indian's head and
shoulders. It is carved out of a block of
wood, and measures about ten ieet nigu
by four wide. Around the majestic head
is hung all of the Indian's weapons?his
knife, his powder horn, his tomahawk
etc. This quaint old custom of placing a
totem on the mast head of the battle-ship
has long since passed by, and the few that
we see nowadays do not fail to awaken
interest in us.
Below this are.the general offices of the
superintendent and his assistant; the Academy
store, where the Midshipman receives
all his supplies; and the Paymaster's
Behind all this and down a high grassy
terrace, we see through the branches of
the numerous fir and oak trees the athletic
field of the midshipmen. First there is
a basket ball field, and then ten fine tennis
courts. Tennis is played a great deal,
and to see so many midshipmen in their
blue and yellow striped jerseys playing at
a time is a fine sight. Around the tennis
courts is the race track?this is a fifth
mile track, and is well kept up. To one
side is set up poles for jumping, vaulting,
The base ball and foot ball fields are on
the other side of the "yard," and will be
spoken of later.
Quitting the hill, which overlooks all
this, we pass back to Blake Row once
more. Here we arrive at the
which is at one end of the Row. The
rik-. %a a litfl a Krt/ikr
19 a 1U11C unca uuuuiug
erected on a shady spot and has its walls
all overgrown with ivy. It i? entirely too
small to accommodate the midshipmen
now, however, and i9 being replaced by a
magnificent $400,000 granite structure.
Upon obtaining permission we pass inside.
The chapel is neatly fitted up in
Episcopalian style. On account of there
being so many denominations in the Academy,
the Episcopalian form of worship
is used. All Midshipmen, excepting those
who are Catholics, are compelled to attend
services here once each Sunday.
The pews are neatly * cushioned, the
walls handsomely painted, the floor carpeted
and the building lighted by electricity
and heated by steam. In the gallery
is a pipe organ with a special organist,
who is leader of the choir?composed
wholly of midshipmen. But what strikes
us most of all in the chapel is the three
stained glass windows, and the many tablets
which' adorn the walls. One large
handsome window?said to be the most
expensive one of its kind in America?is
to the memory of Lieut-commander Mason,
who died several years ago. The
other two were placed in the chapel by
the government, and are to the memory
of the men who perished in the ill-fated
A CnhAAnoi* BTiirnn* o?rl tKo mon wliA
XXiVbll/ kA/UWUVi uuivu, UUU vuv mvu
were drowned in the wreck of the U. S.
S. in the Samoan waters.
The tablets are of bronze and marble,
and are beautiful. They are for the most
part erected to the memory of men in the
naval service, who were killed or drowned
while performing some heroic deed.
One is erected to Commander Charles
McDongae, who was burned to death in
a hotel tire in New York city, while trying
to rescue a child from the flames; another
to a young lieutenant, who was
killed by pirates in Mexico; still another
to the otticers and sailors who were lost
on the Huron.
We have not space to tell the thrilling
narration to be drawn from the few words
carved upon these simple but impressive
monuments erected to perpetuate the
memory of fallen heroes.
The next points of interest to be visited
are the new armory, the new main
barracks (in process of building,) the new
seamanship building, with the boathouses,
officers' club room and gun shed.
These we will visit next, and see all
that visitors are allowed to see. One
must bear in mind, however, that a visitor
is not allowed the privilege of seeing
and knowing as much as a person attached
to the navy.
[To be continued.]
News from Olar.
Olar, September 15.?Miss Mattie
Matthews, after spending her summer
vacation at home in Williston, has returned
to her position with Mr. C. F.
Mr. J. U. Morris made a flyiug trip to
Savannah, Ga., last week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Scheider left for
their home at White Oak, Ga., Sunday
morning. Mr. Scheider has been agent
and operator here for some time, and has
our best wishes in his new home. Mr. T.
P. Rhodes, formerly of Allendale, succeeds
Mr. Scheider as agent here.
The Olar graded school opened Monday,
September 7th, with Mr. W. M.
Oxner, of Leesville, as principal, and Miss
Kitty Hooton as tirst assistant and Mrs.
