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X he Guthrie D
RACE ill
Shock of Seeing Daughter's
Mutillated Corpse Expected
to Prove Fatal
Cincinnati, Ohio, Jan. 5. With a,
race war imminont as tho result of
the murder of Miss Anna Lloyd, after
she had been attacked on Friday
night, a while man and a negro were
placed under arrest early today. Po
lice reserves were kept on duty al
half a dozen points of the city where
feeling was running unusually high, i
and the authorities at Cumminsvllle,.
where the girl was murdered, Were
reinforced. In spite of these pre an
turns, the situation was critical.
The persona arrested today are
Henry Cook, 34 white, of 4113 South
Grove avenue, and James Fields, 21.
negro, of Cumminsvllle. They were
held on suspicion.
Miss Lloyd was secretary of the Wi
borg-Hanna Lumber company. The
police today decided that she was
evidently attacked by a negro employ
ed by that concern who killed her
when she recognized him.
They base this theory upon the find
ing of black hair in her dead hands
and the discovery of a bloody glove,
such as planing mill employes use,
near fhe scene of tho crime.
This resulted in a close watch be
ing established on all the employes
hy twenty officers and today each
suspect was closely examined. The
arrest of Cook and Fields followed,
and they were taken before physicians
and put though a rigorous cross
cxaniinatijn. The residents of Cumminsvllle in
sist that only someone who knew ihe
habits of the victim could have com
mitted the crime. .Since the girl's
body was discovered indignation has
been running high and there have
been many threats of violence againsi
the negroes of the town.
The body of Mis? Lloyd today lay
at her home, 007 1 )elta avenue, and
was viewed hy hiind.eds. Those who
visited the home contributed to in
flame ('ue situation.
Miss Llyod's mother collapsed af
ter the tragedy and today her condi
tion was so critical that little hope
was expressed for her recovery.
Opvernor Haskell has directed the
following circular letter to all mem
bers of the Second Oklahoma legisla
ture, asking their opinion, with the
request thai they answer by tele
graph, as to the necessity of a special
session of (he legislature:
"Please telegraph me what you and
the people ol your locality think a;
to the necessity of p special session
of Ihe legislature, having in mind
particularly the question of taxation,
and of limiting the tax levies, and
further restricting the issuing of dis
trict, county and municipal bonds,
and of dividing into two payments
instead of one, and granting tempo
rary relief hy extending the lime for
the present tax payment; also of
passing a uniform and definite offi
ce.;;' salary or fee bill, ?nd any other
subjects that may seem of Immedi
ate importance."
District Judge A. H. Huston left
this morning for Kingfisher to bold
a one day's special term of the King
fisher county district court, lie was
accompanied by Court Reporter Tonv
lliggins ami Attorneys , . .1. Ilild
reth and J. H. Burford. The Logan
county distric court will not con
vene again until Saturday.
Chandler, Ok!a Jan. 50. A.
Smith, president of the Democratic
Press association of Oklahoma, has
tailed a special meeting of thru 88
lochfion for January K. in Guthrie.
The editors are to discuss plaha for
the siste campaign which is soon to
OOOO 0000 000 0 0 0000
(Associated Press)
O Now Orleans. Jan. 3. Tonight 0
0 fair; colder in east; Thursday 0
0 fair.
A. D. Tlumbarger, of the gross rev
enue and income tax division of the;
state auditor's office, left last nighi
toy Tulsa where he will represent (he.
Slate today in the hearing in the dis-j
U'lcl court on the test suit filed by
the heirs of the .1. C. MoClannon es
tate, valued at $171,000, in which the
validity of the inheritance tax lawj
enacted ly the Second Oklahoma leg-j
Mature is attacked. The Oklahoma
law is Identical with the laws of oth-1
ei states which have been upheld by!
the United States supreme court.
According to the slate labor de
partment there are more unemploy
ed common laborers in Oklahoma
than ever before since ihe municipal
improvement and building activitj
bAit closed down for the winter seas
on. AH skilled labor, hawever, Is still
At Oklahoma City and MuukOgee
free employment offices last month
there were 3,000 applicants for posi
ions and only K60 were given employ'
Alleged Purloinur of Seventeen
Sacks of Sugar Landed
Behind the Bars
Charley French, a negro youth, was
placed under arrest by the police this
morning charged With being impli
cated In the stealing of seventeen
sacks of sugar from the Fnifiteld
storage house Monday nigh!. Young
French is also charged With break
ing out, of the city bastlle. He was
arrested Sunday by the police on a
vagrancy charge, but before he was
tried he had broken out of Jail. Wm.
