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Published every afternoon from The Leader ba". Idng, 107-109 West Harrisoa
venue, ami entered at the Guthrie post office as second-class matter.
Per week, by carrier t
Per month, by carrier
Per year, by carrier, in advance k-""
Per year, by mail, in advance -50
Six months r
One year 100
Official Paper of Constitutional Convention.
Official Paper of the State Corporation Commission.
Official State Paper.
(Ily Enactment of Constitutional Convention.)
Official Journal of the Constitution, page 30: 2 'Resolved, That The
Guthrie Daily Leader be declared the official paper of the Statu of Okla
homa." Adopted.
Manager of Foreign Advertising Hcnjamin & Kutuor Co.
t3fi rifih Avenue, New York City; Uoyce Building, Chicago.
Washington News Bureau 1334 B. Street, S. E.
Counting Rorm, 109 W. Harrison, Phono 75; Editorial Rooms, 107 W.
Harrison. Phone G'J.
Id the event of delivery being imperfect, or paper being rolled, twisted
or mutilated, subscriber! are urged to make immediate complaint to lliu
business office in person, by telephone or by mail.
ten SK)t .
01 ertime
The Capital says the state adinlr
istration has caused high taxes. O
that, proposition the taxpayers ar
fiom Copenhagen.
should be
Bbeen he:1 a
matter ct candidates
beled "advertising mat-
apers in the state have
worked by p-.ess bit-
The eoton seasop
a' out at a close, a
the Guthrie buyers
concerned. Cotton
of 1909 is just
least so far as
anil ginners are
buyers say that
reaus and correspondents.
WVhVmrt the wind can blow
ifl this section when it wishes.
; Keep your eye on the fellows fight
lug the commission form of govern
i. teal and ask yourself, WHY?
the bad
hiinsHf ahou
about ten days of good weather
just about clean up the. csop. IJKre
viewing the season (he ' imjWAMia.v
that it has been a good, oue lac the
farmer, but the pooresf fn years for
the ginner and buyer, who have re- i
celved lam cotton and paid more fot
it than they ever did before. The
u-uson of tills is that the crop this'
your was only about lib per cent of
the average, and yet prices paid dur
ing the season were 40 per cent high
lit Taft has again wabbled lot" 1111111 ll y.ci:-, when the average i
and refused to agree witli i I'tico per pound was 9e against 13c,-
ine awiagc price paid tins season.,
The eiiect of the condition, it is said.;
will be higher prices next reason.
The heavy demand for cotton fiber:
now. which causes the present high
price, will absorb the short crop of;
the present season long before the
next crop commences i- come in and
thus leave h dearth in the cotton mar :
ket next year.
Compilation ot reports jroru seven
ty of the seventy-six counties in Ok
lahoma, made to State Health Com
i.-stgneii .via nr. s.iow iiiat during toe
his special messages.
Senator llecler will aspire for the
Republican nomination for either
governor or treasurer, so says an
East side newspaper.
Republican press bureau authorities
tb,t week announce there must be QO
further statement about the riot be
tween the editors at Shawnee, ;is tbo
truth might possibly be I ii fil by SOW
one too mad i be further rcsuaiiicd.
Build the Viaduct.
mission tonu of govern
)ar .lie! appeals to tin
change to that sort of
trol would be unwise,
dom of a municipality
bui den some
trol by wardi
city it is of j
usuai rule i
Guthrie must
and be prenai
au st)
but the free
trom the olii
sort of con
much to any
;teat import. Add to the
f thing the fact that
shove forward this year
ed for the greate.- events
oi the next few years, and every vot
er of the capiial city should array
himself in the ranks to achieve this
important event. It is natuial that
some few people who can only hope
to thrive in statesmanic fields by
shifting off responsibilities should
stand firm for the old v. ay. but the
men who have their all invested in
Guthrie property are not bonded to
bolster up cheap political reputations,
l-i them be semi-indorsed by what
soever party tin y may. With the
leading Republicans of the capital
city enthusiastic for the new system.
Cut-one cin lay successful claim to
the movement being from the tninoi
Ity party; the minority parly's chief
workers who have expressed them
selves. I'ke the Republicans who have
mad, lut party in this section of Ok
lahoma, declare they want to see
Guthrie g.'ow and care not a tinker's
stream Impediment for what a few
imaginary politicians have to say re
gaidiug the matter. The element
that has always attacked the idea of
several wards, wherein only a few
might choose city legislators, ol'
course, join hands for the new way.
