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The Guthrie daily leader. (Guthrie, Okla.) 1893-1996, September 05, 1893, Image 1

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ami jnjimMM
NO. 230.
. r,
C 11 i..l 1
In till
.1 V dM
m 1 "y ,.;v.u
Trjtslril .equrl In III" Mr? it Itirntiliy
ur.lir M.tt-ry- n I. -Hurl In Ills
' Wife th" l'illU ll tlltterly
AtliciM II M I'.rmemtors
Worn Out n i I "!Tiiiintd.
llf I.Ivji I p.
rhNvwi, Col..
1 h i bJr Urate
On.raf Mm. Jo
luiUctl suicide III
S'pt I -Dp T
the i mviit I po.s
l!nni' lt.ii ii tby, coin
lnscell tit tli" lounty
in r'atttrduV night, piest.injh'y by
Viking pot hoi i lie u.i found stiff
ttnd cold in dea' Ii Sum! iv in it mug by
tht "trusty" who has I) en .11 111 for
lllm. On "his ii'i)H v. is founil llic
fo'lowing It'll m
io tueliron . or 1) ioi
DfcnVc.ll. Col , n 'i IK ir Mr I'lcise ilo
not hold un uiiti,is u.i nw niniliis Thi
eauso of di al h ji v 1 r t I nil un follows
"Dtnd from li uuon Wor.i uut K
tousled ' uursi pitifully
T 't II ATI IIFH 111 AN IS M 1)
The corf so was iuit' colli w lion
fount Ni direct evidence of suicide
ai wihle, but the above letter tells
tho story There weie also letters to
Mis Unives, wife of the doctor; to
.Ittiler C. ws and tin address to tins
public. 1 hat tne pi isoner hail long
con tempi 1 ted taking his own life. Is
uviclcnt front the (Kite of thu letter,
August '.i, lust.
Anotlu r loltct was addressed to the
jailer It rend ns follows
AC..2 IHBt It would kn .1 ntntn busy 10
follow HtiM-ns and
uabluahin ly pcildli-i
or two, I o iner, ni'i I
daily pro.i n to 1 c n
Mass ihu 1 its Mate
the Conniitiiul Me
in r tliu lit s whlih 111!
ul 1 i the pi ors O-ie
u iit in uud tin v uru
I nus a un mbi r of
"I iliial sOLily iiml of
l so 11 IT I in vor
mideapi 1 itiou to 1 lio Khodu Island Milo
Medical soi n ty for aum n Ion
My U
that lnc
n.tliy, en 1
side of 1 1
Mrbut I
coward u i
on v 1
dear, 1
line tlie full riioipt. showing
iinn-el t'e 1 l.iti of Mil liar
,it tin i Malt un" ou . lur out
It All ltv will 'I'll' puhllr 810
u 1 1 en 1 I111111 iuo Mlianous
1 s 1 u N 01 Mi un I cm 110 ix
11 1 n . 11 iiilu.. him I must t iku
t 1 1 10 pi t it fur my wife uud
1 ,1 ttl uthor
I '1 H Tt III It GllU l.s
I -. I ittir In tho I'iiIiIK.
tier win h lr T 'llutdiir
Wished ; n to fie public 1.
. and 1-- a - 101 o
In .tves
11 'ii In
. 11 1
1 jHiUiuunBjaB'iLfnf' IJEwitj;
)i ysiib w3MpRMMtDiPto.lK'
SvMiaV. I Htf (pTMIV VHH 1 WOlm BWti WnV
nrvr"or 01 r . 1
t'oUS. !Ull 01 UuyI.t I
null who never Ii
km I of dirty mi 1
end wbo waa aun
juon In mo ott At 1 n
vie found overytliinv n 1 1
lutoly under Ills tontr. 1 1
baJIUTa. too court offlcia.-. 1
the court the dopuilt
1udo nnd Uo Jury (Sui
learned that no man wa
lean he had Urit agreed
fromlaea of political prerii
eclvtd wore ireoly offci ed n
Forty years tto a ma
rminoctli'Ut . ud my ftvth
ovrt some land. 'I In- sou
Urn tvn, and pld tho t,
tho uaua) manner of t-ui
not know until louii iiftci
formod since the trial aoim
recclrol political uppomtn
a, d Hojio ar ' profsastuu j
I lie Jur.' In cis- vbere li
C). These tUinr are i
What posslb.o iiinor 0
atalnit Sfvuna baked l
nurchatsiblo jtiryf oni ul im
faeodod 300) am iitr ilt t
1 1
1 I
. 1 . 1
111 n 1
-ill t o
i Si
lau ami 1
1 niitn, a
ilit. miv
. himself, 1
1 1 Hi 1 lit ,
I 1 1 f 'IlO.M d '
I I 1 I l. - 1
1 r 1 mi"! l1 1 '
11 1 1 tnu 1 rkil
tin Inpurabli ' I
t .' trh w h I
11 1 li j 1 v '
p ki i 1
1 1 ' '
li 'in
; n t a
-. u .1 1
'I .! -
1 1 I
1 Pit 11 njr have
- in 111 itven,
. 1 tin 1 upm
il a.K ili "
noun u Il.. r
truiKi! 'i I
1 1I1 ajurtj nil
1 (I that .Oil
Informc-l of hor husbaiul's death
shortly before noon She wau at tlie
house of Attorney Thomas Macon,
who 1ms so nbly defended her hus
band, where she. has been stopping
for aoino lime past The poor woman
was deeply alTeetod by tho news, and
foi a time nobody could comfort her.
