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VOL. l.
MOKtflNU, OlToUKIl 21, 1893.
NO. ?.,';
y P I H I
Tileittliiy' .liinniiil I' n.illjr Approvoil-
McMiirt, llubuln, Will, IMIhut, mill
IIiiIIit tlis tli-lixtrn li Cum-
riml.er llxvu it CoiirVrcnt
Willi Nucrctarr l.urllilo
Other (inn-nil .Ncm,
Washington, Oct. 20. Yesterday
the senate met nt 10 a. in., Ittt the
dhvitsslon on the question of the
uincnilincnt of the journal (the sub
ject which has been beforo the scnito
or the laet two days) was not taken
up till ll a. in., when Mr. Stewart
took the floor. The Intervening hour
haj been taken up In waiting for a
quorum nnd in reading of a report
from the treasury dopar mi-nt as to
the financial aspect of the govornment
for the current tlscal year. The miih
ining up of the document Is th.U (if
the present conditions continue) thero
'will be a deficit of JJ.'iU.OOI.OUO at the
end of the year.
Mr. Stewurt finished his speech
within two hours nnd loft the cham
ber. He was followed by Mr. Dubois, who
declared that there could be no moro
unfortunate occasion for the exercise
of arbitrary power thau tli present,
Mr. Dubois declared in the course of a
short t-peech that he would not with
draw from the position lie had taken
against the repeal bill, even if tttc pen
alty of expulsion were visited upon
him. us us suggested at one of the
night sessions by Mr. White of I,ouls
iana, wh so language o i tu.it occa
s on, he said, was more lit for a bar
room than n hcu.itc.
After a speech by Mr. Call against
imy change In the rules, notice was
given by .Mr. Quay of an ameudmeiit
to tho repeal bill.
Mr. Itutler then took thu floor anil
inveighed against the propositions of
Senators Hill and Mills lie remarked
that the party in power was bjnt on
mischief. He dujlur.'tl that if the
propositions of Senators Hill and
.Mills were adopted thero would bo
bedlam In the senate, if not anarchy.
Continuing. Mr. liutler reached a
joint where Mr. Hill arose anil said:
"I understand the senator to say that
if a majority refuses to compromise
with a minority the bill ought not to
Mr. liutler And I repeat it.
Mr. Hill I take Issue with the sen
ator. Mr. Duller I repeat it, anil have no
apologies to make for it. Nine-tenths
of the measures which become law in
this country aro the lesiilts of com
promise. Mr. Hill My position is that under
our form of govei iiiueut the minority
has a right to express its views, mid
has a right to emlcavoi to impress
them upon the majority. If the m.i
jorlty iccognles this views of the
mluoritv, It has a right to do so Hut
I cannot liiid anything in the constitu
tion of the I'liited Mates which says
that u minority of senators can pats a
Mr. Duller Nor I, Mr. I'icsideut. I
have made no such statement, I have
not slated that u mlnoi ity can pass u
Mr. l'alincr Can I. as a senator
from the state of liliiioN, be allowed
to vote for repeal of tho Sherman law'.'
Mr. liutler The senator can an
swer that question for himself.' I
do not control his vote lie has the
right to vote whenever the opportuni
ty Is offered.
Mr. l'lilmer When can I have, the
Mr. Dutler When debate closes
Mr. I 'ulnier In all discussions the
minority has the right in good faith
to exercise the right of free debate,
but I deny the right of the minority
to discuss for the purpos.i of delay.
Mr. liutler Nobody claims that
Who is to determine whether 1 am
now speaking for obstruction or not'.'
Mr. I'nlmer First, tho senator him
self; .second, the majority of this body
As there had been frequent out-but-kts
of applausu nil through the
discussion between Mr Duller and
Messrs. Hill and 1'almer the attention
of tho vico president was called to
this last infraction of good order and
the vice president seriously warned
tho visitors that he would ordei the
galleries cleared if the disorder were
iigalu icpcateil.
