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Hooton's Ladies Store
always alive to your i
furnish just what you
Goods, Dresses and Si
and at prices you wa
J ?-1 ? ? > AITA^
a any success uvw
k Millinery I
^ Come and get a
new tilings. In this
something new to
every day. They c
long enough to gi
every time you e(
something new and
appointed. We eon
our second or thii
linery, for we Inn
complete new stock
We are doing the hi
the ammunition to
Rutledge is in cln
ment, assisted by M
them, and they havi
which to give you ;
k you wish for yours
L ter. Come and let
B where you have s
B from, where you 1
^ i; to please yon, not
L || been, come is all v
9 || where to get the ih
w || in treatment, lowes'
11 with materials; the
Come to see us, let u
People Visiting in This City ai
at Other Points.
?Mr. G. W. Miley, of Branchvill
was in the city Monday.
?Mr. W. Max Walker, of Eh
liardt, was in the city Monday eve:
?Mrs.- L. A. Wells, of South Hill
IVa., is in the city on a visit to r
?Mr. W. D. Rhoad returned la
' Saturday from a trip through Floi
da and Cuba.
?Mr. John Simmons, of Hoi
Hill, spent Tuesday in the city vi
iting his mother.
?Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Snfoak ar
little son, Julian, spent last Thur
day in Orangeburg.
?Messrs. Lee D. Blume and Ga
land Smoak, of St. George, spe
Sunday in the city with relatives.
?Miss Ethel Black has returm
from McCormick, where she spe
I some days visiting Mrs. Lilie Mi
?Miss Louise Folk, from Co
I verse College. Spartanburg, can
home Saturday night for the sprir
?Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Folk,
Bamberg, were in the city yesterdi
visiting relatives?Orangeburg Tim
and Democrat. '
?Miss Franke Folk arrived
home last Thursday, after an exten
ed visit to friends m Lexington ai
Charlotte, N. C.
?Prof. S. A. Merchant, of t
Carlisle Fitting school at Bamber
stopped over in Orangeburg Tuesda
returning from the State Teachei
meeting in Spartanburg.?Orang
burg Times and Democrat.
? - ?
A Child is Killed.
^ Chesterfield, March 25.?Last Fi
day near Ruby a few miles northwe
of here a young white man. Da
sftL Hammond, killed with a 22 calib
rifle a little child, and on Sunday w
BB lodged in jail under a charge of crii
inal carelessness.
I The child, which met its death
the hands of young Hammond, was
child of Mary Rushing, whose fath<
Bill Rushing, was electrocuted la
year for the murder of his wife. T1
murder was one of the most shoe
ing which ever occurred in Cheste
field county, and came very near i
suiting in the lynching of Rushing
and Millinery Parlor is &JJJ/
nterest. We strive to CjgX^
want in Millinery, Dry f? Jp
lits when yon want them
nt to nav. hence our
any previous season. i^E
cquainted with the
> department we get
show you almost
lo not stay with us
row old; therefore, W\\T'liw
>me, expect to see faj Ijljh/J 'A
you will not be dis- M j mJm i
Id well invite you to J? / Mm,
*d showing of Mil- jM m ILVh
-e had about three yj fljjr^
s since the opening. m|W/
usiness, for we have
> do it with. Miss iini^Vx
trge of the depart- r%\Y/n^\
iss Kearse: we have fny
e the Millinery with X\\ly|/\\ \
just the kind of hat Wv\otp^
self or your daugh- vSy^
us show you, come n?S ^ ... ~
omething to select
vill find something
us. it you nave hot
re ask. Ask anyone . x?)
?\vest in goods, best
t in price, consistent
yv '11 say Hooton's. ^
is show you. We want your busii
id ^xson Oppose J as. F. x0
Barnwell, March 26.?Col. R. M. q
?? MixsOn, of Williston, who has defi- tbe
nitelv announced that he will run for cont
r- congress this summer in opposition |Qne
u- to the Hon. J. F. Byrnes, of Aiken, the
was in Barnwell yesterday. Col. Mix- trab
s y son is a member of the house of re- bia
e_ presentatives from this county and boa]
/expects to make his race on the re- was
cord that he has made. t
st ^ 1
i- The Reindeer of Alaska. tivei
?_ inve
ly The first man to follow the explor- ence
x - - XI? , expi
s- er into a new country is me missionary.
