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She Hamburg fimtli)
Thursday, August 13, 1914
Brief Items of Interest Throughon1
the Town and County.
Miss Nell Black entertained Mon
day evening in honor of her guest
Miss Culler, of Orangeburg.
The last meeting of the campaigi
in this county will be held in Bam
berg on Friday, August 21.
It is just thirteen days until th<
Democratic primary. As the tim<
draws nearer, the more' interesting
the campaign waxes.
The many friend6 of Mrs. Henrj
W. Beard, who has been seriously il
for ten weeks, will be glad to kno*
that she has recovered.
The whistle of the Farmers Gii
company was heard yesterday for th<
A?. thic season. The ginnerj
U1DI Uuiv w??w ~? _
is now ready to begin operations.
The new cottage being erected bj
Mr. J. J. Smoak is nearing completion.
The dwelling is costing about
$3,000, and when completed will be
quite an addition to the street and
Clarence" McMillan favored The
Herald office with another exceptionally
fine watermelon the other day.
It was one of the largest we have
seen this season?and it was as good
as it was large.
The Cotton Oil pompany has recently
added four new gins to its
jginniiyg equipment. The company
now has a twelve-stand ginning system.
which is one of the largest in
this section.
Bamberg county sold $8,208.47
worth of whiskey during the month
of July, according to the monthly
statement published in The Herald
today. The operating expenses
amounted to $473.97.
The many friends of Judge T. S.
Weeks, who formerly lived here, will
be pained to learn that he died the
first of May of heart failure at Campfield,
a small town in Georgetown
county, this State. A letter has just
been received here giving the above
Mr. C. F. Rizer, of Olar, attended
the first annual convention of Ford
automobile dealers in Columbia last
week. Mr. Rizer is one of the leading
Ford dealers in the South, his
sales ranking up with the largest.
Mr. Rizer waf elected treasurer of
One of the hardest rains of the season
fell Friday. A noticeable feature
of the downfall was that the rain
fell in a torrent for perhaps a minute
in the upper part of Main street
while none fell in the lower part.
The drain pipes were taxed to the
utmost to carry off the water.
A small building on Railroad avenue
belonging to Mr. G. H. Smoak,
and occupied by Jim Grant, colored,
. as a market caught on fire early
m . Monday morning and was burned
down. A large crowd congregated
as a consequence of the usual disa'
charge of firearms on such occasions.
The city water system has been
cut off for several days on account
of the work being done on the reservoir.
A shed is being erected over
the reservoir, and it is being cleaned
out. This is a considerable improvement
for the citv water system, and
will no doubt be appreciated by the
users of this water.
We suggest that our readers preserve
this copy of The Herald containing
the complete roll of Democratic
voters for Bamberg county, for
future reference. There is a. great
expenditure of both space and money
required to publish the full list,
and it may may not be published
' again for many years.
Sunday night the store of Mr. C. F.
Rizer at Olar was broken into and a
quantity of goods stolen. The miscreant
entered through the fronl
door, the glass being broken. A small
amount of cash was stolen from th<
money drawers. It is not knowr
what amount of goods was stolen
Vuit a nnmhpr nf articles are missine
So far the thief has not been apprehended.
Many farmers are now picking cotton.
The ginneries will begin operations
in a few days, and the bus>
season will again be on. The first
bale of cotton i6 eagerly awaited in
the city. The coming of the firs)
bale of new cotton is always attendee
with interest, as it marks the end ol
the dull summer season. However
/ Bamberg has not been near so dul
this summer as many places, a good
business having been conducted since
the spring. The merchants feel verj
nnHmistie over the outlook for a fall
and winter business, and even th
war has not greatly swayed that optimism.
Glendale Springs Water delivered
at your house, 50c for five-gallons.
Peoples Drug Store.
Glendale Springs Water on sale at
Mack's Drug Store, in five-gallon bottles.
Delivered at house for 50c per
. /
New Advertisements.
: Farmers & Merchants Bank?Read <
J. A. Spann?Notice.
= Bamberg County Dispensary Board
?Monthly Statement.
t LaVerne Thomas & Co.?Ladies '
and Girls.
Dr. C. R. Groover?Piles Cured.