Thereupon a well-dressed man n
otio of llic galleries loudly declared
that as he had been a conspicuous
iilTender he would withdraw, which
lie did without trouble,
Mr. Dut'er lesttmed tho floor; ills
tdnlmcd tho idea that any of the
plaudits of the galleries wore intended
for him, nnd intimated that the gal
leries had been packed for the benefit
of tho senator from Now York Con
tinning, Mr. Duller drew a ludicrous
picture of Mr. Mills and Mr Sherman
joining in a cudial, loving, voluptuous
M the close of Mr. Duller' speech,
which was delivered with much dra
matic r.iTeet and to. nn admiring audi
ence, Mr. Teller's motion to amend
the journal was withdrawn. Tho
journal of .Monday was then un
proved, and the repeal bill was laid
before tho senate.
Mr. I'effer addressed tho senate in
continuation of the speech begun last
week, but ho did not finish it, and at
ft p. tu. tho senate took a recess until
10 a. in. to-day.
j'lim.iu ki:vi:m)k ami i:m':nsi'.
A Stiitfiineut MiairhiK III lUtlunIci uf
lliu Truiiiirjr lli"rliiirnl hulniiillrij.
Wamh.no io. Oct i I Senator Me
Vhcison, for the senate couimiUo. i on
coinage, presented a statement from
the secretary of the treasury fallowing
that the estimated receipts of the
public revenues a submitted to
a'lie last congress for thu pros
-ent llscnl year was SJO.i.OOu.ihK),
not including the postal service, and
estimated expenditures, n'&o including
the poital M.'1-vico, to be !307,OM,Out,
showing an estimated excess of re
ceipts of S3 2, 000, OOd for the year. The
estimate show nvernge monthly re
ceipts of W.l.T.IO.ooo nnd average ex
penditure of S3!, 000,000. The actual
receipts so far during tho year do not
reach the estimate by over 87.000,000
per month. This maues u deficit for
the llrst fiscal quarter of 821, '-Ml, 000.
as compared with the corresponding
qunrter of last year. Should the
actual receipts cont nuts for the year
as for the llrst qunrter, they would
fall below the estimate, to the" amount
of M7,IS2,3Sti.
Tho actual expenditures for tho
llrst quarter have amounted to S3.1,
810,700 per month, or tl.7.1 1,37.1 in ex
cess of the estimate, and would, sup
) sing these rcceiptsand expenditures
continue us for the first months, show
an excess of expenditures over actual
tecelpis of 870,118,83. The receipts
of the treasury for the six months,
preceding the commencement of the
present liscal year, were an average
ratoof S3l,47H,7'JI, and if the condi
tions then existing had continued :i
deficit would have been itverted, or nt
most would have been cry s nail,
since the receipts would have been In
creased for the year by $00,230.0.0
over the present indications.
He attributes tho falling off to finan
cial disturbances. He says a careful
Inspection of the figures will show the
detlclt is due to tho falling off in the
revenues. '-It Is apparent," ho said,
"that should the present conditions
continue for any considerable length
of time, deficiencies are likolv to occur
I which should either be averted or met
by ap, ropriato legislation With tho
small working balance in the treasury,
should there be no increase in receipts
for the remainder of the year and no
reduction of expenditures, thero may
be contemplated a deficit at the end
of the year of S10.000.00J In the rev
enues or over 88),OOJ.OOO with refer
ence to the estimates.
t'oM'i;ititi:n with ruti.isi.i:.
The MciTlng Ciniiiiilttru Still Working
on .- C"iiiiruinUi .Mem ii re
Washington, Oct. 20 Senators
(ionium, Hansom, White, Cockroll,
Vilas, Cray, Walthall and Dlnckburn,
the committee appointed to wait on
Secretory Carlisle an. I tj submit to
him propositions looking to a compro
mise, remained in "executive session"
with him at the treasury department
from 3 o'clock until 4:30.
Senators Camden, Harris and .Jones,
of Aikansas, subsequently held n long
consultation u ith Mr. Cockroll. So
far as could bj asceitaincd nothing
definite had been accomplished.
The belief exists in the mind of tho
caucus committee that the administra
tion will concede a repeal, to take
effect at si Inline date, and that was
one of Iho contentions discussed for
some time. The repeal men want the
time llxed for .1 unitary or, at tho latest,
July I. Isti.1, while tho m ire conserva
tive silver m.'it want it to extend to
January I, 1 still, as llxed in Mr. Quay's
proposed amendment.
