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l, a„d Wednesday
a-* «.< « no'
"John Barrymore is staying with
his trainer, Ken Kelly." Isn't
that customary, anyway, between
Largest Daily Circulation of Any Newspaper in North Carolina in Proportion to Population
Mn 10
^ * * * 1* + T T T T T T
, R. Seeks Reorganization Powers
a a ;
I, Allocate 100 Agencies
With One of 12 Fed
eral Departments
Poo]<j Free President of
tbil Leaving More Time
for Other Work
MSMXGTOX. Jar. 12. 4 T P>
r^iirr R» v v-i* ' •. f ihkwl
(pvv» for almos' uniiiiiitt**!
«rr fo giw the • \eculive
iv- of tf!> •' ral sr<>vernment
f bik* o:r-<>i ionization
n :■< foumlmc. including the
Ik n pithy I'M) «lifiVr«*nt agon
is into I:' major departments
l^r c n*i' n; the White

Thf pewtdent'.* p!»n was pro-1
r-: a «• i' 'ie> *nd
Miatd five chief twin's:
L Crfir:"n of a new depart
ed social welfare. an<l a new
1 ■ !%<. mak
12 cabinet pe-f-. The ipivern*
IW boards. commissions.
itscnr;or>i. eurp«> rations,!
arffi and agencies would be
Kr tse* twelve departments,
i A»»igsment of *ix executive
tne president, irlvinjj
d wr* ".me for other work.
B ' y- ■ » ;>■ i'<icnt
t; • • at iy rti
I ♦
frttBwn of the civil ser
f" ^ • n',
fcntr< excepting u»p rank. ;><>!
>• i.:m:nation of the comptrol
pwraTs office.
lASMNi'.T1 >N. ■! >n 1»'T>
fr; . • • ii v.inut mjt
It pr>iucs chil i labor t rum
Mrsav : w-vv intro
ktc ;a core. y : lay !»y
Steat-r 3-: r.-*t < Hark. !>.. Mo.,
»i Ornirar W P Cou
rt. D. Ma-v. of house 1
femora ipplythe
*rt-;* • 'ini'ip!' ■
t the iiw regulating prison-made
F* ■ ch:I«i an^r S»-r;a*«>r l.-v.
i B Scr.M. '.>« .i . !> . ^ a-h..
r\ • "i a ''ill ««f
"a:* a--.>< !nv. '.Nn
n tr.av *?.: > -. •• a measure
juire state legislation to
. . a ••-..■I not
(Continued on pac three)
(large He Tried
To Steal Train
WtUXA. Jav V.' - (IT) —
•'"H a ' a : "rt.. steal
1 ' . I' . Hardy.
'■ " ■ •;-'.i • ■ •! t<» offi -
> • var*• ! '.i z ■ * . Rnanoke
m .1 a »ra n the
^ • - 'a* <»n A
•fearer fo'i-fl • •■-,» youth in n
*rs'"'" aH ! i all 'he lcv
^ t"u',«| fird.
harvard law dean
Boston. Jan. 12. <rp>.—The
of overseers of Harvard
.y*y- yp rcrday official
'ho appointment of
^ M Lrndi*, :;7-year-old di
v^Wof th» S» < ui itics and K*"
c*mmmi»n and member j
j^rtwidtnt Roosevelt'* original
t^r a< .Joan of Harvard
Snwol. effective Sept. 1. j
will succeed Dean-Kmer
« Rr.*o<. Pound. who resigned
* Somber.
' Hfr<tor*onville Civic Cho
*i!] nu'<»t tomorrow, Wed
Bi*ht. at 8:30 o'clock at
. '"*byt*rian church house, it
? inr">once<i todav.
of the club urged that
~*r"e?ted in singing attend
^ ,n addition to those
V 4vf already been present.
J* •lir^ctor. Alva Lowe, has
s'iH ani)ther shipment of
l or u** bv the club and
*00 have heard this say
m " -'••cti-ns are all novel
^ active.
Loses $200,000
While on Relief
Loss of $200,000 of uncut dia
nond> forced Joseph Rose, above,
l».'{-yoar-old recluse, of Brooklyn,
V.. to reveal that he had been
n-ceiving relief fraudulently. Hoj
iiccused Louis Gorelick, a friend
to whom ho had confided his se
rri't, of taking the gems. Rose
laims to have been a founder of
tli«- New York Diamond Kxchange.
