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Rev. C.ilhcrt U. Combs, l>. D..
The church school moots at
;»;4"> a. in.; A. K. Johnson. Si-n
rral superintendent.
Visitors arc cordially
to all our services. . i>v
Morning worship: *k«- •
Dr. M. B. Stokes. ot hoica. *
i„e theme, by the pastor. 1^
Calm That Caused Panic. j
\nnouncements include.
Yh, Intermeiliate hpworth
I eague will meet at lirfO P- m
an<l the Senior Kpworth Leajuc
at 7:1". p. nv. Sunday. The time,
have postpone*! their ieg
monthly meeting, due Monday
a week from Monday. I his > doiu
Iwcause of a national holula.v. ^
The Church School countil •
have a supper meeting on Tuts
; v evenin* in the u-cat.on
JSnw. the hone ... be •nnountoA
Let every teacher and woikti m
the church school he Pri'^!h,',»»h'
(m connection with this |
School council meeting the pas • j
and Mr. Colt would like
a conference *ith tht I
Fund committee, oi >onu \ 1
sentative eommiuee. troiu « ,
l.nTih^Woman-s Missionary soci
,l'The Susannah W."e^'V !
,la*s will meet Tuesday • •
ilt th, h...m-« m». j. i>.
Wiul.lell in Drnnl H>»£ „
The Board of Miwaiu. ,
rw WK *
holiday M«»nda\. Masonic I
Our brethren of tm J
order have fed uM,
with our in id-week stivn
„cvk in view of j> ^
-iven on We.lnes.lay mtfht ;«t J ,
-hlKh s.hoo,
SSS. oJ' ^-ople ..re invited,
to that conceit.
first baptist
Rev. Broadus E. WaH. pastoi.
Services Sunday July -■ j
«>-4n a. m.- -Sunday school. W.(
p. Sinclair, superintendent. ;
', , .. n, —Morning worship.
ILi'p. m.—Baptist Training
1 "l ir. p. in.—Organ prelude.
^ p ni.—Evening worship.
Announcements for week^
rhide: ;i.;i0__Two circles are .
meeting ' Monday. Lottie Moon,
.i \i Ti K Orr Sixth avenue
wlth Mrs j. ton with.
V;lf- ;inp o»x. Druid Hills. S:0O I
! Deacons will meet in Hollowell
dass room. Throt. circles
wil/meVu Nannie Boniar with,
ilerson 1010 Highland av
•.ml Martha Sullinger with Mis
Albert Durham. Ambassadoi
apartment. . .0__Su,)pel. and I
\\ ednesday . •>^ «„iul-»v 1
Workers' Council fo. all
school workers. *:00 — *•>«•*
Seventh avenue east.
Kev. W. M. Phaup. pa>toi.
Sunday school at ^ •
lirady Vaughn. supenntemU t
Morning worship at 11 a. n .
W. Y. P S. at 7 p. m. I
Evangelistic service at <.»•»
V ("lass meeting Wednesday at
7:45 p. m. .
Come worship with u>.
EAST flat rock baptist
N. B. Phillips, pastor.
||. T. Justice, chairman boairt
°f ^"Sinclair. Sunday school
Sunday school 10 a. m.
Preaching services the seo.i'l,
third and fourth Sunday nioin
int sal 11 a. m.
B.Y.P.L"., 0:30 p.m.
Preaching service, 7:30 p. iu.
Mid-week prayer scivict,
r, W.M.S..' Tuesday, after first
S"Misf'M-" K. 'Sinclair, president.
| "The Chuivh of the Warmj
Heart and Glad Hand."
I Rev. A. E. lldney, pastor
Sunday school 10 a. m., T. E.
Dul>can, superintendent.
Preaching services: secoml Sun
day, S i>. in., and fourth Monday
I at 11 a- m.
B.Y.P.L" , 7 :•'»<> p- m., every Sun
av Mrs. Annie Mae Parker, di
• » J
I rector. . ;
Visitors are cordially invited tot
worship with us.
Sunday school at D:45 a. in.
Harold Flanagan. superintendent. :
Classes for all ages. Men's class,
in tiic church house.
Morning: worship— 11 o clock, i
Communion subject. "Our Substi-I
tute." .
Kvvttinir worship — S «> clock.
Sermon subject, Isaiah 4«» :J->.