The cxtiemisls Insist that repeal
shall not lake effect until after tho
close of this :idmiuUtr:i)n, the
amount of silver purchases being re
duced in the meantime to 2,000,000
each mouth
A representative Southern senator
said that if they could got nothing
better they would accept July 1, IS'JI.
The statement had been made, ho
said, that the administration would
favor silver legislation If this bill had
been rope tied and Democratic tepcal
crs had expressed their intention to
assist In enacting such legislation.
Willi the acceptance of a compro
mise the agitation would not end. lie
thought within five days after the
passage of this bill, two score of finan
cial measures would bo Introduced
and before spring congress would be
in the midst of u discussion on Iho
subject that would bo continued until
tho next elections, all the tunc in
Cleaning tho trouble attending settle
ment, and bringing about a condition
Iraardiuis- to the Democratic parly.
in nn; uoi'si:.
Mr. I lymi ot OUI.iliinu i, Crltlclui the
liilrilur l)ri.irlinuiit.
Wasiiimiiox, Oct. 20. Ju the house
Mr. Oiithwaite, from the committee
on rules, teported a special oritur for
the consideration of thu bankruptcy
bill beginning next Monday, 'lit 2
o'clock and continuing every day
thereafter until disposed of. The
rulo does not provide for closure
Mr. Wheeler, from tho committee
on territories, called up a bill u-quir-ing
railroad companies which have
been granted right-of-way through
Icrtitorial lauds of Iho I'mted States,
to maintain stations sit all town sites
established by tho interloi depart
ment Mr. Fly mi of Oklahoma criticise I
the coin so of the interior ilepartmeit.
"The whltD Indians" had been allowed
to steal the original i.iilroul sites and
now the Interior department wanted
to force, the railroads to establish de
pots ut tho government sites lie bo
ileved thoy ought to have stations,
but the government should not under
take to annihilate other towns by re
fusing postal facilities. Thu morning
hour expired ponding action on the
Consideration of the printing l It
was then resumed, but was suspended
at 2 o'clock, when tf a previous order
the house proceeded to jwy its tribute
to thu moiiioiy of the late lEuprcseuta
tivc Mtllelilur of I'cnnsylvuiiia.
Klllml at :i I) luce.
Hvansvii.i.k, I (til., Oot. 20 Word
has reached here of a fatal and bloody
riot at Dixon, ICy., during a negro
ihiuce, the iilfairarislng over a hand
some young negress nnd thu atten
tions paid her by men In ullc ndcurc.
One of the negroes took timiiragu
upon arriving and whipped out a k
volvet and began to shoo'. This was
a signal for a nut in whl h over sity
shots weru II reel. A while boy, n
inero ttidookojtfcvns killed, as also a
liogro Four M0 live others were in
jured. Ten arrests of the principals
have been made white two of the
gullly ones escaped
llor.nl AMii'linl With Nptr UliMir,
Nkvaii. Mo., Oct, 20. Mltn a
number of horses have died in Virgil
township, this county, recently, and
many others tire si k, of a new
disease "caused from eallng i-hin.
bugs and worm eaten corn Tho
disease Is spreading and Id generally
Hut tin- Sporli mill tlllmr AVcll-l'mteil
lN'opln Sml t'p ii lllg lliirun l.iitsh
mill Mir lt' All "i Itluir lor I'u Illi
cit l'urpoii-A (,'hiuley Mltt'Ii-t-ll
l'rrtemli to lie ltcnl
Mml About It.
Xkw York, Ost- SO. Mayor Doody
oT Drooklyu yesterday gnve It out
tint ho would not permit thu , rlzo
ught between JimCorbett and Charley
.Mitchell to take place ut Coney Island.