Sometimes the missionary case
1(j and the explorer are one. Dr. Shel- ?
0 don Jackson, a Presbyterian clergythat
man, is the foster father and in a 1
large sense the godfather of the e(* c
. aboriginal Deople of Alaska. It was w^?
nt qon.
he who studied conditions in the
northern land and convinced himself
that unless the Eskimo were
nt given some means of earning their *ate
*>' livelihood other than that of their p
ancestral custom of following the
n_ chase their end was starvation.
ie A report of the department of
lg agriculture, which has been issued .V(
within a few days, says that to-day tl0n
? there are not less than 30,000 domes- t0_(*
01 . . jon
ticated reindeer in Alaska. This
*y W3,s
es means that the reindeer industry is
by far the largest "agricultural proP3.D.
position in Alaska at this time." The
a government officials urge that more
" stringent measures should be taken t0
id worl
to prevent the rapid destruction of
the animals. It was the missionary
Jackson who gave the Eskimo the
S' I reindeer, which for years have kept ,
the 1
the people of a large section of the
*s country from want.
>e~ To~dav manv of the native Alas- 7
kans get their food, their raiment
and their gospel on the reindeer
range. Twenty years ago Dr. Jack- ^
son, who knew that the Siberians ^
rl~ who live in a climate like that of
!St Alaska, were self-supporting because ? ^
%e of their reindeer, conceived the idea
re roe
of introducing the animals into Alaso
c roe
ka. Under his supervision sixteen
n- the
reindeer were brought across Bering
an v
Strait. The sixteen have increased
at to 30,000, and their value to the n,10r
a thos
Eskimo of Alaska is incalculable.
'r< When he brought the first reindeer gcn
LSt to the plains of Alaska Dr. Jackson ^as
?i? _ . . . . we
was called a visionary, 'i he vision
k- , , will
which he saw has become a reality.
iT~ ?Chicago Post.
e- - . new
Read The Herald, $1.50 a year, new
:t the spring i
<k v uamv M
L.'Vj ^ eo?*?'i?TC5 ?y
SvNOir?rr CU'T Co^-I
less, we need your business, and intend to have you
Arrests Have Been Made in Co- J. H. Cartledge Killed in Accident
lumbia Tram Robbery. Southern.
olumbia, March 29.?Officers of Lexington. March 26. While
Express and Railway companies temPtin5 to make a coupling
inued the search to-day for the tween two box cars J. H. Cartled
s bandit who last night robbed conductor on local freight train
Seaboard Air Line Railway's fast runn*nS between Columbia ?
a, No. 2, to the North, in Colum- Augusta, was caught between
when a small package of .Sea- knuckles of two v cars at ab
rd Air Line letters and reports 10-30 ?'clock this morning and s
secured tained injuries from which he d
hirteen express and city detec- j on a sPecial train, which was rush
s were put to work to-night to j k*m t0 a Columbia hospital. Th
istigate the robbery. A confer- j were no eyewitnesses to the accid<
; of several hours was held at the j c?l?red train hand discovered
- - .. .. I man lvine beneath the cars. He 1
ress office when it is saia tne ; - ??
i was discussed. j horribly mangled, the lower port
lieriff McCain, of Richland coun- | body, tbe hips and thighs h
said to-night that he believed 1 been almost severed. Dr. Frj
"he had the right man shadow- j Roberts went immediately to the s
>ut," and that he was the bandit ; ^ion anc* ^id a^ *n b*s P?wer to a
i robbed the mail car of the 1 viate the suffering of the inju
thern train in Columbia several conductor, having boarded the spe^
ks ago. . \ itrain and started with his patient
0 arrests have been made at a *be hospital.