Police and Strikers Battle
Late Monday; Many go
to Hospital
LANSING. Jan. 12. (UP).—
Mobilization of one regiment of
the Michigan national guard for
riot duty has been ordered here in
connection with the General Mo
tors strike.
FLINT. Jan. 12. (UP)—Gov
ernor Frank Murphy, of Michi
gan, today mobilized a sizeable
detachment of Michigan state po
lice an«l an adequate number of
national guardsmen to prevent
further disorders in the General
Motors strike.
The governor emphasized he is
not proclaiming martial law and
acted after 19 men were injured
last night in a fight at Fisher
Body plant number two, between
police and strikers.
Attempts of union members
outside the plant to carry food to
the sitdown strikers caused the
Flint police, company guards
and strikers battled last night at
»h»- gates of plant No. 2 with bul
lets. tear gas, fire hose and mis
siles when at attempt was made
to tak«' food to "sit down" strik
ers inside the factory.
Attendants at Hurley hospital
reported 10 or 12 men had been
injured, none seriously.
Two were identified as Fred
Stevens, 50, leader of the striking
(Continued on page four)
Thompson's Shop
Frank H. NValdrop, former man
ager of Scruggs drug store, has
bought Thompson's Soda and
Sandwich Shop, at Five Points,
and will be in active charge of
the business, it was announced
The store is being renovated
and re-stocked, and will continue
to handle sandwiches, fountain
drinks, candy, cigars and tobacco,
etc. Harry Williams will be in
charire of the sandwich depart
Mr. Waldrop is county Repub
I 'ican chairman and is widely
known. The changc in ownership
took place today.
W. Frank Edwards of Hender
sonville, has been added to the
staff of deputy collectors at the
internal revenue office in the fed
eral building at Asheville.
Mr. Edwards took up his duties
yesterday and will devote part ol
his time to social security matters.
Give France Word no Afri
can Disturbance Will
Be Promoted
PARIS. — Reichsleader Hitler
wants Franco to invito Dr. Iljal
mnr, Schacht, Germany's most
eminent authurilv on economics
and finances, to Paris to engage
in political, economic and finan
cial conversations. It was learned
authoritatively that French au
thorities are not eager for such
a conference unless the German
government is prepared to give
Franco political guarantees, such
as negotiations for an arms limi
tation agreement, and assurance
that Germany has no designs on
Chancellor Adolf Hitler some
what eased the tension of Eu
rope's war f<-nrs Monday when he
assured the French ambassador in
Berlin that Germany has no de
signs on Spanish Morocco.
More grave complications ap
peared in other continental capi
tals. however:
LONDON.—Soviet Russia ask
ed England to support drastic in
ternational naval action against
the Spanish insurgents on the
high seas. . ..
GENEVA. — Diplomats hoard
that 3,000 Japanese volunteers
were en route to Spain, mobilized 1
as part of an anti-Bolshevik cru
LONDON'. — Suspicions spread
that Hitler might be seeking a
foothold in Morocco as a means
of enlarging the German empire.
GIBRALTAR. — Ten German
submarines were reported in the
rebel port of Ceuta. Spanish Mo
rocco. Another report said 10
German military experts arrived
from Naples and were taken into
Spain by insurgent officials.
MADRID.—Loyalists claimed to
have smashed the rebels' "hig
push" on the capital and to have
forced the enemy to retreat into
the Guadarrama mountains.
PARIS.—Officials said neither
France nor England would con
sider ceding any territories to
(Copyright 1937 by United Prc»»)
LONDON, Jan. 12.— (UP)—
Soviet Russia yesterday urged
drastic international naval action
to curb activities of the Spanish
rebels at sea.
Ambassador Ivan Maisky of
Russia made this strong recom
mendation in a talk with Foreign
Secretary Anthony Eden. Brit
ain's response was not known im
The brown-bearded Russian en
voy said his government had con
cluded (hat the activities of the
rebel ships—which allegedly have
captured several Russian vessels
—must bo curbed by prompt in
ternational action.
DuBose Heywardj
Elected To Inst.
Of Arts, Letters
Thomas Wolfe Also Among
Writers Receiving
DuBose Hcyward, Charleston,
and Hcndersonville author, has
been notified of his election as a
member of the National Institute
of Arts and Letters. The mem
bership of the organization is re
stricted to 250, of whom only 100 I
are representatives of the field of
literature. Others arc artists ar.d
In the field of literature be
sides Mr. Hcyward, this year's in
vitation list includes Sherwood
Anderson, Charles McLean An
drews, Claude G. Bowers, James
Branch Cabell, John Dos Passos,
Douglas Southall Freeman, Robin
son Jeffers, Jos. W. Krutch, Rob
ert Sherwood, and Thomas Wolfe.
