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Thursday, Dec. 3, 1903
Short Locals.
Numbers of tramps are passing through
these days.
The merry-go-round is in town and the
children are happy.
Everybody is complaining that business
- is dull. People generally are hard up for i
All the schools in town gave holiday
last week from Wednesday until the following
Our Orangeburg friends can come to see
us with ease now. ine new Dnage roau
. is certainly in fine shape. ,
Wasted?At once, fifty head beef
cattle. D. W. Shealy.
Several of our farmers will feed cattle
this winter. Four car loads have already
been shipped here for this purpose.
Our authorities should rigidly enforce
the vagrancy law. There are too many
people in this community who are not at
. work.
Self-raising buck-wheat, at M. Move's.
L . Some of our subscribers can bring us
a few loads of stove wood on subscription
- if they so desire. It would come in very
handy just now.
The Southern vaudeville show exhibited
here last Friday afternoon and evening
to good crowds. Those who attended
say the acrobatic work was very good.
I have 8 or 10 head of beef cattle for
sale. Also one ox well broke, weighing
about 800 lbs. G. B. Clayton,
Ehrharat, S. C.
We understand that Capt. W. A. Riley
will keep books for J. D. Copeland, and
that Mr FT W .Johnson, who is the Dres
ent book-keeper will go to G. Frank
^ Bamberg's.
Postmaster J. P. Murphy is having
. bricks hauled upon his lot almost opposite
The Herald office. He will at once
erect thereon a brick building to be used
as post-office.
4 . Grapes, all kinds, at M. Moye's.
Thanksgiving Day was quietly observed
in Bamberg. The day was a beautiful
f -. . one. Most of the business houses in town
were closed, and practically all work was
suspended. Many went hunting.
Seeded raisins, currants, citron, dried
figs, prunes, cranberries, at M. Move's.
Rev. S. P. Hair has changed the date
of^ his appointments for Springtown
church. His next service there will be
- on the fourth Sunday in the month, instead
of the" second as formerly.
A nice line of clothing that we want to
turn into money. Come early before your
- > sizes are sold. Rhoad &"Bamberg.
, .The State Supreme Court is hearing
the appealed cases from the second circuit
this week, and Jno. R. Bellinger,
Esq., is again in Columbia, as he has several
cases from this circuit to be heard.
You can get French tongue at M. Move's.
The cotton mill was shut down Monday
iv? ? ? OA m ranoirr
*-r lor lliC purpuac ui luaMug fiuuib i i.[.'an j
%" f to the large water reservoir in the yard.
fp r , It Jbaked in several places and did" not
hold the large supply of water as well as
fcf'* ?'"tit should.
Ask your minister about "fewer gallons;
wears longer."
Mr. J. W. Barnes has entered suit
against the county for $250 damages, for
getting his horse "and buggy injured in
the new brklge over the Edisto river some
r months ago. The case is to be heard at
pp.' " , the coming term of court.
Go to M. Moye's for cigars, tobacco,
W:'' ' cigarettes, pipes, etc.
For Sale.?A house and lot on Railroad
Avenue. Nice large lot, two-story
house in fine repair, with barn, stables,
|r,' and necessary out-buildings. Will be
?& ' ' .* sold at a great sacrifice. For further
v particulars apply at this office.
Ask^Carl Roweil about "fewer gallons; J
!?': wears longer."'
There have been no new developments
in the Yarn murder case. Last Wednesday
afternoon Joseph Robinson and Led
Warren, the two negroes arrested on sus?
picion, were released from jail, and no
> - other arrests have as yet been made.
Ask your grocer about "fewer gallons;
wears Jonger."
Rev. M. W. Hook will leave next week
- to attend the annual conference of the
Methodist church, which meets in Greenville
the 9th instant. This is Mr. Hook's
third year of Service to the church here,
and he will doubtless be returned for another
year by the conference.
Highest prices paid for beef cattle bv
ggp; . D.W.Shealy.
*?4 The stock of general merchandise of
the late M. B. Vara was sold at public
f. auction last Monday .at 12 o'clock, under
a mortgage held by his wife. It was bid
in by her for $200, there being no other
.i.-. . . bids. Other parties will no doubt purchase
? - the stock from her and cohtinue the busi'/
Ask your lawyer about "fewer gallons;
wears longer."
