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Tonight tin 1 Run lay Mere sins clou diness and probably showers
thrie DiiTY Leader.
l&ll Uii 1 nil bq
The Latter Forced to Abandon Po
sition and Retreat Before the
Irresistible Advance of the Mik
ado Soldiers. .
(By Associated Pfess.l
Seoul, Mny 7. Fighting Is reported
near Feng Warig Cheng, bill neither
Japanese nor Russian advices have
announced a decisive engagement.
.inpaueso residents held services to-
day both In celebration of the victory
on. the Ytlu and In commemoration of?
those who fell In battle.
Russians In 'Retreat.5 '
3t. Petersburg, May 7. (5:30 p. m
According to a persistent rumor
Kuropatlcln has decided not to give
battle at Feng Wang Cheng. The
Ilussians have (alien back and the
Japanese have "ret&ccupted F!ng Wangf
Chen?. a
(6 p. ni.) The Uusslan retreat from
Feng Wang Chens: Is. confirmed. The.)
Japanese pressed
troops, though with
losses to
either side, . ,
The calriVnoss wlth'whlchthe" Hi
Blana accept the Isolation of what al
ways has been regarded as hto Bus
s'jin Gibraltar In the Far East Is re
Vo attempt Is made to bo j
norgy shown by the enemy,
lictlc the energy
but from a strategic point of view the
Investment of the fortress Is regarded j
as relloIng the military situation on
the mainland. Besides, the utmost
confidence Is expressed la tho ability
of the fortress to withstand a siege.
One of Stoessel's orders has been
that the last man must dlo In defense I
of Port Arthur. All valuable docU'
ments have been removed from Port
Arthur to Mukden.
Stoessel's Orlm Determination.
Porf Arthur, May 7. General Stoes
sel has Issued an order to the troops
of his command In which he says:
' Naturally (he enemy will destroy
railway communications and endeav
or to drive our troops back to Port
Arthur and besiege this fortress, Rus
sia's bulwark In the Far East. We
Laj4?E)own bMudge,
. TC
(By Associated Press )
Topeka, Kas May 7. "Tharo will
te no further negotiations with
artiking machinists on the part of the '
Santa Pe, ' said General Manager urt today docldod that the county
Mudge today. attorney has power to compel coal
Notice will be posted on the shops mia opowitnrs to ancwer questions
today to tho eftect that all men who In Inquisition oosofl. The deaUlon
do not report for work Monday need wa .' a suit against Osage county
make no further application. We mW operators brought by OUs Hun
have more men ready to go to work in Bate, cmtntj attorney of Shawnee
the shops than the total number ot "nty. In the Tdueka oqurts last win
machinlets who lmve gone out." ,er- Judge Ilaasen decided that the
Vieo President BuoHalew says he ,nlne ft&9tPra lnust nnsvtor quee-
has reports from his mon showing Utms Pertaining to the fixing of prices
Ihr strike is Beriously affecting en
gines and other rolling stock. Eight
ongines nro said to have "died" at
Newton since the strike began,
Baccalaurate Sermon Sunday.
Tho decree vt Baohelor of Arts will
be oundrred upon the members of ihn
graduatlut,' olas? ot tho Enid ''hfgh
school Hunday morning at 11 o'clock
in a bauealaurate sermon preaohed
W UiBlie. Hale.
President J, E. Freeman, has an
nounced that the Logan County Fruit
Growers' association will meet In the
ropms of the Guthrie Commercial club
on Saturday. May 14, at 2 o'clock In
the afternoon.
talced It
dntlf ' Ihtf " arrival of
ops, whlqh are coming to, relieve
xw. No matter what-happens" ' you
must not ipso your neaas, out remem
bor that everything is possible In war
and that we shall be able, with God's
help, to cope with the arduous task
Imposed upon us." ""
Sham Hal Kwan, China, May 7. An,
officer of a torpedo boat who arrived!
here from Yin Kow today says the
Japanese entrenched themselves and
mounted rapid flroguns after landing
on Liao Tung peninsula. 4
St. Petersburg, May 7. ThS Rus
sian capital has now boon without
llpws from Tort Arthur for almost
retreatIn"gUtVr5ntyfour liours. A telogram fioni
Kiiropitkln says:
Kurokt: army is advnc
thd" ItiiS8TSWpo9ltI6n InfRO) il
Toklo, May 7 C3 p. m.) Vice Ad
miral Togo reports the entrance to
Port A
all vosi
Arthur blocked completely to
oskoIs except small boats. He
ndds that the Japanese have not l03t
a sfnglft.war v6ssol?althvouEh the at-
taok-r$mUsd-ia a considerable loss of
life. f fi ' T
Port Arthur, May 7. Six of tho
onemy'.s cruisers are continually in
sight off Port Arthur,
Manchuria Showing Hostility.