District Attorney Uidgewny Is also
roporte 1 to have said the olfcring of
si purse by tho Coney Island Athletic
club was more or le,s u bluff to II n
out how the people of Drooklyu and
Kings cointv would stand It, and
that tho tolerance of u prl.o light,
that Is, an iuternation il prizefight,
would never be considered
The sporting men of New York
don't actually laugh out loud ut these
"campaign documents," but some of
them do say that the bluff Is on tho
part of the politicians. Some go far
onough to udd that, us soon as the
o CL'llou is over, the status of the Cor-bett-Mltehell
bout wt.l be as It was
a day ago, that Is. it will go on If
Johnny MeKane. the boss of (irave--M-iid,
says It may. Others Insist that
inventor Flower, who stopped hexing
in liutfalo, must, to be consistent, make
these sluggers go elsewhete than in
this statu to slug.
Sheriff Courtney, when asked if it
was true that the fight would not
Hike place, said: "No; there will bo
no tight. Wuat Mayor Doody says Is
perfectly true, and the 11,'ht can not
come off."
l'n-irtiii no, Tu., Oct. 20. Charley
Mitchell, who Is now In this city, was
very angry when informed tint Mayor
Doody ol Drooklyu had decided that
the fight between Corbutt and himself
could not take place at Coney Island.
It was the Hist definite intimation
that the hnglish pugilist had received
of the intended interference by the
Itrooltlyn authorities, and at once
launched out into a bitter denuueia
i ion of the New York ministers, who
he claimed were responsible for Mayor
Doody's action. He said thoy did not
know the diiferenco between n pri.o
light and n boxing match, and they
would do w-i 11 to attend to their own
business. No attempt was made to
stop small fights, ho added, but an in
ternational affair gave the preachers
an opportunity to gjt a little cheap
Mitche'll then declared that the fight
would have to coino off. Tho money
was up, nnd if ho could not fight lit
this country he would insist upon
settling the matter In Mexico or Cuba,
under London pri.e-rlng rules on the
turf, for the original stakes.
orhctt lntrrvleun I.
Asill'UY I'.VllK, N. J., Oct 20 Pug
ilist James J. Corbelt last evening re
ceived word that tho Kings county
ntlicials at a spec! I meeting had de
cided to stop the proposed light be
tween himself and Mitchell at the
Coney lslan I Athletic club. When
teen Corbett said that ho proposed
going on with his dally training and
if the tight did not come off it would
bo no fault of his Corbett refused to
say whether he would ign to light
before anv other club.
Mill stop Hoi right tu l.onliluiin,
Nl:W OlII.KAN'M, Li.. ,OcL SO, Cov
ernor Foster in au interview on tho
subject of the deposing of i rUo fight
ing in this state, said ho would tako
steps to prevent there being held here
In his opinion there is not any great
likelihood of the Mltchell-Corbetl or
other events taking place here. Should
tlfero be, however, ho will nt i neo
UiUe steps whereby such attempts will
bo thwurted.
I'atnlly Itratmi mill ItoliheJ.
Osaok Citv, Kan., Oct, JO. A man
named KJmonson. who stopped in tho
city on his way from Wichita to Ne
braska City, was found lying in tho
eastern part of town, ncara low joint,
in an unconscious condition. Me,hail
been us-niiltod. knocked down and
badly bru'sed about the head and faco
and robbed of S700 The weapon used
was a fence picket. The victim had
been .dragged nearly 200 feet from
where ho was assaulted and thero IcfL
llo was removed to the hotel and now
lies In a crl leal condition. There is
no clue to his as.ailants. 3
On it l.onj; Wiillc.
Wichita. Kan . OeL 19. Koogol.
Meyer, Mollis an I Jaeobi . tho four
(icrmau pedestrians, who have con
tracted to walk from Now York to
San Francisco in 171 days for a wager
of Sl.000 arrive I h -re last n'ght thirty
three dajs ahead of time, considering
the lime allotted for the distance.
They uru in good trl n. They are
walking without luing allowed any
money except what they aro given
along the rotito by sympithi.crs.
II iz Hi C.iilcU rtiiiUliKil.
A.nx woi.is. Mil .Oct to. Thecour'.
martial now in session nt tho naval
academy has found verdicts In three
of tho cas -s of hazing under iriul.
