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i fn
"I used to spend 00 cents a day for cigars," said a
Guthrie business man the other day. "Finally I decided
to cut off the habit, A harniy thoufiht struck me. I went
to the Capitol National Balfk and got a
Every time I feit like smoking I pulled a dime from
my pocket, and dropped it in the bank. That was five
months ago. Do you know I bave quit smoking and have
?72.00 with interest to show for it at the Capitol National."
You can open an account in the name of your child,
grand child, wife, or any relative or friend, for that mat
ter, and the bank vou receive from us will make an excel -
lent present. Any amount from 1 up secures a bank.
C. E. Billingsley, Pres. G. A. Nelson, Cashier.
R. S. Briggs, Asst Cashier.
We eJUow Interest at the rate of 4 per cent
per annum
Open Daily from 9 a. m. to 4 p. m.
Capital and Surplus
Uver a Million
Local Happenings of City and Terri
tory Briefly Told.
Tho jartae looked down upon tho bum;
bum looked t the floor;
"flxty djs", was softly wild;
Swiftly out tho bum was lod,
Tho hurry wagon wont ahead as bang
ed tho wagon door.
Tho Judge looked down upon the man
ran tho giant trust
Units Isn't omnibus
Flat ost Amerluuu
Tho law is never generous and man it
never Just
Detroit News.
Bartlasvlllo contemplates changing
Its nnmo to Botidlriot In honor of the
famous Cherokee Indian statesman
who foresaw tho disruption of all trib
al relations. If any changg Is made It
ought to. ue in honor of tho man who
first illbc'dverod oil at that city:
Quthrlo now designates lior railroads
by numbers. She la- aftor number
eight right now. Wlqhlta Eagle.
The Baptist church congregation fir
Kufaula refused to accept the resigna
tion of the Uov F. A. Hill, and he will
continue his pastorate.
The brotherhood of locomotive fire
men lodge at Halleyville will give a
picnic at Tishomingo, ,i "1 and 4.
The territory's editor iasH many
com p! I in oil t a on the wav Muskogee
entertained the Preats association
The Chickasaw people, as a nation,
aro probably the richest people in the
Gnymon Herald: Ronton. In the
northwest corner of Reaver county.
Is one of tho prettiest towns In all of
Oklahoma, contains a number of neat
brick buildings and Its location Is de
cidedly picturesque. That part of
Heaver county Is In the foothills of the
-Roky mountains and the mesas, hills
and dells lend enchantment to tho
Ask your doctor about Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral for colds, coughs, croup, asthma,
j bronchitis, consumption. He knows.!
gs Bank
- - $130,000 M
on deposit w
JjJ. Kennedy, of Guthrlo has appliod
for the position of local oil Inspector.
Dr. E. N,, Parker of Colllnsvlllo, bo
came HUddonly Insane last wook, lock
ed himself up in a house and riddled
tho colling with his six shootor he
ro ro ho could bo takon Into custody.
A Chicago clock salesman named
Bell committed suicide In Marshall
Thursday. He had been out on a
Tho Unitod Confedorato Veterans of
tho Indian territory will moot at Du
rant July 2, 3 and 4.
Broken Arrow lis given notlco that
It will bo Incorporated. Tho townslto
contains about 200 aores.
Joseph Fato, a farmer near Eufaula,
plowed up a cannon ball In his fleld.
Chccotah will hold a big agricul
tural fair this season.
Tho Frisco will build a $100,000 ho
tpl at Sulphur. I. T. As that town Is
located on a reservation u now de
velops that about BOO families will bo
compolled to move about half a mile.
Cordell has voted 125,000 In bonds
for water works.
El Bono Is the newest tpwn with a
canning factory proposition.
The Wichita mountain mining ex
cltement Is breaking out afresh.
There Is talk of telephone connec
tion between Stratford and other Beav
er county points.
Thirteen hundred government bene
ficiaries at the Darlington agency drew
$8 to $100 apiece Monday.
Holdonville Is mourning the loss of
its opera house which was recently
Ada aspired to bo a city of the seo
ond class, and is taking a "census to
show that she has 2,500 population.
After marriage the thermometer of
lovo registers a constantly falling
Local Happenings of City and Terri
tory Briefly T8ld.
