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Established 1891 BAMBERG, S. C., THURSDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1903 One Dollar a Year |||
One Used a Pistol and the Other a Shotgun.
Both Prominent Citizens in the Community
and Have Families.
Barnwell, December 24?At Kleins,
a station on the Southern nine miles from
our court house, an awful tragedy was
enacted last evening whec the lives of
two of our best known men, Mr. J. T.
Hogg and Mr. Ben Jenkins, were snuffed
It seems that there had been bad blood
between the two men because of a suit involving
certain lands owned by the latter
and last evening at a school entertainment
at Kleins the two met, hot words
were passed, when the latter drew a pistol
and shot the former four times, when in
turn the latter was shot with a shotgun
and instantly killed, whether by the
former or by others cannot now be
learned. The former lived through the
night but died early this morning. The
details surrounding this tragedy cannot
be obtained at this time.
The coroner has left for the scene to
hold inquest.
The family of the latter have retained
Hon. G. Duncan Bellinger, who has gone
to Kleins to be present at the inquest.
Barnwell, December 25.?The report
current here yesterday mat iuz. o. *.
Hogg had died from the wounds received
in conflict with Mr. Jenkins the night before
at Kleins is incorrect. Mr. Hogg
still lives, although the physicians and
surgeons in attendance entertain no hope
of his recovery. Dr. Doughty, of Augusta,
was wired for yesterday and last night
the wounded man was taken to Augusta,
where it is most earnestly hoped he may
recover and be restored to his family, his
friends, his county and his State.
The verdict of the coroner's jury was
that the deceased, Mr. Jenkins, came to
his death by gunshot wounds inflicted at
the hands of Mr. Hogg.
Mr. Hogg made an ante-mortem statement
in which he said: "We went out.
I hit him first. He shot me three or four
times. I got a gun. I shot him twice."
This statement puts at test certain suspicions
that Mr. Jenkins had been killed
by one other than Mr. Hogg.
The actors in this tragedy, of ages 55
and 58, are prominent in this county and
had the respect and confidence of every
one who knew them.
Gloom hangs over the community and
regrets are heard on all sides.
J. T. Hogg, who was so severely wounded
in a fight at Kline's school house near
Barnwell, S. C., died at the city hospital
yesterday morning ?t 7 o'clock. Mr. Hogg
' was shot last Wednesday and was brought
to the city on Christmas. He was operated
on twice in an effort to save his life.
His remains were carrried to his home,
near Barnwell, yesterday afternoon, at 2
o'clock for interment, Mr. Hogg made a
game fight, but his wounds were so severe
that he could not posssibly live.?Augusta
Chronicle, Monday, December 28.
Those who persist in closing their ears
against the continual recommendation of
Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption,
will have a long and bitter fight with
their troubles, if not ended earlier by fatal
termination. Read what T. R. JBeall, of
Beall, Miss., says: "Last fall my wife had
every symptom of consumption. She took
Dr.King'sNewDiscovery after everything
else had failed. Improvement came at
once and four bottles entirely cured her."
Guaranteed by J. B. Black, Bamberg; H.
C. Rice, Denmark. Price 50c. and ?1.00.
Trial bottles free.
A Pertinent Question.?"We must not
J.v/ ?Al,}aa man hpransp nf their Color."
U10J.1 ailtuiav rnvu
said the campaign orator.
"Then why not give the red man a vote?"
asked a man in the andience.
After which there was a dense silence.
?Chicago Post.
running like mad down the street dumping
the occupants, or a hundred other accidents,
are every day occurrences. It behooves
everybody to have a reliable salve
handy and there's none as good as Bucklen's
Arnica salve. Burns, cuts, sores, eczema
and piles, disappear under its soothing
effect. 25c at Dr. J. B. Black's, Bamberg,
and H. C. Rice's, Denmark.
Miss Gladys Deacon has been repeating
of late, with considerable scorn, the characterization
of Chicago that an Englishman
recently made for her.
"Of course," said Miss Deacon, "the
Englishman was wrong, but he was rather
amusing. He said:
"There are two classes in Chicago, the
aristocrats and the common people. The
common people are those who kill pigs.
The aristocrats are those whose fathers
killed pigs. Touch on pork anvwhere in
- Ml L * ,,
Chicago ana tney win urisue up.
