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Bntkkkd at tiik I'om-Opfick at fie-rimr. Ok, vs Sbco'H-ci-ass MTTn
Omen of Publication : Hamkihon .Vknun
& w W "
VOL. 1.
Issuad Making PeT a C.ty of ilia First
For Saturday, October 21, for the Pur
pose of Electing Municipal Ofllcers.
rollliiC Tim i'n ltiihilslnl cuil.IiiilRi-nniul
Clellmof Klrt-tlon Appointed (loi-
criuir Kcnfrtiir Mnkca Perry u
Clt) of the I'lrst daft.
The following proclamation was is
sved yesterday from the governor's of
fice malting Perry a city of tho tlrst
Jtv thoUoveinorof the Teiiltory of Oklahoma-A
Whereas, It is piiildeil in artiele 1 of
chaptci II, Oklahoma Statutes, Hint "All
cities, towns, village in communities of
people in this tell Itory ii'siding in coin
pact fm in upon land plotted Into lots and
blocks, that shall hereafter attain to a
population of over tciitj-!ie bundled,
shall upon such population bchiK ascer
tained b the coi innate autlioiities theie
of, and In case the til e without :oipo
tate authorities, then by persons tliov
may select for that pmpoc, and cet tilled
to the got. ei nor of the tcirltory, be hj
lilm iloclined. li liiochimatlou. to be
cities of the Hist class, and fiom anil after
.such pioelainallou shall he gov ci mil hi
the prov Mons of this act;" and
Wlieieas, It Is pi ov hied in section ft of
said act Hint "Within thiitv ilnjs after
tho liling of a petition signed bv a major
It of the legal voters of such pioposod
clt) with the gnveintii'.pi'ti lug foi organ
isation mulct tills act, the goveinoi or the
teiiltor.v -hall cull a special election In
such city, to he governed heiehj.at which
election a liiavor, cltv cleik. police judge,
cltv lieasuier. cltv attorney, an 11101
and eight cotineilinmi shall bo elected to
.set V'e lllltll lli! luok muuhI "lection ii
ami cikiiv coiiiiipinioii sum
sol vt until iliti !. tutuv
such cltv. and until tlieli
I'lccKu .. ' iimljlillcri;" tun
siiccoMors are
Whereas, 'l'lieio litis been lileil
with the undersigned as liovei mir of the
tonitory of Oklahoma, a stntemeiit veil
lied by the allldav It of CiirfDincr, It. M.
Dicker-on and H. T. l'ultoii lepiesentlng
thntalliauts weie duly selected by the
people lesldiug at the place common!)
called I'ciry, located on the noitheast
tfiini Ui of section '!, and northwest I'liar
tor of section'.'.'!. luwnshlp lit iioitli. range
1 west, Indian Meildiau, in county 1'..
lertltoi of Oklahoma, to make an enii
ineialloii and tisceittiln the ntiinbei' of in
habitants n-Iiling thereon; that Hie
have made such eiiiuner.ition and ascer
tained that thete ate mine than twenty
live bundled people I 'siding on said tracts
in compact foi in and that said tracts ate
platted into lot- and blocks.
Now, theiefoie, 1, W Initial C. ltenfiow,
liovei hoi of the tenitoiv ol Oklahoma hj
virtue of the power In me vented by the
Section of the Statute Hist above ipioted
to make known and decline l'ui) loea
lid on the Hurts of land above tWiibed
in 1' count,, teiiltory or OklaUoimv to be
acltj of Hie first class. Ami
Wlieiens, Thoo lias been liled Mth
tie niuloislgpod as (lovernor ufoicsad.
.iiniiiiliriiHiiii and notltlun pravlng fit
.gtiilatloi ppder Aitlflo 5pf said Chap-'
(CI II, jipd
Ahcioas, Jt Ik lepie.-ented that -aid
petition apd application I- signed by a
inajiiitv oripe Hgw vptcix " l"" ""
piecdrltynf l'eirj'.
Vo,l)eefpje, , Wlllani C. ltenfiow.
(Soy i pnr Pf t' It'll Iti'iy Of Oklahoma h
V ll ti:o of I lie pow er In mo v eti d by said
.Section of the Statute last above refeircd
to. do heieby call a special election In
said pioposccl citj of I'erry to be held on
Satnnlav Hie '.'Ist day of October, ltU3.
for the put pose of electing a major, clt
rletk, police judge, city tteasuier, cltv
nltoiney. an assessor, and eight council
men, that for Hio puiposoof -aid election
-aid proposed clt) of l'oiiv Is divided bit"
lour election picoincts: That pieclnct
v.. i im.in.lcs all tract- not th of C
stieet and enst of iHh.
