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1 m
Here Is Your Last Chance
Any Suit In Our Store
for infants and Children.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castm OH, Pare
goric, Droits and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleowuit. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Nareotic
Mibstantv. It destroys Worms ami alhivs Feverislmess.
It cures Diarrhoea, and "Wind Colic. It relieves Teeth
ing Troubles and cures Constipation. It regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving h Ai) v and natural sleep
The Children's Panacea The lk. Oicr'a Friend,
The Kind You Have Always Bought
v ...... PA IT it . S
Sears the Signati
In Use For Over 30 Years.
K. C Livery Stable
For Ftne LiOery Turn-out
Special attention given to boarders.
Best of care asBUred.
F. M. MATHEWS, Prop.
Phone 519 218 So. Division St.
The Tailor
We do French Dry Clean
ing, Pressing, Dyeing, Ladies'
work and Mat Blocking.
Your clothes cleaned and
pressed, called for and de
livered, $1.50 per month.
Phone 809
Go to
Shoe Factory and get mens
and boys' shoes at cost.
Call and see our stock before
Shoes made and repaired
while you wait
112 S Division
H. & B. BEER
Cotton, Storks, Honda, Coffee, Cot
ton Seed Oil, Grain and 1'rovisloBB.
N'ew Orleans Cotton Exchange,
N. C. Future Brokers Association.
New York Stock Exchange
New Ymk l otion Exchange.
New York Coffee Exchange.
New York Produce Exchange.
Chicago Board of Trade.
Liverpool Cotton Association.
Private wires ti principal points.
by connoisseurs to
be the most de
licious Coffee in the
Sold Only
in Cans
1 pound cans 35c
2 pound cans 65c
J. D. Burke
Opposite P. O,
No Phone
Special to Dally Leader,
Washington. 1). ('., Jan. 5. A
Hew board of pension examining Bur
geons has boon established at Bnffa
i lo, Okla with Dfs. P. Z. Wincholl,
E. l. Heady and Harder Walker as
When You Put On Stockings
of the heavies! son. do your shoes
pinCtl, and your feel swell ami pe.--Bplre?
if you shake Allen's Foot
Ease in your shoes, ii will Rive yon
rest and comfort, and instant relief
from any annoyance, sold Every
where, r'Se. Don't accept Btty snbsti
"I tried all kinds of blood remedies
which failed to do me any good, but I
have found the right thing at last. My
face was full of pimples and black-heads.
After taking Cascarets they all left. I am
continuing the use of them and recom
mending them to my friends. 1 feel fine
when I rise in the morning. Hope to
have a chance to recommend Cascarets."
FredC. Witten, 76 Kim St., Newark, N.J.
Pleasant, Palatable. Potent, Taste Good.
Do Good. Never Sicken. Weaken or Gripe.
10c, Z5c, JOc. Never sold In bulk. The genu
ine tablet stamped C C C. Guaranteed to
euro or youi money back. 922
the Kind that Whips
Delivered to any I'art
of City
Guthrie Cream
Milk Department
(lor. 5tli
& Noble
Phone "
Hfejtaw or factory?
No Light
50 good
$o clean
reasonable in
price ay "
Torn on the tfroli$hi
Veiled Threats to Coerce Re
calcitrants By Withhold
ing Patronage
(By Associated Pross.)
Washington. Jan, 5, War without
(JUai'ter will lie WSgttl be; ween the
i .iii administration ami such Etepub
iiean "insurgents'' in congress as are
now opposing and wbo oppose in Hie
future the Taft legislative program,
The battle is not willi those tariff
Insurgents who. quietly sheathed
their bladts alter defeat, but will)
those who bave nu.'sed dlsappotnt
iiK'in ami are whetting their knives
publicly in anticipation of continued
The battle broke suddenly vester
ibiy afternoon, At first It was a
single shot, then a scaiiered tiring!
swiftly the thing spread until it had
taken on the aspects of a general
engagement, the consequences or
which cannot be foretold. The Buh
s-'ance of it is that the senators and
congressmen who have taken fl stand
against the present administration
and who cintiniied lo align themselv
es! with the opposition to the preSfc
dent's policies are to receive no con
sideration in matters of patronage.
Miller "Blows Lid Off"
Representative Miller of Minnesota
was a man chiefly Instrumental in
"blowing the lid off" of the situation
lie did it in a statement declaring
Postmaster General Hitchcock Inform
ed him that his (Miller's) recommen
dations were being; held up because
Of bis fiSUtgfin! activities in tbe
louse He quoted the postmaster
general as saying in substance
"A great deal of pressure is being
brought to beat upon me to withhold
from the insurgent Republican con
gressmen the patronage In their dis
tricts. I am very louth to do this
and the matter Is still uncertain."
Mr. Miller told the postmaster gen
eral he intended to cany the (natter
to the floor of the house; Mr. Hitch
cock urged him to defer action until
the subject could be fun her consid
ered. Following the congressmen's state-
mcnt, the postmaster general called
him on the telephone and took hlin lo
tsjk tor nol having regarded th' con
versation as confidential, to which
Mr. Milter replied Unit he bad not
so understood it and fell thai he hart
violated nt confidence.
