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sissssssVumiii ii ii Him I ii i ill mm i in
The Tone Tliat Lingers m Memory
THE full, bcll-likc tone of ihc Kimball Piano lingoes long in
memory. It is different, richer, weetcr, more refined than any
other. There arc reasons for this marvelous quality. It lies in
the superiority of material and in the conscientious core belowcl oh
the construction of the Kimball by the highest class of skilled piano
builders. That is why wc can give you the strongest guarantee fqr
durability and musical satisfaction.
The pisno you purchase, to be satitla .icfy, muit be constructs to withstand 0w
chanr of out peculiar climate and home heating systems. The Kimball bell-nifUl
covered pin block (ihe hurt ci (he piano) , it not only impervious to monlure, bu is
pojitirely unaffected by lieat of cold. Tlie Kllhkall patent hwtal harsmir and
damper flanges can not be affected by atmospheric changes. These- thtnfs 31T0 the
Kimball that lasting heirloom quatitj ra much desired by every purohatcf. Let ut
end you our catalogue, prices and tertni.
Free: Words and Music "Love's Old Sweet Song' ',
t iTo, V0' f1?0'' '' iMj h-fiii at twre ttvii sent) a etpr ol The Wit
MctaU rohlaniDigH!. wordj and ruoo.ai "UtiOU awnl Soac." ami iwkJi vtlj
rno WormaHw, W jvfl ah) etfrfilrr nWl trtibt fel Hwi-iirka 4o VibtreW -70U
can obtain a Kmibill m a coavcMaat system ol parmaiu.
Read what the Grsattet Musicians say
Johanna Gfidski writes that "Tho
Kimball tanks wah the best."
Emma Coms: "I am churned ish
the Kimball' IteacuTul tone."
Myrtle Elvyn: "The Kimball Pltoi
ntr lupe'b srxtinvns of artjlie piano
buiWing, bi.d (urr.ish the most perfect
medium (or e,vry phase ai piano
Dml LicLling' "The Kbnbt'j Piano
meets tny rquuctni. .is 1.1 every respect.
nil nil... ,,- . ,. t
, jzvsftt'&vu!!&W
e TVc"aalMfJW.V.KinlillC fcls-lc ofewryrwitcf lM gmt insuuraer t, tSO.OOOKImbiU
ru.iaaucuivicuit)ieteiiMidtlicttircctit(ssuVtKL Wriktsaa. CeieeriaeiKr-uriiitpUn
X Some Very Special Prices
on Shoes all
I.'tJ 1 ' Tt .' . I mi itL'il Ciob.s ?hoc $3.0
( ; iici of 1 I ..'tilt - $'! "iU Patent Colt Shoe nr $3.03
hauied' $ on !i R"nl't CunV'i' ?ule Shoe . . . v , $4.00
It n's I i.'u . t Si lnol Hou 1 hh nw $2 2r
Hot & $3.Hi ilujle Skin Shc- $1.75
VI Meu'i. 4 mi Patent Colt rtm ( $3,50
M 11 h f5 mi (inn Mplal Elu -!i' i $4X0
Im soim w 'i Special Shoi .lues on my 88c, $1.25, $t-48 ami
$1.98 Tables.
Tht's.!' Iidi h .ne odd lota left after tho UI Xnias irade In
Mm-. V(,in. nV irtMh' nd Qlr!', worth rrom r0 euis ta Tl ".
a p..lr ntcr Ui.ui tli;y anj marked.
When Buying Shoos Save Money by
Buying of
I Pe. Co Robinson
.SJV iH'IS-.bWv.ii
iSl ( 7 " J &
t A Good iSkf I
j Roast &&K 1
the , T
JV i Bah ( t i Krtiir tvr v sresMm ilwpntustHiv. M
Ui NEVEtntAOV TO TAIL - "! Kf- i -ut.
ri Is. . s i Ustf IWf r. it-1 Hstl (Mp4( I S
W vlfri,i(,n w.jt m-uj ib4ltJ i tj o tsf fld for H
II rl 1 f-u-! i'u If rA CtftjiUi afaiwt sQ
Pi t.rt X4M i our bf-K ' HI
Sold In Guthtfe tv C K. Rente
Transfer and Baggage'
Line General
Dray age
fVU4tm 4 . i,S--Jt ,V. tlTWU SJ ,
ull callu I
j i -i t . . j rrrr a ?
tuna or. isianaurtitA
MK6j Kl-lnoyo flnfl MlotWn RighS
"sssSfBsssass& d
L DeRistLet "The Kimball it al
loJtalely aatsfaetory."