.No' J, Includes all noilh of C stieet and
west of lith. - ,
No. 3. Iiicluilo.- all south of C street and
wisi of mh., and
N, 4. Inc'iiles al sputh ufC stieot and
piintpf lilll.
The polling places tun e.-tabll'.hed as
follows: I lir-upr.cl if, on lot US, block
13( in scpoinl precinct, lot No. 2. block
2-.; in ihiid precinct, lot 8, block I- 'l(1 "
fouith pinciiict, lot II, block '-"'. I "al
the following peison- ait" nuiiiml to act -jndges
and cletks utnald election, to-vvlt:
la Hist pnldii't, judges Hcorge Todd,
11 W. Kbej andS. I. llitlo; as ehuks, 1.
T. l'attou and V. S. MonK ' In the sec
ond pieclnct, judges Knunett lte.itty.
Dug Davcupoit and Al Wooduid:
clerks. (been It. ltatini. dr.. and V. II.
(ialbreath. In thlid pieclnct, judges
.lohti Conch. Hoy V. Ilollman and Hugh
Mc('iedie;clerks, 11. A.Dougheity and V.
I". lirlssej. In the fouith pieclnct, Judges
Lou WNby, E. cK. Ilowcndaiibberand
V., .Jajno; clerks. 1. 1'. MeKlnnls and .1.
It. (Jober.
In witness whereof I hereunto sot mj
band and caused tho grand seal of the
ferritin y toboallled.
Done at the city of (itithile this 28th
day of Septenibiir, 1W.
' W'f.MAM C. ItKxntow
f( the govenmr, Oovemor.
T. J. Lowe, Secretary.
Ilr His iiolnr.t lie Avert 11 i'uilriil
the U'nr tl l'.tn.
Cllirvoo, (Sept. !S - Kvl'rosidetit
lliirrlsnn piny ed u heroic part tit the
Indiana state celebration tit .l.ieknon
pttrk yesterday. Vllo tho ovoniscs
tit tho state building worn in progress
tilt crowd which had gathered to hear
tho speakers bcoamo uuiimnugoeblo
Thoio in thu ro.tr surge 1 forward,
pushing those in front against the
speakers' pititior n nnii trio waits
of lite buildim.' Mnnv women
screamed, and three who weie
standing close to the spe liters fainted.
A p.tnle was threatening Tlien it
was Hint Mr. Itntrison showed his
courage and coolness, llu was speak
ing at the lime, but mixing his v doe
so that all in the asiombhigc could
hear him, lie called on the crowd to
move bach Hurrying to the edge of
the platform he reached over and
caught a fainting woman. Othois
eame to li s aid and she was carried
inside the building where she soon
revived. Meanwhile mounting a
chair tho cx-president shouted that
the crowd must be still if it would
prevent serious damage. Quiet wti
at last rest ired and tho cX'prosldeut
resumed his address.
Tim V'riiiT.ili'o l'miiili'i' tilicn n Nutnlile
ItiTcpllnii In r.illiiKiirKli,
nniMtL'ltoii.Sapt. 2S Premier (Hail
stone arrived from Illack Crag tills
afternoon to de ivor his long antici
pated speech to his Mildothian con
stituents upon Hie home rule bill and
the future of the Li -'al party. lie
was met at the railway station
by the reception coiiimitte and
others wlio were admitted
to tlie station only upon pre
sentation of tickets. So thickly was
the irowd on the way lacked, that
several people faiutod-while the cheer
ing and crushing was go ng on
l pon enteiing Allien nan me pro-
inler received a ranturous greeting
iroin ins aiuuiror.s an rising, waving
lints and handkerchiefs mill singing
"He Is a .lolly Hood Follow "
He began by saying that ho hoped
I or some legisiaiiou oeiore me eun oi
the year which would bo of benelit to
Scotlau I at largo and to the poor
crortor.s in particular. The lush
iptostion had b.irro.l progress in tint
direction and it was only just ti say
tliat the lords were responsible for
the fact that thu barrier was still re
maining Continuing, Mr (lladstono bald that
the question of liiinu rule for Ire and
was coining rapidly upon them, ami
he honed that should nt unv time the
occasion ni ise for soliciting their
votes, they would be g.ven in n way
not to undo or dishonor the command
ing strength of Llbura'isui in .Mid
lothian. I Lou 1 oh ee rn,'.
