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Why the Const it ut ion of tlie United;
States i> lifNt Type.
The constitution of the United!
States remains the best type of a !
written constitution.
It is brief but it is also comprehensive,
and not a line of legislation j
can be found in it. says'the New York j
World. The executive- power is ail :
centered in the executive. The legis-j
lative power is all centered in the
congress. The judicial power is all j
centered in the judiciary. There is
no division of responsibility except j
insofar as the senate has a check upon
the president's appointments and j
shares the treaty-making power, and
the president through the veto, has
a check upon the legislation enacted j
by congress.
The powers relegated to the federal
authority are specifically enumerated.
The inhibitions upon the
power of congress and of the States
are clearly defined.
In spite of all the conflicts between
loose constructionists and
4 strict constructionists, the constitution
has never required amendment
in any of its essential provisions.
Except for an alteration in the
method of electing the president and
another alteration in the method of
electing United States senators, the
original constitution remains untouched.
The other amendments
have added powers, but they have
* J ? - U _ pfril n
maae no cnauge 111 iue ui?&mat ??.
State constitutions are forever un- .
dergoing revisions because they lack
the simplicity of the federal structure.
They do not centre the executive
power in the governor. They do
not centre the legislative power in
the legislature; for these State constitutions
are themselves stuffed with
legislation. The judiciary has no
clear charter.
In the legislation manual of New
York the constitution of the United
States, with its annotations, occupied
34 pages, and the constitution of
the State of New York with its annotations,
occupies 114 pages. It is
no exaggeration to say that half of
the New York constitution is devoted
to matters which ought to be left to
the legislature under well-defined restrictions
upon legislative powers.
Most State constitutions are framed
in distrust of the governor, of the
legislature ana 01 tne peopie memselves.
In other words, they are
framed In distrust of republican selfgovernment.
In that respect they
are the very antithesis of the federal
. The Northern Gibraltar.
It is only a quarter of a century,
writes a contributor to Fields, since
s. Helgoland was an English possession.
A British force seized the barren rock
in 1807, during hostilities with Denmark,
which used to own it; and
such was its stragetical importance
that England insisted on keeping it
at the end of the war.
Helgoland is opposite the mouth
of the Elbe and Weser rivers, and is
twenty-eight miles from the nearest
point on the mainland. There are
really two islands, and they are important
because they command the
approaches to Hamburg and Bremen,
and the entrance to the Kiel canal.
TV,?. main iolgnd ic ? tll]?P TOCk
about a mile in length by some five
hundred yards wide, with steep red
cliffs that rise two hundred feet above
sea level. A channel a quarter of a
mile wide separates the main 'rock
from a little islet called Sand Island,
or Duen-Insel. The landing place is
at the southeast corner of the island,
where a sandy spot called the UuterMand
is connected with the top of the
cliffs, or oberland, by a long flight of
steps and an elevator. There is a
resident population of nearly four
thousand, and during the summer
months forty thousand holiday makers
visit Helgoland for the bathing
from the "dune."
The German occupation dates from
1890. In that year the British and
German governments made an agree
ment by which Germany engaged to
to recognize a protectorate of Great
Britain over the island of Zanzibar
and Pemba, and the dominations of
the Sultan of Witu and the adjacent
territory up to Kismayu: and Great
Britain engaged to cede Helgoland to
Germany. The islands were fortified
in the days of the British occupation,
but the Germans have greatly
strengthened the works since they
got possession of them. They have
replaced the British batteries by
armed turrets mounting guns of
heavy calibre, and they have spent
large sums on the harbor works. Hel
goland is one of the strongest strategic
defenses of the short but marvelouslv
protected German coast on the
North sea.
The sea, however, steadily wearing
Helgoland away. In 800 A. D,. :
it was 120 miles in circumference.
By 1300 it had decreased to a circumference
of forty-five miles, and by
1649, it covered only four square 1
miles. At present it is hardly onethird
of one square mile in area.?
Youth's Companion.
This is the c
given the "r
An automobile on
to be a designer's theoi
Multiply one model by 38,C
give each one of these 38,00
mobiles day in and day out
and tumble road wear, and
car stands up and delivers, it
come one of the rare grea
mobile successes.
And that is the Maxwell
Read This List
A large, roomy, beautiful body, fitted with
deep, comfortable upholstering, ample leg room,
adjustable front, seat and the best fourteencoat,
hand-painted and striped finish. All
Maxwell bodies are constructed of pressed
steel, mounted on a steel-channel sectioned
frame, offering the greatest possible strength
with minimum weight.