Moore, a negro who runs a small
stole at 422 South Fourth street, filed
information with the officers today
charging French with attempting to
sell two sacks Of sugar to him yes
terday at ?3 a sack, when it whole
sales for over $r a sack.
Charles Boyd, whom the police ar
rested for stealing some silverwan
from Mrs. J. W. Blade, was fined
$55 and costs by Police Judge Boles
last evening and then turned over to
the county to he prosecuted for burg
lary. Jack Monis, alias Jack Kennedy,
the negro arrested for carving up II.
B. Smith, a&Other negro, last Thurs
day night- was fined $25 and ordered
to pay Smith's $20 docto- bill hy
lice Judge Boles last evening.
I process of the committee or to answer
I any question propounded Hiiall bfl
Senators Blair of Wynnewood, i deemed guilty of contempt, and jur
Rttfseil of Warner, Stafford of Okie I isdiction is conferred noon the court
noma City, and Strnin of Waim were of appeals of the District of Colutu
in conference in this city last even-jbia to try and determine any luch
lag, Others Interested in state af
fairs Joined the conference and gev"
era! of Che down-state political lead
era are still in the city.
There was also a conference of
Republican organization men al a
local hostelry last evening. Chairman
Harris had called Senator Heeler ot
Cheeotah ihe day previous to "en
able him to prepare the program for
the lesser lights" according to a local
insurgent who appea 'ed somewhat
McAlester Is Latest Oklahoma
Town to Vote for Com
mission Form
Special to Daily I -leader.
McAlester, Okla.. Jan 5. f Ah
r yesterday voted at a special elec
tion to adopt a new charter and ex
tend the citizens' ticket it six Re
publican:; and six Democrats to write
It. All the men elected favor com
munion form of government.
Sesks Large Quarters.
Tiie J. F. inn Construction com
pany has moved its general offices
into a larger suite of rooms in the
Beadles building, opposite- the post
office on West Oklahoma avenue. The
company laid almost ten miles id
paving in Quthrle last year and is
now paving in Sapulpa, Anadarko.
Muskogee, and other Ok!aho" Hen.
. 60s.
Committee of Twelve to
Appointed to Conduct
the Investigation
(By Associated Press.)
Washington, Jan. 5. Investigation
of ihe Balltnger-plnchot controversy
is ordered by u joint resolution today
introduced in the senate by Mr, Jones,
and In the house by Mr. Humphrey,
both of Washington, As heretofore
announced the provision is for the
broadest kind of public Inquiry, the
resolution being of the character re
quiring the signature of the President
Which gives lo i all Ihe I'oice of gen
eral law.
A committee of twelv
pointed to COndUCl the
six of whom shall be
S to be up-
Investlgal Ion,
(signaled D)
v'ice President Sherman
mil six by
Speaker cannon. unquestionably
Senator Nelson, chairman of the sen
ate committee on public lands, win
head the list of senator:", and this,
doubtless, will result In his selection
as chairman of the Joint committee,
The scope of the investigation Is out
lined as follows;
Scope of The Resolution
"The committee is hereby empower
ed and directed to make a i borough
and complete investigation of the no.
ministration and conduct of tiie In
terior department, its several bureaus,
officers and employees, and of the
bureau of forestry In the Agricultural
department, its officers mill em
ployees, touching or relating to the
reclamation, conservation, manage
moot and disposal of the public lands
Ol i he United States, or any lands
held Is trust by the United States
for any purpose, including all the nut
ural resources of such lands, and said
committee is authorized and empow
ered to make any further investiga
tion touching said departments, its
bureaus, officers or employees, and
ot said bureau of forestry, its officers
or employees as It may deem desir
full Authority to Committee
The authority to sit dining sessions
of congress and in recesses, to require
the attendance of witnesses and tno
production of papers, usual to con
gressioual inquiries, is granted by the
resolution. It is provided further
that any person refusing to obey ih
charges of contempt.
Employment of assistant1!
or otherwise," is specifically author
ized. This provision i for the pur
pose of enabling the commit tee to
procure the services of able attor
neys to take charge of the probing, so
t.i i as the directing of que: tions la
concerned. It Is the lute, .(ion of
President Tafi to have the committee
name om competent attorney io
conduct the case, and It is possible
that both of (lie principals io the con
troversy may be represented by coun
sel. Hearing Open To The Public
It was agreed by all persons who
have given close attention to the Hal
llnger-Pinchor squabble thai, the in
vosligaiion should be open to thi' puh
lie and ibis is ordered by the resole
lion. One of the big rooms in ihe
new senate office building will be
used for this purpose.
