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"TtXT f- Jfc.ac
MONDAY, MAY 3, 1904.
No 2 Lamp outran.? J Bo
i cans bye for - Oe
7 bars White Russian soap 3So
4 10c r-kgs Mincemeat. .. . 3Bo
3plcg Sib Oats . S3o
French Peas, per can . aoc
Mushroom. iwr can .. r 30e
J. W. Murray, Proprietor.
Is the Brotxdest Guarantee
that things are always fresh at
our store.
Man' sales going out. means
F csh goods iti stOok daily.'
If you're particular atout
what you eat, and the price you
pav, order your groceries from
Our Always Fresh Supply.
Phone 40
Cor. Harrison ond
Division Street.
Dark Horse
Liable to Upset Denv
ocratic Presidential
Washington, D. C, May 9. "71
Democratic nomination for prosltlom
will be made at St. Louis and not bo
fore tho convontlon moots," said a
prominent Now York Democrat today.
"Tho inon who arc playing this game
are using candidates as tenpins to
knock out one another and keep th
way opon for a dark horse In the con
vention. "A month ago tho old lino Demo
crats who wore not in the confluence
of the managers were fearful that
Mr. oHarst would run away with tho
use Towno to club Parker out of the
race, and Towno can hold the situa
tion for awhile until the players set
ready the real candidate, or are ready
to use some one else to ktiook mm
out and keep tho situation unoertain
until the convention is assembled.
"There will probably be no dele
gates Instructed for the real candl
date of tho convontlon. He will be
a harmony candidate, selected be
cause he has been loyal in the past
and not mixed up in the contost for
the nomination. It may be Gorman
or Gray, or some other man, but It
will not be Parker. It may possibly
be Towns, but not probably. If thoro
Is any chance for a Democratic can
didate. Senator Gorman will try to
take that chance himself, and some of
tho most forceful manipulators of con
ventions will be with Gorman."
How's This?
Wo effor Ono Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Tolodo, O.
Wo. the undersigned, have known
Thero is no danger of F- J- Ohwioy for the last 15 years, and
that. Hearst was nllowod to spend
&hlB monoy and draw the fjro of the
Republicans and tho Independent
Democrats. Tho Belmonts anoV those
who wore working with thorn and
g5gg5aE5S5BMaM5WBM5M5MSMgaSag25gSa3S5gW I looking to them for a campalgnfund
. . m. m had no idea or allowing Hearst to do
d. C. hOSThK Gt UU
Transfer (SL Storage.
Warehose and Stables Opposite Santa Fe Passenger Depot
Phone 601.
If you desire to store household, goods call tip
Phone G01 and we wiil transfer and store them for you,
consign or redeliver on short notice at reasonable rates.
Cok.ll and see us or call up phone 601.
We will be pleased to have your patronage.
nominated. Ho was a good enough
Morgan to keep out Mr. Bryan and
also Mr Cleveland, neither of whom
could possibly unite the party. When
the time came for New York to ox
press a preference tho players' looked
about for a man to check Hearst.
"Mr. Bolmont came to Washington
bollevo him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions, and financially
able to oarry out any obligation aado
by his firm.
Waldlng, Klnnan &. Marvin,
Wholosale Druggists. Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Intern
ally, acting directly upon tho blood
and mucous surfaces of tho system.
Testimonials sent free. Price, 76c per
bottle. Sold by all Druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for const!
to confor with Democratic senators
and representatives. He named Judge Man and Two Boys Dig for it on an
WM5HSEni5KSM2H2H23X2ZHK 2&25H2K512fI2tSKHBHK2ri
Goods Patched. Stored and Shipped to Order.
Phone 20. Of flee and Yards 407-409 W. Kelson
Parker. He was asked by some of the
leaders if ho meant that Parker
should be tho candidate, and ho was
advised. If ho did, to keep Parker In
tho background until tho convention
mot in St. Louis. Ho did not follow
that advice, but united with David B.
Hill to Instruct the New York dologa-
Oklahoma Farm.
Special to Daily Leader.
Newkirk, Okla., May 9. A man and
two boys aro industriously digging
on tho farm of George Fields, near
hero, for a buried treasuro supposed
to amount to between $8,000 and $10,-
tion for Parker. Parker is acloan000. Thoy first secured permission ojjj
and able man, but has no political roc
ord. His nogatlvo rocord and his Ju
dicial dignity might have boon a val
ifablo asset in a political campaign.
Had ho been hold In rosorve.
Parker Used to Check Hearst.
"But ho was put forward to chock
Hearst, and that In ltMlf makes him
impossible as a harmony candldato.