Pleasant to take and harmless One Minute
Cough Cure gives immediate relief in
cases of cough, croup and lagrippe because
it does not pass immediately into
the stomach, but takes effect right at the
seat of the trouble. It draws out the inflammation,
heals, soothes and cures permanently
by enabling the lungs to contribute
pure life-giving and life-sustaining
oxygen to the blood and tissues. Dr. Armstrong,
of Delia, Tex., prescribes it daily
and says there is no better cough remedv.
Sold by Dr, H. F. Hoover, Bamberg, S. C.
Miss Ethel Folk Happily Married to Mr. Bow.
man Still Last Sunday.
"Were we inclined to be pessimists rather
than optimists, we should look not upon
Blackville's gain but upon Bamberg's loss,
and this because one of our most pleasant
faces has been removed from among the
young social set of our town to a sister
community. Christmas bells with all that
accompanies such a sound, had hardly
ceased to ring out the gladness of the
season wnen mrougu me an eaiue ?
warning, a warning to tell us that we
were about to give to a neighbor a most
valuable gift and that we should be not
all of gladness ere the season of Christmas
tide had ended.
So on last Sunday evening, amid a
crowd of friends and relatives, Mr. Bowman
Still, of Blackville, claimed as his
bride Miss Ethel Folk, of our town, and
Rev. M. W. Hook, recognizing the claim
of the claimant, united them as man and
wife. The room being decorated in ivy
and evergreens, it was a most effective
scene to those present, when the chief
actors in the play marched in to the tune
of Mendelssohn's wedding march as rendered
by Miss Annie Lou Byrd, and
plighted their troth 'neath the overhanging
When-words of . congratulation had
been spoken, the witnesses walked into
the adjoining room where a very elegant
supper was served.
But now we hear the distant rumble of
the approaching train so to the depot we
turn and there the rice nearly blinds us
and the old shoes which are in evidence
would make one think that a shoe factory
had been plundered. The train is moving
ofE and with it goes our wishes for joy
anci nappiness iu uie unuc auu giwiu.
The bride is the eldest daughter of Hon.
and Mrs. H. C. Folk, and has always been
very popular with the young people of
Bamberg, all of whom wish for her the
very best in life.
Mr. Bowman Still is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. I. F. StilJ, of Blackville. He has
many friends all through the State, having
been a student at the South Carolina
Military Academy for a number of years.
Mr. Still is in business with his father,
and has a bright future before him. The
young couple will make their home in
We give below the names of those who
were present at the ceremony, together
with the gifts: >
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Still?leather couch.
Mr. and Mrs. I. F. Still?bedroom set.
Col. and Mrs. J. F. Folk?$20.00.
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Weissinger?bureau
set, silver mounted.
Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Weissinger?gravy
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hair?coffee spoons.
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Calhoun?cream
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Armstrong?cold
meat fork.
Mr. and Mrs. Jno. R. Bellinger-picture.
Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Compton?teaspoons.
Mr. and Mrs. Hutch Still?vase.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. B. Berry?$5.00.
Mr. H. N. Folk?$10.00.
Mr. Perry Folk?$10.00.
Mrs. M. W. Hook?cake plate.
Miss Llewlie Bamberg?coffee spoons.
Miss Tinnie Berry?silver bread tray.
Miss Lillian Bellinger?vase.
Misses Kate and Jennie Felder?picture.
Miss Annie Lou Byrd?rug.
Miss Lucile Folk?clock.
Mr. J. Henry Johnson?teaspoons.
Mr. Henry S. Still?gravy ladle.
Mr. J. F. "Weissinger?silver bread tray.
Mr. C. W. Rentz?tripple mirror.
Mr. Harry Maloney?chairs4.
Mr. I. F. Still, Jr.?clock.
Mr. Hal Still?cut-glass water set.
TTTTnxr T\tirT\rr\TT
XV ?j VULU1 iUil i. J1 i .
A sure sign of approaching revolt and
serious trouble in your system is nervousness,
sleeplessness, stomach upsets. Electric
Bitters quickly dismembers the troublesome
causes. It never fails to tone the
stomach, regulate kidneys and bowels,
stimulate the liver, and clarify the blood.
Run down systems benefit particularly
and the usual attendingaches vanish under
its searching and thorough effectiveness.
Electric Bitters is 50c, and that is returned
if it don't give satisfaction. Guaranteed by
Dr. Black,Bamberg; H. C. Rice, Denmark.
