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, : JL.' '- , '? -' T" T' V' -V , 8. x' l 7, , TAn ,;, , S r, i00L,
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;kb$8S LiiS llJlic IrlllULIlii 1 1 i I Til I
M"' 1 TT WTTl II I IpSmisrni S SliSfcil WkmdU T i J I Pin
Tke Ttoae TLat Lingers in
THE full, bell-like tone of the Kimball Hano linscM long in
memory. It b different, richer, weeter, more refined than tiny
ether. .There arc reasons for this marvelous quality. It lies in
the superiority of materia! nnd in the conscientious care bestowed on
the constructor! of the Kimball by the liighcrt claw of skilled piano
builders. That is why we can give you the strongest guarantee for
durability and musical satisfaction.
The puna you purchasr, to be satisfa ry, mini Le constructed lo withstand the
"'7rtfCuWcUnialanarifheUn?V!lm.. IheKiaibillWl-mrUl
covered ptn block 01 hrt of the rno.not onhr imperviotiSlonwmoie, but is
l-oativcly unaffei, hy best or cold. T. K.mfoll patent rrtelal hnmrnW and
K.Tll .tTf "" J. alftC' tn,"P' These things Eive the
Kimball that lasting htlrtoom quality 10 much desired by every purchaser. Let us
end you our latalogue, pricei aid terms.
Free: Word and Music
t l-aM ruiumint ifcf rnnli ! m4c el "Wi OU V. U- - Zl w.
ir:r:nsrtfnwJ!thifc.r!rt.r'?- sz
" M.ern-W. IfWW
Johersa Cadli5 vrite that "Tire
Svtmball rallies Willi the but"
Emma Earnest "I m cKernnd vith
the Kimball'a beautiful tone."
Myrtle Elvyn; "The Kimll Pnnos
nif su.ie'H -;ic(jmms M a-1-tic pi'no
building, and furnish ihr m irilett
n,,ct'll'm.. 'of ,T,y rn- J Pno
Ljnilbdlinf "Thr KimKH Piano
meets my r"qui(emenU in every reipetl."
Thrp tr.D' f,V W KimkillCo i.,l ntctrtj
I uujiiiau.iuiliLhaau:iU lbcUttt.opbudv
Rcad what the Greatest Musicians say
&nl'afllli9l H
l?wW'Mfwlr' isillPl ft
.B. e. EM0SS.
I - IF'.l!
- - l ...
V.!V"I1?feM r.
5PPr f J
X Some Very Special Prices
on Shoes all
I. ill is Tn.i el '" It. d I'l.-Bii 8h-e .' $3.,o
C'li lc(k of .hi I .nil. $J TiO I'ato.it Colt Shoe at '. $3.03
1. utH's ,-,.iin in Hoed , Cushion goto Shoe $4.00
Uo , $' r.O Ki d S hnol House Shot's $2.2ri
It. s JJ00 Mil,,. Skill ilhoo .
Ml Men's $1 00 I'atent CoJt tf.i.
Mm s $n.0ii (Lin Metal Dluei In
Vlio num.' cn Siii-cial Shoe
$1.98 Tables.
TIi-ho Sim. b ;ni. odd lots li-fi
Mms., Worn, nt, ls.ivir and Girls',
.1 iiii mon than iho) mo rourlccil.
cn Buying Shoes
v o p n
A Good
''. !-
cSoW n Guthtte fcv C. R fleafio
Transfer and Baggage
Prompt ntteniion given to
all callb
tand Cor. JstandOtCLA
MaKe ftldwep an UlaJder Olght '
iiiniiniiB i in wi'iimi iiwma 1 Mi
. WsV7 Mrfv"X d
iSvBiA M
ffl NIVH MOWN III Mil, ft "..-1 , -.1, m 1
H H1 '1 '- ' ' UW 1 rll w I SJlii HI
L3 fcj 1 .i.-.i?w Ir lr iu,i.i jja w. W
fflujljccilirnicat co.aoi. r. bmmin. p. H I
! bim Mfc .m... a. . : .
w-flj; g v I Irs i E I M '' Bllllill 111 if 111 Jrl I 1 1 I
Hi ftsai Q Q Usl' 0jj BUS & 1 1 1 ill U E 1 1 1 J J IJb mbI 1 f
Memory II carl gr ffi fP si iTiir si r
"Love's Old Sweet So"
' el Thr Mal
1 rtBtii WthJ-
Ol najmnWI.
C DeR-nkr; "The Ktmlall is ab
soliihly aausfactory."