1'ilro (; title CriHtit'il
C.vsiov, Ohio, Sept. ib. During tho
progiess of the Stark county fair hero
yesterday, lire, supposed to bo of in
cendiary origin, broke out in tho ex
tensive stables of the Stark county
ag-ictiltural association The build
ings, stored as they were withstiaw
and other iiiH.imniablo material, fell
an easy prey to tho llames and with
them were consumed thirty bond of
prl.c cattle valued nt SU-VUM) Total
loss, 87.1.0U'; witli little insurant'.
t!iiH.Lirliuti tti DeiiieerAls. Q&ft
ItosTON. Sept. I'S. ilohn 12 Russell
was nominated for governor by the
Doiuoi ratio convention to-day and for
lieutenant governor .lames It Carroll
was named, ltoth nominations wore
made by acclamation
Tuii lliinilrnil llrim neil.
St. I'FiiiKMii'ito, Sept. y.-. Search
for the missing warship Itousnlkn has
only resulted in the discovery of more
wreckage. The total number of olll
ce is and sailors drowned Is said to bo
Tho city se.-rutary and secretary of
the city waterworks nt Fort Wortli
Texas, have been arrevted under
indiutincnts fop misappropriating pub
in t .i..
'1U II1III13
tThcro is about S20.000.O00 gold in
Nw' York banks, so that the threaten
ed wports will not touch tho treasury
defusit, whicli is already bolow tho
SHo.,00,000 inarlc.
Hov,rqor Vr.ite of Colorado,
sent avtetltion of the settlors
Miixwd land grant to Washington
with Hit. statement that ho believes
the grant to bo hoiioy-combed With
fraud, nnfiusklng Hint a close invest!
gallon bo iida.
liy order t Mayor Mushy tho police
have made uumiplote aiidcareful can
vass of C'lannatl to uncertain tin
number of peOu in the .. y who are
unemployed by o fault of their own
This report exe'iittes pit-sons who
never work and pits thotOUil nl I .100.
Sandy Donohue, io fauous fighting
sherill of Cosoql couuy, ArUonn, shot
It. (1 liurrls and lto. Uanliip. tithor
wise lenown as Jim Ukor and Andy
Dimond, noted horso liievus, after a
hard battle, sixty iplln northeast of
I'luuniw Tlio latter lid killed saveu
Tho Carnpgio stosl -ompany has
M-tstful il tintten nt th n. ......... 1
steel works that a re.ijn,stmciit of
the scale, to take cftonNn January 1,
1101, was desired. Ai necirdanco w ith
tno (.'uiiiiuiuiii Korrning thut plant
This Is 0110 of thoip.intj, tl,at caused
the strike a ioar o.
It is almost a eclainty Hint the men
implicated in thdholdup of tlie Illi
nois Central tiiuiit C'entralia wero
the samo who I eld n the Mobile uml
Ohio at Foroai Luvvl HL
lli.nnrls of the e.Wistnn nl n l.il. ,-
on 11 steamer pi liigun the coast of
Japan, caitsln,' thoyath: of thirty
people, arc brouglit tUuiirouver, II.
C , bv tho steamer Unless of InJia.
Mr. Joseph 01 -mvv v ico, a mem
ber of tho eo'iimUUrU(8atehood,
claims that bills forJthlUjKMo 1 of
Utah, Arizona OklajWUWid New
Mexico will bo rorQ4vorttbly
before the close of tlisftbiit session.
Charges mado i,lfeU.c press
against tho nppotnprgf .Lmies
Van Alen t be ainW'trt Italy
jyero considered by tfcfffiitu com-
mlttPO Oil foreign rernM uiflil ivero
thought to be sullWUBl vravo tu
I postpone tho matter gftrWIgatioii
llio Mitrjliinil Sciintnr Areinei the Col-
oritilo stiili'sm in r Iti'liiR i lt'-
llnle lastiwivr mill l.iiM'"ilriiimr
llio Mint Aurliiioiiiiiui lli-
Into fir the rHliin s l'.ir
In Hie Home.
Wasiii.voto.n. Sept. S3. The dny In
tho senate yesterday was the most ex
ulting of the session mid the debate
the most acrimonious.
