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iBamhcrg licralfc
Thursday, July 5,1906
Short Locals.
The list of customers for electric lights
grows each week, we are glad to say.
Mr. W. D. Rhoad is adding fifteen feet
to the length of his stores, occupied by
L. C. Price, grocer, and H. E. Dickinson,
Miss Ellen J. Murphy, of Bamberg, has
been re-elected as a teacher in the Marion
graded schools, where she has taught for
several years.
The many Bamberg friends of A. Mc
Iyer Bostick, Esq., of Beaufort, will regret
to know that his health is not improving.
He has been sick for some
July 2oth is the last day for filing your
pledge if you want to run for office in
Bamberg county. Let us have plenty of
candidates so that the races will be inter,
Work on the various buildings and
improvements in town is progressing as
rapidly as could be expected, and a number
of "new buildings will soon be ready
for occupancy.
Candidates who want the farmers'
votes had better not call upon them
while they are busy fighting the grass,
unless they are willing to take a hoe and
do a little work themselves.
The outlook now is that there will be
more than one thousand lights wired in
i for stores and residences by the time the
electric plant is ready to run. Our peodle
are showing a progressive spirit.
The scholarship and entrance examination
for Winthrop College at Rock Hill
is to be held at the court house here Friday
the 6th instant (to-morrow.) There
is one vacant scholarship from this
Mr J. Wilson Riley, who has recently,
graduated at West Point Military Academy,
was last week appointed by the
president as second lieutenant in the
>A<vnloi- o-rmt? Ho irill Tip acsicrnp/l 1r> thp
Ui UiJ t UV II m VV ?W %??
artillery corps.
Are you having your house or store
wired for electric lights? Everybody
else is coming into line, so you will have
to use electricity to be in the procession.
Patronize the plant, for it belongs to the
town and every citizen has an interest
in it.
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Hays arrived in
town last Friday morning from Apalachicola,
Fla., where they were married
last Wednesday morning. They are
spending several days with his relatives
here before going on to their home at
The new brick addition to the cotton
mill has been completed, and the office
and cloth room are being occupied. The
engine and dynamo room is also finished,
and the foundation for the large engine is
being laid. Concrete laying in the reseripfrtrtfAri
1 TT
VUil 19 piugiCMiug 9a?i?avkuiuj.
This is to certify that Wesley Banks
gave me a three weeks massage treatment
for a severe case of rheumatism and helped
me a great deal, practically cured me;
I can cheerfully recommend him to any
one needing this treatment.
H.J. Riley.
Our legislative delegation has recommended
for appointment the same county
board of control whioh has been managing
dispensary affairs in this county for
several years, consisting of J. J. Jones, of
Bamberg, chairman, C. R. Clayton, of
Ehrhardt, and C. C. Ellzey, of Denmark.
A representative of the Southern Bell
Telephone Company was in the city last
P week to look into the matter of doing
some rebuilding on the lines in this town.
It is likely that extensive repairs will be
made in the next few months, cable be- ,
Ping strung on most of the principal
. streets, doing away with so many wires.
Rev. Marion Dargan, presiding elder of
the Orangeburg district, preached at the
Methodist church here last Sunday morning.
He returned to Orangeburg Sunday
afternoon to attend a memorial service to
the late Rev. J. A. Clifton, accompanied
by Rev. Peter Stokes. They came back
Monday morning to hold the third quarterly
conference for this charge.
Mrs. E. A .Sojourner, of Blackville, the
^ : beloved union vice president in Barnwell
association, on last third Sunday
met with the ladies of the historic Springtown
church south of Bamberg and or
ganized a very r romising woman's mis'
sion society. Mrs. Sojourner makes an
excellent officer and she is warmly beloved
by a large circle of friends.?Baptist
Bamberg expects to have one of the
very best electric light plants in the State.
The power house will be a neat and attractive
building, and the machinery is of
the newest and most approved type and
best make. If. our people give the plant
the patronage it should receive, the
plant ought to be a financial success.
Certainly the board of public works have
done their part in the way of hard work.
Bamberg is certainly growing and improving
right along, as will be noted
from our postoffice receipts. Last year
the salary of the postmaster at this place
was raised from $1,300 to $1,400, and last
week Postmaster J. P. Murphy received
notice that his salary had again been
raised $100, which makes the postoffice
now pay $1,500 a year. This is one of
the surest evidences of a town's growth
-and prosperity.