Accompanied by Mrs. Macon she
hurried to the jail, only to llnd that
the body had been taken to tho coro
ner' office. The new r of tho removal
of the roinains caused another alTcet
Inff scone, and tho poor woman sat in
a da?c for some time. Then she was
led to the apartments of Jailor
Crews, wlicro she remained for
some time, lnOhntng and crying
lailer Crews, in an Interview, indig
n intlv denies that Graves committed
suicide. He says hut? the doctor died
of a broken heart, and to Uho tho jail
er's words, "was murdered by the
attorneys for the state, who have liar
rassed the old man to death."
About tho first of August County
Commissioner Twomblcy went Hast to
seo the w itnesscs for the prosecution
and ascertain whether or not they
would attend tho trial. .lust before
Mr. Twomblny's return, tho doctor, in
an interview", exhibited symptoms
of beirg distuibcd over tho results
of Mr Twombly's tiip. He said in an
Intctvlow, that he believed tho prose
cution would bring here a lot of wit
nesses to slander him, and ho said it
would bo onlv fair for the county
board topty the expenses of his wit
ness s if they paid the expenses of the
witnesses for tho prosecution
Ah is well known, Dr. (Iravcs was in
prison awaiting his second trial for
the alleged murder of Mrs. .Tosephino
llarnaby of Providence, who, at tho
lime of 'her death was visiting friends
in Denver. bho died Apiil 10. 1801.
On April !l sho drank from a bottle of
w liisky that had come by mail from
ISoston and was labeled: "Wish you
a happy Xow Year. Please uc-ept
this line old whisky from your friends
in tho woods."
Tho w liisky contained a solution of
nrsonio. Dr. Graves was accused of
sonditig tho bottle. After one of the
most famous trials in tho criminal an
nals of this country, Dr. Graves was
convicted of murder in the first de
gree and sentenced to be hanged The
supreme court giunted him it new tiial
which was to have begun the latter
pars of this month
DiUrlct Attorney Stewim Tulln.
Attornoy Stevens has prepared a
length statement to tho public in de
fense of his conduct in the Graves
case, and gives out the new evidence
secured on his recent trip to the n.ist.
Tin most important is a letter, the
yvrt twot WH taflfiwty s tnai ono nimuay
jHTHenttJrlRjf,tlie month of Nbvcm-
Mlwtf lSMllHtiwM sitting tn the smoic
fWfi&Vt$!fflu. k Square station of
UStfMJBWrfHXJlt? in ail, 111 Jiusiou,
BiiPflLiM.H.!iMiuu' tii) mil said if ho
4 111- I i. 11.1 -A-t.A .. f.. 1.1...
iji'l J vvuillil will ii uuii; mi iiim
n t lie wiuiii give nun a ,iun icr, nun
what he wrote, ho sa'8, was ex
iutH tli same, woid tr word, as
what was sent with tlat bottle of
wh.shv to Mrs. Harntbr. When Mr.
Stevens was last, in ompany wltli
Comniissiouer Twom)ley, the two
visitctl Canton ami talted with llrcs
lyn, the writer of lite letter, at
lougth. His description of tho man
who had tho noto written tallied with
that of Dr. Graves, and they had no
doubt but that Mr. llrcslyn would be
able to identify Gmes
Although "he It ter n Mra. On.?'
liM not been flv thr p ',
oonttwits arc feo". ' . i . 1 tut
.W. tl'.1A LI- B' tn i i' coi
iiiim tho )itM moni , 'm , ,!4
probably ithut neiv irootl 1 ti.lt to
him. lie therefore ii 1 leu irrnJ hi,
life and tenia His irV- n,ml ...1 iaother
what ho was pouet-Mfi of in ordtsr
rvjn. voonHEts threatens
The sllicr Men II. M n Coiifurrnpc 11111I
Ilcrlilo to rrolonir tliii, IlelMiln nil
I.tinc us riHsllilc'-Slr rcTr In
trniliicr-i 11 "oiv Sitbtruniury
hrliemn Tlio JlnrttT Wiirit-
I up on the Halo.