The resolutio.i olVered by Mr. Du
bois to postpone legislation respecting
federal election laws, finance nn I
tariff until January 15, is 14. because
of senatorial vacancies in the sena
torial representation of Washington,
Montana mid Wyoming, was taken
up and Mr. Dubois uiblressc.l the
senate in advocacy of Its a loptlou
Mi. Mit'liell legatdod thu p.'op si
tion of the senator from Idaho its one
of the mo-.t remarkable ever presented
to thu senate and for this reason he
would orpesu the tesoliitiou to the
bitter end
Mr. t handler suggested that the best
course to piirstie was to postpone the
icsolutiou until the legitimate debate
011 the lepeal bill was exlmnsted
When the subject was bi'foro the
senate at the lust sossio 1 it was said
t mt there was a uiajoiity of tive.ve in
favor of sealing Ilium ben the sen
ate met in extraordinary session, be
hold that majority had van shed nml
the senators were denied their seats.
Mr Wolcott (Hep., Col. ) said it is
true that by so 11 e sudden and inexpli
cable change the vote on tho qu stiou
of the admission of the senators from
those states underwent a complete
melamorpliosl-, hut like many other
marvelous changes in the so mitt in
the last few mouths, nothing coulil bo
gained by inquiring into it Those
changes n minded him of tho iitter
unces of Suuclio l'anii, that "eviiv
111:111 is as (iod hith made him and
oftjntimes a great deal wuise."
I Laughter.
Mr. Woliott 1 ou'd not conceive how
the 1 eople of those states, in view of
the le o ill ion which the senator from
lthiho hail introduced, can now fail to
pcrfoim their functions.
'1 he senator from tho.c states could
be sent to the seuato in t'liio to volo
ill bulto of the ciueland unusual hours
.Utuwhich the tcnattf W kUbjeeUsi),
ernel unil imli fun of lhi nfffr.
......., r... .-v-. -.. v-..,
whicli was f.i ' . ni de, that if the ad
yocatos of repeal woild embrai elj
1 11 re tlioy enuLd hav o 11 vote upon It
The opponents of repeal know that
thu Democratic side of Hie Semite did
not favor cloture. Oij the Republican
bidcoutsiiloof the sill ur senators there,
weie 11111113' seuatuth who did not favor
If the senate was not to have de
tun thera shcuild not ba any cruol or
unusual hours interposed. The sen
ate was having them now.
"We are meeting them fairly at men
now, and endeavoring t) see that tltis
question is pre.onled fairly b-foro tho
country, but we are not without in
formation that tlu burden that is now
imposed upo.i us is to bo sou lit to be
made heavier next wnik. We are not
without delinite information that an
arrangement has been sought to bo
(.uusummuted between certain sena
tors up m tills side and lerluin sdiia
tothoti tlie other side of the cham
ber, that It is initiated 1) the
senator who is supposed to be the
staerer of so many Democratic sena
tors us haio left their party platform
and have linked themselves witli the
fortune of their executive, and le I on
this side of the chamber by thu domi
nant apostle of protection two sena
tors who are sup osed to belong on
opposite sides of thu chamber, but
yvho seen pow to be sitting very oloio
Mr Aldric,li was occupying a seat
flroctly in front of Mr. liormau
' Wo understan 1," continue 1 Mr.
Wtcott, "that we are to bo m-jt with
a demand thay the senate shall meet
at 11 o'clock in the morning and sit
nt 1 midnight. What nny be accoin-pli-hi
I bv this opt of pressure I do
not know, but in view of Hie faot that
a v. ito may j had upon tho provioiu
question I do know Hut any uttj upt
to hurras- a body of 111 n who believe
this ques.ion to h.-,f the most vital
importance, and who dosiru ti inter
pose every obstacle to the final step
which imiy bo taken, or any moans
such as the pis-age of a ro-ofilUon to
control us to sit hero longer hours
than gentlemen s'lould be o tiled upon
to sit in a public bo ly 11 id discuss this
question, are cruel and unusual, a id,
Mr. I'resiiieut, tiiv i 1 Oj fiilllo.'
Mr. (lor ma 11 of Marxian I thou ob
tained tlu Hour.
Ilo called tho attention of tho sena
tors who wore indulging in this at ri
inonioiis debate to tho fuel til it they
were d dug that whuih had never oc
curred before in tlu history of the
Ppnijte. They worn doing upiru V lu
Utile tho senate In tho eyes of the
peoplo of tho poui.try than anything
that had ever occurred and lu lieliev !
the time won d speedily come whop
some of thp uctors in it would rosrrot
theii' action ami would nUuii cs best
they could for having brought tho
senate fiom a deliberative itssembly
down to the leyul of county eojiveu
Hon or a sot of aldermen In a fits- Ho
liad not parti ipatod in Hie discission
and was therefore ama.ed that th?
senator from Coloi ado for who n ho
had gicat lespeet and fondness,
should so fnj forgot tho groat duti-'
tin American senator as to bring into
the discussion matters that did not
belong to it; Hint he should Indulge ill
the insinuation that senators ivcic
controlled by Improper motives.