W. B. Cave second assistaut. These
teachers all come well recommended, and
.... ,3.... fl.uii" curtcriMciitii tliiu VfScinn
UUUC1 tuuil oujA/i?w*vu vu*w
promises to be the most successful one iu
the history of the school.
The ladies of the Olar Baptist church
gave an ice cream festival at the residence
of Mrs. D. M. McNab last Tuesday evening.
Quite a large crowd of young folks
were present, and the occasion was an
unusual pleasure for all in attendance.
The exercises consisted first of a cake
walk, in which Miss Gussie Free and Fred
Free were awarded the cake. Next a
cake was voted for the most popular
young lady iu the audience, and Miss Ida
Bessiuger received the highest number of
votes. The net receipts were about
$45.00, which will be used for carpeting
and lighting the church.
Rev. T. J. Sandifer was unanimously
called to the pastorate of the Baptist
church here at a conference held last
Saturday. This is his second year; he
has done great work during the past year.
Married, Thursday morning, September
the 10th, Judge M. D. Reid officiating,
Mr. Henry Wilson, of the Howell's Mill
section, and Miss Taut, of Denmark.
For a bilious attack take Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets and a quick
cure is certain. For sale by Bamberg <
Pharmacy. <
The New Baby.
k'es, I've got a little brother,
^Jever asked to have him, nutker, w
But he's here. S
They just went away and bought him, bi
Vnd last week the doctor brought him, y<
Weren't that queer. u
Alien 1 heard the news from Moll)', B
iVhy, 1 thought at first 'twas jolly, ai
'Cause you see, d
[ s'posed I could go and get him, w
And then mamma, course, would let him, n
Play with me. b:
Sut when I once looked at him, a;
'Why," I says, 4iGreat Snake9, is that him, h
" Just that mite?" d
rhey said, "Yes," and "Aint hecunnin'?"
And I thought they must be funnin',
He's a sight.
He's so small, it's just amaziu' 3
And you'd think that he was blazin', g
He's so red. v
And his nose is like a berry," g.
And he's as bald as Uncle Jerry c
On his head. a
Why he isn't worth a brick,
All he does is cry and kick,
He can't 9top. ^
Won't sit up, you can't arrange him,
I don't see why pa don't change him
At the shop. ^
Now, we've got to dress and feed him, j
A ml wp rpfillr #1 id n't nppil him
More'n a frog;
Why'd they buy a baby brother,
When they know I'd a good deal ruther
Have a dog? j
?Kansas Farmer. a
To see the best stock of buggies, wag- I
ons, and harness visit G. Frank Bamberg's a
place. He has just gotten them?no old
shop-worn stuff, and the prices are right. *
A Remarkable Record. j
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has a re- t
markable record. It has been in use for
over thirty years, during which time j
many million bottles have been sold and c
used. It has long been the standard and q
main reliance in the treatment of croup ^
in thousands of homes, yet during this j
time no case has ever been reported to t
the manufacturers in which it failed to t
effect a cure. When given as soon as the
child becomes hoarse, or even as soon as
the eroupy cough appears, it will prevent
the attack. It is pleasant to take, many .
children like it. It contains no opium or 1
other harmful substances, and may be ('
given as confidently to a baby as to an
adult. For sale by Bamberg Pharmacy. ?
Historic Slippers. J
Shoes and slippers have played an im- c
portant part in history and tradition. An c
instructive collection of historic footgear u
is shown in The Delineator for October, r
including dress slippers of Marie Antoi- ]
nette and many other quaint, curious spec
imens of bygone centuries. The shoes or
the present day represent a great advance t
in the quality of comfort, it would seem,
but in elaboration and artistic ornamen- ^
tation they must yield to the footwear of t
earlier times. The shoes of the fourteenth
century were guilded or engraved ornate- t
ly. Ladies' shoes of the fifteenth century
were wooden, curiously carved. The t
seventeenth century was most prolific in
the different styles of shoes produced, and
the materials from which they were fasliioued
were the richest. The shoes of the .
Orient have always been extremely }
elaborate. _ .
A Purgative Pleasure. (
If you ever took DeWitt's Little Early *
Risers for biliousness or constipation, j
you know what a purgative pleasure is. ?