Tliey r Mnrrlitni; (in liiillnnnpolln In
the (ir.iiul Itnitiiiipineiit.
IxPiv.VAi'Ol.is, Ind , Sept I. In
dlfliinpollis IR in holiday nttire to wel
come tlie votonms of the Grand Army
of the Hopublio nnd their friends Kor
the past tlirco wooks he cltiiotm' ov
octttlvo coininitteo lias been nctlvelr
at work nndof an executive
iKMird composed of members
of tho Cninmorclttl club, making
the nritinfrements for the greatest
event In thu hlstorr of the city The
completion of these arrangements 1ms
been marked br tin exh'bitlon of at
tentHn to dotails which has lieen pro
duetivw of by frho best piuparotl
oity in which the untionnl encamp
incut Imis ever beonOiehl.
Wasiiixotov, Sopt 4 --A wnmiitu
was given In the Unll 1 States senate
Stnl lll'HnV flint (lint urn lalfvlif tuiilitt Ind
to force tho sonnto tr a roto on the wM l,orhaP l,rovo l!18 mosl''i-"-stroiis
repeal bill. The warn'ng was given
Dl-introtn strout Cnr Arclilont In CI11-
In lint t Six Hurt Ilrjniii Itcruii-ry,
CiNris.vATi, Ohio, Sept- 4 What
I'olleil In "llii-lr Mtonipt In t'upliire t'lN-
l-un-iiN stlf ,n lll-jlinrjiiieii Ituli
thi. 1'u-iseni-nM All llmlr l'lirlii-
liln ultiulili.', Alioiit 1,011(1
In All, 'lliKoii Mtiiinil Vnl-
lo., Kiiiu, tho Sioiic.
by Mr oorhoes of Indiana, chair
man of tho llnance coiimittee, in tho
form of a notice that ho would ask
the senate Monday to consider it mo
tion to begin tho tlail sessions at 11
o'clock each morning, instead of at
"1 have a sort of an old fttslilonctf
idea," said Mr Voorln-ts in giving the
notice, "that wo shotiil always Bttb
mit to the will of the najoiity and for
Unit reason, I will ask for a vote of
the senate on this preposition."
Instantly tho silver senators con
strued this into meatiug that early
meeting and long se-sions would be
tho rule and that whin the spf echos
of the opposition slioulrl be exhausted,
11 demand for a vote would lid made
and if necessary an appeal to cloturo
rule be made Asa result thev held a
hurried confeienco nnl their plan of
action will ,be to always hnvo tt man
prepatcd for a bpoecl; s'o that there
may be no dangerous Intorvnl in tho
debate, similar to tint of Friday
afternoon. ,
Tho sil'-er men will lot allow a vote
to bo tnken until tliey nre unable to
hold the floor any longer. That is
the point to which the light will
finally bo brought, for the men from
the silver states will never consent to
a vote beiug reached in any other
wav. It Is doubtful if the Democratic
majority nouid cvei consent to the
adoption of a cloture rule, no matter
how lony the talk may be strung out.
What the fieo coinage men seek to
accomplish bv delay was indicated by
Mr. Vnuco in his speech He urged
the advoeatis of trco sil 1 r to hold on
a little whili 1 mger and spoke of tho
iinpioti'incnt already goin , on in bus
iness timing lout I lie t 1 ntr. Uho
silver men hope tlltft-tf th , can delay
a voto long enough the 1 oiiditiou of
the country wlU bkwjufticiently im
proved to weaiten tho demands of tho
ficople upon the senate, for action nnd
11 this way they ran Anally got tho
advocates of lepeal to consent to somo
sort of 11 compromise.
Introduced liy Mr. I'rlli'r Hut Not Ito.ltl
tin 1'roilsluiK.
Washinoon, Siopt J. Sonator PcfTor
of Kansas has introduced a subtreaa-
ury bill. It was not lead but was ro-
1 the judlelary oonnilUee. It
street cnr accident that over happened
took place in this city tst evening
An Arondalo car packed with peoplo
dashed down tt hill at frightful speed,
left tho 1,1 aelc, bioko a telegnph polo
and sho. lto tt saloon, w ret king both
Itself and tho structure it struck As
a result of the collision two people aro
dead, six aro injured beyond recovery
and nearly forty more are hurt, many
of them dnuguroiisly.
I'ully linn Tlminuilit l.li I. ml In tlm
Storm Sucpt Illitrlit.
Cnm.K8iox, S. C, Sept 4 lteports
from the storm swept distiicts In
crease in horror I'ully 1,000 lives
were lost In nenrly all of tho
churches of Charleston collections
wcto taken up .vest onlay for the suf
ferers by tliu storm, and a huge sum
was realized. Thu pastors of tho
colored churches have tailed a mass
meeting to raise a relief fund.