Coming to the reference to hims.'H,
Mr. domain said ho did not bo.lovo
tho senntor from Colorado would stand
upon this statement ho made, "for
taking it that he alluded to mvsolf
and the sonator from Ithodo Island. 1
ask him If ho meant inc.'" and then,
Mr (ionnnn napsed
Mr Wolctitt v. as quickly on his feet
We havo been advised,' s ild ho,
'that th ru lists, b en a confutation of
senators goinff on for some days, that j
llu senator fnun K limit Ishind is tnnr
shaling Hie forces of llu friends of
repeal on til's side, ntld Hint the Hitn
tor from Marylnnd ban been tnnrshil
ing the members on that side who fa
vor repeal, with a view to ngreeing on
some further nml more tigoroiis mean
tire which sliull euinp.l the somite to
-it l.nigei ' ours in order if pn-siMo,
bv that uielhol to force a vote I
shall lie very g!n 1 if I hi minln
forme I "
I hnvo 1koii ti member of this liody
for over twelve venr," nld Mr. dor
in.:u. "1 hnve b'vii connecte I with it
from the time I vVns U venr.s of age.
but this Is the first Instance in that
time that 1 have known n etint r,
either through himself or his ngenti.
to listen at cuinmittee roo n do .rs, or
from information received from envca
droppers, tell the senate prirnte con
ferences of semtors upon nny i.uhjeet.
It is not necessary," continue! Mr.
Oorinnn conteinptuoiislv, "to Bay
more of such an incident."
After some further dlscntsio lite
rep -al bill vvns taken up nml ltts"o
addressed the senate in furor of tho
bill and Teller ngr.inst it. The sen
ate then H'lj iui.i 'd
l nn.liiBH In I lis Homo ifoeXmUil
Wasihnotox, Spt 28. Mr. Moms
of Massachusetts crenlcd qnitt a
wrangle in the 1muvj jesterdsy
over the refusal cf tho house
to permit blin to print
s uno newspaper cxtJtictS In con
nection with his lejent criticism of
Commissioner li ichren nu 1 made llu
point of no quorum. Kor three h in rs
he bloi'kaded business tin I then the
resolution was carried 113 tp I. The
Tucker bill then came up tnjnin
Mr Ltiwsou of (leorgia spolte in tho
bill's favor, nml Mr. D.inloU of New
oik in opposition,
vi. in i.i. v v w-i rasrri o v.
'I hu I'lfililmit VVrlti-t u letter m llio
limine ,il Unrslloci.
Atlanta, (la . Sept. 58 In reply to
a letter from l! T.riior Northen ask
ing the president to give his position
on linancinl matters, Mr. Cleveland
bus sent the following reply:
To Hon W .1 Noril.t-n
"KXKI'IINV KMASSlnfl, WasBinoto. li ('
Sept 27 U Deir s r I h irJ y knew lm to
rniilv lu vo .r letter uf I'm M i Inst It seeini
lu me that 1 um iput t plainly on record nn
t't-riilii lb II n inui l tpiislion My leilinie-t-pi
I UK tu iiomiii illu i to tin re.iili'iicv
nlieii reil lu cmiiioi tin l wilb tn"inissi e
liile v sent to coil ivu la f Jiw
diiiurv HtwHlnn, app-.rn tu ni i to
be orv explicit t want u i'ir
rency tbut Is nt vote and safe In thn haml of
our luoplo I will not knowingly be lin.ilk iteil
In a LonUltlon th it will justiv mike ni lu thu
!( t ilo.roo misnerible to nny latonr or
rurner In tlie Unll. il Males for tho -hrmk i
in llie purehi-lu; j-tiwer uf I lie Uo l.ir lie lus
renilvtxl for ii full dollar u worth or norl o
Tor a touil dail ir ir:ti of Hi i pioj let of tin
1 not on'y want oi r ciirrpncv to I of such u
eb'triu-ter III it ull kin Is of dullar will be of
i wu it P ir li nu I " ' a. tie ni'. bul 1 want it
p lw or u U ii i- i it-idi r .u. will deniouslratc
so id n i- fi .il nu an 'I . on J lull It Wins plai-lnii
upon a urm lu iunt.011 irjdtl anion tlie
unions : the 1 tu. I want OJr llu imlsl eon-
w.v -, .ur . .cm.iwrfy. w- wowi
t.-.ff mr.fi 1 ii4S 1 sal tKsVia larnn n i
urtiM that MUie (lu BiMi
money v 11 uponi u 1 1 inM:i( 11 in fwinwifc nml
new onlurprlso List ml of kuurJui It Voi
can not euro irllu bv enlll.i It fo ilUh unj
unreason iblo and yo 1 cm n ' prevent tho
f ri 'httmod nun from liu irdtn li s money
Iwantkood souul nni utibemonov anil a
condition or confide ,10 thu v. Ill keep it ill
U'Htiin tUo Hml of lut I hive wrltton, I
ra n friend of silver, but I tn'ih if Iih prjpnr
pl ten In our uirreaoi eun only le tlxud bv a
roadju-tmnnt of a loiialsleiit und ioui.ruiea
she tin mclal a 'homo I think sueti iitnltif
rim only tie ont rod uion proillabb and bupo
fullv uftO" t'm reieil of the hi wh'ch U
cli.ir ed lih all our (lnm-lii unos In tl.o
)i 1'itcnt st ite of t'.ie pub'ie nd-nl tb h law tan
list be built upon nor pitched iu -u h a way :u
to re l'e the slIuiHlm
I am 1 1 trofor o,ipoi 1 to tlie froa and u.
