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What Henderson County Offers The Farmer
Henderson Countv Agriculture
1930 Figures N. C. Department cf Agriculture
Total Crop Values Reported to Tax Liters < li'^1 > $724,913
Acres in Farms - 192,945 I
Acres in Pasturaw -- 202,9S3 j
Total Value of Liwstoek . 298.827
All Catttie 6,163 |
Horses and Mules _ - 1,961 ;
Hogs ___ . _ __ ___ 1,937 i
Sheep - - .. 555 |
Hens (laying ajre) 36,302
Henderson County Farm Agent
i The hope of any agricultural
Community lies in the ability of
its farmers to adapt themselves
to the natural conditions that
pievail in that community. Some
times this requires long and pa
tient application. This has been
particularly true of most moun
tain farming communities. Unfor
tunately the average mountain
farmer has been too prone to
think of his brother farmer down
on the plains and broad valleys
a.< the standard of fanning suc
cess. There the unbroken
stretches of flat fields lent them
selves quickly to the establish
ment of thriving farmsteads.
This comparison once caused the
mountain farmer to feel some
what discouraged at his inability
to farm as his brother on the
The mountain fanner has hewn
from the abundant forests of his
narrow but fertile valleys com
paratively small fields. 5lany of
rot easy in the early days to
find crop adaptations that would
provide for his needs and bring;
t<» him iht- prosperity enjoyed by
his plains brother.
The farmer out beyond the
mountains has devoted his opera
tions to the production of one or
two main crops such as cotton,
wheat, and tobacco. Farmers of
this type have found themselves
often in distress in recent years
due to overproduction and price
fluctuations of the main crops.
The mountain farmer, although
he usually produces some of most
of the main or general crops, has
been comparatively free from the
worries that beset his brother
with the one-or two-crop system.
For this reason the mountain
farmer has come to realize that
his apparent in <|Ualities are more
than compensated for in the
relatively more stabilized demand
for his varied products. He knows
that the conditions under which
he must work are peculiar to his
I own section and that he must
these are on the slopes, it wasaaapi nwnseu ami n«» cuhw«j^
— \
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— v. r k *fe I
'orations to these conditions. He
■ has found out that if he does
i this ho will succoed.
The purpose of lips di-cus-ion
is to piTM'-ut some t-J t/.f more
recent tendencies in agrkuhu e
.11 Henderson county together
with a de?\'vipti'>n oi sonic of i'.
p .- ibiliiies.
j Henderson county is a moun
tain county, bu. in '...an., respects
ic i* unique. It is traversed by
the I Hue Uidge on t h-• ea;-t an-i
'south and is l'lanktd on tiic \\ - ~=t
•by the l'isgah range. Yet it is
| move plateau than mountain val
ley. This condition i< respomi
• ble for more semi-fiat land than
lis found in any other strictly
, mountain county of this section.
:It has elevation without sieop
i ness and for this reason is espe
j cially valuable as a mountain
I fanning area.
It is this topographical condi
tion that is responsible for an un
usual abundance of water, h'is
!ing within the county or very
inear-by are four large streams,
! lSroad river, Green river, Mills
1 Kiver and French broad river.
[The numerous smaller streams
: which flow through field and
!forest in every part of the coun
j ty insure forever a generous
water supply for farms and or
I chards.
I rm M 1
I free from small rock which is
; troublesome in many of the culti-:
jvated fields of the mountain j
'counties. There is much rock de
. posit, but this i> largely segre
gated on the mountain :>ides.
i Tlie heavy, clay t.vpe of soil is
scarce in the county, and while
there are several types of soil it
lis for the most part loanly and
•easily cultivated. It holds fer
tility well and produces abund
antly when given proper cultiva
1 Much of the county is covered
I with hardwood timber with a
j sprinkling of pine. One of the
[pleasing things to visitors is the
I wealth of white pine found on ■
I the lower levels.
J Elsewhere in this article I have j
pointed out that the farmers of I
the mountain counties have been!
compelled to diversify their crop-,
ping system and that they have
learned how to adapt themselves
to this system. For proof of the!
truth of this; in Henderson coun
;ty\ in a recent year the farmers:
of this county shipped out to oth
, er markets G4 car loads of Irish
!potatoes. This county produces'
I more truck than any county in
i Western North Carolina: also
more apples and small fruits.
I Some of the various enter-1
prises that have helped Hender
i son county farmers to succeed
are dairying, poultry raising, ap
pies, both Irish and sweet pota
toes, truck crops. raspberries.
sp&y. bcrru s, am! commercial gar
There is now a preponderance
of Guernseys in the county. Tho
i ■ nainder i f A:: tows are
Jerseys :;;'il grades. Many animals
both Guernseys and Jerseys arc
-.•••uttered, and hi:'.ny of them
are eic>c: / 1 elated to the best
bloodlines in boih breeds. The
Kalmia Dairy, a liishibuting plant
mi :I ndtrson1. ille, would do cred
it to a ciiy many tlvr.es the size
of flendersonviile. Xo better milk
supply is available anywhere.
Poultry raising has been de
veloped in the county until there
arc comparatively few flocks that
are not purebred. A county as
sociation. blood testing and care
ful culling have made this possi
ble. Many flocks have been in
creased until they are of the com
mercial type.
Apple orchards are found in
many parts of the county. This
crop has come to be one of the
most important and new orchards
are being planted each year.
There is probably no more ideai
orchard land anywhere in the
iuth than is found in this ctun
j iy. Tiie gradual slopes of the
■ upland.- and the ease wi'h which
the soil can be cultivated and got*
hu! over with spray machines
makes ihi-- county highly desir
1 at le for apple orchards.
! The a'.iil.i'io oi our orchard
J n.en toward improvement prac
! iices in ovcha! i t ;:kv.re is most
■ i ■ 111 en ng. The majority of
I them are applying: a ii.ivr-J' num
ber of the recommended sprays.
| They are pruning consistently
rand supplying plant food in the
i\: ;n s.t commercial fertilisers
| and cover crops.
I Potatoes a'j_i the true!: crops
(constitute a iarge part of the
j farm program of the farmers of
! this county. There i;, a growing
' feeling on the part of the con
1 sinning public at the south i f us
it hat tho fruits and vegetables
from this county are supciior in
{flavor and quality. The demand
for our products is increasing and
an ever increasing number of
j iuiyri'.; are coming into the .'oun
jty for them.
On account of their iodine c-on
•U*nt. tii1 vegetables of South
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The phonograph tells the eloquent story of how two great backs of the forests a few miles west of
Heijdersonville fought out their difficulties ahd tfletl with their arttlfcrs locked together. Unable to ex
tricate themselves, they died of starvation. Their b .idies were found on property
grounds by a number of1 Hendersonville sportsmen. The buck? weighed about 1?5 |
had six-spike antlers and the other four-sjike antlers. •>Their "ages-' t&u&'.Jvere figured
years. v '» ' - * ?* •'« * • «•: >. ••• n v •*«
pounds each. One
at:'- sixnaael four

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