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BY EDWIN RUTT Copyright 1938.NEA Service Inc.
thought he was on top of the
world until he smacked into
KELLY ARCHER—heroine: she
thought she was headed for the
altar until she smacked into
ED, the WEASEL—gangster; he
thought he was headed some
where, too, but affairs some
h«"» «ot mixed up.
t 4 •
Yesterday: Immediately Joe lays
down the ultimatum that Keliy is
to marry him. Eating, he com
ments, "This guy Gilbert would
have lived high if 1 hadn't come
"Conceited thing," said Kelly.!
"Your coming has nothing what-'
ever to do with Gilbert or how!
high he'll live. Mote cream?"
"Sure. And it isn't a question
of conceit. I'm stickler for facts,
that's all. And I repeat . . ."
"Skip it." said Keily. "How does
your head feel?"
"I haven't known I had a head
for the last halt' hour."
"In that case," Kelly said,
"we're starting for Kuston right
after breakfast." She stopped and
regar ded him. "Anything against i
shaving? You look like a neg-1
let ted grave."
"M.v razor was out in the car,"
mumbled Ju«. through the last of
the eggs. "I'M get a shave in the
first town." I
. "AM right." said Kelly. "And I
while you're doing that, I'll wire |
Gilbert to meet us at the Copley-1
PU»za. 1 should ha*.e telegraphed 1
him earlier, but 1 haven't had
"Too busy nursing me?" Joe
"" - ---*—. n
* 1 C.'*, UIU Wi .
He spread his hands. "Well,,
there you have it. You can't go
against Fate. Directly you met
me, I made you forget all about
; "You," said Kelly, "are fast es
tablishing a new all-time record
far self-confidence. Finish your
The sun fell on Connecticut
even as stars are wont to fall on
Alabama. The result was a hon
ey of a day, very green-and-gold,
very warm. Kelly came out of
the house carrying a suitcase.
* "1 had the presence of mind to
get this out of mv own car last
night," she said. "What I laugh
ingly call my trousseau is in it."
Joe took the suitcase and park
ed it in the back of the Ford j
among the confections.
"What about your car?" he in
She waved her hand. "I asked
Simmons to see to it. He will.
He's very reliable."
"Okay," said Joe. "Hop in. Bos
ton or bust."
They stopped in a village a
mile from Tyler Archer's house.
Their paths diverged, temporar
ily. Joe sought a barber shop,
Kellv the telegraph office. When
Joe got back, neatly shaved. Kel
ly was calmly smoking a cigaiet
and reading a New York paper.
"Wanted to see if the family
had kicked up any dust yet." she
''Expect a dust storm?" said
"And how. My family are prob
ablv raising the roof. You see, 1
walked out cold."
"Then they don't know that
you were going to the arms of
this wastrel?"
"They don't know anything.
Because I told them exactly noth
ing. Therefore 1 am picturing
consternation, the colossal kind,
in the old Archer homestead."
"But won't they get in touch
with this twerp Gilbert?"
' Kelly pursed her lips. Evi
dently that possibility had not oc
curred to her. She reached for
Joe's arm and dragged him into
the car.
"That's a thought," she said.
"Aud it makes it all the more j
important to get to Boston quick
ly. Come on, James. In and
Now is the time to put in your winter coal. You will
save money by buying your coal now.
save each taxpayer extra cost and no cost will be added against those
who pay these taxes prior to July 15th. Please co-operate with as in this
effort by paying your 1935 taxes before July 15th.
T. L. Durham
Chairman Board County Commissioners.
"Save that sangwidge," commanded a rasping voice.'
"There's consternation in these
hyar hills as well," Joe said con-1
versationally, as they got under!
way. "It seems that some yegg I
held up the bank at North Collis
ton early this morning;. I heard t
about it at the barber shop. Got
away with $2U,Ul)U in cash, they!
say." I
"Well," said Kelly, "that's a
lot of money in any man's!
"You spoke," said Joe. "But I
doubt if the bird gets clear. Ac
cording to the barber, who is a
veritable gold mine of inl'orma-,
tion, he's just about two jumps'
ahead of the state troopers. They
found his car abandoned with a
Hat tire and they think he's ta
ken to the tall timber. Excite-'
ment, eh, what?" |
n;_ I
bloodhounds baying any minute
now. But, listen here. Josephus.