These famous pills cleanse the liver and
rid the system of all bile without produc- i
ing unpleasant effects. They do not f
gripe, sicken or weaken, but give strength j
to the tissues and organs involved. W, <
11. Howell, Houston, Texas, savs: "No
better pill can be used than Little Early
Risers for constipation, scik headache, t
etc." Sold by Dr. H. F. Hoover. (
To see the best stock of buggies, wag
ons, and harness visit G. Frank Bamberg's t
place. He has just gotten them?no old
shop-worn stuff, and the prices are right.
Train Kills 82 Cows. ?
Rr chmond, V a., September 14.?Thirtytwo
fine milch cows owned by Mr. J. G. 8
Linsley, of Henrico, were killed by an (
incoming passenger on the Chesapeake &
Ohio railroad.
Engineer Charles Demain had blown ?
the whistle as usual for the crossing at J
Hunslet, but as the train thundered
around the curve a herd of 100 or more
cows rushed on the track. They were
terror-stricken, aud, iustead of fleeing 1
from the danger, huddled together. The ]
train, which could not be stopped, plowed (
through the cattle, tearing and grinding (
their bodies to pieces. Blood, bone ana ]
beef were scattered in- all directions and i
the wheels were clogged with bones, hoofs i
and hides. One cow was thrown in the t
air and landed on the third coach. The <
horrified passengers thought there had <
been a head-on collision. No human being
was hurt in the carriages.
Beautiful Women. i
Pluirp cheeks, flushed with the soft '
glow of health and a pure complexion, ]
make all women beautiful. Take a small
dose of Herbine after each meal; it will
prevent constipation, and help digest
what you have eaten. 50c. Mrs. W. M. 1
Stroud, Midlothian, Texas, writes, May
31, 1901: "We have used herbine in our j
family for eight years, and found it the i
best medicine we ever used for constipa- j
tion, bilious fever and malaria." Sold by j
Dr. H. F. Hoover, Bamberg, S. C. <
? I
College Hazers Fired On by a "Rat" i
Opelika, Ala., Sept 14.?A fusilade of j
shots and a badly wounded man were the
results of an attempt to haze some new
studeuts at the Alabama Polytechnic (
Institute at Auburn Thursday night. The j
facts have just leaked out and are'creating
considerable interest. Rumors of new J
students, who are called "rats," being 1
rolled in fresh mortar or drenched with
syrup or who have other indignities heaped
upon them, are also spoken of. Thursday
night a young man called "Monk" <
Landrum, who is not a student now, led j
a crowd of old students in pursuit of a <
new one to haze kim. Visions of a possi- j
ble beating or other iudignity being i
heaped upon him caused the new student <
to ilee. Seeing he was goiug to be over- (
taken by Landrum, he stopped and opened i
tire, badly wounding Landrum, who, there ]
upon, desisted. Other shots were tired but <
the particulars have never gotten out. <
Distress After Eating Cared. . i
Judge W. T. Holland, Greensburg, La., *
who is well and favorably known, says: <
"Two years ago I suffered greatly from s
indigestion. After eating, great distress <
would invariably result, lasting for an 1
hour or so, and my nights were restless. *
I tried Kodol Dyspepsia Cure, and it 1
cured me entirely. Now my sleep is refreshing
and digestion perfect." Sold by
Dr. II. F. Hoover.
A sweet innocent girl marrying a drunk- i
\ t i _ A - - f L:-. I: i. it
aru or gamuier 10 reiorui mm is use puiu- a
inga hog in a parlor. It does not hurt the r
hog, but it ruins the parlor. I
Legal Blanks. t
We have in stock and for sale the fol- a
lowiug legal blanks: r
Title to Real Estate.
Mortgage of Real Estate.
Bond for Title. ,
Note and Mortgage.
Lien on Crop and Mortgage.
Bill of Sale. J
Land Rent Lien.
Bench Warrant.
Subpcena Ticket (for magistrates and
circuit court.)