Yoitnj; people's meetings^: Jun-.
iors Pioneers (5:1 ">. Seniors}
7 :')(>.
Woman's Auxiliary .board Mon- i
day. M :•"•(>.. in thi* church house.
Prayer ".meeting Wednesday at
> p. in. itr the church house.
The pasU>r, Dr. W il<ls. has re-;
turned and will conduct the wor-j
ship services.
A cordial welcome is extentle«l i
to visitors to worship »ith us.
The musical program for Sun
day is as follows:
morning- , . It
Anthem—O Lord ol Hosts. Al
mightv Kins;—Stults.
Anthem—O Sing Unto the
Anthem — Now tlu- Day Is
()ve r—Speaks.
Corner Seventh avenue and
Church street.
Rev. J. Arthur Linn, pastor.
«t;45 a. in.—Sunday school.
] j a m—Morning worship.
Sermon by Rev. C. h. Gardner,
I>. 1).: subject. "Does Christianity
Meet the Needs of Modern Man?" !
Anthem; "A Crown of Lite —
Fisher. !,
7 p. m.— Luther Leayue.
"() come, let us worship the i
Lord, for He is our Maker.
111 West Sixth avenue. (
Services Sunday 11 a. in. Sub
ject, "God."
Grove street between Sixth and
Seventh avenues east.
Rev. George T. Pennell, pastor. )
W. M. Gar re n. chairman of j
deacon board; C. 0. Collins, su
perintendent of Sunday school;;
Miss Dorothy Pace, president of j
Woman's Missionary society; Miss
•Jessie Shipman. director of young
people. [
«»:43 a. m.—Sunday school: j
subject, "Joshua: A Choice ot
Loyalties." We were only twenty
one short of our goal last Sunday, j
Let nothing prevent us from i
reaching the three hundred mark |
and more if possible on tomor
row. . i
11 a. m.—Morning worship —
preaching by pastor. Subject. " Hie
Bible's Three-fold Message on
Burden Bearing."
fi:30 p. m.—Young people
7 p. in.—Prayer service.
Seventh avenue east.
Uev. \Y. M. Pltau|>. pastor.
10 a. in. Sunday school; Grady
Vaugiin. superintendent.
11 a. in. Morning worship.
There will be no evening ser
7: l"> p. hi.. Wednesday—Prayer
tiieel illK.
Come and worship with us.
Rev. Robt. M. Varner, pastor.
Moore's Grove communion 1 1
Rev. Sherman Patterson will
preach at Flat Rock at 1 1 o'clock.
Preaching services at Edney
ville at X p. m.
(West Hendcrsonville)
Rev. J. H. Brooks, pastor.
Sunday school every Sunday at
10 a. m.
Young People's meeting 7 p. m.
Preaching at 8 p. m.
Rev. A. E. Edney, pastor.
Preaching service at II a. m.
each second and fourth Sundayj
and S p. in. each first and third
Sunday school each Sunday at
JO a. in., C. N. Allen, superin
H.T.I', at 7 p. m. every Sunday,
Marshall Watterson, director.
Prayer meeting each Wednes-i
day at 7 :30 p. in.
Visitors welcome.
East Flat Rock.
Walter Moltzclaw. prstor.
Preaching each 2/ul and 4th
Sunday at 11 a. m.
Sunday school yacii Sunday at
10 a. m.
B. V. P. U.—7 p. in.; J. II. Dry
nian. superintendent; Annie Dry
man. secretary.
Seventh avenue west at Church !
street. |
liev. Philip O'Mara, pastor.
S a. in.—Mass.
II a.m. — .Mass for camp children.
10 a. in. — Mass. sermon and I
I.. 11. Gardner, pastor.
Preaching service at 11a. m. i
each Sunday.
Sunday school each Sunday at
10 a. m.; Henry O. Lively, super
Prayer service each Wednesday
lit 7:'!(» p. m.. pastor in charge.
1!. T. U. each Sunday at 7:30
p. in.; Millie Pace, director; Jas.
Kesterson, associate director.
The following are the several
>rroup leaders: I5.A.U., Mrs. Geo.
Hill; intermediate union, Mrs. L.
V. Lyda; junior union. Ottic Belle
Lively; story hour. Joan Lyda.
Chairman board of deacons,
Herbert Pace; chairman Lord's
Acre, L. V. Lyda.