New York, May 7. Signs ot grow
ing hostility against tho Russians
have become evident among the In
habitants ot Manchuria since the Rus
sian reverse on land, says a St. Peters
bur? dispatch. According to a dis
patch from Mukden 100 railway guards
north of Tyndsjatom were attacked
Sunday by brigands. One Russian
was lUIIed and a lieutenant and four
nvm seriously wounded.
Coal Barons Bnoiiffht
"4l W &r '
lLto. Time- bv K
sas Courts
lQy Associated Pre )
Topeka, Kas., May 7. The supreme
of coal as asked by the county at
torney. The mine operators refused
to answer the questions and were
ordered imprisoned for oontempt by
Judge Hasen. They at once applied
for a writ of habeas oorpua and this
was denied today.
Say, did you know Simon Pure Bak
Injj Powder Is the best and purest!
J No better made. Try it. AH first
class grocers sail lu Not made by the
trust, but manufactured by Gilllland's
Powder company, Cameron,
The Williamson. Halsell,
4rr&zler are
the Jobbers. Call for
Simon Pure Baklngr Powder "22 years
a aucces,1
London9 Ccnfidence
In Japanese Compaign
(By Associated Piess.)
London, May 7. Quiet fonfldenco
continues to prevail hero that the
lapnnose In their own good time will
enrry out all their carefully arranged
plan of campaign On Llao Tung pen
Insula, which Is now generally rognrd
ex! as hemp practically In Japaneso
In diplomatic quarters no events are
expected, either in shape of Chlneso
breach of neutrality, or of mediation
of some powor which would Inter
fore with the normal course of war.
Foreign Secretary Lansdowno has re
ceived explicit Information which
Outgrowth of a
Family Feud
(By Associated Pross.)
Austin, Tex., May 7. A Kansas
City Star special saya a sensational
double killing occurred at Lullng to-
day. S. I.. Nixon, member of the authority. It Is believed horo (hat two
state Democratic executive committee otmjr dhlslons ot Japanese troops
und a wealthy planter, shot and killed -wm jan, noar Now chwang and nt
R W. Mnlono and Colonel Veasy.' two tfmint .Intnr rr. flrTnfit a lunr.llnn with
prominent i-ming men. tho killing is
said tf havo grown out of an oicj
family feud. , .
Charge That Two States Purchased
World's Fair Exhibit Fruit Hero. -
Tho Oklahoma board of commission-1
ers to tho World's Fair has evidence
in its possession which. Is alleged to
show that 200 bushels of apples In
the horticultural exhibits of two states
were purchased last fall from Okla
homa growers.
The Oklahoma commissioners will
make no protest unloss awards are
mado on these apples. If that Is done,
Oklahoma will then lay the matter he
fore the officers ot the horticultural
department ot tho Wprld's Fair. It Is
alleged that the shipments of apples
wore traced and that affidavits have
beou secured from the persons In Ok
lahoma who sold the apples.
Territory Brings Action to -'Revoke
Physician's License.
A suit ontltled Terrltpry ot Okla
homa v. Calvin I). Gully ot this city,
to revoke the license of the defend
ant to practice modlcino in the terri
tory was filed In the dlBtrlot court
today. The suit Is brought by Attor
ney General Simons and is in the na
ture of a civil action. The petition
alleges that the defendant obtained
license to practice modloine in Okla
homa on February 8, 1002, by fraud
and deceit, representing to the super
intendent of the board of health that
he was a graduate ot the Independent
and Metropolitan Medioal college or
Chicago, III., whloh Is aleged to be
a "diploma mill" willed would issue
licenses to any person, whether qual
ified to practice tnedioine or not, that
th.' eollego was chartered October 20.
1S00. and that on November 4, two
weeks afterwards. Uie defendant se
cured hU Iloense from the college and
that later the charter of the college
was revoked as the result ot an action
brought by the attorney general of
the stale of Illinois on the ground that
the college was a fraudulent concern
and that It would Issue licenses to in
comjietent persons without any re
quired course of study and without
any regard to qualifications.
The suit, according: to the state
ment of the attorney general. Is
merelv the forerunner of a number of
cases whloh will be filed soon against
other persons who, tt Is alleged, ob
tained licenses to practice medicine in
the territory by fraud",
Several months ago the territorial
board of health attempted to revoke
the license of Dr. Gully and others,
but nothing was ever accomplished
and they have been practicing ever
lends him to the belief that there 18 ud
dancer of the Chinese falling to nltilu
lain strict neutrality.