Subpcena Writ. d
Commitment. g
Arrest Warrant for Witnesses. s
Summons for Relief. I
Copy Summons for Relief. a
Notice of Pendency of Action. r
Mail orders solicited which will be c
promptly filled. s
To Core a Cold in One Bay c
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets, n
All druggists refund money if it fails to t
cure. E. W. Grove's signature is on $
each box. 25c. v I
What She Thought of Him.
A little girl, suffering with toothache,
as in his chair to have the tooth removed,
he refused to let him proceed at first,
sing afraid of the pain. "It won't hurt
ou, little one," said the deutist. "There,
ow, open your mouth. It won't hurt."
[alf a minute's work removed the tooth,
ad as the little girl cried softly the
entist said: "Didn't I tell you it
ouldn't hurt ? What do you think of me,
ow?" Looking up at him with her big
rown eyes she replied: "I think you
re the biggest liar in town." The dentist
as quit telling people that tooth-pulling
on't hurt.
The Pleasure of Eating.
Persons suffering from indigestion,
yspepsia or other stomach troubles will
nd that Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests
rhat you eat, and keeps the stomach
weet. This remedy is a never failing
ure for indigestion and dyspepsia and
,11 complaints affecting the glands and
aembranes of the stomach or digestive
ract. When you take Kodol Dyspepsia
Jure, everything you eat tastes good, and
very bit of the nutriment that your food
ontains is assimilated and approximated
>y the blood and tissues. Sold by Dr. II.
1. Hoover.
Story of "Bill Arp."
I heard the Maior tell of a "cracker"
ustice of the peace who came to him for
idvice. Said the justice of the peace:
See here, Lawyer Smith, I got a case on
land like this: Two young lawyers each
irgued his respective side of this 'tarual
:ase, but neither one cited a precedent,
^ow, I just decides all cases by counting
he number of precedents cited, right
laud for plaintiff and left hand fingers
or defendant. Now, darn my buttons if
:ither one of them skunks has gi'n me
.nytbiug to haug a decisiou on!" The
flajor told him to decide according to
ommon sense. "I never heard tell o' no
)ourt decision based on no common sense
tefure," said the justice of the peace. The
Tajor said that the more he reflected on '
he matter the more convinced he became
hat the justice of the paece was right.
Fearful Odds Against Him. '
Bedridden, alone and destitute. Such,
n brief, was the condition of an old sollier
by name of J. J. Havens, Versailles,
). For years he was troubled with kidley
disease, and neither doctors nor medcines
gave relief. At length he tried
Electric Bitters. It put him on hi9 feet j
n short order, and now he testifies: "I'm <
>n the road to complete recovery." Best ;
in earth for liver and kidney troubles
aid all forms of stomach and bowel comdaints.
Only 50c. Guaranteed by J. B.
Hack, Bamberg; H. C. Rice, Denmark.
"I never waste words on a fool," said
he nomnous Derson.
'"fliat doesn't correspond with your
vife's statement," replied the party of
he second part.
"What did my wife say?" queried
hep. p.
"That you were in the habit of talking^
o yourself," answered the other.
The Genuine vs. Counterfeits.
The genuine is always better than counerfeits,
but the force of the statement is
lever more forcibly realized or more
horoughly appreciaied than when you
compare the genuine DeWitt's Witch Hasel
Salve with the many counterfeits and
worthless substitutes that are on the market.
W. S. Ledbetter, Shreveport, La.,
lays: "After using numerous other remedies
without benefit, one box of DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve cured me." For blind,
deeding, itching and protruding piles no
emedy is equal to DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve. Sold by Dr. H. F. Hoover.
"What's the charge?" the justice asked
he officer who had brought in the object
>f the next item on the docket.
"Vagrancy, yer honor."
"Are you homeless?" the justice asked
he prisoner.
"Temporarily," was the reply.
"When did you work last ? "
"Well, about a year ago I had a drugitore,
"And you couldn't make a living with
i drugstore!" exclaimed tne justice exdtedly,
leaning over the bar.
"Ninety days! A man who can't make
i living with a drug store ought to be put
iway permanently!"
Stomach Trouble.
"I have been troubled with my stomach
'or four years," says D. L. Beach, Clover
tfook Farm, Greenfield, Mass. "A few
lays ago I was induced to buy a box of
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tabets.