Johu PliiKp fwwta: "The Kimball
Piano is fint-chm in ewry respect."
Walter Damrosvh- "Tlie Knt!l is
pu-e, leaned and iovrerful of tone,"
Awl seorei of otf.ets add equally con.
vincing testimony.
LeadtH( Tuners
eyoryvrlwre Hill II you tht the
Kimball (.Icul consbmnrj ham met
and damper (lintje saves mote trouble
and nix rue t,an any ol hrr one thing.
J. L. Sheldon, of 'I opela, Ka.,
oni of'the Ivit known tuners in tho
Jmud Sutri, says: " I he Knnball
IlAmnjer and (tatnnr flannA Mnl.rl..
do away with the defects of the old
uilc, v.hi' h r autcd tlugguliricM.dii.
(.larencnt and rsttlmg.
John 5. Austin, of MirmMpolis:
"It prolong ihr ile of ihp ano."
Jamrt Parkinson, of Providence,
R.I ,-3v " r It-Kimball btaitflange
n il orly on- that wi'l keep the
hamiPTs nnd dsmjirrs in excel pon
lions, thereby sarin j lots of trouble
and X(x.nse."
ii sti iiMtremmt. 1 80.000 K'imUll
imuxtay. Crtourtooney.unasrJin
J5i (W5S, t
This Week
... $1.76
. .. $3.60
' t.
li- b on my 8o, $i.2S, $1.48 ami
after the Mk Xmah trtitlc. in
worth fruui r(l it-iiu to $1.-.'-.
Save Money by
ODinson f
lifts li
1)1 81111' I hi, 1 111.. tr, .1
fn li aid luii-y, ...U j., ,
:-i(,Mi.miiTH mi:at makkkt
ii-bm W.o 1 11 n how lo rut It
v II , .,ch Whllo '! met
ohm in jip , i( r , njiortaot to h.'
U rut it. Mt Sr!i:nl't Knows l.uw.
Schmidt's Meat Market
OpiMwilo the PoatoHio
Phunu 25
2J2 W.Oklahoma
s. f'mjan'afc.
Now Pffturo Every Nljjht
The Gem
Tho House of Clean, Pure, Whole
ome Amusement
Chcii&ttrtli & Funk, latjajtcrs
UlQ feJ fylV) C jr? WQr'rj,
m UU1U QHHKXHB&J ! X 1 IB M 9 IB 7
1 ; ' '
W Vlinnt. The ngiM Rmieror Franc- Washington. I'n., Dcq, 30 David (Southvostcrn I'ross
m lis .Iomi!i in, f la?t lw.-n stirred to Dllllnaer of tlilii cliv dialing llih ill lltttchechubbeo, Ala.. Doc 30 This
Vli-nn-i. The agid K.niKTor Franc
is .Iom'pii In, if la?t lw.-n stirred to
action h the .loiiRornus iKillcy pur
url l thp iii'lr-aiiparoiit, tho Arch
Itiko FihupIh IVidlnatiil, nnd thfi lnt
tor's moiilhinerc, Unron Arhrentlml,
thf foreign becretar.
Ills niajcitt). who, it niitht be re
mfjmoerpil. Is Bcvonty-el ;ht enrs ot
avp, rpicntl intniPtpii t )e affairs of
ttc largpl) to the lianda of '.'no titcli
Juke who let.stia.lel IiIb majesty that
thf time h.i I ronio fur the nnnexa
tlqn of Itoauia and llprnegovina to tho
AU'ii'HlliiiiKariau etniilre.
The luKiiiiei In whlr'a tho atinoxa
turn ii b-oiiRht hbout 1 now n mat
ter' 01 notorious history. Iiaron
Attlirt'titlial, In th.P nracess li- pniploy
ed, Mirre.lei in dftiojlng the conll
ii.hce of Kinepe In Austrian diplom
Since Ihui tho .-rrnduke .ind IiIk
ms)Uih l)le?p hurt lirimirht Kmnti., 1.,
trp brink of a neni'ial war bj agKros-
' iff miniary steps
Limit of Endurance.
T oopn havt' It'on miuieil by thoits-
nif's Into the two annexed inovlnci
air I aldiiR tho frontier of Soivla. Ser
vlr. has bfu'n nwvokoi almost beotnl
eidurauce, and finally a prepestprous
ultimatum iu8 born sent to Titrkej
: h'Mi th( boycott of Airutrii.il goods
Thin dangeicus pollc, has failed eoiu-lilrli-!
