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Daily Except Sunday.
The Roswell Daily Record is the only paper
in the I'eeos Valley having the Associated Press Ser
vice. It gives you the World's News in condensed
form every evening, twenty-four hours before it can be
botained through the city dailies. All the local news of
lending interest can. also be found in its columns. If
you are not already a subscriber you should bring in
your subscription at once.
43: Published Every Afternoon at 4 O'Clock Except Sunday
i Subscription Prices- i
5i Delivered by Carrier, or
mailed to any address.
Pecos Valley
The famous newspi per correspondent, Henry
Hall, made a trip through the Pecos Valley last
spring and the "Pecos Valley Lines" Passenger
Department has reprinted what he had to say in
a neat little folder suitable for mailing. Send
us a list of names aud we will take pleasure in
giving your friends in the east an opportunity
to read what Mr. Hall says.
Don A. Sweet,
Traffic Manager.
ew eX m &w qpr ty v
Thonsands Say That
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In 1904
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ImJWUre Will - lt? IIJUIC lurnmui,
and entertaining than ever. "Every year better than y
O 8. S. McCixre Company, 623 Lexington Bldq., New York.
Record Publishing Co.
Being a concern ivherein the wants of
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I nr
'he Southwest
is the new train between Kansas City and Chic
ago. It runs via the new short line, the
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
Electric lighted throughout, The Southwest
Limited is a blaze uf glory along the new route.
Equipment includes compartment and standard
sleepers, observation-library car, dining car and
coaches. It arrives in the Heart of Chicago in
time to connect with all eastern trains. If you
are going East, it is worth your while to write
for descriptive booklet.
n. F. SMITH,
Commercial Agent. Southwestern Passenger Agent,
Leave Kansas City 5:50 p. m.; arrive Chicago 8:55 a. m.
Another Case of Rheumatism Cured
by Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
The efficacy of Chamberlain's Pain
Balm in the relief of rheumatism is
being demonstrated daily. Parker
Triplett, of Grigsby, Va.. says that
Chamberlain's Pain Balm gave him
permanent relief from rheumatism
in the" back when everything else
failed and ht wouid not be without
it. For sale by all druggists.
Contest Notice.
Department of the Interior. United
States Land Office, Roswell, New
Mexico,' December 28, 1903.
A sufficient contest affidavit hav
ing been filed in this office by Rufus
M. Newman, contestant, against
homestead entry No. 3033, made Oc
tober 16. 1902. for the northwest
quarter of section 11, township 12
S. range 24 E.. by Sanford W. With
ers, contestee, in which it is alleged
that said Sanford TV. Withers (claim
ant) has abandoned said tract and
has failed to make settlement or to
establish residence thereon within
six months after makine said entry,
and has not resided upon or cultiva
ted said tract since making said en
try of the same, and that sai-l al
leged absence from the said land
was not due to his employment in
the Army, Navy or Marine Corps
of the United States, in time of war;
said parties are hereby notified to
appear, respond, and offer evidence
touching said allegation at 10 o'clock
a. m. on March 3. 1904. before the
Register and Receiver at the United
States Land Office in Roswell, New
The said contestant having, in a
proper affidavit, filed January 20,
1904. set forth facts which show
that after due diligence personal ser
vice of this notice can not be made,
it is hereby ordered and directed
that such notice be given by due
and proper publication.
DAVID L. GEYER. Receiver.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets. Unequalled for
Mr. A. R. Kane, a prominent drug
gist of Baxter Springs, Kansas, says:
"Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets are, in my judgment, the
most superior preparation of any
thing in use today for constipation.
They are sure in action and with no
tendency to nauseate or gripe. For
sale by all druggists.
The Spanish-A nuTicuu war devplopert
valuable wientiflc fads.
Tin; olt!f rs of one of the volunteer
regiments were rivaling tln-uiselves In
Havana, where the command waa sent
after the. surrender f Santiago. fie
brating the results of the campaign.
During the evening the reiiueiilul sur
K'tii. Major Norris. deliberately insult
h1 a young lieutenant, llertrani, who
was sitting opposite liim at table. Ber
tram was surrounded by a number of
junior otlieers, Norris by several sur
geons who happened to lie on duty at
Havana at the time and who had been
invited to participate in the festivities.