I have taken a part of them, and
feel a great deal better." If you have any
:roublc with your stomach, try a box of
diese tablets. You are certain to be pleasid
with the result. Price 25 cents. For
jale by Bamberg Pharmacy.
A strange coincidence happened out in
Missouri recently. William Strange
married a Miss Martha Strange. Strange
isn't it? But the next news will be a
little stranger.
W. H. Harrison, Cleveland, Miss.,
writes, Aug. 15, 1902: "1 want to say a
word of praise for Ballard's Snow Liniment.
I stepped on a nail, which caused
the chords in my leg to contract, and an
ibscessto rise on my knee, and the doctor
told me I would have a stiff leg, so
ane day I went to J. F. Lord's drug store
[who is now in Denver, Colo.) He recommended
a bottle of Snow Liniment; I got
? 50c size, and it cured my leg. It is the
best liniment in the world."
Abscesses, with few exceptions, are in
tinotivn r?f pnn?iin?t.ion or debilitv. Thev
may, however, result from blows, or from
foreign bodies, introduced into the skin
Dr flesh, such as splinters, thorns, etc.
Sold by Dr. H. F. Hoover, Bamberg.
Not as They Used to Be.
Things have "changed" in the past
quarter of a century. Three score years
tgo the average boy would go out on
Sunday, climb a tree and partake of a
few quarts of mull>erries, and top olT
with a pocket full of green apples and
salt. The next morning the mother
liagnosed his trouble as "worms" and he
was made to swallow a half a bottle of
Prey's vermifuge, a quarter of a pound of
;psom salts, and was turned loose in the
;ow pasture until supper time, when he
would come in for a square meal all
ight. Now if a boy complains of having
i "stitch" in the side he has "appendiiitis"
and is hustled off to a hospital,
itarved within an inch of his life, half a
lozen surgeons each take a whack at him
with pearl handled knives, and he is
urned over to his friends or the uuderaker?Freeport
(111.) Journal.
What is Life?
In the last analysis nobody knows, but
ve do know that it is under strict law.
Vbuse that law even slightly, pain remits.
Irregular living means derange
uent of the organs, resulting in consiimtion,
headache or liver trouble. Dr.
ling's New Life Pills quickly re-adjusts j
his. It's gentle, yet thorough. Only 25c i
it J. B. Black, Bamberg; H. C. Rice, Den
nark. <
m (
"It is hard luck," said oue of Job's
"What is your latest suggestion?" was
he patient inquiry.
"If you had lived a few years later you 1
night have made a fortune writing testi- ;
nonials for proprietary medicines." j
A Boy's Wild Ride For Life.
With family around expecting him to
lie, and a son riding for life IS miles, to
;et Dr. King's New Discovery for conumption,
coughs and colds, W. H.
Jrown, Leesville, lnd., endured death's
gonies from asthma; but this wonderful
nedicine gave instant relief and soon
ured him. He writes: "I now sleep
oundly every night." Like marvelous
ures of consumption, pneumonia, bron
Litis, coughs, colds and grip prove
datchless merit for all throat and lung roubles.
Guaranteed bottles 50c and :
il.OO. Trial bottles free at J. B. Black,
lamberg, H. C. Rice, Denmark.
^a-^COME TO 01
Look at 0
and you will sur
and buy of us.
Millinery j
Goods, Silk
<^3?.ARE THE F
Most Stylish an<
Shown in
Mrs. K. I. i
^?StS ^ WDtS
25 cents to C. J
TCSKKOEB, Ala.. July 28,1873.?Dr. C. J. MorSTtTT?My .
my experience w ith your excellent medicine, TEETHIXA.
trouble teething. Every remedy was exhausted in the shap
jontintied to pass off pure blood and burning fever continue
Fler mother determined to try TEETIIINA, and in a day o
he Vowels were regular, and thanks to TEET1IINA, tho lit
Yours, etc.. D. w. Mcl
The superintendent of education of
Marion county, wnose name is ur. xvuymond
Berry, is short in his accounts
|2,00() or more, and has left for parts unknown.
