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The Guthrie
Judge Wood Hears Opinions
of Counsel Upon Materi
ality of Certain Evidence
(By Associated Prosa.)
Bolso, Idaho, July IS. Tho dofonso
In tho Haywood case icstod Immo
dlutely after court opened this morn
ing and without calling a slnglo wit
ness In subrebutal. Judgo Wood an
nounced that tho opening argument
for tho atato would bo mado tomor
low morning by Huwloy. Tho jury
was not brought Into court today. Tho
day Is being given ovor to considera
tion of tho Instructions to bo given by
the court. On this subject, Judgo
Wood hoard the vlows of opposing
counsol who woro requested to glvo
their opinions as to tho materiality of
evidence showing deportations and
the employment of dotoctives by tho
mine ownors and citizens of Colo
rado. The sosslon this morning was glvon
up tc Darrow In behalf of Haywood.
He argued that tho showing of de
portations from Crlpplo Crook during
tho strlko porlod and tho connection
of the Plnkortons and hired "gun
men" should bo allowed to go to tho
Jury Darrow charged the uiino own
ors and dotoctives with planning a
fake wreck on tho Florence and Crip
ple Crook railway, with, tho blowing
tip of the Independence depot and
with fostering riot and dlsordor
through hired thugs. Darrow charged
the Independence explosion dlroctly
to J C Sterling, tho dotectivo of tho
mine owners, Harrow grow impassion
ed and hurled Invoctlvo without stint
nt the detectives and Orchnrd. Ho
closed with a whirlwind appoal for tho
right to show a conspiracy agalns.t
Western Federation of minors. Borah
will reply to narrow's argument this
Every quo who has nttended the trial
or read tho stenographic reports of
the testimony published horo agrees
tiiat the state's case rosts to conslder
ble extent upon Orchard. Tho corro
boration promised which would of Its
self tend to Indlcato the guilt of Hay
wood consists of suspicious and In
ferences and no one can forecast
how tho judgo will regard thoso
things. Tho dofonqo mado no at
tempt at oxplalnlng or denying tho
Incident of tho unsigned letter Or
chard received at Caldwell after ho
was arrestoda letter which Orchard
destroyed and now says ho thinks
was written by Pettlbone. That mes
sage contained tho sentence: "That'
was sent to Jack tho 21st." The state
relies upon the colncldonco that Hay-1
wood sent Slinpklus a draft for $100
on Deeombor 21, as tho chlof link
with which to connect Haywood with
the murder of Stounenborg. Next to I
that the state will emphasize as moro
than suspicious tho tologram Simp
kins sent to Hnywood on January 4, 1
in which Orchard's pal at Caldwell
Newspaper Story Tbat Young German Admits Killing
Meadows is Denied By Prisoner.
Special to Dally Leader.
lahoma City, July IS. A local pa
per in an extra edition prints whats
purports to be tho confession of Bud
olph Tegeler to the effoct that he (s
the murderer of James Meadows, for
whooo murder Mrs. Meadows, wife of
tbe dead man. and Tegeler. are belug
held by the authorities. The confes
sion, which Is uncorroborated, is us
' Mrs Meadows put me up to kill
him We were taking our u-.'ial buggy
ride Tuesday evening wIibu. N start
ed to talk about her nusbui.a and his
nt treatment of her Sho also com
plained of Mr. Meadows paying court
o other women and this gradually
led up to the polut of doing away with
hrr husband When I loft homo that
Tinsduy night suoh a thought of
lulling Jim nover occurred to me but
1 bad not been out With Mrs Meadows
very long before she waa telling mo
how I rould kill him mid how easy It
wnu'd be for us tp escape
Slip said that she had the deeds to
all or tho properly and that we could
sklji ,,le town if uecessary after the
insurance money was once collected.
Some now or other I. consented to
carry out her plans. I left Mrs. Moad-
wlrod, "Cannot gqt n Itiwyor lo do
fond Hognn, niwwor."
Tho dofonso will Ignore tho alleg
ed Pottlbono letter to Orchard and
will arguo that tho $100 draft was an
Innocont transaction between tho de
fendant ami Slmpklns. Tho Simp
kins tologram will bo argued with
such n message as inemborB of tho
oxccutlvo board always sont lo hond
quartors when any tnombor of tho
Western Federation was In troublo,
tho policy of tho organization wns to
dofond Its members who woro arrosl
ed and charged with crlino that In
any way Involved tho fodoratlon.
