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Established 1891 BAMBERG, S. C., THURSDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1903 One Dollar a Year|||
Mr. W. E. Oiteen, of Camden, Fatally Injured
While Crossing the Railroad on His
Way to His Farm.
Camden, December 14.?This morning
Mr. W. E Osteen was on his way out to
his farm, several miles east of Camden,
and when he got to the crossing over the
Southern Road, near the station, he was
caught by the south-bound train. His
horse seemed to stop right on the track,
and although the engineer made every
effort to stop the train he was too near
Mr. Osteen to stop in time to save him.
The horse was killed, and the buggy was
literally torn to pieces, and why its occupant
was not killed instantly is a mystery.
**"- ?70 vpars nf
Jir, usieeu, wuu is auuuv ?v ^ age,
and a little hard of hearing, was
hurled violently out of his buggy,' and
sustained fatal injuries. He was picked
up and brought to the station, and subsequently
removed to his home on Broad
street, where he received medical attention,
but died to-night of his injuries. He
was a highly respected citizen, unassuming
in his manners and strictly honest.
? He leaves a wife and several grown chil
Those who persist in closing their ears
against the continual recommendation of
Dr. Kind's New Discovery for Consump.
-n-ill Koro o Inner and hitter filfht With
UUU, n 111 UU 1 V U 1VUQ ? _u
their troubles, if not ended earlier by fatal
termination. Read what T. R. Beall, of
Beall, Miss., says: "Last fall my wife had
every symptom of consumption. She took
Dr.King'sNewDiscovery after everything
else had failed. Improvement came at
once and four bottles entirely cured her."
Guaranteed by J, B. Black, Bamberg; H.
C. Rice, Denmark. Price 50c. and $1.00.
Trial bottles free.
Robbers Assault Mr. J. W. Price.
Last Sunday night, while driving to his
home which is about a mile and a half
distant from town, Mr. J. "W. Price was
accosted by three men at the corner of the
colored Baptist church lot. One of the
number called out to Mr. Price to stop,
but seeing that they were armed with long
clubs and knowing that he was unarmed
save for a good heavy walking cane which
he had in the buggy, he very wisely increased
the speed of his horse. The attacking
party was not to be outwitted in
this planner, as was very evident, for they
at once began to pursue in a run and soon
v??m Onfl seized the bridle rein
and brought the horse to a sudden stop,
the second coming along side the buggy
attempted to seize him while a third attacked
him from behind with a club.
Just as soon as he could Mr. Price picked
up his walking cane which lay beside him,
and began to wage war on the villains.
The one at his side he struck down at a
single blow, then turning his attention to
the one in the rear, dealt him several also.
Just at this juncture the one which had
been knocked down regained his speak"
ing faculties and set up a yell of pain
which was enough to alarm the neighborhood.
The other two realizing this,
sought safety in other parts and Mr. Price
was allowed to proceed on his way.
Their purpose was evidently robbery,
as they were heard to say one to another
"Go through him d quick," as soon as
they stopped him. It being dark and the
parties being colored none was recognized.
We have no other description save th'at
they were tall and black and wore ragged
hats. _
pr-T>r ATatt ?Trs valne in sick
o x
ness has been tried and proved. In the
home it is not safe to be without it. Absolutely
pure. On sale at all dispensaries.
Ashburnham, Ontario, Testifies to the
Good Qualities of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy.
Ashburkham, 0>t., April 18,1903.?I
think it only right that I should tell you
what wonderful effect Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy produced. The day before
Easter I was so distressed with a cold and
cough that I did not think to be able to
take any duties the next day, as my voice
was choked by the cough. The same day I
received an order from you for a bottle of
your cough remedy. I procured a sample
bottle, and took three doses of the medicine.
To my great relief the cough and
cold completely disappeared and I was
" able to preach three times on Easter day.
I know this rapid cure was due to your
cough remedy. I make this testimonial
without solicitation, being thankful to
have found such a Godsent remedy.
Respectfully yours, E. A. Langfeldt, M.
A., Rector of St. Luke's Church." To
Chamberlain Medicine Co. Sold by Bamberg
Pharmacy; H. C. Rice, Denmark.
A Veteran Editor Gone.
Edgefield, December 14.?Mr. u. it.