In Presenting Resolution For Inquiry
Makes Fervant Defence Of
Washington, Jan. 5. --In presenting
the resolution Mr. Jones said:
"The various departments and bu
nans of the Government are organ!,
ed to do its business in the Interest
of the people. Rvery official is but
the servant and agent of the people
to act for them under and within the
limits of the law. The efficiency of
public service depends much upon
Ihe confidence of the people In the
honesty and Integrity of their serv
ants and ntrentn.
"It is a bad commentary upon the'1
slate of public opinion That fhe mo-'
meat a mm noeepted a public office
he becomes a scoundrel in the eyes
ot many of our eople and his pie
vious life of honesty and rectitude,
It no warrant ol official integrity.;
His acts are misconstrued and his
motives questioned. Insinuation and
inuendoes are freely made under the
guise of the public weKare but in
reality to foster some private inter-,
Set, Popular views are taken ad
antage of to discredit an official,.
Continued on Fas Klglit
'Things arc getting Into good con
ni'ioS over our way," was the tirst
lateiueui from Senator Strain of
W'ann. In the corridor of a local bo
I el last evening. ' I am here on both
business and to attend to a lew po
bReal matters," answered the senator
to a query. "Yes, I am going Id be a
candidate for corporation coutuiis
Blotter, unless theie is a radical
(hange of plans, which is unlikely
Oklahoma is a big si ate, you know,
and I have no predictions to make
about the Candida tes who will suc
ceed, but 1 am going to try to, you
can bet. The new pipe line to the
Arkansas line, (hough, is lust now of
mole importance to our people in the
oil belt than candidacies, and we are
al! hopeful of a tremendously better
slate of affairs; already there is a
better tooling prevailing among the
operators who have lieen unable to
find a market. Through Nowata and
Washington counties the Prairie con
rem transpotts the oil north via pipe
ihle io Whiting, Ind , lint tho new line
win take oti' much from other sourc
es' and make the daily capacity M,
(inn barrels greater than now."
Washington, I). C, Jan. 5, - The
C. A. K. of Oklahoma, through the
Oklahoma congressional delegation, Is
asking for an appropriation of 80
acres of , land for a soldiers' home al
Sulphur. Congressman Morgan of
ihe Oklahoma Cits district, la draft
ing the necessary bill.
Corporations Have
In For One Com
missioner It
Wichita has commission govern-1
men1,, one commissioner, lioeuelj
has incurred somebody's displeasure;
The Wiehltn hagle (Rep.) says or It: t
T.ie enemies of Commissioner Roe' i
zei are becoming discouraged, Thes
have hceq trying for several weeks
to secure the necessary !5,25o signa- i
lures io petitions; asking for his re
call and i hey now Bnd the task 1st
hopeless, They heye been unable to I
get more than one halt the required1
,,,,,,, ,,-. .( 1,,ynl ,.. ,.M, .,),!
their names lo the petitions. Hut
thoy have not given up entirely and
expect io Keep up ihe work iii the
hope i. mi they rail lie able to ere
ate sentiment against vtr. Rootael.
They wanl to keep up the tight until
the nexi regular city election.
The fool that the men who have
been attempting ( get a recall elec
Hon hftve not found the task an easy
one shows there are a great many
citizens In Wichita who are more In
clined to he fair than Mr. Roetael'l
enemies believed. People didn't rush
forward to get tlmlr names on the
petition! and many who were In
duced to sign tiie petitions now want
their names taken off. The cam
pnign against Mr. Itoef.el was of the
bushwhacking variety and this is not
the sort of light the people approve.
No charge is made against him And
the reason of this Is because there Is
no charge to be mado which the peo
ple of Wichita would endorse, spe
cial Interests, the Fair Weather
Street Car compan) and ihe asphalt
paving cptppanles, object to Mr. Root
.el because he does no' accord them
privileges. Disappointed office seek
ers complain because he did not aid
in giving them job' A union of these
forces made the light on Mr. Roet
Bt'1 and now they are learning that
their grievances are not considered
In i cause for complaint by the ma
Jorlty of the citizens of Wichita.