"The Church With a Mind to
Work." Come worship with us.
Rev. W. .1. Kelley. pastor.
Sunday school at 10 a. m.
Preaching ever1' second and
fourth Sunday mornings at 11
o'clock; evening sermon at 8
Young people's meeting each
Sunday evening at 0:30 o'clock.
Prayer meeting each Wednes
day at 7;30 p. m.
A cordial invitation is extended
to visitors to worship with us at
i'a<cli of these services.
Cherry street.
Rev. P. F. Robinson, pastor.
Preaching services every second
and fourth Sunday at. 11 a. m.
und every Sunday night.
Sunday school every Sunday,
D :45 a. m., J. R. Williams, super
Prayer meeting every Thursday
night at 7:30 p. in.
P>and music every Sunday night.
Cottage prayer meeting every
Tuesday night.
Visitors welcome.
"The Church With an Open
Rev. Geo. D. Greer, pastor.
Sunday school at 10 a. m., C.
1>. Boone, superintendent.
Annual baptismal servic.' Sun
day night at S o'clock.
B.T.U. at 0:30 p. m.; Jack
Cleveland, director.
Prayer meeting every Saturday I
at 7 p. m.; H. C. Boone, leader. |
Preaching every first and third :
Sundays at 11 a. m., and every
Sunday at K p. in.
We invite any and all who can
to come to these services. We are
always glad to have you.
I Undenominational)
Washington and Allen streets.
Rev. Bert Atchison, pastor.
Sunday school at f>:45 a. m., C.
S. Fullbright. superintendent. G.
I. Milward, assistant superintend
Preaching at 1 I a. m. and S p.
in., by the pastor.
Morning subject, "Therefore
Will the Lord Wait." (Commun
Hendersonville, North Carolina
Cash and Duo from Banks .> 405.107.94
United Stat«\s Bonds. _ 1 32,989.29
State of North Carolina Bonds 40.705.68
Bonds of other States . . 8,945.20
Other Municipal Bonds... 79,825.18
Other Stocks and Bonds. . 59,957.82
Loans ami Discounts __ 4'*»8,*>>87.75
Banking House 15,080.00
Furniture and Fixtures 6,515.13
Accrued Interest on Bonds 5,576.39
.< 1.223,750.38
Preferred Stock $ 40.000.00
Common Stock — HO.000.00
Surplus Fund .. 30,000.00
Undivided Profits .. 6,422.72
Reserve for Contingencies __ 25,000.00
Reserve for Depreciation.. 2,263.49
Reserve for Dividends __ 512.50
Reserve for Interest and Taxes 3,361.07
Other Reserves. _ — 2,098.36
Deposits __ 1,054,092.24
State of North Carolina • 1 County of Henderson
Citv of Hendersonville
Deposits up to $5,000 Insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
Joshua: A Choice Of Loyalties
Sunday, July
Golden text: As> for me and my
house. we will serve the l.onl.—
Joshua 24: IK.
Joshua made his choice of loyal
ties as a spy from the wilderness,
as the conqueror of Canaan, and
as the leadei of J»is |ieti|de i:i their
covenant oi scivice to Jehovah.
Joshua was one of the 12 spies
sent out from kadesh-Uarnea to
search the land of Canaan with a
view to its capture. They went
and saw nnd returned and re
ported* Hut Joshua and Caleb
were in tiie minority. They urged
Israel to go forward: they believ
ed in God and his people; but for
their interest they exposed them
selves to popular wrath and came
near being stoned. As a result,
Israel fell back in the wilderness
for more than .'!7 years in fact,
till all the warriors were dead
save these two faithful spies.
At last Isiael reached the Plains
of Moab. east of Jordan, and the
10 years of wilderness wandering
were over. Thence Moses ascend
ed Mount Xebo where lie died in
ecstasy. Me was succeeded by
Joshua who received 'rum God
his orders to invade Canaan.
It was perhaps 2a years after
the invasion of Canaan and IS
years after the conquest, that
Joshua culling together the elders
of Israel, possibly at his home in
Timnath-Serah. addressed them in
solemn warning against compro
mise with the idolatrous nations
still left in the land.