\V. S. Bamberg & Son?Seed Rye \
; for Sale. ^
Peoples Bank?Our Facilities for '
i Handling Business. <
B. W. Simmons & Co.?Every Day.
H. C. Folk, County Chairman?No- r
* tice of Election.
? <
Mrs. L. A. Hughes and Children?
* Trespass Notice. ,
W. H. Prie6ter, Adm.?Citation.
I John E. Carter, Adm.?Citation. r
r Enterprise Bank?Step6 to Wealth.
Bamberg Banking Co.?Rolling in
i Wealth."
- J. B. Brickie?The Worst Spill.
: Delk's Market?Nothing like a
Choice Steak.
7 Ehrhardt Banking Co.?A Bank
' That is Strong.
t Ginning Season Begins.
The ginneries of the county are
, preparing to do a big business this
[ season. The ginning season is opening
unusually early this year, on ac|
count of the advanced condition of
i the cotton crop, which promises to
be a good one.
The Cotton Oil company ginnery is 1
now ready to begin operations, the ?
machinery being put into condition a
to begin work yecterday. However, ?
it is doubtful if any cotton will be (
received for ginning for a few days, c
The Denmark Oil and Fertilizer e
company, which succeeds the old oil z
mill at Denmark, recently purchased \
by Mr. G. Move Dickinson and others, \
will be ready to begin ginning on S
August 21. The old plant has been d
remodeled and new machinery installed.
including the ginnery. (
The other gins in the county are (
i getting ready to handle the cotton (
crop, many of them beginning operations
this week. t
Appointed County Organizer. j
Miss Georgie Emma Jordan has ?
been appointed as rural school im- .
provement association organizer in ^
Domiinror n/nintv Thpspi lnoal orean- I
izations are productive of great good ^
wherever organized, and will, no
doubt, accomplish much for Bamberg f
county. The State association has
offered $1,250 in prizes for the
schools showing the most improve- I
ment during October 1, 1913 to December
1, 1914. There are forty
prizes, ten of $50 each and thirty of a
$25 each. Miss Jordan hopes that
several of these prizes will come to a
1 Bamberg county. The rules of the
contest are as follows: t
1. Improvements must be made
between October 1, 1913, and De- ^
. cember 1, 1914.
2. Only rural schools can compete e
for these prizes. Districts barred by
the State high^school act, or by the a
State rural graded school act are ineligible
to enter the competition.
3r>^Prizes will be awarded by the
State executive committee of the
school improvement association im,
mediately after the entries close.
4. All applications must be sent T
through the county superintendent of
education, the rural school supervisor
, or the county organizer of school imprvement
associations. 1
5 IPrizes will be awaraea in c
' checks sent from the office of the j
' State superintendent of education to t
' the county superintendent of educacation.
The money will be deposited i
to the credit of the district in which c
' the prize winning school is located, r
This money must be used for the fur- 1
ther improvement of the school win- e
ning it.
6 All reports must be i&ade on (
i the printed blanks furnished by the s
association. s
: 7. In making application for a *
1 prize, the clean-up day score card, a *
5 brief description, a photograph, and 1
1 any evidences of improvements must
? accompany the regular prize score i
card. Li
- .7 b
Miss tsiacK r-nieruuns. .
' 1
Miss Mary Culler, of Orangeburg,
was the guest of honor at a most en,
joyable "Color Party," given by Miss
* Nell Black on Monday evening. The
t guests were met at the door by Misses
* Ethel and Alma Black, who present,
ed them to .Miss Nell Black and to
Miss "Culler and other out-of-town
| guests. From a basket of roses sue- .
j pended in a doorway, the young people
pulled ribbons of various colors, 1
'T by which partners were found. A ^
j color contest was entered into, after .
narcnn H**.cf?rihoH hie nart- ^
WlilVsl) cava UVWV4.MVU y-. v
ner in color. These descriptions
were read aloud and thoroughly enjoyed,
while iced refreshments were
served in the dining hall. Late in C
the evening many musical selections
were rendered by Misses Kate Rentz,
Ruth Riley, Ethel Black, and othere.
; Misses Cressida Breland and Ruth ^
. Riley, dispensed grape juice on the
front porch during the evening. i
' -. 4 ,x
\rrangemeats aire Made for the Holding
of the I*rimaries.