TOKYO, Jan. 12. (UP).—The
newspaper Yomiari yesterday ac
cused Hiroshi Watanabe, 27, of
j "selling" his wife for $60 to
finrnce his political campaign
I P. S.; Watanabe won.
Kidnap Murder Breaks Family Circle
The W. W. Mattson family of Taco..m, Wash., t«> which tragedy caine when (he youngest son, Charles,
10, was kidnaped for ransom two days after Christmas and found murdered yesterday, in pictured here.
The parents are pictured at the left. In center are Muriel, I I. a sister, and Happy, the kidnaped
youth's cocker spaniel dog. Upper right is rharles, pictmcd in a cowboy outfit shortly before the kid
naping- An older brother, William, 1(1, who with Muriel witnessed the abduction, is at lower right.
Belated Reports do Not Re
veal Loss of Life in
Chinese Quake
NANKING, Jan. 12.—(UP).—
Violent earthquakes devastated
parts of Chinghai and Kansu
provinces Thursday night, accord
ing to belated reports today.
Loss of life was not known.
Sining, capital of Chintrhai, was
shaken severely, but 110 loss of
life was reported.
Tin? southwestern part of Kan
su, which was worst hit, is sparse
ly inhabited and it was not be-1
lieved. there was much loss of lif«*j
SHIMIZU, Japan, Jan. 12.
(UP).—The crack Tsubame Ex
press bearing Field Marshal Prince
Hotohito Kanan, chief of the army
general staff, suddenly screeched
to a stop yesterday. Crew mem
bers dashed out. On the track
was a baby thumbing his nose in i
Japanese fashion.
Scores Of Americans In Chinese
Province Endangered By Growing
Communist Control; See Red Rule
United Prrm Staff Correspondent
SHANGHAI, .Ian. 12.
Scores of Americans worn on-1
dangered in Shensi province today|
as result of increasing Communist i
control of the region.
The assistant U. S. military at-j
tache, Capt. Pavid P. Baivett.i
reached I.oyang from Pcipinp and
planned to continue to Sian-Fu,
the Provincial capital, to armnire
for evacuation of the Americans
if nccessary.
Representatives of the Com!»"n
ist Generals Chu Teh and Mno
Tese-Tuntr were reported to h;,v°
reached Sian-Fu to assist ii ;r*
ganization of a red provin< nl
regime. It also was confirmed
that the American Commin^t.
Miss Agnes Smedley, is in Si>n
Fu organizing a pronaganda corps
of student communists.
The situation in Shensi ha; h«*en
confused since Christmas w'len
Generalissimo Chiang Kai-SI 'k.
Nanking dictator, was reiea-ed
after being held orisoner for a
fortnight bv rebellious pro-C -m
munist soldiers of the old
churian armies who demanded that
he join the Chinese Communist
_ a
The senate, four years after for
mer President Calvin Coolidgc'a
death, passed a resolution author
izing a $5,000 annual pension to
his widow, Mrs. Grace Coolidge.
The resolution, one of the
shortest ever introduced in con
gress, read:
"Be it enacted that the admin
istrator of veterans' affairs is au
thorised and directed to place on
the pension rolls the name of
Grace C. Cooliduc, widow of Cal
vin Coolidjfo, late president of tlv*
United States, and to pay her a
pension of $.',000 per annum."
Th" former first fad.v is living
quietly with a friend, Mr-. Flor
ence Adams, in Northampton,
Muss., where Mr. ('oolidtfe estab
lished his home a few months be
fore his death. She is one of seven
living widows of former presi
armies in declaring war «»n Japan.
Marshal Chang I l.-.u^h-f>i;» ni:.
farmer Manchurian commander,
who arranged Gen'Talii-simo
Chiang's release and later was
tried, sentenced, and Mien par
doned, for kidnaping hini, still wa
in Nanking and was said t'> have
sent representatives to Sian-Fu to
attempt to restrain his former fol
Revised diplomatic reports to
day said that there are about Ux
American and British residents in
Shensi and Kansu provinces, both
of which are largely under Com
munist control. Other foreigners
include groups of Italians, Bel
gians and French totaling about
Most of the occidentals arc mis
One German, a physician, al
ready has been killed in Sian-Fu
and diplomats feared the possibil
ity of a second incident such as
that of March, 1027, when undis
ciplined Chinese soldiery, inspired
by Soviet propagandists, looted
Nanking, destroying foreign din
lomatic and business establish
ments, and killing a number of oc
cidentals inclding Americans.