Step on it a little. I've a date in
the distant city of Boston."
The load was go»d and prac
tically devoid of traffic. Despite
its external injuries, the Ford
uurred along like an outsize in
contented cats. An hour passed.
Two. Then Kelly came out of a
doze to announce: "We're stop
ping for lunch soon. I'ull off on
the first side road. Joseph. 1
crave to eat in some glade or
dell. It's the poetess in me."
He looked at her in surprise.
"Eat? What are we going to eat,
Chandler & Sandham's Assorted
ell.v Beans?"
"Fool," said Kelly. "Would I
suggest lunch unless there was
food? While you were getting
shaved I bought some sandwiches
and two quarts oj milk. We ran
practically gormandize."
"Whoops," said oe, and aimed
the Ford at a lane that ran off
from the main road.
Kelly found a likely-looking
glade in no time. They got out,
sat with their backs against the
same tree and began consuming
the sandwiches and milk. Then,
as the sandwiches diminished, it
developed that Kelly had brought
an extra one for Joe. The discov
ery smote his sense of jilstice.
"Nothing doing," he .said vehe
mently. "Life is a 50-50 propo
sition. There is such a thing as
'«ven Stephen.' Marriage should
be an a shai e-and-share basis
"Shut up," interrupted Kelly.
"We're not married. Kat the .sand
"1 flatly refuse. Unless you'll
eat half of it.'*
"1 will not eat half of it. You
are bigger than 1 am. You need
oe grabbed the sandwich, a
thing of ham and pickles.
"Never shall it be said," he
proclaimed, "that Joseph Heren
deen Sandham outeats his women.
Since we have arrived at an im
passe, we will toss this sandwich
to the beasts of the field and the
birds of prey. We will . . And
right there Mr. Joseph Herendeen
Sandham stopped talking, very,
very suddenly.
"Save that sangwidge," com
manded a rasping voice from be
hind a bystanding thicket, "fer
* * *
If people can jump a foot in
the air from sitting positions.
Kelly and Joe jumped it. Their
heads went up simultaneously.
Then it was that they perceived
that which would have given
pause to Attila the Hun.
Half-hidden by the thicket
stood an individual with elephan
tine shoulders and a jaw like the
facade of the Chrysler building.
The jaw and the granite chin
that seemed to go free with it
were a tasteful shade of blue.
And two grappling-hook hands,
thrust out of the foliage, train
ed twin automatics upon Kelly
Archer and Joseph Sandham. The
automatics gleamed wickedly in
the noonday light.
As Kelly and Joe stared aghast
the presence came alf the way
out of the thicket. The full effect
Was horrifying in the extreme.
And yet the sinister mien of the
behemoth was mitigated some
what bv a pair of weak watery
blue eyes. Judging from his eyes
alone he looked like the kind of
* gtiy who might drill his aged
maiden aunt full of holes and
then weep hysterically over a
slushy movie.
Mr. Joseph Sandham had been
brought up in the tradition of the
Light Brigade. He knew that you
had to make a pass of some kind
when cannon were in front of
you. • k
"Wh-who are y-youT" he stut
The behemoth attended to the
inner man before pampering cu
"Pass me dat dere sangwidge,"
he ordered in his beautifully-ton
ed voice. At the same time he
wiggled the right-hand gun.
It was Kelly who passed the
sandwich. The colossus thrust one
of the guns into his poat pocket,
pounced upon the viand and
wolfed it at a gulp. Then he wip
ed his mouth with the back of
his hand.
"Got any more?" he inquired.
"Sorry," said Kelly, who seem
ed to have recovered her poise
in miraculous fashion. "There's a
tot of milk, though, for mamma's
little boy."
♦ • ♦ *
Joe glanced at her admiringly
out of the corner of one eye.
What presence of mind! What
nerve!..lien*.rally- speaking, what
a woman!
The-ibehemoth seemed gifted
with a subtle sense oi' humor, lie
grinned from ear to ear, a sick
ening -sight.
"Haw, haw," he said. "Milk,
if uh .' Ciininie it!"
Kelly offered a bottle half full.
The gentleman of the shoulders
raised it to his lips and produced
a sound as of a dradge sulk-in#
away at a river bed. A second
later the bottle of milk was just
a bottle, nothing more. The gun
minded man , tossed - it away.