In Its olijert, its vffert has
been in alienate even the sympathy
if (;pr;nan and to destroy any hope
of Italian supiott under the ohllea
tlons of the triple alll.tiiee.
The ldippror Francis Josupn has
now calif,! n halt. I liavo it on oxcol
Irnt nuthor.tr t lint tits nmiu,,. iu
thort.iiKh'.j alnnned at the ginvo sit-
ir.alon that lins been created, and
iian IlUt Ills foot Invvn ,111 Mi., l,.,otlll.
tics of tho helr-aunarent .luninritiv
that lie will not allitt rim tnhiion nr
his slxtj years' reign to na marreJ
by the outbreak of a terrlblo war.
Tho emperor is toportod to have 10
proached Unron Aehtentnr.I with hav
ing misled him as to tho effect on
Euiope of the iuiin,j.a'lni of u(nln
and Herzegovina, and to have dcclar
1 ' that a way must bo found out of
tl, miKvsso MiIoh tno iiosothitions
wltn Turkey, Sorvla atrj Itusala havo
Ambsredor to Remain
The Maniuls Pallavliiclul. tho nlii-liasra.lo-
In CotiHtMUinupIe, has been
or leted to reninln at his post. Tho
ambassa 'or bad declared to tho Turk
lah government that If the Austrian
bovcott were not Hionnr.,1 no wnni.i
leave tho Turkish capital on Thurs
d:vj next, ami hitiied that it might
be seme cuiisUerable time before he
returned. It cannot, bowsMot, be
overlooked that the war pa.-t In Aus
tria Is very stiong, particularly In the
army of w.ilch the Archduke Francis
Fptdinacj wjh by a recent decree
ot the rnjKror, nindo nmcttcill' chief
Ttic ernrrror, htm eve , Ig icnerated
by his people an I his wiso Intor.'en
f'on at this moment may bo expected
to Boner the inllanied Btate of nation
i H'lltlllll'llf
Tbere is ul another factor wlilen
cannoi Ih' ovei looked at this moment
Fbii Internal situation in Austila Ik
bec'imlng alarming, owing to tho rloU
Mwocti (lornians nml the Czechs,
whlrh am taking place almost dnllj
in Prague air! other no'nomlan eltlet.
to .1 condition of nnurcliy ami are
1 'I'm Ins an Intense anti-Austrian
More iieoiiU) tiro inking Foloy's Kid
ney Iteinedjjf every yonr. Ij. is cop.
sldeied to b4 the most offwtlve rem
j for kidney ami bladder troubloa
that tuiNllral cleneo can devise. Fol
ey's Kldnrtv Itemmlv ra.pi,ni. !.
- - -- --.-.a w..,h II lua
tiHllltles, bunds up worn out tUsuoa
ami ri-Hieras iosi vitality. It wlb
tko you foel well and look uull. C.
IU Iteufro.
tjpeiial to Da!ly Loader.
JHobart, Okla., Dec. 80 After tramp
in over miles of country and suffer
in; cxpokuie to the nlghV bluer
frettu in an effou 10 avoid ar'est
Jqbn Builth ael 18, slayer or his
fattier, James Smltn, at .Mountain
Vfcw L.Bt week, ga.-e up to the of
flsjers last night and is now In the
onunty jail a waiting trial.
Inniifdlately aftor the Wiling the
hoy tlt from the Morris home in
Mouituiu View and do completely dirt
h roser up iIm i,.irk iliat no one was
ale to 1 ven se , elue to hU whero
rVwis V -f hIf iifteraoon he ewue
Xu th" Mnr Is home and told them
tH he na Mud of tryltt to hide
frsjm thi oftirors and wanted to mr-j-edT
Mor'i, look rte Jsoy (n
-hrge and rjiowtht htm to Jfotwrt
When You Pu On Stocking
Of the hea 'ler wort do your shoos
1 in 1 and your f' t eli and pera
plte ir (u j.rlnkle Alien's Foot
Ki -." In iou' shoos. Ir will plvo you
resi nd ro-nfort an dinstant rellof
front any nnnyfttite. SOU Kvery
whiie, re. )oht accept any stibstl-1:'
Washington. Pn.. Dec. 30 David
Dllllnger of this cl(y dhtlms the tils
tint Ion or being thJ only man In cap
tivity who is the father-in-law-of his
own niotliei-ln-law.