Durisoe, one of Edgefiield's oldest and
most prominent citizens, after a brief illness,
died at his home in town, at 2 o'clock
this morning. Durisoe was a newspaper
man for practically his entire life and
from 1855 to 1873, was the owner and
publisher of the Edgefield Advertiser,
which he inherited from his father, a
distinguished journalist. He was mayor
of our town for several terms and also
. held the office of clerk of Court for a number
of years. A bright Mason, he will be
buried under the auspices of that organization.
/ m
"Harry Duckwell, aged 25 years, choked
to death yesterday morning at his home,
in presence of his wife and child. He contracted
cold a few days ago and paid
little attention to it. Yesterday morning he
was seized with a fit of coughing which
continued some time. His wife sent for
a physician but before he arrived another
coughing spell came on and Duckwell died
from suffocation ."-St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
Ballard's Horehound Syrup would
have saved him. 25c, 50c, and f 1.00. Dr.
H. F, Hoover, Bamberg, S. C.
The World-Famous "Little Georgia Magnet" at
Fitting School Chapel Thursday Night.
At Fitting School Chapel tomorrow,
Thursday- night, December 17th, Miss
Annie May Abbott, the world famous
i "little Georgia magnet," will- give one of
her extraordinary performances for the
benefit of Fitting School. She is known
in all countries as "the most wonderful
woman in the world," and her every performance
verifies the title. While the
little lady weighs but 103 pounds, 10
strong men cannot lift her while, quite
increaible to say, she can lift the ten men
who fail to lift her. Again, she will
touch a ten year old child, and the strongest
man in Bamberg cannot lift the child.
She gives a two hours performance of
similar wonderful feats, a committee of
local citizens being selected from the
audience to assist in and investigate them.
Her performance is so astonishing, and
.so entirely removed from fakeism, that
the opportunity to see it should not be
allowed to pass. As the Fitting School
will share liberally in the receipts it was
agreed to reduce the price of admission
to 15 cents for all school children, and 25
cents for adults, with reserved seats without
extra charge at Rhoad & Bamberg's.
Death of Mr. C. I. Barton.
Mr. C. I. Barton, a son of Dr. and Mrs.
D. W. Barton, died at the home of his
parents in this city Tuesday night. He
was a young man, about 2S years old, and
unmarried. He had been in bad health
for a year or two, but his last illness was
of short duration.
Many people in ail mis section win
regret to hear of his death, for he was
well-known and liked. Clever and genial,
he always had a pleasant word for all.
The burial is to take place at the cemetery
here to-morrow. He was a member
of the Knights of Pythias, and that order
will probably have charge of the funeral
services. >
The Guards' Prize Drill.
The committee appointed to arrange for
the Christmas entertainment of the Bamberg
Guards met last Tuesday night, December
8th, and after discussing the matter
decided to hold a prize drill on Christmas
day. Not that the Guardsmen lay any
special claim to selfishness nor that they
wish to deprive their friends of any
pleasure which might result from a more
extensive program, did they decide to
curtail the one formerly announced. * But
thev realize that there are quite a few
necessities, which go to make a first-class
military company, lacking, hence their
The proposed banquet and band concert
will be done away with and very likely
the money which it would have taken to
furnish these costly demonstrations will
be appropriated in a more useful and lasting
The committee has not fully decided on
the prize to be contested for, but it will
be costly and useful enough to make the
drill interesting to the men.
The progress of the work on the newgun
racks has unavoidably been delayed
by the recent church bazaar which was
held in the armory, but that being over
now the work will be resumed and pushed
forward to completion before January
1st. The -outlook for the approaching
year is very bright, and already in the
.dim and distant future can be discerned
picnics, practice marches and encampments.
It is rumored in military circles
that our next encampment will beheld at
Chicamauga National Park, the place
that has witnessed many deeds of valor.
What It Means.
"We're tired of answering questions!
"Fewer gallons; wears longer" means
that you don't have to paint your house
so often, and you don't have to use so
much paint. Costs less for the job, and
you don't have to do the job so often.
T>he new paint is not new at all. It's
the biggest-selling paint in the United
States, and the firm that makes it is 149
years old.
Devoe lead and zinc?fewer gallons
than mixed paints, wears twice as long
as lead and oil.
Some Comment as to Bamberg.
We made a Hying visit to Bamberg a
few days ago and having heard that it
was a live town we looked around (it being
about the dullest time of the week) and it
looked almost like a November sale day
in Barnwell.
