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VOL. 1
The Great American Handicap Race
y Finished.
wliile pupa raced for n clntin. The
good nlil grandmother, with linos of
scores of winters engraved on hor ex
pectant physiognomy, liolil her hand
gently on the shoulder of a loved
grandson and bosecched him not to
overl.iv lils strength.
Tints was a mass of rue hundred
and seventy thousand pooplo mado up.
And all men expoctnntl All wanted
lund e.-noetod to irot It. Almost
mivc nerves of whipsieord mul mus
cles of steel.
Vt worth the ehae:
Wae worth th da.
That eot thj l!fo
My gnlhini mv."
Now see, look! Tho ailranc'ng
coin .nit begins to scatter. Sp eri mil
hot' .mi begin to toll. Kvcryono rus.ics
forward and onward at the top of his
speed. 1'ndcr tho Inlluenco of. lush
and npnr every animal Is doing lis nt
mosu The race is truly on, and tho
souls of the racers arc in iU This Is
uiaht men to every claim and five or ' lo fe'rout frco-fot-ull Amerloiui handl-
1 Vit Itllll lilt' CIllllVU Ul U HUHluntMUu ui
One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Settlers
Dash Into the Cherokee Strip.
bi to ovary town lot and all ox
poctod something. No fears of failure
solacd them. In tho lexicon of these
strip booffiors thoru was no sticli word
as full. y(
llumanl'y is a rdcullur inslitutinn.
What if there was not nucli n thing as
hope procl iu hope. What lured on
the one hundred and seventy thousand
boomers? Hope they till Imped and
thought they woro to 1:9 favored.
The hardships of registration week
were forgotten; fatigue from sleep-
town lot is the nrcniluui placed upon
the exertion.
Now and then a rider or teamster is
seen tt halt suddenly, pull the rolns
taut, jump to mother earth and hoist a
small Hag, or make some signal of his
intention to settle and claim that tract
for a homestead, Hut an 'opening'
is no respoetor of persons, and some
or.c else may dispute Ills claim a belt
of timber or other natural obstruction
may hide a contestant or a prior ar
rival with a valid, adverse claim. A
discovery of each other's presence
causes an angry altercation, while tho
Note- mul Ini'ltli-itW if llin Itwilt The
N Timtih- llriy Mitt- li'mil
IHpMIiuNW Coiiliirj.
How the Town of Perry Was Taken The
Center of the Monster Rush.
itig on the hard soil with little to eat j poor, overridden boasts, with tho hplrit
and less to drink was put behind. Tho ' " w """ly criiancii am oca en
, , ., . , out of them, with nostrils distended
past during the present was forgotten. , wUh M
Thousands of oyes peered out from , ..u(., ttln f0.im a,i gray with dust,
sunburned mid swarthy faces over the Utand panting and wondering "whatit
strip Wth oxpeotancy. Something I all means, anyway?"
was to bo gained by looking forward - I 'rl,0 nt lho now, ,town) , Tcnt"
, , . everywhere, men rushing hither and
nothing backward. nnd thoollinlpotoIlt fllklr ,,.
'J'hen tho race! I jt)(f ll(g ncfri0U9 game. A crowd suit-
.Scarcely had the "word" the all dcnlv gathers. What does It menu'.'
A' Terrific Race ip which Every Man
Adapted the Motto of Self Preservation.
important word "go" rung out,
Two men on tho same lot. Only a
.... .. . ,.l.l.. .. 1.1.. IT .....1
when the denso Hues weaved, wavered Bi-ro inu.im ". -
crowd of sightseers jeer tho under
and then foil apart, and liken meteoric .
Hash tho thousands of boomers started ,j.ho f0rt,,nat, i,llVe received tlieir
soure t5 disappointment, others to rewards of m.-rlL Tho disappointed
wealth and good fortune.
Nerves .strung up to a powerful ten
sion; fiopos excited to the most intense
I itih. were of a s ulden released from
all their suppressed captivity nnd re
straint nd given Till play. Ono hun
dred and seventy thousand cti20ns,
had inhered the du-jli for loino3.
What it strtuwe. lnd.ee 1, what a fo-
rocloas tl'ing i th.s desire for uncul
tivated land! How it takes hold and
transforms one from tho every-day,
Such was the nice of jjslotduy; at
at once grand, sublime, ooltlng,ain us
ing, avo, oven ridiculous.
