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LINDA CORDON—heroine. She
S*v? up Manhattan to return to
h**r Rluc Grass.
permn. He wnuiJ give up any
thing for Linda.
• VNC1.F SANI)V -KoitoniAn. lie
wngM sjive up anything, too, for
a good horse.
MONTE H1I.L—rich racing de
vot-;c. lie also wanted l.inda.
YeO'-rday: l.inda turns her
l>4icl« on New York and no Monte
Mill's offer of marriage. She de
ride* to scratch it out in the Clue
CH.\ PTKli 11
The ni^ht was piuh black ;t
night Mich as the Blue Crass*
knows in Milliliter, before a j;ath
ciing tnnn; intense blackness,
then lightning !.'•« nig across
the <ky. followed i»y the rumble
•«f t'ar-off thunder.
l.inda Cordon turned «»ff the
main highway, in the second-hand
ear *he had bought to carry her
hon>c. She wa> taking n short cut.
vhich would carry her p:»>t the
Radford faun. "It'll just he our
lurk, Jerry." she sai»l to the Srol
fie by her side, "to meet Bruce
Radford tonight. Now here's the
• havp turn. before we come t«> the
She broke off as her car g:ne
a nuick lurch. "' 'h. darn!" She
N*iifl to the Scottii' by her side, "to
meet Bruce Radford tonight. \ow
here's the sharp turn, before we
come to i he creek
She bi okc off a? h««r care ga\ e
a ouick lurch., "t'h. darn!" She
1,15 -kidding •»!. newh laid
gravel, rhe cat v.a< swerving
around u «ame to a sudden Ltop
against a tre*' looming in the
headlight's gt;, re. The impact
threw her acros sthc wheel.
"Darn- darn!" she exclaimed,
traiphteninvr up. Her head had
struck tin- windshield's top. -ferry,
thiovii to the floor, gave a yelp
of pain. "Oh. hush! Can't you
take it?" The Scottie gave one
last whimper, then followed her
when she >tcpped to the ground.
"Bent fender. I.uckv to get off
?o lightly." -he commented, after
making a hurried inspection with
het flashlight. She had some old
sacking in the trunk: this she laid
under het front wheels. (lot back
in. Started the motor. Yes. the
wheels gained traction on those
*aeks. Slowly. carefully, she
backed to the side of the road
again. Then she saw. circled by
hvr headlight, a -<ii;*> glaring on
the fro*'. It read:
public AUCTION
Phoenix Trust Co.
Soils to Highest Bidder
five 2-vear-olds from the Rad
ford farm, to close estate of
lat<- Win. Radford.
Sale cried at Brown's Barn
An??. Jtl. at 1 :-50 |>. in. sharp. 1
Rain or Shine
That was tomorrow. She- Jer
ry'.1* *harp barking eaused her to
turn, peer back into the Mack- '
nes*. Now the dog was leaping
through the opened doorway, was
barking a sharp warning.
"Jerry! Who's coming?" she
A stock figure loomed out of
♦ he dark. Jerry barking at his
heels. The person called: "In any
i rouble?"
At that instant a sheet of light
ning flared in the heavens: l_in«l;i
caught a glimpse ot Bruce Rad
ioed coining lip. Then darkness!
"Why. I.iuda Cordon! Say, this!
if great !**
He was at the car door. "I I
was coming down to see if tin
rain had washed away the creek's
bridge, and I find you.**
The girl felt herself stiffen. But
•-h«- tried to hide her feelings. She
••aid casually. "Oh. hello, Bruce."
"Ilfb! Won't you shake with a
f el low
She gave him her hand an in
«t.ant, lh°n withdrew it.
"What are you doing here? I
moan, having car trouble?''
"When you lay gravel, you
might have it parked down." she
spoke testily. -,| skidded—could
have broken my neck."
"I — I'll give the road crew
hade.* tomorrow. But look here—"
"You are unite the country
Ftpiirp. aren't you. Bruce?"
"Me? Oh. I'm just sort o (look
ing after things—someone's got to
take the responsibility. But tell
me about yourself; guess you are
down oji ;i surprise vacation. Saw
Mr. Sandy yesterday; he didn't
"Yes. a surprise visit." she
Liquid. I whirls
Srtlv. Nose
in 7 days and
first day
30 minutes
try 'Ruti-Mv-l ism'-World's B< st Lumnciit
Pace's Market
High Grade Meats
and a very
Complete Stock
Staple and Fancy
Phone* 206-7 620 N. Main
Dr. Bertha W. Branstetter
Osteopathic Physician
Ultra-Violet Ray Treatments
Ultra Short Wave Therapy
Colonic Irrigation
Homi«- and Hotel Appointments
Office: Xext door State
Theatre—"round floor
Phone ">0.>
Residence: MIT 4th Ave. \\ e.>t
Phone 341>-W
Ilemlei-sonville. X. C.
