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The Guthme Daily Leader
OUT11U1K. OKl.A.. Vi:iMSDY. JINK I. lr.M.
PPTPV " !. Safe,
I JV 4. , a.a. .f
75 Persons Killed
r n i 1
1 ulsa
iitun h:ij.v i.tiiu: m;
c.im itisTKicr of oil
ioijowim. a iurr i
lr.mum; UIIII1X AMI
iilacks rrii: ih'mm;
I M.Adll I'M I Kit MMtllVI,
L'A U ; M A N V H K
Tiila. 1une 1. Tfii m n
are known t have ln- n killed in
the ma war that r.i t'.d i r
from Tuesday nitrlit until tOMOi
Chief uf H!u-e .'Miniated that
Kiity-five iittrf lune lu-i-u
killed. Sors of whites and ie
gr1 have i ttiuiii'it.
Praetiiat!y I entire iit'io
district is a mass of ruins. Tie
Ions will reach into thiuiaaiuU of
dullars. It i behoved tht the
.white resident districts which
were iriensiM ti he saved from
the flame which are still rsrirn;
ill the iterro aection. s
The eity and county are under
martial law. Adjutant Harrett.
of the Oklahoma National iu;ud.
is in control, j
With these precautions taken.'
it U believed tliMt the aituatioti is
temporarily under control, al
though new outbreaks are feared.
Governor Robertson is en route
here from Oklahoma City to aid
Adjutant General Barrett in re.
rtorintr order and mprtiin? .he
direction of fortes cow in cotu
fraud in the city.
A military commissi. -n, com
posed of the nffieiala and l-usi
lies men to pa upon the statu
of six thousand negroes n.nv held
in construction eanips was formed
shortly before noon by Mayor
Kvatis and eh'i'f of police with
the approval of Adjutant (Jeneral
Barrett. This committee will
pass upon the ruilt of those lield
under guard in the varinns
The lint of the white d. :td hw
ten have been killed. They arc
Homer ('Sine, IT years old, a
white hoy.
Tleo Shumate, Tulsa. 21. sht
early last nivrht, lied this mrn
ing. lie was a tool .Iressi-r
M. Baker, 27. Haviland. Kan.
Clyde Greaves. .10, Tulsa
Three other white men. all un
identified, are luiitf in th"
Tu!m. June J. The rare r:o'in;
I tat broke out here late Tueda
tictit Rrew out of the arr't Tues
day atternoon tit lick ItowUnd. j
negro bootblack, on a charge of ac
aat:lt!ng white eleraior girl In th
Irexel building on Monday.
Ther wti a movement afoot, i'
tf reported, among while ,...p'e t'1
f to the oouatjr courthouse Tu.'s.ta
n ght and lyncb th boothlaek. Thii
teport epread orer "Little Afrra"
and early In th evening crowdt c-f
rgroe bepan forming.
Rowland wa taken from the cil.
ti the county Jail Tuesday afternoon
atd b i preliminary trial net for Jan-'
7 In mnntlpal court.
Rowland u arretted on Soi' t
Greenwood Tenu early Tud4
nornlng by officers Henry Carmle
btel and it C. Pwt. He was tden
titled by the girt after bia rapture
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The foilowinf msrrlage licence t
have been rranted by Court C rk
Mra. Keal. W. M. MeCleiland. M.
and Pamella Newaome. ..;, both if
Cothr'e; Harold W. Staveum. e. 1 a
Cios. wiaconolD. and Ma-raret M?-C-iy.
53, Guthrie; Iawrenr? I Web-.
1'. Luther and Froma May Ja'vas.
18, Guthrie; Edward L. rrrtwell. 21. t
nd Vera Hudson, St
New Orlean. La, June, l. - Co -
sight an.4 Thursday partly cloudy.