"Ha!" he said, with satisfac
tion. "I feel better. I ain't et since
dis mornin'."
Joe "thought it was time that
he got in a word. He tried again
along the same lines.
"Who are you?" he demanded.
The behemoth reached in his
vest pocket, brought forth a uuill
toothpic kand set to work on the
lel't upper molars in the back of
the house.
-''Me?" he said, looking at Joe
sternly. Evidently he wished to
get things straight.
"You," confirmed Joe.
An expression of pride seemed
to cross the weak blue eyes of
the behemoth.
"I'm Ed the Weasel," he an
Then it was that any lingering
doubts as to the true worth of
Miss Kelly Archer passed from
Joe Sandham's mind forever.
"Why, how nice," raid Kelly.
"We're all in the animal kingdom
together. I'm Kelly the Kangaroo
and this gentleman Is Joe the
JaRuar. Welcome to our city."
"Hey," he said at last, "I ain't
got time to stand here ribbin'
wid youse." He brandished his
gun. "Git up."
It was clear thai he meant
business. Kelly and Joe got up.
(To be continued)
Maximum temperature 78 de
crees, minimum 57 degrees, pre
cipitation .02 inches.
Maximum temperature 80 de
grees, minimum 55 degrees. No
Maximum temperature 80 de
grees, minimum 57 degrees. No
Roswell K. Colcord, believed to
be the oldest ex-governor'and the
oldest Mason in the United States,
has celebrated his 99th birthday
tak State Help
for Movie Stars
Once a highly-paid actress and
wife of Rudolph Valentino, Jean
Acker Valentino, above, leads a
group of Impoverished former
film luminaries who have peti
tioned Governor Merriam of
California to draft a new state
"career insurance" law setting
aside 10 pei cent of salary and
protecting star9 against penni
less lives when careers are end
ed. Mrs. Valentino is pictured
during work as an extra in new
movie, "The Young in Heart."
Dr. Bertha W. Branstetter
Osteopathic Physician
Ultra-Violet Ray Treatment*
Colonic Irrigation
Home and Hotel Appointments
Oifice: Next door State
Theatre—ground floor
Phone 505
Residence: 317 4th Ave. West
Phone 349-W
Hendersonville, N. C.
Tttj vifw tells story of mountain train WRECK
x ,„„ I inffwr
» j- in vpront years when the Olympian, crack ll-carm,,
nnle were killed and 64 injured in the worst ram roa isa to Tacoma, Wash., plunged through i ,1^
An estimated . nj gt Paul Railroad, carrying passenger erimly diagrammed in the photo above, Sjttflijj
of the Chicago, Milwaukc . MUes City, Mont. T he tragedy is t 30-foot rain-swoll™ URtu ,
burst-weakened bridge over Custe c.e.k ^ r0 lhed the ^ Uk. ^
miles an hour along the tmcksjen^^ ^ ^ # „ aafely. when the c„. cutting it in two.
ZT As stnTleU, the
hind the baggage ear weie jei e 11—
plunged into the flood. : -
Royalty of Nation Will Be
Welcomed by F.D.R. in
Delaware Monday
United Pre»» Staff Correspondent
WILMINGTON, Del., June 25.
(UP).—President Roosevelt will
welcome the tall crown prince of
Sweden Monday as he steps to the
Delaware shore in symbolic re
enactment of the landing here
300 years ago of a small band of
Nordic settlers.
The royalty and statesmen of
two nations, who emulated with
modern swiftness the long-, haz
ardous voyage of the two Swed
ish barks—the Kalmar Nyckel
and the Fogel Grip — across the
North Atlantic ocean to establish
the first Swedish colony in
America, will climax the tercen
tenary celebration of the arrival
here of 150 Swedes and Finns on
April 8, 1638.
Crown Prince Custaf Adolf, his
son, Prince Bertil and Crown
Princess Louise of Sweden; t>i.
E. Rudolf W. Holsti, Finland's
minister of foreign affairs,,, and
V*aino P. Hakkila, speaker .of the
Finnish parliament, will sail up
the' Delaware river over the same
course followed by the tiny,
weatberbeaten barks toward the
strip of land deeded to them by
King Gustavus Adolphus.