It appears that he has systematically
defrauded the county for several
Bncklen's Arnica Salve.
Has world-wide fame for marvelous
cures. It surpasses any other salve, lotion,
ointment, or balm for cuts, corns,
burns, boils, sores, felons, ulcers, tetter,
salt rheum, fever sores, chapped hands,
skin eruptions; infallable for piles. Cure
guaranteed. Only 2f?c at J. B. Black,
Bamberg; H. C. Rice, Denmark.
On account of the Jewish New Year,
our store will be closed on next Tuesday
and Wednesday, September 22d and 23d.
Bamberg, S. C., September 14,1903.
Strayed or stolen from the chain gang
near Bamberg, a red yellow blood hound
with very long ears. Information as to !
his whereabouts will be greatly appreciati
d by me. H. D. FREE,
Manager Bamberg Co. Chain Gang.
Bamberg, 8. C., September 14, 1903.
I CrnpfirifiQ I
I have just received.
a full line of Staple
and Fancy Groceries
of all kinds....
No need to make them
when you can get the
very best in quart jars
for 15c. or half gallon
for 25c. Try them.
N. B. Felderl
I have just opened a first-class
restaurant for whites, in the
building next door to the
dispensary. Everything new,
neat, clean and up-to-date.
Will serve.fish, oysters, etc., in season,
and shall strive to merit patronage
by giving tirst-class service.
Harness & Saddles
Shop at G. Frank Bamberg's Stables.
Work made to order and satisfaction
guaranteed. Repairing a specialty. Give
me a trial and you will be pleased.
Tobacco tags, cigar bands, cheroot /
wrappers, and coupons, etc., bought,
sold and exchanged. 25c to 50c per too
paid for tobacco tags.
JR STORE^*^iur
ely be pleased
Our line of
and Dress
;s, Notions |
1 Cheapest Ever
k I A 4*
ijjjjtt A C0|
ETrejpgCares CMvi-lifiitM,
MWHfiS Diarrhoea,Dysentery, and 'I
I^Vtl the Bowel Troubles of
Children of An/ Age.
^ jij^lAlds Digestion, Regulates
3WDXRS)1H the Bowels, Strengthens
Qf n?,rrfl-Jc+c the Child and Makes
at Druggists, teething easy.
Dew Sir: Justice to you demsnds that I should give you
Our little girl. Just thirteen months old, has had much
a of prescriptions from family physicians. Ear bowels
d for days at a time. Her life was almost despaired of.
r two there was a great change?new life had returned?
tie babe is now doing well.
[VER. Editor and Proprietor TuskegeetAla.) News.
I*lK.d. L. d. ALIAl'lO.
Of GklvMton, Tcxm>
"Wine of Cardui U indeed a Messing
to tired women. Having suffered for
seven years with weakness and bearing-down
pains, and having tried sev*
era! doctors and different remedies
with no success, your Wine of Cardui
was the only thing which helped me,
and eventually cured me It seemed to
build up the weak parts, strengthen
the system and correct irregularities.''
By "tired women" Mrs. Adams
means nervous women who have
disordered menses, falling of the
womb, ovarian troubles or any of
these ailments that women have.
You can cure yourself at home with
this great women's remedy, Wine
of Cardui. Wine of Cardui has
cured thousands of cases which
doctors have failed to benefit. Whv
not begin to get well today? All
druggists have $1.00 bottles. For
any stomach, liver or bowel disorder
Thedford'g Black-Draught
should be used.
For adTloe and literafaire. address, giving
* symptoms. The Ladles' Advisory Depart?flhattannnm
UMlHnS fA.
'cha3aooog*rTenn. "
GTMoye Dickinson,
Office at The Cotton Oil Co,
....I WRITE.."..
In good, strong Companies.
Office at Bank. Phone Connection.
7^ /?v -WV
1). J. Dl/Ui
has just received a nice assortment of
of best grade, style and finish, f
which he offers to the public at S
low prices. It will pay you to
look at his stock before buying. ^
He is also agent for ^
Deering Harvesting Machinery
the best on earth. Also operates
a first-class
Repair Shop!
and builds vehicles of any kind ~q
to order on short notice. Black- ^
.smithing and Horseshoeing. j\
Buggy Painting a Specialty.
