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The Guthrie Daily Leader.
Published very afternoon from Tlia louder bulldiriK. 107-103 Went HarriHou
iTtuuB, aud catered at the Guthrla post oflbe as t'ecoud-claM matter.
Per wefr, by carrier ....? .10
Ter mouth, by carrier 45
Per year, by carrier, iu advance COO
Par jaar, by mail la advance 4.50
Blx month B
One year 1-0
Official Paper of constitutional Convention.
. rfficial Paper of 'he State Corporation Commiaalon. '
j X Official State Paper.
(By Enactment of Constitutional Convention.)
Official Journal of the Constitution, page 30: 2 "Resolved, That The
Guthrie Dally Leader be declared the official paper or the State of Okla
homa." Adopted. .
Manager of Forelga Advertising Benjamin & Kentnor Co.
125 Fifth Avenue, New York City; Boyce Building, Chicago.
tVashlngton Newt Bureau 1334 B. Street, 8. E.
Counting Room, 109 W. Hirrison, Phone 75; Editorial Rooma, 107 W.
Harrlaon, Phpne 69.
""" In the event of delivery being imperteU, or paper being rolled, twisted
or mutilated, eubscrlbers are urged to make immediate complaiat to the
busiiess office in person, by telephone or by mail.
o o
Von ran
I hill) uni
never raise iim'Ii
raised wuirself.
Iu selecting John 11. Williams to
head the Democratic campaign com
mit tec. Oklahoma Democrats made no
rror. Mr. Williams is a Democrat or
the royal blue line, who believes In
progress and prosperity and is an
apontle of progress. The party reel
lug Is good, there is evidence those
who ate certain the faith is good '
all men want to get into the harness
and Mr. Williams will find the war
horses a.l ready to start Hie work for
the further development and progress
of the state: attainable only through
application of thot:e known, stated and
acceptable policies or a militant state
Democracy. Instead or being in dan
ger of defeat, the party was never
stronger, nor the people more deter
mined we succeed at the polls. .Mr.
Williams' will never allow the spirit
to grow weak, nor will" he permit slack
ing of the taut Democratic tugs. In
making Oklahoma Democratic we are
but adding to the hope of winning in
the next National campaign. Out of
the states west of the Missouri nvu.
is to come a Democracy that nevi .
splutter not splatters over no thing
immaterial. Our force sen that Re
publicanism is sectional and therefore
baneful.. To overcome the errors of
the past 'and 'establish a government
wherein all are granted the constitu
tional right of citizenship and uu more
is the task of militant, progressive
Democracy. It must first assimilate
all of the forces which strive for
equality before the law. but that is
being rapidly accomplished and the
dawn of a better day seems at hand
for the Nation largely fashioned by
the militant spirit of right and pro
grctti which obtains In Oklahoma today.
.There Is a Sunday eonscletict as.
well as a Sunday coat and those' wlitt
make religion a secondary concern
put the coat on and conscience can.
Hilly by.
The man wli iso business Instincts
consist merely in a grasping regard
for self can not expect much help
from his fellows ami lie can not gel
very far without that, help.
The highest imagination and the
deepest thought might be expressed
and forcibly and beautifully, in that
plain and simple Kngllsh which some
ignorant educated men despise.
Contrast Is 'everything. It is the
root of humor and much else that light
ens our grayish world.
The personal point of view is a nee
essary adjunct to nli really entertain
ing conversation, but It takes a real
artist to know when to stop and how
far to go.
You can't drown trouble In alcohol.
The more you try the worse you get
and the more you drink.
He makes a false wife that suspects
a true.
Lavj-cr. Attendance Expected
,1 hit Year at Secondary
icaxrwaffi2 p-s es-
' ;
l'icull lire
the see
'.at larx-J
INDIAN AFFAIRS TO DATE All men are ali'c under the skin,
Dodging the Indian question will but the skin may be clear or dirty
avail Republicanism naught in this! and that is wliai. makes the differ-
state. Half of the ftate population islence.
now in that section once designated
At twcniy years of ago the will
reigns; at thirty the wit ; and at forty
the judgment.
as Indian Territory, to say nothing
of the Osage country and those va
rious Oklahoma sections where the
Indian question has been one of ex
traordinary moment. The Indians j It Is not enough that you do not
have been despoiied by laud grafters, j hurt or injure your neighbor, unless
say the people who read little until you be ready to take all proper op
think less, and for once there is j portunlties of doing lilin good.
much of truth iu the statement but i
the great bhaine and wrong done, has Your lazy man. In a world of work
been through tlelavs of departments, ! ers usually finds in the end Hint he
(hi! red man being compelled to tlragjhus to work harder than anyone else
all of tl.e details of treaties ami acis
Six secondary schools of up
were opened today. This Is
Olid year md it Is expected t
gains wi'l ho made in each
I he attendance last year nverng'
ItMl per school.