Tho lawyers aro oxpoctod to tako
at least a wook or moro In summing
up and analyzing tho testimony. Judge
Wood nollfleil tho counsol that whon
arguments commonco tho court will
hold throo sessions of two hours uach
Convention Attorneys Preparing to
Enlighten Bonaparte)
Six attorneys In tho constitutional
convention havo bogu work prepar
ing brlofB to bo filed with Attornoy
General Bonaparto sotting forth tholr
opinions rolatlvo to tho lnltlatlvo and
referendum clnuso in tcie constitution.
The attornoy gonoral holds, It is un
derstood, that tho lnltlatlvo and refer
endum Is a matter of legislation.
The attorneys will moot horo July
30 and file tho brlofs. Dologato Wil
liams says that tho decision of tho
Oregon Supreme court, tihat tho lnltl
atlvo and referendum Is republican,
makes good tho proposition in Okla
homa, and that amending this provis
ion in the constitution, so that tho
legislature may repeal any law Initi
ated by tho people, practically Inserts
tho Oregon court opinion in tho Okla
thomn constitution.
Mr. Hayes says that nothing has
been taken away from tho forco of the
initiative and referendum by the re
cent amendments mado, but that on
the other hand It is ovon clearer uhan
boforo, and If anything stronger, that
it cites tho fact that tho provision Is
not unropuhllcan In form.
I)clegutp Williams holds, llko Gov
ernor Fronts, that will en onco tho pro
posed constitution has been officially
tiled with tho Territorial Secretary
Fllson. as arch officer, It can not
again bo recalled nnd amended. On
tho other hand ho holds tihat tho elec
tion ordinance can bo rocnllod for
changing, for tho reason that tho or
dinance is law, -Hiillo Uio constitution
is not and tho constitution on which
Governor Frantz Issues his oloction
proclamation submitting it to tho peo
ple, cannot bo called back aftor It Is
officially fllod and tho proclamation
Williams believes, that In enso a
writ of supersedeas ahould bo grnntod
tho Wbods county attorneys In Wash
ington, the dologatos can roconvoifo
and annul tholr action setting tho
oloction dato for September 17. Ho
bellovos tho United States supremo
court will glvo tho matter precedence
In case tho writ Ik Issued and would
hoar It early aftor reconvening In
Tho city council will moot tonight.
Among other things to como up at
tonight's sosslpn aro: A proposition
for voting watoi nnd sewor bonds In
tho sum of $50,000; a proposition for
voting ?2,000 In bonds for u chomlcnl
engine for tho lire dopartmont; tho
salarlos of policemen and the city
dork will bo raised: an ordlnanco will
bo passed condoninlng all woodon and
galvanized awnings that havo not
been removed from tho store buildings
on principal streets; the Sunday clos
ing ordinance will como up for a Ilnal
hoaring; the paving of moro streets
will be tnkon up.
A succosgor Is to bo choson for
Councilman Douglas who has moved
from tho Fifth ward. F. B. Llllle and
"Bob" Overton are montlonod for the
ows at the Palace- Rooming House
about 0:30 o'clock that evening and
went home at once putting up the
horse and buggy and went luto the
house. I entered my brother' room,
took his 44-calllbre Winchester rifle
and left the In use unobserved. 1 then
began my long walk to Capitol Hill 1
approached the back door, knocked,
and Mr. Meadows came to the door In
a nude coudlttou. As he opened the
door. 1 Qred the hullot. It taking ef
fect in his face. lie pit ousel out onto
the ground head foremost. I fired
again, this time shooting him through
the back. It was nearly midnight ud
i went to ills tmru and got 1m horst
and wagon mid drove around to his '
house. I then begun to dross the body
as best r could. This explains why j
thore were no blood stains of any kind '
in Uie wagon. After placing the body
In the wagon I drove to tho Stiver-,
burg farm and planted it in tbe corn
field where It was afterwards diacovei
od by the police.