Casualty List
THl: l'.U.
fell ilMd had krvB M'Sllfinl t mri
II .4M-4 tt, t, Mail, ,
4.1. t'atm-, M. . , t
N.ri N.-K..tfc, ! I
MIMkara. t. Tl i . I-. utry, t,
( Jrft I. X. '; f
I rnakud M. lle . I I
4. Tl. Vil i.tlOl
tll INJI kli
tth ! Inj"-I nla
Ikr fallow l l ihr r!... I.HU,
tmrt Milr, no. k4 lhr..,S
4. H. Mvfc. Mltl khul I H fc,
J K lllolmn, nil, In
I. I Jmart. ill. . la '.
(i.M. I,. .. till, h.l 'IS ir
Sol. wtrial aunails, lull rl.
l Mar I rill ha la llnl
Ktlaat.l Ull. Kill. Hwl la lav,
I.rai-rr shakHanl, V l tuln. Irar
lanvl rih.
H, .lrf( llmrr. W ral 1 ulaa.
. a rtt, h"4 la a. hlH
ami rnwpwxl lraura of arm. r1oa.
I". . lhiBa. Hl. anal la
rt,a m,
. M. Milm. Irtn lialal, NMKana4
(iarr t) thlih. aarluaa.
I. arUad ra a, ill. h4 la aix
ah.lumra ilrlgkl arm, laMll u t
I T KlrrllBi, tllr, atlnar Ifcjiirl
K,.lrfl I'atmorr, rl InlM, ! la
led hBlilrr. ail latti.
f. Hrlitiarr, li. lrt la hi..l !
Ifg. at Mr li.a m .
Ira ll.liM. rllr. bl la lft Irg an.l
lhiS. Ihahl arrloaa
I. I. I'ninki-. Iri. r.Uinr.
hat ilh hlr4 ahn la htiMliIrr, rata
ad tutrrirad. It Wa litt H
lia la a l-- at !', Ju' BlilB(
Into rt.
IHrrt ! If a wl'l allnl -tittl'irt
I iftm er pOra
ba.ini al allial aua.la raltad al J)
h.rilll and bal tarta trM,
k(MBklat aliaee! llilaa aana ar al
(intri aa.irgtiml, rlir, nwl ftrWai.
h l .( !, iltf, a arm,
no! arrlauK-
VHirwl U K . H0i. rlir, al
II I.. wrr. rllj. aliul lkr.Mtl a'-a.
I. tlikrrt, rll, hi la aral.
W, l.amhlr. rlU. Ihmiihl !.
Jra iMla, rill, arriuu.
K. i. ffllrr. rllt, lr, .. arrt.nia
Olio slirrr, rll, fan- ,.il-r
1hlr fl or f..rt alio arrr ual
liMlt aona.lr.1 aera allrr.lr.l al a
mhrr fiiHal afirr fta anl arr
tlrrximt lit" aalkr.1 nt. Iral no
aam ar addraaa.
M. t . liar.a.oa. Jrak. Okla, I"" I
tirrrr, ahl Ihrouih rlhl arUI. Iiul
Irl trarlinc hrnh ahdmnaa lain
lh Ifft arm.
Oklahoma City. June 1. - Seventy five penons. white and
negroes have been killed in the race outbreak in TuUa, accord
in? to a telephone message to Governor Robertson here today
from the chief of police at Tulsa.
"Little Africa," the negro section of the city, is in llan.es ,
500 armed white rr.en are guarding the fire department to pre
vent any aid reaching the burning section of the city. Tne
militia and police are powerless
i v 1 1 in it i. imuson-
I Its 4 Ml. Ill HI .
Jailor roe4't haa liia liHmtH fail L
li.etos day feeding and- carin; for
furty. huky. hur.gry primir.era Mot
! them are f.-ili-rai r!s4i!n,ri lirouth'
her from the Oeage on ihirKei of
.-i;;nit wh!Vy to the Indiana Th
li all e up f"r trUl at Ih" prtert
t rni of federal rourt; many wi'l Iw
r en jail m-ntome a'ong w th f ne.
