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^ "'J
|fe|| & Bainl>erg Cotton Market.
^ mhp i^Qttth^TVL i^tulh taE"""~:T I
I] c?^.and WiU ** thankfully re- ^ \ Closed 12
|PS \ " - -T .;
^ | One Dollar and a Half a Year. BAMBERG, S. C. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1915. Established 1891. 3
k, - s '
News Items Gathered All Around the
County and Elsewhere.
B ^ r JCiiuiuu ut uiviiuigoi
Ehrhardt, Dec. 7.?A much needed
rain fell last Sunday, making ar
| , ' ... Unpleasant day for those who had tc
be out?fairing up Monday and this
morning is the coldest we have hac
X jthis season,
v . ' A motion picture show is beini
pulled off in Copeland hall this^week
V / . Mrs. J. E. Folk and little daughter
Lurline, are on a visit to her sister
Mrs. R. O. Rice, of Holly Hill, leav
ing last Friday and stopping over fo]
the night with her cousin, Mr. Jaci
t ^ Rice, of near Bamberg.
fi. The town council has had soms
^ a*. J ^ much needed repairs made on the
sidewalks recently; makes them loot
better and walking the street now is
i not 60 difficult.
K: ' , Miss Myrtie Stafford, of Canton
Ga., the charming guest of her sis
ter, Mrs. John Hartz, was^onorec
Hp last Thursday evening by a party o
Kj her young friends coming in for i
Hk surprise party. The evening was
| pleasantly spent, all amusing them
WMF selves with the popular game, rook
Pi Those attending were Misses Gertrude
f Windom, Genie Ramsey, Mamie Da
" vis, Inez Hutson, Ella Moore; Messrs
i |'- ' Dick Roberts, Windel Ramsey, Ro:
113 Kearse, Clarence Moore, Harry Cope
( - land, Lee Kinsey and Stacy Kearse
p ^ i A salad course was served .by Mrs. E
f ,/ P. Copeland.
? ?- *_ _ _ .
v ' Mrs. Martha Chassereau, wno nai
| been living with her daughter, Mrs
|i V Ben Loadholt, of Sycamore, has mov
f ed back to her home, living with he]
* Ion, Mr. Ci E. Kinsey.
-Jfffss Ollie Morris, who has been i
patient at an Augusta hospital fo:
\.;7t . \ - the past few weeks, has returnee
home, very much improved. She wai
suffering from the effects of a severe
| v case of typhoid fever last summer.
1 v ^ Mr. and 'Mrs. Pledger and daugh
I ter, of Illinois, and Rev. B. F. Mc
lr ? .
I; - "' ' London, of Bennettsville, have re
turned to their homes after a pleas
\ ant visit to Messrs J. M. and J. S
I r Dannelly.
Mr. iFaber Kearse, a student o
L Carlisle school, Bamberg, was ii
p c town Saturday. ;
[ \ Dr. J. H. Roberts returned ^Frida;
i * after attending the Methodist con
| ; ^ ference in Charleston last week.
j ' The railroad commissioners an<
several of the A. CT'L. afficials stop
-? X
4^ . ped over in town wnne on tneir irij
to Bamberg last week.
j& The county dispensary disposed o
all their stock last week and nov
Mr.; Jake Hiere is opening up a gro
& c*ry store at the old stand, doinj
business under the name of Hiers'i
|p grocery.
I Hurrah for Yankville (Hughes)
( Capt. J. M. Dannelly is preparing t<
i ; - commence his saw mill there -in j
i few days, several of the employee
| \|f - having already moved. JEF.
1 Ott's Outings.
I ???T Ott's, Dec. 7.?Cold weather visit
I ed us again yesterday, which make
ft ; hog killing, pudding and sausag*
U plentiful.
Kir : , The farmers in this section com<
m near living at home; they make plen
F" ty of hog and hominy, syrup, pota
| f toes, vegetables, chickens, etc., a
| Our^erg is getting very indus
J trious. The syrup mill runs day, an<
| part of night. It is run by stean
% and makes an average of-about 10<
I v gallons of syrup per day. The sa^
mill is running regular, and the gh
part of the time.
Mr. William Hughes, of Lemoi
Spur section, is here as sawyer fo
Mr. E. C. Hays, while Mr. Odom i
Mr. Harry Free, of Blackville, visit
ed his aunt, Mrs. E. V. Odom, yes
terday. si
sa .
U/Jr Mrs. W. M. McCue has been on tn
Ej sick list for the past week.
