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"V <-iii P an'f
| A UU VU11 b
1 We are offering for {
? you to come in and
^ 25cY^ X ew ]gi;
^ to g? ^Fu
ried Draw- IE*
! ers, pair *
75c White Cambric Sheets on CA^
sale at each vUC tl
48 Kimonas, 50c value, on sale OC - n<
now onlv ?dv __
BK H g S| B B_40r
flQ HB, B Mfwtk H B Bf^lfc
Greenville Man Howled Down by Paroled Banker-Convict F
Mob?Stroke of Apoplexy Follows. of Offices.
Greenville, S. C., Sept. 4.?County New York, Sept. 4.?!
Supervisor J. P. Goodwin died at hii that Chas. W. ^Morse woi
. home in this city to-day, after an ill- his business operations sin
ness of two weeks. The sudden death tence in the Atlanta priso:
of the supervisor is attributed in a commuted by President '
measure to the excitement of the fulfilled to-day when Mors
campaign just closed. While attend- small suite of offices in 43
ing a political meeting at Lickville Place, in the heart of th
? . two weeks ago, he was howled down district.
as he attempted to speak. He was a Announcement was mad
candidate for re-election and plead Morse would again be acti\
earnestly with the crowd to hear at the head of the Morse
him, but they refused to let him be Company.
Following his vain attempt to Married in Den of I
speak he was stricken with apoplexy ^
. . . . . .. - ? . Oakland, Cal., Sept. 2.?
and was hurried to the city and ,
ed by a wedding party wh
given every attention out uc suuv,ft
was too severe for him to survive. ea a 10ness, a leopard, ;
The excitement of the Lickville meet- pant er aa<* a Ja^uar? a*sc
ing, coupled with his defeat later at w**ip and rev'
the polls brought on his death. He futh KavanauSh and c
was an efficient official and had serv- ^enstein w*re ma"iec
* +TTTrt f?mc of lions at an amusemen
ed two terms.
^ day.
Massey Tried for Fighting. Miss Mae Clark, who :
glory of a wedding among
Columbia, Sept. 7.?Samuel F. because she could not cho
Massey, the veteran who was sus- band among 250 men whc
pended from the Confederate home was among the spectators,
for 30 days several weeks ago after offered to be married in th
he had organized an Ira B. Jones vided the park proprietors
club was tried this morning by the the man. They furnished a
board of commissioners on the Miss Clark could not trim 1
charge of fighting. Massey was de- list down to one.
nied the right to have an attorney
present. The situation at the home Pastor Burned to I>
> is causing much discussion. Massey ^ ,
Pan lina Tnxva Sprit 7.
several weeks ago secured a tern- ? "
.. . Greene, pastor of the
porary injunction restraining the of- .
, .. x muir, church in Germantown, I
ficers from turning him out. This '
11 a. v incm to-day was burned to de;
case wiiybe heard soon before Judge
x r? ou ,j at the e>'es of his children a
Ernest Gary. Should Massey be perx,
,, . - xv l. -x otner persons while pinne
manently expelled from the home it . , y
. , xv x i i x- x- a wrecked motor car.
is expected that a legislative mvesti- A .
x. ... x .. was started from a lan
gation will follow.
which his rescuers were w
VICTOR ALLEN'S TRIAL STARTS. The car was driven 1
% Pauling, of Germantown.
One of Gang Charged with Killing children of both Rev. M
Court Officials. and Mr. Pauling.
.About six miles from P
Wytheville, Va., Sept. 4.?The steering gear refused to
trial of Victor Allen for alleged par- the automobile jumped frc
ticipation in the shooting up of the bridge. Mr. Greene was
Carroll county court at Hillsville, neath the wreck. The chi
T-- ? 1 * loo* n-fla hpmin f.1oar Mr Pnnlir
V ct.j U11 Jidi tii 1 1 ^ 1C40 V > ,T ^v O 1111 U tt U V1VU1 I ?A . . ? v.?..&
here to-day. The morning session riously injured,
of court was consumed with the ex- The cries of the childr*
amination of jurors and in the after- persons in the neighborh<
noon the opening statements of pros- rescue. One had a lantern
ecution and defence were made. from the oil tank of the m
The prisoner will deny that he took spread to the werck. The m
any part in the shooting. The tak- the lantern dropped it. In:
ing of evidence will begin to-morrow, wreck was in flames.