A Stroud man went duck hunting
'and caught 200 pounds of catfish.
National party of the Cherokees will
holdlts eon vent Ion on May 11 at Big
Tucker's spring to nominate a chief
and assistant chief. The same party
will bold a convention at Yellow
Spring on May 25. to nominate two
senators and seven councillors.
A postofflce lis been established at
Fonda, Dewey county, with James A.
Benjamin as postmaster.
Memphis capitalists have decided to
erect a large cotton oil mill and com
press in Holdonville. The plant will
bo built this season. It will bo one of
tho largost In the Indian territory.
Muskogee has a population of 7.240,
nccording to a census just taken und
er the direction of the federal court.
The census had to be taken. In order
to legalise a water works bond issue.
Seven rural delivery routes running
out of Kingfisher have been approved
and petitions are being circulated for
three more.
Tho normal department of tho Alva
school has now In attendauco 108 more
students than nt tho same Unie last
year, and Inst yonr broko all records.
The total for this term is B8S.'
A raco riot Is on at Beggs, I. T., and
tho houses of negroes have been dyn
amited. Major Starr, of the United States
regular army, arrived here to"y and
will inspect company K tonight. Enid
It Is satd that George W. Miller, of
tho 101 ranch, who died last Satlrday,
carried betwee $30,000 ad ?40.p00 life
Tho citizens of Norman have-begun
preparations for tho entertainment of
dologatos and visitors to tho annual
encampment of tho Grpnd Army of
, tho Republic to bo held there Mny 10,
!20 and 21.
The territorial board of commis
sioners of tne St. Louis exposition Is
rccoivlngr many applications for em
ployment, and the board gives It out
publicly that thoro Is no uso to apply
for placos for a year yet.
The fourth day of tho Wlnflold
Chautauqua assembly, Friday, Juno 10,
will be Oklahoma day. Tho governor
of Oklahoma has been invited to bo
present and tho governor of Kanejs
toyelcome him to tho state.
Governor Ferguson bought a brand
new suit to attend tho dedication In
St. Louis. It is sky blue.
A special Uond election has been
called for Groor cotinty on tho proposi
tion to orect a court house at Man
gum. The Interior Apartment has .ruled
that tho Cherokees may lease lands
for agricultural purposes for a period
of five years or less.
Dally K, O. Star and Times sub
scribers who do not get tholr paper
as usual, please notify' Olark Field.
Agoncy has been changed. Qlark
Field, local agent, office Field and
There's nothing better In creation
Than Llttlo Early Risers, the famous
Httje pills
They always effect a cure and savt
doctor bills.
Llttld Early Risers are different from
all oth$r pills. - They do not weaken
the system, but aqt as a tonic to the
tissues by arousing secretions and re
storing the llvor to the full perform
ance of its functions naturally.
J. N. Wallace.
The Interstate commerce commis
sion fssuod a bulletin on railroad avoi
dants for the three months ended De
cember 81, 1902. It shows that during
that period In train accidents 20S per
sons wore killed and 2.78S Injured. Ac
cidents of othor kinds, including
thoao sustained by omployeos whllo
at work, and by passengers la gottlng
on and off cars, etc., bring tho total
number of casualties up to 938 killed
and 11.87C Injured. The damage to
cars and engines and roadbed by these
accidents amounted to flMGG.OSG.
A Missouri hshorman called to a re-
nortor today. "I've got the best ono. I.
ever nao.-- rno reporter, thinking1 on
hass, rushed up to tho Mlssourlan's
buggy. But It wasn't a bass; it was a
I Read What Guthrie Citizens Say.
! Gwt down to th fact of tho matter.
Don't uite a strarigefB word It is
j easier to prove the truthfulness of
i statements made by cltlstms of Guth
irie than endorsements coming from
soma faraway place. Read th fol
lowing: Mr. B. A. Kinnobrew, retired farmer,
of 410 E. Perkins av-, says: "About
"Ix monthB ago -without any apparent
causo I notified a pnlh Just across the
small of my hack. At first it was
moro severe In the morning but by
nnu by It became a constant nagging
nnnoynnco. Other symptoms plainly
showed tttat my kidneys were tho
cause of tho trouble and knowing thW
whan 1 noticed Doan's Kidney Pills
advertisd to ctire kidney complaint
and kidney complaint alone, I want fo
J. N. Wallace's drug storo for a box.
A' fow days' treatment radically dl
posed of tho attack. I will bo only
too pleased to give minuter particu
lars to friends and acquaintances In
Gulhrl'4 who call unon mo personally.