Wt The many friends of Mr. L. E
V Odom will be pleased to know tha
W} he is able to be up again after beinj
J I confined to his bed for about 10 day
witti 'grippe.
I Mr. Lee Roy Sandifer and sistei
Miss Germaine, yisited relatives a
| / Ott's a few days last week.
Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Spurlin, o
| i Denmark, visited at the home of Mi
and Mrs. L. D. Odom last Friday.
If Mr. Henry Q. Jennings has bee:
I here about two weeks doing carpen
j ter and repair work.
B Do you want to save money o:
I your holiday gifts? If so come t
I The Herald Book Store. Large stoc
ft to select from.?adv.
I ir
Signed by Required 25 Per Cent, of
? Atlanta's Vote.
Atlanta, Ga., Dec. 6.?The recall
of Mayor James G. Woodward was
5 demanded in a petition filed here today
with city council. The petition
contains 3,235 names, or 309 more
than the 25 per cent, of the register
ed vote of the city required Dy >ine
L Georgia recall law.
) The filing of th,e petition iS an out,
growth of the fight which resulted
I several months, ago in the removal by
the police board, of which the mayor
r is a member, of Chief of Police J. L.
Beavers. Petitions asking the recall
of Police Commissioners James W.
English, ^&dwin F. Johnson, Robert
' C. Clark, Robert T. Pace, Andrew
. King and W. P. Fain were expected
. to be filed today, but delays in completing
necessary clerical work caus3
ed them to be held up. It is expect>
ed they will be filed tomorrow.
. The petition filed today asks the
5 city council to meet next Monday and
set a date for the recall election. It
is expected, however, that the date
will not be set for some time as
j champions of Mayor Woodward and
f other officials have indicated that the
i validity of the names on the petitions
3 and other matters connected with the
recall will be contested in the courts.
More Than Four Score Persons Leave
New York on Steamer Oscar II.
7 ? ________
New York, Dec. 4.?Henry Ford
and more than 80 peace advocates
sailed from here today on the steamer
Oscar II, for Christiansand, Xor3
way. The party was accompanied by
57 newspaper correspondents and
photographers, and more than twen
r ' ~ _
r ty general assistants, secretaries and
} All of the saloons and many of the
r cabins on the steamer were decorated
*jWith palms, ferns, flowers, flags and
51 streamers representing the national
5 colors of about 17 countries. Red,
white and blue predominated.
Henry Ford boarded the steamer
" at 1:05 o'clock, accompanied by sev"
eral friends and three policemen. The
" latter held the crowd back while Ford
* posed for a score of moving picture
cameras and more than 75 other phof
tographers. Ford carried a tattered
1 American flag, which he waved with
one hand while he repeatedly doffed
P his hat to the cameras.
" ' The sailing of the Oscar II, scheduled
for 2 o'clock, was delayed some
* time by the unexpected arrival of 15
" persons who had been invited by
P Ford, but had not indicated their intention
of sailing. The examination
* of the baggage, passports and tickets
7 of the 15 late arrivals, as well as the
" final clearing.of the ship of all but
s persons who held tickets took up conB
siderable time.
William Jennings Bryan and
? Thomas A. Edison arrived at the dock
3 an hour before the steamer sailed to
1 bid farewell to Mr. Ford. Mr. Bryan
s spent half an hour with Mr. Foyd.
Fifteen minutes before the ship
was scheduled to sail a messenger
boy riding in a taxicab drove onto
the pier. The boy carried a large
s covered cage, which was believed to
e contain a live dove. When the cage
was uncovered, however, it was
B found that the occupant was a large
" grey squirrel. This created much
merriment, and one of the secretaries
* placed the squirrel directly under one
of the mounted peace doves.
i Cope Callings.
& Cope, Dec. 4.?Mr. John May
v Tatum, of.the South Carolina Milia
tary academy, is spending the weekend
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
a W. O. Tatum, of near Cope,
r Mrs. Vera^Thomas, who spent
s Thanksgiving at home, has returned
to Appleton, where she is teaching
- school.
>- Mrs. H. C. Hitter, of Columbia, is
spending some time with her son,
e Mr. E. E. Ritter, of near Cope.
Miss Julia Cope is visiting her
K cousin. Mrs. Vernon Brabham, in Co
t iumbia.
s Rev. Burns Meets Mishap.
Cope, Dec. 1.?Rev. C. B. Burns,
t of Cof>e, suffered a very painful accident
late Monday afternoon by bef
ing struck in the left eye by a piece
of wood while cutting same. The
eye was quite badly bruised, and Dr.