"I returned to Jim's house, pin his
horso and wagon back Into the hhed
and started back home again I took
a roundabout way and I think I got tu
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Meanwhile Tokio Calm lyAn-
nouiices That Vacancy
Will Soon Exist
(By Associated Press.)
Toklb, July 18.- It Is vory probable
that the emperor of Korea will ab
dicate in favor of the crown prince as
the IlrBt step toward reform In Korea.
Koreans Soro r. Japanese.
Semi. July 18. Placards were
posted today throughfnrea calling for
the eleath of all Jaiwnose officials in
ibewii. top ministers are strongly
giuarded and every precaution has
been take nlo prevent riots and at
tacks upon officials.
Seoul, July IS Tho cabinet min
isters hno resigned and It Is reported
that the emporor is very angry nt his
ministers on account of their having
advised him to abdicate. IIo said ho
occupied tiho throno by a right In
herited from his ancestors and his
subjects had no authority to advise
Marquis Ito. In compliance with (he
emperor's urgont desire to see him,
proceeded to tho palace (this after
noon Yl IJoul. or VI Itaing, tho self
stylod oiuporor of Korea, wag bom In
IS, boonme king or Korea in ISO I.
and proclaimed himself emperor In
His rulo has not be-on hnppy. He
fore Japan virtually deposed him mi
nor pretense of freeing him from
UnlltM. H VOUA lift will, llaoot . Inlnln...
Ing factions.
For years the emperor's ohlof nd
vlger and friend was General Dye. mi
American, who succeeded In rnstlUil
ing many reforms In the Korean na
tion. In March. 1S90, the emperor caused
n sensation In tho capital by appear
ing in a full uniform cut In American
fashion and without his topknot or
short queue, which, from lime Imme
morial, has adorned the top or the
Korean inilor's head. His attendoiits
were also attired In American stylo.
Tho program for the throo (lavs' ses
sion of tho National Firome-i'' asso
ciation of tho United States, which
wil ihold Its tenth annual convention
beginning September 3, has boon com
pleted by tho Oklahoma City chamber
of commerce.
Among thoio who will appear on
the program aro President James D.
McNeill or the association. T. P. Gore
or Lawton. Democratic nominee for
United States senator; Perry Hawkins
of Taylor. Tex., president of tho Tex
as Firemen's association; ID. L. Ful
ton of Oklahoma City, Democratic
nominee for congress; F IS. 8mith of
Arkon, Ohio: Mark Kessler of Okla
homa City. W. C. Grvber or Guthrie.
Frank Clements of Kansas City. Ham
P. Bee of Ardmore, Peter Kipley of
Chicago, president of the Illinois Ice
men's association ; Lawellen Lookabill
of Ror.aok. Va., John Sherwood of
Neosho. Mo.. Chief Canterbury of
Minneapolis, Robert L Oweu of Mus
kogee, Democratic candidate for the
United States senate; Otolpf MdCtnney
of McKlnney, Texas, and John R
Howe of New York City.
(By Associated Prewa.)
Philadelphia, Pa .July Is: Before
a crowd of cheering tlumsaiids that
crngested the sidewalks aud filled
luc window along Broad, Market aud
other leair.g downtown thoroughfares
the uii'iubeis of the Beuevoieut aud
Protective Order of IDIks, "TJoe Ilest
People on Karth." held their great pa
rade tuda It was the big day of the
annual conclave aud the btfeilaculiii
features of the program attracted
thousands of additional visitors, from
npdrbv points In Pi nnsylvania, New
TTHiy and DelPwar. Tbe number
of marchfiK broke nil n Turds In the'
biBtory of the order Tt- re were
thousands of thorn representing tbe
lodges throughout the entire, country
Many of them woro the regulation
a o
o o
O Washington. July IS Gener- O
O ally fair tonight and Friday. o
long cont and high hat, while others
wore clad In fantlstlo costume Tho
151 Paso lodge In Mexican costume
tho Puoblo lSlkf. with a band of Hooky
Mountain burros and numerous oth
ers that offered novoi features were
greeted with outllUBltlsin by the
crowds. The procession blurted at ten
o'clock l the morning and the after
noon wns well advaittfed before the
rear guard had ptissotl the reviewing
Friends of Chnrllo Atller say
would be n good county treasurer.