HL It was an event the liko of which
will never be toeorded In tho annals of
history.- Tlie evunt will go thunder
ing down tho ages, to be rend with
distended eyes in ccnti.rios to conic by
I iho posterity of tho bravo men and
i women, wno iiskcu iieaiiu ami lives to
obtain a homeV A home! Speak ; oil
of the loyalty of American t ilizcnship.
A home! What is tlie country discov-
-nil ff,i,r liii,iilnil Vinr4 mm In- Cfiluiu-
eom.uonplaoe, to the wido-awnko man I 0lnc ()f Ur fr(H ni ,nuil of
of aif.ilrs? tho brave.
It has given origin to a distinct i No, the event of yesterday 111 never
.nn,lns .. ill.. nntlllK ImiTin UlMlWll Mfi I b8 1C
V1UVV.V-3 ...X. V...? .....- .-..-..-.
The Women Make a -Winning, However,
and Capture Some Choice Seats.
Graphic Details of a Rush Never Before
Heard of in the History of Man.
Particulars of the Race to KiMare, Perry, Woodward, Enid
.j pther. Pilapefilierriarkaple Cases oflsndur
ancc of Horses and Bicyclists Full Details
of the Opening of Cherokee Strip
thtt "hnstlor." It takes the S1 a weelt
muslin tsarer; tho bank aeeoantunt;
the law clerk; tho pedant; tho cow
boy; tlie savant: and fills them with a
oominon dflsiro, nil touche thiii
a common purpose, tfntll t j
he bcsricr "rauhliy '
ro found o"
auJ getting oovewJ
eeordert again, ltwasbu a ono
dav ttand to a packed house. T ero
woio no complini'-nlaries isin 1. Tho"
nation sat in tho iimphtlhiv lor and
witnessed tho uJ.hlbHlon In tlie six
million acre arena. 'J lie i.idUlor.s
were ihoered. T,lo ial((i applnudeil
lung ,md heartily. T'to players did
i iiv worU wpil hut there wr no on-'-ore.
Hed ilrc nnd muiic ilusi I tho
Hid with nnyigw n,ft i;ft -iir;fl"" constltule.t lh
WytKTnJexisting fornr aud Uog'.iter from""nYrT51lK4-,
cate teutH aud dirges from dejocted
and disnipoiiitod home ward-lion ml
boomers composed the latter.
Tho act was but tho beginning of
dirt, obllviaju
saving the on, msuming desire -lund,
horacs--a spot where everyone is ah-
fcolutely lord and mastera few acres
of surfaic s'dl, bt. reaching from the tho end r.nd the curtain droppeil on
r...nt..r nf llin i.rih 'to the center of ' the new Okluhoma.
the heuvonb where no man can dis
lodge or dispossess him: whore rent ,
d(iys noyor c me nnd landlords javo
itp, cxltonco a cast'o, a barricaded
stronghold a homestead. That Is tho
thing! That is the solid basts of
Amoilcan eitUcnsh'p.
Did you s?o the run? If you dht not
you uilssed half of your life.
O, hut it was laughable In tllBliy In
Tho boomers weren't hi 11 ol kit, dl
Mamma, how tho trains
Oh, papa, buy me n Terry lot.
l'erry is tlie stuff.
Thov do have fast norses in
"Who frowod that brick?"
itohn Whontlo.v, nn Orlando, was
shot twice In tho leg at tho start by
the accidental disclinrgo of his gun.
Miss Stilllo I'Ye.nain of Kentucky, I
was thrown 'roui her horse and sus
tnlucd a broken leg. She was enrod
Thousands of licomera were lined
along the Nanta l'u track near Orlando
when tho first train pulled In from
A man named fiSllotle hud his foot
mashi'il by tho bumpurs of n train.
Many people sulTorod ior water to
drink with their whisky.
The canteens came In good play.
.lohn llutchins and "Stur" Mop ley
quarreled over u lot at l'erry. Hutch
ins' oar was bitten off. 4
Kluctriu lights and streot cars will
bo built in Terry next woo'.c.
Kitdnro was d u near all taken
wiie i tlio boomers got there. Iluahy
heail should bo tarred Slick rogue,
that Indian.
Cowboys, twelve In number, awlped
excellent lots at llnld.