Q Stuckey had to remove a splinter
l_ that had stuck in the lid, and was
injuring the ball of the eye at each
movement. Rev. Burns managed to
n get off Tuesday morning to attend
o conference at Charleston, and also to
k consult a specialist at the same
j-'"- *' - ' - - -.U-hfL.
Stat? News Boiled Down for Quick *
Reading.?Paragraphs About j
Men and Happenings. ?
The Duke interests of Durham, N. c
r1 lioirn r\n t^aVi n cn/T n VO ct frQPt n "P '
^ y CL V C p CI X C/Ai CIO VVi H> ? vv O u t A w \/ %,? v *.
land near Great Falls in Fairfield (
county, which they propose to develop.
A Lexington county jury last week, j
awarded Mrs. Cynthia Williams a
verdict of $20,000 against the S. A.
L. railway for the alleged killing of
her husband by a train of the defendant
company. I
Dr. George Benett, of Columbia-, j
who has been spending some time in (
this country after serving in Red ,
Cross work in hospitals along the
battle line of Europe, has again re- turned
to the front. j
When the dispensaries in Richland ]
county are closed on December 31,
under the general prohibition act, 1
the stock on hand will be worth from <
$30,000 to $40,000 in the opinion of j
L. L. Bultman, State dispensary auditor.
The postoffice department has announced
-that beginning February 1, ]
rural delivery motor vehicle service i
will be placed in operation at Campobello,
where there will be two routes,
and Pacolet where there will be one.
Both places are in Spartanburg coun- <
ty. The salary of the carrier on each
route will be $1,800.
The State board of law examiners
have admitted the following to the
practice of law in South Carolina:
J. O. Havird, Newberry; I. F. Belser,
Columbia; W. G. Mordecai, Charleston;
W. M. Levi, Sumter; C. C.
Stogner, Hartsville; E. S. Hemphill, ;
Cheater; J. G. Leatherwood, Greenwood;
R. N. Ward, Greenville.
J. W. Chapman, an engineer employed
by a lumber company in Colleton
county, is being sought by the
sheriff, charged with the murder of
Alec Grubbs, a negro. It is alleged
that the engineer'beat the negro who
was stealing a ride on a lumber train,
over <the head with a pistol, crushing
his skull and then threw him into a
deserted field, leaving him to die.
Delegates appointed to attend the
conference to be held by the-commission
on Church and Country Life,
created by the federal council of the
Churches of Christ in America af Co-,
lumbus, Ohio, December 8-10, are:
Dr. D. G. Phillips, Chester; Rev. A.
S. Thomas, Cheraw; Dr. H. N. Snyder,
Spartanburg; Dr. J. B. Hunter,
Prosperity; Rev. W. H. Mills, Clemson
College; Rev. Geo. W. Quick.
^ 111 -
Rather than go through life deprived
of iiis eyesight, W. R, Pinckney,
a surveyor of Ridgeland, and
foreman of the Jasper county grand
jury, .committed suicide by cutting
his throat at the home of his brother,
near Ridgeland, Tuesday night. Mr.
Pinckhey had been informed by a
specialist that he would Jose his eyesight
as the result of some infection
and the theory is that he preferred
death to blindness.
In Spartanburg's recall election
in that city on Tuesday, Mayor John
F. Floyd, was reelected, but Com- 1
missioners John P. Fielder-and C. B.
Waller, running on the ticket with
him, were defeated by J. T. Hudson
and 0. T. Gallman. Messrs. Hudson
and Gallman were commissioners until
Mnvomhor 13 whftTl t.hev re
tired through act of the legislature
reducing the number of commissioners
from four to two.
The appointments of the house of
representatives for the 1916 session
of the general assembly have been
announced by the speaker, James A.
Hoyt, as follows: Secretary to the
speaker, Miss Kate Cantwell, Columbia;
general desk clerk, Ralph Ar- ,
mi rn o 1 rilorl* R I
ill/ill, opai lauuuig, uuuiuui wi ii) ??.