News reaches us that Rev. E. M. McKissick,
the beloved pastor of the Ehrhardt
charge; is very ill. He is suffering
with a carbuncle on his back and is also
thought to have pneumonia. He will
hardly be able to attend the annual conference,
which meets in Greenville next
week. His many friends hope for his
speedy recovery.
< ? Ask your doctor about "fewer gallons;
wears longer."
The building committee are not lying
idle in the matter of erecting the new
graded school building. They have nad
considerable trouble and worry over the
plans and specifications for the building,
but the matter is about straight now and
the contract for its erection will soon be
let. The building is to be a handsome
one, which will be a credit to the town.
Everything in the line of fancy groceries
you need, at M. Moy's.
Dental Notice.?Dr. J. G. Campbell,
D. D. S., of Islandton, S. C., has opened
an office at Ehrhardt, and will attend
there the first Monday in each month and
the following week. Dates for engagements
promptly attended to. Dr. Campbell
is a graduate of Atlanta Dental
College, and has been connected with the
college since his graduation until recently.
Nelson's cocoa, at M. Move's.
The family of Mr. John Cooner are
now down at their old home in the Farrell's
Store section. Their many friends'
will regret to know that their little baby,
who has been ill for some time, is no better.
Mrs. Cooner's health is somewhat improved,
but the great strain of attending to the
little one is a severe tax on her strength.
We all earnestly hope for the best, for
these friends have been grievously afflict-"
ed recently.
Special sale at Denmark Dry Goods
Co. nest Monday.
Don't fail to attend the cost sale at Mrs.
Counts's store next week.
Some of our country friends sold cotton
here at 11 cents this week.
The telephone linemen have been here
for several days puttingin new telephones.
Our subscribers have done well this
week in settling their subscription accounts.
Editor H. M. Aver, of the Florence
Times, has improved his paper very much
One of our town farmers made 100
bushels of peas in six acres of corn. Who
can beat it ?
The December term of court convenes
here next Monday morniug, Judge R. 0.
PiitvIT* nrpciHintr
Those wishing fire and stove wood can
be served promptly by me. Leave orders
at Kirsch's store. W. E. Utsey.
Will not some one organize a civic improvement
society ? There is a great deal
of work such a society could do in Bamberg.
Best line of shoes in town at Rhoad &
Next Monday is the first Monday in
December and "salesday. Some valuable
real estate is advertised for sale by the
The race track of Jones Bros.' is being
used again this winter for training horses.
The trainer here this winter has a string
of running horses.
Just as we are going to press the sad
news reaches us of the death of the little
babe of Mr. and Mrs. John Cooner. Their
many friends sorrow with them.
The ladies of the Demmark Baptist
church will give a fancy bazaar on the
anrt orpnincr nf Dpppmber loth, at
Guess's hall. The public is most cordially
A paper was circulated last week, askthat
the merchants close their stores on
Thanksgiving Day. As a result, all the
stores were closed and the clerks had a
Shred cocoanut, at M. Moye's.
We understand thai Mr. W. P. Murphy,
of Bamberg, is now a reporter on the
News and Courier in Charleston. Will
is a bright boy, and has a liking for newspaper
The Bamberg Herald has enlarged its
size to an eight page six column paper.
Brother Knight intends to give Bamberg
a good oaper as his efforts show. Success
to you, brother.?Dorchester Eagle.
We know of several excellent available
buildinglots for new enterprises in Bamberg.
We must more than "hold our
own," and to do this local enterprises are
necessary. Town pride is not criminal.
Hurler's cocoa, at M. Moye's.
We had the pleasure of inspecting the
plant of the Denmark oil mill for a short
while last Monday afternoon. It is certainly
a mode^and up-to-date oil mill. The
machinery*will be ready to run,m about
fmir morp
Special prices on all goods at Rhoad &
Bamberg's for the next thirty days.
Our Denmark friends will find their
subscription accounts with R. C. Hardwick,
Esq., our agent and correspondent
at that place. He has the list showing
the date you are owing from and will take
pleasure in giving you a receipt.
Go to M. Move's for fancy and staple
Mr. and Mrs. NorrisNevils have moved
into the cottage opposite Mr. J. A. Byrd's
which was recently occupied by Mr. S.
