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Our mid season goods ar
with you. We do not ce
. r.i . A 1 1
| uon or tne oiaie. 1001
them, from Hose to Hats
i _
fc I *
I Wl
- *2*
v ?
People Visiting ih This City and Mrs* George F*
at Other Points. * eculia
Sumter, Nov.
?J. O. Patterson, Esq., of Barn- most unusual a
well, was in the city Monday. ful> but not ser
?Jas. E. Davis, Esq., of Barnwell, George F. Ep
spent Monday in tke city. While cranking
?Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Pearlstine, *or her a Pist0
of Branchville, spent Tuesday in the Pocket of Police
Cjty and the weapon
?Mr. J. R. Morris, of the Clear bal1 stnkinS M
Pond section, was in the city vester- near *be kl
- wav for nearly
?Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Felder, of ttesh before u
Cope, spent Sunday in the city with tbe
,aU.. ac After the acc
was taken to th
-Mr. W. D. Rhoad is at home wag found that
< from New York, where he went on a b,ood v86e,g ba
, business trip. bul]et bad nQt
?H. F. Buist, Esq., of Black- while the woun
ville, was in the city this week at- painful, it is a :
tending court. ^ considered serii
-?Mr. T. A. Green, of Wilmington, probable that
N. C., is spending a few days in the have to remain
city this week. some time.
?Miss Lallah Rush and Mr. Julius The accident
Folk, of the Olar section, were in the Epperson came
city last Saturday. ! started to cranl
?Messrs. J. E. Harley, C. A. Best, iIlceman offered
and R. C. Holman, of the Barnwell and she was st
bar. are in the city attending court. a ^
when the pistol
?Mrs. M. A. Bamberg and Mrs. T
Lawrence had th
J. W. Barr spent several days in but jt wag not t
Orangeburg last week on a visit to tha{ hg had a]w;
.Mrs. E. J. Wannamaker. to can.yjng ,t jn
T 11 nftn u-hn hoc hppn j
vj. " never ianeu oui
staying in Savannah for some time, making arrests
has returned to the city and taken prisoners. He
a position with J. D. Copeland. occurrence, as
?Rev. E. A. McDowell, of Ehr- bers of the polic
hardt, is in the city attending court. Epperson's frien
He has a suit against the Southern injury, but are
Railway to be tried at this term. not more seric
?Messrs. C. S. Folk, J. W. Crum, hope for her sp
Jr., R. C. Hardwick, J. W. Baxter, "
W. H. Faust, H. C. Rice, L. E. Spann, ..1 r' V
^ , section, was in t
and others, trom Denmark, were in
the citv Monday. Mrs- Jdren
have reti
?Mr. W. E. McGee, division pas- Weeks' visit to
senger agent of the Southern Rail-] GeQ
way, and Mr. J. W. Ham. of the le- j teIegram ,as; "s.
gal department, are in the city at-1 h,g son.in.law ,
tending court. j Lakelaud Fla ,
?Dr. and Mrs. F. B. McCraekin i of paralysis an
and little daughter arrived in the |.Mr. Jennings let'
city Sunday night, and he has assum- j Lakeland, and a
ed charge of the Bamberg Pharmacy, j him since state
which he recently purchased. As in a critical co
their residence has been rented to j termination to 1
Mr. Henry F. Bamberg. Dr. and Mrs. j ed. The latest
.? ' ? ?tn ?,~i-~ tVtA-tv* hnmD i r>nt imnrnviine
MCUracK.ui w hi mane wen ??vuiv | "w ~
with Mr. and Mrs. A. McB. Speaks Miss Allie Jenni:
for the present. he has many fri
Ladies Stor
s Hats, Suit:
e here, every department is fi
irry everything, but the most
* will convince vou that Hoot
Millinery Department
Below we mention a few of the many
new arrivals in this department. It is
just as easy to find what you want here
as it was early in the season. Our
stocks never run down, so come expecting
to see something new and you will
not be disappointed.
We have just received a shipment of
Plumes, both plain and shaded, in prices
and qualities to suit anyone. See them
if you are thinking of a Plume.
Shapes?We have a more complete
assortment of these than at any time
during the season. We have them in
small, medium and large, to suit any
face or pocket book.
Plushes?See these if you wish a Hat
made to your individual taste. We have
the Plushes in all the good shades.
Flowers?We have them in the kind
that are hard to get, the kind you need
just to give your hat a stylish finish.
Stick Ups?The new shipment consists
of everything that is wanted in this
nHtli rvri^es in accordance with
UlUftJk;^ nivu .
quality. t .