John Philip Soma: "The. Kiinball
Pno is first-clsst fa every respect."
V alter Dasuortht "TV Kimball it
pure, reined and powerfe! of tone."
And Korea of others add eovilly con.
vjectng lestimoay,
Leading Tunero
evrtywliere will tell you that thr
Kimball palrtit combined hammer
and damper Range sales mote trouble
andsxpain :han bny other one thing.
J. L.5he!don, of ToptLa, Ka.,
one cf 'the lx st Lnown tunrit in the
Jnie-d&Uiis, says: "The Kimball
hammer and damper flansrs enurelv
do p n ay with the defects of the ol J
' !tl-, whiih tftuied JuggulmsM.du
plareivnr and rattling.
JoSn S Aiitlm, of MirKKapolis:
"It prolongs the life of the piano."
James I rkm.on, of fJrovidence.
n.l.,seys- "The Kimball Ltats flange
is the only one that will keep the
hammers end dampen in exact posi
tions, thereby caving lota of trouble
and expense
This Week
P..t', t'j 1 sttrt- th..t i'v moat 's
!i In' fiei'i uuj jttU'J, t.nii j-ior n
' to ri('li,HIT'S MKAT MAIIKKT
l t'Ut UUIU MilO 1.DOW liow to out t
t rt. ovei tii- bloek hllo '.I o tneit
lie jn.r it 'mportinl tu hu .
it i t
ill Hi I i fit I .'t )iitiwb l.on
Schmidt's Meat Market
Opposite Hu PoftoJilo
Phone 25 212 W. OPJnlionu
Row Pl&ure Every Sijiltt
The Gem
The Home of Clean, I'urc, Whole-
samp Amuscroent
- Hft i i. - -m
Gltonoivetlt fit FmiK, Manajjcrs
-lucE.Sen'a Arnica BbIvq
i nil u a i
Kansas Oit, Deo. 3t. "It's too bail
that this story got out. ' ttfcttl Miss
C'arr'e IJunte Lovils, wher rjunstlonPtl
e-iay In rogarii to th plane for a
honeymoon (ft the air, nrm.iRed l)j
Oaarlog A. Copy, whom shu Is to mnr
ry next Hhtitnln.i "We Ittitjw that
wo r.houl.1 suffer notoriety If wo wont
up here, sr we decided to be married
vet) (til.tl. to b no-thlttK to anj
't'f. a'1 Ko to. California, wheio I
ittljrht learn ballooning. I am ou
thtislastlr nlxnit lir.lloonliig, but I
ilrcad the tintorlety. I ant so sorry it
has become known. Now that It Ib
known, I don't UncTA vQint wo , hall do
about thu balloon, Anywny, w In
ten.ed to muhe only a ',-w sren
filons, not lb have our wedding trip In
tbo air."
Holds 20,000 Pcct Too High.
Miss U'Wls was tobl that Mr. Cooy
hnj said that 20.000 feet tip thoio t
an air currant that will carry a bal
loon eastward from I.os Angles.
"Twenty tiKiitsr.nd leet!" Miss
IaIk exclaime.l, "Well, Rooilnea
tin"! That's inthor IiIrIi. I don't bo
lleve I ct,n vote for that "
MJss lwls and M . Copy did not
eaie U have anuie now nbout their
I'1 ins- So ietermlne I -re they to
roid notoriety that the datu of tho
wedilltiK aa k"ut a tiecret eon from
Mr. t.nd Mis Lewis The knew of
tie engagement, but thr had no Idea
(hat Mr. Coe had bhlpped his lm
mins,' billoon to Uib Angeles. N'ettn
er tl! . the know that the youiti;
coup'e h mind., had progresseI so far
sk. watd that ufter the wpddlug they
Intende to go straight up fiom l.os
Angeles in o"der to accustom Mrs.