BER'S "The
Afford tc
Saturday and next week. We have
share in the bargains. You can
) Ladies' $2.50 and $3.00 Skirts.
Every one a big bargain, at <M CA
?ach onlv
dies' Good Quality Handker- O
hiefs, each ?*C
jn's 10c Soft Finish Handkerchiefs,
i Winsor Ties, all colors. Each 1
.?or only ;1 JC
: Deep Flounce Petticoats. Each C A
>nlv OX) C
ack Mercerized Petticoats. Cflii
Embroideried, $1.00 value JUv
od Suit Cases. Something we HlLp
ill need, each 3C
adv Made Dresses, formerly priced
it $3.00, $3.50 to $5.00. They are
;lightlv soiled. Your choice <M CA
?or only t])l?OU
11 Sized Bed Sheets. During JCp
:his sale, each ^it/v
vm mmm A W
hKfct! t-Kt
To the lady holding the greatest a
mas Eve we will give a handsome set c
) is to buy from us and save your chec
lemforyou. Start early and win. We
jxt week.
'S, "The
tents Suite It May or May Not Have Been a Low
Down Game, but it Won.
Predictions The man with his coat collar turn
lid resume ed up and his derby pitched down
ce his sen- over his eyes who was slouching
n has been along in the shadow of the building,
Taft, were suddenly beckoned to the man on the
;e rented a other side of the street. "Here's an
l Exchange easy one, Pete," he growled hoarsly.
e financial "Where's any easy one?" snarled
le that Mr. "This here house. It's like taking
e in affairs gum from a stenographer that's fixin'
Securities her hair. Some chump has gone
away an' left his latch key in this
Pete took a swift look at the house
-Surround- and be?an to back up. "You can go
ich includ- to he said' don't want to butt
a puma, a *n on
> a trainer, "Are youse nutty?"
oiver, Miss "Naw, I ain't nutty. But de feller
Jeorge W. wot lives here is a low down sneak
1 in a den widout no feelin' fer nobody, and I
t park to- don't want nothin' ter do with 'im.
No, I don't know him, but I'm next
missed the ter his game. He sticks that key in
the beasts dere to ketch suckers like you. Dere's
? ?i?-. A TV?niin? TTAlf
ose a nus- ? Wilt? uii uai is.aii, a uinnuu (wi> i
> proposed, battery attached to dat wire. I would
Miss Clark not touch it if yer'd gimme de First
e den, pro- national bank. Go ahead?I'll be
i furnished acrost de street watchin' wot hapl
battalion, pens."
ler eligible Nothing happened. ? Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
eath. NOW.
?Rev. H. If you have hard work to do,
Lutheran Do it now.
owa, early To-day the skies are clear and blue,
ath before To-morrow clouds may come in view,
nd several Yesterday is not for you;
:d beneath Do it now.
The blaze
tern with If you have a song t0 sing'
orking. Sing !t nowdv
August ^et tbe notes gladness ring
in it were Clear as sonS of bird in spring,
[r Greene Let ever^ da** some music bring;
Sing it now.
aulina the yOU ^ave ^ind words to say,
work and gay them now.
>m a small To-morrow may not come your way,
pinned be- a kin(jness while you may,
ldren were L0ve(j ones will not always stay;
lg was se- gay them now.
m brought If you have a smile to show,
Dod to the Show it now.
. Gasoline Make hearts happy, roses grow,
achine had Let the friends around know
an holding The love you have before they go;
ataritiv thp Show it now.