Discretion the Better Part.
Mr. Nolan had received a long tongue
lashing from Mr. Quigley, and his friends
were urging on him the wisdom of vindicating
his honor by a prompt use of his
"But he's more than me equal," said Mr.
Nolan, dubiously, "and look at the size
of him."
"Sure, and you don't want folks to be
saying Terry Nolan is a coward?" demanded
a reproachful friend.
"Well, I dunno," and Mr. Nolan gazed
mournfully about him. "I'd rather that
than to have them saying- day after tomorrow,
'How natural Terry looks!'"
"Harry Duckwell, aged 25 years, choked
to death yesterday morning at his home,
in presence of his wife and child. He contracted
cold a few days ago and paid
little attention to it. Yesterday morning he
was seized with a fit of coughing which
continued some time. His wife sent for
a physician but before he arrived another
coughing spell came on and Duckwell died
from suffocation ."-St. Louis Globe-Demo*
crat. Ballard's Horehound Syrup would
have saved him. 25c, 50c, and $1.00. Dr.
H. F. Hoover, Bamberg, S. C.
S \
The Young Boys Were Out Hunting, When the *
Gun Was Accidentally Discharged? I
* Wounded Boy Bled to Death. i
A sad accident occurred a few miles r
above town Monday afternoon, in which <
one boy lost his life at the hands of his <
play-mate. This tragedy is the result of '
a practice entirely too common: that of j
allowing young boys to handle fire-arms. 1
The dfead child is a son of Mr. and Mrs. ]
G. W. Folk, of the Clear Pond section. ]
He is about fourteen years old. <
. Mr. Folk and Mr. T. J. Crider are !
brothers-in-law, they having married sis- ]
ters. Mr. Crider formerly lived in the i
Clear Pond section, but had moved to Mr. i
W. M. Brabham's plantation, a few miles
above town. Little Gus Folk had come i
up to spend the holidays with his relatives <
and former play-mates, and he and Mr. '
Crider's two young sons were out hunting, i
They were out in the field about threequarters
of a mile from the house when
the accident happened. One of the boys
was on ahead and one was carrying the
gun. Master Folk was behind, and seeing
the little fellow start to run to catch
'up with his older brother, he playfully
grabbed his coat. In some manner the
gun was at once discharged, the load taking
effect in young Folk's right thigh and
severing the large fermal artery.
The wounded boy was at once carried
to the house, but died soon after reaching
there, death Wing caused by the immense
flow of blood from the wound. A physician
was at once sent for, but the little
fellow had breathed his last sometime before
he arrived. The bone of the leg was
not broken, but the load of shot had made
a ghastly hole in the fleshy part of the
thigh and tore away a considerable part
of the large artery before mentioned.
The boy realized that he was fatally
wounded, and at once told his aunt that
the other boys were not to blame for the
~~^~~fViof lia troe rpcnnnsihlp.
CtLA/iUCU C, ca y lug bUUU UV ?r MW
He told her that he knew he was going to
die and asked that she pray for him.
No inquest was held over the body.
The burial will take place to-day (Wednesday)
at the Lutheran church near
Clear Pond. While this tragedy is sad
enough from any view, still what makes
it doubly so is the fact that Mr. Folk has
had so much sickness and trouble this
year. He was sick himself for months
and his life was despaired of, and during
this time two of his children died.
digests all classes of food, tones and
strengthens stomach and digestive organs.
Cures dyspepsia, indigestion, stomach
troubles, and makes rich red blood, health
and strength. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure rebuilds
wornout tissues, purifies, strengthens
and sweetness the stomach. Gov. G.
W. Atkinson, of W. Va., says: 'T have
used a number of bottles of Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure and found it to be a very effective,
indeed a powerful remedy for stomach
ailments.. I recommend it to my
friends." Sold by Dr. H. F. Hoover.
Legal Blanks.
We have in stock and for sale the following
legal blanks:
Title to Real Estate.
I Bond.
I Mortsrasre of Real Estate.
Bond for Title.
Note and Mortgage.
Lien on Crop and"Mortgage.
Bill of Sale.
Land Rent Lien.
Planter's Contracts.
Bench Warrant.
Subpoena Ticket (for magistrates and
circuit court.)
Subpoena Writ.
Arrest Warrant for Witnesses.
Summons for Relief.
Copy Summons for Relief.