Coey to the "elevating" r.port of
which her future husliand Is so fond
When Mr. an, I Mrs. t.uwls hoard the
tin today the) were much surprised,
but not st all displeased.
Girl l:i Well Known.
Miss Iewis was born In Kansas
city In 1888. From her mother's con
nection wtih tne Daughturs or the
American Revolution sbi, ueeanio pop
ular In that organization, and lust
Ap.Jl wna apjiolntod pngo for tho
MlBSt.urt .'olegutton attending tho an
nual congreB held In Washington.
Shu was also tnado a sponsor tot the
AlJaoiu-l Conftylemte Yoberuns by
Ttftjor Gewral K ll. I.bwdormllk.
with a he.'y of mal.'s of honor. Those
jtoslttons have,, in a degree, made her
. reuetoaied tu seeing her name in
print, but not to the eitout ce-tnln to
follow n honeymoon In thi cloinls.
For this reason she prevailed upon
Mi Coev to choose Los Angeles as
fie staitlng place tor tne aerial
Joui tie.'.
O-ughs taat aro tight, or distressing
tleklluR coughs, get iti. .tti.l terli u
help from Dr. Snoops' Cjgh Itetnedy.
On this account Drat;. 's:s eor where
aio favoring Dr. S-booii Onuh Kent
edy. And It Is nni'.'-iy rrt. i,-.Jln tj.,
tun, Cholorofortn, cr tny oth:-i stupe
fying drug. The tud"r leaves fl a
Harmless lung-hcillng moiintaitiuus
shru'i glvo to Dr. ri!n.u,)j t'otiah Item
edy its curntlvo p-5po.t' .. These
eaves have the power to eaiiti tho in st
distressing Cough, und tj so.t.ii, ind
bcal tho most sensitive bronchia) mem
brane. Mothers should, for nrtfety'e
rako alone, always dim in t Dr. Bhoojs
It can with perfect freedom bo given t
even the youngest babes. Tost It unco
yourself, aud Bee! Sold by Wallace's
drug store.
Ce-ii'ntary To Doard of Agrl-
Tho Itoanl of fegrlcnltliro feels ootti
I'liiiiiiiied ue uiu ruiwrt of Charles
A. T.tvloi, j-tate exatiiHu-i, regarding
Ci" AKileultural & Moehanical col
te,e, ut Stillwatir The college had
when statehooj was ushered In, J23,
Jti fcO, while S:)tunibr 301 n there
wus a balance of $4ri,!M7.1G The re
ptirt in tjulto ciuupliinentary to the
bnard of conttol, and Is In keeping
with the nrogreMslvc, still eronomlcal
IHilitj i! the entire Mate ad.iilnlst:a
Itilltiii'.? I'ttl heavy after dinner?
Toeitue eoated? IJllter taste? Ccm
lleiun sallow Liver needB waking
up. Doans Itegtiiets cute billons at-tat-ks
2r ninth at any drug store.
a v .," s;t r
Vz ofvb'i
Qurq to Clvo Satisfaction.
OJvta neucF at once.
It rtlssuei-i, suoIIkn. Ji.jN and p uteftstbe
diKw-l rrc:ii'ruu rK..iltinir froai Catarrh
. ' dn ves a wy 'nl.l iu I !tr Ilrtwl quitddy.
Jifctv tU Ben) of 'l'ut artt) Hsb11.
Eimy ti use (Vut dn jm iiinri;l drugx
Ajud il 1'ito tlie o utt'lU aud abwirbeO.
Ijmju. 8is- 60 irate at Prugulats or by
nw' I.iind Crcnm Calm tvt tisa la
i'tr.r.'i 7rivig.
Ely BiWHIfi?, 95 yifirren ?l Ne T-lrk
ji X
La n I m m
sVbs S? IWe
! I
" " 1 1
(Southern Press )
Mosslrm, Sid.,-, which Hob in ruiiiB
today, with (houstiittl. of ttead burled
In the debris, wbb next to Palermo, the
most Important City In Sicily. It h
shunted In tho northwest corner of Uio
Island .n tho strait of Messina.