And the complainants havo learned
j that the people of Wichita vvi'I en
dorse a commissioner who woiks for
I ihe Interest of the city and not for
; his own Intercuts or the Interests or
Win friends! 'bat a commissioner who
does not pnl himself on the side or
the corporation' against the city In
approved by the citizens; that the
! iieople have learned the recall is not
: intended lo be used fo.' venting spite
I or to sidetrack an honest man, and
l .dt the oily can take cue of Itself
without later fore oca rrbm outride
corporal ions.
Clyde Mattox, Recipient
Many Qtticlal Favors, At
tempts to Kill
Word was received hoie this morn
ing from N'ewkirk of ihe arrest of;
Clyde Matlox, a well known Okla
homa criminal character, on. the
charge of attempting to kill a man at.
Ponca City. Manor's latest victim t
escaped with a broken arm and a
bullet wound in ills wrist.
.Mattox was paroled by Governor
Haskell a lit lo ov. r a year ago for
good behavior .
It la stated by p.omlnent attorneys
that although Ma'tox's penitentiary i
seutence has expired, tiie governor
can revoke his parole and re-cora-mit
him o th' penitentiary. Mattox'ft
parole was secured through the un
ceasing efforts of his mother, who
worked day and night to gn bar son i
freo. believing that she could mend
his ways.
Blackwell to McAlester .or Hugo,
With Sapulpa Line Over
to Muskogee
Willi (en of the lending state cap
italists ot Oklahoma conferring as lo
plans, and sufficient capital pledged,
providing ihe i iklahonta stats men of
.discretion are all agreed on plans, li
appears as If an interurban electric
railway system may h one of the
striking transportation achievements
of ihe year 1810, Following announce
meal last autumn that there would
cerlttluly he a system extended east
Ward ( ora Oklahoma City to HoMen
viiie, oihers Interested in electric
railway building hastened Fast with
a plan to conn eel tint brio with
Northeast Oklahoma cities and build
across from Pawhuska lo Bald, A
Conference with a- Si. Joseph, Mo.,
promoter and builder followed, where
upon concentrated etfori was pledged
if possible. Later two proinltien
Kansas men, who have been long
seeking a railway line north to south.
wore auaeu to in,, nsi ami ine ad
vanced ihe proposition of unison in
extending an eastern division out of
Quthrle straight to Tulsa, thence
northeast to Nowata, and Miami, the I
Ultimate eastern cosuteetlon being'
Joplln, Mo, Acting upon the theor;
the Mountain. Vallej ami plains
steam transportation line win be
reality within tho yeti ttnd that the
Denver. Enid and Gulf division of J
the Santa Fo will pfft Into effect j
thrice as good a re; vie AS now c
lists, the elcdrlc men concluded Quth
i rie should be i lie western basis for
i ne present, aim ine .loiuin line na"
practically met approval.
Conferences have been ludd as to
lie ontti line, original) discussed si
extending south from ("handler to I
i Ada, thence taking u southeasterly
' route 'o Hugo. This plan was (lis
cussed because Hugo local capitalists I
'have been seeking a route over to
j I'oalgate, preferring ;i steam road. In!
I event then- is difficulty In getting si
'filiated at lingo, the proposition Ufl
der discussion Is for a line east ward
: from Sapulpa io Muskogee ami a
cross line from McAlester northwest
to Blackwell.
Ihe system under consideration j
would tap every trunk line railway j
system in tiie eastern ina 1 r ol Hi"
s ate and he In di SCI feeding con
tied ion Wil li a population estimated
al 1,720,000, Friend of Hie last men-;
tloned pro Jed argue thai ii would
roach SO per rent of the population
of the slate and would leOure bu
a lll'tb of i he cicl lor bridges audi
guides of all other projects atvanced
III event ol Its being adopted, a Hub,
of i he OOSl would have to be bOTHC
by the residents or the new State,
stock to be issued then tor. In this
connection those In charge assert
I there will be only common slock Is-1
1 sued, Willi bonds issued against the
line, subject tri purchase by
soever lias the purchase price, for
i not less than par.
Since the recent trip of a verv
promttieM Oklahoma transportation
:, man and public utility owner, a syn-
dbaio from PtttSbttrg. Pn., two of
whom own la.ge property Itttereste in
Washington and Nowata counties,
have advanced the tentative proposi
Hon, In case or the line east from
Out brie io Joplln being financed, to
join Issues and extend an elec rie
i line from Bartlesville through Sbs.v
' nee to Purcetl, the latter made the
1 objective point because OU the Can a
; dlan river.
Spent Ten Thousand Dollars.