Commission form of government is
modern. It enables the people of a:
city to have sufficient officers whom
they may recall if they become dere
lict in duty. It makes the man in,
chaige of the streets responsible;
there is no ward line shifting. It
gives to each commissioner certain
duties and holds him directly respon
sible. He must answer for the errors
ami is entitled to the credit, when
such is merited. He works for the
fit y only. He is paid for it and can
noi haw- other jobs. He must ac
ct pt the place in that manner ami
lu r ii not put up the pitiful howl
of, "I have my own affairs lo look j
after and liiii i"i see to ibut Bt the
expense of my irivatr. affaire." Per
hapa that is why sOme who. are ex
cuse inventors want to postpone in
augural ion of the commission lorin ot
government. Hut it is certain the
He-, way iil be accomplished here.
No eiii.eii should fail lo think ol
who will be acceptable as freehold
ers for drafting a charter io be vol
d on. It should be Ibe proud du'y
of a man Interested In Guthrie '"
vol' for his worst personal enemy . n
he believes that man oue who will
be able lo assist iu framing good
barter for oui acceptance. It should
l- th" iden to draft a cha ' that all
men will understand. There' should
In no ambignoue statement. No verb
iage that might confuse those of lim
ited education. Let every man know
what free governuieiii means in I he
lilgbesl iype. The opposition to the
coaimmissioii fo.'m of goverumenl
liid not wait to be submerged by argu
ment upon Ihe part of the advocates
ol the system- it shallowed Itself It)
an eftoil to prove it favored the idea
after it had established some sort or
a record to trade on. Just as t in tall
went dotva, it 'ried to declare it a
Democratic move to gain control or
the city, but the signatures of the
men who have made the Republican
party famous in this state caused the
lust vesiige of tail, postpone snake
and all to hunt quarters beneath the
Murni cellar. Let Guthrie citizens
it) ihe Guthrie nianuer and with the
Guthrie spirit proceed to the 'ask of
arranging charter for n city thai
will !e a credit io the state and the
whole Southwest. Give the kickers
room in the wagon, if they want to
help. This is Gu'hrie and all Guth
rie ask? of br people mo matter how
many tbei; e:rors, is to push and
shove and never fall back into ruts.
Lot a- proceed to commission gov
ernment au:l fix for ihe greatest on
ward movemenl the capil-il en i a
ever dreamed of. Posipomrs imi
kickers will find seats on the real
trap where a competent booster
scou,', will give them piiniaiy les on
on how "i make a real -it y ("onnni
sion form of governnu-n1 is me only
po.ihlai. bui It is just.
In their ambition lo make money
faster than the average person can
produce. Ihe tariff beucficiarh v. 'A'
eventually piove their own undoing
Th" next state campaign will be
much different than is expected by
professional officeseekers and office
malcrs. There will be a plain issue
involving handling of stale affairs,
cost ami value of the work done and
w-itii no little attention to the per
sonnel of candidaus. It is uor
boasting to affirm that unless there
i- a wide change of policy upon the
part of the organization of the Re
publilan pauy the contest will eini
with the primary which will select
Democratic candidates. No oiie of
reasoning power will believe the sy
tem of campaign as outlined by the
bushwhacking tacticians at Shawnee
can possibly gather around i! suffi
cient following to even maktt a re
spectable showing among the voters
of this state. To imagine the people
o Oklahoma are going to follow any
organization that seems to have for
its highest purpose the securing of
as many Federal appointments as pos
sible. is to Inseti M intelligence or
this stele.
Thai the primary will be hotly con
lested ami thai many Democrats will
aspire for position, is indicative of
(lie feeling the party has in the mam
fulfilled its pledges and still retains
The attempt
"led vole of till
solid agaUisl tin
government will
lo frighten the col
iliie into standing
commission form ot
not pievail. a city
Official his started ihe story that in
even! ol commission government, the
governor will appoint the city of fu
rors. This Is to make Ihe colored voi
rrs -b"licve that a I leiuocra! ic slate
; administration will make this city a
Democratic point of vantage, EMI
the average colored voter is not
blind to the fact the head of the move
ment to deceive is also one of the
very few who vvollhl not he benefitted
bj the change.