Antoni? tho londltiK luilldlncs wore
the municipal palace, the convent of
ban aregorlo, which contained a mu
seum of valuable relics, buildings f
tne unlveir.i'ty, which was attended by
000 studunlB, ami u municipal hospital.
The out.thlrts and environs are de
lightful, affording magnificent vlonaof
tho sen as well as of Mount Ktna. On
tho west roio the termor tort of Ouatol
lacclo, and not far away to tlio south Is
Fort Gonzngtt, on n historic spot. The
new Compo Santo was beautiful, with
Its graceful Greek colonnades ami won
derful views.
The Tob'sjrHf the summit of a pais
neir Messina- -was much Islted for Its
scenery. Here was supposed to be
Charylidls of the familiar legend op
poslte Scllla on tho Cnlnbrlnn coasu
-MesHlttti Is n town of weal aiitliiully.
Its foundation being ascribed to pirate
from Cittnae, In tae eighth century II
I., when a was Unnwu as .ancle (a
sickle) in allu.lou to the shapo .f ltr
Tho town was occupied by fugitive
from Samoa and Miletus, and Its soon
after passed to Annxtlas, tho tyrant of
Itlioglum, who Introduced thero Mes
senlnns from thu Peloponnesus. li
whom tho noma f thu city was clinng
ed to Messlnn.
After the d until of Aimxllns, Messina
bocamo a republic and maintained Out
statUB until Its dostritotlon by the Car
thaginians during tholr wars with
DlonysliiH of SyxacuB nt tho beginning
of the fourth century II. C. It waj re
built by DroiisIti8, hut anon felt again
Into thu hands of tho Uarthugiiiians
who were flnnlly uxpeLotl by Tlmolooii
In 343 H. C.
During the war between Agath cies
of Syracuse and Carthage. Mosslua
sidel with the CarMaglnlnns. The
first Punic war left Messina In the io
soMlon of Home, mid the town Milise
tiuontly nttalned considerable com
merclal Importance.
In A. 1). S31 tho town was taken by
tho Saracens, and In 1001 was con
qttered b the Normans. The town be
camo a Horn lulling seat of trade In the
middle ages, and received Important
privileges fr an Charles I. of Spain,
which ndilod gteatly to Its prosperity
During the struggle between the arln
tocratlc faction, or Merll, and tho dem
ocratic faction, or MttvUzI, the sonato,
In 1617, appealed for aid to bfte French
who occupied the city, but soon ubau
tloned It. After having dofoatod the
combined f cet cf Spain and Holland
Loft In the hands of tho Spaniard,
tho city was duprheil of Its pollttral
Ilbettles, and soon lost Its commercial
Tho plnguo of 1713 and the earth
quagu of 17S3 carrloil off a consnlor
able part of Its population. In 18G0 the
place was coupled 1y Garibaldi and
iu 1SG1 It hecsnio n part of United
Catania 1s the capital of tho province
of Cntnnla and the thlnl latgest city In
Sicily, being outranked In population
by Palermo and Messina. It had 145,
000 in militant. In front of 4lio cathe
dral was a fountain with tin ancient
tiutiite of un elephant, mndo of lava,
bearing an Ugy-utlnu granlto ohallsk.
The chief utt-actinn is Muunt iXnn
The classic Catania was f unded liv
Gteeks from Chalets, about I). C. 720,
aud soon becatne prosperous.
Heggto, across the Strait of Messina
from the rity of Messine, is the mpl
tal or Calabria. The city suffered
xcvcrely in the earthquake of three
years ugo and appears lo get tlis full
force ' f every trembloi tltat ihaket
the legion of Calabrls. To city's pop
illation is 15.000.
Pal m I is on the southwest coast of
Calabria, twenty-one ml lost no:Uteast
of Jiegglo.
Hagnarn lies on the Gulf of Gloja.
sixteen tnlles n ithessi of fteesio. tt
is i poitiilation of lout 7,090. The
eity Is s. center of tbe nine Indusuy
which keep, the Osltiwisn people there
in the feci of recurrlag eortmnnhOB
negulatss the bowels, .romot08
easy na'tiral uwveissnt. cures con
stlpAllon Dpan's ltogulets. Ask your
druggist for them. 26 cents a box.
(Continued from 1'ago 2.