Woodward is overflowing.
Many people will worship In Terry
A Texas man named llrownlng was
thrown from his horse and killed dur
ing the race
Over :i00 horjos polished in the race.
(iuthrio is filling up with dejected
Hill D.ilton is said to havo captured
a claim near l'erry.
Terry hu 2I.00U inhabitants.
Kakivs galore in Terry pretty
""An Oklahoma City man wa crushed
during tho run. Kit tally injured.
Those Montana mon could ride to
holl in a jiffy. m
Talk about tho frontier. What
more did j im want jesterdoy? Ca-
Coffee 20 tents a cupaSu' WllW-"!
for sale at KUdure. ih, lluahyhead
"" "!rjftr""",a't'JW'J ll"l1'alJ'"WJM"' WWIilwi'l iwlluji t -tn mla I LJLU J
. s k-7
The whole world is nfier our slio.. anil pn'ttv much evprlwMly in t. n it i i oui
h1hh, too You couldn't K't iiil" iiiiMliing let hi. cither. In tin In . ..i Jotitwiar.
Id'CHUT 1 1ti'S wiMir well, look well and III well. Nubixly wanW u Ileli-wheii
II mimes to footwear. A had "dine toiiehi - Il tender vpnl, ntui li'lnlel ' 1 ftlif-l It'
toiiehed llRhlh. If mmiwiiiiI to loin h miiii-iochH hook HkIiIIn . I i Itnfs lint 1 1
Im-a temiei .pm now -n-ilmt. roine In ii-fin shoe. We haecii 'i Ktillillilo fm
.niUiilinwi.il tm liuine oi nut of ilufiK, lin-lne in ili tMlte.
Eisenschmidt & Hetsch,
Everything in the DRUG I
Prescriplions Fi lied Day or Night-
fftf-'m.l.IMIONi: CONNKC
! Second Ha
A, G, IIIXON, Prop'r.
na on
New Goods at 2nd Hand Prices.
See our Gasoline Stove ; they can't be
beat. Sold riffht DOWN LOW. Re
pairing of Gasoline Stoves a specialty.
Oklahoma Ave. bit. Firs? and DirisiM.
ahoma. j
Aiiot t Tin;
The hour hail hcomod to move with
leaden feet as though some avenging
Xumesls oro endeavoring to thwart
O11I5 ii Oiuotlfia (it Tlum Aiimi the Terrl.
lury nil! be Ilium A) Willi.
l.dOKKK OUT I'lllt TUB MS l.VIW.
Tho ontiro tract f-jnns h-ss than one
fourth of the area of Oklahoma, which
ih larger than auy ono of the twelve
smallest states In the I'liion. Its lo
cation is along tho Southern bound
ary of Kant 111 and the Northern
boundary of the territory and, in the
Northwest corner. Its HUh from
nnrtli In rout li la fiftv sevnn miles !ind
the motives of Ihc sn-barned tlo-1 ja len?l,p froin 0!IH lo WObl nloal
jnd by ulaeinc his villainous pnlm ', tnrce tjuuis jls wldth. The area of
en tho minute hand. J Okluhoma, VJ,fri Hjurro miles, as
Jlino moves, however, mid tho pa- I Bive". include.-, No Mun'n.Laud uod the
11 11.. Indian reserves anil allotments anil
was finally I , 4. , , t
L-Auiuiiui i.iu t.iii:ruiici; uiiiiuv.
Ueiii'O of the boomer
Hang bang!! baugU!
qliy"-je stfjrteih Now tipy'ro off!
IJlliy'-je stfjrtei
Tie race is run.
Tlie great American
handicap is
At, this hour thousands of .nen, who
yestgrday wcro homeless, with starva
tion Staring them In tho faco, aro now
tho nroul possessors of HJO aoros of
arable land given them by the kind
hand, of rncloSam.
A oountry has been tranbformcJj
AVjiorp vesj.e,,dr,y waj f Vaff4"1 Pah-ip
p,i:hqllqV woodland, oxcitlug scenps
provall. Tents and dugouts dyt the
broad landscape and cauiplir.s with
tha binoko culling heavenward, are to
be eun on every hand.
At the new towns are grent marts of
trade, with men doiiijr business tho
same a If they verc at t'.f proverbial
"old stand."