A stocky figure loomed
out of the dark. Called:
" I rt any trouble?"
agreed hastily.
"Thru look here. l.iiula. i want
to see a lot ot you. I
"That's all in the past. Bruce."
"In the past? You didn't an
swor my last li'tti'f—aftw I came
beak here."
"Oh. you were a millionaire,
and I just a working girl. my
lad." She tried to make her voice
sound whimsical.
"Not so rich as you'd think.
Uncle left a lot of I'ool bequests;
they got the cash. I got tin- cash. 1
got what 'Arts left over. Toinor
row we're selling oft' the last '2
year-old.^. I'm going to bill one in
— got enough monev for that.
"Oh. going to become a big
horseman like our friend. Monte
She could sense a coldness on
his part. Me said: "Maybe, if I
have his luck. See his Mi t ry Maid
w«»n the Juvenile at Belmont,
Well, thi- colt I'm buyin.tr tomor
row will take the best in Amer
ica. You wait and see. But look
hen "
"How's the .meat American
novel coming. Bruce?" she asked
"Oh. that." He spoke as if the
had been jolted back to an un
pleasant reality. "I've been so •
busy —"
"So busy playing the country
gentleman? The Bruce Radford 1
knew was going to be a second
Bai/.ar- - "
"<>h. I still have hopes!" he
said. "But first I want to make 1
myself secure. But look here: I'm
giving a brbecue tomorrow—
bunch from Lexington will be out
—and. Linda," he leaned toward j
her. spoke eagerly, "you've got to
co meover: some folks I want vou |
to know."
"Afraid I can't make it. Bruce." j
"But you must. Then, later, j
you and I we'll go to the auction
together. I want you to see liii>.
colt. He's a halt-brother of I'otn- i
poon. By Poinpey out of
"LI! lie busy with I'ncle Sandy
tomorrow. Hruee.' She pressed .
the self-starter. The motor whir-j
red. "I'll see you some time-—
"Hut look here—"
"Good night, I'ruce. I must j
"Hut. l.inda!"
She drove off. leaving a puz- !
zled young man in the dark —a j
man who couldn't understand it I
Jj. <: V .
Half an hour later she drove j
up to a small cottage half hidden
by sycamores. One light was»
shining from a window. Now a 1
hall light went on. as dogs be«>an !
barking. A man eame through j
the doorway, his tall, stoopi :| lig- |
urc silhouetted a .train -t the light.
"Who's there?"
Tiitida spran.tr from the ear. .
, bounded lip the steps.
''Somebody you didn't expect!"
She threw her arms around him. j
"Linda— Linda — lind!" In-!
credulity blended with happiness,
a happiness so sharp that it hurt.
"I'ur child, what arc you <ioin.tr '
— back home?"
She >tood off. put hands on his ,
shoulders, smiled into a time- j
worn face settling into defeat. On .
a split-second's inspiration she
"Uncle Sandy. I'm fed up with I
New York. I've saved a penny, j
I'm going to take mv motley— I
your brains—and we're going to
put the Gordon colors back on the
! track."
Those words sounded like Ihe i
notes of a bugle, calling an old1
campaigner to the post. In the'
light from the hall she could see (
his shoulders <traisrhtenin.tr his
chin juttinsr out a flash comin.tr
into faded eves.
Swim Suits
"The f i.'>t ining we she
suit!, still smiling. "is to buy a
coll, a colt by Pompey, from the
Had ford estate tomorrow."
I To l>e continued)
(Continued from Dane one)
so; through propaganda, and
through the activities of scores of
American missionaries in China
who are described as "blindly i
pin-Chinese." The tendency, how
ever, is to blame the United ,
States very little and the British
a lot—for it is felt that the Brit- '
ish have nunie America a cat's
paw because of the "traditional |
sympathy of the American people
for the underdog and the fact
that Americans generally have
very little intimate knowledge of
the realities •>}' the Far Kast sit
•Japanese of all classes, official
and unofficial; are extremely
anxious for the friendship of the
United States and sincerely be
lieve that .Japanese-American co-1
operation is as much in the inter-,
est of Washington as of Tokyo.
They point t<> the fact that Japan
i-> .1 larger purchaser of American >
goods, a more valuable customer,
than all the rest of Asia combin-!
ed. including China, and they be
lieve that, eventually, the self-in
terest of Americans will predomi
nate and that American opinion
toward them will change.
Many of them want to be
friends with Britain, too (the ef
fect of the old Anglo-Japanese al
liance prevails with the elder gen
eration of Japanese) but not on
a basis of making concessions,
such as they gladly would make to
the United Slates.
I ho reason !(•;■ liusc is appai
ent: Britain is a powerful com-'
meicial. military aril political
rival of Japan in the Orient and
throughout the world while the
United States is not. Japanese
American trade is essentially re
ciprocal and non - competitive
while Britain and Japan are nat
ural trade rivals. The United
States is seen as having* no ambi
tion t<> play a dominant political
and military role in the Orient
while Britain is seen as striving to
maintain the dominant military
and political role she held until
she was challenged by Japan be
fore the present Chinese-Japanese
war began.