Tse of cracked dishe
by buai'dlag houses, ho
counters in the prepat
ing of food has been
or utensils
Is or lunch
it ion or serv
prohiblted in
J-'riends of
aie told of a
tain (ltiarlers
ascertain tin
.commission government
great disaffection in cer
only to investigate and
same little clique ot
selfish opponents have beep in anolh
. t pa;t of the city it the hope of
starting really formidable opposing
force. The people, however, will not
bt fooled by these statesmen with
axes to get sharpened, Sad will gent
the commission form of gov
button when opportunity if
The people hope to dis-
lli many useless things under
regime and some useless
tilings could be fellows with ulterior
motives who cry for a partisan de-,
Cense when assailed.
ly press
ei nmeni
pease m
the new
Oklahoma by order of tin
health commissioner, issued
Th rule specifies glassware, earth
enwa;-'', chinaware, trays, dishes at
any other receptacle which may be
cracked, broken or otherwise unsound
or thai ni.ij' be so impaired as to pre
vent i borough cleansing. During the
Kirsi legislature, Representative
i'uulknor of Kiowa county offered an
amendment to the pure food bill,
making it unlawful to serve coffee
i:oin a cracked cup or feed from
a cracked dish and declaring such
ri-shes to be unsanitary The amend
iieni was defeated. Another health
department rule prohibits cuspidors
ii rooms where food is servtd to the
public, and persons from n pectoral
ing on the floors.
Public drinking cups will oc abol
i. jii il in Oklahoma pi'll I.
;re 2,
511 births and tKid deaths. Of the,
bi.-ths ,:!14 were males, and 1,195 f
males. .jvhjle of the deaths 478 were
males and 122 females. There was 2.
152 white chttdCM born during the
raontb ami til iino children. The
ileal iis were 77ti vvhites and 124 black.
Contagious and infectious diseases
reported were diptheria. :'Hi eases, 29
death.-; scarlet Ctjver, lut cases, 1
death; siuall pnx, II eases, no deaths;
typhoid fever, 520 cases, 117 deaths;
tuberculosis 122 cases, 5:: deaths;
ppeumonia, 11;; cases, (it; deaths.
Counties having more than ten eas
es of diptheria were Oklahoma coun
ty, 33; Pontotoc. 18; Alfalfa. 2;
Washita, 11. Clmarroa county had lil
cases of scarlet fever. Pittsburg 13
and Garfiehl . Oklahoina county had
IL' cases of sinnllpox. anil Jackson
county !i. Counties having more than
("tsi.'s of typhoid fever were; Tulsa
11; Muskogee -j;i : Oklahoma 27; ('ad
do 27; Jackson 2C Plttsbarg and Ste
phens, counties each bad ll eases i
tuberculosis and Bryan ami Oklaho
ma reported ten each. Mcintosh
etninty reported the greatest number
of pneumonia cases, 17; Br yep 15;
i'ini'"de 16; Oklahoma ; Okmnl
gee 12. ,
Chairman B. Love, of tbe corpcr ;
a I ion commission, wired today from'
St, Louis continuing the rate bearing
before the commission under the
mandate of the supreme court on the
tn freight orders promulgated by j
the commission a year ago which have,
been appealed to that court, from
Monday January 10 to Wednesday.
January 12. A large number of ptom-l
incnf railroad officials have been:
si'hooenae 10 qnoew bel'ere the com-l
mission to testify at this hearing.
The splendid SUCCESS of our Clearing Sale
is not a surprise to us. We knew with such efforts
as we made and with such prices as we ayoted
we could not kelp but bring plenty of buy ers,
Every floor had its share of businessThe
Third floor where the Bargain Carnival is being
held had more than its share-- -There every rem
nant, every short piece and every small lot o f mer
chandise is congregated and is selling at half price
and less---among todays shoppers were two ladies
who thought so well of our remnants that they
each bought over $15.00 worth.
In this ad we quote no new prices, but we have
hundreds of dollars worth of Genuine Clearance
Bargains that were not on sale the first day---Every
dollars worth of winter merchandise must
be sold and sold in this sale---One customer made
the remark, "Well, you surely don't intend to car
ry over any winter goods, the way you're Selling
them?" And that expresses it.