The Democratic executive commit:ee
met on Friday for the purpose of
evising the club rolls and arranging
for the holding of the primaries.
There was a good representation of
:he committee, and the work of re. ision
was completed in a short time.
Three names were found incorrectly
The committee completed all arangements
for the primaries, and the
lotice of election appears in another
column of The Herald today. The
nanagerr were appointed for each
srecinct in the county.
The rules fbr conducting the prinary
may be found in the election notice.
These rules should be read
carefully and followed closely.
No other action of, consequence
vas taken by the committe, which
vill meet again after the first primary
to canvass the vote.
Managers will notice that they are
tsked to send in by telephone, telerraDh
or* otherwise at the earliest
possible moment the returns from
:he respective precincts, md to bring
he boxes and officials lists within 36
lours after the polls close. By folowng
this the result of the election
nay be known early.
Mr. Rizer Made Treasurer.
The first annual convention of
''ord dealers for North Carolina,
>outh Carolina and Georgia was held
it the Jefferson Hotel, Columbia, on
Jonday. W. Wm. Burguson, of the
Charleston Motor Sales company, lo:al
distributers for the Ford, was
sleeted president of the new organiation.
The other officers chosen
vere Mr. Roy Beachler, Charlotte,
ice president; Mr. C. F." Rizer, Olar,
!. C.. treasurer, and Mrs. J. E. Har
loin, Charleston, secretary.
Directors: Messrs. W. Crowell,
Charlotte: E. M. DuPree, Columbia;
J. Lombard, Augusta; J. C. Chipley,
Ireenwood, and D. C. Shaw, Sumter.
The dealers in attendance from the
hree States represented a sales for
914 of over $10,000,000 worth of
''ord cars.
"The delegates were enthusiastic
>ver the success of their newly organzed
association, bringing in close afiliation
the dealers of the Carolinas
ind Georgia," said Mr.Tlurguson, the
(resident, this morning, "and we are
;oing to grow as fa6t as the'Ford
actory. Just watch us."?Charleson
Preaching every Sunday morning
t 11 o'clock.
Preaching every Sunday evening
.t 8.00 o'clock.
Sunday-school every Sunday afernoon
at 5.00 o'clock.
Mid-week prayermeeting every
Vednesdav evening at 5.00 o'clock.
Epworth League every Tuesday
evening at 8.00 o'clock.
Everybody Is cordially invited to
ttend these services.
W H. HODGES, Pastor,
,Railroad Ayenue,
Bamberg, S. C.
Take Cars as They Attempt to Cross
Russian Border.
Berlin, August 9.?Via London.?
Two motor cars carrying large sums
>f money were captured by German
>eople and troops today as they were
rying to cross the Russian frontier.
The empress and princess of the
mperial family personally are parti:ipating
in supplying food for Gernan
reservists passing through Berin.
They are enthusiastically cheerid
by the troops.
A.vmnn- flinca whn haxrp pntprpH thp
i.iiV/0^ ? uv UM> v vuvv. WM ...v
Jerman barracks at Doeberitz are a
mperior Russian official and the Rusiian
public prosecutor, who took part
n the trial of Mendel Beiliss, when
le was charged at ^iev, with "ritual
Herrmann Wendell, the Socialist
nember of the Imperial Parliament,
vho recently during a speech in the
louse shouted, "Vive la France," has
,rolunteered for service in the Gernan
army, v
Billy Sunday's Sayings.
Better limp all the way to heaven
han not get there at all.
You don't have to look like a
ledge-hog to be pious.
Going to church don't make any>ody
a christian, any^more than takng
a wheelbarrow into a garage
nakes it an auiomouue.
The devil hates the church, but he
ikes the work some highbrows do in
If there is a heaven for fools, the
nan who thinks he can get to glory
>n his wife's religion will be there
>n a front seat.
The man who don't believe in a
lell is about sure to be scorching to
t with both pedals loose.
A man can slip intp hell with his
land on the door-knob of heaven.
subscribe to The Herald, $1.50 year.
? ? f ..