The .Japanese view Britain,
like Soviet Russia, as fighting Ja
pan through China — seeking to
cripple .Japan as a great commer
cial rival of Uritain in whole mar
kets l»v exhausting her in a long
drawn-out war in which China
will be a chief victim.
The powerful Tokyo newspaper
Ashai. reflecting a viewpoint
known to be held by many Japa
nese officials, says:
"The question of British rights
and interests in the Japanese-oc
cupied areas of China continually
is being brought, up in the London
parliament. In fixing our atti
tude towards British interests in
the occupied areas we must take
into account the policy which
Uritain has followed with regard
to the China incident. (The Chi
nese—Japanese war always is re
ferred to in Japan as "incident.)
Is there any reason for this coun
try to pay as much respect to the
rights of a nation which has been
hostile and has been aiding the
enemy, as Britain has, as to the
rights of third powers which have
been neutral?"
These are blunt words. They
mean that unless Britain ceases
aiding China she must be subject
to Japanese retaliation. They
mean that what Japan wants, and
is beginning to demand, is a
lutnds-off policy by every foreign
nation while Japan's armed forces
complete their task of crushing
Chiang Kai-Shek and bringing
China's anti-Japanese nationalist
government to its k-nees.
Win Sends Them to Spar
tanburg for Junior
World Series
Two unearned runs cavi it'll tin
San Diciro, Calir., Junior Ameri
can Legion baseball team to a 2-1
victory over Detroit. Mich., yes
terday. ami sends San Diego to
Sparta ill hi re. S. C.. Wednesday
for thv- "junior world series.''
San Diego scored in tin* tirst
inning when a hot "rounder took
a had hop over the shoH-'top -md
Albright raci'd home. 1 >«-tr«»it tied
iip the game in the seventh when
.McDonald singled, moved to third
and scored when the M ichijrnn
team invoked their celebrated
"squeeze plav."
San i;ietr<> won the srame in Lhv
fifth when Williams went to sec
ond on a bad throw to first, stole
third, and scored the winning run
on a sacrifice.
Harold Newhauser. Detroit's
phenomenal pitcher whose series
of (>"> consecutive scoreless inning's
was ended yesterday, oiitpitehed
San Diego's less colorlul ( het
Kehn. Newhauser gave up three
hits. Kehn five.
A crowd of ].">0U saw the last
game ot the semi-final playoff.
Detroit wo nthe first same of the
series 4-0 and the California team
won the second 2-1. Siin Diejro
will meet Spartanburg Wednes
day in the first game of the five
jiamc series to determine the U. S.
junior champion.
Score bv innings:
San Diego D)0 UUU <>H>- 2 2
Detroit . 000 000 100—1 f. I
Kehn and Sharp; Newhauser
and Manns.
Charlotte C>; Asheville I.
Durham 0; Rocky Mount 2'>.
Portsmouth Winston-Sa
lem M-0.
Richmond S»-; Norfolk 0- ttir>*t
night game.)
St. Leu is 4; New ork
Detroit 15; Boston 1.
Cleveland 1: Washington <'•.
(Only games played.)
Brooklyn 1: Pittsburgh 10.
New York : Cincinnati fi.
(Only games played.)
Asheville at Charlotte.
Winston-Salem at Portsmouth.
Norfolk at Rocky Mount.
Durham ;ti Rocky Mount.
Atlanta ;it Little Rock.
Chattanooga :ii Memphis.
Knowille at Birmingham.
Nashville at New Orleans.
New York at Pittsburgh.
Boston at Chicago.
Brooklyn at Cincinnati.
Philadelphia at St. Louis,
Detroit at New York.
St. Louis at Boston.
Cleveland at Philadelphia.
Chicago at Washington.
W. L. Pet.
Norfolk 78 IS .01!»
Charlotte TS 51 .(>05
Rocky Mount 01 02 .508
Portsmouth 01 01 .50S
Durham 0I 05 .484
Asheville - OS .177
Richmond - - 00 i!7 .172
Winston-Salem ... 1-1 S.ri .Mil
\V. L. Pel.
New York -- 8 1 .".7 .004
Boston . 08 45' .581
Cleveland 00 5."> .555
Detroit 01 50 .508
Washington .. <U 00 .501
Chicago . 40 07 .422
Philadelphia . 14 70 ,."!07
St. Loui» I" 75 .:J01
W. L. Pel.
Pittsburgh . - 71 4 7 .002
New York __ 00 5.'! .555
Chicago - - 00 55 .512
Cincinnati -- 05 50 .537
Boston ... 50 50 .500
Brooklyn 55 01 .102
St. Louis . "»5 04 .402
Philadelphia . . t«'»7 77 .'5M0
Not Guilty, Plea
Of Miami Mayor
MIAMI. Fla.. Any1:J0. (UP) —
Mayor Robert R. Williams, who
with two other Miami city officials
is charged with soliciting a
000 bribe, entered a plea of not
guilty vesterday before Criminal
Court .Judge Ben Willard.