E. Crawlie, Columbia;, bill clerk, J.
A. Kaminer, Columbia; pages, J. T.
B. Sharpton, Edgefield; Lindsay Odmon,
Chesterfield; John Radcliffe,
Columbia; Ernest G. Sharpe, Lexington;
Doorkeepers, W. N. Austin, (
Greenville; J. W. McCreight, Columbia;
B. G. Hoover, Orangeburg; mail
carrier, N. O. Pyles, Columbia. 1
A promissory note for ten cents,
the instrument being dated February
6, 1888, was found by the owner the
other day in. an old pocket book at
Polo. The signer of the note is alive
? <* A IN ? i i V* IN *\1 /\M /I rv/il n Wrtfl
ana suiveut, uut tut; uuiuci uetiai co
he would rather keep the security as
a curio than to present it for payment,
even though he has figured that
principal and interest amount to
something like $3.17.
* * *
\ - ^
Resident Wilson and Mrs. Gait Will
Have Quiet Home Wedding;. A]
Washington, Dec. 4.?Extreme sim)licity
will be observed at the wedling
of President Wilson and Mrs. *
Gorman Gait, which, the white house
mnounced today, will be solemnized
December 18, two weeks from today,
it the home of Mrs. Gait tyere. The
irrangements virtually have been
completed. i ^
The president will have no best
nan at the weddintr and Mrs. Gait ,
" ? - ni
will not formally select a maid of ^
ionor, although one of her sisters,
probably Miss Bertha Boiling, of this
jity, will escort her during the cere- '
aiony. w
The announcement at the white
house that only members of the two
families and the president's immesc
liate household would attend the
wedding and no formal invitations ^
would be issued surprised official '
Washington. It had been expected ..
that at least a few of the president's
friends would be invited.
The Rev. Herbert Scott Smith, rector
of St. Margaret's Protestant Epis- B
copal church here,; which Mrs. Gait
\ I n
has attended in recent months, has p
' R
been selected as the officiating clergy- D
man, although it is possible that the a
Rev. Sylvester Beach, pastor of the 0
president's church in Princeton, may a
assist. The president is a Presbyterian.
The Position of Palmetto State Gains
Influence in the House.
Washington, Dec. 4.?South Carolina's
position in committee influence ^
in the house of representatives as a '
result of the selections made by the
ways and means majority and ratified
by the Democratic caucus this n
afternoon, is stronger than in the
last congress.
Mr. Whaley made a striking advance,
going to the committee on the
judiciary, which is one of the several
committees which are so im
portant that members who secure assignments
to them are not allowed
to serve on any other committee at
the same time. /
Mr. Finley retains his position as
ranking member of the postoffice committee,
also one of the big committees.
Mr. Lever remains chairman of agricultural
committee, another of the
major class. ^ *
Mr. Aiken continues as the rank- s
ing member of the committee on the
District of Columbia, and also has r
places on the committees on the census
and on expenditures in the navy
Mr. Byrnes is made chairman of
the committee on mileage, and in addition
is placed on the committees on b
merchant marine and fisheries, roads. 5
and war claims.
Mr. Ragsdale, retiring from the P
banking and currency committee, obtains
positions on the committees on
foreign affairs, District of Columbia,
and industrial arts and expositions/
Mr. Nichols gets on military affairs,
performing the feat of landing on j
on? of the leading committees at the
very start.
Friends of Representative Byrnes
made a strong fight to put him on
the appropriations committee as the P
successor of former Representative
Johnson, and he came very near winning,
but the Texas influence in behalf
of Representative Buchanan, of F
that State, was too powerful to be
overcome. Texas has a member of
the ways and means committee as
well as two members of the cabinet.
Merchant marine and fisheries, however,
is a more important committee
than Mr. Byrnes had in the last congress,
and is increasing in import- J
ance an tne ume.
Allendale Man Hit by Auto.
Allendale, Dec. 5.?R. Wvatt
Youngblood was last night about 7
o'clock run over while driving* from
Allendale to Seigling in his buggy,
which was struck by an automobile.
The car struck the horse's head, killing
it instantly, throwing Mr. Youngblood
out, the car passing over his
body. The car was stopped and backed
up to the scene of. the accident,
passing over his body a second time.
It is impossible to arrive at the extent
of Mr. Youngblood's injuries, as
they are principally internal, but he
is in a very serious condition. No
arrests have peen made.
Mr. Youngblood is about 60 years s<
of age and is a sufferer from palsy.
The health of the town of Bamberg
has tyeen unusually good during si
the summer and fall. Isn't it due to
the increased use of Glendale Mineral
Spring water? At Mack's Drug Store
and Herndon's Grocery Store.?adv.
ev. A. J. Cauthen Presiding Elder
Orangeburg District.?Dr. Watsoil
Returns to Bamberg.