To the Farmers
I have just received a
car load of the
1 nifivuu unviiiiui i/uuuilu i
and can suit you in either a Runabout
or Top Buggy. Also a full
linA nf tKp nlid reliable
Rock Hill Buggies ]
and that Chase City or Oxford j
DaaMMt* VTMV1 l? ? VT A K AQ W/1
DUggy duuui wuiuijfuu iiav^u^cu vt I
so much favorable comment If 1
it is a wagon you want 1 can sell v |
you the ,||
Hackney Wagon I
in either the one-horse or two- ifm
horse size, and there is no better Jjj
J* l%ilinnn1
niauc* jcc mc uciui c Lsujuig
anything in Harness and Saddlery
I TUP ui'Mi v p\T I Ha Would Find Out.
A yJUlUtHAUU rni->i,r>. j inn mU. ? ? _.
t 1 t Henry Irving, in his early days,
Heir to English Throne as an Aver- *ot ?ne is Perfect and Most ?' *** once Played a part which in the first
age Undergraduate. Troubled by Strain of Some Kind. act cane(j for a dark stage, says the
" New York Globe. In this darkness ;
The Prince of Wales who has just Measurements of human eyes em?hg f h(. with an old earI threw him
oomnleted wo Z 'JOxford tm3trate that "* -P "*"* no haay and wfcwl he dId not ri5e af. .
completed two years at uxiora. is such thiQg in the world as an ab_
finding hi, exploits at that tnstitu-1 eoIute,y rtwt eye. xhat wouId be fd ? ? oat 1 W >M
vi?ew in' thTnt4apnedrsr tn nnde"la miraCle whiCh ?atUre "Uh 0-7 T^vens; what have I
view in the newspapers. An under i iirfinite ingenuity has never perform- Hnnp,..
gradnate who has had an opportunity j ed N# ?uman face among all the ao?e_ <
to see much of his impressions in a, million mav be held Played the part in a
seemingly frank manner : worlds 1.600 million maj be held sma? EngUsh tQWn A stag6 hand
. seemingly frank manner. ; perfect, either artistically or pliysi- . imDrp<,spd with
"Viewed impartially,' he says, , . To the owner of the face much impressed with the
rtlr,pr,f>n'lv To the owner 01 tne iace tha c?onp<J nr,{g,viv
''the prince's career has been neither | r/T0" J',' . ?r,:rr,r,^rfaT,t *"*" fcV """ ?~~ better
nor worse than that of the' 'S' r. thp of a Dair -(became real. So that when. Irving
average titled graduate He has to the o ne f p reached the climax, felled the old
embarked many of the manW ieyes an err0r ?f 0ne three-h,ln- earl to the ground and spoke the
sports of 5r?h and exoe.led in none arcd;hs0f.oaI' ,to# What ha 1
or dimensions of the e>eballs may ,A
Perhaps the best comment on his r .n jmnnrtant fnnrtinn #h done, he was started to hear the
good spirit and lick of 'side* was ; important function ab- stage hand say in a loud voice: ^
the fact that he played consistently j norma1' re6ultinS in eye strain wit "strike a match and we'll have a .?4
the fact that he piayed consistently | ks attendant physical ills. . . ? . ?
at association football with the Mag-. 100K.
, ,, j , ? 1 The eve responds to the sughest dalen
college second eleven. 1 . . . ^ ^?iA fliat la XOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR FI
, ' , . . . , , , pnysica! iorce m uue nui.u, v.?v
?r(!!, ?D^ imf k 6 WaS 8* light waves which are hundreds of XAL DISCHARGE,
spair o s equerrj, ut as a conces- mjjjjons 0f times more infinitesimal Notice is hereby to all and singular ..
sion to popular opinion, expressed!^ sound waves The eyeg are the the kindred^and creditorsof G W.
and unexpressed, he has acquired , _ ij?,i ? ? *ail> br-> deceased, that the under,
j j. j -.u hardest worked of all organs, and the signed will aDDlv to the Tnde-P of
some skill in the saddle and with it . ? , . . . . ,, ? l5 . . ,u !;pp t 10 ine Jua?e 9r
? ^ . . ,, , safety and existence of human lives Prooate for Bamberg countv, at his
some of the standing that falls only frequently depend directly on their office, Bamberg, S. C., on the 29th
to hunting men at Oxford. accurate worRing The harmful re. day of Au^ist 1914 at 11 o'clock,
'That the prince should take an suUs of eye strain never wholly ab- estate of the said G. W.TaU, Sr., de^ '
equal footing with all in undergrade ; sent throughout life, may begin very ceased, and discharge from the office *
uate life was, of course, an innova-1 early in childhood, even in the second of administrator of said estate,
tion attended, as one might expect, by; voor , . G. W. FAIL, JR.,
1 ^ear* Administrator of the estate of G. W.