Notice of Pendency of Action.
Mail orders solicited which will be
promptly filled.
a costly"mistake.
Blunders are sometimes expensive. Occasionally
life itself is the price of a mistake,
but you'll never be wrong if you take
Dr. King s New Life Pills for dyspepsia,
dizziness, headache, liver or bowel troubles.
Thev are gentle yet thorough. 25c. at
Dr. Black, Bamberg; H. C. Rice, Denmark.
"The trouble with the average woman,"
said the female rights lecturer, "is lack of
"Yes," interrupted the male dyspeptic,
who had no right to be there at all, "half
of them don't know whether they want
to be women or men."
Take a double dose of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and JDiarrncea ttemeay as
soon as first indication of disease appears
and a threatened attack may be warded
off. Hundreds of people use the remedy
in this way with perfect success. Sold by
Bamberg Pharmacy; H. C. Rice, Denmark.
Judge?Have you anything to offer to
the court before sentence is passed on you"?
Prisoner?No, judge, I had ten dollars,
but my lawyer got it.
Parson Goodleigh?"My friend. I should
hate to see you in'perdition."
Bill Applejack?"Then, why don't you
reform, elder, before you git t'har ?"
"I was afflicted with sciatica," writes Ed
C. Nud, Iowaville, Sedgwick Co., Kan.,
"going about on crutches and suffering a
deal of pain. I was induced to try Ballard's
Snow Liniment, which relieved ine. I used
three 50c bottles. It is the greatest liniment
I ever used; have recommended it to
a number of persons; all express themselves
as benefitted by it. I now walk
without crutches, able to perform light
labor on the farm." 25c, 50c, $1.00. Dr.
H. F. Hoover. Bamberg, S. C.
The Week With the Clubs?Doings of Bamberg's
Gay Social Set.
The Social Dozen met last Saturday
ifternoon with Mrs. G. Frank Bamberg
'Pit", a new and very popular game, was
)layed and caused the afternoon to pass
iway in a decidedly pleasant manner,
rhis game is most exciting, and the players
in their excitement resemble the buy;rs
on the stock exchange of Chicago.
The delightful course of refreshments
served was greatly enjoyed. The memDers
of this club are Mesdames G. Frank
Bamberg, H. F. Bamberg, J. C. Moye,
E. W. Johnson, G. Moye Dickinson, H.
J. Brabham, Jr., N. M. Salley, J. L.
Eddleman, W. P. Riley, Jones Williams,
E. S. Dowling, and C. R. Brabham, ^he
invited guests wereMesdames E. J. Wanaamaker,
J. D. O'Hearn, R. M. Hays,
Miss Llewellyn Cleckley. This club will
meet with Mrs. H. F. Bamberg on Thursday
afternoon from three-thirty till six.
The members of the Thursday Afternoon
club will be the guests of the Social Dozen.
* *
The next meeting of the Thursday
Afternoon club will be with Miss Inez
Brabham. The following young ladies
are the members: Misses Elise Bamberg,
Llewelie Bamberg, Margaret Eaves,
Jennie Felder, Kate Felder, Pearl Counts,
Inez Brabham, Addie Lou Easterlin,
Adavs Hays, Leila Black, Sadie Johnson,
Clio Cope, and Mayme Gee Jennings.
* *
Mrs. Jones Williams entertains the
young married set Friday afternoon.
* *
Rev. T. J. Sandifer will entertain his
young friends this (Wednesday) evening
at the Mayflower Inn.
* #
The young society set 01 jsamucj j; ?iu
be entertained on Thursday evening bj
Miss Addys Hays.
* *
There was a very pleasant social gatherof
the young people on Friday evening
with Miss Kate Pooser.
* *
On Monday evening the Misses Black
were the hostesses of the young social set
at their home on Railroad Avenue.
W. S. Bailey, P. O. True, Tex., writes:
"My wife had been suffering five years
witn paralysis in her arm, when I* was
persuaded to use Ballard's Snow Liniment
which cured her. 1 have used it for sores
frostbites and skin eruptions. It does the
work." 25c, 50c, $1.00. Dr. H. F. Hoover
Dots from St. Johns.
St. Johns, December 28.?A very welcome
rain fell here last Friday, which was
needed very much.