It required such men as H. J. Brabham,
Dr. J. B. Black, Sheriff Hunter and others
of the like to explain the matter to a
stranger. Jar. uraonam, wnom we iaae
to be the youngest Confederate soldier, is
now engaged in caring for the almighty
dollar, of which the town seems to have
an abundance, he being president of the
Dr. Black, who is too well known
throughout the State to need any comment
from us, is a successful merchant
and physician, and while not a politician
is a member of the House of Representatives
from his county. And Capt. Hunter,
who lost a leg in the war between the
States, has lost nothing else. We were
royally entertained at his residence. We
should not wonder if he should turn out
to be poor some day, if he keeps such a
table as we sat down to and has much
It would seem, at a glance, that Bamberg
has an extra number of killings, but
when we come to examine the statistics
and think of the immense increase in the
inhabitants of various classes we have
decided that it is no worse than some
other places. The people appear to be
powerful rich and mighty poor; but not
being a socialist we found no great fault of
that, and not believing in luck we think
the people of Bamberg have made their
wealth by shrewd management and starting
off right.?Riah Mas in the Barnwell
A Correspondent Tells of our Enterprise Along
Many Lnes, and Suggests Other Things.
Perhaps there may be some few who
remember in a short account of my observations
of Bamberg, which appeared in
this paper last winter, that I said I would
return for a longer stay as soon as it was
possible for me to do so. I just left your
town a few weeks ago after a stay of
several weeks. In this time I visited all
of the places of interest which are in Bamberg
and on closer observation I can still
say that I am well pleased with Bamberg
and intend living there sometime in the
If you will permit one who is interested
in the town to suggest one or two things
which will, I think, help the little city
materially, I will feel very grateful to you.
My first suggestion is with reference to
your welcoming of strangers who come
to Bamberg, especially those who have
any idea of locating there. When one
wishes to find out anything about your
town, the inducements which it offers, the
educational advantages, the health and
such other things which are to be considered,
how is that one to gain the information
? He may look and keep looking,
probably getting the desired knowledge,
but would it not be much better to have
a business league or chamber of commerce
to advertise your advantages ? Then any
one could be supplied with a whole lpt of
secondary information which he might
not be able to obtain otherwise. Let there
be those whose duty it is to show the
visitor through town and urge him to
tal-o 11 n hie ahnd#> flmnn? von. In this
""uv """ a J
way many people will hear of your growing
prosperity and eventually cast their
lot with yours; new citizens with new life
will come in and help you to grow. So
advertise yourself to others, that others
may know you as those who are prosperous.
You may remember what a liking
I expressed when in your town before,
for your artesian water. There is nothing
better to be found in the whole state
when the question of water is considered,
than the ever-flowing wells of Bamberg.
Yet you let it waste, gallons and gallons
flow to waste when you might induce
travellers to come and share it with you.
Not only is it a wrong and an abuse of a
blessing to let it waste because of its
health giving qualities, but it might be
converted into a water-works system,
Here let me speak a word about the wells
of your town with reference to a different
matter. The condition of the streets
around the wells are such as to do the
town no good in any way. The health
officers should be instructed to have this
bettered. Sometimes I have seen the
street in such a condition that I wondered
how long it had been since the health
-^ J winftA. ?n/1 trVtQ 1
Ullicers JJUU ViSUCU tuc piaV/C, auu nuui
makes this stand out so clearly is that the
other part of the street is so well kept
You people of Bamberg have in you the
making of a live, up-to-date town, whj
will you neglect things which might be
the making of you ?
Your court house is a very handsome
building, the offices are as a general thins
well kept, but the floor which leads intc
the hall way at the front, is calculated tc
make one think that this is not the country
where spittoons are in use. Here z
general crowd meets daily, I understand
and has its discussion of politics and everj
thing in general. When the meeting has
broken up the marks left on the floor have
obliterated the remarks made by the assembly.
Of course it may be the fashion
to have stained floors but of tobacco juice
stains, I hardly think. Your jail is well
* - ? J *u-4. ?:n .
Kepi nowever auu is one mat ?> m ucai
looking through.
The bank of Bamberg is, I dare say one
of the best in the lower part of the State,
A flourishing business and competent offleers,
this insures the continued success
of thi3 institution. But why should there
not be another bank in the town? Nc
other town in the State with the amount
of business which is done in Bamberg, has
only one bank. Let your progress develop
itself and with it the interests of
every one will increase.