(Joshua 1)
The Call to Compter came to
Joshua and proved hi* loyalty for
conquest, i i ) Summons to con
quest came from Jehovah to
Joshua, the assistant ard succes
sor of Moses, who had just passed
away. He was tlv son of Nun:
grandson of KMshama, a captain
in Israel's army after the exodus;
of the tribe of Kphraim and so a
descendant of Joseph; and bear
ing a worthy name which means
"Jehovah is salvation." Morn in
Goshen, he spent more than 10
years in the land of bondage a
I eriod of subjection, discipline,
self-denial, struggle, yearning for
better things. Muring the wilder
ness period he became moses*
minister, attending the great law
giver in his legislation, leading
Israel against the Amalekites, and
from Kadesh-Marnca spying out
ion service. I
EveniMir subject—(To be an
•"» p. in. services licld at the'
county home also at the prison
7:30 p. m. Meeting of prayer
Regular monthly meeting of the
elders on .Monday evening at the
chu rch.
Tuesday •'! p. m. Meeting of the
Ladies' Misisonarv circle at I he
Wednesday <N p. m. .Meetins; for
prayer and Bible study. I.esson,
Iv/.e. 3»wi!».
Strangers and visitors are cor
dially invited to attend any and
these services.
Sunday school, 10 a. m.
B.Y.P.I', services, each Sunday
evening1 at 7 o'clock.
Preaching services each second
and fourth Sundays at 11 a. m.,
and third Sunday nights at 7:30
Weekly prayer service Thurs
day night at 7:30 o'clock.
Rev. S. F. Huntley, pastor.
10 a. m.—Sunday school every
Sunday—Clyde Morgan, superin
1 1 a. m.—Preaching every 4th
2:30 p. m.—Preaching every
first Sunday.
Main St. at Eighth Ave.
Rev. James P. Burke, pastor.
Holy communion—7:30 a. ni.
Church school—9 :30 a. m.
Morning service and sermon—
11a. in.
Rev. Ed. Vaughn, pastor.
Preaching services at 11 a. m.
and 8 p. ill. each first and third
Come, we are always glud to
have one and all.
The church with a Christ-like
invitation to all people.
Rev. L. A. Harvey, Pastor,
Sunday school—10 a. m., Edgar
Duncan, superintendent.
Morning worship 1 I A. M.
Evening worship—;7:45 p. in.
N.Y.P.S.—7 p. in.
Midweek prayer service—Wed
nesday, 7: 1*> p. m.
Ninth avenue west.
Services Sunday afternoon at
3:30 o'clock by the pastor. Rev.
J. L. Brewer, in observance of
Father's day. The public is in
A i I
Ninth avenue east.
Sunday school at 10 a. m., R. E.
Wilkins, superintendent.
B.Y.P.I*, at fi p. m., D. Grey,
Praise servic6 each Wednesday
night at 8 p. m.
Como and worship with us. >
1 i lit I .and of Canaan. Xo fitter
man in Israel could be summoned
to succeed Moses. ('J) St i inn ins
in compiest was guaranteed tIn
new loader. The urgent. all-impor
t;tnt task before him was the im
mediate invasion of Canaan, lie
must cross the Jordan, then swol
len with its springtime flood into
a foaming. surging torrent, per
haps live humlred feel wide, lit*
wa< to lead over it all the people
with all their belongings. Hence
forth Israel should traverse no
I territory they could not call the!
own. I'.cfore them lay their land
full length which twice in history
the ycont rolled to the est rcniitie:
here specified: Southward to Kail
I i sh-l!arnea: northward to Leban
on Mountains; eastward to the
Kuphrates river; westward to the
| Mediterranean sea. In winning;
the territory thus divinely assign
ed u> Israel, the new leader was
ci rtain of victory because lie was
promised the presence and power
of (led. (."!) Strength for coii
iitiost was thrice enjoined upon
Joshua. lie needed strength for
conflict; for the path ahead was
beset with all sorts of difficulties
from tin' crossing of the impass
able .Ionian immediately before
them, to the capture of the < a
•liianitish strongholds in the
mountains beyond. No molly-cod
dle could fill til such a mission, lie
must have the strength of cour
age and the courage of strength,
in order to conquer. Hut in and
after compiest ho must find
strength in obedience for lie must
personally observe the mandates
of Moses, loitering neither to the
right nor to the lift along the
path of duty: and he must teach
it to others so that ii would be
regnant in the law* and order of
the new country. The end of sin h
a course could but be most happy,
crowning loader and people alike
with good success. They must re
member. however, that while
strength for the conflict conies in
the path of obedience, it must
come direct from Clod who com
mands. strengthens, encourages,
accompanies, offectualizes.