.spheres to tbelr llngeis, o that the
space above tholr head ft 11! be filled
uitb the i ari'Oolores) iiptabl K lobes
iSteb womtin wilt Ret tt hroiise statuet
te of Father KnlckerboeWer a aan
-omel', mo'eled flgur' six o." seven
ilKl-i Ms!'.
In t'e teot of the ntuln tllniOK
lOtiti will be a tremeudoilx 'atidy re
product mn of tin Intel ltelf whlclt
ill be lighted u,j at ihe n'rokf of
12 It hfan.ln aliont tn-eUe feet high
There will be about 3 odd guext, in
this piaee on Xeu Year's ere.
At Merlin's, Jomi towaid the othe.'
end of the mile ! supj.er will cost
iiu u civer down mars In the bin
tiok rm Jj. Thai is of course,
mm hjhMk MsVoncc
ojiKebn truly Qcncicidil laxative
remd), o tup oj Itgtl onJ lClur rjStnna,
vKic)i cimbloft onciojorm vcftufor
Kabits ctaily so lltat assiitaitcc to rttt
lurti ay he feraiiwly al$onscfwti)t
Vttatt hb longer ttcccrl atli0bst
VwtotltcS.wlxcn vctjmrcd, atcto assist
Mature a td not to supplant the iwtur.
ol unctions, illicit mutitdcperi cj u)tt
wtfly upon procV ttouvititxittfrtt,
prcptrcjjorts.tuirlvtfjrttlivinf getttrali)-.
.Toctits ociptctc,l cfjccTs, always
buy the genuine
J manufactured by IAe
Fig Syrui Co. onty
oncittc only, regular price .0f rrrBottlo '
without nt) thing to ilrlnk. and noth
ing v.111 be served except rl) impngno.
Mr Martin says that they probably
will have more fun upstairs because
't Is n bigger place Some of the
tables wore otigagod n onr ego, und
all tho reservations hnve been taken
for woekB. HorfOi-vn.loiiH now are lie-
1-lug tnado for tables for 1010. Tho
number of diners hero will he numit
1,200. Mr. Mttrtln say that t'no usual
consumption -of champr.gno on this oc
caalon is ovor 3,000 quarta, and thinks
It probably will ho exceeded this
Tho Moral decorations u 111 be doml
itatod by American Honuty roses,
which will bo used lnvlshly. Hats and
fnns from Paris, for tho women, will
bo among (ho souvenirs. Tlvre also
will bo somo 6,000 toy bnllooiiB, onch
about n foot and a half In dlunotor
Most of those will be fitted with nets
and baskets, like the real ititiele, mid
a good many of them will hnve comic
faces painted on them, so that they
will grin down al the guosts when
they tho ballons float up roofward
frwni cntelcss hands.
Combinations of nitvtcrlal in match
lug color nio nniong the feature f .hi
preseut season nnd this gown, whli h 1
niailp with skiit of clilffou broadelotb
and blottge nf nit. I smart and graf
fiti and useful, while it can be tuadt
available, for a groat many occasions
Tim trimming suggests the prim esse
Idea and tin) long lint of the skirt
glvo just that slunur effect that is x
mucli in detirnud. Tho color Is one of
tho lovely new shades known as
wistaria and the yoke and the eentei
front of the blotiBO are made of cream
DruoH Di Mat Msktos,
6109 Tucked Mouse.
C&17 Krnpire Skirt.
colored lace. The sanie jiowri could be
, na,Je J o"9 mt,ter)A1 roilgnt. how-
over. If something thinner, such as
eashiHero or voile or neserlm. Is se
lected or lite blouse could be utilised
for lingerie material and worn with
nnjr cost suit It Includes the very
newest sleeves and is closed Invisibly
at i he heck wlp tbe pretty graceful
skiit Is made wHh a narrow from yore
and circular side au. back port! Iia
can be cut off In walking length If a
simpler gown is in demand.