Bart Afoirphy will ho renominated
for sheriff of Logan sounty without
Albert Plooger, of Sownrd township.
Is mentioned as a ctitlilldHte for res
istor of deeds.
A Lnwrle township farmer remark
ed today: "Let tho Damocrnts get
right. Let's get a good, ticket In the
field and earn' tho constitution In
Logan. Hero's my tlokot: Ulerer, far
senator; Boadlos, Diikej, Wlsby or
Herod for representative In the 2nd
district; McConnohoy or Helton in 3rd
nnd Ilornnr. Wilson or Hrass in 1st
district; Murphy for shorlfT; Dolcnler
or Iongnker for clerk; Foster of Coy
le, Cockrum. or Charles Adler for
treasurer: darner or Hancock Tor reg
ister: Calvert for probate Judge: t)v
eraux or Fernundes for attorney; Hen
nessey c Foster for superintendent:
Hurke, Favor and Jernlgsn for Com
missioners. nniunnn ni avc Tim
Charlie Renfro Is tutoring.
Jim Mahon Is In gloom.
Tho "big sprogg" luia been put
again and much against tho w I alios
of Herr Greer and Wo young Repub
licans of the city.
A foal black man Is socrolary of
the Frantx club. TliO oJouk man IB
T. H. Anderson. Updo him. serving
ns assistant swrotnry !b Jamus
Mahon, chalrimm or tho county cen
tral committee.
It onnto about Ilka lilifs:
A Fronts olitli was toTJs orgnniwed.
Colonel Ambon goes out and lines up
the p'ili. After tho nllgnmotit ho
drops Into Dnc Reufio's and says:
"Pooh, pooh. ItH 2:1 'or you. Wo
don't need yor: IHat It."
"Oh, well, there ain't u ghtirt to bo
any faetlius wi'jere Praulz Is con
cerned," says Renfro.
The club lino nip mado: Greer
for president. Malum for secretary.
Guss for treasurer.
Renfro gels bujy. The club meets.
Greer Is allowed to slide through, but
Mnbon, Is Jarred. Renfro nomliiHtes
Anderson, blnck. Unanimous. Then
sarcasm. Barnes Is pat p for vir
president. Mabou for assistant sec
retary. Caniod. Onto Mahon. He
couldn't buck. Tho young Frnntz
Republicans, however, aro up In arms.
Joko is on Mnbon. Meanwhile Judgo
Porkins Is rending Issww or Capital or
Now 80. 1006. whloh says: "No nogro
Bhnll hold office In this county here
after." HIS EFFORT
Only lo Drop Into Arms of
Obdurate Inspector
New TorkJuly IS Haod-over-baud,
In sailor fiMltfoa. a diminutive form lu i
male attire cane over tbe aide of the
PuBslan steamer Saratov, (locked here, '
and at the end of the spring Hoe drop
ped in tbe arms of an Immigrant lu- j
spector. The bold front and stout :
heart that had brought Miss Pauline
Flak, 81 18. v,iwdway. though
mai'V perluis failed under the search
lug mipjlsitlon of tt' offlcet, aud the
girl, bound freuu h.n, Russia . foi
America and f r ' .linn i.iust into tais
She wat. m-dI li,t k ' I.iImu, her hdll
Ins; port
'to tin- in. p ' In fold a (my
of flight from Kovno after her parents
and her sisters hd ixeu killed. How
she reached It ik rdaiu, Holland.
whence it was uKi-ntfd to ber that !
she might b helpi-d "i America If sli.- I
communicated witli a. man a' Li ban i
This she did wa iut in male attire, 1
and traveled amonw the men of the,
steerage on the Saiaiov,
Weill Info Ring Willi In-
jured Arm Rather Than
Disappoint Crowd,
Philadelphia, fuly U. Lanky Bob
FUsslmmons, tho "grand old man" of
the pugilistic rl'ig. with ihls right arm
crippled so badly that ho could hardly
mo It, wns knocked out In the second (
rojnd of his scheduled six round boat ,
with Arthur Johnson, tho California
nogro. popularly known as Jack John
son. After helng considered one or
the "has boens" for the past live
years, Fitzslinmons gathered up his
nerve and tried to demonstrate tihat
there was one more lllil In him. U
was mistaken, however. The man of
forty-five wus no match for the one of
twenty-nine years. FHsstuimous
went down a victim to Ills own am
bition. Boforo the first stnrled, liowover.