llmted loam.o of silver by th'x to 1:1' rf alone
uml luiteend ntlv and 1 mil In fiiui of 1 .10
limnod'utn and iiiu'oih1UIo:i il r'i-eil of tha
purebasln lUuio of the xucilloil s'ui.iuii
I confo.s 1 am u tonlilioj by fie oppo-lllon
in the Ho-mto 10 uucli jirompt iittii n is wo ild
relievo the 1 riH-nt unfortun it 1 si uit on
Ml dalW prayer l tliat tbe d -lav o cuioned
bv such oiM)-IUon miy not tie iho ruiooof
plun-iim the tounlry Into dea.oril" re sin 1
than It li m yet known and thnt thn IV mm r i'
li: party m.iv not bo Ju.tly Ue.dreHpo.iilLlo for
such a cutastraplio Your vary truly
Hold lVtirlc of I'lri'l.tian.
LviponiA, Kin, SopL 28 -Within
the past two weeks seven tiros, have
occurred in this otty, every one of
which 1ms boon ascribed to incendiary
prigin, including tha ono last
week, which caused a loss alone of not
ih,than SIOO.OOO. Yesterday morn
ing about. S o'clock thoSantal'o house,
a largo frame hotel near the depot was
discovered to bo nb'.n.c. Tlie llauies
Were put out without much
and an investigation developed tho
fact ll,at notii'.e oiiglmitod In a lunch
pf kindling saturated with coal oil
planed utldor tho back porelt
llin lltubi c loioil.
Lomion, (sept 38 A priv.ito tele
gram received hero by un important
bank front ltio Janeiro savs that the
bombardment f Hial eity by the rehol
Hoot was ho kerious that the bunks of
Itlo, after (Hiiikiilting together, have
docldod that they will probably oIom
al together until thu futo of tlio capi
tal of Uracil Ir settled one way or the
other. Tho determination vvaa mainly
brought by tho fact Hint a e'erk in
the London and llraxiliiin bank nl ltio
was killed yesterday by a shell which
fell through the bank building.
A (irunil TrwiMiirir MUttlug,
K ins vs tn v, Mo., fvn ii Hoorgo
Kloeksqn, grand tro-aurer of the Kan
pus grand loilge Knights of Honor,
which mot yesterday in Leavenworth,
left Ftirt Scott Ttio.day aftornoou oa
teiiBibly for tlta sosl us of tho grand
lodgo Uo had with him about s.i;
in bill-. It Is tnippaa tl that ho
voacliad ICan-a. City snfoly, but he has
fittlod to re ioIi Lenvun worth, and
be.'ins to have dtaappoarod entirely.
I tut lis fur (lilil;ii llu),
Cnu'Aoo, Sept 3S i'ha lmca of the
Western PawMsngwr usaoclatlou yeater
day settlod the rntea for t h'cago duy,
OcUiber t), at the worlds fair. For
the 0th, 7lh and 8th tho following
single rntos will be put Into effect:
Kansas City to Chicago, $:: Kansas
City to St Loula, S3; St. Louis to
Chicago SI; Chicago to Kauaiu l ity. W;
St LoU s to Kansas City, $.L51; Chicago
to St Louis, $a 5a
Siiirtiiiet'oiirt Keportf.
It juud copies of tlio first volume of
Oklahoma Supreme Ciait roporls uun
be had upon application to Llgur
Jones, tirnt'tiai llbri' t"
Have you tro4 ttosu cigara at Lll -
Le sdru0' store? -2i-tt
25), 181):).