Over 0,000.003 acres of land hate
been tacked to tho grand territory of
t ali-ma, with Outhilo the capital
1 pi rss princess of them all.
All alon tho north and south boun
daries of tho strip was a holld niaM of
hujnaiijtr out boforp the hour for
melng. Tho line was huge and hete
rogenous. Tho 100 feet of neutral
ground was covered. Men, vomen
and children lined the threshold, wltlk
in tho rear of them ns far as the eye
.. -.i.i 1... .... 1 .,
,b.uc, ... uw nour imnii unm There Is another featu-.e regarding
pouncing .111 the minute hand and ti,s cw lund that is Interesting. The
... . . .... . ... . . . 1
coinpleto.y covering It at TJ o clock. I Tho act under which the territory ol whelming. Ho;tos for the homtilou
arid fortunes lor the unfortunate wfi
Men Can-it Nit f(ir t',ur Ni llic ItHre fur
IMillnsophurh and hiiitorlnni tell us
that history 1 peats'1 itself. Kvonts
which occurred centurion ugono will
be repeated they say. This may be a
truism, but in all casai whether tru
isms or not, there nro exceptions.
The wildest flights of, the hifrtorianJ
of past ages codi not conjure up the
mnr"oijm stupendous event wliicli
occurred yesterday and never again
will such an event occur between this
period and the time when the brass
mounted trumpet of (iabjiel soun Is
over the hills anddales of this broad
nnd prosperous limit for shops to closo
business The opening of tho Chero
kee strip, comprising nn urea of over
iiO,OU),oj0 acres, was fraught with no,
small amount of interest Vovnft Uv
peudous, it was grand, yastKovoi-
r- T3 m em -nr
MW .nTd VNi 1 mil n SK.
lIKAnQl'AKTEUS 1 1 11
itrip Supplies, Harness,
Bndtos, inips
See our Mammoth Stucl. Don't buy until you K-'t o'"- prices,
member the number, in, Harrison avenue. Sign llig Collar.
A. P.
standard time. TJil brave and com- Oklahoma was organized stipulate
ngeous move of the hour hand acted U'"t "any other lans ithin tho in-
, . , . . ., dlan TerHoiy not embraced within
na an electrical oiiiotle fln 1L.0 waiting , tl)OV) bonndur0, M.all hcreaficr bo-
thousands. (juieUer than a llah, or COmo a part of the territory of Oklu-
quicker, tho fclgual flew around the homa wnjQr..lio JnUInn nation or
Cherokee strip on tho Wpm oC.tl.o- tribe V"fsuoh lands shall lg..lf.y
, v to the president of the United blates
w.uu nun uiu wiuvviuv !JJ "u"1 "' i o i..i .,. Uu r,tu,.,, il.,.! c.,l.
'They're off:'' , nn js shall so become a part of the said
A vast domain freah from the hand torrltory of Oklahoma and the presl-
l0uld reach wcro networks of animals of t.od was alwut lo fulfil its purposo Icnt shall thereupon make proclama-
... . , . . I 11 1 .,mr iiS,,FmIiiu tlon to that effect," Thus it is only a
and vehicles of every description uu- and begin a new y cr of tefulneas . J J
'rthe sun. Any ihey go! l-ell-iiudl. hurry K n Ue' tt lh,n of Ulc pabt oni,
A full line of Books. Stationary, News, Oi'fu
Supplies always on nancJ.
.id Srhotl
IrIr-J30TfjS -T
H- Tho plain buggy stood crowded next
the ox team, the Knglish cart and tlie
dashing sulky wp.-o side by side. A
homemade yfagH anpeared ncjet, an
antiquated vehicle from tho father
land. Thon on the lino! Tho bright-faced
Kastern girl mado grimaces at tho
typical cowboy, tho man as old as
Mothuicluh hold a plcfuued ehorub In
his arms Tho an.lous housewife In
quired et the Montana school
lima" in if it was not almost noon, while
tho polished broker from lloston held
a colloquy with ths sturdy 'lOcr from
tho golden stata The small boyXrom
Oklahoma won!d wpft patiently with
the selou of a-Minnesota statcEiuau
acuiry, iwisuhi unit lumvivu iim)
tarncd; sliotlli. lai'SMut,'- cursing;
a cricltlngof whins, a jqiiey ' oatns,
a cjond ol dust -through wasliQiil
mul rayhie. ot hills and bullqws,
rucUloss upd lwllbeiit-this muddy,
sweating, innililongri tlirong.