Numbers of our people are having
their residences and stores wired for
lights. It is thought that by the time the
^>knt is ready to run there will be at
least 1200 lights wired in. This is the
proper spirit for our people to show. The
electric light plant belongs to the town
and it is to the interest of every citizen
notrnnivo it Twn firms ATP. here do
HU ^OVAVUMJV * v? * w ?- ?? ?
ing wiring, and there is no excuse for
anybody not haviDg lights.
The summer school for the teachers of
Barnwell, Bamberg, and Aiken counties
will convene at Barnwell Monday, July
23rd. The faculty will be: W. L.
Brooker, of Aiken, superintendent, with
E. H. Hall, of Denmark, and Miss Jennie
Brown, of Aiken, as assistants. The
school will close Saturday, August 11th.
Every teacher who can should attend, as
certificates are not now renewed without
examination unless the tpacher attends a
summer school.
The Savannah Valley Lumber Company,
which has for a good while been
buying timber rights and lands along the
Lower Three Runs and tributaries, will
soon begin to deforest the swamps. The
officials last week selected a site near the
Coast Line crossing of the Runs for a
saw mill with daily capacity of fifty
thousand feet, and located four or six
miles of the proposed logging railroad.
The managers expect to get their labor
supply from the north.?Barnwell People.
If you owe The Herald anything, kindly
let us have it before the loth of this
month, as we expect to go off at that
Mr. Hiers, mauager of Mr. C. W.
Reutz's Pondsea Farm, brought us in a
squash Tuesday which weighed 7*
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Roger were here!
this week packing up their furniture, We
understand that they have gone to Columbia.
Dr. Kivy Pearl^iue, who recently graduated
in medicine at the University of
Maryland, has located in Branchville for
the practice of his profession.
Episcopal services will be held in the
Presbyterian church in this city next
Tuesday evening at 8.30 o'clock by Rev.
Harold Thomas. All invited.
A fine rain fell here last Monday afternoon.
It is said there was a high wind
above town, but not much damage was
done. The hot spell was somewhat broken.
A representative of the General Fire
Extinguisher Company was in the*city
last Monday and will submit an estimate
on the waterworks system for Main
The "glorious fourth" was not much
observed in Bamberg. The postoffice,
bank, and dispensary were closed. Picnics
were held at several places. The
Bessinger reunion took place as usual at
Spring Branch church.
Mr. H. J. Bellinger announces himself
in this issue as a candidate for county
commissioner. Mr. Bellinger served in
Barnwell county in this same office before
Bamberg was cut off, and is a competent
man for the position.
Mr. G. Moye Dickinson, manager and
treasurer of the Cotton Oil Company,
with mills at Bamberg and Denmark, has
been appointed as a member of the executive
committee of the Southern Cotton
Seed Crushers' Association.
The editor expects to go away on a
trip in about two weeks, and would appreciate
a settlement of all amounts due
before he goes. We haven't had a holiday
for a long time, and we feel su.e our
readers will agree that we need it.
School trustees of Bamberg county who
wish to purchase school desks, blackboards,
charts, etc., are requested to see H.
G. Sheridan, Bamberg, S. C. He will give
Trnn hpct nrinps and satisfactory terms on
school supplies of all kinds. &ee him at
If you want photographs, you had better
have them made next week, as Rustiu
& Knight will not be here again for some
time after next week. Remember the
dates, Monday, July 9th, to Saturday,
July 14th, inclusive. Secure good work
while you can.
Mr. W. H. Gibson, of Flat River, Mo.,
reached the city Tuesday afternoon to be
present at the marriage of his daughter,
Miss Gibson, to Mr. A. G. Hays, of Bamberg,
S. C. Mr. Gibson has many friends
in this city, all of whom are glaa to see
him in their midst again even if it is only
for a short time.?Apalachicola (Fla.)
Dr. Geo. F. Hair is having his cottages
for rent wired for electric lights. This is
something which every landlord shojild
do. Some people who own property for
rent object to paying for the wiring, but
surely it is not right for a tenant to pay
for this work. The Fitting School authorities
are also having the cottages
which they rent wired for lights.
Mr. A. S. Hair, formerly of Williston,
and Miss Minnie Yarn, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. L. B. Yarn, of Branchville,
were married in the Methodist church at
that place last Wednesday evening. ,
They will make Branchville their home, .
where Mr. Hair is in the drug business, j
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Black ana Mr. Her- i
bert Yam, of this place, attended the
tro^din or
We bad the pleasure of "break-bread"
with the Rev. J. B. Holley in his pleasant
home at Augusta, Georgia, where he is
now the successful pastor of the Collock <
Street Baptist church. A handsome new !
church building is one of the things this 1
enterprising church and pastor have in 1
mind for the next year. Happiness to
Brother Holley in his good work.?Baptist
We have shipping instructions for all 1
unsold meal and hulls as fast as we can 1
load them, so you had best secure what i
you need at once. 1
The Cotton Oil Co.