President Roosevelt will open
the week-long international cele
bration at ceremonies in Wilming
ton Sunday. Sunday night he will
travel down the Delaware river in
the president yacht Potomac to
greet the Swedish motorship
Kungsholm. Monday morning,
Crown Prince Gustaf will disem
bark from the Kungholm's tender
and set loot on the Delaware
shore at the spot where Peter
Minuit, Dutch soldier of fortune,
set down his two shiploads of
Scandinavian immigrants 300
vears airo.
On that spot, Prince Gustaf
will dedicate a '20-foot monument
of black Swedish granite by the
noted sculptor Carl Milles, in
Queen QirisLina Park—perma
nent memorial to the band of
settlers. There the two foreign
delegations will be formally pre
sented to the president.
On Tuesday, the Kungsholm
will carry its royal passengers' up
the Delaware to Philadelphia
where a state dinner, honorary
degrees from Temple university
and the University of Pennsyl
vania will be conferred on the
foreign no'tables.
In 1638, Peter Minuit carried
the band of immigrants to North
America at the request of King
Gustavus Adolphus, having won
considerable respect as a nego
tiator for new wprld lands by
Durchasihg'Manhattan island from
the indians for $24 and a keg of
Several years before, Minuit
had called a parley of Indian
chiefs and arranged for occupa
tion of territory along the Dela
ware. He returned to Sweden and
embarked with his load of set
Preparations for the Swedish
royalty held public interest in
Wilmington and Philadelphia for
several weeks, and included a
brief period of worry over the
availability of extra-length beds
for the six foot, four inch crown
prince and his equally long son.
Mrs. George E. Earle, wife of the
Pennsylvania governor, disclosed
however that her beds were suffi
ciently long.
Lacking foreknowledge of the
preferences of handsome, Bache
lor-prince Bertil, Miss Joanna W.
Biddle, brunette, and Mrs. Mar
garet L. Jones, blonde, were as
signed to be his dinner and lunch
eon partners, respectively. The
Pennsylvania celebration commit
tee also announced that no liquor
vUl be purchased from the $40,
I BREVARD, June 25. (Special).
: An' outstanding; record has been
i made bv the intermediate depart
ment of the Brevard Baptist
church in its high standard of ex
| cellence, which is said to rank
000 appropriated bv the state to
entertain the royal guests.
The crown prince, his son and
Princess Louise will visit Wash
ington and New York before re
turning to Sweden late in July.
fourth in Baptist intermediate
departments in North Carolina.
The jroal has been attained by
untiring and loyal effort on the
part of the superintendent and
official staff and cooperative ef
fort of the boys and girls of the
Fifty-five boys and girls from
13 to 1G years of age comprise
the intermediate enrollment, with
12 members on the official staff.
Mrs. A. J. Beddingfield is su
perintendent, assisted by J. L.j
Tinsley and Ralph Brown, as
secretaries, Mrs. Melvin Gillespie,
pianist, and the following teach
ers: Mrs. A. B. Galloway, Miss'
Edna McCrary, Miss Emma Sue
Gray, Mrs. T. P. \Y«d, Ma X.
A. Miller, Mrs. Kiiux LfcLoai
Charles Allen anJ '-Randal J, Lj.
PARIS. .(Uh —Paris tramps |
ure publishing own newspi.
per. Called "U Clotkrd," Pirij I
slang for tramp, it * muniti w.'
only to infor mtrtpj *\\
things which concern liim, bm
alsd to tell other pcoylt »W
the lives and the hope? of vip.
Thousands of men fave g«
from Ireland to Kneltnd to
on nationul defense piojects.
Take a Tip from
Dad — and Dont
Put Off Getting Your
havin^The^hrinoflo^ 009 °f ^ V°Ung {°m">eS 'USf
the nn« »• n9 ,nt° your own home? Well, you're
££!r T"' *'» v..r Dod's Mc. *4
electric refrigerotor"T^wTrf"^ *" ^ inSta"athn °' Y°U'
nHanre tn rv* L' more than any other one cp
one ANdThe LOw'nn * ° h°PPy' healthy'comfortab,4
arranged"^r ™SPAYMENT< theeasy terms
easiest things you ever dld^" 7^ "" °' T
then ™ '* 0Ver Wl^ y°ur W
" C°me down Qnd talk ^ over with us. Don't put it off!
; s *»€'

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