More inaii i'.km lias been ex
bended bv those who have been for
four months peeking to sir Ivo at an
ftgree at, The varioss atanieipal'
! Illes liavo added to prospects by ex
I reptlonal showing of growth In pop
illation and wealth, and the scheme.
visionary al rtrsi glance, has grown
upon those behind the preliminary
Investigation until ii appears not only
feasible but necessary. It can be cm
rled Into reality fo:' less than one
third of th cost the Illinois Traction
lines to William I!. McKJnley. in
erurban uleclrlo railway king of the
United 8!nt, with at least TM miles
more- of trackage. It could be bull!
and equipped for a third of the cost
of th. Indiana Traction company, and
It's one line would havp the exa't
mileage of the Hoofler concern. "No
matter how much of dream It ma'
appear," said a Guthrie promoter. "It
will be a reality before three years
and Is already a iic-c,elty If we con
dder its usefulness In a tate grow
ing like Oklahoma at thlg time.''
Saturday is "tag day.
Chicago, ills., Jan
wheat closed at $1.1
at $1.03. May corn
Ii7 1 -4c; July at f.T
Kansas Citv Grain.
K IRUM I'll . MO., .1;:
wheat eJosed at $M7
at 97 l-8o. May corn
til I Sc; July at Clio.
'd 111
Kansai City livestock
Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 5 Six
thousand cafile were received,
ten higher. IIogs--Hecelpts, 8.
000, five to ten higher.
000 0000 OOOOO OOOO
Contractors Snyder and Billings
announce Unit they expect to have
the $l5.iiii) First Methodisi Rpiscopal
! church edifice, which is being con
: StrUcted al thS corner of North
Broad street and Noble avenue, com
dated and ready tot occupancy not!
i later than February 15 The ex'c
rior work on the building has al! been
j completed and the sidewalks ami ap
proaches are being constructed. The
plastering bus been completed and
the Interior decorating and painting
i is now under way. The carpenter--jure
completing the finishing work on
the Interior and the windows will be
Installed next week. The congrega
J tion had anticipated dedicating the
1 building as soon as it was completed,
I but on account of delay in the chinch
furniture and fixtures, which are he
Ing mannfactored by ihe Quthrle j
desk and furniture factory the ediden
not he formally dedicated until
March 1 .
Southwestern Iron Foundry
Turns Out Big Vat For
Packing Concern
j That the .Southwestern Iron found'
id this city is the best eqlllped I Mm' I -
union of lis kind In tno entire South
t was demonstrated this week nj
ling out the only cast iron scald
ing vi
il for the Armour packing plan
at. n
b( en
Worth, Texas, which bus e, i
made i his side oi alcago.
I he purchasing agent of the coin
puny, who was here ,yesirdn)' to In
spec! the huge vat, pronounces ii a
heller job I hall they could have (
lined even Iii Chicago,
The huge vat was manufacttired en-
t ir
this city from raw material
bj mechanics In the employ or the
foundry company who are among the
highest skilled werkmenii in their
The vat Is I
five feci high, and I
sighs 104 10 pounds
tire car lo blp the
X feel
It took an en
big vnt to V1
company Is well
and stale tnuctt
having the vat
The Armour
with the job
money was saved in
manufactured in cinhrto on account
of the big fielghl bill formerly paid
in shipping from Chicago io F
Tie- order was secured through the
brato'h office of the foundry estah
lishee In Ki. Worth early In the spring
The foundry also bM SOUS large or
ders from the Swift Packing compan "
for supplies
Kansas City
ror the Ft, Worth and
Manager ('. II Martemlalo, who if
president of the oh:unlnr of coimneic
and one of the live (luthrle boosters,
i , contemplating again enlarging the
capacity of the plant In order to keep
up Willi the lie, ivy orders coming In.
Tho matter will be placed before the
meeting of the stockholder:', to be
held Monday. The -matter of estab
lishing a stove manufacturing depart
ineiii of i Ii i foundry will
be I II-
mi up at this meeting.
Manager Mnrietidale declares
a factory to mat ir''elure either
Of natural gaa stoveH would pay
In this vlclnllv .-lint lion Die nn-
Iterlal could be easily ami eheapl
cured here.