P. J. Garris and family. Mr. Garris has
moved his family to Denmark, as he is
manager of the oil mill at that place.
Ask the postmaster about "fewer gallons
; wears longer."
How many of the churches will have
Christmas trees ? There is nothing to be
compared to the old time Christmas tree
with a good Santa Claus; but it requires'
a deal of hard work for somebody and
some people?not the Bamberg people?
of course not?don't like to crawl out of
themselves and away from their firesides
to make others happy.
^linoe f-Viot vrnftr tvpII flnrl prprv nair
guaranteed. Rhoad & Bamberg.
He who has wooded land near a town
has valuable property, but our forests are
rapidly disappearing. The Cotton Oil
Company of this place is buying wood
shipped "here on cars, and is also burning
coal at night. Some of our citizens burn
coal in their homes, and find it cheaper at
the present price. Good roa^s will soon
be needed to haul wood to town over long
Ask your druggist about "fewer gallons
; wears longer."
A large number of cattle will be fattened
in this vicinity this winter. These
cattle are generally" dehorned and kept
under shelter. Fattened on meal and
hulls, the proximity of our oil mill is a
great convenince to feeders. It requires
from 80 to 120 days to get them ready for
market. Dehorning is apparently cruel !
and throws them back three or four weeks,
but huddled closely in one large barn it
is necessary and merciful to the weaker
cattle, since "might is rieht," in the animal
kingdom, (and alas! In man's realm
too sometimes). Mr. G. Frank Bamberg
was our pioneer feeder. Some of these
cattle are shipped here from the mountains
of North Carolina, some from the
coast country, and some from lower
Georgia and Florida.
You can get Hecker's oat meal, at M.
Some years ago the farmers of Texas
threw their cotton seed into the rivers to
get rid of it. Now the mills give a good
price for It and manufacture out of the
same oil, meal, hulls and lint. At first
there was a prejudice against most of
these products, but now they are in high
favor. Cottolene is certainly more healthful
than lard, meal is an excellent fertilizer,
and meal and hulls is a cheap and
very satifactory feed for milk ana beef
cattle. It is now not an unusual sight to
see farmers carrying home wagon loads
of meal and hulls for their cattle. Senator
Mayfield feeds his cattle partly on
shredded corn stalks. It hasn't been long
since talk of feeding hulls and corn stalks
was laughed at, but "he laughs best who
laughs last."
Standard goods are always valuable.
Quality is the one thing to be considered
in purchasing jewelry. "When you buy
at Bamberg's jewelry "store you are assured
of first quality. Our line of silverware
and jewelry, suitable for wedding
presents, is one of the most unique that
has ever been shown in this town. All
new goods.
The Cotton Market.
Cotton is selling in Bamberg to-day at
11 1-1G cents the pound. Receipts of* the
week, two hundred bales.
New Advertisements.
See the ad. of this firm in this issue.
They have a large stock of goods, and
wilfhave a special sale on Monday, December
7th. See the great bargains they
advertise this week.
Mrs. Counts calls your attention to her
cost sale. She will sell out her entire
lines of dry goods, embroideries, laces,
corsets, and notions at cost for cash, as
she will handle millinery exclusively another
season. The sale commences next
week and continues for two weeks. Now
is your time to get bargains, for Mrs.
Counts means just exactly what she says.
Hoffman calls vour attention to his
V^UX ISllilBS 11UC VI juunutj o uuu uua w.u
dies. See his new ad.
Felder calls your attention to his line
of Christinas groceries, also a full line of
National Biscuit Co.'s package goods.
Centennial Services.
The centennial services at Springtown
church last Thursday (Thanksgiving Day)
were largely attended, and were very
interesting. The most interesting address
of the day no doubt was that of Rev. W.'
D. McMillan, of Blackville, on the history
of the church. This is one of the most
historic houses of worship in the State,
and a study of its past history should be
an inspiration to the younger generation.
We will publish the history ofthe church
at an early date.
World's Best Medicine.
Has Made People Well When
Every Other Remedy
nas raneu.
Paine's Celery Compound cures disease!
It has saved the lives of thousands of sufferers.
It has made the weak strong, vigorous, and
Paine's Celery Compound purifies the blood
and builds up the nervous system as nothing
else can do; it is pre-eminently the great life
giver and health maker.