For Balo by all deolors. Price 60
cents. FoBter-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N.
Y , solo agents In the United Stntes.
Remember the name -Donn's ?nd
tak no other.
(From the Atchison Globe.)
An Atchison man tries to make
friends, but uses an ax.
The most becoming spring hat wo
have seen Is being worn by an old
mstd who works down town.
When a woman cries and her hns-1
band is not the cause of aer tears, how ,
indignant he becomes at the one who
We don't think anything equals the
scorn of the hard working woman
when she Is told about physical cul
ture. It Is said of an Atchison man that
when ho recovers from a Flckness, he
thanks God to tho exclusion of paying
his doctor.
It Is very discouraging ot plug news-
papor workers, this success which
comes to those who use tho word
Keep your secret, una you can con
trol It But toll qug person, and your
story will be generally known, with
Spoaklns of a StienuoitB life, Frank!
James, who will bo In Atchison next i
month with a Wild West show, led one '
for 21 years. j
An Atchison woman who recently
called an uUornoy, and said she wanted
a dlvorco. has changed her mind, and
says tho co-respondent Is a low, moan
Aftor a man has called one wo
man "charming-, ho should never ap
ply tho same word to another woman
If he doesn't want hor to gpt blaak to
tho face.
A colored woman recently applied
to Church White, tho poor commission
er, for aid. "Until I am able to dress
as well as your son," said White, "I
will not Issue a requisition to you for
A man who has been married two
yearn, waij looking very gloomy this
morning. After gazing at nothing for
a long tlmo, he said: "Did you ever
think how completely a man 13 done
up after he is married?"
Due Notice is Served.
Duo notice Is hereby servod on the
public gonorally that DeWltt's Witch
Haiol Salvo is tho only salve on the
market that Is made from the pure,
unadulterated witch hazel DeWltt's
Witch Hsl Salve has cured thous
ands o cases of pllos that would not
yield to any other treatment, and
this fact has brought out many worth
less countorfelu. Those persons who
get the genuine DeWltt's Witch Haiel
Salve are novor disappointed, because
it cures.
J, N. Wallace.
Atlanta, Ga.: Eleven true bills
wars today roturned by the t'nlwd
States grand Jury against G. H. Slnja.
tho defaulting clerk of the Capital City
National bank, charging him with the
embezzlement of nearly $100,000 q
the bank's, funds. It is expected thje
case will be set for trial fpr some da,ta
during the early part of May.
Pneumonia Robbed of Its Terrors,
by Foley's Honey and Tar, It stQps
theracking,, tough and h.als ajjd,(
strengwiens, uiq lungs, if taken ju,.
time it will prevent an attack of pnp,
monla. Refuse substitutes. Sole) by
IJ. N. Wallace.
Insurance. Heat IfieUnV
Agent for leading fire insurance
Office: Rear Fan1' of Indian
Territory '
Real Estate,
Notary Fuctu and
Insurance AgonL
L. O. Lytle T. R. Hvans
Attorneys at Law.
Practice In all courts of the Territory
Dawey Building. Guthrie, Okla.
fractico In all courts. Rooms 3, 4, D.
New Adler Eldg.
Phone 681. Uuthno. Okla
Frank Dale, A, G. C. Blerer
Anderson Building, Oklahoma, avenu.
Joseph Wlsby,
Office Is Adler block, south side Ot
lahoma .avenue.
Practice In all Courts of the
116 West Okla. Ave., Guthrie.
I al-o solicit perspective work and
wash drawings from
Dealer in
New & Second Hand Goods
Highest price paid for rub
ber, copper, brass and scrap
iron of all kinds. Wagons sent
to all parts qf the city for stuff.
Ill S. Second St., Guthrie, O.T.