The building at (ioodwell, I'au
handle district, was accepted on the
2itli, There are no statp dormitories
at the schools. Dean it. II. I'lttuck
reports, however, that citizen) . of
Itrnken Arrow, Heb'tia and Warner
will provide dormitories.
At Tishoniintto there are many
Choctaw and Chickasaw Indian Nt.u-1 fj
dents, whose expenses are paid by
the Interior department.
W. T. Miller has been selected as
teacher of manual training and draw
ing at the Council school, Helena,
durance R. l.eieer bus been made
agriculturist at the Haskell school,
Uroken Arrow.
People are moving to the sclioohi
which are fast becoming centers. PeM'i
I'lttuck finds that several farmers
tinve moved to towns in which schools
are located or to farms near by, in
order tt) put children In the schools.
It was reported rrom Stillwater to
tiav that the attendance at the state
agricultural and mechanical college, I
Stillwater, will be very large ti.lsj
year. Three days will be required
for registering new students. There
were fe0 In the regular courses last
vear and l.fiOn students in the nil reg
ular and special branches and lionyal
sc'iool, not counting tin; fariip'r:?'
short course. !
l Mama -MMaMMi
Oa 'ftp
of congress through the interior de
partment, represented by Hitchcock
and Carliejd, the inosl uiouuiuenlal
asses ever assembled in an executive
department of government of enlight-j
cned countries. When McMurray I
boldly stated that he could go forth, 0
and get Indian contracts for moic;0
than ten per cent, he stated the nhso-jO
Into truth. Those Indians wlm dealt iO
Labor rids us of three great evils
iteiliiiiisness, ice and poverty. All
the while there are fools there will be
Validity of Act Creating Crimi
nal Court of Appeals
Brought Up
hid- the
xeeue shifter's faith that
hi move mountains.
you boast or your ancestors
family photograph allium.
i A man seldom
guUtlci'ii.in unless
isis that
I A girl really doesn't enjoy reading a
poem to a until iinl'.ss lie is holding
i her hand. -
What doth it pr.il'li a man to pray
' fon the heathen if he isn't on speaking
I terms with Ills neighbors.
Having- charged ok'.ahnmn with
ins backward and retarding t lie
growth or construction of public util
ities, the state Republican organiza
tion is under great strain, the census
department having announced we pro
gressed more in three years of stale
hood than any other state iu five,
that w? have accomplished financial
and numerical growth under difficul
ties from abroad and that our develop
ment is the marvel of the age. Of
course, all this was done under Demo- i
cratic rule and we are still going so
fast the negationists are kept busy
getting out of the way of tnir progress
trains, ft Is hard to be a pessimist In
Oklahoma and the optimistic Demo
crats hardly take time to bury the pes
simistic opponents to the states rap
id development.
with MeMurrav would at this moment u
sign n roiitruct for fifteen per cent,;
if they had the least assurance of an! Ii isn't the
early Keillenii nl of all their relation.'. ' enables him
with the executive department of the,
redeifil government. And they would
have pi'otiled much, five or six yeais
ago, had they been able In have set
tied with Uncle Sain ami given twenty-
ilivc per 'cent, to some man who could
have driven their deal through at
jtlmt uiiiiucnt.
I In l'.HMI McAlcster was the largest
city in Indian Jciritory; was best lo
cated ami ought today to be cliy
of rn.ono people. It is evidence ol
what has happened by delay. There
is no use moralizing; delays brought
about present conditions; tiie govern
ment should have acted and failed j n-s a stupid mau that can't beat out
to do so. Kepuolicauism must beai ; ;in llllerestiug book in contesting for
tha brunt. : , iR, alteution of a pretty woman.
STRUGGLE FOR CONTROL i Some pluck Is just bold enough not
Republicanism is in the dying grasp' t0 ll0VV w1r'" i;i scared.
oi tnose who have lost taith in party,,
I yet still seek to control. Kxpediency
jhas fought Its last aggressive battle.
The people no longer hunger for what
i Republicanism may or may not wish
:'o do, Thi story is as of yore. The
people do not always appease the maw
;Of greed or avarice. Today Ueinoc-
racy Is sirona. not so much because
I of what it has done, but rather b '-j
cause the advocates of her doctrines
have stood rteadfast to the faith and
the disciples i"fused to h led astray
by i he false teachings of those who
!nli!sp"icd In the ears of the god of
expediency. Democracy stands fore-
square as in older davs. The people,
. . - . . 1 1 -C I..... i.ll'l...
milize that Ketmb can deas have 'nln- !