eiory one knew of the Injury to Uio
lanky one's arm. He got It Monday
while siwrrlng with tho negro heavy
weight pugilist, Joe Jeuuette, and
underwent two operations slnco. Fits
was game, however, and Insisted tihiit
he would light and not disappoint the
The bkiw that put Fits down did
not appear to bo hard enough to ihuvo
deno very much damage, but the spec
tators look tho affnlr very uutetly and
niiule-no rnss. It wns ovtdunl Ui avatar
body that lit wus too aged to havof
had a chance and most or tmose pres
ent were glad that he was not knocked
out cold.
A difference of opinion exists be
tween the federal officials In Oklfl
honm and the authorities or Pawnee
county, to which the Osage Indian
reservation Ib attached Toi judicial
purposes, as to which has jurisdiction
in Uio investigation or the lynching
nt Osage fetation, Tuesday night, of
Frank Dulloy, a negro marsluU, by a
At tho office of John R. Abernutliy,
United Stales marshal. It was stated
today Unit Sheriff Charlos I. Pumroy
of Pawnee county, and not tho mar
shal's office would havo jurisdiction In
this matter. Under Sheriff Skinner,
at Pawnee,' slated that ho had tho
Pawnoo county progocutlng attorney
look up tho law, and as a result tho
attorney had held Hint not Sheriff
Pumroy but tho Federal marshal has
Officer Skinner stated, however,
that Coroner George W. Wheelor went
to Osage axd conducted an Inquest
aud that the body of Bailey liad Iimii
left hanging until after the hupiest.
He stated also that a telegram Just re
ceived annouuceei that John Kelly, tb
"Katy" brakeman who was shot by
Balky, was dyiug. Crowds of people
had crossed from Cleveland aud other
border towns to Crfage to witness the
scene of the lyuchlug. No doubt ex
ists that the guilty negro was lynch
The Republlran campaign commit
tee of the First Congresbloaat district
Is In sesslou this afternoon In room
17, at (Up Royal hotel The principal
object of the meeting is to outline tut
campaign of Bird 8 McGuire In tbat
district. Mr McGuire has been In the
city for several days and has besa
framing up with th' "plewtunps" tor
thn meeting here today
The following committee mn are In
attendance S T Comes, Grant coun.
ty, Ed Follou. Kay county, ri lluirli
Scott. OarneUJ count v V;- Downing,
Itiiuellslin county. William Schlegel,
l.ftKioln rouuty, J It ('ottingliam, Lo
gn count A II Mulholland, Payne
eountv, W l.ami) Noblf county;
I'jpi II S'futii P.iMiKt (ouiitv fwde
Kjif If K Am Firtiik II 1'iiff'i f'bus
Kll.-ori and oilifi tn.iulnii ot iit
liii'wuiiip m'ii( ni i't( ii'lmg Hie
meet lug
(Hy At.Horl.tte d I'rss )
P t Mar. M'l Juh IS The
lah'--nt'i anriiial n iinluii of the Re
formi d CiiurehiT. ah hfld ln-ie . lay,
tho pnrarHinb couiwUx of miwic
o o
O o
O (Hy Associated Press.) O
O Vienna. July 1C There was a O
O terrible cloudburst here yestor- O
O day. Street are fl noil ml mul It n
O Is said that the outlying suburbs O
O of NeuWeldogg and Hernals are O
O destroyed. There are many vie- O
O tlms. o
O o
and prayer, with addresses by sevornl
prominent ministers and educators.
Many visitors wore In ttUemlnnoe
from Maryland, Virginia, West Virgi
nia, Pennsylvania and the District of
Charters Issued.
Quarters were Issued from tha offlco
of the territorial secretsry this morn
lutr to the following corporations:
Tho Oklnhonm City Planing Mill
company, of Oklnhonm City, with
$26,000 capital stock. Tho dlroctors
are: Helen ICnuoger, Robert Ktmegor
and W. 18. McCoskey, all of Oklahoma
The Slokos Houso Contracting com
pany, of Oklahoma Cliy, with $$0,000
capital stock. Tho directors aro J. W.