The Huff Studio
Ilii.h-tjrade lboiograptoy-thal U our line
Unexcelled in the cltv artUtir mil Hn
l-'lnUh most elecTU-ntyle raot correct
I lrtcl. execution, tn every retpeet.
Sneclal commercial worktechnical truth
This Studio's views, and Interior anlt
tmsunHinea portrat-anil enlarging true
Done in a manner sure to please you
tn portrait and picture-In views that are
Our work tlafle so doea the price.
Artist and Manager. 0. T.
Attorneys can have briefs print
ed at
in a few 'hours time.
Proofs Read and Revised,
Best Work m&ns hip,
Cheapest R.altes
Vea-e 'buttin' in" the but
ton buir.cs.
P Purposes
Only first class outfit in the
territories. Write for sample
and get prices.
Armantrout Bros.
Guthrie. Okla
ft ICO tlWulrb
ilrlln.) Soft
Itft-H. JUj,
""t tk!fciM ...
. - . . r- it f r ffl
6 cents per lino, unit insertion, 2Vi
cents flffr lino Birch subsequent inser
tion. LOST -Solitaire diamond ring. Liber
al reward if retnrned to lender of
flae. FPR 8ALr
I .,. rt m .,
FOR SALE a Goott main Btreot lot
In Stroud; will pel. for $100. Addreer,
O. K. Garber, care Leader. f
FOR SALE Good second hind blcy
i. Address "W" Leader office.
FOR SALEA second hand stove.
Call at Leader office.
FOR SALE Eight (8) valuable rccl
. "pes for 25 cents. Active persons
can make $25 a week selling tho.w
goods. Among tho recipes are: "How
to make artificial honey;" "How to
make cider without apples;'' "Hcvr
to make maple By rap;" 'How t make
Iw;H "How Jo mako ice cream at
cents a gallon:" "How to make eight
pounds of butter 'from one gallon ef
milk". Address Leonard, caro Leader
WANTED Young nmn to learn teleg.
rnphy and railway business. W K.
Skelton, Sallna, Kas.
WANTED Barber at onco. $10 guur
antee, must be first class, young
man. F. C. Eby, Hutchison, Kas.
MSN Our Illustrated catalogue ex
plains how wo toncn barbor trade
in short time, mailed free. Molor
College, St. Louis, Mo.
FURNISHED house for rent by board
Ing the proprietory Apply 320 rf
WANTED A grnduato from Pea
body college wants a position as
principal In a good public school. For
recommendations write to E. N Lit
tlejohn, 713 S. College street, Nash
ville, Tcnn.
WANTED To know whereabouts ot
C. C. Milton, formerly of Carml. III.
Address L. R. Delanoy, Wichita, Kas.
WANTED A good whlto girl for
house work, small family, call 405
E. Mansur avenue.
NICELY furnished rooms for rent, la
Bitlto or single, Osago Bldg., 119 W
N. Broadway, Oklahoma City, wants
teamstets, $30 and board; laborers,
fl.75 day, $4.00 board, in Texas and
Now Mexico on R. I. Amnrlllo-Tucmn-
cnrl Lino. Contractors, D. J. McDon
ald, Waro & Son, O'Hearn Bros . Jerry
Connolly and Johnson & Duval. Free'
iiu u. HUIUUU3 i,uuur Agency. i
WANTED Several Industrious per
sons In each state to travel for house
established eleven yoars and with a
largo capital, to call upon merchants
and agents for successful and profi
ablo lino. Permanent engagement.
Weekly cash salary of $18 and alt
traveling oxpensos and hotel bills ad
vanced in cash each week. Experi
ence not essential. Mention reference
and enclose self-addressod envelope.
The National, Caxton bldg., Chicago.
FOR SALE One scholarship In Tyler
Literary Normal and Commercial
college, Tyler, Tex. Best In the-
south. For $30 cash. Address Leader.
Good Coffee
.Quick Service
For a first class Porter
house, Shortorder, or a
quick lunch, go to the
Ha.rrison Ave-
Riff age
tons the couh and basis luntff
Royal Bar
Tel. 103.
THe Gentleman's Resort 1 1
The best of Wines, Liq
uors and Cijjars
L. D, Fossett- Prop.

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