'I tin Mute Until. Tin.
WsiiiiT)N Sept 4 Secrotnry
Carlisle, Speaker Crisp, Hoprosentu-tlvo-DeWitt,
Warner of N'ew York:
Representative Hall of Missouri, nnd
Represent itive Oaltrs of Alabama,
held a conference at tho treasury de
partment looking to tho repeal of tho
ten per cent tax on state banks.
It was ono of a series of such confer
ences which hits had this subject under
consideration President ( lereland Is
represented us favoring tho proposi
tion to repeal the bnnk law if a meas
ure can be framed which will ofTsc1.
thu diffcultles in the way of a rehabil
itation of sta'c banks.
Tho plan suggested is to repeal the
tnx on btitte liiuiktf and provide fin
them tt uniform currency printed and
issued by tho general govnrnmenl
un-u uu 1. ue eiiiHBcs 01 saie ami ac
ceptable bands nnd securities properly
guaranteed by statesornniniclpalitioR.
AroliliUluip Irelind Sptiki- J
Ciiicaoo, Sept I. The world's Inbor
congress last night was crowded. Tho
chief attraction was an address by
ArchbiRhop Ireland. The famous
archbishop was enthusiastically le
ceived and frequently his remarks
woro interrupted by round after
round of applau&o, 1
1 tn t
.V. I
The i.
it, tl.
'all 1.
Jawla. 1.
St !-, k
1 sec 1
ot tcveral
titttltut on
amend I
i iltii
that they might live In comfort
Crt ;iol:c ooncrbss.
of th tieasmv
I tnt uid w c to the .le jommii
menu t n,000,()0 in pajx-r for ea;h
loO.oOO InUabitautm, or in otber words
at th rate of 960 rr onpliav
nils money '.
or th
lud .0 und jury. It aln.i, o.al'ud to r tKi
? , , L .- ... ,.n1 .1 . ..1. Hit.. .... .1 tl.,1
mm lull wiwi; m 1 . 14 . . 1 t , ti. ., - ..
he wim ".Jajlnufor mi slake
The eupnune to.iri 11 luiurjuo tn thf noi
emphatic, iwtlnii' il inttrr woids id
nouueed the trU1 unt ir 1 t and din d
and ordered 11 n mil ' imt. nmr
found 1 roof Unit n Uu ira w.
outtoouly one Yiiiiuss 11 1
iltv.t of aoiuer m i" n th n
sounded -as to li h r In . .. - ''
In r Buuimonotl m iu , 1 - tl ta lav-ir
,-le-.cu, nad thla s .line I m.mis ball
Ilia The iurv w is 1 11 kr cti.u.i "' mf nf n
unrf itllliins ul 1 11 ttl til Mld 1 . '11
hunt b ono 1 1 tin n 1 . ' 11
-"- . .. . .
ana arounu umu 1 r u ui 1
jTor m ntU i.nd m
littlo, ieraed n '
whlata eooertaiMi 1 1
have tow not h ii
t-tevena. in tin 1
lie aeknowlodoil '
and control to d
tut .1 new lrl.il 1 '
tiauMaVtM to lurulsi
for. od to remain 1 i
uu try aummor until 1
.iir.l l b.okon dou
'I r. w dmtriit r 1
taclji aupolntcd. hut 1
relrti HUi more, ani
raacia aa he J ' or.'
l! o 1
INVI "T . m
ect wrltv
in m 11 '.n- ' lncas,1)
1 !, I 11 1 I m,uisiil In
in I 1 titll 1 . e. lilt liy
1 1 111 vinous una
I 1 t lonn r trial md 1
orlc IielcjTKte i'ull
train and l Ki i.j.
. i wmmittee
ou fur the thlu. con.
. vening at lhc Ujnd
. . chairman .,, ..,
ratlfittd the work dono b . , .ri.oir
selected tho following olll . ,,
Uiatrman, Judge Vf,..;"";
to supremo
l .1
1 11
SI, f1-'. t,
tenner bil s A
h deliver rrtTi-:'
and no Interest 1
its use b' tlie
The ttati s recc
prohibited f.om I
an interest t liar,
to be n.strlbnted
, t!0, etc., lemtl
i of tli!
cot 1 1
Ja it-1
t-inp 1 ii v i.retir
fill I. US ill AlVfcW-
, 91 .Mt...
l. tittkit, !, (tolotiil.ia w' -s.
'"V I . ' .' 7 .'"r".- ,rWn N,
ft.I. ...ii.j 1, .. ! II 1111 T ,!- ."- .. w ..
N'1 "ii
I IIiCkjIc'mi
it llJW
of cn-.l'
1 li id nJi.i ri'l to
a nun p I 11 ' '
t ' tin mil' .