Wants A Goqd, Square Fight
On the other hand. Inquiries among
other congressmen generally classed
as insurgents failed lo disclose any
apparent active antagonism to them
mi the pari of any one connect--'
; with the adiiiinisiiaiiim. Reprc n
lailves Murdoch and iadisou, f
KansSf, had not suffered Horn "BU ;
ponded animation" in their patron
: go recommendation:'
When Mr. Madison ws Informed
rtnai the fight apparently had stalled,
he said:
"Coo.l. ! am glad "f It. Nothing
suits me heller than a good Squat
right." , ,
Congressman Hayes, of California,
who presided over the onlv meeting
or the house insurgents new . "
year, declared that he was "in the
fight to smy. If no one will call a
meeting of the Insurgents to mark
0111 a plan of battle, I will do it." he
said. "And if there are others wt o
are backwards in this battle I will
go ii alone. I am an Insurgent na
Hi It is over."
Cannon Ready For The Fray
Spenke,- Cannon remarked If M
were to express his own views on the
t-'tuatlon they would sound "chest
i iity " He denied knowledge of anv
specific determination to crush the
insurgents. But he turned to a copy
of a speech which he delivered In
Kansas City on December 3 last, and
d"ote from it the following para
eianh: Wren
Lincoln rounu an sun;
on the national capital
Houth an l a body of sym
in the north escou caging
from the
i,. thUors
iitoi ftnv
i... w..i u ii. it rr cut: 'o
determine nlch was the most tnreot
eidng 'o the welfare of the nation
History repeats Itseir. and WB0B
Senators Cummins Follette, Hiis
tow and their so-called progressive
following join hands with Mr. Mor
gan In waging war upon the Republic
an members of congress who passed
the tariff bill, and upon President
Taft who signed it. In thai contest I
know of bet one way to Heat ihem,
and that is fight them just as we
fight Mr. Eryan and his followers."
For Sore Throat, BUddeo Cold and
Coughs no remedy bas been discov
ered so powerful to cine as Ftrrj Da
vis' Painkiller. As a MulBkeni It has
no equal in curing Rheumatism or
Nettralgia, brBS and bruises, and
wounds of every description. It is
the cheapest and best remedy offered
1 to tbe public. Only ?,ac for n big DOt
tie There ate oilier sizes also, 2-e
ami SOc,
At a meeting of the National Home
Economics association in Boston lasl
week Miss Ellon M. Itichards, the
president ami professor In the Mas i
chuaetts Institute ot jrqchnolofy, said
that 'he grentcs, bugaboo of the
Americas people at the present time
Is the "draft." 'I icy are afraid of
air, because I hey may h ive to sit in
a draft, and the hoped
lie Milne eillical ion oil
She Spoko of iie Injie
dene students by making
lo lectures in air from
bit of the life uas been
ihU vitiated ntmosDher
the Subject,
lice Hint is
then) list in
which eyerj
aki n and in
e I hey are
heavy and dull, with clogged wits,
Ileal and humidity an' the moil dan
gerOUS prOdUCtJI of still lite because
Ihey so endanger the activity of the
eel's ami raise MM body temperature.
A School for Wives.
A SGhOO for wives Is in be estab
(tailed in New York, according lo cr
lain aiiniuncoittolils to thj effect
Mrs, Andrew Carnegie is said 10 be
backing tbe scheme. It will be called
the "Wifehood ODitd," and has Jus"
been inco. poravted. The guild will!
hold its meetings at Huntington
Minor. Long Island, where an eats'
oT several aerea haw been obtain
and $l.,ti(..i raised to ereci u build
ing. pqajry has brought out the
ract thai at least half or the dnhapp)
marriages SBtOOg working Klrln is
due i o the fact that they do not know
how to keep house. The guild will
try to make up for this so that self
supporting girls may leai'n the things
that Wives need to know.
Social Extremes Meet.
Hose SchneldPrman and Miss Anne
Morgan worked together and side n,
Mde to make 'be big mass meeting ai
Carnegie hall on Sunday night for
the benefit of the striking shirt waist
girls a success. Mrs. Iteluiont as
Rented that eai ti one or the striking
girls ahQUld be given at least $2 a
week, and"aH the e are 1,1 11,1 of them
a nice little Hum of tlS.OQfl a week
Will bf necessary Cotmequently it
wa. only rigbi Mat the sale (.!
hh'iuld aKradi
atteiitlon. the tnxes
hlglT'S' bidder, MIJ
going to the
Morgan buying
lie first one sold
The Outdoor School.
New York wi I spend $0,200 next
year in making over twenty rooms In
regular school buildings, a flrnt step
in an entirely new plan of ventila
tlsHi In orde lhat children, nick or
WflU, may have outdoor air. All
ch-blien affected with luberculislH
B -.. exeluded from Ihe New York
si hool and In order that these chil
dren may not suffer for want of an
education, there are special schools
for them which must be so well veu
tilatcd that tbe dangers from aug
mentation of the disease will be min
imized. Patron Saint of Girls.