Charleston, Dec. 6.?The Methosts
have wound up all the business
: their one hundred and twentieth
mual session, and the ministers
ive received their assignments for
The conference met at 9:30 yesterly
morning to wind up its affairs
i J tV>/\ nnnninfrviQTiFa * CmTOro I
iu i cau tilt? cly}jkjl 11 imt-uio.
;inor matters were disposed of and
jsolutions of thanks to Charleston
ere adopted. The Rev. Geo. P. Wat>n
offered resolutions expressing apreciation
and thanks for the splenid
entertainment given-the confernce
by Charleston. These resolu-j
ons were adopted by a rising vote.
Appointments Announced.
Bishop Wilson, at the request of
ishop Denny, made a brief talk to
le conference bearing on the apointments.
Following this address
ishop Denny read the appointments
nd announced changes in the lines
f several charges. The appointments
re as follows:
Charleston District.
G. E. Edwards, presiding elder.
Allendale?B. G. Murphy.
Appleton?J. R. Sojourner.
Beaufort?P. Simpson.
Bethel circuit?J. D. Bell.
Black Swamp?J. A. McGraw.
Bluffton?E. Warren Dibble.
Charleston, Bethel?S. B. Harper;
[ampstead Square, John Paul;
pring Street, B. J. Guess; Trinity,
i. M. McLeod, S. A. Webber, superumerary.
Yonge's Island?Paul K. Crosby.
Cottageville?G. L. Ingram.
CvDress?D. N. Busbee.
Ehrhardt?C. S. Felder.
Estill?W. V. Dibble. *
Furman?J. B. Frosser.
Hampton?J. T. Peeler.
Hendersonville?Benj. L. Knight.
Lodge?F. E. Hodges.
Rigeland?Geo. K. Way.
Ridgeville?J. H. Noland.
Walterboro?C. B. Smith.
Wando Mission?Ernest K. Epps.
Florence District.
Peter Stokes, presiding elder.
Bennettsville, First Church?R.
lerbert Jones; West End, R. L. Hill,
Bennettsville circuit?T. E. Moris.
Brightsville?G. W. Davis.
Bethlehem?J. T. McFarlane.
Cheraw?G. T. Harmon.
Chesterfield?J. L. Tyler.
Darlington, Trinity?L. L. Bedenaugh,
W. L. Wait, supernumerary;
Ipworth, Warren G. Ariail.
Darlington circuit?R. W. Humhries.
, East Chesterfield?Paul T/ Wood.
Florence, Central?T. G. Herbert.
Hartsville?J. T. Fowler.
Jefferson?J. A. White.
Lamar?W. H. Arial.
Liberty?T. B. Owen.
Marlboro?J. E. Ford.
McBee?J. W. Arial.
McCall?J. W. Wolling.
Middendorf?W. V. Jerman, suply.
Pageland?J. W. Elkins.
Pamplico?H. T. Morrison.
Timmonsville and Pisgah?Bert A.
Timmonsville circuit?R. R. Doyle,
Kingstree District.
H. B. Browne, presiding elder.
Andrews?J. A. Campbell.
Cades?L. E. Peeler.
Cordesville?D. 0. Spires.
Georgetown, Duncan Memorial?H.
. Cauthen; West End, R. R. Tucker.
Greeleyville--W. P. Way, H. W.
fhitaker, supernumerary.
Hemingway?P. B. Ingraham.
T?? ^? 11 a C? P Afrtrric
J UUCSV 111C kj. w x x jk7.
-Jordan?W. 0. Henderson.
Kingstree?D. Arthur Phillips.
Lake City?W. H. Hodges.
McClellanville?G. A. Teasley.
Pinopolis?W. T. Bedenbaugh.
Rome?P. A. Murray.
Salters?J. C. Davis.
Sampit?G. C. Gardner.
Scranton?C. W. Burgess.
Summerton?C. C. Derrick.
Turbeville?P. K. Rhoad.
Marion District.
M. W. Hook, presiding elder.
Aynor?Wm. Hampton Richard- j
Blenheim?J. S. Beasley.
Brownsville?L. T. Phillips.
Bucksville?W. A. Youngblood,
jppiy. !
Centenary circuit?D. D. Jones, i
Conway?E. L. McCoy.
Conway circuit?G. T. Rhoad.
Clio?A. D. Betts.
; .
For First District Seat in National
Washington, Dec. 6.?Aaron P.