11 1 uud o in1 1 11 ion
I 1 t-d. anil imi sltt'o
I . I'uu retulncd
1 1 d 1 huv Lh . ti I
,i) iron h Ut n In t
II t at s-, to il Qii
1 1 i mi inhiic
1 1. ti iniint SI. icti
1 ' . t0 up si
1 u ii as the jutln
ii in t what 1 t
to 1 At the prvi
li 1 un 1 oat to
f tho co uimi i " liooawinu
night w.ilUnl . . it 1 oft the aiuruny
of the ti im auJ was klllod. P,tfor"
sence was not dlscorerod un "' u"
, tl u ...ftl.M1 "Ills I"" ..
'itr ti i' l'a.
ody waa
. . - im.1 t nti CM
MaeBeaf. ,,, .,.,. to ii. .11, . uiiu a tr 1
la MB - . - . . . . , . lw M..i..,.l
"""M lie attor uauix .iu,riT w..,. .
IIJmi H ill thm cijol and dot'j '
PoSfm' . 1 i prou.Uly Induce ihi.n
1 r J
Im 1
. t u I 1
a I 1.1
I im
I Uu.1"
.iJilirti 1 1
iiuiri ThnnhoJci
itfl'SCsf .'! at
v TiiiM,rl l v
atiw&uu u
ayaaillTformed i'
3Horaui niditli
,fs8IlI, "
.1, 10 niinaienco s.i 11 ll
he 1
,1 o( lids whole inis tte I
.11 I 1110 lallalran.eth I I I
1 ituiilnuo the hi-lit' I tl
,1 , . 1c al 1 ,hl I
1 11 inn ai. 1 ud 1
1 ' 11 i not lur I I ,
1 .''ir is enr d.s.rai a
wi r 01 in tui.1 (
... lurli iHll Kll IH
T ! "..."u "'" - ,rn ,1, .
Illl'lUiiwa ..--- .-
,w "' V4rat Kiaeti
n,sriiif ,. . -Ou
fTortt n . ih ra
i In? iinwtc1 iM
, . 1. ' . !? vt
I ) 1 aio'hpor' ot
has luadt. 1. n a r'jlatl
rlso ' c'riuuu.' 8nf1
taken i' e m w
the -t 11 ito -ii
COUltll I j 1 1 ill' . .1
inatnUr 1 jh S
bill to it.o uu.. yi p. 4m . pared a
Oil L.3 W.
of tho
t i.i nrtra.
0tc e ro-
iw under
Vw York
h in per-
U lias
itM.-r in
ek, t .-
lion in the lious-
trod ui-
lor IrM ahldt,
WAitHitoTitN sept t- Con
Georne W I itiiian of unnr-'ercssmaii
chairm.1' .' fie cunurtv''' ,nc new
IliioiahiaudaBd twit
anions " ' -,,,
..inner notoi' '
111 t red of it 1 ' '
Vlort ne m n!niun " -
au. IP la-t; ., '
- ...... tr . ii ineui
fflfor ,uIU'rW'IBOli "
J . 1 .pibeexpenoiua.
f " V" '...ill. .vDubrlKn
VZ: m.
or deed ''
j write
it the r c uiut -w -- I -1..
ierlo.1 'l' I '-' "" Vld
iind icre
1 1.1 i'P I up
,. 1 11 1
iui lied
lit i
V uJtff 1 I
chant 1
n rci.
me 1. -i atre on
jriu 4la cries I as pre
tt ulcli will rcceivt a favor--t
ti m h , oonimilico, pro
't.- 1 er vd'nlssion to Amor
t 1.:' oi ps built in foreign
f'rfjf-i-ree of
to le iliHrgfd
eneial piveriitne
u g tlm moi ey
tli' i v vs o!
per unnuiu. Tho presuici.t of '
United States and national treasurer,
onescuttor and tiro intuibe-H nf
tho house of ropiesenlativos uie
to be a committee, to see
each state shall choose uomm tactions
to givo bond for secure handling of 1
money' rccoivod, tho bond to be ap-1
proved by tho governoi of tho state. I
1 his iiionoy is not to be lent on landed
s ctirlty of less than an undoubted j
viluo ofSJ.dOO for every fl.OW iasttcd
aod no 0110 pel sou is to loceive more '
th.iii S'J.OUJ. Corporations uto not al- 1
lowed to loud the money The time for
which money is lent is sixteen years,
but ono fourth of the total amount ia
to be naideverv four viinm lnimiu.i m
to became duo iiniiuaHy ufter earning
it No fees or couunii.iau8 nre to bo
charged to one soliciting or procuring
a loan. All lands and improvements
forfeited for non-payment of principal
or interest aro to go into public do
main. Other money than metal now
outstanding is to bo called into tho
troa ury and destroyed. The aecrc
mr of the treasury is required to
pn i 5,000.000 fifty-eon t bills nnd the
sanit number of twenty-fivo cent bilU,
to b. Eold by postmasters.