The brick work at the power house for
the city's electric light plant is practically
complete, and the building is being made (
ready for the roof and floor. The boilers
are in, the smoke stack is up, and the ;
erection of the pole line is about finished. '
The stringing of wires for street lights 1
w ill begin this week. An extension of
time, from August 1st to 10th, has been
granted the contractors on account of
getting a tile roof for the building. 1
Parents who wish special preparation
for their son or daughter for entering ;
college, Fitting School or Bamberg graded
school this session are asked to see ]
Hugo G. Sheridan by July 3rd. Special ?
instruction can be arranged with him. '
Some weeks ago citv council ordered ?
all gates opening on the sidewalks of the
town to be changed so as to open inward. ]
A policeman went around and notified <
the parties, and yet the order of council 1
has been largely ignored. Only three J
people in town, we believe, changed their ,
gates and yet there are a number of vio- <
lators 01 cms law. uouncu ougui tu enforce
the law on all alike, and if the law
is not going to be enforced by them, they
should repeal it. Don't have it on the
books as a dead letter.
City council expects to take up the
waterworks matter at an early day. In
order that there might be no delay in the
construction of the reservoir for the cotton
mill, the suction pipe to connect the
reservoir to the steam pump has been
ordered and will be laid right away.
This will obviate all difficulty, and the
pump can be installed and the mains laid
at any time. It is likely that work will
begin as soon as all the details can be
arranged. This will take time, but our
citizens can rest assured that council is
not idle and that we will have the waterworks
before very long.
New Advertisements.
Rustin & Knight?Photographs.
H. J. Bellinger?Candidate's Card.
The Columbia Record?50c for camnaicn.
Theodore Kohn?Fashion's Call in
Summer Wants.
Benjamin Sloan, President?University
of South Carolina.
Piedmont Electric Company?Do you
want to save money on your electric wir
WANTED AT ONCE-Your order for !
dry wood, J. H, MURPHY.
Candidates Cards.
I hereby announce myself a' candidate
for Congress from the Second Congressional
District of South Carolina, subject
to the rules of the Democratic Primarv.
I respectfully announce my candidacy
for re-election to Congress from the
Second Congressional District of South
Carolina. In doing so I ask that my constituents
examine into my record of only
a few months as their Representative. I
have been and am now embarrassed by
reason of the contest for my seat which
seriously affects my influence and my
efforts in behalf of my people. With my
experience, I am satisfied that I can and
will represent you more advantageously
in the future than I have done in the past.
I make this announcement subject to the
rules and regulations of the Democratic
primary, pledging myself to abide by the
results, and to support the nominees thereof.
Fellow citizens-Since this is the year
to elect a Congressman to represent the
people, I hereby announce my candidacy
for Congress from this the Second Congressional
District of South Carolina; and
most respectfully urge the voters to examine
my record as a public servant, for
not only a few months, but for my entire
service of six years as a member of the
House of Representatives of South Carolina.
I pledge myself to abide by the
rules and iegulations of the Democratic
Party, and to obey the new election laws
(see Acts of General Assembly 1905 on
the subject) governing primary elections.
. G. L. TOOLE, Aiken, S. C.
The friends of Hon. C. W. Garris present
his name to the voters of Bamberg
County as a candidate for the House of
Representativesrpledging him to abide the
result of the Democratic primary aud to
support the nominees of the partv.
Thanking the voters for their support
in the past,* I announce my candidacy for
re-election as a member of the House of
Representatives from Bamberg county,
subject to the will of the people as expressed
at the Democratic primary.
With gratitude to my friends for their
liberal support in the past, I hereby announce
my candidacy for re-election to
the office of County Treasurer of Bamberg
county, subject to the result of the
Democratic primary. JNO. F. FOLK.
I respectfully announce myself as a
candidate for County Supervisor of Bamberg
county, subject to the result of the
Democratic primary. J. B. KEARSE.
I respectfully announce mvself a candidate
for Auditor and Superintendent of
Education for Bamberg county and
r\ia<i<ro to abide bv the result of
FAV,thv ? ? ? -w -
the Democratic party. H/A. RAY.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for re-election td the office of Auditor
and Superintendent of Education of
Bamberg county, pledging myself to
abide by the result of the Democratic
primary and to support the nominees of
the party. K. W. D. ROW"ELL.