Cadets David F Doyd. Jr, William
J offer and William C Leahy woro
found guilty as charged and recom
mended to dismissal Tho superin
teuduiit su-t Doyd nnd J offers to one
month's imprisonment on board tin
Siintee, nnd Ho demerits, and allowed
Leahy to go iinpun she.l.
Ill ikeil Willi spunce.
SviiAci-hK, N. Y. Oct. 20. Patrick
Knnaley of Jordan died on the opera
ting tablo at St Joseph's hospital
I iiiib ji-niLTimy, uui irotn Hie Mirjjuuu a
knife, but b.- bolng ohokod to death
I by a sponge, which was being used by
. an assistant to keep the mucus fro n
I Kanaley's throat Tho man died It
great agony
An Agrrriuetit of Srpunitlon lletwrrn
llilihiuil hiiiI Wilis
Nkvada, Mo i Oct. 20 - A queer doc
ument was filed In the county re
corder's olllce here yesterday. It Is
tin agreement, of separation between
William M. Sterling nnd his wife An
nie Ij. Sterling, prominent and well-to-do
people of Wnrrensburg, Johnson
county. This step was taken because,
the document bttites, "of irreconcila
ble differences" existing between the
pnrtles thereto. Dv agreement u di
vision of property is made, and the
mother has charge of their little
daughter, for whose education and
support the father obligates himself.
The separation was made in this man
ner in ortler tonvnld the divorce oourt.
Ilia llrputjr Mlultter or tin Interior
Ma; lln Hiot ni n Irnlior.
Ni:w Yoiik, Oct m The World's
I'llbama special says: Haytl's deputy
minister of the inturlor. It Is observed,
was connected with the plot to over
throw the government Ho has been
imprisoned and will probably be shot
a-i a traitor.
Thero Is profound popular excite
ment over the renewal of the question
of ceding the Molo St, Nicholas to the
United States, whtolt it is said Hippo
lyte secretly favored, but dared not
openly accept Ktiowludgo of this is
thought to be the ociusc of the con
spiracy just dlsccvered
lime I'lrcil ui ltlo Ariiln.
Nkw Yoiik, Oct4 20. A Dnenos
Ayres special says: A telegram to the
minister of foreign affairs announces
that Hlo was again '.wider tire all day.
The Insurgent flee' began shelling
the city early this morning and eon
tinned ujilil nightfall All tin- forts
in the harbor and ships and laud forces
were engaged in tho fluht. Oreat
damage was canst Thousands of
people fled nnd lonjht refuge in the
adjoining town. "
i: nrncd hy "HiIIb I'upi.
LiTTi.i; Dock, Ark.. Oct 2J. A cot
ton gin belonging to J. II. Medloek.
five miles south of Stephens, Ark., to
gether with a small q-iantity of cotton
was burned to the gnund last night
The flro is supposed be the work of
White Cups. A Whit Cap notice has
been posted on the gin of J M. Muiiii
of I'oddaw. Ark , warning him to shut
down under penalty of the torch
Itmraril lor Cloon's lloily.
Foiit Scoir, Km... Oct. 20. The
lodges of Odd fellow , Modern Wood
men nnd ICulghts f ii'onor to which
(leoro Klockson belot ged, yesterday
offered a joint rewind of 81.10 for his
body, lie disappearc-ii n Kansas Citv
on the 21'itli tiiLnd Wfuy 'believe ho
was murdered and robbed.
To 1'urrhunH Viiiiki IikI ii I.ainti.
WAsnixciro.V, Oct. 20. Commission
ers will be appointed to confer with
the Yuma Indians for the purpose of
purchasing part of their reservation
and opening It to whiti settlement.
These lands aro very fertile and lie in
Arizona along the Southern California
Klltllllll tllfl Sllltll l'ft.
Fi.okknci:, Kan , Oot 20. Itobcrt
Citilnney, a former employe of the
Santa Fe railroad, was arrested at this
plaeo yesterday for stealing merchan
dise from freight cars here. When
arrested (iuluney tnude n full confes
sion and has implicate! two or three
Henry Mrr' Conviction Certain.
Four Smith, Ark, Ot 20 Tho
state yesterday closed the presentation
of its case against Henry Starr, the
noted bandit, forthetiiurderof Deputy
Marshal Wilson. A strong case was
mndu out and it is almost certain that
Starr will bo convicted and sentenced
to death.