The mayor's co-defendants, City
Commissioner John W. Dubose
and Thomas E. Grady, city rate
expert, filed pleas in abatement
contending that the informations
containing the charges against
them were not legally prepared.
Their pleas will be argued Wed
Mayor Williams entered a plea
of not guilty after Judge Willard
had denied a plea in abatement
and a motion for a bill of par
ticulars made by hi> attorney. '
Williams. Dubose and Grady
were indicted by ;i grand jury
after Bryan C. Hanks, president
of the Florida Power & Light Co.,
nublished charges that they solic
ited a $250,000 bribe for an out
of-court settlement of an electric
rate case.
New National V. F. W. Leaders
F A <i r ' 1
Here are the new heads ul the Veterans of Foreign Wars and its two
auxiliaries, clected at the annual encampment in Columbus, O. Left
to right: Eugene I. V;in Antwerp, Detroit, V. F. W. commander-in
chief: Mrs. Anna Map Loehncr, Buffalo. N. Y., national president of
the Ladies' Auxiliary, and Patrick Houle, Laekawanna, N. Y.,
>uorrme national commander of the Military Order of Cooties,
veterans' fun organization.
Miss Barbara Hose's pot cat Boots
sparred with a five-button rattle
snake lor more than an hour ami
kept it cornered till Barbara's
father came and killed the rat
By virtue ol" authority vested in*
the undersigned by those certain
judgments by tlx < iei.i of the Su
perior Court of Heud 'rson Coun
ty. North Carolina, entered in
those certain eases heieinafter ve
I'orred to. in each of s.'id cases or
causes the Town ol' Last Flat
Kock. a municipal coiporation, be
ing plaintiff, and tlie | crsotis. linns
or corporations, heiviiafler re
spect iv^Jy and separately named
and grouped, being defendant* in
separate actions, 1 .viM. on Mon
day. September •">! h. r.'.'JN, at 11
A. M.. sell to the holiest bidder
or bidders for cash. -;t the Court
House Door in Henderson County,
in the City of Hendet sonville. the
lands hereinaftei grouped and re
ferred to.
The names of th.* defendants,
respectively hereinafter set out
and grouped, are followed by a
reference to the lands ordered
sold in each respective case or
cause, in satisfaction of lax fore
closure judgments for the year
1 in each case tli ■ said Town
of East F'at Hock being plaintiff
and the respective named par
ties, separately eroiiped. being in
each instance the defendants in
separate cases. The property de
scribed and referred to in each
separate case will be ?ohl sepa
The names of the defendants
in said cases, with tie- Case num
' ber. the lands and ■••fereuce to
• said land, which will be soi<l by
authority <<f the judgment in each
indi'. idual case, being as follows:
('. L. Anders and wife. Eugenia
Anders. Case No. ('. 2 vacant
lots. Peed Book K'G, ti'ge 2.'!7.
Mrs. H. H. Baker (widow), Case
No. •"> C. 1 vacant lo*. Deed Book
105, page -17.
J. V. Blythe and wife. Mrs. .L
1 Y. Blythe. Case No. 1 1 C. 2 va
cant lots. Deed Book 1 7i». page 78. !
A. C. Brookshire and wife. Inez
Brookshire, Case No. 1'» C. house .
and lot. Deed Book page 2 111.
I Etta Buckner and husband,
Buckner. and Donald Hill, Case
No. 15 C. 1 house and lot. "Deed
Book 17 1. page 4f>.
Mrs. John Cagle a I'd husband,
John Cagle. .lack We.-lall ami
wife, Mrs. .lack WestaM. heirs at
law of estate of C. C. We'stall.
deceased. Case No. IS C, ' house
and lot. Deed Book 1 <S. page 225.
Mrs. Victoria Capo-: and hus
band, lohn Capps. C:im: No. 2.'! C.
•'» lots ami house. Deed Book 1150.
page «5.
Arthur Carrie.-, and wife. Mrs.
Arthur Carnes. Case No. 21 C, 1
vacant lot. Deed Book I'.IN. page !•.
Sylvester Case and wife. Mrs.'
Sylvester Case. Mrs. Floyd .lamer
soil and husbiwul. Flo.1.d .Jamerson, •
heirs at law of M. P. Case, de-l
ceased. Case No. 2o (', 1 acre,
Deed Book page i 14.
F. H. Chapman and wife, El
zora Chapman. Case No. •'!<) C, |
house and lot. Deed Book 1!'2,|
page 2(10. ;
.\lr>. Ahiiit* K t-otiurn, auiu. |
h'st. M. D. Coburn. Cast' No. .'Jl C, |
.'I vacant lots. Deed Book 156,]
payes 2(M and 200.