The cotton gin at the oil mill is a fine
business; with four hundred and ninety
saws to work day and night you should
be able to accommodate the trade of a
large part of the county. Yet when I was
there, wagon followed wagon in rapid
succession and still the business went on.
The oil mill company has invested in a
good thing and should one judge the business
of the town by the amount of ginning
done at the oil mill during the time I
was there, he would say that no town in
lower Carolina transacted more business
in proportion to size than Bamberg.
There are one or two other things which
T would like to mention here now but will
wait till some other time, they may not
be altogether complimentary but truth is
appreciated by those who realize their
is the value H. A. Tisdale, Summerton, S.
C. places on DeWitts "Witch Hazel Salve.
He says: "I had piles for 20 years. I tried
doctors and medicines,butaUfailed except
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. It cured me."
It is a combination of healing properties
of witch hazel with antiseptics and emollients;
relieves and cures blind, bleeding,
and protruding piles, sores, cuts, bruises,
eczema salt rheum and all skin diseases.
Sold by Dr. H. F. Hoover, Bamberg, S.C.
News Items Gathered All Around
the County and Elsewhere.
Denmark Doings.
Denmark, December 15.?Messrs. P. R.
Barton and D. S. Hartzog were jurymen
for the first week of court, and Messrs. J.
H. Holman, W. L. Riley, and J. A.
Walker are in attendance upon court this
week as jurors.
Mrs. Nora E. Koon has moved into her
new cottage at West End, on corner of
Beach Avenue and oth street.
The handsome new cottage of Mr. W. Pi
Patrick is being pushed rapidly to completion
by Contractor Hope.
Mr. L. C. Rice is having the old Odd
Fellows' hall converted into a handsome
two story residence.
We are sorry to report that our efficient
cashier, Mr. J. S. J. Faust, is confined to
his room with cold.
Rev. Frank Willcock filled his regular
appointment here last Sunday morning
and night, and preached to large congregations
on both occasions.
Messrs. R. C. Hardwick and E. T. LaFitte
are in attendance upon court this
? CCtk.
Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Carroll, of Blackville,
visited their daughter, Mrs. M. R.
Hardwick, on Sunday last.
Mr. Jim Felder has purchased the stock
of 0. R. Faust, and will remove the same
in to the brick building where he will
open up a first-class mercantile establishment.
Mr. F. H. McCrae is expected to go in
to the mercantile business in the store now
occupied by Faust & Co. H.
Clear Pond Dots.
Clear Pond, December 12.?We are
having some very fine weather now.
One of Mr. G. W. Hughes's tenant
houses was destroyed by fire this morning.
, Miss Annie Zeigler, of Clear Pond,
spent a few days with friends near Denmark
last week.
- n j^ Mi j ^ ?
, Mrs. uniion oanauer wiu spenu a iew
i days this week with her mother, Mrs.
Mrs. J. L. Smoak and Miss Florrie Sandi
ifer were in our community Saturday
. night and Sunday.
The Clear Pond Sunday-school is on
i the boom again. Quite a large crowd
. was present last Sunday afternoon. The
i school will hare an entertainment, and
> Christmas tree on Christmas day at 11
t o'clock a. m.' Everybody is invited to at(
-tend and bring presents for your friends
and sweethearts.
Mr. Mike Aver was at home Sunday.
L We were very glad to see Mr. Charlie
, Mitchell out again Sunday afternoon, but
? sorry he cannot walk:
Messrs. Joe Beard and George All were
j in the community Sunday.
Country Correspondence.
Mr. Atmar Hanberry, who has been on
} an extended trip to Texas, etc., has returnP
ed home and visited in our midst Sunday.
' Miss Mamie Felder. of Bamberg, is
) ' ?
> teaching the Sassafras Grove school.
The Clear Pond union Sunday-school
, will giye its annual Xuias tree on the 2oth
instant. Everybody is cordially invited
. to attend and bring your friend, relative
. or sweetheart, and send word to old Santa
, Claus he is most cordially invited and expected
to come and bring all his presents.
Remember the day and date, ,Xmas day
, >at eleven o'clock.
Mrs. David Black, of Walterboro, is
. visiting her parents at Clear Pond, Mr.
and Mrs. L. M. Ayer.