,'inade the countrv tremble because otlin """"mer than in winter." Hobby
the doctrine that, to succeed, we must! Hrlght "Hecause heat expands." .
give away more tiiau we may secure
application to the supreme
release from the state pi'in-
("Hilary upon a wilt of habeas corpus!
Prank Duck, convicted December !,
I !tu;. In Woodward county of horse
stealing ami sentenced to six years in,
the penitentiary, questions the validi
ty of tliu. net creating the criminal ,
court of appeals. His allorn -y, K. (1
McAdams of Oklahoma City, sMtc j
dial. the . act creating I e criminal
court oT appeals is iu violation of!
section 2. article 17 of the enablimi ,
act. which provides that all ens ,
pending iu the cojnis of tie territory j
should be triable iu I lie iipp'll.ite:
court which succeeded the territorial i
jMii'iei.ie .court. MucK'rt case wan:
pending on,,,.ippeul iu the territori il '
supreme court at slale'-nod ami wa i j
I transferred by Him stale supreme court j
IU, the criminal court of appeals whirl
lafliruieil the . Judgment of the
I court.
1 2?19!iL33'iH7VW
imm rvpriiiirnii imp wnTioir Sv&s!-
U's wiser to be pleased by a fancy
than to be annoyed by a fact.
W .1'.
ICastei ii
la Fe, I
When Indifference
real indifference.
shows it Is not
The great drawback to a long life
Is t h ut it necessitates old age.
; i.ucr tioesu t auiouui to inucn unless
! It is mixed with a little brains. ,
' The early bird gets the worm, hut '
m the other hand the early worm gets
! eaten.
are the days longer I
Was'iburii, an engineer on the
Oklahoma brunch of the Sau
eturned last night from To
peka. where on Saturday, be attend
ed the fnnerul of .). 10. Hurley, lat
general manager of the Santa l-'e sys
tern. The funeral was a notable one
ic several respects. The floral trib
utes ar; reported to have been tsultii
cit nt to ti'l a large sized store room.
There were o.OPU railroad men in
line. For five minutes all actiiii"s
on the road, on lines, iu oll'n t s and
shops, were stopped.
Inconsistency i one of the principal
assets of stte Repiiblicani.-m. That
party never tries two campaigns in
the same inauner, save because ex
pense of Organization is always borne
by special ',prlvile- ind therefore
must never ,be eitiiei assailed or left
without defense. Had there been al
lowed the emblance of leadership,
state ReiuWk'aniMn might have .ot
teu along and not b-rn eouiptdlud to
allow all charges go unchallenged,
but, as It is, the oposing party to
Democracy fs allowed but one appella
tion, that because of Inconsistency,
is in' a class to, by and for Itself. -
iin return. That doctrine of imine
Uliate success has been exploited to
ithe sorrow and cost of t'.ie common
ality; we are as ever in opposition.
iThe time-tried-titne-honored principles
of Democracy have not changed; they
never will, because they can not.
I Throughout the entire United States
so tnose who are allied to KepuhiH
The pi'opecis of a Prohibition can
didate Is generally so paor it's a won
der they don't drive him to drink.
fa!tlis. and they go for the purpose J 1!" kh'n's Arnica Salve r subdue
or scaldjd by overturned kettle cut
with u knife bruised by slummed
door injured by gun or in any other
way the thing needed at once is
In making up the maniage records
tt has been discovered thai o-.v) of
the t'hiistmas niarr'ages ut Seward
may be defective and risky. A e.dored
pair united on December Z'i. VMt'J. are
i cported as united at in o'clock ii:
ilm night in the presence of many
witnesses ami friends am! kindred.
Xo witnes-es are named and the offi
ciating min'ster signed as a witness,
leaving the clergyman's space blank.
Home of
llammation and kill the pain. It'
earth' supreme healer, infallible for
Foils, uleers, fever Sors, Kczenia and'
Piles. iTtc at all Druggists.