hour. j Mr. Cartledge was about 35 or
i years of age, and was among
age's Speech Given to Senate. j most popular employees of the Sou
Washington, March 25.?Ambas- ern R?a(L had been emplo,
?r Page's London speech, which by the Southern for about ei
1 rise to the senate investiga- years and is said to have been c
, was transmitted to the senate sidered ?ne of the best men in
ay by Secretary Bryan. The por- service.
relating to the Panama canal ^r* Cartledge is survived bj
in part as follows: wife and children, who reside
[ will not say we constructed the Columbia. Coroner W. C. Reed,
ama canal even for you. We built Lexington, went to Brookland
r reasons of our own. But it adds uisht, where a jury was empanel!
tie pleasure of building this great ^he jury went to the undertak
k to know that you will profit by establishment in Columbia, where
You will profit most by it for you body was carried, to view the
i the greatest carrying trade. mains. The evidence will be tal
Concerning the recent message of *n *bis county to-morrow. It ii
president, I take it upon myself to sinsular coincidence that Mr. Cj
he delivered that message not to le(*Se was slightly injured at Bai
se you, but to express to you the burg yesterday and it was said
~ ~ ^* T-o;?-! rnQ-n t5) v that
i sentiment of self respect of the uuo * *
srican nation. As I interpret it. had "Pressed himself as being
was the voice of the people. tbe watchout for troubIe a few n
ertheless, it adds to the pleasure utes before the accident. It is s
earing that voice to know it does that 1!r- Cartledge told one of
se vou " men ^ were P?ssibIe t0
he portion relating to the Mon- crew t0 take his train t0'AuSu
doctrine was in part: -The Mon- that he would S? back t0 CoIuml
doctrine, when formulated, meant that he felt as if something a?
United States would object to was about to happen.
European governments taking Relieving Suffering.
e land in the New World. In
;e days the only way a foreign "Are you doing anything to
srnment could gain that land lieve the sufferings of your fell
the literally go and take it. Now man?" asked the *^?hilanthrop
have more refined methods. You "I am," replied Mr. Dustin Stax.
, I'm sure, understand why the refuse to make large donati(
ted States prefers no land in the thereby preventing pangs of jealo
i j v._ ;^^ v,,- thoco nn the napf r?f institutions that die
wonu ue acquiicu u? ~ v w -? ?
subtle ways." get any."?Washington Star.
^ ^?o(k ^
g? Make a list ol
| this department
fc S*T) = a NEW tilings, w]
you will have lii
just what you w
itift rm -frvrvnl-lic?v en o
please you, aiK
Come and let n
Things in Ore;
Silks, Laces, I
W$m Flouneings, Coi
!?llIk ?lf ^nes ^?r ^ie 1
MS^k dresses^ in addit
we ^iave *?
want in a Suit.
H Dresse
We have s<
models in these.
Both Messaline
^ !ra/ ! Serges, Crepes
^ kw the Madras for t
^ have time to 11
qjj these, it will pa}
/jSu> skirt you need
J%f are showing in
XW can tit you in I
Come and look
? goods and price
us by.
r business, if Goods, Price and \
on Girl's Alleged Traducer Victim o:
Seven Angry Relatives.
at~ Horsewhipped, covered with tar
be" and otherwise roughly handled b}
seven assailants, one of them a wo
^?* man, who charged him with making
in(* derogatory remarks about a thirteen
the year-old girl, Arthur Bryan, seven
out | teen years old, of St. Helena, Md.
;us~ j had an exciting experience Sundaj
ied | night. According to young Bryan
ing | he was passing a church on his wa3
ere to a party, when he was met by Johr
5n** Hughes, who told him Mrs. Hoar<
wished to see him behind the church
*as He went there and was immediate
lon ly seized by six of the persons nam
ed, Hughes joining the party at th(
ink same time. While two of the Hoan
5ta~ boys held him, shaking him rough
11P? *
: ly, the father and mother, Bryar
red 1
I says, charged him with circulating
ftio ]
injurous reports concerning theii
' t0 daughter, Emma.