A Lllimltr file, five sliott Into it CroiTit
of llrottrrs l)ur.nt th llinlti.l Tnul-
liter II0111 .VI. I. ltemietl, 11
I'riiinlneiil lliKlnr.t Mini (ins
of lti V Irtlnn-rnnoi uf
Willi l'.tnle on tb I'loor.
CmrAoo, 3opU 28. A maniac who
had gained admission to the bonrd of
trade na a spectator fli'ed three shota
into the crowd of brokers on the lloor
nt 1:1.1 yesterday, fatally wound
ing ,M. I I'ennett, one of the most
prominent members of the bonrd, and
Charles W. Itosvvell, a telegraph
operator The wretch was nrrcatcd a
moment inter and locked up
.lust at the very busiest moment of
tho whole day, when tho traders wero
working tho hardest, thiv wore start-l-il
by a fusillade of shots and busi
ness was brouglit to a standstill amid
the wildest excitement.
, Then it was seen that a red beirded
( man In one of tho galleries had tired
Hie shots, lie had girnc.l access to
the spectators:' gallery a few moments
I before. He fired nt ra.i loin Into the
, throng of speculators.
1 M. I llennett, secretary of the
, I'ourd of Trade Mutual Iteuelil as.o
1 eiatioii ind a prominent member of
the board, was shot in tlie neck, the
bullet ranging downw arils, while
ltoswell rece.ve 1 11 ball in the chin,
shattering his whole face.
Thu man who did the shooting rued
his revolver five times He stood up
at the rear end of the cillery and
II red twice at l!i wall and then p Hill
ing the weapon toward tho Hour liied
Mi roe moie timet.
Mr. Itennetl fell nppuontly mortal
ly wounded 11 lid was carried into tin
secietnry's room while physicians and
I surgeons were sent for. They de
I clared Mr. llennett ho, e'ess.
I ltoswell was picked up senseless and
I laid on a table. The ball entered his
chin on the left side andraugnd down
I ward
' Almost before th-' shooting had
censetl Jl lioiuns I'.nirell, who seemed
I o luivo mote presence of mind than
'any one or the luindieikof bowildeied
I people at hand, rushed uptilheg.il
iliiy und caught the 11 in The 'iitlt e
' ti ok tho matter vorv 1 ly andili.l 1
I pot sen in to rcalUv who,1 ' bud il'iu- 1
Tilt: MAiftt' Wfl.u vi.soa
"I want to talk to a ;v nter," saul
liie prisoiior 10 1 oiico 1,11 uicii.tiii.
I Oolden. as ho was led down stairs In
the llariibou stieet pollco station
"My 11. une la Cassias lloldun. 1 am a
earilngo painter and livu at .ir,.l La
j yallo a'.enue I've h:cn under hyp-
nolio inlluences for Hiree years.
, Throe years ago a man named Jones
hypnotized me at .':' 1 1 111 on street.
Hypnotism is slow, ami it has
1 only been a short time sinco
1 reached the eviltod stnte I
' vvna in tho vulgar statu for a
long time. I have visited the board of
trade finite fr nuently 1 knew I was
in bondage, ll has been a stiuggln
for broad with all of us, and when
th"y begnn to sell my soul in tho
bo ml of trade today I resisted. Po
lo e they sold my soul thev sold my
tvv j children who' tire in Philadelphia
I have a wife in Philadelphia besides
two children. Wo are all in bundage
it is a slrugglo for bie.ul."
As tho shooting lomirence.l from
the soufh gallery Mis. W V. Lewi,
of I'ltiisvillo, Pa., w lio was in the op
posite ganerv, Kiailo l (lowu the stalls
l'he last of tho llvo shots struelt her
uu I she fell fainting at the foot of
t'ie stairs. The wound proved only a
llt.sli wound in the bn"k.
Charles W. ltoswell, tho Western
1'nion employe who was shot In tho
mouth, is uHsistant cluof oporator on
the llnor. Ip was standing behind
tltia Sat 1 nnla witii rrt ninir loiha lit.
I ij nv iMtun tutu H''11! fiinu ii"
i lrnjliOI)h wi, . .i,,. sliootiiiL' com-
meiiied. This d'd not deter him from
continu ng at vi tk, but Hie third shot
lire I wildly by the man in llio gallery
Mt ii. U him In lite moittli und is sup
posed to huvo lodged under his tongue,
lio is nun lied and has a family.
lleldcu is a (.'liicagoau. ilo lived
witli his sister, Sir. A. Williams, a
divssinalter, and ills brother, 1. A.