St. UfeHer Is the favorite saint of
th- girls of Breton, for he It is who
brings 'hem a husband In the first
place, sud takes care that the mau Is
nhvsloslly worth while, only reoulr
Ing that I he girl wanting a hiishand
slick a pin in Hie foot ot his statue
at Sena. If the pin Is nol put in
arid "Hough the mar lage will fal'
through and If It bend, the husband
rflaj I"' a hunchback or a cripple,
il is ells to see tli.it ureal care Is
taken a hen i he pins are put in plac
(.i- E.it Carrots-
I'lnb.iblv the iiiohI popular vegeta
ble this winier Im the tarrot. which
Is cateh by the young women, par
iieiilarlv as It Ih supposeii to in ,ui
aid to a good complexion. As
carrot is a somewhat tasteless vege
table, cooks busying ihemselve
lo I rv lo find some oalatablo way of
OOOkfng It. It Is, however, a mislaid
Id cover ii with 0 while gSUCe LqbI
is ileciiledlv tiniialalahle when l is
To Indent New R.-liuion.
Dr. Julia Helen Sears and M n
Iticli. il'il lllgelese or New oik BTt
two women intcrch;"'! In a new re
ligion Which Ih of the "new lliillghl'
oriler. and which thoV tleols e Will be
a elearing house for all tbe other
I'glons in which liberty of thought Ii
nl'oWi-d ConfiiehinlHtn, lluddiilHiii,
t' leoaibv . vidi itiialisin and othci culls
arc Included.
How Women
Then who
of women In
seldom take
in West Vote.
have studied the votes
the West sav that ll.ev
any interes' lo partisan
discussions, but that anv nutation of
education, public sanitation. e!vl
beaut v. charities, libraries or anything
in fact, that pe .'tains to the home am
the family InieroKta ,heiu and tbey
IWli be (enei,eil unoii to VO'e for
what ihev eonalder right.
The Daily Fashion Hint.
D i'.r !Ht!e (Jnaker honiieis are
wom fin att'omobllliig and for even
ing wear gefleraily. a dainty one
seen during the week was of a dark
Kieel blue. Ii was made mere like
an phi woman's bonnet of the before
the wj time and. encircling a fresh
young face, made a -riarming pic
line. A dnlnu Iww on either lde
a. I, led to th cOOUfltt IslllieSS Of the
bonnet .
A Blot on the Scutcheon.
Southern getjt lemon are naturally
very much iucned that Mich thing
an ate reported of the AtlarMa stoek
ade should have cc"t'rl 'n the Intld
tf ehhalrv. und will 110 doubt see to
it tha' 'hp faff fame of th- state does
not suffer again bv lieing accused of
brutality o helpless women
Many Children Are Sickly.
Mn'her Orsy's Sweet powders for
Children, used by Mother Orsy. a
in Children's Home, Sew York,
llieak up Colds in 24 hours, cure Fv
erlshness, (leadaclie. Stomach Trouble-.
Teethiug Disorders, and Destroy
Worms. At all druggists. 5C. Sample
mailed FREK. Address, Allen 8.:
QJmsteM, URoy, N- Y.
See the Window Today
We will invoice soon and don't want
to carry over or invoice one single high
priced suit, all suits worth $15.00 to
$25.00 will be placed on sale this week
at, your choice any suit in the store,
We have some good underwear on hand also,
heavy Sanitary Fleeced, full sizes, worth 65c,
Now 39c
Boy's clothing all to
Tha Big
Store oft
the Corner.
IHI SwuL. -T 1
- 3k
Hirschi's Big Store
At the Corner of
Division and Cleveland
People n ho have! known lirsclii tttid his tittfltmnM
(killings witli the ptthhc
Uuthriei U now al$o thai
"Hone-st Dealings Brintj the Most Satisfactory
Results. ' '
'I'liis iiiutto has linilt
business that Hirsehi
stuves, shell' and heavy
to be "ouad ui the must
the State, ami want honest values, will do well to
make a straight line to Hirschi's. Where you will
ml juai what you need In the Hardware line, at
tonest Priees. It' vou don'l know this t be tnie,
then it's voiir fault, and
proof of the asx rt lotL
W. M.
Farm Loans, Insurance, Abstracts.
Outy complete abstracts of title in Logan County.
You pay interest and principal at our office.
Oldt and largest insurance agency in Oklahoma.
go at absolute cost
f, m. The Honest Old
WL V IBfj Farmer knows
that the shortest
distance between
Home and Honest
Hardware Values,
is a direct line to
tor the past 2 yeftM iu
lis motto lias always beeu:
nil the inuiit'iisc Hardware
enjoys. When you need
hardware, "r any tiling else
complete Hardware, stock m
a trial will he sntist'aetory

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