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The Guthrie daily leader. [volume] (Guthrie, Okla.) 1893-1996, January 05, 1910, LAST EDITION, 5 O'CLOCK, Image 5

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500 Mens Over
coats at
1-3 Off
500 Men's Suits
1-3 Off
Utorney J J. Hlldrolh
t riot court In Kiltgflsw
i. V.. Slkes left this i
m u
The Only
1i. s ii -i- is hers f.nni Blackwell
attending a meeting of the board, of
i gen .- i r Mi i'ii e au.-p.ial schools
of which he Is a member.
Senator li. B. Stafford waa in Gu i li
: rle last night from Oklahoma City.
Senator Campbell Ruraell returned
to Warner today.
Senator Ha ry Beclcr It; bev from
j Cliecotah conferring with pulitlciau..
. (j. Fleming in here from Tuls
(oiifci riiiR with utate officials, lie
s' vh Tuhsa is growing rapidly and
li.ai the commission form of ?uveru
mcnt is proving very satisfactory
Alto'ney ('. R. Huekner is In Per
ry unending coon.
One Priced Clothier
in Guthrie
One-Thir d Off On All Overcoats
Every Extra Long Overcoat, Every Regular Length Overcoat, Every Military Overcoat, Every Button-to-the-Chin
Overcoat, Every Raincoat, Every Top Coat, Every Boy's Overcoat and Reefer. We have
today marked EVERY OVERCOAT IN OUR BIG STOCK, not one reserved, at just ONE-THIRD
T rpci mix a t mTTT- rvnmTT a t t-t tt-! mi
uojDO mviN inn, ukiuiinyjl, i-'Kivn. ine re
duced price is marked on the ticket in blue pencil
I v
I i
I if
j f:; :
I . ' ' ' .. ! V
below the original price
which is on each coat in
Plain Figures. We have too
many Overcoats We're
going to sell them. This
big reduction will sell them
in a hurry.
$30.00 Overcoats, now
'27.. Overcoats, now
$25.00 Overcoats, now
22.50 Overcoats, now
$20.00 Overcoats, now
$18,00 Overcoats, now
$15.00 Overcoats, now
$12.50 Ovciroats, now
$10.00 Overcoats, now
.f 850 Overcoats, now $ 5.65
$ 7.50 Overcoats, now $ 5,00
$ 6.00 Overcoats, now $ 4.00
$ 5.00 Overcoats, now $ 3.35
Boys' $10.00 Overcoat3, now $6.65
$ 8.50 Overcoats, now $5.65
$ 8.35
$ 6.65
$ 7.-)0 Overcoats, now
Copyright, 1909,
y L. ADLE.R,
Boys' $ 6.00 Overcoats, now $4.00
Boys' $ 5,00 Overcoats, now $3.35
I Joys
ft :.!)-" () vercors, now v
$ !)() Overcoats, now
Boys' $ 2x95 Overcoats, now
Boys' $ 2.43 Overcoats now
Hoys' $ tM Overcoats, now
1-3 off in this store means
that You Save Just 33 1-3
Per Cent.
One-Third Off on
All Boys' Long
Pant Suits
One-Third Off on
All Heavy Weight
Wool Underwear
One-Third Off
on Mens Suits
All winter weight Men's Suits
and all short lots of Medium
Weight Men's Suit (except blue
serges and black suits) go in this
Big One-Third
Off Sale
We have too many Men's Suits
--We want the money that's in
them. You'll not do without a new
suit when you can buy one at the
following prices
M.t'ii's8u.K)SuitH, How $20.00
Men"s.i27.:0 Suils, now $18.35
ktxS WfflMU now $16.60
Wen s L,L.."")() Suits, now $15.00
Mens $20.00 Suils, now $13.35
Men's -flK.OO Suits, now $12 00
Men's $13.00 Suils. now $10.00
Men's ?I2..0 Suits, now $ 8.35
MiiisHUK) Suils, now $ 6.65
Men s 8.50 Suits, now $ 5.65
.Men's 7.o) Suils, now $ 5.00
Men's (l.(H) Suits, now $ 4.00
Men's $ 5.tX)nitH, now $ 3.35
The reduced price is marked in
blue pencil on the ticket below the
original price which is on each suit
in Plain Figures.