Norris accused I'.ertraiu of eowurdice
before Santiago. Since Bertram bore
i'li unexceptionable record bis compan
ions were astonished at the doctor's
charge. Bertram left the "table and
sent one of (hem to demand a retrac
tion It was refused, and he sent a
challenge. The doctor agreed to nive
satisfaction, but as the challenged par
ly demanded the privilege of choosing
the method of the contest. He dcclaP-d
that his method would involve certain
ly the death of one of the n litagoutsts
mid stipulated that Bertram should
sign an agreement before knowing of
the terms to accept them. '1 his Ber
tram was obliged lo do or remaia un
der the ban of cowardice. When the
preliminaries were completed and the
paper was signed Norris made kuuwn
tiis way of lighiiiig. Two pellet, tin1
one harmless, the other containing priw
sie acid in concenlratiil form, weiild" lie
placed in a cup. The principals should
each draw and swallow a pellet.
Some of Bertram's brother otticers
begged him to refuse to tight on the
terms on account of their uumilitary
character, but he suffered fit severely
under the surgeon's aspersions that he
dcclan-d he would rather run one
chance in two of dentil than live under
oblotpiy. He f 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 - 1 his agreement,
and after the dinner was over a party
of ollicers, including all the surgiM.ns
who had sat logeiher a) table, the two
principals ami two of Bertram's com
pany, as'senibled in a room above where
the bauUct hail been held, ready for
the duel.
Norris chose one of the surgeon and
Bertram another lo prepare the pellets,
both agreeing that the major of the
regiment act as supervising umpire.
The three retired to an adjoining room.
where I hey were gone a long while.
There was cvideiiilv a want of har
mony among them, and the major's
voice could be heiird raised in protest,
the words "certain death" lieing di.
ti in t ly audible. While this was going
on Surgeon Norris sat coolly reading a
medical journal. Bertram thinking of
that terrible even chance letwvii life
and death. The consepieiie was that
when at the end of an hour the men
returned from the other room Bertram
was very nervous.
"( letitleuien, are yon ready?" asked
(lie major, who held the cup.
Both replied in the aMirmative.
"This cup," continued the niaS'tr.
"contains the pellets, as agreed Ihii.
The surgeons who have prepared them
have surrounded the fata! one wltti
lie held the nip Sirst Norris II the
ranking oilieer, who chose j pct and
Kwalloweil it. Bertram, whose hand
trembied. did the same with the re
maining pellet.
Presently Norris said.
"Bertram. I comniisef r.e yoil. I
era i k ed my nllet with my ic :L, and
yet I taste not hing "
At the same moment Bertram went
deadly pale. Tin- outer coating of his
pellet had been dissolved, and tlire
was a strong Ha vor of wintergiveti.
"If you have anything in say." ni!
Olie of the surgeons, " should .idvise
you lo say it piiekly. The drug, jm!
know, nets instantly, and we have rI
lowcd only ten ininules for its inelosure
to be dissolved."
B"rtrain was standing when f took
the pellet, but llow the certainly of
death weakened his knees, mid he said;
back mi a lounge. One of those pr-s.eit
brought him writing materials with
which lo write a last message. He too
the pen. bet was unable lo write. Nev
Titleless his pluck was good. "It wort-'
ipiiekly." he said, with some cuullie,.
"The nervi-s of my lingers are already
"Speak what you have to say." naij
one of the surgeons. "Your tongue will
soon be paralyzed."
Bertram spoke a few words, then
found it impossible to arti'.'iilale fur
ther. He sank lower on the sofa and
closed his eyes. The surginu whom he
had chosen to prepare the food of deiitti
went lo him and felt of his heart.
"The whisky, ipiick!" h shouted.
"tJreaf liea vens. I'm afraid le's gone!"
Whisky had been kept at hand, and
1: If a tumbler was Hiiired down the
lieutenant's throat.
"I say. I'.ertraiu." cried the mirgmn.
"you are mistaken! You hive not swal
lowed poison'"
I'.ertraiu slowly op ihsI his eyes and
looked wildly about him.
"This is not a duel." cm 'inueil the
surgeon "If is medical experiment
to test if a man may lc killed by tie
Imagination. The pellets were Imth
made of bread "
"Wake up. Bertram." said Norris. jfo
ing to him and taking his hand. "You're
as brave as a lion. I put this lip on yoil
to cotivliii-e my friends Ihe doctors that
yon could Im killed by a harmless pill.
We were dwcnwsiiig at dinner the feasi
bility of ln-'.'ing note In practice of the
effect of i '-id over matter and con
cocted this as a preliminary t"st of the
mind's effect.
Bertram was soon himself ncnln and
thanked thi Titleinen for honoring him
by uelug hi. in the Interest of scleoce.

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