Ills mother-in-law sir daughter-in-law.
f you prefer onn claim a row
in the relation line aentelf. for besides
being the daughter-in-law or the one or
her own itaiighuirs she 1b the slster-ln-law
or another, mother-in-law of her
father-ln-lGw nnd "nas a few other
twisted clalmu o' relatlonsliip
Henry .Dllllnger. an aged farmer. Is
he For In-law of one d lilg sons,
brother-in-law of another nnd eon-In-lr.w
o' hit laughter Ir-lra
Lucy nilllnger, nge.l 10 yeitrs. wife
or Davti Dllllnge:', Ib tne mother-In-law
of her Uther-ln-luw and ot hor
htv own molhp'
t'harles Dllllnger is the urn-In-lnw
ef his slster-In-lnw unit of his nwn
Mrs O.inrles nilllnger Is nut
what's the uso? Hero's how It Ml
sra-ted nnd If you nro good nt lilghor
lmthonintlps yon may ho able lo figure
It out for j out self,
Kerlv a yeur nKo Mrs. Henry Dill
Infer died, louvltm hor aged buslmnd
anil his two sons, David and Ciiarlos,
living on a rnrtu not far front this city.
Three months ago Mrs. Mnrla Itich
inoti't took the position of hi-imokeepe-fur
tho aged Mr. Dllllnger, nnd
brought her two daugntors, I,ucv and
lennle, to llvo In tho Dllllnger homo
llie aged Jfr DIllltiRCr beenmo
ouatnored of tho protty I.ucy Itlch
mond, the youuger daughter, and took
her for ills wlfo, continuing t llvo In
the house with his mother-in-law.
fllito-ln-lnw and two sous.
Then Mrs. Ilichmoivl. who hold iior
yonrg well and Is still an attractive
woman, was marrlol to ,Daid Dlll-
ingor anil continued to llvo In Hie
house with her fr.ther-iiplaw-gon-ln-law
Finally Charles Dllllnger was mar
ried lo Jennie itlchtnond, ugod 19 nml
they continue 1 to llvo in tho same
house with the!- oh, well, with tno
rest of t'10 family.
And who Is tho head of the house?
It M-otaulyvnoiild tr,k0 a ,eloron
uum vote to settle that.
ES K-HB-:B-:?KrK?aa.Jai
Fo.- the fliMt time in two moutiiR
Secret.' i; or State Wm C -oss was
able to be nt Ills office yesteiday for
short time Mr Trosg Ik convalescing
tilcoly an J Is now quaitorel at the
home of his assistant, Loo.Myer, on
East Vilas avenue.
Major Porter Spaulding, of the gov
ernor's offlre lias re'trnod front a trip
to Muskogee where ho spoilt Chrlst
mrJB with Xrlonds.
His Hands were a Solid Mass, and
Disease Spread AH Over His Body
In Four Days the Child was
Entirely CuredMother Strongly
''Ono day wo noth-od that our littlo
boy was id I broken out with Itching
sores. Wo flret mitir-ed it on bin littlo
hands. His bands were not as bad
then, arid we didn't think anything
serious would result, lint the next day
we heard of the Cutieurn ltnrnedles being
bo good for itching sores, etc., that I
thought I would go. tlK-m. By this
time tlie iliMKiao bad spread all over his
body, and hw hands were nothing but
a solid inoM of thin itching dieoase. I
want to th drug store unit purchased
n box of Ciilloura Soap and ono box o
Ciltieura Ointment, and that night I
stripped rny littlo Iwy nnd took tho
Cutloiira Soap and lukewarm water and
-waahed him well. Tliwi I dried him
with a soft bath towel, and took the
Cutiou.a Ointiiient and rubbed him
thoroughly with it. I did thin every
evening before I put him to 1m1 and In
three or four nfgliU he was entirely
cupxi- You havo my permission to
publish this becauMi anybody who suf
fered as my liaby did ought to know of
the Cttlioura Itemed!). I will surely
and gladly recommend tho Cutloura
llemedtes, for thoy are n golend to all
sjirTnrlrig with skin disease. Jjw. Frank
Donahtio, 20S Kmrnont St., Kokomo.
lad., Sept. JO, 1007,"
Auatfl BJIackhcada Prevented am
pettly smeai' the fn with Clttlcura
ClntwenU tint groat Skin Oil ret but do
not ub. Wash off Uw OinlpwaHn Bvp
minutes with Cutirura 8oa and liot
wattr untl ountlmte to Ira'lie ;fw face
freely for some uuuumm. lteer.vmoi.i
Ing and evealns. At other times im.
ot water and Cutieura Soap Cor bat
log the face 04 Ttn a agrcoaljlo.
unnnne r.swrui aad InwrMl Tmlnxet u.