, Mr. and Mrs. Jffiee Hughes spent Sunday
and Monday with relatives above
, Mrs. Clifton Sandifer, of near Denmark,
, is visiting -her parents in our vicinity,
, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Smoak.
Wedding bells chimed and orange
{ blossoms bloomed at Spring Branch last
, Wednesday for Mr. Hugh Hutto and Miss
* Linnie Rentz. Many congratulations to
Hartzog Happenings.
Hartzog, December 15.?Dr. S. P.
Rentz's new dwelling is nearing com
Mrs. M. A. Black, who has been living
in Branchville since July, moved back to
her home here last Friday. We are all
glad to see her back.
Miss Lillie Rhoad is visiting relatives
at Varnville this week.
Misses Mattie Hammond Steedly and
Avis Folk visited Misses Essie and'Marie
Folk Saturday and Sunday.
Misses Nora and Neta Walker are visiting
their cousins, Misses Sarah and Mary
Walker, at Clear Pond this week.
Misses Charity and Hattie Miley, of
Viola, visited their sister, Mrs. J. W.
Steedly, last week.
Mr. Hugh Dantzler, of Wells, spent!
last week with Mr. Fred Steedly.
Mr. H. D. Steedly of Branchville, spent!
Sunday at home.
Mrs. C. F. Rentz, of Oak Grove, spent
last week with her daughter, Mrs. D. N. |
We are glad to have Mr. and Mrs. W.
M. Steedly back in our vicinity.
On account of Rev. S. P. Hair's mother's
illness, he did not Dreach at Hunter's
Chapel Sunday. Rey/Geo. Askew preached
in his steaa.
Rumor has it that wedding bells will
ring in our midst in the near future.
Mr. J. S. Mixion Married?Mr. W. T. Riley
Badly Hurt in a Runaway Accident
Allendale, December 8.?The recent
advance in the price of cotton does not
benefit the farmers in this section very
much, the bulk of the crop being sold before
the advance. A few bales were sold
on the streets last week for 12 cents.
Mr. J. S. Mixson, a former Allendale
boy, but now connected with the firm of
J. H. Killough, of New York, is to wed
Miss Laura Baker, of Jacksonville, in
that city on Tuesday, December 8. The
ceremony will be performed at St. Johns
Episcopal Uhapel. Miss Enid Mixson
left here last Monday to attend the wedding.
Mr. Mixson has many warm personal
friends all over South Carolina, who
will be interested to know of his approaching
Mrs. A. M. Kennedy, who has been on
a visit to her father, Dr. Roberts, returned
to her home at Williston, last week.
Mr. R. E. Harwood, resident engineer
of the Tennessee Central Railroad, was
in town Sunday. Mr. Harwood was the
resident engineer for the Southern when
they built the extension from Allendale
to Hardeeville, and while here made many
friends, who are always glad to see him
in town.
Mr. W. T. Riley had quite a serious accident
last week. While returning from
his farm, about eight miles from town,
his horse began to run and he was thrown
out of his buggy against a stump. One
side of his face was badly lacerated, and
it was feared for a time he would lose
one eye entirely. He is now at the Riverside
Infirmary, at Charleston, for treat
. ?u ? i - i A *
mem, aau irum iasc repuxi ue xs ?axu tw
be doing very well.
"I had a severe bilious attack and felt
like my head was about to burst when I
got hold of a sample of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets. I took a dose
after supper and next day felt like a new
man ana have been feeling happy ever
since," says J. W. Smith, of .Tulifl, Texas.
For biliousness,stomach troubles and constipation
these tablets have no equal. 25c.
Sold by Bamberg Pharmacy; H. C, Rice.
Court Proceedings.
When we went to press Wednesday of
last week the case of Abram Ancrum,
charged with whipping his daughter so
severely that she died from the effects,
was being tried. He was found guilty of
manslaughter, and sentenced to imprisonment
in the State penitentiary for twenty
This concluded the criminal business,
and Thursday was devoted to equity cases,
granting orders, etc.
Friday civil cases for trial by jury were
taken up. In the case of Butterfield vs.
Folk the jury found for the plaintiff the
land in dispute and $30 damages.
High Point Furniture Co. vs. E. C. Hays
resulted in a verdict for plaintiff for $460,
which is practically a victory for defendant,
as he admitted owing some four hundred
and fifty odd dollars.