We place before the voters of Bamberg
county the name of Rev. S. P. Chisolm
as a candidate for County Auditor and
Superintendent of Education, subject to
the result of the Democratic primary.
Colston, S. C., March 9th, 1906.
I respectfully announce myself as a
candidate for County Commissioner of
Bamberg county, subject to the result of
the Democratic primary, pledging faithful
service if elected.
' __
I take this method of announcing myself
as a candidate for the office of County
Commissioner for Bamberg county, subject
to the result of the Democratic primary.
J. B. ALL.
I respectfully announce myself as a
candidate for the office of magistrate of
Fishpond Township, pledging myself to
abide by the result of the Democratic
primary. J. CRUM SMOAK.
I respectfully announce myself a' candidate
for re-election as Magistrate at
Ebrhardt, subject to the result of the
rkam/un>at{/> nrfmorr -T fl. flOPFifiAND
^/iuuwij w. w.
!! Attorney-at-Law ! t
{[ BAMBERG, S. 6. J J
I > Investigation of Titles a Specialty < >
| [ - Office at the Court House. j [
i > ? ? ??? ????? ??? ?
JI Loans Negotiated. Collections a Specialty j \
j[ BAMBERC3, S. C. ][
i Office Upstairs, Next to Bank <
< fire, o
!! L,FE' it
;; tornado, j;
a rni.- mi AA e
^ \JJ]IC8 m JLIWS \subiviv im A
< O
|| BAMBERG, ? 8* C. ] J
Queer Canadian Stood Two Boors
oo the Brink of
the Falls.
Forty Men Sat on One End of It While
Two Crawled Oat tod Polled Would
Be Suicide From the Roaring
Making their way out on a shaky
ladder twenty-fire feet over the very
brink of Niagara falls, Fireman Thomas
Conroy and Patrolman Dennis
Blake rescued a man who had attempted
suicide and was about to be swept
over the edge to the lower level. The
slightest slip would have meant death
for all three.
The ladder, resting on a ledge of rock
at the river edge, was weighted down
on the shore end by twoscore men,
while the intrepid volunteers crawled
slowly out to where the would be suicide
was clinging to a ledge of rock
ten feet from the roaring abyss.
As they reached over to seize him the
man in the water fought them, and the
struggle for life was witnessed with
bated breath by the spectators.
The man whose act called forth this
exhibition of bravery gave his name as
Amos Schwertzer, although the police
believe him to be Amos Robinson of
Toronto. He was well dressed and came
from St Catherine's. In his pockets
was found $5.45. He refused to make
any statement as to why he wanted to
die when locked up at police head/inavtttM
Schwertzer, or Robinson, was discovered
by some negroes In tbe river close
to the Prospect shore. The rashlng water
swirled about Mm, and he seemed
about to be swept from tils feet He
was wading oat, and the men called to
him to return, bat instead he went oat
Tbe men notified Policeman Blake,
who brought a long pole. With this he
waded oat and thrust It toward
Schwertzer, teQing him .to take hold.
Schwertzer did as he was bidden, but
instead of coming ashore pulled Blake
out into Jpe stream. Blake held on as
long as be* dared and finally cast pie
pole away and returned to shore.
By this time Schwertzer had been
carried from bis footing and, with a
wild, despairing cry, was swept toward
the awful abyss, 500 feet away. Just
at the edge be was buried against
Thunder tedga, and this be seized. In
the bright moonlight bis face presented
a ghastly hoe, while be held on with
the water dragging at him as though
he had changed bis mind as to the
value of Hftk.
By this time the policeman bad telephoned
to die headquarters, and a fire
truck was sent to the scene, carrying
an extension tedder. This was run out
over the tedgei Slowly It waa pushed
over the falls* and as K passed the balancing
point men sat upon it to Keep It
from falling into the river.
Finally the forty foot ladder extended
its length into the stream. Fifteen
feet was on the shore side of the fulcrum,
and on this tunuscore men were
Volunteers were then called for to go
out on the trembling ladder./
Policeman and fireman stepped forward,
and with Blake in the fore they
crawled out on bands and knees till
they hnng suspended directly over
where Sctrwerizer was fast slipping to
Fireman Conroy reached down and
seized the man by the collar. The man
fought him! but Conroy would not let
go. Aided by Blake, Conroy drew the
straggling form up from the torrent
Thus In air be was carried to the shore,
bis rescued being greeted with a
cheer. ... -. ...::v
^ 1? tlHl; -I? !; ili tl? ili ili ili ?Ii fl? ?Ij C? ? gi ?Ij ili ?H gi
SSi & m S-Z
t if t
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