(At the Japaneso legation It If
thought Russia does not tntend to
Make a vory determined resistance at
lyrt Arthur. The Jnpnnose oniotalt
ho'-e do not count so much oft the
Japanese commander succeeding In
starving out Port Arthur as on tht
Inevitable demoralization which they
bolletc will spread among the already
rather disheartened sailors and sol
diers nt Port Arthur, and which must
necessarily he heightened by constant
sfca bombardment, menace by a land
force and comploto Isolation.
(By Associated Press.)
Shan Hal Kwan May ? (6:30 p.
m.) Reports of the Japanese land
ing on Llao Tung ponlnsula are con
firmed. Tho Japaneso are said to
have disembarkod 10.000 men on both
sides ol tho ponlnsula, on Klnchau
bay, and at PIUowo, and to havo cut
the railroad above Port Arthur. This
report wns brought Into Shan Hal
Kwnni by railroad men who give' the
jitrtslan censor at Yin 'fcow as tliolr
the rirmy from tho YalU.
, ji
O 3
O 9
Charters were Issuod today to tho
following corporations:
Tho Odd Fellows association ot Elk
City, with avcapl(al stock o $1C,0Q0.
The- lncorporaCorsJaro: W. E. Davlg,
W. T. Pace, H. Chadeayne, Dr. W. H.
Watson, C. R. Hlghes. C. H. Copo. L,
Yeager, H. A. Hlxon. W. Hew(tfc H. C.
Winkler, J L Queenan and P. A.
Plnkerton, nil of Elk City.
The CarrIeryMlIl and Elevator Mqr-
cantile company of Carrlor, Garfield
county, with a capital stock ot M0.
000. The Incorporators aro: S. E.
Carrier, Frank Jett, H C. Nelson, J.
F. Tale and Wm. Grltzmakor, all of
Agcjiarter was Issued todavy to the
South. McAlester. -Red River ana
GUlf railroad, with headquarters In
this city. Tho capital stock of" he
corporation Is J2,Q00O0O. Tho purposo
of th-3' company is to construct a Une
of railroad extending from South Mo
Aloster, 1. T., across tho Choctaw na
tion iia, southerly .direction to Hooky
Ford, near (ho R0(1 Rlvor; thence in
a southerly dlroai'ton acrosji the state
of Texas to u point jo b hereafter
selected. , The eeUitfiUed Jength of
the road in Indian territory is SO miles
npii from the Red River across the
state of Texas 400 miles. TJ'e ntl
maUM oost of the road in Intlan ter
rltory is 1.0,00. THie incorpora
tor are: H. II. Klrkpatrtck. W G
Welner and F. H. Kellogg of South
McAlesler; Don C Smith and H. W
Pentecost of Guthrie.
A notarial commission was iscuert
to Orin Ashton of Putnam. Dewey
To Close the Season.
Manager Brooks will present Harry
Corson Clarke with his selept com
pauy of artists, Sunday and and Mon
day nights In Qfte of the funniest com
odiee over written, entitled "His Ab
sent Boy." The metropolitan press of
the country speaks in Uwi higheer
terms of Mr. Clarke and bis company,
so well have a right to expect some
thing (hot will leave a pleasant taste
in our rnoutliB until the soaapn M
again here next 8ep$!mu!(BMjr.
Brooks informs us that this has been
the most prosperous season eiruw Uie
opening of the housy, five years ago.
The Senators returned at Hi 10 on
the Denver. Enid and Oulf train. TJiey
were, accompanied by the "Evangel
ists," the Enid team, whloh goes to
Oklahoma City for a series of games.
Vice Admiral Tago's Official Export
is a Thrilling Recital of the Sue
cessful Blockade of the Harbor;
By Associated Presa.1
Toklo, May 7. (4 p. m.) Vlco Ad
miral Togo's official recital of tho
latest engagement oft Port Arthur,
which wasrecolirod hero today, shows
that- the Japaneso havo blocked tho
entrance to the harbor. On Tuesday
morning, aftor the blockading flotilla
had been scattered by a gale and tho
commander of the flotilla had signal
led In vain that tho attempt bo aban
doned ponding moderation ot the
storm, the crows of the separated
ships, In no wlso damaged by tho
weather which Isolated thorn from
thblr companions, procoodod to work
on their own dosporate inltlatlvo.