Amendment bovouteon prohibits the
OawKnii IC1111 , Sept I. Three men,
0110 masked, hold up 'Frisco passenger
train St. 2, at Mound Valley, Kan.,
nt 3:13 o'clock yesterday morning, shot
nnd Instantly killed liprcss Messen
ger Chnrlos A. Chapman, lobbed near
ly all of the passengers and escaped.
Mound Valley s a littlo station only
fifteen miles from the Indian Terri
tory line. The bandits aro now pro
bably safe within that retreat of out
laws. W hen tho train pulled into Mound
Valley two of the bandits boarded tho
engine and ono remained upon the
platform. A moment later tho colored
porter stepped from the train to usslst
it lady in getting on A Winchester
was thrust into his face and ho was
told to throw up his hands. Instead
of complying he 1 ushed tho woman
into the car and locked the door
Conductor Mills, knowing nothing of
the potter's experience, came forward
from n rear car and met with tho
same locoptlon. lie, too, refused to
comply with the icquest to tlnow up
his hands and ran back to the sleeper.
Meanwhile Messenger Chapman had
loft his car, whether to escape or to
notify the passengers will never bo
known, for he had gone but a few
yaids when ho was . iscovored by tho
outlaws upon tho engine who opened
lire upon him. Only two shots were
filed, but one ball from n Winchester
crashed into his brain and ho stag-!
gored and fell beside the track, dead
Then the outlaws commanded the I
engineer to pull out and mil until he
was told to stop One mile and a half
down tho load ho was told to check
up and dismounting, tho men pro
ceeded to rob the train In killing
I hnpmnn they had shut themselves
on' of the Wells-Fargo safe, however,
for it was locked and successfully re
sisted their blows with a coal pick
Foiled in their nttotnpt to loot tho
safe the bandits turned their attention
to the passengers. tth tho e
ceptlon of those m tho sleeper, uvorf
mun an I woman "was robbed. Montr ,
watches, jawelpf, hits, coat, ati'i
oven a bottle ft wlilsky was taken
It is estimated thai fully 31, 000
in 0,11) and va liable ymif,
secured. Then, learlnf the tram, '
the men iliappiurfd in Hie darkm c !
It is probable that tin 3- had li j s,., ju
waiting and rode for the ter-unty
Tho train va ran lml t M nd
city, wncro 1 iiipiuau a uenu i a us
recovered, anil then
journey. io unTurumnn iiiesarng
lived at .Idplin. lie va 4 vum nl,l
and leave a wife to whom l.i, waa
recently marri.srt
hen tut ' 1 1 1 I't-acher) this place a
poTtSc wa 11 tul up nnd started in
pa suit of b ul'. . .- imi .en is
llt.le hope tnat th y wilt l i-in mred.
c lefof police of I'al.tUi. .. a- I the
llt'gro torter of u 1 tho iraiut .ad w, re
armed, and they offered no lesistanue
All of the pa-aengera interview etl
aay that the lohir dianlaved a ennl-
for I iiited States semTtor "ini aSSf '2. WM R"PU'- remarkable and
("rrirm vj
nntl ttie nt)caW 1unn s of misi nll
fa ItraiKl ttf f)Miuit . mi ih t
ir mir imr. 11 dmsn t p i , -. .-u u ,i
fH)txenr lien tuir-. m .il m m'mh
iiU'aHanl as a at aiion Our ii U im It
otir in iten an- u11, cinu .nut mi It
01rll w
1 mi-i 1 1 Hi. (NKkMlMMik. Don'i
1 w I Hi th. th il . 1 ihiikmI) tu
"in t' i 1 wii it 1I1 me tl4
'1' tl! lis Hill lilt 111 s Hid t
'u li U u .air slim s in.1
ear iiothhir t Nr
U jL Sl J JimI 2Lm.a
Everything In the DRUC
Prescriptions Filled Day or Night
CiUl .U)
A, G, HIXOH, Prop'r.
Sece3nd Hand Stor
Mall war M'rnlt 11 1 Strrator.
8TRf.AT1.1s, 111., Sent, 4 On Satur
day n glit terrible tf-eek occurred in
. Jie otaktriA ot tin It , -.,, H j In
, o" itnJ f- I the d alb .Vr..v' v ' 'uw '
seriiius 11111 lea u a ilc?en n nr'i r '
sons. 'J lie iilino s 'S liry ai d Nor b
am branch ol tha bin.uig.ua nt u
tbrougji a bridge
IiibiIU' Allnae.l Aniblttiilt.