Urges Strictly Balanced
Budget, no More Sales
Tax on Basic Foods
. .
RALEIGH, Jan. 12.—(UP).—
Governor Clyde Hoey today sub
mitted the budge^ to the North!
Carolina general assembly and
firmly urged the necessity of keep
I ing it in balance, despite the in
creasing demands for greater ap
propriations, despite the improved
economic conditions.
G<w. Iloey's financial program
provided for a ten per cent salary
increase for all state employes,
including public school teachers;
would abolish the per cent .sales
tax on meals and basic food com
modities, and provides appropria
tions $8,218,911 greater than for
those of the current biennium,
ending next. July 1st.
Waters Is Chosen
Vice President
Of Scout Council
Mayor Edwards Named to
District Executive Board
in Meeting
F. M. Waters of Hendersonville,
was elected vice-president of Dan
iel Boone council, Hoy Scouts of
America, at the annual meeting
held last night at tho Rattery Park
hold in Asheville. Dr. Jos. R. Se
vier of Hcndersonvillc, was the
chief speaker at the meeting,
which was attended by 1B0 per
Granville Taylor of Asheville
was elected president of the coun
cil, which comprises 14 counties.
.Mayor A. V. Edwards of Hender
sonville, chairman of the Hender
son county district, was elected to
membership on the executive
District commissioners met
from 5 to fi o'clock in a confcr- •
enco presided over by Mr. Waters,
while Scoutmasters and assistant
Scoutmasters met during the same J
period. ,
Attending the meeting from 1
Hendersonville wore Mr. Waters, 1
Mayor Edwards, Dr. Sevier, Com- 1
inissioner 0. Y. Rrownlee, Dr. Gil
bert R. Combs, N'athan Patla, John 1
Stevens. O. Y. Rrownlee, Jr., Ken- '
neth Williamson, H. R. Drake and >
Raymond Ficker. i
President Deplores Ghastly Crime as Government
Posts $10,000 Reward for Apprehension of Crimi
nal in Mattson Death; Mrs. Mattson Remains in
Near Collapse After Tragedy
TACOMA, Jan. 12. (UP).—The Federal Bureau of
Investigation today threw its scientific crime detection
laboratory into the drive to trap the kidnaper and mur
derer of 10-year-old Charles Mattson.
Agents maintained their customary silence but it i*
learned that expert technicians are checking fingerprint*,
footprints, tire markings and descriptions of the bearded
kidnaper furnished by Charles' playmates. It was report
ed that the agents know the identity of the kidnaper now.
Charles body was found frozen and battered in a snow
drift 60 miles north of Tacoma late yesterday.
Mrs. Mattson, it was reported, remained in a state of
near collapse.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 12. (UP).—President Roosevelt
today described the Mattson murder as a ghastly crime,
while the federal government offered a $10,000 reward
for information leading to the capture of the criminal.
President Roosevelt ordered the full resources of the
justice department mobilized to apprehend the criminal.
(Copyright, 1937, United Pre»»)
T A COMA, Wash.. Jan. 12.—
(UP). I>r. William VV. Mattson
revealed through an intermediary
last night that attempts had been
made to collect $28,000 ransom
after 10-year-old Charles Mattson
had been slain.
Paul Scrva, manager of the
Rainier Park company and inter
mediary in efforts to free the boy,
whose body was found near Ever
ett yesterday, told the United
Pre^s some of the inside details
of the case.
Sreva quoted Dr. Mattson, now
near tollapse at hi.< home, as fol
"The ransom was not paid, al
though I made every effort to pay
it, and put forth every endeavor
to try to follow instructions. The
instructions were so elusive, how
ever, and there was such a con
fusion of notes I was unable to
pay the ransom.
"It is quite evident the boy was
killed instantly and had been dead
n considerable time.
"The kidnaper became exceed
ingly wary" during the last few
days and judging from the condi
tion of Charles' body he was still
trying to collect the ransom after
Charles was dead."