' v . , &
In a few days we begin a sale of spring mer
chandise, winter merchandise will be forgotten
Hence the drastic price cutting now going an.
" .. &
The remaining days of this week will be more
interesting-as new lots are being made and such
goods as have not sold are cut down another match.
Every item in our two-page circular remains
in force so long as the lots last.
the confidence of the great bulk of
the people. There may be some wh'.
will harbor the idea a spirited prim
ary will cause internal dissension,
and it may among a few politicians
or even among those who can not at
once conquer the sting of disappoint
ment, but the average citizen will ac
cept the mle of the majority and re
consecrate his services to the most
militant state party of the whole
gputhwest. sphere may be declara
tion in the platform we are not all
enthusiastically for there was never
a platform made by man that was
vholly good; there never will be.
But Oklahomans realize Democracy
brought them out of bondage, made
worse because the fettets were un
seen. Oklahomans have faith in the
party that has given to the new
state wise laws; has extended to all
men the proffer of a initiate ileal;
augmented the wealth and biought or
tier out of territorial chaos. Dreamers
and schemers will oppose I lie Denioc
rai"'" in tin- uexi battle, because this
: a militant, practical Democracy,
seeking to accomplish all possible in
: way that will keep the wheals of
business turning fairly foi all avo
cations ami classes. Naturally those
expecting legislative enactments In
taSC all pain anil euro all ills will
party thai can not of
use as a put lion of its
it Democracy won
I in browbeating the
1 1 ii ion out of postal
v other places, it
All ibis tominyrot about Carpen
ter, alleged detective, being killed
while trying to protect society ought
to be stuffed down the people making
such pretenses. The United States
marshal, Joi n Abemathy, was in com
mand of that posse and says there
was no understanding with Carpenter
as described. Moreover, Carpenter
bad a record that would not even
entitle an officer to trust him a mo
ment. The men killed in uie Hurrah
attempt to eommij bank robbery had
exceptional opportunities in life. They
refused to accept of them and chose
the other route. All regret their mis
fortune and the disgrace which has
come to the names they dishonored,
but thai does not furnisn sufficient
excuse to allow society to be punish
ed with fairy tales of what one man
caught in the act of robbing a bank
was trying to do for society. Mad Car
penter been in a deal with the offic
ers, it is rather strange ho should
have i'ii 11 out Of the bank.
Special to Daily Ijeader.
Tulsa, Okla.. Jan. 5. .Deputy
Ha. riff Charles Campbell of Enid ar
rested Vv. 8. Crabb. who is charged
with practising frauds In Enid. Crabb
went to Enid a few weeks ago, and
purported to be a Tulsa oil man
worth millions, in this manner get
fng money from men interested in
his schemes.
Campbell has been tracing Crabb
for tores weeks and located him here
last, night. He put a decoy letter in
the im.-iyfflce for Crabb, and when
the latter called for his mail at tne
general deiivety 1 lie officer placed
him under arrest. A desperate strug
gle followed In which the officer va:
victorious and Crabb was returned lo
Enid this afternoon under handcuffs
and shackles.
On Saturday, January 8, the sales I
department of tne school land depart
ment completes the sale of the 60.WW
acres of Indemnity land in Lincoln j
county which has principally been
bid in by the lessees at the appraised
Value. Not over twenty-five outsid-j
eri have so far purchased tracts, out
of the MOO tracts that have been sold j
during the sale. On Monday, .latin j
ary 10, the sales department coin-'
mences ihe sale of the 12,790 acres ol j
indemnity land in Oklahoma county,
which will last but a few days.
1 The Willis Tailoring Go.
be with
ter such no-
creed ol' belief
ply colic rue,
Federal admlnl
lies ami a lew 1
might attempt to
act like lis rival,
flotilla, but a parly
conduct the affair
slate can not Indulge iu f
ful. impractical declaration 1
A chapter Was issued by the secre
tary of state Ibis morning to the Cit-i-
11 Btate bank of Rocky, with
12,0ty0 capital stock. The Incorpur
ators are: c G. Hill. VV. L Husch.