?Charles R. Skinner, in N. Y. Sun.
????&[email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]
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the biggest and best stock we have evei
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sale at yard
Silk Stockings. Good Quality. Otp
Per pair ZuU
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Five Thousand People Witness Trag- Not Held Tue
edy as Daring Texan Takes Plunge. Comi]
Newark, N. J., Sept. 8.?Eddie Newberry,
Hasha, of Waco, T?., bolder of sev- Democratic e:
eral world's records for motorcycle day postponed
racing, plunged over the rail of the eounty officer;
course at the new Newark motor- which had be
dome into a crowd late this after- on Tuesday,
noon causing the death of six per- 21 in favor o
sons, including himself, while six against. It 1
are dying and thirteen are badly in- events there \
jured. ond primary
The only two of the six dead posi- and that it w
tively identified up to a late hour to- only one moi
night were Hasha and Johnny Al- two. It was
bright, a Denver motorcyclist who the order of 1
was riding third in the race. The ballot boxes
other four diead were boys and young tied up; that
men among the spectators. Five Jones had ct
thousand spectators were witnessing precinct in Si
the finish of a four-mile free-for-all fraud was pr<
race when the daring Texan rider, fecting results
doing 92 miles an hour, took his fa- races in that
tal plunge. He was riding high on would be beti
the bank of the track when the wheel matter settled
of his heavy machine swerved and time of the se
struck the upper rail. He was pitched dered by the S
head first 50 feet into the air. He Chairman Fr<
must have been instantly killed in Eugene S. Bl<
the collision. His body was shapeless ed postponem<
from broken bones when it was pick- Keitt, Mr. W.
ed up almost at the feet of his wife, ers urged that
seated among men and boys in the proceeded wit]
bleachers. ?
Albright was thrown head first in Saves Tw
the other direction into the enclosure .
of the track, when the champion's incinnati,
wheel, came sliding down the steep rescuin& ^? '
bank and struck him. He lived in an Howard? c a>
rnnti rlork of
unconscious state for two hours after -his
removal to a hospital. ^ere *ast
The spectators injured were main- save his
ly the men and boys who were lean- years*
ing over the rail yelling encourage- Smiths
ment to the riders. Some of the ^at^er wa
spectators were hurled high into the r*ver b
air and landed in the laps of* those The latter Sot
seated behind. A panic among the calle(* for beli
spectators followed the tragedy. ing a11 tbree
tbe bodies of t
Mad Dog Disturbance in Orangeburg, found two h<
Orangeburg, Sept. 4.?A dog whose each other's a
owner is unknown, ran amuck yesterday
afternoon, biting several oth- Benson Gui
er dogs, and causing a general dis- _
, "Vv t t x. v* Greenville,
turbance. However, he was caught ,.
, A , . . , son, the moi
and shot before coming in contact
. , weeks ago shoi
with any person. The head was ship- ..
. . _ . _ granite quarry
ped to Columbia at once for exam- , ,
to-day found
ination and telegram was received * . . . ....
. . ? . intent to kill
to-day by Chief of Police A. Fischer . .
, cealed weapoi
~ ^ ^ ^ ^ 4. s\f vo hi ac whro
iu cue Client tuai. Btsno ui ^ence^ Friday.
found. vOn getting this information, son?s revolver
the dogs which had been bit, and abdomen and_
which were held in custody awaiting . .
the outcome of the examination, '
were killed. Rub-My Tisi
ality" ?
5 Bargains I
' carried and invite @
i cash elsewhere. ?
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Suits, Coats, Furs, X x
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Velour Hat. It is ^ J @
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cvy ywv.vw. ^ n
| All trunks to close lj^gjj|ggB| ??
out, we haven't room gj
to carry them. Now ' ^ X
the time to get one at a big reduction. ||
27-inch Flouncing Embroidery, QCp ?
per yard / Ju @
Quality" 1 I
sday, County Executive Man Poisoned Wife Then Brained
nittee Decides. Affinity's Husband.