Brvan was declaring his innocence
40 I
of this, when his hat was knockec
I from his head, and, firmly graspec
lth~ by, his captors, he was dragged tc
"Ve(* where a bucket of steaming tar was
standing. Mrs. Hoare beating hin
on~ with the horsewhip all the while
tlie Hot tar was daubed all over his clothing,
and then on his face and hair
.a he says, until the pain caused him tc
in lose consciousness.
of m m ?
t0" As Children Say It.
j p/1
"John," said the teacher addressmg
ing a smiling, red-headed membei
the - . ,
of ner Class, "piease maKe a seiire"
fence for us, using the word 'disposiken
,. , ?
3 a Said John, squaring his fists ir
tes" "When a boy wants to fight ye
youse takes dis position."
he *
History is often puzzling to the
on childish mind, and battles, in special,
prove troublesome, says the Chi'
. cago Record-Herald. This is the exli
animation paper handed in by a cer
a tain small boy doing his best to assi|s*a
milate United States history:
ia' | "General Braddock was killed ir
^ j the Revolutionary war. He had three
horses shot under him. and a fourth
w?t through his clothes."
A Sunday school superintended
re- told the story of Elisha and the
ow- bears. Then wishing to impress the
list, moral lesson, he asked:
"I "Now. children, what does this
)ns, story show?"
usy "Please, Sir," said a shy little
in't maiden, "it shows how many childrei
two she bears can hold."
id Suit Department
: what you will need in
:, and if you want the
tiich we believe you do,
ttle trouble in securing
ant. We buy things to
is to save you the trou0
go everywhere, and
something you do not
?re where we are preto
serve the girls and
is our one thought to .
1 we believe we can.
is try. See the NEW
pes, Voiles, Eponges,
jace and Embroidery
sets without the bust
new model suits and
don to all the novelties
v you. Just what you
s and Skirts
)me very impressive
We have them in Silk,
and Chiffon Faille,
i, Linens, and even
lie house. If you do not ^
lake your dresses, see
- you. If its a separate
see the NEW ones we
Black and Navy. We
loth price and quality,
is all we ask. If our
s are not correct, pass
Service count for anything
f Resolution to Establish Steamer
Lines Goes to Committee.
, Washington, March 26.?Much interest
is shown in the resolution in- . :
- troduced to-day by Senator Weeks to ^
r test promptly the possibility of closer
nAmmnr^iol rolatinnc with Sntlt.h
- America by having the government
f detail swift naval cruisers, not now
r in active use, for a regular mail,
, freight and passenger service between
r the Atlantic and Gulf coast of the
i United States and the Pacific coast
> of South America by way of the Panama
There was a warm discussion
. among the senators because the rej
solution specified only a very few
i ports in this country at which the
. the ships should call. Finally the
i resolution went to the naval commit
r tee, of which Senator Tillman is
r chairman, with the understanding
that it would be promptly reported *
5 one way or the other, and that more
[ ports would be named in the comrait[
tee's verdict.
> Senator Tillman will immediately
5 refer the subject to Secretary Daniels
i for a statement. The senator himself
* * * rrtftlrinor
. regards tne suggesuuu iui uianiu6
- commercial use of these swift semi,
obsolete naval vessels as worthy of
> consideration. It is not likely that
Charleston will be left out of the
committee's.schedule of ports.
Clear Eye, Strong Arm, Good Health,
Are Secrets of Health.
The man with the punch, both
, mental and physical is the big business
success of to-day.
? His bodily health is the force be
hind his business possibilities.
The business world has no time to
- listen to the grouch story.
Sour stomach, malaria, indiges
tion, coated tongue and a hundred
other bodily ills come from an outi
of-order liver.
i Calomel used to be considered the
t only relief. Modern medical science
has provided a far milder and more
t pleasant form of liver relief in CARS;
WELL'S LIVER-AID, a purely vegej
table liquid remedy. .
A large bottle can be had for 50
5 cents at Mack's Drug Store, Bamberg,
S. C., where the purchase price
3 will be promptly returned in case you
l wish it after trying this wonderful
- 1

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