advantages and drawbacks. The cu-l Many |m]e chi|d for instance. Fail. Sr., deceased,
nous interest with which he was I are fonstantl!. tearlne thclr clottles, July 27th, 191*.
pestered in h.s early weeks soon wore; ? (he|r fee( and , stumbllng - - ?
off, but the natural des.re to be in- and famng |)ecause the,r e},as are so SPECIAL NOTICES,
timately associated with a prince so' .. ... ... .. at,.
easv of access was harder to kill ! estimates of the size, Advertisements Under This Head 25c.
easj of access *as harder to kin. , location and nature of objects are not
-.Magdalen second eleven last ?e?-1 mde> Adultg who haV0 been For -5 Words or Less.
son pro\ea far more attractne to .]ind and arg suddenly given good, For Sale?Vetch Hay. J. A. WYmanv
men than the college senior! . . . . , . |\ta\* Ramhpre- s r tf
i vision, require years to learn to see -WAA? oamoerg, &. C/.?tr.
team. Little or no concession has ... . . a. i ?????????
been made to his rovaltv I saw him ! accuracy or safety in action., c'ora for Sale?$1.00 per bushel.
. * i Probably six per cent, of children are J. A. WY.MAX, Bamberg. S. C. tf.
the other day waiting at the door ot : _handed ,eft-evedness causin- left' 77^
one of the leading doctors in Oxford. [, , , ' ' Indian Runner Duck Eggs for sale.
Ou the other hand, he has had tree- handedness. From 6 to 1U years ot *1.00 the setting J. A., WYMAN,
, . , , ' age many children show an incom- Bamberg, S. C.?tf. J
dom and ease which he will never, . ... lt ,, a .. y
, , a ? I prehensible nervousness, twitching a
again enjoy; he has mixed unostenta- . .. . . , . _ ,, ... Fulghum Seed Oats ? 2d0 bushels .
! ?f the hands and tace, fickle appetite weH n7atured, for sale. Apply to J.
tiously with people of an ranns; ne and varioug disorders, all usually due j T. O'NEAL & SOX, Bamberg,- S. C. tf *,
has endured bravely and well the dis- gve ,train ! ^
comforts of camp life as private. Yet ^ M Qf theJe cafi6s 0[ eye ^by mediate ?n ?
'The prince has rather startled his strain can be relieved, and should be Saturday, August i5th. J. A.
university companions lately by tak- reiieved*in early chidhood. The im- SPAXX.
ing to the pipe and giving up, for portance of correcting this condition Automobiles Insured.?1912 modthe
moment, the cigarette. A picture eariy jn the child's school .years, and els 2*4 per cent;' 1913 models 2 per
of him with the Oxford officers' train- the influence on the chi'd must be ap- cent- Old line company. ^H. M.
ing corps shows the prince puffing at parent to every parent and teacher.? GRAHAM? Agent, Bamberg, S. C.
a great bulldog pipe, and apparently Pittsburg Gazette. Trespass Notice?All persons are ?
enjoying it. The next day, however, ^ hereby warned not to trespass on our
he left his regiment, which had not Heard in a Divorce Court. lands in Three-Mile township, under
finished its training, and came to Judge (to woman asking separa- penalty of the law. MRS. L. A.
London. Gossips are saying that tion)?''How long have your rela- HIGHES aD<3 Children.
Queen Mary, having seen the picture tions been unpleasant?" Seed- Rye for Sale?Genuine sousent
for him. Woman?"Your Honor, my rela- them Seed Rye for sale at $2.50 the
, * v ... bushel: also a few bushels of Abruz'
" t-ons have alwa>'s been Pleasant, its z- Rye> at ?3 0Q thg bushe]- w. S.
For up-to-date stationery come to his relations that are the old BAMBERG & SON, Bamberg S. ' >
The Herald Book Store. grouches."?Boston Transcript. C. 9-10
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