Iirerr Ilutadi
cotuuia it OU
JZiftrJr) w rtonS Uw 81&.
43um rial lrjn 11.., u...
-ui)ei) f re, wtttufi in oa etia pinues.
tine 'in Thin
little town hns been plunged Into
gloom as n result ot 'he killing nt
Gcorgo II. Thompson toy Jo'an W.
It npiionra that a negro had been
to Mr. Hardon's store, atrd had chea'
ed that merchant out or a doilar In a
business trnsactlon- Spvoral persons
lirosort, unions whom was Thompson
planned, to givo tho negro a whlppins
for whnt ho luul tiono, nncv started
out with tlmt Intention.
Mr. Chambers, who Is deputy shet
Iff of Itussell county for this bent,
iomoiiHtrotrJ with the crowd, call
ing tholr attention :& tho Itict that
he was an officer of the ;air, nnd thM
It was his uuty to maintain peace,
which ho would fie. All tlie others de
Mlstod In tholr nttompt to whip tho
hogra, It Is snld, except Thompson
who, u la allugud hucnnio very much
InceiiBod and cureod Chambers.
Iwu Men Grapple,
"i"to two, gnipplod. During tne
struggle Thompson drew a pistol from
his pocket nnd fired at dm nbers i.t
close range, bolng so close tlmt the
powder rrom tho gun burned his
face. Chambo:' sdodgoil as tho weap
on was discharged nnd tiro bullot
missed his head r.hout halt an Inch,
going through the brim of hit. lint.
Ciininbers, who Is a powerful man
physically, wrostod the weapon from
Thompson and turned to walk nwny
from him. It Is mild that Thompson
again ctiraej Chambers saying that
"I missel jou that time hut I'll get
VOtl HOW." f'limilllpra nllilirna Innl no
Thompson made this roninrk to hliu
110 ruacneu ins liana iiolilnd na If
to draw a second wenpon und feel
lnj certain thnt "no was attempting to
do so, he (Chambers) shot nr Thomp
son with the lattor'u nlstol nhirti im
'lad tr.kon from him. The bnii invn-mi
f ritl r.rrnri- m, fltn tr.ri ut.i. nr- ,l.n u..i. t
...w ..... .... u.,u ,v,. nine ui iiiv lll-UIV I
lust bolo wtho collar bone, and Thorn I
son uiod to death In a few minutes
Surrender.-! to Sherlfl.
Immediately after the sliootltig
Chambers, accompanied by several
tiersoiiB, boaiMj a tinln going lo
apalo, whore he surrendered himself
to -Shorlff Daniel. A warrant waa
sworn out beforo Judge of Probate
II T. Denton, who upon tho sworn
statement of several witnesses, which
were substnntlallytMiH outlined above,
Chambers was relonsod on a bond or
$1,000 for his npponrunco beforo tho
lurtgo In the county court, on tho first
Monday In January, for n preilmlnary
Thompson was about GO years of
r.go, auJ was unmarried, Throo broth
ers survive him; l S. Thompson, O.
P. Thompson and Jnmos Thompson.
The Impression seems to prova'l that
Mr. Chambors noted In self-dorenso,
although no other weapon was, found
on Thompson's body after ho died.
1 1 -rr
Tho chemUo with slight, but un
jbStruslvo, Rleevs Is tho ono for wlilon
a great many women nro looking.
This ono can be o matlo or flnUhod
with plain nrmholes are profonod.
Also U Is adapted to nainsook, to lawn
to naBtlste. to wash silk, to all tho
niute-Ials that are used ror under
garments of tho sort and It can bo
mndo wit holthiir round or H(unre
I)i4iflii lit M it UmTon.
92tK Chn)e' whb Srjsare or' Round
J Msct
neok. In this caso narrow frills of
llnun law i), barttiiR threaded and em
broldary worked onto the front mako
tho fluish, but the scalloped edge with
eyelets through which the ribbon can
he threaded Is much liked and can
he subiti, ite.l and embrolder can
bo used or omlttod on the front as
Ukad. Or the chemise can bo trim
med with several rows or Insertion
or n almost un manner that fancy
if; Jttr J
tfjx I A
pff w ftJrs to&
I'oshlon Form
of design, style and comfort.
They are made in a wide
range of styles and prices.
t "i
Hach season brings out new
corset designs in keeping with
the new modes in Gowns.
Every well-dressed lady knows that the
style this season calls tor the Princess
Back' and the long, slender hip effect.