Stokes, J. W. Homo, nnd A. K. House,
all of Oklahoma City.
Tho Sumnor Olu and ISlonUor com
pany, of Sumner, Noblo county, with
$16,000 capital slock. Tho directors
are Kd J. Coyle, Perry; UUmontl
Urown and C. D. Banlumn, of Okoono.
The Woodward Investment com
pany, of Woodward, with $10,000 cap
ital stock. Tho directors are: .1. 0.
(InrlHoh, U 11. Patton nnd I. II. Hop
kins, all of Woodwnrd.
The Artiette Telephone oompauy. of
Arnette, with $10,000 capital stock.
The dlroctors aro C. O Shatter, J. J.
Ralston and Henry Arnette, all of
The Qiiinland State bank, of Quln
land, Woodward county, with $16,000
capital stock. Tho dlrootors aro:
F. M Carr and J. P. Welnor. of Wol
liugUm. Kansas; D. H. Powers and
J. C. McFndden, of Qiiinland.
New Dank Authorized.
Bank Commissioner II. II. Smock
this morning authorised Ifoo Hank of
Cnrleton to begin business. Tho cap
ita! took Is $10,000 and tho oltlcors
nro T. J. Kirkwood. prosldout. W. A.
Dotoy, vice prosldout, and J. D. Hen
derson, oashlor.
Pardon Asked For 3hycr.
Application for ujSardon for Chnrlo
Slmuaon, of Lnmon, wns filed with
Governor Fmiitg todivx by Attornay
Al Jennlnga. Recently In tho dlstrlot
court there Simpson, n young man,
wns eemvneted and sentenced to servo
tww yearn 'n the Uumiug penitentiary
for kllllim worth Ralley of Kansas
Ctty, In a Lawtnii saloon on the night
on March 20, 1900. The plea for the
pardon Is made on the grounds that
Dalley was a bad man and In I'.HIO bad
shot and klllod J din Kelley, a Knnsas
City policeman. It Is understood that
J'udge Iank Gllletle has recoiniiu'iiil
wl the pardon. Tho impent vpre all
iMed today with Attorney General
W. O. Cromwell for review.
Afjeni Appointed.
The Dolka Development company,
of New York City, nottfle dthe terri
torial secretary this morning that It
had appointed O. II. Weddle, of Shaw
nee, as Its territorial agent.
It Is the Intention of the Oklahoma
board nf uairlcillllll-A (n laVa mi nn.
live part In the outertiilnment of visit
ing delegates to Farmers' National
o5ii gross and to otherwise aid In mak
ing the meeting a pronounced success.
The board fully recognized tho opiwr
ttiulty this meeting will present for
kotoo very effective advertising or the
now state' agricultural resources.
To File Constitution.
President W. II. Murray said to
day that he would file the constitu
tion with Secretsry Filoou next Wednesday.
Alleged Discarded Sweetheart Attempts Suicide at
iGrave of Mrs. Magill.
d o
O (By Associated Press ) O
O o
0 Clinton. III.. July 18 Mrs Ma O
, O bel Parrett, said to be an old O
O sweetheart or Fred H Magill,
O who, with his bride is a prisoner O
) at Han Diego on a murder charge, O
O was found uncouBclouu laif night O
P on tbe grave of Mrs Pet Magill, O
O his alleged victim Hh had takeu Q
O strychnin tri' mi. . rover The O
O Woman I a l- n ij.tui'il Unm Q
O y r liu i. .ii.. I 'I ii ,i ! (i .hi . o
O was MagiU u U' w.i'iu, iu li-i O
f'liiiion III
Pet WiiKlll ,!
lulv 18 -The hoitv ot
i'liuiur-d al imdniKlii
dlltl offlri't of t'hK'Mgo
inn m iHi'iJ In if on
Tlii-v win- no i h'
Hi Kwn ti
and Hi iliiu
Hit- 'i ;n 1 1 nn
Alktut btaie AtUruf MiUlieli
and the committee of local doctors.