Epperson Victim of Woodmen Cutting Illinois Trac
r Accident. 400 Acres Never Before Touch
4. What was a Woodmen entered the Maker
ccident caused pain- tract of timber four miles eas
ious, injury to Mrs. Danville, October 1, and began
person here today. tinS the world's largest forest
Mrs. Epperson's car vir&in walnut timber. For the
1 dropped from the time in the memory of the oldes
man J. M. Lawrence habitant woodmen were allowei
was discharged, the enter the 400-acre tract, which
rs. Epperson in the dosed to the inspection of all
nee and making its the close friends of Hirem Maker
a foot through the during his life,
emerged just below ^he forest land came into the
session of the Makemson famil;
ident Mrs. Epperson means of a Government land pai
ie hospital, where it both Hiram and his son - it
none of the main I held sacred. All about the tract1
d been cut and the well-tilled acres, but not even s
struck the bone. was permitted in the wooded ]
d is said to be very untiI after the death of its jea
flesh wound and not guardian, some months ago. In
aus, although it is' tIin? UP the estate a sale was ord
Mrs.. Epperson will by the Court. An Indian firn
at the hospital for Jumber buyers purchased the wal
paying $95,000 for the timber
occurred when Mrs. a? ^ stands. The ash timber broi
from a stord and $20,000 more, while the hickory,
i the car. The po- and oak anc* smaller timber broi
to crank it for her fbe total price for the standing
anding on the side- ker close to $150,000.
away directing him SITCIIIiTaND*!UK I)E R.
dropped. Policeman
ie pistol in a holster, Savannah Mother Commits Hori
>elted in. He stated and Fatal Deed.
ays been accustomed
this way and it had Savannah, Ga., Nov. 4.?Mrs.
: before, even when bertine S. Mock, a bookkeeper for
and holding unruly Western Union Telegraph Comp
rtoninrpc the took her own life and that of her
UV^iV* N/W V?w
do the other mem- tie girl, Albertine, 11 years of
;e department. Mrs. last night at her home, 211 Goi
ds are sorry for her street, West. She left a note sa;
glad that she was she was tired of life because she
>usly wounded and to work so hard. The bodies a
eedy recovery. found by a fellow worker of
? Mock, who went to the house to
arter, of the Smoaks why she had not been (j0WI1 to
he cit> Monday. office this morning. The bodies i
Brabham and chil- found in the same bed. the mo
jrned from a two evidently having held the child in
Baltimore. arms after turning on the gas.
Jennings received a Mockr came to Savannah from
aturday stating that lanta three years ago after her
Ur. J.4 D. O'Hern, of band had committed suicide in
lad suffered a stroke city. A son of the dead woman
d was seriously ill. recently arrested in Jacksonville
t the same night for j stealing a ride on a freight train
dvices received from ' this seemed to prey on her min
^ r s\? t t I ?? -
unu MT' ^nt*IU 1SI The ladies of the Colston Ba]
ndition and a fatal church will give an oyster sup
lis illness is expect- also box party, at the home of
news is that he is an(^ Mrs. F. \Y. McMillan Fr
>tmo*.T*i^ri evening. November 7th, 1913.
.Ir. O Hern married procee(is wjh g0 f0r the benefi
ngs, of this city, and the Colston church. The publi
ends here. invited.?adv.
*e and Millin
; f.nais anrl I
'1 lied
with something new. Come<
complete line of Ladies' Furnishii
:on's is the place for the ladies, a
"I "Sis!5 Department
This department is filled with everything
that is new and wanted at this
season of the year. Below we mention
a few of the new things just received
for this department.
Suits?If you want one that is up to
the present minute, don't stop until you /
have seen the ones we have just receiv- (
ed. Every appearance of them is style, \
they are the famous Dannenberg Suits,
known for their quality, style and fit.
All we ask is that you see them.
Coats?We are shewing the most
complete line of these that we have .
shown during tl)e season. We have just
received a large1 shipment of them. We
have them in sizes from a two-year old
1 1 **T A A 1 1_
gin to a jno. 44 oust,
Silks?In these we are showing
everything that is being used at this
time, plain and brocaded.
Crepe de Chenes?These we have in
any wanted shade, in prices that will
surprise you.
Gloves, Hosiery, Corsets, and small
wares you will always find here.