- mmm-mwmw Xflfl-
... -1 r i u. ff If jtt i im . . .
Copyrr;' .
1'ins, by
L, A ni.F.F,
1 -3 OFF
In this store means
that you save just
eadintf Clothier,
Take Advantage of This
( 'rcsccnl.
II l Adams is here from
Lee Cockrum, Robcrl Bledsoe ami
li. Raj Knelslej lefl today for Fior
Ida win-re the; will attend the MB"
niekv Military Rihool which has win
ter headquarters near the coaai. uu
lil April.
A. Clark Is here
ling friends.
from Wa
ll. M VanKleet, of lb Cuthrte d : '
ill furniture factory, was In Cliem
e lasi evetilns.
ISa Renrei
mi ithe (icorg
i ill'' eily p t
C, Whit'"
ulglil from
in re
K. I'
i e, president ftiid mauax' t
of the siiiool ntld office CurBltltfO
coiiiptiuv, lh saiiKulne over the outlook
for the new factory's nuccoai Mr.
(Srode Is active ami cnergwUc abd wt I
tnuku good. He lias Just moved his
famll) here from Indians mid now I I
sides iit No. 821 Baal Noble.
Coin ractor Ben Daufc'hprtjf ot Sul
phur id le'ii' attending th- nt'ertti
of ill Inn d i f regents for the aim i
noiiu.il !
Lincoln, Neb., ;no the guests of Mr
tiud Mrs. K. W. Hewiii. on Kast
Washington avenue. They arc ail
route to
New Mexico to spend Lie
been called to the bedside of her
father, l. L. Henderson, who i. not
expected to recovr.
Miss Grace Garrison, of the state
board of agriculture, lias etumed
from a week's visit in Fond Creek
With her father. Wm. Gairison.
Miss Bess (lano is visitiiili
las. Texas, with relatives.
in Dal-
Mrs. I.. . Beadiai
Saturday evening with
n-r for her son Walter,
dinner was served, the
entertain' d I
a "stag" din
A slx-eou se
second beiiij;
Sliced pineapple, hominy and
cream, baton and eggs, corn bread,
toast, tea and coffee.
fork and beans (a left aver I , 'a'
ed potatoes, griddle cakes and maple
syni. cream cheese salad, tea.
j jf Dinner.
I'utinc.l corn soti)t corned bool
(dmked ! fin less cooke.-i. masnti
turnips, celery knobs, casta d ))iid
ding. black coffee. Th;' Uaii) Lender.
a "sparkle course, which was beau
tiful as well as original, the entlr,'
dining loom being a mass of fire
wnrks. The Beadles home v.as deco
't H With red carnations, eotored
lights and Christmas bells. Mlwet
I". tit' j"e Beadles, (au( lliniilton
nnd Mrs A M. Cjiham of Des
Metres, la., assisted the hostess.
Tliose present were Messrs. Wirt
Wilton. 'Bud" Smith. Frank White.
Joe Haskell, Wilbur Hightowor,
Heniy Fowers. Bdwin Olsniith. Jesse
Ov.r:: '"!s;;d, i' nu io.v, V.zr y Mat
f'.:'"t. Harvey Matehett. Cecil Oris
sell and James Abe'l.
Mr. and Mis. Charles Uerr have
returned froaj a ten days' vlsjt In
Oklahoma City with relatives.
Mrs. Htiwaid Prtc and chHdfetl
tiro visiting he. parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Gentry, in Clay Center, Kus.
Mis. I W. Thomas of Knid is the
Kuest of her sister. Alr. K. 1). Wal
ton, on IfCfl Noble avenue.
Mrs. J. A. Menef'- has returned
from a week's visit in El Reno wit I
M is.
Mrs. S.