CIiim r.ictorlr lietmiin Work,
Ml'NClK. Ind , Oct 20 The Marlng,
Hart &. Overs window glass factories
and tho Whitely harvesting machine
works, employing 1..100 men. huve re
sumed. Hall Dros.' glass factories
ntid the White Diver steel mills, em
ploying 1.00J men. will resttino Mon
day, ('nine 'loo l,atr.
iNHlAN'Aroi.i, I mi., Oct 20. The
Dov. I'etlt, tho wife murderer, was
grunted a now trial yesterday by tho
t.upromo court He was sentenced to
tho penitentiary for life and died thero
yesterday before he heard of tho
court's decision.
Dentil of .lln. I'leklln.
Coi.t'jliiIAt Mo., Oct 20. Mrs. Don
elope Ficklin, widow of the famous
l'rofessor Joseph Ficklin, died horo
yesteiday, aged .1(1 years. Ilur hus
band was known as the La l'laco of
the West
Dr. Oravos' body was interred in tho
Wtist Thompson cemetery, nour I'm
nam, Conn , Thursday.
rcat uneasiness Is be'ng caused at
the Dine Uidgo agency by the Humor
ous renegade Indians in tho vicinity.
Two men u-m-o irllliwl nn,l fit... t.tt
, jurcd, and of them fatally, by a trench
I ..I .1 l - .!. II...' . . ...
I ni. iiic nuiioui me iioiuesieati meet
...x.t.n.. .. .. ... III... I t.. f
..!. ij,iuj au i iiisiiuif cilvillL' III.
A l'lillmau car on tlu Texas nnd
I'aeltlo railroad was raided by a thief
Wednesday night .1. T. Dargau of
Dallas lost 81(5,000 during tho raid.
The officials of tho American K-
Press comnanv nmv nilinlt flint u l.it-ff...
I sum of money was stolen In transit
between Now York and St Louis and
I say that they are on lite track of the
K"iuy panics.
It is proposed in I'arls tonwnoa
boulevard after the admiral of the
ltiibsi.ni fleet visiting there, also to
iiatno the next cruiser, to be launched
on tho 27th, cither the Tzar or Itusse.
Tho Iron Trade Itevlew assertb that
the uncertainty of tariff legislation is
blowly paralyziug the Iron and steel
industry, though many firms with
special advantage have hitherto held
It has not yet been settled whether
0 state funeral wilt be givrn Uounod,
tho composer Tho deaths of Mo
Jlahon an 1 Uounod seem to have lit
tle imprcjslon on the French people
I tiu mi'uuH.ui mo iiiiaiuiiiou ai pres
ent foi the visiting Uusslaus.
Iv-nlrerlor of Hie Mint I:. (), I.erch on
Hie "SMmi- Oiirntlon, n ltilxtil to
Hie iiirrliiHon uf Unlit" tinmen
White on tin I. liiMlo Ciirrrnry
'1 he l.iiilo In Anttriitl.i
mill Hie I'ulti-il stutc,.
Cnictoo. Oct SO. The bankers of
America devoted tho session nt their
convention yesterday lo heat lug
papers on the financial situation by
t'oti'd men, who have given monetary
pioblems deep thought, and to discus
ion of the ideas advanced.
F. O Lcooh, ex d. rector of the
I'nited Suite mint, now u Now York
hanker, rend ti paper on "The Silver
ittcsliou, as Kclaled to tlu Apprecia
tion of Hold." In It he said:
lie must be blind Indeed who falls
to see that tho distrust, which was tho
main feala.oof the ivcout panic, has
its birth in tho silver policy of this
country. Nothing short of n radical
roveral of this p.) ley will restore con
fidence and attract foreign Invest
ment. All foreign invest irs nnd the
great mass of our own business peo
ple b.Mleve it is not pjlblo for this
ouptrv to absorb into Its eurren a
depreciated and depreciating metal
without resulting in placing our inon
etat'3 system on a silver basis, where
our paper dollor will represent only
a promiso to pay n silvv-r dollar. This
is the logical, practical business
icason for tho distrust which has been
created, and it Is equally logical to
sny it will not disappear until the
present system shall have bean done
away with.