"Without a doubt you will find the Maxwell
the easiest riding, light car made. With its
amply sufficient wheel base, and semi-elliptic
front springs and three-quarter elliptic rear
I -
The Maxwe
No other automobile is backed
-?in every part of this country?art
This splendid Maxwell dealer
Service Branches. Sixteen great A
lor an owner within a few hours if
Order a Mar
$b?a s
' O.i. Eiicraic
attracts attention, at i
1 Woi
WUMII, '^11'!':! 1111. M11
ar that 38,<
ough and I
the road for 18 mont
ry. *
It becomes?either a j
Or it becomes?a gre
100 and today?that is
0 auto- Test" that the 1
rough through, and thai
if this is the most talk*
has be- that is built toda
t auto- The Maxwell
one of the very f
success successes the wo
of Expensive Features. The 19
springs, built of the very best of spring stee
the Maxwell cushions Its passengers from i
the jars and bumps of rough roads. It is
comfortable and easy riding that you w
remark the difference on your first ride.
The most powerful, durable motor of i
size made. Ample power to negotiate a
road, mud, sand or hill?always at your coi
mand. Almost troubleproof, every part accesi
ble, and what is more, it is a motor
genuine economy. More miles per gallon, d;
in and day out, than you would believe poc:
>11 fftmnanv'u fltiarar
by a more reliable service than tt
i always ready to give expert advi
service organization is perfecte<
faxwell Service Stations are so lo<
: not in his stock. Maxwell Servi
well from us now, an
re you your car?not
easy r n
1SSEE U. f. iv
Kthe kind th;
J we do. If y
easonable prices,
rider <
000 happy
:umblew aci
owners' we
#. v
lis in constant, every-d
? - - ? i.
great aulumuuiic outcv
at automobile failure.
exactly the "Add Ai
Maxwell has passed see.
t is why the Maxwell to y<
3d about automobile you
y. We
automobile is today and
ew great automobile shov
>rld has ever known. one
15 Maxwell Has These Features
Is, ble if one were to tell you. The Maxv
ill motor itands to-day one of the very best
so dependable efficiency.
A beautiful, troubleproof, highly efflci
radiator. Every part but the shell construe
of high-grade copper; It will not corrode i
Its leak. Protected against breakage by a he<
ny pressed steel shell and special shock-absorb
n- devices on each side of the frame that prott
3j. it against the many strains and twists of
ay Irreversible worm and gear, the only s
si* steering device. Maxwell uses a gear inst
iiee of Service to Mi
iat guaranteed every Maxwell owi
ce, to make adjustments, and to su
i and completed by the chain of
cated throughout the country that
ce is one of the great advantages t
d when you want it d
an excuse on delivery
if AN, Agt.,
at "particular peo
ou like "tasty" sta
-- 1 j. Tur c
Sena it to i nti l.
Xt^^^^^KI^^^MBiS&s^lVBEKBrIII7/ivWlnF Bufittfll/Jl?/
* ' - '. . .', V
owners nave
d test of real
' io-fsl
f _
jar ^
lay use by an owner ceases
J v;kl'
< fr.m
**> . /oi'3
- . .
ad this is the ear we urge you to
This is the car that you owe it
Mirself to see. We want to tell j
about its hill climbing triumphs,
want to tell you about its speed
endurance records. We want to {
f you and add up for you every
of r?#*w fpahirPA ^
' I i
And Many Others.
reH of a sector. This makes adjustment very
in simple, as you have merely to turn the gear
one-quarter way and you have a new surface,
just as good as a complete new steering unit.
* "rv* ~ .
ind One square Inch of braking surface to every .s
ivy twelve pounds of weight That's more than
ing most any other car gives to-day. Maxwell
!Cts brakes are thoroughly dependable, enclosed and
the protected from dust and dirt and have special
anti-rattling devices. Maxwell brakes are
afe very easy to handle. The slightest pressure
ead of the foot and your car comes to a dead stop. f
1 4
ixwell Owners
ier. More than 2,000 Maxwell dealers
pply new parts at reasonable prices. 1
Maxwell owned and Maxwell operated
a Maxwell dealer can supply any part
njoyed by Maxwell owners.
elivered, we will
?t 3)Oi/5
raa t
> EUCTMC dy-e <
pie" want, is the kind ,
A! iL? J tkof ,
iiiuucry, uic tuiiu umi
. ,?
. /

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