Mis. A. W. Collins (widow),
Case No. .'>2 C. I house and 7
acres. Deed l!ook (52. pajje 10H.
Sin- M. Coston and nusbund.
Coston. Case No. 1 vacant
Int. Deed Hook 5)0, pace 1£7.
J. T. Davenport, A.lm, of Kstate
of C. D. Davenport, deceased.
Case No. (', *2 vacant lots and <
house and lot. Deed Hook 150,
page 174. Hook IN. pa ire .'500.
Sarah and Louise Duncan tsin-j
trie). Case No. 12 C, I house and
lot. Deed Book NN, paire I ()•'{.
W. R. Freeman and wife, Mrs.
\V. Ii. Kn einan, Case No. 40 C,
I vacant lot, Deed H >ok K!.'>, pag'P
142. ;
Mrs. A. C. (iallimore and lius-j
band. A. C. (Iallimore. Case No. j
.r>() C, 2 vacant lotsi Deed Hook
i7<>. page 200.
Mrs. Marion II. Gcrow and hus
liand. Gerow, C; se No. 58 C.
1 vacant lot, Deed Hoik 1 *17, page
D. A. Gt.odmun an■ I wife. Mis.
D. A. Goodman. Case No. 50 C, 2
vacant lots, Deed Bo >k 1 11', page
D. 1.. Goodman and wife. Mis.
D. L. Goodman, and W. A. Os-[
teen (single), Case No. 57 C, 2|
vacant lots. Deed Ho(d< I 10, page J
,1. K. Goodman ami wife, Mrs.
.1. F. Goodman. Case No. 55 C, I
vacant lot, Deed Book IS.-!, pane
Susan Grocran and Will Grogan,
Case No. 51» C. 1 house and lot.
.leannctte K. Hall< y and hus
band, Halley, Case No. 00 C,
1 vacant lot, Deed Ho..k 104,page
l t»:i.
Mrs. Connie Wilson--Harris and
husband. Hair's. Ca>e No.
07 C, 1 vara lit lot. I >ct-«I Cook
170. page 101
M. (!. Heatherly ami wife, Mrs.
H. 0. Heatherly I i C»'. ;o No. 7! C,
5 at ii's and house. Deed Cook 1 1 -j,
P«Bi' 249. ( ..
ft. H. Hcndrix ane wilt*. Mrs.
Fi. H. Hcndrix. Cast' No. ('. 1
ItOUSC ;i II (i lilt, Deed Cook 122,
page 27.
S. r. Hill ami wife. Mrs. S. P.
Hill. Case N<>. 70 C. •'!" 1-1 acres
ami house anil stoie bit ilflin.tr.
I><•(■.I Conk 11M), pair" 2..J3; Book
101. page l'.'O: Cool; lU-r>, page
27 <»; Cook 120. pas'.i1 4"; Cook
I IS. pages IS1 and 1X2.
Mrs. D. ('. Hood and T. K.
Kuykcndal! and wif , Mrs. T. K.
Kuykendall. Case No ho 10
vacant lots. 2*2 aero and house
and 1 I vacant lots. Deed Cook
01. paw I; Book 12-">. pages l'i*'
and I ''la.
Ourne.v I'. H"od, Com. Cks. Ex.
Re!. First Cank & Trust Co.. and
Mary Cell Maxwell. Case No. SI
C, I •"> vacant lots an«l 04 square
yards, 'J houses. S lois, 1 ti 11iHj»*
station, and 32 acre-!, Heed Cook
211. page 1 '50.
H. I*. Hyder ft 'i\. Case No.
8'.' C. 1 vacant lot.
Milliard Hydei et "i\, Case No.
SS C. I house and lo'.
Mrs. J. <>. Ileiisley and husballd.
.1. O. Hen ley. Case No. 7 1 C. •!
acres. Heed Coo'.: ISM, page 0;>.
Alice Johnson .(sinutcl and May
Johnson (single). Ca:>e No. C.
1 vacant lot and house and lot.
Deed Cook I 1">. page SI.
A. <>. .Jones. Case No. '.'7 C. •»
vacant lots.
Mrs. Bessie .loin - (widow).
Case No. '02 C. 1 house and lot,
Deed Cook 12R, |>ag..' !•>().
.1. P. Jones (widower). Case
No. 10:! C. .'!7 -VH acres. 1 house
and lot,, Heed Cook pane 220.
I„ L. Jones and wife. Mrs. L.
fi. Jones, Case No. 101 C, I house
and lot, Deed Rook l:i». pagi* I OR.
Vernon Junes (single). Case
No. 105 C. 1 vacant lots. Deed
Book 20.'!. paji'e 280.
(I. \Y. Justice and wife, Mrs.
G. \V. Justice. Case No. Ill C. 1
vacant lot. Deed Cook lS.r>, page
W. A. Keith ft i:\. Case No.
112 C. 2 1-2 acres and house.
Kdniund Kelts Kstrte. Case No.