Overworked and tired women stand in urgent
need of this health giving prescription to
make and keep them well. All women should
take advantage of the remarkable power of
this best of medicine for restoring vigor to the
blood and strength to the nervous system.
The all-important thing for nervqus, run down,and
sleepless women is that Paine's Celery
Compound fortifies the whole physical system,
and by correcting digestion and regulating the
nerves, it insures sound, refreshing sleep. In
every case of sickness Paine's Celery Compound
completely and permanently brings
back health. Mrs. Mary M. Myers, Baltimore,
Ohio, saved by Paine's Celery Compound
after the failures of able physicians, gratefully
writes as follows:?
" I suffered for eight years with nervous '
prostration and the general debility common
to women, and had such pains in my back
that I could not get around the house. I used
several remedies and consulted several of the
best physicians without obtaining any relief.
Paine's Celery Compound restored me to
"I also want to say to all mothers that
Paine's Celery Compound is a splendid mediine
for their children." __
A Diamond
^Sp&Dyes Home Use j
WA They MaKe OlKlotlies
Direction book and 45
dved samples free.
....I WRITE-.-.
In good, strong Companies.
ill J. BBABH&H, Jr.,
Office at Bank. Phone Connection.
6. Moye DicKtnson,
Office at The Cotton Oil Co.
MBS. E. F. C0PELil'S,
Always on Hand.
* American Beauty Corsets a specialty,
also Baby Caps. You will surely be
pleased. No trouble to show goods.
Don't Give the Baby
Dangerous Drugs.
There is one safe, sure and absolutely
harmless remedy for infant's
ills. It is
Baby Ease
Cures every form of bowel and
stomach trouble, brings refreshing
sleep, makes babies fat.
Baby East Manufacturing Co., Macon, 6a.
There is a Gold Mine
I " LIGHT. fffAOl ' ftl I
A gold mine for some undertaker or
other fellow if you are careless of the
truss that holds you together?but a gold
mine all for you if you use this instrument.
It is the master achievement of a
life devoted to the mechanical retention
of hernia.
It holds at the internal ring, allows absolute
freedom of movement, is light,
sanitary, scientific?is completely in line
with the most recent medical research,
and its use does mean an improved condition
of rupture?even may be, a cure.
Your money back any time within thirty
rlouc if nnt caticfiofi
For quick relief from Biliousness,
Sick Headache, Torpid Liver, Jaundice,
Dizziness, and all troubles arising
from an inactive or sluggish liver,
DeWitt's Little Early Risers are unequalled.
lliey act promptly and never gripe.
They are so dainty that it is a pleasure
to take them. One to two act as a
mild laxative; two or four act as a
pleasant and effective cathartic. They
are purely vegetable and Absolutely
harmless. They tonic the liver.
*- n^UFiM Mm
Sold by Dr. H. F. Hoover.
The county treasurer'9 office will be
open for the collection of State, county,
school and all other taxes from the 15th
day of October, 1903, until the 15th day
of March, 1904, inclusive.
From the 1st day of January, 1904, until
the 31st day of January, 1904, a penalty
of 1 per cent, will be added to all unpaid
taxes. From the first day of February,
1904, until the 28th day of February,
1904, a penalty of 2 per cent, will be added
to all unpaid taxes. From the 1st day of
March, 1904, until the 15th day of March,
1904, a penalty of 5 per cent, will be
added to all unpaid taxes.
The following is the levy:
For State purposes, 5 mills.
For county purposes, 4 mills.
For back indebtedness, ? mill.
Constitutional school tax, 3 mills.
Total, 12-? mills.
Special school levies:
Bamberg, No. 14, 4? mills.
Binnaker's, No. 12, 3 mills.
Clear Pond, No. 19, 2 miils.
Colston, No. 18,1 mill.
Cuffie Creek, No. 17, 2 mills.
Denmark, No. 21, 3 mills.
Ehrhardt, No. 22, 2 mills.
^ VT. 4 4 A *11 -
irovan, i>o ii, o mins.
Hunter's chapel, No. 16,1 mill.
Hopewell, No. 1, 3 mills.
Hampton, No. 2, 2 mills.
Lees, No.-23, 2 mills.