A. 1', Means, W. It Stephens and
LJ . HJ, l-'urguson. all of Hooky. Hank
Commissioner Young this afternoon
The Pioneer
gVaph coin patty
the Amerucan
graph company
a ' It'll v ii 1 ually
the telephone
Telephone and Tele
owned principally by
telephone and Tele-
of Boston, Mass..
lias a monopoly of
iml telegraph business
The Logan county commissioners
laie Tuesday afternoon Inspected the
; county jail which t'l-oy found 10 be
in first class condition in every re
spect except that the roof is leaky.
A contract was entered into by the
board for the Immediate construc
tion f a new- roof. Thp board de
cided to purchase a new gas range
. for the kitchen, the old range having (
: bu ncil out. Natural gas will be In
stalled which will be a bi saving lo
' tne c.ountty on the fuel bill. The i
Jjoard adjourned to meet January 15.
French Dry Cleaning Department
New Machinery Modern Methods.
We dry-clean and steam-dye all kinds of wearing apparel.
Skilled workmen. High standard of wormanship:
Packages called for and delivered.
The Willis Tailoring Co.,
Phone 646. 1 18 E. Oklahoma Ave.
in 5
o the promising
the carpetbagger
commissioned td
of a growing
h faun I
Ii is remarkable thai President i tf
Just after having declared btinaejf
ukoUt ty help the inlerstate (oinme;i-
commission through some rough
places, was thankful for a business
visit from PleruOnt Morgan ami ol li
tis who recently united wiiii Morgan
hi the money trust of the World. I!
will be remembered that President
Taft, while secretary of war, also a
candidate for President, was very
solicitous about a low tariff but. Si
ter betng elected
the confidence of
and finally concluded that AJdrteh at
lowed the "best possible tariff bill'
President Taft has been long enough
a certincate
tli'W lltsl ll III loll III
loss. ('. O, Hill Is
Itlisch vice plesid'
M' aits, cashier,
V charter was also issu
Tulsa Stock Va il 1 commis
capital Bloc!
aiors are: Charles
fT UcKal and F , M .
authorising the
commence nasi
president, W. I,,
til ami A. ('
!d tO Ihe
.bin, wit b
The I near pot
Habit, o. it.
Wooden, a'l of
in Ihe United Slates, having recently
acquired ihfl Western Union lines
and other interests, today filed with
the corpoiaiiou commission valuation
reports oi twenty-two of the inn ex
1 luthjjes' w hlch the company operates
v-dhin Tne tai. 11 is expected to
fife the remaining reports at the rat
oi 1 en a week. The reports were or
dered by ihe commission soon after
statehood and have been delinquent
Bluce June I, 1909.
State ICxaniiner
Taylor wad agree
evening when thl
departmenl called
ami inspector C, A.
ibl) suiprlsed lal
employees of his
upon him at aid
Commission government is now as
sured if its friends will only see that
Ihe organized opposition does not
make a move to make the lime and
place! of voting inconvenient for the
average poison.
in the service of the people not lo a!
low doubt of his Integrity and aspcr
sion against his good name has m v
1 r and should never be made.
wahbHng, however, after coming
power as the heir apparent to
throne of the strenuous one did
many to ponder over the east
which the oiganisatjon of his party
hat handled him. So soft has been
the loco power that bicked him off
the board of reform few realized he
was gone until be made speech at
Winona, Minnesota. After the visit of
Aldlicb to the W'esi Uld the Rhode
Islander ascertained the whole peo
ple west of Ihe Mississippi river wets
a one gainst further special privi
lege, the system allowed the Presi
dent to plan out another of his "tm
1 uie' ail ides, which has betifl duly
advertised In all system nowspape.s.
The La Kolletie otilbreak of Sntu:
';. 'ast was unexpected, of co tse.
and there will have to be considerable
pate1 ing iu system vessels of de-ceil,
lesi there be such leaks as to lost
the prize package. Mr. Taft has
shown he Is weak mid that his love
tOf harmony has created wide dis
cord of a seilous nature
home and presented Mm w-uii n luimi
some elect t it library lamp and a Ma
sonic emblem watch charm as a
I Christmas gift. The deputies have
Plesidenl, OUioyed "('''" ""l "ll special worn in various
the uanufactniera parts of the stale ami did not all ar
rive at tne capital mini yesteraay,
bt nee the delay In the presentation.
Assistant Sxamlner Hugh denier
made the presentation speech.