11:5 C, 1 vacant lot. Deed Cook
74. page 177.
Kdgar King et ux. Case No.
117 C. 2 vacant lots.
Dolie King and husband. John
King. Case No. I 10 "»-4 acre
and 2 houses. Deed Cook 107,
page -'47.
John King and wife. Dolie King.
Case No. 11"> C. 1JI acre. 2
house?. Deed Cook I!' i. pauc 24 i.
M. H. I.amb et ux. Case No.
ll'i C. I-:: acre.
J. C. I.aniline (single) Case No.
122 C. | vacant lot. Deed Book
15f>. page 10.
Mrs. \Y. <!. Lnwtvr (widow),
('ase No. 12."! C. I 1 2 acres and
house. Deed Cook 140. page 144.
\V. R. I,owe (widrwer), Case
No. 1:50 (' ! house and lot. Deed
Hook 1 1 0, page 87.
Otis McCall and w-lY. Mrs. Otis
McCall. Case No. 144 C. 1 vacant
lot. Deed Cook 12!'. page .'110.
Mrs. Ada McCov and husband.
. McCoy, Case No. 1 l."i C. 21
vacant lots.
.Mrs. S. L. Mclnto Ji and hus
band. Mclnloah, Case No.
140 (', I house and 1 «>». Deed Book
188. page 107.
T. (5. .Mcintosh (sinyle), Case
No. 1 IT. 1 vacant lot. Deed Book
17 1. page 1 I
M. K. Mabry Kstate. Case No.
11>2 1 vacant lot, Deed Book
2(K>. page 270.
T. J. .Mallow and wife, Mrs. T
J. Mallow, Case No. l'»5 C. I
house and lot. Deed Book 190,
pajre 26o.
Mrs. Wiiliain K. Micklc and hus
band. W. K. Micklc. Case Xo. 139
0, 1 vacant lot, Deed Book 74.
pa.ifc 1^4.
iiva S. Murray uv.I husband,
Murray, Cast' Xo. I 12. I va
cant lot. Deed Book 74, page 11!
Mrs. C. K. Back. Jethr<. Pack
and wife. .Mrs. Jet hi » Back, ami
Paul Pack (silly le). ivirs at law
of Kstate of C. !•'. Pa-!:, deceased.
Case No. 150 (', /acant lots,
Deed Book 109, page 239.
' Mrs. .1. S. Patterson, M. J. Pat
terson and wife, Mr.-. M. J. Pat
terson; Craiir Patters m and wife,
Mrs. Craig Patterson, Mrs. O. T,.
Norman and husband, 0. I.. Xor
man; .Minnie Garmnn and hus
band, Oarinan. and Muriel
Patterson, individually and as ex
ecutrix of I'. (I. Patterson, de
feased, Case No. I 1-8 acre,
house. 1-'! acre, 2 houses, 2 acres
and house and 1 acv and 1 va
cant lot. Deed Book •'»'>, pa«e 51,
and Deed Book I2l». pajre 2.15.
Muriel Patterson, individually
and as executrix of the Kstate of
l'. (I. Patterson, deceased, and
Nettie Jones, individually and as
executrix of the Kstate of A. 0.
Jones, deceased. Case No. 1 "2 C.
2 0-1 acres, Deed Book 187. pajje
Jemima Kymer, Cj^ No. IfiO.
I vacant lot, Deed Book 174, page1
1). Sam:* Estate, I'iim' No. 161!
C, 2 3-4 acres.
E. Sawyers ami wife. Mrs.)
K. ('. Sawyers, Case No. 16'J r, 2;
vacant lots, Deed !!•» »k J 50, page;
A. ('. Shi|iniiiti and wife. Mrs.
A. C. Shipmaii, Case No. I ti l ('. j
II. H. Statnn and W. O. Kay,
Case No. 171 C, 1 acre.
('. J. Stepp and wiK', .Mrs. C. J.
Stepp. Case So. 175 C. It) acres
and house. Deed Hook 120, page
•J 18.
D. F. Stepp and wife. Mrs. D.
F. Stepp, Case No. 17 J C. 1 acre,
Deed Book 17 1, pap 172.
Charles W. Tabor and wife,
Mrs. Charles W. Tabor. Ca>e No.
1S2 C, I vacant lot. I teed Book
UK), naijc 71.
J. L. Walker E>t.M.le, Case No.
1SN C. 2 vacant lots. Deed Book
1S1, page 177.
Mrs. Juno Ward and hu-baiid.
Ward. Case No. I'.'l 2 va
cant lots, Deed Hook page
I'. Molt Wi'lls and wife Mrs. l>.
Mutt W«dls. <'aso No. l!lj l'. I
\ccant 'lit. Deed Hook I •'»'•. paw
Mamie WestaiJ >. Case
No. I'JU C, 2 vacant lots. Deed |
Book 12!'. pajre *"
U.ibbi Williamowsky, Case No.