Midway, No. 2, 2 mills.
Oak Grove, No. 20, 3 mills.
Olar, No. 8, 2 mills.
I will receive the road commutation
tax ($1.00) from October 15, 1908, until
March 1st, 1904. JNO. F. FOLK,
Treasurer Bamberg County,
Bamberg. 8, C., September 22,1903.
has just received a nice assortment of
nPfiW ANJ1 TflP
U1JJ11 miu xvi i/uuuujw
of best grade, 9tyle and finish,
which he offers to the public at
low prices. It will pay you to
look at his stock before buying.
He is also agent for
Deering Harvesting Machinery
the best on earth.. Also operates
a first-class
Repair Shop
and builds vehicles of any kind
to order on short notice. Blacksmithing
and Horseshoeing.
Buggy Painting a Specialty.
Yours to satisfy
D. j. miu
* v . v s
'v.; ..." >, - : '
48 Men's Suits, former price d? _ r*n
$7.50, to go at
12 Men's Suits, former price _
$10.00, to go at 7 *5 ^
12 Men's Suits, former price .-v-*
$15.00, to go at IV,VV
40 Boys' Suits, former price ^ P
$3.50, to go at
18 Boys' Suits, former price * .
$6.50, to go at 4*5^
36 Ladies' Skirts, $i.oo to $3-75*
36 Children's Jackets, $1.25 to $2.35*
18 Ladies' Jackets, former ~
price $10.00, to go at \J\)
12 Ladies' Jackets, former ? ~ ~
price $7.50, to goat
Don't Fail 1
Dry Goods
Denmark I
. /
Dry Goods ai
I. P. C8B6BT0N, Sec
Is exhibiting in this State <
now. Whether it will
visit Bamberg or not, we ;
are not informed. In fact 1
i we are not interested in
its movements just now. j
Our purpose in writing '
advertisement is to
invite you to visit us in <
our new brick store if you \
have not already done so, !
and let us show you the ' \
magnificent stock of new
Fall & Winter Goods i
which we are displaying. We j
have anything and everything 1
you may "call for in the general ]
merchandise line, ana as we ;
bought in large quantities we
are in position to save you money
on all your purchases* We in- ]
vite the inspection of our goods
and prices by the most careful
buyers, for we feel sure that they
who buy closely will appreciate
the inducements we are offering.
As we sell for cash only, you J
don't hare to pay somebody else's 1
debts when you trade with us. 3
Clothing, Dry Goods, Dress j
Goods, Trimmings, Hats,
Shoes, Notions, Hosiery,
Underwear, Calicos, Crock- 1
ery, Glassware, Tinware, i
Groceries, and Tobacco, Etc. .
- i
We can't begin to mention all our *
lines. Just remember that we
can supply your wants in all lines <
If you have bee.i to see us al- 1
ready, come again, and again. 1
TXT? ?on/3 irill 1
TT C V> am JIVUI liauv uuu j
merit it by giving you the best t
values in "everything you buy. '*
J. w. ;
Mr. Goodson took orders from our \
housewives this week for stove crockery f
ware. j y
,. : Mi
.1 Sale .1
lecember 1
24 Heavy Comforts to go at QOC? j|
12 Heavy Comforts to eo at |
12 Heavy Comforts to go at $1.49i ^V*j|
80 Rugs at 75c, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50 and $3. i
25 Barrels Pansy Flour at $5.35* A
_ _ '9
15 Barrels Rising Sun Flour at $0?CX).
25 lbs Granulated Sugar for $1*35.
25 Sacks Best Coffee, per lb. 8^4C ?
V ^
25 lbs. Good Rice for $1.00. |
Bacon, by the side, per lb. ^\
i f At
to See Our |
and Shoes i
)ry Goods'
id Groceries. 1
retary and Manager. ~ I
The State of South Carolina?Bamberg
County?In Common Pleas. < s 1
Henry A. Raysor, et al., plaintiffs, j
against William M. Raysor, et al., de- I
By virtue of the judgment in the above . ' 3
entitled action I will sell at public auction' J
at Bamberg Court House, in said county ' ?