- Vvr th niedlnni site will lx rcquli
ed, for the blouse t yards of iki H
Inctiva MdH with !-( yarl Is i.kIici,
W dtf I 'I I'll- VI ke Hill ipdii'I tl )!tt Ol
l- ynt.ll ii. i 1 t vtl.d. JJ u- .' '!''
yirdii 44 If one material Is i.se.l
ib ocihi ut. s 1 .' jui'ln of bsiiding f r
ttn-r'i'r x , t tti .'l . S)aiii
L-ev I
v4v ! 1
ii. 4 ! 4 ai.in t4 iik'ki wide with .' '-i'lotm Th- lay si am h i lie e i,t.,il
anU ot biuiilltiK A Ms) Mantnn put un j, when t'l- cihim- Hun in i n
fetit ' the blo'u. Ni I9' .' vt uit-t nnl r"lnrn In tc K.-ti - li I1"
t 40 Wi!ii- Otis' in .f the kit i j',,iiiti,itn k t -i niii.'itt wihoiit- t n
Ctl. 'ca li to .,' !: Walb i
bo mailed to any address !y the Kasit
ion ueptrimiiM .( mis paper on re Dt) doubi. in a short tl . t ncie tjsm
1 1 Ipi of ten coins for each, tlf in bastel wm aito(it 1'snaiua and all In t
.-n 1 an additional wo eit stamp for ,,,uilf "'iIok tmt ull a happ anil
1. ttc p'f.ag" w't'ti man - in ii. t , , -K-, s - ,.u i eman ""
, zti4. dp Ue i 1 j u , , iii,n i flPKli
'V u
In.sliion Torn.
r i '
or design, s
i nev are macie
range of
Each season
corset designs in keeping with
the new modes in Gowns.
Every well-dressed lady knows that the
style this season calls ior tbe Princess
Back and the long, slender hip effeQf.
It you are not wearing a Henderson,
try one the next time you are in need ot
a good corset and'be convinced oi its
good qualities
r r -I in l.I I ISM i I i .1 TIT ITi - - ..- -ittmSjftgl
i&." i 7f
One of the Best Equipped Planing Mills
in the Southwest
Fire Brick, Glass and Paints
P.oofing Felt and Pitch
'Phone 440
Cpojnllaad from Page 2.
No Wijlte Christmas.
I nan noi think ChrUtmas Is ' esi
It a, nuud as no such coW winds, etc . at
mxit ealile Tbe climate is """ "'' ul
H) a flin wind bhiwlog i itteo re
minds We of the ftBe bur. Ouikrle
enjoys In t 'n tettluKS. ilegui ling the
I'ai Hie I ' et )il h is a w at see i in
I'anaii la) on fefls mw at hon.e
when he Stan tie on
foteigu - I and
I nk our and t 'Mt-lx- ! I 'l
Sains itosta 1 lew ieu m bt'l
umH of them unit men mime ' 'ie ft
la.i.ie Inn ul th- -tun ti'ne hat. i "
iitiu h,tB (br them Utey pretend: -ml.
E carry a
full and
complete line of
the famous Hen
derson Corset par
by the
1 a d i e s'
tailors for beauty
tyle' and comfort.
1 1
acie m a wide
styles and prices.
brings out new
Eccc! & Rof)lnsor.
We mke any"
thing and every
thing in SheeS
324-26 W. Oklo. Ave.
Us Ills i h : oLi-iurcl
jtt.uiuos er ulnratUat
or raoeoas turat-np
r,.N.tolHUilM P.inlftft. Mnd net aitrla.
ItNltUlltrtM'UtCS. cut or poKoaDts.
stolil br Iiruccisu.
' cr xut la plain wrssssr.
tr srrai, rwl4. tor
H M. or Jboll II TJ.
Ctrcotai seal u rwusA.
sHhlngtou Dec SI At the close
of buslnvSH veatrda ,tiif IriHn the
ji,n (Mto OOo reserve fond thi was
in I h e treaniiM Jl ,t M !4 '.' 40, na
iioital hunk )'.! 1 1 iiti.: thu US, the
I'.illliliptliek ll-I I J.llbjTi. J Re
celptn ltiisut")i i xi" i dttures,
J 070 not) (Ml
i !, r ..-iiiiaki. of &S aibwm st
Hutiaio V Y , say. l cured the
most annoying oold sore I ever bad,
with Hucklens Arnica Salve I nppued
t bis saUe onre a day fir two das.
when every trace of the sore was
gone H-als all sores Sold under
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