If you are not wearing a Henderson,
try one the next time you are in need ot
a good corset and be convinced of its
good qualities
lgar jj tf 1 1 II I iB C 5
, , j&xm bUUiJy U . j f
MSSMSSsjsssisssIWsSaMaSBst r
jplw . - . . i-,"rtin-rni--t"- rn-r i m titiank inr r mm "r'-rrlff!-
Hardware, S loves and Ranges
Tin tt.nd GreLnitcw:ircT Sheet Metal
QLtid RopjilrinU a Spccl&Jty
X JL II 4 IV Hi 13 JjLLijL .
Phone 1277
may suggest. It Is wldo onotign for
comfort but it'H wldo enough to be
bulky nnd Is altogether a comftirtahlo
nnd sutlitfiictory gannaiit to wear.
For the medium size will tie requir
ed t! l-i; yards of matorlal M to M,
l-.f ynrJs of beading, 'i 3-i yards ot
edging. A Mny Mnnton pattern, So.
(IL'un. sizes 32 to ' Inches bust, will
be mnllod to any add runs by the
Fashion Department of this paper on
lueulpt o ftun cunts. (If In haute sotnl
an aililltlonnl two cont stump for let
ter poMthKo iMhluh ItiRura mure
prompt dellvoiy.)
O Q4
"Itlo o.' Spice.
II. II. Fraxee's eoiiipany of event7
people will be seen at the Urooks 'to
night lu the musical oxtravug-irue, the
' Isle of Spice. ' This production comes
roiuph-atUely known to a great mutt
theatre-goers through tnls section of
the country It Is said this extrava
ganza created a Herniation In Chicago
where It ran for 26 weeks It has
the a produced lu liostou, where It
delighted music loving audiences li
weeks an I thenre to Nen Yoik t'Hj
bt tae Majestic theatie. iu hl('i
place it ttlckl established a,-if h
a piime favorite among the nietroiNi
lltnn tlwvttre-goeni for a uiimber of
months. Absolute novelty Ik rUnn-.l
(or the oonstructioti of this miiblcal
mixture, and the cliorui numbers are
said to be marvels of stage invention
Tb musical numbers are ot the slng
nhle, wbistlltiK kind ami tneie is no
1oul t but what the uio.it cad liy ol
tnon will bo lieara on the stneu luu
alter' die engHsjomeut here Among
the rbest' attrttotive features of the
"Islolpr Splee' fa r 'iKiny ballot oom
natt,i or twelve llitl.: g t. pot ssetn :
ing over one tbcusHiid pounds tor the
entire lot, who lo some very clever
work throughout the ntlr i-erform-aut
If e coukl talk to you iwrsontlly
about the great merit of Foley's Hon
ey and Ttr. for coughs, colds and
lung troubles, yon never could be iu
ducod to experiment with unknown
preparations that may contain some
harmful drtws. Foley's Honey and
Tar costs you no more and has .i
record of forty year of cures, C R
Reufro .
5 full and
complete line of
the famous Hen
derson Corset par
ticularly recom
mended by the
leading 1 a d i e s'
tailors for beauty
118 North Division Street
We Sell
Compare our r?.tcB wllh Iho
time ami txpcnsjof traveling'.
Consider Hie equal satisfaction
qf a telephone conversation as
gom pared with that after liav
ini,' traveled from one mile to a
I'lioiiHatid to meet your party,
and you will be convinced that
we sell talk cheap, but not
chefvp talk.
Telephone & Telegraph
Uh HI u ft unLtt,r&l
dlichtr ai,1 DflsvmmfttloaD,
IrrlUlioai or tiUarttioat.
lultur. " of mQBoni tnmbnia
Fr) Itlt (MUiHeO, Pslftlua tA nA aclrtii.
itHtymCimaiCs. gut or miwoods.
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or ol in puis wrttr,
br &.r.ai. r,..Ll. for
tim, orJbolii SJ.7J.
OircBloi was u tiia3a.
Cured; qulctr relief; remorea
all swelllncr In 8 to 20 dnmi
ju to bu iiaya efrects permanent cure.
Trial treatment given free to BUjlMrers.
tiotbing fairer For circulars, testi
monials and freo trial treatment write
Dr. H. II. Green's Eons, Box O, At
lanta, uoorclo,
. ... . -
mi, us w e k...
irsri ah
IlrscfUC A.k(t IU- IfKR-TETS
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uroa Se!dc Prevcr.to Pnmmenlr?
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