. f3b&
Sept. 7.?The county Shrevport, La., Sept. 6.?Their
secutive committee to- unconquerable passion, besides a
the second primary for joint desire to obtain and enjoy the
s in Newberry county, property accumulated by the woen
ordered to be held man's husband, led Mrs. C. C. Bailey,
The test vote showed 27 years old, and A. L. Watson, 45,
f postponement and 12 to decree the death of her husband,
svas urged that at all a Metcalf, La., logging contractor
vould have to be a sec- and saw mill operator, and his wife
for attorney general, three months ago when they met and
ould be better to have loved in Flannigan, Tex,, according
re primary, instead of to the written confession .of both,
also urged that under who are in jail here to-night.
:he State chairman the The confession relates that Watand
all records were son carried out his part of the murthe
contest of Judge der plot by poisoning his wife, and
targed fraud in every Mrs. Bailey tried to administer deadDuth
Carolina; that if ly drugs to her husband but failed. < rj
>ved in any county af- Watson, who meantime had secured
?, it could affect county employment from Bailey, ordered
; county, and that it her to leave Bailey. She obeyed and
ter to have the whole on Monday of this week, "Watson, the
; -A
in one primary, at the confession says, crept upon Bailey as
cond primary to be or- he lay asleep and brained him with
tnfp rnmmitt.ep Cmintv an axe.
5d H. Dominick, Mr. ; - 7~ ~ ~ '/
. , Woman's Body Mutilated. r '
sase and others favor- * ^
mt, and Mr. Joseph L. San Francisc0( Sept> 7._with the
A. McSwain, and oth- head nearly severed from her body,
the county primary be an(j arms an(j trunk frightfully slashi3*
ed, Lydia Berger, known as the most
If" ~ _ beautiful woman of night life in this
0 Sons; Drowned. . _ . . , . . . .
city, was found in her bed to-day by
Ohio, Sept. 5.?After her maid- The walls of the r00m in
Df his sons, Harry and whlch the body la? were covered with
foi 9mith 41 a rail- blood and the carpet saturated.
tMs city'wasdrowned thousands of dollars' worth ot
t, while attempting to diamonds worn by the woman are
1 son. Floyd, aged 10 missing, and it is believed robbery .
was the motive. It is thought before
were on a holiday and death the woman trled t0 give an
.s fishing in the Ohio alarm- as the window curtains and
is sons were bathing. the window panes are covered with
beyond their depth and flllser prints.
), but the task of sav- Cigarettes Drove Youth Insane,
proved too much and
he father and son were New York, Sept. 5.?Made insane,
ours later clasped in it is said, by excessive use of cigarrms.
ettes and reading dime novels, Jo1,1
seph Garrett, 25 years old, of Edilty
on Two Counts. son street, Bloomfield, N. J., was tak
r ? ? en to the Essex County Hospital for
Sept. 5.?Ernest Ben- T # ^ u i xr T 4 ^
r I TnooriA r\r ilxr/^r*rvr*/^r\L' AT T TA.nQV
luoau^ ui ui vuu, ii. *j ., w
Lintaineer, who some , ~ T , ,, j , , , .
^ ,, ttr. ttt" , an(1 Dr- John D. Moore declared him
t C. M. Wing at Wing ? .
. , insane,
near the city, was late n .. . , . . . ?
,x Garrett leaped from a second-story
gui ty o a?sau wi Wjn(jow 0f his home, and after runc.n
o carrying con ^ half-clad to Bloomfield Center,
is. He will be sen- _ .. . . , .
? ^ more than two miles, sought safety
The bullet from Ben- . _ . . T .. ,
, J , . ? , from a band ot imaginary Indians by
lodged in Mr. Wing s x .. ,
s , crawling into a big drainpipe,
after a surgical opera
sred in several weeks. All children's \ wash suits at half
? price. Write F. G. MERTINS, Aun
will cure you. gusta, Ga.

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