A man U downr Uo's buaton! Hut
see, ho eauuot rise. His leg- la broken
No matter, poor (itW, It Is his mlsfor
V, 111 00 merlon uiiucr uuo tno siaio or
territory of Oklahoma, or mado a Kepi
urate state .
Tor sale.
A cplpndld rcsldeiico tifoprrly on
Nuulc avenue, Capital bill. Will glvo
tlmo on half a( price to right party.
Call on Spencor iv Hobortson, Itooin 8.
tlray's brlok block, zl
the rule and each and every rattj
bucklo.l his girdle tighter and strive,)
to bettor his condition in life. Thuus
ands of people who stood
on the border of the promised land with
Intuuiioni to rush In where sooner j
had feared to tread, stood back nghant
as tho first forward break was, tr '
Tho magnitude of tlip. aljM
them, and all they could 40 - tul
yipw le Jut fecedinjf forms 01 utrry
hcriiestendcrs' in tho 'sta .. fr
homes and townsltca, Man d hi ' . "7 "T . .... j ,., . . , ,.
went down-porUb..l-i 1. , l you are in -ytof he, t e lebrau-d Ciueiunatafa. lire
I Am Here to. Siry!
01 1.
rush; hun,d.roiU suffered, btN 11 NVft
fqr ielf, and self a.lone, arft fcympathy
remained stagnant ',ft thu elrcum
amulent atuioBpKwu
Tt. raca at yeaUMHlay waa
a tolosaaj ixkiWUn rtlh, '1
If y
- .r
hiTonInk I
for a pi
... 1
TI10 lnpi'i.st. nil.! innatdiMnnlpt. t0.k
of school bo"k and a hiw1. u ill? u
ever brought U (iutarie !.. just w j-fe ( -
... . ,., I ma ,.... ...I n lliA fmMa I I i, . Itt rfllr kt tir.
tune. Noono tliniKSOt ciiiKicing tip .-... - -r- 1 10 l
or stonnintr. The kindly brothei hood ,--
-- I. CrrAltll
Ol IDllll IB 1'H" - --I ,,,.. v . . . i ,JlV ..r. . .kr,,,..
pnr , mr
falls. ! .
staggers, uiinuiy jjiuji , vMl V)
Tho poor beast, endurance was over-, lnnsl i,,,
tod. lie was cruelly, rashly urged as tho .
tO-a loap that he eoukl never have every
covered, even n ills bot conaitlon "uoP ,
ani form, nr p'aed "n a strain of en-1 ' ji0
durance where ovryMilpu mist f,ud cdOi-i
I'elf .aniaaaes
. h l- v dble.
1 i.ail un y at
i.e. 1 for want
est ho-. oyer
. .11 bo in
.mber 'JO.
axstuily-ru study
hf loves to Indulge
short ut. man's hu-
Oust-luogriincd .ind
tl.e rays of a boll-
x x- Juwands of ineu who Juul
WL-' "if 'lie In a quiet and un-
4dtat uufi'manner. were the wildest
a .nttervaeo ami the crushed and
in ngMll forai of a comr;.le. stoviw.l
497oin their wvldcr.ed tllght.
WBI? I.rtolf, with the lnscrin-
1 .1 thalr eountonanees. To suc
ceed lotjfttliors suffer." So niuoh for
I Ihqtf i&hjrrand men.
on ara m ',iim m' ti
Homo Si- mm i.ri . -
InrjsrfBl&. th:owIor. i.l o. t. iPJili
Warwlc t rue KoaU lUntr. tlie l'tcif . iaa42IUIHDw
Traveler iba New Mall unA the lioid iU8ei. HlByele.
, jrotall, come and got my prices, at li V Ok- aluwia a .
'JfiHL. .
V llMC-Ui XI
,1 '.
an I
AI ilnagci
The English Kiteifo.,
Rates $1.25 Per Dgv. Board Reasonable!
v wnpizmrsm- -
" ' "IH T fa - . ,
; if: ""'''iWai-r. , r' ' h
n'lM Innnch
1 1
. ri - .
rayon uiv
' 1 hi
r ' :m, no civtm
ninn .. ... v '-rH,

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