It la uttiiai:- ti e custom for the
e-al jri'onera -onvirtel In the fed
eral otirt here la tn-ar erated
t)i coiinir Jal here.
OF HAIL lUTI'-S. MATiahl.h varied from 1-2 "n!a 1 1-2
Waahingtcr, Junt 1. Downwiard
rrviaien cf railroad rates particuiariv
i of thete en neceatitlea, aii dlacutaed
l Pre dent Hardinfl today w tl.
n embers of the Interetat eomrrerte
coTimietion at an informal conference
at the commiaaion'a headquarters
The preaident wai underttood to
h;.v been ataured that the who'e
subject now va under review by the
Washing-ton. June l.-Offdat re-
Tort on the ei-p!oion 0f a bjmb at
,tbe Abeddeen. Mr . pro.d ng ground
- were still Incomflete today, althouct.t
,1 was stated tliat Captain Joaeph
l.'alt. of New ilaven. Conn . previtu
jly reported fatally hurt, rrobabl
WiMild recorer.
-H'.illit;!'!! T rtf al'Kil-
pn Uo (-caiHi!'t la rrH-r ill .ho
tMH-tr-H' al'. re. r a! .on '
.!,) Itu rr.o" ! riial lit
K;,t.iHl 0ft l!l llWMh"ift UM a I . ! -
i m the mre it j4m'4 !
.n li-o- Tt, S 1 1 r
lai'-if'..; Min;.nv nlffiJfJ to (
iltun frVtit r t-:eB tA!UorUa
ttll't lisivas (ill i,t ,e Ol'ioalla. . n
alt rl e, nin- I ! itilej trui U't
ill !( r'' fur is-r. It
-- "liU -Vdr Knulrri mii'Um
!oiUr Is at luvtuidl to tte ri Ah-1
ftow nutioii ri!jr lull Uet
!1 tiriiir to Ik tiainte.l it.'u Weiin
J;y ly tin- luilt-l Htie riSrol
ia'H.r lioard Ukra ir(.t 1 lie dv
i ! U i(ri-'-ti Jul) I U aa all
nnmre.l, alii atfrvU Wl lUif
'UiiMi. K W Major. I
;rll4nil ..( lti' I h n ao iluimoa of
'he ;r mil m-riU'i' a mninJinl
ffuiti duly vii r.t r fruui Vahlnuiii
!,i!Uiuig a nu.fiih'K luestlicaliin t'y
;hih!o llll-fi i'lfh, alit t-wi-eOt l listrjeit
'. a iil't Jii.'. uif'f -i ii'iu y feint ,!
isjiui.in ut a remnj!iii-!n fur niauy
a."aU,j.t tl.e fiel.1 A lvlU'r 4H
i!K(!r,t.t teiiiHH ary ui'i liiteiolii.tl
In y.ii..r i j.U.
niim - Kt.'i J K'luV a ar-
r,untt ctuiv'vil aitti the killuig of
M-irroM K-. liose !.i,i finifi.J j
April 4 in a fatll Imriir-il 'iiiw h!.n:
ti'.ir Klue'a home
Tuts - A r l'!fii ii''yri.e
i,m. I nblti'H. ailiiit? uu-f tl rif t
i.f e:ro t harite.l ltli all i,i!(
o:i a will' 4 44, Hi,, n, hn1
early W .'Jio-hility inornlnK. alkl tin
. a. n I fturit (r.ivrit irii onti'i.'l lo
(Tills to iJ III ii ii'ioiUnn t)i tan"!
tdctUms. Tli eulent tuiiitr 4f all!
'sl r.J towred not Know a, lijv
'he , lied fr beiieiej (0 t.Ul la' OUI
il l It WIHIS SI t I HI
lll(. Sl' lli:srl'i;
I -
Moinapilii, Minn., Jun. 1 fi4ni
h.-.ndita m la'w' touting tar lt J
to metarrtfleia of th M'l4 JfJ
Tiadn-a Bant, here Xoii iy and t p J
e.l w.itr $16,0i0 in cgrtrnty. T ha
hank la legated jut acrosa Hie atrt-t
f'Om police he adquar.era.