The followers of Bryan and Hoarst
will never support him. Thoy would
aid a third ticket, or even tho Repub
lican ticket, against Parker, in
tion to this, Judgo Parker Is now car
rylng three heavy handicaps
first is David B,
tho ownor of tho farm botore digging
and then told him what they wore
searching for. They would not tell
whore thoy got the Information that
thero was gold buried thero, but gen
erously agreed to glvo fleldB a sharo,
should the search prove successful.
not ono to give assuranco to oven the
Your Confidence and trade
Paints Oilt, Varnishes, Stains,
trusties ana winnow uiass, y conservative wing of the party, and
by c mantly offering yon Roods of $ jparker, being politically-unknown, his
actual merit at all times. $ , Idontity as Dave Hill's cholco Is a
You dont want to paint ail overtjjvory heavy handicap.
aaam n a little while -and you don't A -ma n.i lmn.iinn,
Ladles and Children,
who can nofstand the shocking, strain
of laxative syrups and cathartic pills
nro ospoclally fond of Little Early
Risers. All persons who find It neces
sary to take a liver medicine should
The try those easy pills, and compare the
Hill, whose rocord Is agreoably pleasant and strengthen-
ha e to. if you bay our paints. V
There s long service back of every $
gal'on sold. f
120 E. Oklahoma Ave.
I ' ' n
His next handicap is tho Indorse
ment of Grovor Cleveland, who nasi
for eight years been denounced by
Democrats as a traitor to his party,
and who Is hated throughout " tho
south. The support of Hill and Cleve
land Is a heavy burden for Parker as
a harmony candldato, and tho un
grammatlcal platitudes strung togeth-
i Or as a platform stamp Parker so
ing offect with the nauseating and
weakening conditions following the
use of other romedies. Little Early
Risers euro biliousness, constipation,
sick headache. Jaundico, malaria and
liver troubles. Sold by J. N. Wallace.
Lawyers Will
Ask for an Investlga
by Congress.
Lining up For Nominations For Coun
' ty Offices.
V. H. Johnson will run again la the conipletoly the creature of Hill .that
Third oistrict. though there Is dome ne can navo no identity of his own.
Look Out for Towne.
used Parker's name to se-
tttlk of ex-Commissioner Robert Crow
loy entorlng the race.
' An El RenO "VlSO One" BUggOSlS ,, nnml nf th lllmnv rnntmnllim
Tho Yukon Sun sizes up tho pollt-, theso candidates for mmlssloners": 1 a!l Murphy, the new chief of Tarn
leal situation In Canadian county as First distilct, R. E. Steele; Socondmanv sought to use Cleveland's name,
follows:- Present indications point, to district Bon Wilson; Third district lt w'a8 a ,mo for New York and Hill
mo renonyuajnon'oi i-rouum jiiuB jagn. uarwr, - von. parkor has howled over Hearst.
Thero Is not much talk nbout the atlll- tho queatlbn nowyJs who will b
...v, I,wn,..u.u. v i uo w use,i to bowl over ParKor.
jjtnow, but the present Incumbent wli
doubtless line up for reelection as
soon as the campaign opens in ern-
Pholps, Roitfslor of Deeds Standard,
Shoriff Ozmun and County Superin
tendent Blckfurl.
Pat Kelly and Rouort BroU. both
good west side Democrats, will go
Into tho primary ne candidates for the
nominal Ion for county clerk.
John W. Clark, M. B. Cope. Harry
Lea Fogg and possibly A. M. Baldwin
nnd othors will contest for the nom
ination for county attorney.
John H. RuHUflll, of Yukon, Geo
Hawortli. of Reno, and Geo. D. llli
of OKnrche, will fight It out in the
primary to ee who gets to run for
county treasurer. Geo. DUon. ot
Union, A6 urged to get Into the race,
but declined to do so.
Major Simpson and Judge Lowe, or
El Reno, are being boosted for th
council. Kingfisher county will prob-
"Who will It bo?"
"Look out for Charlos A. Towno.
There are seyeral movos yet to bf
made lief ore the civontlon meets in
July The best man to bowl ova
To Mothers In This Town. Parker Is Charles A. Towne. who left
Children who we delicate, feverish I ,, n,1hiiPnn rtv tn ni.i ti, nm-
... . ... . ... ., . i .,...-. ... ,....-, ... -, j.
nn cross win ge" linmouaie renet ,.. .w rfitr nomt.ai ti
u.."v " k... .... .,.al....a... .
tim Mother Grays Sweet Powders j wouM iav the help of tll0 BrJn
for Cb,ldren. They cleanse the stora- J Dwnoorati, heoauee of. what he did In
ai-ii. ;ic on me hvw, mK.UK a s.cmy 1 1R96 anU J90o, and tie would not be
chid etroog and healthy. A certain j aUso,lc,y QW)Wwi Dy the New York
cure tor orm. Sold by all druUt, .n.,,, i)eCause for four years he
zse stinpie tree. vaaress. Alien a
Olmsted, Le Roy, W Y
New Bank for Blackburn.
Special to Dally Leader.
Blaekburn, Okla., May 9. Mr. V. &.
has been ono of them as a Texas oil
"Towne is now n good Tammany
man, and Tammany has not given up
the fight against Parker. With Tarn
many and Hoarst and Bryan fighting
ably concede the nomination to Cana- Carlatrom. who recently oame here pari,,,. nomination, lt would mean
.linn fmn fir4c.-vlllu 111.. M'llll tbtt tlltAh.l ... ... ... ... .