At 12 o rlock th body was tx
Tb' Moiu.il h IIvit. kidneys, lieait
and Inn tliin i. vn ii- leiiioviil Tht-y
W.-re 'aki-u to Cbli ago at 2 o'clock
AlleW eolol.l-l'a lll(IU-iit ovei tlie
body of the d-'iid wife -an iiepiest
Oklahoma Escaped Convict
Wliose Rearrest Aroused
Entire Country.
(fly Associated Prcaa.)
Leavenworth, Kans.. July 18. John
William January, the modem "Jean
Valjenn," waioso nrrest and return to
prison last spring attracted nttontlon
throughout the country, Is to bo given
his fnWoni tomorrow In accordanco
with the terms of tho pardon granted
by President Roosevolt on tho advlco
of Attornoy Ganornl Bonaparto.
It wis In 1806 tihat January was
convicted of robbing a, building at
Stillwntor, Okla.. that contained a
posUimoo, Ho was sentonccd to too
yaars In tho federni penitentiary at
Ft. Leavenworth, ironi which Instltu.
tlon ho escaped nftor serving threo
years. After working through Kans
as llrst as a (juarrymnn and then as a
traveling salesman, ho went to Kansao
City, chaiigod his name to Charles II.
Anderson, nnd married. IIo engaged
Id sevornl kinds ot business, finally
becoming proprietor of a restaurant,
and wws well rospectvl.
On April 20 last ho wait roarrentetl
through Informitlon rurnlshcd by n
former convlet who had known him
In prison. On tho day Anderson waa
rotiirrnoil to prison a movomont was
begun by tho Kansas City papers ta
seotwo his pardon. Throo days later
petitions bearing 20,000 namoa wore
forwarded to President RoobovoU.
Wluhln another two days a socond
liateh if petitions was sunt to Wash
ington, bringing tho total number of
signer to lO.Ouo Many prominent
persons w're ninouj; thoso who re
commended a pardon. On tho
strength er these petitions and tihn
evidence furnished that Andorson had
led an luuiiMt and i. plight Ufo nfter
hl escnpe from pilson Attorney Qc-n-ral
Itonaiwrte ree-.niimended to tiho
President that the sentenco be com
muted to three months from tho dato
or the rearrest and that ho bo par
doned at tdie etui or that tlmo.
On his release from prUon tomor
row Anderson will he groetod by bin
wife and three-year-old daughter. IIo
luui already announced his Intention
to return to Kansas City and ougaga
In business.
Special to Dally Loonoi.
Lawton. Okla.. ju! IS.Tho cam
l!ijn for J. L. Httiuon for state treas
urer Is well under way and his candi
dacy will be supported strongly In this
section of the country. The frlunds of
J. A. Menefee. the Democratic nomi
nee, are much pleased with the an
nouncement that Hainon will snter tho
race against him.
that wUl be conducted by the beet
eitisens of Clinton and will go thor
oughly Into all the d"a!U of the baf
fling tragedy --has been decided on as
the next step in solving the Magi"
TOurdei tnw-ry ThU deitslim w3
rt-acbi-d In r '"day dftr d secret con
feri'iii in wine-h rtv and county of
flciulh lurtii ii'itfii- it was foreshitU
owpiI bv ill. 'ateuient of Assistant
State k am,,,, y MifeUell who said
to d nun. in i i uw ,uapei men who
he h.ul -u'i ii 'id tu lit 'iffii e
I in ii n.it nt ni'iueii: mudt
be lit Id in lii .! Tha1 i- tile sur-
Phi UV
er ni i
i u tiiitli
rtll' '( V
lie l ' .
Itoir iti.
,Mi 'I
'in 'he 'act and dis
bud '' luinoi , that hov
ta of gieat Jttvlty
t the a-e The import
i wn . the announce
slbtRiii tati'' attorney
llbtusfetrd lefters, and
fuiuoiis tlftU letter"
nr safe in th hdinLs "f the state's
attorn?) and thdi one of them has al
n .tdv hten uotn a foftii) Oa ttjQkO
i ijiitbiiKiu-i iiiMiiiuiiiedtiont bangs tho
futi of l'n it m.ikiII .ind bin bouutiful
yomiK lu ' 'nM"u'y snatched
iom the (i.is of tinir hornynioon to
(t'ontlnud on Page 6.)
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