Prioleau, a negro who for sixteen
years has contested all elections to
congress from the Charleston, S. C.,
district, today filed a contest against
the seating of Richard C. Whaley.
Five other contests were filed in the
Dillon?M. "L. Banks.
Floyd's?Felix S. Hook, supply.
Floydale?D. T. Everett.
Gallivant's?W. H. Perry.
Latta?F. H. Shuler.
[ . Little River?J. E. Cook.
Little Rock?S. J. Bethea.
Little Pee-Dee?W. R. Phillips. M
Loris?H. W. Shealy, H. L. Single- |
ton, supernumerary.
Marion?J. W. Daniel.
Marion circuit?M. M. McLendon.
Mullins?S. O. Cantey.
Mullins circuit?H. F. Dukes.
Waccamaw circuit?E. F. Scoggins.
Sunday-school field .secretary, W.
0. Owens, Mullins, quarterly conference.
Orangeburg District*.
A. J. Cauthen, presiding elder.
Bamberg and Bamberg Mills?E. ,
0. Watson.
Barnwell?S. W) Henry.
Branchville?T. J. White.
Cameron?T. W. Godbold.
Denmark?H. G. Hardin.
Edisto?E. H. Beckham.
Eutawville?J. S. Rice.
Grover?J. C. Counts.
Harleyville?J. L. Mullinix.
Norway?J. K. Inabinet. / v.;^|
v North and Limestone?C. B.
Olar?Achille Sassard. 1
Orangeburg, St. Paul-?W. A. Massebeau,
W; S. Stokes, supernumerary.
Orangeburg circuit?W. A. Beckham.
? ,
Oranere?J. A. Graham.
Providence?T. L. Belvin, J. F.
Way, supernumary.
Rowesville?J. J. Stevenson, G. W.
Dukes, supernumerary.
Smoaks?A. S. Lesley.
Springfield?E. P. Hutson. v
St. Geofge?W. E. Wiggins.
Editor South Carolina Advocate, 1
W. C. Kirk land, Olar, quarterly conference/
Sumter District.
H. W. Bayes, presiding elder.
Bethune circuit?A. M. Gardner.
Bishopville?G. F. Watson. .
Camden?J. H. Graves.
Camden circuit?A. C. Corbett* '
supply. jgm
College Place Station?Jno. Paul
Elloree?S. W. Danner.
Fort Motte?O. N. Rountree.
Heath Springs?J. B. Weldon. ;
Kershaw?R. M. DuBose. ' />|||
Lynchburg?F. L. Glennan.
Manning?W. B. Duncan.
Oswego?J. P. Inabinet.
r?;_ J Ci T\
rmewouu?o, u. jDauej.
Providence?Theodore E. Derrick.
Richland?W. S. Myers.
St. John^s ~^d Remberts?J. P. Attaway.
St. Matthews Station?G. F. Kirby. ^||
Sumter, Trinity?R. S. Truesdale;
Broad Street,'J. M. Rogers. ' \~t:%
Sumter circuit?W. G. Elwell.
Wateree?W. R. Barnes, supply.
/ President Columbia College?W.
W. Daniel, College Place Station,
quarterly conference. ^
Transferred: To the Western
North Carolina conference, Marvin
Auld; to the Upper South Carolina
conference, J. B. Kilgore, Hamlin
Etheredge, John W. Bailey, E. S.
Jones, T. A. Shealy, R. C. Boulware,
B. R. Turnipseed.
Presiding Elders Changed.
Numerous changes were made. The
bishop made an almost complete
change in the presiding elders. Only
two of the old ones are retained?the
Rev. H. B. Browne, of tfhe Kingstree >'. ' :JS
district, and Dr. H. W. Bays, of the
Sumter district.
Charleston district has a new presiding
elder in the Rev. J. E. Edwards,
wrho takes the place vacated
by Dr. W. W. Daniel, whose term had
expired. Mr. Edwards is quite a
young man and comes from Bishopvilla
whpro hp htos ha<1 notablp SUC
? . . . 3
cess. Dr. Daniel is appointed pastor
of the church in Marion, one of the
strongest Methodist churches in the
The Rev. Bert Powell, who has
been pastor of the Spring Street
church, is removed to Timmonsville,
an excellent charge, and is succeeded 3
by the Rev. B. J. Guess, who comes
| from Ehrhardt.
, The new presiding elders are the
TP* ^ T -h/f
rteva. .reier oLutvt?^. u. v,aiuncu, i?l.
W. Hook and G. E. Edwards, all
young and aggiessive men.

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