TACOMA, Wash., Jan. 12.—
(UP). — Federal agents, state
troopers and police of the nation's
cities last night launched a great
manhunt for the killer of Charles
Mattson, 10.
Police teletypes crackled orders
through the state of Washington
for authorities to investigate all
auspicious automobiles. Dow rip
tions of the heavilv bearded kid
naper named "Tim" Were br«ad
I cast.
The search was concentrated in
Seattle .'{0 m'les north of here,
i Charles' I roken body wan
brought back to Tacoma fioin
Everett, where it was found in a
shallow grave. Following the b»>dy
was Dr. William W. .Mutual., liii.
boy's father.
. In the |3.G,000 Matron heme
I Dr. William W. Mattson and hir
wife collapsed last night after the
physician returned homo from
viewing the body of his son,
friends of the family told the
United Press.
Superintendent C. J. Cumming*
of the Tacoma General, hospital,
where Dr. Mattson practices, said,
"Mrs. Mattson just crumpled. Ifcr
courageous constitution was shat
Dr. Mattson "is in a pathetic,
tragic condition," Cummings snirt.
Mrs. Mattson has been treated
and sent to her bed. Sedatives
were administered to prevent hys
teria. Dr. Mattson was described
as being in a virtual "stunned
Fourteen-year-old Muriel Matt
son, sister of the murdered boy,
cried but recovered to assume her
mother's former duties of gn-et
(Continued on page foui >
EVERETT, Wash.. Jan. 12.—
(UP).—The nude body of Charles
Mattson, 10, kidnaped 15 days
ago from his Tacoma home, was
found in an alder thickct yester
The body, the head crushed,
was identified by Paul H. Sccva,
intermediary, after police took
photographs of the body and G
men raced to the scene from Ta
The body was dumped into a
thicket six mile.s from here by the
kidnaper. Fresh footprints and
tiro prints in the snow indicated
the boy was killed elsewhere and
the body brought here.
Dr. William W. Mattson, of Ta
coma, was already en route to Ev
erett from his home when the
body was identified.
Sccva was active in raising the
$28,000 ransom the bearded kid
naper had demanded.
The body was found by Gordon
Morrow, 19, 200 fret off the Ed
monds-Everett highway, six miles
*outh of here. The head was
irushed as though it had been
struck with a club or an explosive
Chief Criminal Sheriff Ray Ry
an said tire tracks and fresh foot
prints in the snow indicated that
tne body was thrown into the
thicket Sunday night. It was nudo
and there were no bloodstains on
t or the ground.
Ryan said the boy was killed
elsewhere and the body brought
Dr. William Mattson was imme
liately notified. Only Sunday he
nserted an advertisement in the
Seattle Times asking the kidnaper
,o give "new proof that my son
s alive and well."
The advertisement was the
neans of communication the kid
inpcr demanded in the $28,000
ansom note he dropped on the
loor of the Mattson home afteif
he broke in and seized the boy.
The kidnaper signed the note
"Tim." Three other children pres -
ent that Sunday night two we«-k .
ago said he was a "brutal, beard
ed man." Police thought lie may
have been italic, under the in
fluence of drugs or liquor.
The kidnaper carried Chnrles
away in bitter cold weather ev n
though the boy was dressed oi ly
in sneakers, a bathrobe and light
trousers. The boy had just recov
ered from a cold and the family
feared he might not survive.
The ransom note was old and
worn and typed with a child'.-;
printing press or a large type
writer. Police said the kidnaper
carried it with him, possibly for
weeks, and said he may have in
tended to use i In another kid
naping threat.
The note demanded that all
gotiations be made through the
Seattle Times and asked for $28,
000 in rmall old bills. It added
that the boy would not be harmed,
but warned that the ransom would
doublet each week.
Dr. Mattson inserted half a
dozen pleas In the personal rol
umns of the paper, asking for
more details and confirmation that
the boy was alive. For two week,
attempts to contact the kidnaper
fell through and hope faded that
the boy ever would be seen alivo
The search ended when Sceva
glanced at the broken figure
brought here in a hearse and said:
"Yes, that's Charles."
J. Edgar Hoover, chief of the
Federal Burfeau of Investigation,
said in South Bend, Ind., that ho
was going to Chicago Last night,
presumably to organize the great
est manhunt since the Weyer
haeuser boy was kidnaped in 193.0.
The Mattson boy was the third
kidnap victim to be killed in rti
(Continued on paga three)

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