C. Golf. V.; Kast Vilas
is entertaining her sifter,
tjoekhart of shawif ! j jj
Itv- Federal ion if Women's
. M ... i
dnuual meet lug ot the fedcrnUou aad
.it III., nieeling I he delegliH's will be
OjlUSen to r.-i reseni tile he al fedet I
Iron at tl" stat. meeting which will
be held in Muskogee sum' time dut
Itin iiie tu aimer or early fall. Dele
ijates will ill: o lie chosen to re pre ittl
the l:ica Federation of Women's
ctubs to bo held at Stillwater some
time uext May. All tii' committees
of the city Federation will be called
upon for tbof i' reimrt at the meeting
and a genera summing up of the
n'fir's work will be had and new
plans perfected tor the work of the
new Mar.
Mr. and Mrs. .1 W liinton, of
iirt East rittveiftud avenue, are the
prood parents of a baby girl, born
Mswdny .
Mr. Rogeia or Klofflaher la the
Sliest of Mr. and Mrs. J W M
and fami!v. imi Wist Clevelaud
RMBttl of
the year,
fjc Imitlltitioii lal-
Mr. and Mis. George Alstons. 419
West Logon avenue, ure parents of
t 1 i-poun.l baby gfrl, Mother and
clrlld a e doing well.
The Kensington club i!l meet
wft'j Mrs. Claude Wright. 413 Ka.v
PerVina, Thursday aftetniwm.
Dr. and Mrs. H. W. Hewnt
JF.)s;cl Of Hi I-V.lle. 111..
"ie guest of Mrs. Henry Brauu.
Bmi Mtnsur uvent"r.
'b;li Y'llf hold a m"e iidt u.-xt Sal
uida- at the Carueglt.' library for the
IWpoae of electing the officers of the
bjdy for the ensuing year. The local
; . at ion is COOpOted of eight clubs,
namely, Acorn. Altrurian (former'y
the Excelsior). Cambridge. OonwrtH
Science. Oread (or young women's
elub). Etud,: 'musical), and tfci
Shakespeare elub The local Benev-
olent association is also an honorary
Mrs. E. M Chester leaves this , member of the federation. TV tit"':
ot evening tin MarthaJl, where she baa ing neit urday will be the regular
M s. F. E. Buck has returned from
a few days' visit in Oklahoma City
wiQ friends.
Fa ul McXi al has returned.
enm wliere hp Is engageVfi lli ti
bauklus bnlneHS. after spending Me
hoidsvs with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs, J. W MeNsal.
F B. I.iibe was elected prcsldeni
of the Ch negl iRiard yesterday suc
ceeding Mrs. V. L. Rhodes, deceas
ed. Mib. Frank DjI was re-e'ectoJ
vice prefident, and Mrs. A. C. Hlx
on was reelect el secretary and tress
urr, 'i'hi- hoord eontemplatea mak
ing some radical ehangm Is maufc e-
CatMn Hodges returned to bis
home in Stillwater Insi evenlni nitor
having ipeni th" holidays in ibe city
With ltis daugi.ter. Mrs. F ('. Hunt
at 7i7 East Cleveland tvennit
Tl win Im. a meeting or the C.
W. B, M on Wi-dncsdsy sfiernoon
iu If SO o'clock in the basement of
the Christian church. All lade it of
i he congregation are extended a cor
dial invitation lo attend .mil take
pa t in the meeting. Refreshments
will be served during the nftrnoon
Toe chtittigi church cnorns win
hereafter i t lor one long reiiears
al which will occur on Wedie -dit
nights lusfiid of two ajtori ones each
week M-t lias been the custom here
lofore. The rehea sal will be undei
the direction of Mrs. Maud. Melaln
g-l w ho has le;ed ,141 1 11.11 g' . ie
' islt ioni'i Mmo
i,Mit1Unnr(ood left last evening
frv (':. i'1'ii; to spend the wet'k end
with relatives.
Fcrgei vout wrongs. Dig a grav
In th" depths of yourself and bay
your grievances. Let tbi. be- a for
gotten spot. Your heart will feel gfl
If a, vi-lglit had fallen front It, and
ii divine pea'' ml'l cotne and abide
with ou. Keep your account in tie
NaHotutl Bank of Commerce. Guth
rie. Oklahoma, and you will be happy.
The case of James D Larkford .
0, U Wallnce was appealed to ih'
supreme court today Iroin the dis
trict court of Atoka county.
The directors of the Chamber of
commerce mem Saturday, Jan.i..,
IS. to elect eftica s for the emulng
Modern Woodmen Initiate.