Tiinilierry, .-uttaii !. J J Mra
tl ft lH.rt.iW of I'tifuJeii! i.4 lout her
ti iii i'h Ti the thirt ri'iit.. "f "
HntKh matrnr isolf fhami-i.un'liir
'hi'te itav She a tef4..Hed .v VI,
J,i4(e Wolhuri'it if W'nr, fill'", win
v on five up and four to i-hiv
Atmaberg Sl'ei-ia. June I - I'u! 1 1
InM.irgeiita who altai k-d (;.-nnan '!"
f.nne organ'.iatlulia in thla ll't'.e v.!
life, which la )i-td about IT m'i.-i
otitheat of )pl!n. and eau! of th
Ci r river, have lun defeated ami
ern retreating northeastward dur
i: g the n'.ghl Wfor a Oriniui conn
ter offena're
Chicago. June 1 Wheat adianri
readily In priii today. Influwn.ed for
j the most Prt by abance of any a-
greaalve telling. Opening fjuotslu.na
(cent., with July 1 19 t-4 to 1 30, were
followed by a decided fur her up
i turn.
Meilco Ct'f. Jane 1 Three er
mnt disrated aa tegger, one of
them Mid to be carrying a dynamite
bomb, were arreite,j aat ntfht at the
village of Guadalupe-, charged with
jattemptirvg to break tip
. u .v a 4 tu.
nrrre In the cathedral. They were
. ,r. ft.
....... .. mi,.r.A . m m -roan Ina
,.... w , y -
men are alleged to be bolahevilt
Miss Mildred Darts U1 1 to
morrow for Davenport, Iowa U -Ke
part lo ttie National PUaa-ptay.nf
$wn. " 4
. t.
A A ja i ..VA'.ani .
.f i.ff ' h tili" ,'. J
I 1 li t, KlUt lit
m.iH. li'm ' .i if it;'
til,.l!HM uti.t !' Olfl.'f 1 1
IM lli.i trial ft ll.lill'i '!
i liwlcr hen !. f ' '! a
!, !"
.! 4 III K o
.-i,srtlii..l !
i' M m i !
t.H l.HT.II!
f..r ! i . li!. !
tii-'ilrr. Willi I
ulam )
4r ..i n
Finaucul iUpurt Chowii JUaUhy
l!al.4iui In the ncanuty
Alter "flatiy Cises
..until til
I At a fi'ri'lit ln.'ftilr h"it t 0"i i
litrt Cfi4't enthiif4l"t'. im lulling ll.e
ilitiiint ..f illti'i'Ho f ii l'" '-
! lun or the H"tl froan A fiiunn t.rt
!! I'ltll HI ! rlli1 l""l kllOWIti.! II"1
I t.aliiti.-. i.f S4li.iJ' Mt'i-od Iti ti-.-I,,
,,M,' Hie S- tHiio k t.'..n t
' li;i h f-
l'. ii .W 44HI4 j r it u'l't
,,. !,).t..,t l.v tin' I
r,..iVl,, r.-.x.-n
r i .if li.r-n mi
I ; t-r n. in
i-ni ioiikmi lilifeil Mim WtfMi
her afiU'iotiil itk tiln! tin'
a.. li lahtrli h li.ol Jo'ld il'i
it e oil j
i I ! .
44 n tin'
np.-nne of I lie t "ourst v Chapter
Mit. KiusU-r ffo:u ihn Hut.. f
wan hi-r to tu'l with lhi llitari
. ii . the rene of ' I
,m. jireaetu thai
Mi AT)!lti"re ha-1 ftI had I ' " c-
operation tr' tri itte n.rv' him "i "'
i !l!'ii-i ht
nhn htll4 hiiv had.