■Jti'l 1 vac:iui lot. Deed Book
1 JO. pa^e I S<;.
T. K. Wrijrht and wife. Mis. T.
K. Wright. Case N<>. 20-1 C, 1
house and lot. Deed Book 200.
page I !•">.
O. F. Yeli.iti ami wife, Mrs. O.
F. Ve|jon. I.. 1'. Stridor mid wife.
Mrs. I . I'. Stiider. Case No. 20">
<\ 2 vneant lots. Deed Itook HiO.
r-aue 2.",I.
Laborers mnl'liny :in<i l.uan.
N'o. lis. 1 bouses am! tot.
Deed Book 1• 1. italic 1-)?.
Mi's. W. I'. Barret i ami hub-;
hand, \\. 11. Barrett, Cast- No. <j
C, 1 vacant lot.
.1. O. Boma. ami wile. Mis. J.
<). P.nhar, Case No. 12 C. 2 1-2
acres, Deed Book l">7. pa«e 2S*'j.
Bessie T. Burrett ami lnisl>ami,
I turret t, Case No. P'» ' . I
vacant lot.
J. K. Case ami wife. Mrs. .1. K.
Case-. Case \n. 2* ('. 2 vacanL
lots. Deed Iiook 1So.
Daniel Croslaml and wife, Mrs.
Daniel Croslaml. Case No. .">1
1 vacant Int. Deed Book 74. page
127. ..
V. I). Davenport and wite. Mis.
\*. I'. Davenport and Mary Bell
Maxwell. Case No. •*'# C. 1 vacant
lot. Peed Book 127. pajre 2-Hi.
Carrie Fisher and husband
Fisher. Case No. H» C. vacant, lot.
Deed Book I r»S. pajje 2*!'.
J. C. Haskell and wife. Mrs. J.
C. Haskell. Case No. <;.) C, I
cant lot. Deed Book 7 1. i»aji'e 1 7 t.
I'. Hall. « t ux. Case No.
(', I vacant lot. Peed Book Is I.
patfc 1 '< 1.
p. C. Ileyward ami wife Mrs.
D. ('. Heyward. t 'ase No. • •> C, I
vacant lot. I'fed Hook 17 1. page
1 7*t.
|!oh Iloltx.claw and \vife. Mrs.
Hnh lloltzclaw. t'ase No. *1. 3
vacant lot>. Deed Book 1*1. paire
H. 1!. Jono? and wife. Mr.-. 15.
IJ. Jones. Case No. :>!» C, 2 houses
and lots.
Thos. H. -tones and wife. Mrs.
H. Jones. Case No. OS i . 2 va
cant lots.
A. c. Justus, el ux. Case No.
110 C. S acres.
M. C. I.etson and wife. Mrs. M.
('. I.etson. Case No. 12 1 C, I va
cant lot, Deed Book 1page
J. C. Maxwell and wife. Mrs. J.
C. Maxwell. Case No. l.'{7 * . '•>
vacant lots. Deed Book l^->, pa>je
J. 0. McNutty and wile, Mrs. J.
(). McNutty, Case No. I l'J (.'. I
vacant l<»t.
Mary Jane Murray and hus
band. Murray, Case No. Ill
C, 2 vacant lots, Deed Book l'»0,
(!. M. Iihe.t.l and wife, Mrs. G.
M. Rhett. Case N'o. 1 .">s C. I va
cant lot. Peed Book 71. pajye l2'».
K. It. Sutherland, Trustee in
Bankruptcy of I.. B. Meicalf.
Case No. 1 sl C. :{ vacant lots, j
Deed Book 1S;», puye 27. .
F. I'. Sanders and vife, Mrs. r.
P. Sanders. Case No. 1(J2 C. 1
vacant lot. Deed Book D51, paye
i,;T- o . . r. '
Samuel ti. Stone}' and win,'
Mrs. Samuel C. Stoney. Case No.
j 7!i 1 vacant lot. Deed Book
71. puffe 107. ' '
It. C. Thomas and wile. Mrs. K.
Thomas. Case No. 1st C, 1 va
cant lot. Deed Book 201, pafrej
•21!>. ' *
J. Water.- Thomas and wife, |
Mrs. J. Waters Thomas, Case No. i
JS;*» C. I vacant lot.
Mrs. B. A. Tharin and husband, 1
L. A. Tharin, Case No. 1S.'{ , 1 j
vacant lot. . 1
Cornelia Tucker and husband,
Tucker, Case No. 1ST C, 1
vacant lot. Peed IJook H»0, pacre
Albert H. Walton and wife.
Mrs. Albert H. Walton. ''use No
1M> ('. 1-2 lot, Deed Moo|c 11* I,
page 2!'.
E. l». William.- and wife. Mi.-.
K. 1 >. Williams. <'a>r .No. l!'7 <
1 vacant lot.' Deed Rook 1 1,
Sikes M. Yanell and wife, M»
Sikes M. Van-ell. Case X«». •_'«! « ,
2 vacant lob.