Yours to satisfy 1
l). J. MIK. i
Newberry College
stands for thorougli college work under i?
positive Christian influences,
and at moderate cost.
TUITION $40. .
rwenty thousand dollar recitation hall in ]1S
process of erection. Next session be- ,
gins September 23rd. Address,
Geo. B. Cromer, President,
Horses and Mules
always on liand at Jones Bros'. Stables.
Remember we make a specialty of . . . .
Fancy Driving Horses -:;f|
and can always supply your wants in this line.
Give us a call when in need of stock
for any purpose whatsoever.
f /AI rr* A i i rTrv/^i/ 1
is in and ready for inspection. Our prices
are really low, so don't fail to see us for
Hardware, Farming Implements,
Stoves, Guns, Shells, Silverware, PSljj
Cutlery, Lamps, Crockery, Etc. /Sglf
Come to the old reliabe who has served you
faithfully and well for so many years. ,
The Gml Highway of TRADE aa* TRAVEL V ] '. ^SB0.
Exceitent Service Quick Time Convenient fcheduiei
Any Trtf ia a PI?ore Trip to those who ~
The Finest Dining-Car Service in the World. v',Jg|
for geistleri lafoi latloa as to Tickets. Rates aa<j Sleeplag-Car nur
vatioas aaaress the aearest Agent of THE SOUTHERN RAILWAY.
PsittsgM T ceJJW USE^^R OeoevoA FsiMA^sr Agvtt* AMIHSSI figg A^enl#
I\ I \L^dA
3 H
If you want any machinery made and sold by the
Lombard Iron Works, or the best Gin and Press ... %
on the market, made by the Lummus Gin Co., of
Columbus, Ga., write or, call on
F. M. FOOSER, Salesman, i
'. . - . .-- Mr-... s.- tA^ ', ;.
WBen You Have Money To Invest
* ' " - ' J
You expect good returns. In case you decide to invest in
Only the best can bring good returns. Write
W. H. GI6BES & CO., Columbia, S. C.
-. v-" v",
Engines, Boilers, Saw Mill*, Shingle Mills, Woodworking Machin-y.
ery, Com Mills, Etc. Complete (tinning Outfits,
??????????? ??? ??mamma* ,
Life Assurance Co., of Massachusetts. I
ASSETS! $21,678,560.35. v
INSURANCE IN FORCE. - $94,966,6?4.00.
Guaranteed Dividend and Gold Bond Policies, Endowments
Term and Limited Payments.
Guaranteed Cash, Paid Up lnsarance, Extended Insurance. ^
Before Placing Pour Insurance Call'-on
JNO. F. FOLK, Resident gent, T. H. DICK, Special Agent, -I
Sanborn Chase, General Agent, Florence, S. C. ^
BAMBERG, S. C. )ffers
to our young men and young women a thorough preparation for College, and
or business life. Certificates of graduation to those who complete the full course,
Undents have access to fine library, two debating societies.^ Pure artesian water
rom flowing well on the campus. The course of study embraces English, History,"
jatin, Greek (optional), Mathematics and Science, Music, vocal and instrumental.
total expense for.entire year?including ooara, luei, lumon ana au lees, 91we. "
lusic per month. A liberal discount on board and tuition when two attend rom
same family. Send for catalogue.
Iev. Marion Dargan. Rev. H. B. Browne. Judoe. C. G. Dantzler. Hon.
Geo. II. Bates. Pres H. J. Brabham. J. A. Bybd. J. M. Moss.
I. G. Sheridan, Head Master. Will C. Owen, A. B? English and History. 'hi-?
. Clifton Redmon, A. B., Latin and Greek. Miss Pet Stephens, Assistant Iatructor
iu Mathematicsand Science. MissE. Sidei.le Watson, Instructor in Music.
- _
V.he Typewriter was ^ ^
he Typewriter in its , 1 |^]|
lost perfect form is
he of Mr.
{ammond's efforts.
id in addition many useful features which they haven't. Correspondence solicited. V.|||pi
, General Agent for the C

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