Toiek, Kan. Nipt 4 It is said
'S21JH-ts4jhtv- t'r lflfiji9will be a ean-
ui'iuie iur 1 linen states senator
luii .' succeed W IVftVr, and as a
ate iiing htone to Jus Miia tonal aspira
ti'm.wUl le a caa tdate for tho lie
pnl icau nominat o'fYor governor next
1 ho Hanii' Hu.o (ilir I'raiposU.
I.ommiw, Sept 1, That the homo
rule bill will be re looted by the house
that 1 of lords in short order ia certain, nnd
that an appeal to tie country will
follow is equally cerltin, but that Mr.
tilailstane will live to lend it second
light for Ireland is 114 probablo.
New Goods &taH3mi-MGCi
Seeour Gasoline Stoves
beat. Sold light DOW
STJS pairing oi Gas.Hii,.; bt
A. H. RiC i
' ialt.
Couiproiiilaeil Witl llepniltorj.
Kkvaiia. Mo , Sept i.' It is reliably
leported that a couiroinlae has been
made lctwoen tho dree tors and de
positors of tho defuuc Hnrtley bank
ing company of .larva Springs. Tho
diioctor have turned over $l?,tKM) to
pay the depositors.
I! imi 11 tlier to the Ltopln'a I'urty.
Dkkvkii, CoL, Sopt 1. The Kocky
Mountain News pubiihas a letter
from T. M. Patterson its propnotor,
now in Washington, announcing its
political allegiance lurunftor to tho
People's party on aoeoint of the silver
import 01 any puuiic money in it nre '"mu,u' ruining war at 1
vate or incorporated bnnk other lliiyi jl l"t been suuaUiiliuteil
troasury or sub-treas-
I lia
1 i 1'
1 U"
ltni tllv a
4:l Vuo 1
tie nil 11
MUttiknu lor 11 lliirelur.
' vMHIiit Mo., hept 4. - otspXen
".j sjbea, a well known farmer, was us-
"" ' taken for a buiglar ten miles soutlvf
nut ' bedAlia at 1 o'clock yesterday 1031,.
ill '"'I ing, and was shot 111 the heat ly
J. nank Hollaway, who Is also a fira-
li,, mi ,ir. Tlie woui'(tis not jaiai.
.1 a-o.-,
h la
'. c,
I'eoble Ml ml ml, lluv
' ,i' K.cip,,
WAy.VM.n,rt 7t i.
1 to for
y i&capi
d 00 .11
lntnrt.t.l .1. ...
ruction. it
iwthi.werliall (aifen
tho national
Amendment eighteen provides for
lb,, fro., pnlnAtr,. ..f l.nl, rv.1.1 .! .it '
.... .... bW.H.t-U WA "U.l fUll WUll ftl
vor and in ordir to carry out this
great ork additional mints aro to
bo established near tlm uiines.
AliienditMMit ID prohibits aubtreas
urcrs from buying gold or silver or re
ceiving gold or silver for deposit and
issuing substitute money therefor.
Amendment 20 divides the national
tieasury into two separate depart
ments one to receive all revenue due
tho government and disburse, and the
other to issue, and distribute money to
the states and rcdeqm mutilated bills.
At WurU on the llulo.
Wasiuxuto.v, Sopt 4 The house
returned wearily to the debate ou the
rnies baturttay morning, not over
moiubers,bjjtng on th floor wjieji
speakeryrqppo.d thr gavuL
,' M. Itoiluct T Shot.
1 A Ills Sopt 4 J. . 1,
Ing u m , n,v ijj,, , ,, , I , jr , 1 ;
Trooin Orileroillto Itohjr,
HLKiiAiir, Ind, Sit 4. Recent
rumors of 11 coming war at Uoby have
and the
Klklmrt and houth l!eldmlllta;y oom-
paiueo liavo beon ordatod to lontle
vousat I,aportu. 1
Mlsmiurl r.iulllo mot Hurueil.
llooxvit.i.B, Mo.Sojt. 1. Tho Mis
souri Pnclflo depot liurned to tho
ground at 9 o'clock ye erday morning
It Is suppos d to lutv loen set on bro
by a trump. Loss, ostluutod at Sl.OiH).
actiili'lfe oirVn nd at fW "wwAacss.
Xliey Adopt n l'latrncin for the Umiias
CumpaiKii at 1891.