Thoy forced tholr way In tho faco
of the Russian fire, which wan moro
deadly than over before as a result of
Improved Russian defences, over a
A Still in
Run Over by South
boqnd Santa Fe
Passenger Train
An Indian, whose name could not
bo learned, was run ovor and kill!
by touth bound Santa Fo passengor
train No. 17, In ohargo ot Conductor
Harry James, at a point one and one
half miles north ot Lawrie at 11:30
o'alock this morning. As tho train
rounded the ourvo at the point near
whero hto accident took placo the
body of tho Indian wus feen tying
across the track his head on tho rail
and ' the body stretched across the
track as it In sound sleep. The train
was traveling at a high rate of speed
and although Engineer James Phillips
attempted to stop the train, the
engine and cars passed ovor the body,
completely severing the hepd from
tliH trunk. The train was stopped as
quickly ns possible and the remains
placed on the train and brought to
the cty The sheriff wan Immediate
ly notified and the mangled remains
vi tic tal en to Patterson's undertaking
ehiat Ushment it Is quite probable
an itnu nt win be held.
Fivl Van Uuyu is able to be out.
Sam Barton Is here from Kansa
I u,ijr ii'iivB wilt bwu u auii ij u.
I on the streets
Itenry Allen, the Ksubss politician,
; was In town this morning ,
! . 7
Admiral Schley will likely be tne
guest of Bishop Meerscbaert while in
the city.
Announcement cards of the Adams
Ora marriage were received in Ut!
city todey
Mrs ("ha. Potul is returning from
Dakota. She writes It Ib too cold
there for Oklahoma.
Volney Hlggenhotham was in town
J today. Volney may decide to enter
the raee for the Democratic nomina
tion for county olerk.
,, v.
Hold of mines. Many of these explod
ed, yet five out of the Japaneso block
adlng ships woro Jammed Into tho In
ner channel and now prevent ogress
from the harbor to all craft except
ing small boats.
Tills attack exceeded all Its prede
cessors In desperation and tho cour
age displayed by tho volunteer crows
Is equal to that shown In any event In
(ho war history of the world.
Although Vico Admiral Togo again
avoided damage to aTalnglo one of his
vessels, tho attack proved to bo ox
pensive In live.
Tho blockrdlng flotilla consisted of
eight stone laden morcbantmonl. They
woro escorted by gunboats.
The blockading vessels and their
escort loft tho main squadron for
Port Arthur on Monday evening.
Grand, Okla., May 7. Shorlft fltnlth
returned today from Reason, this roun
y, with four moonshiners Ezra Mull.
W. If." Oldaker and two sons, whom
ho .arrested yosterdJiy. Ho also locat
ed the still ami seized a halt barrel ot
whisky and several gallons of mash.
One of tho Oltlnkora was captured af
ter seven shots wore aflred. A fifth
membor ot the gang escaped.
Just bow long the still tin been in
operation is not known, but tho sup
position is that, at dlfferont times, It
been In operation for many
Tho ehoriff lias endeavored.
for some time, to locato the ktCi and
get tho guilty onos. Sheriff Smith has
made a strong crusade against tho
violators of the liquor law This la
considered the best capture ever
made In (ho county. It doos away
With a vory troublesome elotnont on
the onHt s(do
"" i.
Another Story of It.
Grand, Okla.' May 7.8hcrlff J U
Smith succedod In nfnktng a suc
cessful rain on 'moonshiners, on Hack
nerry crook, twelve miles hst of
Grand, Inst Friday. There wore five
men in the busjnoss, and tho sheriff
landed four of thorn in the county
bust lie. Those captured are W G
Ohlakera atw1 his two mtyt and Er&
Mull. James Mull escaped, but li la
not thought he will be aiite to remain
In hiding
Th sheriff brought a forty gallon
barr"l. k-gs and the distillery mm
alls to Grand to be exhibited as cil
den or-
Th3 Ol. Inkers and Mulls came from
the mountain region of North Carolina
and It Is probable litey wore taught
the distillery business baok them.
Germans Meet Tomorrow.
The lytgan County German Arm-il
can Vereln WlM hold a special mt
iug in Grraan hall Sunday afternoon
to select fourteen delfigatss to tin in
rjtortal convention to ue held Id tiuth
rie, Sunday, May 22, to form a irri
torlal veretn. They will also arraugn
for the entertainment
A pirnlc is being considered as ono
of the f tat urea of the program
At the present time the local wm m
ha liein notified by many cl thtv
counties of -their Intention to sn1
delegat-H to the territorial conven
lion, and seventy two have already
been selected.
Don't forget the Flower Cantata at
thA Biooka opera house, May 17th,
given by MUs Duncan There will bo
a chorus of sixty votees, and the m
fttrurnental mUlQ trlimS to 8 30 will
be highly entertaining.
. AflAit,jiaA ,

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