I, Bamberg
t of Servant Girl Gets Verdict for Blow
ie<1' j Received When She Reproved Boy. jk W T 1
oson j A verdict of $7,000 damages (? ^4 1^1 [
* of against a 13-year-old boy has been jg, A A A 1 J
cut" returned by a jury before Supreme 3,
of Court Justice Cohalan, and the Court jt I wish t
first refused to set aside the verdict. The J gen6r<llly
"* ! plaintiff was Ann wnite, a servant ^
d t0 j employed in the family of Walter B. J. "harmaCJi
was ! Chambers, a wealthy architect at 109 2 Stand Und
sate; Broad street, who lives at 161 East ^
nson j 04th street. She sued his son, Wal- 5 1
j ter, on the ground that three years ^
p?s~! ago he struck her in the breast when
^ * j she reproved him because he was 4 It will 1
was helpins himseIf t0 Jam in the Pantry. ||, on(J n01]
Her testimony showed that cancer ^
t ck I deveIoped from the boy's blow. i First, tl
j As the boy will have no property J
-s j from which the judgment can be 4 Second,
| collected until after he is of legal w
6et"! age, the plaintiff will be compelled Jk, Third, Q
! to wait for some years, unless the -p , ii,
1 0 j judgment is settled in his behalf be- 5 9
nut' | lore that time.?New York Sun. S&nitary S
just ^
"sht! JUROR REFUSES TO ACT. 4 Appreti
eIm : Jt ness entrc
^ght gat Keadimr Newspaper While Others ^ Pennies D
~ V -T"? ?
Tried to Render Verdict. ill better p
There was a peculiar case in Mag- Ask y01
| istrate E. Powers' court Thursday. It JJack'S D]
rible | was peculiar in that one of the jurors
! refused to express himself or vote on
j the case, or say what he wished TT
Al- j to do with the case. He sat in the J*
' the j jury room for about an hour and read Mr ?
any, a newspaper, refusing to take any <B*
' Wt- part in the deliberations of the jury
a?e< 01 to allow them to rea'ch a verdict of
don any kind. The other jurors finally CRAIG IX C
ying reported the condition of affairs to _
had Judge Powers, and he ordered a mis- North Carolina Goi
vere trial. Road 1
Mrs. it was a suit of Manly Boon against Asheville, N. C
find w. Lindsey, of Brownsville, for a Craig arrived here
the balance of $.54 claimed to be due for Raleigh, and imi
vere; labor for this year. Lindsey claimed overalls and starti
ther j that the amount had been paid. scenic road in ol
her | The case will be tried again at some good roads days?
Mrs. i future date.?Pee'Dee Advocate. row?proclaimed b
At-1 ' are at work. The
hus- | Minus Money, But Not Rats. ing governors invit
that :
was ! Spartanburg, November 3.?Whole- E. 1). Smith S
for t sale merchants of this city, who paid Walterboro, Nov,
and ' a professional rat exterminator $25 tack on the cotton i
d. i apiece for a preparation guaranteed buyers characterize
.. . : to rid their establishments of the ver- Smith's address
3tlSt i
iper f mm, have complained to Magistrate county fair at nooi
Mr. i Robert J. Gantt that the stuff was Smith was presen
iday, merely perfumed sawdust and utterly Price as the man
i ineffective. The rat exterminator is farmers' fight in c<
c ?g ! said to have collected about $300 in prices for cotton
I the city. speech was a resi
ery Parlor
)ress Goods
and look, bring your friends
tigs to be seen in this sects
we have everything for
o announce to my friends, and the public J
that I have recently bought the Bamberg J
r, and will continue business at the same ?
er the name of 7
be my aim to give you drug service sec-.#?
le in the State. Our motto will be ?
le best quality that money can buy. I
keep what the people want. J*
(uick service. ?
to keep a neat drug store and a perfectly y
oda fountain. f
ating the many courtesies and the busi- ? ' . '|
rug Co., and assuring you that I am now ?
losition to serve you than ever. ?
ir doctor to leave his prescription at y
rug Store. ?
B. McCrackinJ
>VFR4IIS f0r higher price cotton has been
' and what the fight in the future will
rernor Indulges in be. To the farmers' ignorance off
^ork grades and of marketing conditions
, 5 qov were attributed the low prices in the
this morning from * * s
nediately donned Senator Smith told ot tbe teats he
a(j to work on a was instrumental in having made to
bsprvancp of the determine the vaIue of yarns made
ttday and tomor! from various grades. These showed
y him. Hundreds that with equal conditions the yarn
several neighbor- made from low grade or Wue cotton
ed did not come. was as good as that made from tlle ,
^ highest grades. The Senator outlined
cores Buyers. his work in the fight on the cotton
. o.?A severe at- futures tax investigation, increased
manufacturers and J price of soda, and other matters viid
Senator E. D. | tally affecting the farmers. His
at the Colleton j speech was heard with close attention
a today. Senator and he seems to have the support
ted by Chairman of a large number of farmers in this
? 1- - h. 4 4-V.sn I Phoismon D h Arln ^ f f" Vl O
VV LIU IlciU ICU IliC I WUUt>. V^uaiiuiau xmvuw, vi. vuv
ongress for fairer i national commission of the farmers'
The Senator's | union, followed Senator Smith with
ime of what the \ an excellent address.

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