Follows in Wake of Slofm
to the Wesl
(By A aiclatcl Pres
Kansas City, Mo.. Jan .". - Rail
road schedules throughout Western
Missouri. Kansas and in most of Ok
lahoma are demoralized today and
telegraph and telephone wires are In
a chaotic condition, and as a retail
of the sleet, storm there Is great de
lsy. The storm vns followed by
lower temperatures iast sight, bul
the mercury began cllmhing upward
today. The natural gas supply Is
still w-ak and there Ik much suffer
ing. The mercury reacted the low
est of the season at Topeka this
morning, three below; Kansas City,
o; Oklahoma City, fourteen above;
Ardmoxe, Southern Oklahoma, twenty-two
above. This Is unusually cold
weat her for Oklahoma and vegetal ion
has been froxon.
Would Be a Desecration Says
Judge in Pronouncing
(By Associated Preas)
Kansas City, .Mo , Jan. C "I do
not cue t,, desecrate Ihe day by or
deilng the;,e two brutes hanged on
the legal hanging day."
With this unusual declaration from
the bench. Judge Latshnv In the
criminal court here today sentenced
George Reynolds and John Williams,
negroes, found guilty lust night of
assault lug VI i s F. JackBon, to
be hanged Saturday, February 5.
Thoy do not oven deserve to be
classed with murderers." continued
the Judge "ii would bo an Insult
to those men who had lt ,,,;ist a
spark of manhood in their hardened
soul to have such brutes as tlbesa
put lit i heir class."
The negro lawyers who defended
tlx men refused to appeal and tho
ludge sentenced tho prisoners to b
hanged til the earlin.r date allowed
b; low.
(By Associated Press.)
Kan lis City, Kan, Jan. fi-fleorga
Reynolds and Johu Williams, negroes,
were found guilty of assaulting Mr
v k Jackson, by a Jury in the crinj
l ial coiit i here- last, night and tbeif
sentence fixed at death by hanging.
The verdict of guilty was returned
"ii the it: 'i ballot. The jury was out
bul five ami one-half minutes. Hut
two days were occupied lu selecting
a Jury, hearing the evidence aud re
turning ll verdict.
Doth men will probably bo hango'l
the first week In February. Attor
neys for them intimated tonight that
thoy would not fllo application for
an appeal which must, be done In
lour days or the sentence will be cai
rled out.
Kvery precaution has been taken
dniing the trial 1(, protect the prls
onors from violence, The assault
was of such a nature . that Intense
feeling was aroused against the pris
onerB, Throats ot lytichlug were fre
quently heard. The public was not
admitted lo the trial. Mrs. Jackson
swooned while testifying yesterday.
Prisoners In ihe county Jail raised
a bedlam when the verdict becamo
known. They had previously threat
ned to lynch the negroes in the ex
ercise room of the jail. When the
threat reached the officers they re
moved the negroes to another part
of i he prison.
The fiiiMnio itciaiWs' association,
which is tie trongeal and most, sue
ci tut iMgan.atioii of its kind iu thw
nilc v. ill hold the annual meeting
nei Tuesday evening In the chamber
it eomnie ee iiioins in tho Anderson
niiiidliig The officer for the ensu
ing year are io b" elected and dele-
sen io the Oklahoma State
lb lib , - convention In Shawnew,
btniiary I" and 14. Secretary Ray
on will also submit his annuel n
port at tin' meeting.
For Grand Kirmess
Don't Cross Your Fingers
Nexi Shiio.Iio will tw "Tag Day"
tin tin- Kli iiii-nH. Tie- tog event,
f'.r wt.i''li tin- ladles of Trtdity '
(iullu Im'c liibormi no luaiduoiuly,
m nilbil for prem-ntatlon n
J - Friday nigh,
.Pel I Hh ft:i tv next Saturday
mom Inc. a nwarm ot indies will b
out with t.iifti und tickeU- IX) not
d.li,i-. Tiki, your mwllclnp. 1'ret
ty. p'ruuilv ,y win look into
v . ii- lank fluifuri will pin the
Kin, ii. is tux lo your ci U. JftfKA
months' luinl -raining W tSik-i 4
w, ctrfitat?
in,- k'nu.-w ought lo bi WdfrB
iwie,. il;,, prici of admission. The
: il ye io Ihn Trinity Church
niolilii', 'nod. He a booater. Buy
i '. ii It. ..Ml wear a lag f'r Ju.t
one day. IM not buj tike groue'n.
I in r chferfully or not at nil. To
buy n ti krt with a anarl In a
kmxk. it dlHi-ourajres thonn en
gag. d in tiie worth cauiws L' U
C'jthrlv rrenl "tair day" with a
smile ot iiclunl jleasel anticipation
lip na, i.-i chlMhood. ehreus
iii ell I' . I tho Mood in iu

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