Joseph McNeal was destined for
ftate slaughter by Oklahoma Repub
licans. Not becAiise he was a leader
of his fellows or because he had ever
dune anything worth while, but be
cause, as a banker, he has money and
can p oduce. The best friends Mc.Veal
has in the state wish him l get
through the campaign without expen
diture of Hw lunch money. Hut as be
announces he has made plenty of moil
ey and lias some to spare, perhaps 'Us
as well th .larruping who urged him
forward gel theiis, and allow McNeal
to return to prlvaie life us soon as
No biatler what the political as
pect nor what It costs to become .the
great factory city of the state. Cutiirii;
lias the start, the faciliiies and the
upporluiiities to Improve to make It
thy factory city uf the new state. To
lose sight of this spells municipal' din
aster and delay. We have opportun
ity and wo have all necessary fadlit-
- ,'" r to.- .v.. l.j
rtablishiue a Brent factory city that
must eventually make a commercial
metropolis. . ,
of changliiK public sentiment and in
'V-q hope of changing the principles,
,ef free government, with us, 'tis but:
jthe tuiestion of standing fast and true;
!;ind beina true to ourselves and tliJl
I v hull' people. What mutters those'
i'mv when wo weri driven away from
tiie seat of authority? We weiv then
!a. now correct. Tiie people err, but
;s;ioin err Ion'; at a time; the "o
'pie are with us. We need the mime;
of no man living or dead to arous'S
ithe commonalitv. We are Democrats.1 A 11 enmpnmiise the Cherokee Re-
The people aiv Democratic in taste ! I"1'' ','i'11 has indorsed the stain Re
nin! desire. Thev are with and .for 1 publican press bureau for anything
Pecanse of this we need take no nng in more oilices lor lo-
000 ooooooooo oooo
1 1 .. i
rn unurcc uinmc
in. mm j niLVKJ
11 o
li.lps were
we would prefer the
n cm -s cr i r a fr j mm mm mm mm ' mm i.
m 'ik.u arvs -m. mm e 4 m-t m m a mm mm - -1
ma an h i i a m m m m m a mm m m m mm i a
r u m s Tat i ti -lw i r n i ii ii
i. a w a kj r-k. a e ' am m mm aak -a a a v:v
ti Ilk II I El 1 B TT 1 f 1 1 II 1 i"-1 I I
a a vi at a iff w a i y ti i a a a aa a am t '
IU JIIFffll 111. I 'I l L faaat III i llll II II
Li ar r j i ii a m 11 11 f a i iv i i 11 11 j ii
r i w v w v M a. M a ! m aaaaaa aa
MMM , v.l
Why shake bauds so much? You
i. ; cal Retiiibiicans.
1 us.
i time (iuai ! "ling with ptilitical oppon-
'cuts. It Is a case wherein we may j
i have the opportunity to do and neei (!,,lf"g ready for tee fray, the
be riirht and have it enforced forM""!1'' Mk'U warns RcpulilicaiiH to
the whole people.
for a
t ready
cyclone, evldeiilly rearing
will come lilv" a tidal
Ab Martin says; IJttie 1oys now
roii ciigdrcU :mUad o' hoops. Speak
tuc o personal lioerty
'p g V,...T. ih' Hf(-
(Shawnee Herald.)
cities claimed blind
Through which the
god his bi"ad
Ibmier b
The lines are euoied because they
are not apidicahle to the present sit.-i
nation Iu Oklahoma as regards (!ov-1
ernor Haskell. With Oklnhoma City
and Muskogee fighting over the pos
session of the firi-.t governor as soon
as 'ins lerui oi oilit:tt is eiuied. it ia
evident thai he at least will not have
to wait until after death for his a pot be
In recommending others, Dennis
Klyuu never fowls to tell who lleil
on (lie preference rkht tail (i Mule
school lands.
Vice-President Sherman eaiiie and
is gone Ifitving behind the aroma (f
lug jobs energetically filled.'' ; '- A.
do McNeal Is nowi "cinn'pnl;'tiiiig for
a campaign to cut down the expenses.
care f ir it, ami other people
lie iu the low, marshy bottoms of the
Poloniac, the breeding ground of ma
laria, germs. Theso germs cause chills,
fe"r and ague, biliousness. Jaundice,
lassitude, weakness and general de
bility and bring suffering or death to
thousands early. Hut Kb'cl rb; Hit
lers inner fail to destroy tiiem
cere nialaiia (rnublos. "They tiri
best all-round tonic and cure for
l.irla I ever iised," Mile;i R.
James, of l.oilelb'ii, S. ('. They
I Slomach, Liver, Kidney ami Itloo I
Trouble and will preveni 'ryphoid
Try t li 'in, .Vic. Guaranteed by nil
Special Line of Men's
Overalls Overstocked -Must
Have Roo m For
Other Goods.
Don't think that piles can't be cured.
iiobthi'y ever i Thousands of obstinate enseo have
t.i eu i.alni I liepn riired hv Doan'n Olntnjent. CO
Ceiling down for III" campaign
stale organization Republicans nlways;
Intend to make n loud noise, that thelt
weakness may not be discovered too
easilv. i
Don't waste your money buying
plasters when you can get a bottle ofi
Chamberlain's Liniment for twenty-!
five cents. A piece of flannel dump-!
ene.d with this liniment Is siioeriot''
to any plaster for lame back.f pains j
: H'i tito and chest, and innelt cheap
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
. Sand, Ciusricd Rock, Build
ing Stone, Cement and
of Cimarron
Room 9, Lyon Block. Phone 1190
Louis Racket
I -, ,, -- - , r- - rt f.'t . , , . -r, ... ... .. .... .. .,..

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