Mr. Laurie Clayton, of the Ehrhardt
section, and Miss Lucile Fender, a daugh
ter of Mr. Charley Fender, were happilj
married Sunday morning at the home ol
the bride's father in the Colston section
Rev. P. E. Monroe was the officiating
minister. Both bride and groom are ex
ceedingly popular among a large circle ol
friends who extend sincere congratula
tions and good wishes.
"We were glad to see so many of ou:
friends out to preaching last Sunday ai
Mt. Pleasant.
Miss Pauline Boyd, who is teaching th<
St. John's school, returned home Satur
day night, the 19th, to spend the Christ
mas holidays.
We are glad to say that Mrs. Kat<
Ehrhardt is still improving.
We are sorry to hear of the deaths o
Mr. Eddie Hiers and his little brother
Both died on Christmas day and wer<
buried at Mt. Pleasant on Saturday.
We are sorry to hear of the illness o:
Miss Florrie Fender, but we hope shi
will soon be better.
Mr. and Mrs. George All paid us i
pleasant visit last Monday.
is the value H. A. Tisdale, Summerton, S
C. places on DeWitts Witch Hazel Salve
He says: "I had piles for20years. Itriet
doctors and medicines,butall failed excep:
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. It cured me.'
It is a combination of healing properties
of witch hazel with antiseptics and emol
lients; relieves and cures blind, bleeding
and protruding piles, sores, cuts, bruises
eczema salt rheum and all skin diseases
Sold by Dr. H. F. Hoover, Bamberg, S. C
Xo Investigation.
"I had had a coachman in my emploj
for twenty years," said the Chicago mer
chant, "when one night some prowlei
entered the premises and stole sixteen oi
my fancy chickens. I hadn't a doubt 0:
my man's honesty, but I called him in tc
ask if he suspected any one. He seemec
ill at ease and answered with reluctance
and I finally said:
"George, if you can find out who stole
the chickens I'll give you a bill."
"Couldn't possibly do it, sab," he curtlj
"But what do you mean ? Do you mear
that you haven't time'?"
"Xo, sah, I mean dat I'm no hand to gii
my brudder-in-law away."
Down in Texas at Yoakum, is a big
dry goods firm of which J. M. Haller is
the head. Mr. Haller on one of his trips
rr/inrlc caiH tn a friprtii in thf
jUiia\j iyj uuj j^wu^ ouiu v ?
palace car, "Here, take one of these Little
Early Risers upon retiring and will be up
early in the morning feeling good." For
the "dark brown" taste, headache and that
logy feeling DeWitt's Little Early Risers
are best pills to use. Sold by Dr. Hoover.
News Items Gathered All Aronnd
the County and Elsewhere.
Branchrille BreYities.
Bp.anchyille, December 23.?Last
Monday evening Miss Ethel Pearlstine
entertained the Chocolate club at her
home. The evening was delightfully
spent and all members seemed to have
enjoyed themselves immensely. Refreshments
were served, games were played
on/1 tTion the "nHvprtiapmpnt: crnPSSinC
contest" was indulged in. Mr. Lee Connor
and Miss Lucille Wright won the
first prizes, while Mr. Charles Patrick
and Miss Lilla Reedish won the boobyprizes.
The next meeting will be held at
the home of the Misses Groves.
Exercises were suspended in the graded
school Wednesday for the holidays and
work will be resumed on the fourth of
January. Wednesday night the pupils of
the different classes, with the assistance
of the corps of teachers, delivered songs,
speeches, essays, etc., appropriate to
Xmas. The parents and friends showed
their appreciation of the diligent task by
filling the hall with their presence. The
school is under excellent mauagement,
i and the people of the town, in general,
hope to see it continue to thrive.
Several fights and accidental explosions
occurred in our vicinity during the week.
! Some resulted seriously by the careless
use of fire-arms. Two of the boys had a
fight in front of the drug store. Result:
1 One ear slightly torn off and bruises about
< the hands. These two gentlemen will
have to face the new town council and
tell their sides of the story. Messrs.
^ Euclin Fairey and Johnnie Byrd accidentally
allowed their pistols to discharge in
their thighs. Lee Downing, colored, from
near Farrell's Store, came intoto wn Satur'
day with one hand completely off. His
> gun exploded and parts vanished in all
directions, together with his left hand.