'Tlie 1'anlc in Australia and the
Flitted States" was tho subject dis
cussed bv Joseph C. Ilendrix of New
York lie drew a picture of the rush
of British capital into Australia and
tho collapse which followed tho period
of -'financial intoxication " Of
America ho declared that the Bland
act, followed by the Sherman act,
with a free coinage party never idle
in congress, drove aw.iy tho foreign
capital that Australia had since
squandered, nnd this distrust of
F.urope in America's ability to
keep upon a gold basts came so vividly
home w hen tho free gold In the treas
ury foil below tlu pjint of fixed re
serve that the American people caught
the infection of distrust Kvery sl(fn
pointed to a steady drain, and tho
Liiropcan holders of iocurities to the
extent of probably a thousand mil
lions had the gold supply at their
mercy. Do declared that 'Kansas led
the list In the number of f lilurcs con
sequent on the flurry. He lauded the
banks of tho Fast for their course dur
ing the trouble, but declared that
laws should bo enacted which would
provide for prompt action in emer
gency. Inclosing, ho said'
The essential soundness of com
mercial -i nait'ons In thlb country
has been so ilemoustrat ul, that as
Dngl slimeii vio'w the Argentine and
tho Australian collapses, they will bo
disposed to u wait with impatience an
opportunity to come back lo us with
their surplus capitil. That hour will
strike when our national finances aro
Inline with tlu experience of all
civili.cd nations Tho stinging lesson
of the panic of HOI Is an old one. It
is simply that "honesty Is the best
Horace White of New York gave a
history of money from the c trly ages
to tho present day, tind continuing
said: .
Dttt the point I wish to illustrate is
that the check on a bank or private
individual's acceptance, or a certifi
cate of deposit in u n insurance com
pany, or any kind of shin plaster, will
perform nil the functions of a bank
nolo if the public have tho same con
fidence In the issuer. Th ro .s no dif
ference between tho check and tho
bank note us regards their
Inttinslc nattir- tind iharactcr.
A perfectly elastic currency would
bo one which should rise and fall in
vnltimo uui pastt with the quantity of
sugar, flour find cloth and other com
modities s.okinsr to bo exchanged for
the other. It is easy to sco that the
cheek system is automatic and elastic
and that It accommodates itself to the
volume of business at one time us well
as another. It Is not quite so easy to
seo that the bank note syhtem may bo
made automatic and elastic In tho
sumo way. Now our problem is to de
vise a system where tho bank noto
shall be eliutie a tho chock and In
like manner make bartor a solcuco.
Most o' the misfortunes that have
overtaken banks In this country have
resulted from loans to speculators,
such n udvan es to railway builders,
to real estate owners and the like.
The requisites of an elastic currency
nro, tlrt, that there must hi no limit
set upon it except tho demands for In
struments with which to exchange
the coiuum ib!e products and materi
als moving through the country Mich
as have been Imported from foreign
countries Second, it must lie issuable
at once as the demand for it arrises,
without waiting for somebody else to
do something eUo and without expend
ing more money In preparing for it
than Is fa'rly obtained.
Thu sp-'akcr then oplained nnd ad
vocated the Scotch bvsteiu of bunking
and issuing bunk notc as tho bost yet
Other papers were read by ficorge
li Lciirhto.t of St. Louis on "Th
Need of a Comprehensive Currency
Itofonn," and Jamas II. Tripp of Mar-
iitlion. N. Y.. 01 '!. tho Xatlonal
llunliins,' Ssystcin of any lleneflt to the
Country, anil Should It be 1'rcserved
and rerpetuatad.1''
Knciiieer Klllml an-l Ilmkainmi Injured.
Sa i.i.n a. Kan., Oct i?a A freight
enjjino on the Union l'ftclflc railway
jumped tho truck at Ilavaria at mid
night, and the heavy freight cars piled
upon it, Hnginccr Frank Schuyler
was insiuuuy uiiiuu una uraneinrin
j u frait may not recover
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