....... ..;,--'.-" -..., ...... ...- n.. .. irtftrrnin fiarnnr nr trio nniis to nnm
Bpsclal to Daily Leader.
Perry, Okla.. May 9. Tho failure or
tho attempt ol a majority of the mem
bors of tho bar In the coutt district
of Judge Bayard T. Halner to secure
prompt action in Washington In their
demand for his removal will cause
ono of his opponents, possibly a law
yer of Blackwell, to start to Washing
ton In a fow days to make a personal
appeal to President Roosevelt and
Attorney General Knox. This will be
done at the requost of Republican
fawyers who wish to avoid. If possi
ble, a plan that will bo followod.
should unsatisfactory answers be
madu by the proaldont and attorney
ThlB plan contemplatee the publl
ontton in pamphlet form oi' all the
qhargos and affidavits against Judge
Hainor, and their submission to prop
er 'Washington offlolals and members
of the homo and the senate. The
pamphlet will form the basis of a res
olution to bo Introduced next winter,
calling for a congressional investiga
tion in the senate.
S. H. Harris, active In the opposi
tion to Judge Halner. sa;-i publicly
that tho speolal ngent sent to investi
gate tho chargo declines to accept
sworn ovidonce injurious to Halner.
W. M. Bronson. l, C Bronson.
farm Loans, Insurance, Abstracts
Only complete abstracts of ttle in Logan Count j
You pay interest and principal at our office.
Oldest aui largest insurance agency in Oklabcma
Wax kuty service i
Ll Mil MI330Uni, KANSAS l TEXAS nAIU-V.) B
in MWi m S3KU CcnfBrtaSle and Camenljat Trzr-, j
l nmJJiTY DmmG stations.
M, fti!3iAK!JL M"lji Mcdsnte In Pries. &
9Y ?i Uorpaj$sd la Qjailt; 33d Serr!:. Jr
The Missouri Pacific Railway
The favorite line between Kansas City and St. Louis.
Five trains daily each way; first class trains in every
respect, and the fastest time. See that your tickets
The Sure way to Reach your Destination
quickly and with the Greatest Pcgree of Comfort.
Takes you direct lo theHvorld's Fair Grounds.
C. B! Styles, A. G.T. A. E. ,E. IBlaokley, T. P. A.
Kansas City, Mo. Wichita Kansas.
is given the traveling public by the
Derwer, Eric & Gulf R.. R..
Between Enid and Guthrie!
Track as smooth as a ribbon. Equipments, first class.
Cross Connections made with Rock Island and Frisco
Trains at Enid. If you go this way you can rest assured
you could not have gone a better route. : : :
L- --- - t
W havo heard very little gossip tion of starting a bank, has been sue-
about the prospective candidates for . oeestul in forming a banking firm
oommisaloners. it is said that 1' jltli a paid up capital of $10,000.
Ktty. of Union, may be a candidate j The new firm will commence Ute
In the Second district, and we unit" ' erection of n stone building, and they
litaml Mr. Leepor will run if the party extect to be locatod in their new
manliest a doslro foi him to on- building and ready for business by
tinue a commissioner. We presume July 1.
Just ask your doctor all about
It. He will tell you "It is the
dcsc Diooa medicine you can
nMu him for president. And with
Tammany and Hearst and Bryan op
only fighting Parker, and Hill anil
Belmont having won their gamo In
New York by securing the control of
the state machine, If. woujd not bo
dlftloult for Mr. Towno to bowl over
tho Judge and como to tho front as
tho next favorite.
Belmont, Friendly to Towrw.
"Bolmont '"would pot throw etonos
at Townjfc, Hg &ff.ered.,tP p"Jt tqrward
Two million Americans suffer the
torturing pangu of dyspepsia. No
nood to, Burdock Blood Blttors oures.
At any drug store.
is the new train between Kansas City and
umcago. it runs via the new snort line, the
I Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
Electric-lighted throughout, The Southwest
Limited is a blaze of glory along the new
route. Its equipment includes compartment
and standard sleepers, observation-library
dar, dining car and coaches. It arrives in the
Heart of Chicago, in time to connect with all
eastern trains. If you are going East, it is
worth while to write for descriptive booklet.
M. F. SMITH. C. A.
343 Main St., Dallas
G. L. COBB, S P. A.
907 Ma(n St , Kansas City.
Geronlmo Leads an Apache Dance,
Lawton, Okla., May O.The Apaoiie
Indians are having a big dance and
Barhecuo at Four Mile crossing, four
miles west of Port Silt tonight- The
Apaches are prisoners of war upon
tho reservation. This Is their first
dance In some time and is being
Towne in placo of Parker, but Towne . largely attended by the members of
rftrto'.b wsod asia&lub to
,. .T i. . B
did not carftr io' wse
beat Hearst '"and offend 'Bryan. It
tho tribe. They will bo headed by ol
Geronlmo, whom they call Chief Geronlmo.
The Leader Plant
Furnishes Your
Blank Books
Bank Supplies,
possibly buy."
TO. At
will be easier and more consistent to

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