The forearm had to be amputated above
: the wrist joint. No more accidents have
' as yet been reported, save the boys of the
town "demolished" Main street Thursday
and Friday night, and luckily no one
: was seriously injured,
i Our merchants seem to be well satisfied
( with the Xmas trade, in fact they say it
was better than they expected, consideri
iag the short crops. It is up to the people
. to plow over and begin anew.
Christmas evening the young folks
went on a' straw-ride to McAlhaney's
church to a Xmas tree, but they arrived
> there too late to see Santa Claus.
Miss Lucille Wright, an attractive young
- lady, of Laurens, is visiting her brother,
Mr. Archie Wright. Miss Wright seems
' to be infatuated with Branchville. Our
, ?
' town is always prepared to receive such
ladies like her.
f Dr. L. June Mann was called last week
to Gratfiteville to the bedside of his sister,
? Miss Bessie. We are glad to hear that
- she is improving.
Cards will soon be out announcing the
r marriage of Mr. Abe Pearlstine to Miss
t Sadie B. Livingston, of Charleston, which
happy event will undoubtedly take place
3 on January 14th.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Etchinsoa are
- spending the holidays at their home.
Miss Gertrude' Gambatti, an assistant
- teacher in the graded school, is visiting
^ her parents in Charleston.
Mr. "Willie Fairey, of Kingstree, is
2 spending the holidays here athis old home,
Mr. Kivy Pearlstine, of the medical
s department of the University of Maryland,
Baltimore, is Spending the vacation
i at home.
Mr. Roy M. Bruce, of the staff of The
Bamberg Herald, was enjoying Christ.
mas here among friends.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Wright and family,
| of Pacolet, are spending the holidays with
> Mrs. Susan Dukes.
j Miss Belle Dukes, of Columbia Female
- College, is at home for Xmas, also Mr.
' Earle Dukes, of Wofford.
' Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Baxter, of Denmark,
spent several days intownlast week
Mrs. W. A. Bass will give a sociable
tomorrow night, and "Wednesday night
Mrs. P. C. Dukes will also give one to
r the young folks. K. P.
J Blackvllle Budget.
c Blackville, December 26.?Yesterf
day's rain made a very quiet and orderly
j Christmas here. There was less rowdyI
ism than there has been for many years.
The Blackville Dramatic club played
"The Fisherman's Luck" here last night
> to quite a large audience and made quite
a hit. Every one seemed highly pleased.
. The proceeds go to the school library.
The business league here is doing good
t work, claying roads. With the aid of
Supervisor Barker and residents along
L the public highways much is being accomplished
for good roads.
We hope to have a cotton mill in the
near future and we must have good roads,
"vr.. "F R Rinhardson. of Libertv. is
; visiting his daughter, Mrs. R. B. Fickling.
i Miss Leonard Kelly is at home from
i the Presbyterian college of Columbia for
i the holidays.
; Mr. E. P. Core, of Norway, is visiting
> his parents.
Miss Abbie Hair is at home from Gaines,
Mr. C. R. Matthews, of Nashville, is
here for a few days.
Marriages and Deaths.
Ehrhardt, December 28.?The homo
of Mr. C. C. Fender, at Colston, was the .
scene of a pretty wedding last Sunday morning,
when his daughter, Lucile, and ^
Mr. Laurie Clayton were married. A ' '|j?
large number of friends were present, and
many handsome presents given the bride.
Rev. P. E. Monroe was the officiating
Mr. Lockwood Brant, of Jenny, and
Miss Lizzie Ayer, of this county, were '
married at Mt. Pleasant parsonage December
23,1903, Rev. P. E. Monroe officiating:.
Eddie Wingard Heirs, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Preston Heirs, of Weimer, died JBB
early Christmas mprning at the home of
his parents. He was twenty years old the
thirty-first of last October. He was & ,
member of the senior class of Newbeiry:S||H
College. He had a high standing in his;"r|||
class, and has been spoken of to theg|9
writer in the highest terms by membeis
of the college faculty. On December 17th
he was called home to attend the funeral |jg|
of his grandmother, Mrs. Elizabeth Fen-^fjl
der. The Sunday following he took his ; l|l
bed with pneumonia, and died earfo.'vijB
Christmas morning.
On Christmas afternoon his littte^lS
brother, Leonard Jacob, died, aged threfr-jjal
years. Their funeral services were hdd j
at Mt. Pleasant church by Rev. P. E. J
Monroe, December 26th, 1903, and the
two brothers were placed in the same
grave. May God, who alone can comfort,
be with this bereaved family. ,'j^H
Branchville News.