and State, during the legal hours of sale, '-M
on the first Monday in December, 1903:
1st All that certain tract or parcel ' * 1
of land situate, lying and being in 1
"Ram here errant v. m said State, con- M
taining three huildred and four (304) J
acres, more or less, and bounded on m
the North by the public road leading If
from Walterboro, S. C., to Bamberg, " [
S. C.; on the East by lands of WU- 4 a
liam M. Raysor and of Allen Kinsey; on J
the South'by lands of Allen Kinsey, and ^
on the West by the run of Little Salka- . ?
hatchie and by the run of Hurricane j
Branch, being Tract,No. 1 on a plat1 S
thereof made by L. N. Bellinger, surveyor, } I
dated the twenty-fourth day of Septem- 4 %
ber, 1903. also,
2d All that certain tract or parcel of land 1
situate, lying and being in Bamberg county,
in said State, containing two hundred *
and thirty-four (234) acres, more or lessj,
and known as Tract No. 2, on a plat da f
the estate lands of Thomas Raysor, de\
ceased, made by L. N. Bellinger, surveyor,
and bearing date the twenty-fourth day ^ia
LU iyujj auu wuuuw vu m*v
North by Tract No. 3 of said estate lands I
of Thomas Ravsor, deceased; on the 1
East by Tract No. 4 of said estate lands; .jgB
Dn the South by lands of William M. Ray- --- J
sor and by Tract No. 1 of said estcte lanas, .^3
the public toad leading from Bamberg, S.
C. to Walterboro, S. C., being the line, Jl
ind on the West by lands of Nat Rhoad
and Dan Rhoad, the run of Hurrjfcane fl
Branch being the line. . \\
_ ALSO, ji
3d. All that certain tract or parcel of . 1
land situate, lying and being in Bamberg; /M
County in said State, containing two . 3
mndred and seventy-six (276) acres, more v #
Dr less, and known as Tract No. 3 on a a
plat of the estate lands of Thomas Raysor,
deceased, made by L. N. Bellinger, sur- \9|
reyor, dated the twenty-fourth day of jm
September, 1903, and bounded on the M
North by Hurricane Branch, the run of ^ m
:he Branch being the line ; on the East ^ Jj
Dy lands of Dan Rhoad; on the South by
rract No. 4 of said estate lands, and on the u|
West by Tract No. 2 of said estate lands. |J
ALSO, . 8
4th. All that certain tract or parcel of !m
Land situate, lying and being in Bamberg 9
k^uuuuy, iu sa.iu ovate, wuuiimiig uuee ?l
hundred and twenty-fonr (324) acres, ?|
more or less, and known as Tract No. 4, 4
ra a plat of the estate lands of Thomas :M
Raysor, deceased, made by L. N. Bellin- M
rer, surveyor, dated the twenty-fourth |i
lay of September, 1903, and bounded on 1]
the North by Tract No. 3 of said estate J
lands and by lands of Dan Rboed; on the |B
Bast by lands of Dan Rhoad and by Camp ?
Branch, the run of the branch being the W
line; on the South by Camp Branch, the Mi
run of the Branch being the line, and by M
lands of William M. Raysor, and on the^y T
West by lands of William M. Raysor, the m
public road leading from Walterboro, & W
w., to Bamberg, S. C., being the line, and %|
by Tract No. 2 of said estate lands, and W
ilso by Tract No. 3 of said estate lands. \
Terms : One-half cash, and the balance ? *1
me year from date of sale, secured by \51
bond of purchaser or purchasers, together jS
with a mortgage of the premises; the ;]
purchaser or purchasers to pay for papers l|
ind all taxes falling due after day of sale,/- ~
ind in case the purchaser or purchasers
rail to comply with the terms of sale, that -'*9
said premises be resold on the sameor |11
some subsequent salesday on the 'same
terms and at the risk of the former pur- a|
thaser or purchasers. .",-9
Master Bamberg County. iB
Bamberg, S. C., Nov. 16, 1903. j]
W. S. Bailey, P. 0. True, Tex., writes: | 9
'My wife had been suffering ye years "vlB
vith paralysis in her arm, when I was vB
jersuadei to use Ballard's Snow Liniment |l
vhich cured her. I have used it .for sores, *9
rostbites and skin eruptions." It does the ;
vork." 25c, 50c, $1.00. Dr. H. F. Hoover. .
* ? .
*0-' '-it- ' -t ' -X-'

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