Equitable Mfg. Co. vs. I. D. Copeland
resulted in a verdict for defendant. This
was a suit to compel payment for jewelry,
which Mr. Copeland claimed was so badly
mixed up that he could not make the invoice
check up, so he returned it. The
plaintiff claimed the goods had been properly
delivered to the express company,
and "that the carrier was responsible for
the bad condition of the goods when they
arrived. .
Miller & Miller vs. Rhoad & Bamberg
resulted in a verdict forplaintiff for $87.90,
the amount defendants claimed they
owed. This therefore makes ^he defendants
win the case.
The case of Baker vs. Murphy was dismissed
for want of prosecution.
The case of J. S. Sanders vs. Seaboard
Air Line Railway for damages for burning
a house was tried, and the jury gave
a verdict of $100 for plaintiff. .
? ^ fVio mo rrlctro tc
i OC\ Clttl <1 p j'CdlO ii ULU UUV tuugtwutwvv
| court were heard. Thos. Black vs. Southern
Railway was sustained; Bamberg Iron
Works vi: Southern Railway was sustained;
the State vs. Baker was sustained; J.
C. Carter vs. Southern Railway was reversed
and a new trial granted.
The case of Pearlstine against Insurance
Companies was commenced Tuesday,
and has not been concluded up to
the time of going to press on Wednesday.
digests all classes of food, tones and
strengthens stomach and digestive organs.
Cures dyspepsia, indigestion, stomach
troubles, and makes rich red blood, health
and strength. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure rebuilds
wornout tissues, purifies, strengthens
and sweetness the stomach. Gov. G.
W. Atkinson, of W. Va., says: "I have
used a number of bottles of Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure and found it to be a very effective,
indeed a powerful remedy for stomach
ailments.. I recommend it to my
friends." Sold by Dr. H. F. Hoover.
Lodge Notes.
Bamberg lodge, No. 38, Knights of
Pythias, held a regular meeting last Monday
.evening, but only routine business
was transacted. The annual election of
officers will take place at the next meet
I ing, to be held on the evening of the 28th
i instant.
| The endowment rank of the order held
j a meeting Monday evening, and its affairs
were found to be in good shape. All the
| old officers were re-elected to serve for
j another year.
Yf. S. Bailey, P. 0. True, Tex., writes:
I "My wife had been suffering five years
I with paralysis in her arm, when I* was
persuaded to use Ballard's Snow Liniment
which cured her. I have used it for sores,
frostbites and skin eruptions. It does the
i work." 25c, 50c, $1.00. Dr. H. F. Hoover.
The Ladies, as Usual, Made a Great Success of '
the Affair?About $300 Realized for the /'jjwj
New Methodist Church.
The fancy bazaar given by the ladies of
the Home Mission Society closed last
day evening with a good old-fashioned jj
hot supper. There were turkeys, ham^i^
chickens, and salads galore?to say nofch-"||||
ing of the home-made pickle, sandwiches, |
breads, purloes, hot coffee, and oysters.
Sweets were served from the candy-booth:"pj
of course, and every plate and saucer
served with the proverbial] Methodisfc;;||
measure. A goodly sum was realized |
from the hot-supper alone.
For three days?Wednesday, Thursday^
anu rnuay?me uazaai was iuu wnu wiq vj ;
ease and grace common only to earnesfcj||
church workers. There was nothing -t&3|. V;'
mar pleasure or business and with t|*e|| j
exception of the first morning, which waa^
rainy, Providence seemed to smile, the^
rest of the time the weather being dfllj
crisp and on the "made to order"
Which fact acted as a guarantee
good crowds. There were visitors fromiOf^ " v
in the mornings until ten in the evening^*!
and from the quantity of bills and silvot^ ^
in evidence one was convinced imzae?^^:
ately that the price of cotton was aUrightw|| J|
The ladies of town held this a centre fis^ .