' Branchville, December 29.?Theiw
was a Xmas tree in the Methodist church y^
Friday night. In spite of the disagree-^
oWo TxrootKor thprA tens nrrite ft crowd OUt.* -2??!
and every one seemed to enjoy the occa^pi
Mr. Willie Felder and Miss LeaJnlj
Fanchess -were happily married last'^H
Wednesday at Cattle Creek church. Miss . M
Funchess is the eldest daughter of
and Mrs. John Funchess, of Orangeburg
county, and Mr. Felder is the eldest mb'|
of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Felder, of the saqp||
county. There was a reception given r:
them the same evening at the hospitable $
home of the bride's parents. Mr. andMrs. | 'M
Funchess left for Nashville, Tenn., _
day night, where they will make their JS
future home. We wish them mucfe||
Miss Gussie Jennings, of Orangeburgr -J
county, is the guest of Miss RebeccsVjH
Mr. Edgar Vara, of Spartanburg, ?**3
visiting relatives and friends here. *
Mrs. Jno. Clark, of Denmark, spent
Monday with Mrs. F. A. Bruce, Jr. '
Mrs. A. H. Bruce, of Bamberg, spent
few days here last week with-her daugfr*||g :
.ter, Mrs. Hebron Berry.
Mr. Johnnie Herndon has resigned hi?? ||
position with Berry & Brace, and accept^; vpfl
ed a position with the Southern ExprejiSgHI
mr f a Hruce. Jr.. sDent Tuesday in.
Mrs. Sosan Cooner and little graBd*f||||
daughter, little Miss Agnes Hunter,- arfcp
visiting relatives at Thunderbolt, Ga. ^
News from Olar.
Olar, December 29.?Miss Ida Martin,'JIS
of Blackville, spent the holidays in town .j
with relatives and friends.
Miss Mattie Matthews spent the holtdays
at her home in Williston.
Mr. M. M. Proveaux, of Chaires, Fla., ft
is visiting relatives here. *. #?|e
Mr. C. F. Scheider, of Daisy,>Ga^i?6$|?
a visit to relatives andiriends here. :1
Messrs. James and George T- MbNab,
of Catherwood, S. C., spent the holidays
at home with their parents.
Miss McNeely, of Denmark, 8pe&*j7|S
several days in town last week as the >2$S
guest of Miss Kellah McNab."
Miss Pauline Creech, of Kline, spent
; the holidays in town as the guest of Miss:Z%
Victoria Morris. A*pf
Miss Kate Sadler is visiting relatives ypg
and friends at and near Govan.
Mr. .T. w. Blunt, of Sycamore, is' in.' 4ii$
town to-day, shaking hand's with his many ^
friends here.
Christmas passed off very quietly around Jy*
1 here. Owing to the bad weather the ^J|
crowd in town was very small, nothing
happening to marthe pleasure of anyone.
Mr. J. H. Morris, who had the misfortune
to lose his dwelling near town .
sometime ago by fire, has purchased the >
handsome dwelling of Mrs. R. P. Guess,
and will move in as soon as it is completed.
Mr. E. D. Bessinger has accepted a
position with Mr. C. F. Rizer, and will
be glad to see and serve his many friends&gH
I wish for you and your corps, Mr.
Editor, a most prosperous and happy new
Ashburnham, Ontario, Testifies to the
Good Qualities of Chamberlain's/ jss
Cough Remedy.
Ashbursham, Ont., April 18,1903.?I
think it only right that I should tell you - . &
what wonderful effect Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy produced. The day before
Easter I was so distressed with a cold and / k
cough that I did not think to be able to
take any duties the next day, as my voice .
was choked by the cough. The same day I \ ?<
received an order from you for a bottle of ;^
your cough remedy. I procured a sample
f bottle, and took three doses ot tne mecur*,^?;
cine. To my great relief the cough and
cold completely disappeared and I was .V
able to preach three times on Easter day.
I know this rapid cure was due to your
cough remedy. I make this testimonial ^
without solicitation, being thankful to
have found such a Goasent remedy.
Respectfully yours, E. A. Langfeldt, M. A.,
Rector of St. Luke's Church." To .
Chamberlain Medicine Co. 8old by Bam*- '-M
berg Pharmacy; H. C. Rice, Denmark. ,.g|

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