(Joshua 24)
i ut; v. an 10 i o\ euam came
through Joshua and showed his
loyalty in the covenant of conse
crtion. At the ripe age of 110
Joshua called together the head«s
oi the people. It was perhaps at
pis residence in .Mount Ephraim
that he warned them against com
promise With the heathen nations
XV1 ,,K' I«i ud. It was at
Miechem. where the hones of
Joseph were buried, that under
Us stirring example and appeal
Hie people renewed their cove
nant to worship and serve Je
H^ah alone. This covenant was
creditably kept during the davs of
Joshua and of the elders ' who
survived him. M I It was a cove
nant of service. Fear the Lord
with reverence and respect.
Choose him in preference to anv
Kod and all gods in Kgvpt Ca
naan, and Chaldea. Put down and
put away every »„d ever wor
shiped Serve God alone, sincere
>. and with..ut swerving. Serve
him individually, in families, and
;'s ni,tl"n- , (-'> It was a cove*
1U..U of steadfastness. Let people
answer and aver their loyaltv to
Jehovah who brought them out
bondage with a mighty hand
' sct them in a large place of
opportunity. Could they ever for
th.^,.ha<l ,lyVl,r ^°'saken
I n- I ' r V' " (VVlI1> the
i.oid; for he is our God." (?,) it
was a covenant of securitv. The
onl.v soft path for any people is
the path of the covenant with
uofi. forsake him is to invite
certain disaster. To please him,
our sins must be forgiven we
cannot serve Jehovah and at the
same time serve other gods. Rut
he is ready to forgive our sins
and to accept our service. With
Israel of old let us sav. "We will
serve Jehovah!"
11) Re Strong to Obev. "The
Lord spake unto Joshua'" (verse
'• ^ne Lord commanded and
sonie things were difficult, hut
Joshua obeyed though toil and
trial came before triumph. The
strong man is the obedient man—
the man who obeys God.
(2) Be Strong to Advance.
-Arise, Uo over." There rolled
the Jordan flood athwart Israel's
path Could they cross? Sot alone':
hut they could start and the wat
ers would recede at their touch.
Who will stand back when God
says, ''Forward, march!"
(ii) Be Stroii"- to Attack. "Not
any man be able to stand before
thee. There is fighting to be
done. J'he strongholds of sin
must be reduced. The enemies of
tiod must be routed.
(1) Be Strong to Achieve. "I
will not fail thee." To destroy
wrong is not enough; right must
be established in its place. Con
quering Canaan was far easier
t..an building up Israel into a
mighty people.
(o) Be Strong to Inherit. "Di
vide for an inheritance the land."
To "possess the land" Israel must
"go up." God graciously gave it
to them, but even more graciously
he let it cost them something.
W ho values a valueles sinherit
(6) Serve Reverently. "Fear
the Lord." Cultivate the fear of
the Lord which is the beginning
°f Wisdom. It is not a selfish but
a filial fear. It shrinks from dis
pleasing God. It is filled with a
becoming awe before him, It
breathes the spirit of reverence.
It inspires humble service.
(7) Serve Sincerely. "Serve
hint in sincerity." Formality is
Police Protect
Struck Trucks
On the lookout lor trouble, a
New Orleans policeman rides a
truck as a "protective measure"
during 1 lie* strike called by C. I.
O. against leading trucking lirms
of the city. As sporadic disor
ders continued federal oHkird?
arrived to investigate reported
Wagner act violations nv police
ineffectual. To do good things
from mere cust >m may In- spirit
less. Hypocris.\ is abhorrent to
(•oil and man. Put heart in every
good deed. I.etlove lift us to the
higher level*.
I S i Serve Sled fast I v. "Serve
him—in truth." We ought to
serve him according to the truth.
We ought also to serve him in the
light truth. Lint the special
point here is the stability of
service. We must not be swerved
from our course by adverse winds.
We must k<»ep on in spite of ob
stacles ami then keep on keeping
I!' i Serve Kxchisively. 'Tut
eway the gods which your fathers
served--serve ye the Lord—he is
an holy (iod; he is a jealous Clod."