IJohert Alston and wife. Mi-.
Uohert Alston. (. a>e No. :! i . ;
acres and hou.-e. Deed Hook .'in.
pa.iff I 7"i.
fvuixlall Parity and wife. Mi -
Randall Parity, Case No. < t
house and lot. Peed Hook I'!■>
I a^v 227.
Lawrence Edward* and
Mrs. Lawrence Ed'.vnids, t asc \".
-II i , i -li acre, peed Bonk M *■,
I us.
Kafie Edwards Estate. C
4« C. 2 1-2 acres and hnn-i.
Chester Kdwards and wife, .M>
Chester Kdwards Case N«>. I.*» < ,
I house and lot. Peed Dook
pajrc <>."».
,Jnmr~ h'ipiier and wife. Mi .
Jaine.* Ki.-dici*, Case No. IT C. i
vacant lot. Peed Hook 17x. pa;.«»
Henry (lilyard and wife. Mi-.
Henry (lilyard. Case \n 5 i . 1
vacant Jot. Peed Hook I0>, p..«:e
Emma Hunt Ksiate, < ar-e No.
NT C. 1 vacant loi, Deed
l">2. j»aye 122.
Jlenry Harrison and wile. ,M -
Henry Hanison. Case No. <;s <,
I acre and h<>u»r«. |)eed Ijoolc 1 l'>,
!«)(."• n:t:t.
I.ollise Mali'JK'k Istmfiei, \ a e
X«». 2 ai i
Kiank IJalback Kstale, < iim'
U'> i , I house and lol. I >«'«•«i Hook
J lid. psitrc1 1 70.
April Hal hack Ivtale. < ase X'».
t,v |-J acres ;itul house.
Julia Jordan iind husband.
Jordan, Cue So. I0X ( . 2 hou i -
and lots. Deed Hook IIM. pave
I S!».
Janie l.otran i>iiiirl<"i. fast* No
12s C. 1 vacant Int. 1 hons-e and
Itit. Deed 1 »*»»*k i [ifljli' lili.).
1!attic l.ooran (singlet.
N'o. 11!'• C. 1 acre. I»«•«•<! Mom;
200. pa^e 171.
(jus Logan. Sr.. ( widower I.
< a.-e \o. rji; c. arte- ami
)ioh-c. i )«•«••{ Hook 22. (»?• ji*.* r»ii.'i.
(ills 1 ovaii. .Ti*.. and wifi1. Mrs.
(Jus Logan. Jr.. Case 127 O. •>
acio anil house. lots and hou.-e.
Deed |!onk *2. page oil"?.
John I.ogan l.ance and wif<,
All.-, lollii l.ogrtt: l.ance. < ae No.
I2H C. I vara lit int. I »«-»-d Hook
17s;. page 2d!>.
John Memingcr and will*. M"«.
John Moniinger. ( dm1 \o. ! 'IS ( .
1 vacant iot. Deed I'ook Is!'.
7 s.
Otis Mi Kissick aikl wife. Mrs.
'Mis MrKissifk. Case No. its, 1
hoti-e and lot. Deed Hook II*.
pagp 217.
K. D. Sullivan and wife. Mi -
K. I'. Sullivan. Case .\o. 1*0 i..
Ii acres and building. Deed Hook
s «. |»;j22.
John W. Simmon.- and wife,
Mrs. John \V. Simmon-, Case No
! i>»! C. i house and lot, Deed
lioolt 1 III. page I
Charles II Simmon- ami wifi.
Mrs. Charles H. Simmons, < as*
No. 11'>7 •> acres.
Chatuicy I1. Simmons and wife.
Mrs. Chaunc.v D. Simmons. i'u-c
i No. lila C. I acre and house.
, Deed lloid; 101. p.1Sfe 58.
The Heeds. Deed? in Trust and
Records hereinbefore referred '•»,
aie recorded in the olfice oi t
Register of Deeds for Hendprso':
County. N. ('., and reference f"
.-aid record is made and incor
porated. in each instance, fot ti •
jmrpo.se of more complete de« t
scrip!ion of the lands referred
Kacli of the above properties i> ;
located ill the Town of F.ast Flu: j
Rock. Henderson County. N. ('.,
and thr propei't.v in each case will
he -old -object )«• outstamiii g j
taxes. Tin* success Till bidder uili
he required to deposit 10 percen*
of tho purchase price of the proj • >
erties purchased, at the time |
sale, with the tommisisoner. petrn
ing final consummation of
In the event a purchaser fails t >
do so at the time of .-.ale. :h.-a .
the property will be resold.
Dated and posted this the
day of J illy, 193S.
Tlios. B. LoeJcaby. Commi-i.-on. »•
Uig. S-Tues. '
3 5 t H Year 5 n P r a c t i r *>
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