, Kaasab Cirv, Kan., Sspt A The
uausus rtqual suffiage oiivuntlon bus
adopted tho following platform
Wlicroaft, The Momon lr. copveoiwn as
semklod In Kansis City, Kan., rcoonlzo und
belluto that the sutimtsulon of the equal sut
fra e 11t11011d1ne.it at tho present tlmo l.s on ev
olution nnd not u ruiolutlon, that It Is Btuiply
one liure step In the progress of il II gororn-
linorii, und thallt Is in 11 eplrlt or holpfulnuss
iiuu uu. uuiu iiiimui iuii nu uai( ino support
of tho men of Hits uiubo thcruforo bo it
KiHoluil Tuut inasimiuh us thiroaro intho
auflriko rinks women ot 110 pollllcal parties
and uomen of no poiitkul affiliations ar.d aluo
women of nil churches and uomon of no
church nnd wheroas, those-m omen urea unit
it thoir demand lor the ballot and aro norkiiu
toji'thor tor their common causo theroforo,
bo lt further
Itesolted. That wo declare It 10 bo tho do
tormlned polio) of tho Kansas Hquul hudravo
Misooiatlon to I'ouline ln uork for the umetiil
luent Htnctly to arguments and propupnmla
fur tho enfranchtsoment of nomea It Is
not expectod, nor will lt hi nskud
of hi women of tho seiT.il partlu.s
that Vc; khould coaso their actllltles und
their .iiulous work for their respouthu pur
tie tot imi most emphatically Mutu that all
xpouUora uuil workers, under tho ausplcos of
the umnndmeut campalun committee, shall ro
train Irom ar.'Uinont for or rercremo to their
party Issuea Inasniuch as we reconlie tbo
present 1 rials und t.ie slgnlllcancu thereof nnd
the relation or this moiument to the political
partle thoretore do It
Itemiived, That all pollttcul p&rtlus of tho
stale hall bo and hereby aro asked to embody
In tbeir county and state platforms expres
sion faiorlng the adoption of tbo pending
neaolied. That we extend to the Republi
cans l'opull8tH and I'rohlbltlonints of thoiu
lounties which haio adopted uneiiultocal
equil NuSraxo planks In their platform our
hoartT thanks nnd congratulations upon their
sagacity aud iiroarounho ioaitlon.
The rally ilomil this oicnhu with on ad
draw by busau II Anthony, Mrs T J Smith,
Mrs. I.eae and others
AND SPXs?$rr-
vee our Mai 1 .ir
inembfir the number,
11., .
fi Rniilaa m
7 ,1 c m m a k u trf n n ii. r, -m
itn'il nu wtrtpryu"
UVl.lt.l l 11 lilje f
SAUNDh -c"
Hon. J. Proctor Knott is spoken of
ub a sueoesaor of Mr Wount as Minis
tor Ui Hawaii.
The Hitltimoro and Ohio railroad
has decided upon a tonper cent reduc
tion of snlaiios of employes receiving
more than $130 per mou,th
St Joseph,
orso on. rue
thej Ula" l0U Pr 'nontli
tlTifSlP-, was sneedfnff hU ih
lako road the animal belted, throwing ," '
lion aft and orushlngblji 1 skull. lJ
A full line of Books. SuavnrhriS3t
mb, bSsbKsbbT 5i
Supplies alwftjf tfll hi
H.A. BOYLE, Propri in.
I Am Here
Attempted to Strut 11 l'ortuue.
San Kit vxcisco, Cal., Sept. -1 The
burned steamer San Juan, on ior lust
trip from Hon? Kong to Manilla, had
on board 200,000 ounccsof silver wortii
about SS50, 000 all of which disappeared.
No signs of it can bo found by divers
working on tho wreck Chief JJa
gincer Webb and a number of ie
bluuiuor's olllcers huve beenni.-i.l
and great oxeltcrooM pr. vuils ,,1 v-
ico. thoJMJillllplneK '' - W '
over tlie tinfeovcry of
was fuunu 1 m m
Sin wnia, "i. , .
If you uro in want of tbo Colobratod CJgsfHlMU Sale,
o ind liurgiar rrooi, .
iMn want of the ColojjaJ Aowrtooi K- -
or I'iri
If you aro'
Homo Sewing Mnohinty
If you uro in want of MF
King of Scae. S
, awl Trtcycl'eifc a,
Kowir, th Oriel,
Warwick. tVaiPM King. WeTOftfraM. t
Traveleu thJ&r Vail an4 the Boad Qtv
rotalJ,comoafla get my prices, .t Khi 1. .
to Stay!
r'ire or Huiglar Proof fefli
gt-H. k n .lehen,
- -aIlM ' m m
l..l nnrllLSnn.ll..liirl mid , ".' " V. - UOlie, U
one ,, h'8w;;"-:rp' r W"U' banjlecoPIc
i ,.,. r' -nicin. Cut out this ad ver-
, i . .einent and send with your order.
tt.ia.iAun r i
& vanHIie BEST in tlie CJJ
vt 'Address The PerniH.' t f-ouls, M
l'lrst-aluss livurv bara ,(Sslar a4 Or
improved facilities for rfyini pas-euers bet'
always ready to start Ht ki i ti
1h t i '
. r
LJ2. riaJLaJOsiHBin
B 1 1 fWll'll UIBBBHBBJIi. lr"
tarn. ?

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