It is impossible t<> serve Ciod and
.Mammon. If we serve Jehovah,
we must serve him alone. We can
not keep on deliberately sinning
and expect a holy (Jod to with-,
hold the blow of justice. He must
have whole-hearted service or he
will have no service. This is not
arbitrary but benefuient. No
other course could safeguard our
own good.
(10) Serve Voluntarily. "Choose
you this day whom ye will serve."
No conscripts are drafted for Im
manuel's army. Only willing work
ers are welcomes in the Lord'
vineyard. If we serve .Jehovah, it
is because we choose to do so.
There is no compulsion about it.,
To the human will the appeal must
be made. With each f ns lies the
choice and also the responsibil
u o
FLA T KU<"K, .111110 — Mrs. N.
J). Hollinysworth iias wiih her this
week her lilt It* yranddauuhter,
.Miss Virginia Smith. «»I Spartaii
hii ry, S. C.
Mis. Nellie Mel all motored t«»
Lake Sinniini Sun<ia\ afternoon.
I.. I.. Heddiivfiehi of Hickory,
spent Sunday here with his sister,
.'Mrs. J. M. I\ act-.
Mr. and Mrs. II. ( . Fletcher
have had as visilois recently. Mew
Arnold Fdney of Ilendersonville,
Rev. and Mrs. Newt Watson and
cinldren of (Jreer, S. ('.. Mr. and
Mrs. Herman l.ony of Horse Shoe,
Mrs. J. I.. Mace of (ireenville. S.
('., and Mr. and Mrs. Mates .Mace
and family of (Ireer. S. ('.
Mrs. |{. ('. Tlioinas has with her'
this week, her sister, Mrs. Matter-,
son of Asheville.
Mr. and Mrs. McCabe of
Charleston, S. ('., have arrived
for the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Andrews
had as quests Sunday Mr. and
Mrs. Alex Aldridire of Tryon.
Summer homes here in Flat
Kock are filling1 up rapidly.
llOMFSTKAD. Fla.. July
(I'M).—I. M. Hilliard, father-in
law of Franklin fierce McCall.
21. condemned kidnap-killer of
little Jimmy Cash, signed a peti
tion opposing' commutation of the
youth's death sentence to life im
The nursery rhyme, ''Three
Blind Mice." is found in a music,
hook dated
...A particularly apt phrase.
Nothing is of more impor
tance to you than the safety
and welfareofyourhomcfolk.
'l'he symbol which you
note hflow indicates that
tli in esI ahI ish men t has
been selected for your safety
and that of your household.
To display this sign is the
privilege of those stores
which maintain the highest
standards. It isanassurance
that your prescription will
he filled by a skilled, regis
tered pharmacist precisely
as your Doctor has directed.
0 pp. Postofficis Phone 21
Now Being Received for The
To Be Published on or About Wed
nesday, July 27, Just in
Advance of the
Sponsored by the D.A,R.
Phone 87 and an Ad Man Will Call
Wouldn't you like to read authentic history ol that
day when Wash creek and Mud creek, which have
their junction on South Main, were Little Ochta
waha and Bis Ochlawaha?
Wouldn't you like to read of the treaty line in this
vicinity which pledged safety for our white pio
neers? Wouldn't you like to know more of their
early settlements and some of their pioneer
i * •
i Wouldn't you like to know more of our first
i churches and the educational movement in Hen
! derson county when it was a part of the great
| Buncombe. *
i '
I ;
j Wouldn't you like to know more of Henderson
| county, how and when it came into existence, when
i its courthouse was at Horse Shoe, when the tour- -
i ists first established themselves in this section am
j how we have grown and grown and grown from ,
the spinning wheel to large industries; from the
scythe to the combine; from the ox-cart to rail
i roads, highways and heavy motor traffic and trans•
i portation by air? *
In addition to numerous feature articles of an
historical nature, there will be a wealth of the
material and numerous illustrations that will take
the eye back to the day when Main street had a
row of beautiful shade trees down the middle of
the town's main thoroughfare. *
Our business houses, some of which date away,
back yonder in service to the community, will also,
have a part in the making of this history by telling£
you of the. number of years they have been serving*
i the community and something of the nature of
high-class service they are now rendering.
I ■ i r» r f :
This will be the most complete compilation of
history ever published ,irt Henderson county—a
linking of the past 100 years with our 1938
streamlined activities.
— -

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