Secretary K. o. Cnssldy, Of the
school land soininisslou. was advised
i'v wire tins morning that a represen
a ve of Hie United States Fidelity
and (lua ra uly company of Baltimore
Mnrjiuitd is ehtnute to fjnthrle to
pay H!" eliim of I be Stale of Okla
homa for $ S500, the amount of Iho
bontl given by the surety company to
guarantee the slate deposit In the de
fund Farmers' and Merchants' bunk
at Tulsa. The Southern Surety com
pany, of .Muskogee, has already paid
Ihe state ihe amount of its ftO.OOO
bond and the American Surety com
pany, which also gave the slate a
bond of $25,0H0, slates that it will set
tle the claim by January 15.
protest against Ibe efficiency and
validity of Senator Ruasell's "New
Jerusalem" initiative petition was fil
ed with Ho- secretary or stale today
by Guthrie citizens, headed by Judge
Hale, Judge Merer, ami other attor j
oey whom Guthrie has retained to
aid her fight to keep the slate cap j
Hal here. The protest is similar in!
form with that lodged against th'-j
Okkil'onni Cily -Shawnee Initiative "'
lit ion. ,'
The pro! est is based largely on
the provision of the enabling act fix
ing the state capital at. Guthrie until
Bank of Indian Territory
Tin- bank that (iffprds ihe. greatesl safety is.thc one
ivliich you should select its a depository for your futpls.
Choose a financial instittlttoti such as the Hank of Indian
Territory, which in the nianageilKillI ol its affairs, ivrs.. its
' si attetittoti i" )iovidtiig ahsolttte security fur the
deposit! of iis patrons, ami invests its resources in only those
securities that ai'c proved 1" be stable and sound.
204 W. Oklahoma Ave.
m $'??
(Hy AMMociittetl l'ress.)
Muskogee, Okla., .Ian, 5 T. 11. Sut
ton. chairman of the board of coun
ts I'.iinmihiouers. ami Charles K. Ilag
Kerny, count v surveyor, were indicted
tjy the grand Jury today charged with
soliciting a bribe from John T. Oil
pliant, manager of a bridge company,
to deliver contracts for twenty-three
thoo. Kid dollars worth of bridge
work in .Muskogee county.
The corporation commission con
venes for the January term on Tues
day, January 11, with the largest num
ber of complaint cases ever docketed
for bearing at any one te-m. Of the
seventy-two complaints the majority
are asking for better depot ami uain
laciliiies troui the railroads. The
largest number of complaint-: against
other public service corporations than
at any previous te-m also appears on
the docket for this term.
In the meantime Ihe rejiori that Jo
Cannon had grown feeble seems to.
tttfe b-en a grievous error.
- uua
(My Associated Press.)',
Si Louis, Mo., Jan. .". Hearing of
the Oklahoma two-cent fare and max
imum freight rate cases in the Fed
eral court here may end today with
conclusion of final atgument for the
railroads by Gardiner LaHirop. Judge
Ho"k vviil probably appoint a .--pec
Ifl master to take testimony at the
conclusion of the bearing.
The si tile auditor is in receipt ol
a valuation report from the Miami
Baxter Springs intern ban line which
bus eight miles of road In operation
in Ottawa county, extending from
Miami north to the lead and .Inc
mines. The report comes too late
to he placed on Ihe rolls for the 1WJ
tax. The road was promoted and
built by a Mr. Holton, w lu formerly
resided in tiuthtle, and is now a
heavy investor in the Miam! district.
e !! 9 o i 04 ft 9 ft (;':'
Thursday, January 6th
The Seasons Most Worthy
The Pc:uliar Comedian
In His Newest Comedy
A Clever Supporting Company.
Beautiful Costumes and Scenery
PRICES 25c, 50c, 75c, $1.00.
City Garage
No. ioi p Cleveland Avenue,
Autos Cared for and Repaired.
We. Have tlte Best Auto Machinist in the Southwest.
We Repair all Kinds Gaioiine Engines,
Photw 113. to6 E. Cleveland Ave.
Open Day and Night.
$4,000 DIAMONDS $4,000
From 1-4 to 2 3-4 Caret Each
These diamonds were left with me as a pledge for a loan by
a late Jewelry firm of this city. I will 3ell the entire stock or any
portion of same at less than wholesale price.
Each Daimond Guaranteed to be Genuine
Call at the Oklahoma State Bank A. R. EASTMAN

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