The Modern Woodmen lodge last
uighi Initialed several candidates
p , . nivsti lies of woodci-alt last
night ai Odd Fellows hail. Thirty
candidates sec 11 red bj Deputy J. M.
Fife during the past week were vot-
1 d in as members, which makes a
gain if 11 members for the Ulg
ill tlllvi weeks. The lodge will give
,1 box supper ente taluiiient on Tuf
dii) night. Ji. unary 23, and a big mas
ipi'eiaile ball n. the pity ball aoditO
rltim Tuesday evening, FcbtUK) I-
Germans Wilt Give Annual Ball.
A I'ommiltee 1 making extensive
, preparations for the annual German
1 n tpii I'lide biill to be given In the
hall auditortuui on Thursday
1 vonlug, Feb. uary 5.
Kids Having Sport.
There wn tch sledding today
among "ie selnml ehlldi 'II. mailt of
hunt plated truant to en Joy the rare
spni li wn.- again quite r'tppery
irl tin inorning following the
slight , now . heavy sleet and bard
free,.. la,i night. The Fattcrioh
Fuinlture compan; took advantage uf
(he : Dilation 1 hi morning and used
gh to help their wagons delivor
1 1. naud '"Id iit Ihelr pre Inventory
Re'iuiotion for Woman.
Governor Haskell is in receipt of
reipilitllion papers froin Ibe governor
1 1 ( olorsdo for Mrs. Tokia Davis, who
1 said i" be under arrest In Okla
homa iit She la w-auted on a fcl-
oii.'. chnrga
Divorce Case Transftned.
tie divorce case of Helen Tillman
t Edward (' Tilluian was (rans-
I I rroiu Hie din let to Hi" "tlP-
I 1 lor eetlii Tues'lay at rcqucut of the
tu,rH A rjxste lemt
Slierilf Mahone) late Tuecday af
U'iiooii raided au alleged Joint under
Hie MeDanielH 1 tllor Hhop, corner Sec
on! street nnd Harrisou aveuue. and
r,l Ai hut Nash and another
negro ' lunged with selling liquor to
. 1 ailed .-' ' . a ko filed a
eonipiaittl. A lot of poker ehlpa mm!
.nine whiskey was confiscated by the
herlif One of Hie negroes was
! .h( the complainant as Ibq
p-. c, who had robbed him of $l
'. ben he had purchased some -4r
t r there early In the afternoo&vV
Hn:it'i. mnag
liiv.y lilll'fi'.ll,
of the ,l)em-
has reiirned
"Gem" Under New Management
Tl .' Cent theatre now bas smiling
faces to g eet vcu and the manage
ne'i,' inti'es al the theatre gTWOg
oeop!.' of the ei-v to visit the Gem
and note tl,.- i-Langea that bavo tak
en place..
U : to need cf anvttllng l he
'f in i it ml I at w 1 j iru Iium til taatsil.
. .... nliott.. iinmlier
at tl..- -al.. of the indemtiltv Inndi.
We haul.
Ami we've utetttV of
space to ...commodate toil.
The b'ai'l of regents for the ft at'-
iio-mal scboo's are holding the rejt.
nl.i miarieily meeting this afi.'-iiiOuu
in t:-e state superintendent's omc..
'- move, and store gqgjte
time, and
Si'V. ral car loads of street paring
material arrived yesterday.
The severe weather has ch. .-ked
utreel paving work for a few days.
The cimpany expects to work every
Open day, however, to .ive iiie labO:
ing people emplo)inent through ibe
winter months.
t.i S r Fair of nose g on Okla
honia aveuue. between Oklahoin:i
Slate bank and Carnegie library',
finder ret UTO to f O l.utr. D G.
s'Oi e.
lu tin I'niu'd Status distiict court
W. J. West, on- of : he panics r
rested. Uj United tttasea Mfjitbjal
Aleiiibthy se-'erai weeks ago tot
manufscturins "moonshine" whisky
lu C'ievlaiil county, was arraigned
and entered a plea of not guilty to
operating a distillery in violation ot
judge ( .'.literal beard arguments in
a number of bankruptcy matters this
I lag day Saturday.

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