Iteldeii, a spuuulator on
tlio board or
trutlo. According Jo Ills story, domes-
tie troubles unsettled his mind four
years ago, when he was divorced from
his wife at Cjtimlon, X .1. She thlnU.
he aeted under the belief thai his
brother was ltoing iu11hm 1v other
traders or 'change. '1 he only a
few moi.tiis ago iaa uilej.sed front
thoasylu.il (or the tnwiiioal Kanl.akee,
IiMurgcnW VVIiii Alt.iol.oil Ilia Argentine
. I.oyto li men t fleet .Met Mi.-ll.ll Ili'lent.
lIui.MH Auiro, Sept. SS A flctcc
battle took place yotcr.luy in tlio
outer roads of this harbor between
two torpedo boats au.l soverul lugs
manned by rebels and Hie whole of
the government Duel nml resulted in
tho capture of the toipedo bonUand
togs w.th toimlderub'.c loss of life.
The rabula had hoped to catch the
government licet unawares and by
mukiug a desperate and combined
altuelc upon them sneeeed in blowing
several of them out of the water but
were themselves surprised.
(icuerul Pclligrlui, who was icport
cd captured by rebels yesterday at the
he nl of the government troops, U.is
lecaptured tho city of Tueiuu.ui
rorulsn Nation! t t llumli inluuiit.
MoMhYlitNo. tjept 2i.--Tlto bom
barduicut of ltio di .l.inoiio, which
W'tfan Saturday, has boon suspcndoU.
Thu foreign uur ships In tho harbor
hoisieii signals signifying their uesiro
,.,.,-oj,,,, liy AHmitul McU niiil tho
t x. st new-, is that th i nn;' upon the
I c'ty ''a-b 1.1 'itsp mKd pendinj w
' potiaUous.
CcPyr-itcA'r- 3
Is the route we take in the shoe ti.nle. and
n very inuievniiK to nni cnsiuini
yoiiit compettiion us n imiiit a mile iiuni
iecoiti mi speeti, in cause iiiiiiikii 1 111 unit iiikeuiurs thiv luki fis t. and tin i 11
Ketlilig coimei ted w ith o liiinu pniis id b i I that i vt i , dnv iii.iIm s n hK gn in 1 1 i
ussoilmenl Theli ale no traps in tin inmix. Imvtl- tlinnch, lliev'n If lit 1 It
IIIK I Drill illoutr to the t lllli of "Mill I lii ii -. inoii to foi low
Eisenschmidt & Hetsch,
Everything in the DRUG LINE.
Prescriptions Filied Day or Night
Second Hand Store.
Sew Goods at 2nd Hand Prices.
See our Gasoline tovs they cail
heat. Sold right DOWN LOW.
pairing of Gasoline Stoves a specialty.
Oklahoma Ave, bel. First and Division.
Everything Strictly First-Class. -
t& 1BC O "E& "S?1 O 1EZ, 33 33 3E&.
Oysters, Came and Fish in Season.
Regular Dinner From 12 to 3 p.
WALLY ONG, Prop'r.
Second Door North of Harrison on Second Street.
A full line of Books. Stationary, News, Office and School
Supplies always on hand.
I Am Here to Stay I
If you are in vvantof the Celebrated Cincinnati Safe. Tiro or Ituiglar Proof
or I'ire and Ilurglar Proof;
If you aro in want of the Celebrated American Helpmate, Singer, I'oyal New
Home Sewing Machine;
If you are in want of Iticycles nnd Tricycles, such as thu celebrated Imperial
Ivlnif of Scorchers, tho 1'owler. tho
Varwlck, the ltoad King, the Telegram, the Telephone
Traveler, tho New Mall and tho Iioad Queen Iticycles,
retail, come ami get my prices, at lull 11 Oklahoma uve.
The English Kitchen,
Rates SI.25 Per Day. Board Reasonable
NO. 2 m.
.11-1 1 ., .,,, .,..
j ,
we not 011U
elijnv ll ourselves, hut nuiKi
(lui s(M'l, of tootiMiu Is as much It
IsIm - mhiiI hiiirnm. Tin -o kooiN bienk tin
A, G. HIXON, Prop'r.
BOYLE, Proprietor.
unei, inu iiiioni.x, 1110 i enirui, uie
tho Courier, tin
at w hull-sale and
(iutluie. Olc. Tor
mil .
'9 I
-at,-.. -.4. v nu.r52
lOpp. tSmUmLre.)

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