Christmas shopping; the children, a place^^
for a good time, some toys#and where f*||
satisfy the sweet-tooth; and the
haven where to replenish the inner-jnaaj^^fl
for oysters were served at all hours. S
The seven booths were made attzaOTMB' %M
in draperies, with traceries of bamfcxSS^
and the articles placed in this to ahoW:4^S: 'I
the best advantage. Those in chargeQwg| ^
the booths were: Fancy work, Mi8se?|f||
Bellinger and Hooton; baby booth, Miss?||r|
Marie Stokes and Gwendolyn
doll booth, Misses Leila Black and ljij?Kigjjj
Brabham; candy booth, Misses ?lisoB?o^ ; |
berg, Pearle Counts, and Margaret
Japanese booth, Misses Llewlie Bam$mjR J
and Mayme Gee Jennings; collars aajjfc'S
handkerchiefs, Misses Jennie Fdder^^HH
Addys Hays; aprons, Misses Delk ani^ |
Felder. The Christmas tree which,
lighted the little folks, was brilliantfiSH r?|
red packages and those who eased
curious little minds by helping to uinHh|
their packages, were Misses Kinsey, JpJ^S y
Armstrong and Kate Pooser.
Miss Pet Stevens, Bamberg's nolgH i
palmist, in a secluded oriental corner, v . ; :
read the lines of many a palm.
Music was furnished by Beard's orche^
tra; and the ladies in charge of the oysters^!
and hot supper were Mesdames.
Kirsch, B. D. Bronson, W. G. Rice, SheaS^
Lee Risher, J. M. Jennings, Brace,
er, W. P. Jones, Beard, Hook,
Llewellyn Cleckley, Carrie Bambe^^D^I
Mrs. G. Frank Bamberg. ';^j?
The baby show on Friday aftenhM?jV|j
proved quite an attractive feature*
wee ones of course had on their beelJfllgBl?
t and tuckers, and acted their sweetest* ME h
looked their best, and the sight alone Mp-!
i worth a dollar. The contest lor i
est babe lasted an hoar, and after the yojp|J|
were counted little Miss Mary TTITrT'liiSH'
was declared the most beautiful bean/teg
and went home happy with her big 7;
baby, the trophy of the race. ;
And now for the most interesting
all events or facts, the net proceeds! We Jj
are sorry that the exact figures cannot m]M
given now, but we feel that we cansafemx
i say they will reach $300. There are noipl^
$282.04 in the bank, and several actftomffl ^
, still due us which in all probability-wflgr
run the figures: to $300 or thereabc?o?a| y?
Which amount goes to the furnishings of
the new church, which cause now is rerjt^ffl
; near tp the hearts of Bamberg MethcfflwjaB
Letter to Dr. B. D. Bronson, Bamberg, S
Dear Sir: Do you want to seU .DevbeS
lead-and-zinc for your town and country M
The whole doctrine of it turns on these;? |
(1) "It is all paint and truepaint'; ^31/
(2) It is the strongest paint; '
(3) It is full measure. '
Because it is all paint, true paint^f?or$r:$
portioned for strength and full-meaaare^ 3
(1) It takes least for a job; - M
(2) Looks best all the time; ?
(3) Lasts longest;
(4)Gathers the trade, and holds 'cas^r'f
There is no such argument for any othej?&-^
paint; there is no other such paint; theie|?' ;
is nothing but talk for any other paint. J|
Devoe is the paint, if you want the
on your side. The
country is full of experiehM^M^
we bring these experiences to bearon|| your
trade, ifyou sell Deroe. /y ;
Tours traly
FW Devoe & Co^ m
Masonic News. II
Dr. J. B. Black, of Bamberg, and
T. D. Beard, of Colston, attended
Masonic grand lodge in Charleston last
week. Bro. Black represented Oman ^
lodge, No. 38, and Bro. Beard, Buford, I;
By the way, Bro. Beard is one of th?fj|"/
brightest Masons in this section, anatnci&pHB
is none more enthusiastic and zeaioos
labor. He has been Master of his lodge
for several years, and was again re-elect-^l
ed for another year at the election of
fleers held recently. The officers elected ? are:
T. D. Beard, YF. M.; J. D. Jenny,
S. W.; L. B. Tueten, J. W.; J. W. JenaT&Jj
Treasurer; F. 31. Jenny, Secretary; N. W "
Weekly, S. D.; A. R. Tueten, J. D.; J. W.:;|||
Main and C. D. Loaaholdt, Stewarjte; JV'J
H. W. Platts, Tiler. J
are sometimes expensive., Oc^f j
casionally life itself is the price of a mis- 1
take, but you'll never be wrong if yon take
Dr. King s New Life Pills for dyspepsia, ' ^
dizziness, headache, liver or bowel troub- |
les. They are gentle vet thorough. 35c, at Yvl
Dr. Black, Bamberg; H. C. Rice, Denmark. _]

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