About t"n n' memt-er were added t.i
the laiar-l ari t the future. u ' f
he iHat woik li atoo'rei).
Mia WM'iiiore pr.enled br rea
Ignatton. but a r l e entltti o.,i'i.
meeting hn (lei hli'-l t fei orif dt'-r
the Itta'ier If sh c-4ri re.eive (if
U.'!ir1 she '! fte wit) re otiai'if .
(the matter. If )' 'nn receive thei
if.ir! kite tim-'N ph" wil t m ""'
Imlltied to alar, and fnnlintie ! he i
wtirk. Plie ) to let !h Hiarl Hi- '
In Ihj' a week or f " daya j
The maMur of nura w d' l
ruaaed but not decided upon, tt w;S!
S robal ly ! la'.eti up analn wlllun i
(Con'tnued on pas i !
Accused Man Bays Girl To
Blame; That She Trailed
Him; Knew Her But
Oklahoma ( ity. June. 1 The pre
lim nary hearing of b'tate Rt'preen
John 0 Inny. of Texas rou t
i'1?' J atatuttry iharicw. lnvn'rlu :
...... ..... w. .
Viriginia Uod. IV daurtfeif ,f
a Method at
-w.hedu'.e, to ope-n b-fore Jiuip, I
e )
j.hlte here Friday.
j The girl comrnitied auleidn here
;May 22. Hefore ber death ahe told
,aiithor'tlea. the arid Ienny bad Ihed
.'Intimately at a lo'd apartment hotel
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: a .
I It Vi.l -TV
i'l T '';" li
Itll' 44.
i-., if I
.... .,1 ,i .
flilV l-'Hli
I ill.' II
iiin, I'l -a
nkiMI l
i J
I. t,.rl.t.
H'ljrf nt
i I 4 s hlft
.:'' .ih.j (
:.( Hi j, i
r,.,i !.
I'l it (it ill B 111 (tl
uif rtiui.i ti.. 1 1 ii n l
r tu -i t. Mti-,-1 lUititii, tii.,
JUai? Auditor tl,iS Act Uinltig
J'iV Dttc-i l"'olll PiKtlitij? jf
l!ill I'.y (lovenmr; Atk
i .
iuT. .
4 1 i H"
.i t !.
t'" u
'IliJ 4 "! t , ,J it(
,',iH' f r tin' i
I I II,; ',. t III
: l tti.' !'
f ! pietrie!
o II 'Oil i f p l"l
sin. I ! f li'n
iKity-.i ill I' 4
( i-llji.ll hill tin I
.1 l.-r
,i i:ui
P li an a i tn.i! :i i'l'ti''" ;;f
i I ii I e tlnli. mi' mt
iu i,; to I'fanK I I-' '
I,,. I a re 1 1 'I if ! i !
ii i ir
if l i It, !''
ii ile mi ll'nr
, J il mm nil!
, en.. ( .in it.'!
i f i!;Ml full. I VI etc
lie r pertde I oti toiv
il ite prior In May 1 1.
f.eiiNt jin r", li
,..' titi
! r. mak'.n.
,1, J l i.lim e,
lt 'h,. 1 .4 tjiul vii;i.4',
, ) j, i4vldanli of '!" i!' -i tt at'
tempt, tii pay t. k ralar'-en and lrv
eliiit n;.i-tiM' till" I'll'''' (l.'-'lier ill
, (,,.,, (,,,wni'r. m mrr;.eted
by Cat '-r. Mi.iM's fiuida amlUlila only
ilirirot th" 'feiii.'iini!"r ef the flrl
ye;ir" and tl" :iKea the -.-di to lio'.m
ftnui the iliit't tiii4i-niiir iiicerann
ai.IH'.l lli tilil.
Kectton I nf the nieaa-ire In ituenilrta
folio a '
That the l;.rif-a of dN'rir. j:ulge
iiitl di'ilriti court ri'ixitt.-ra, Mit hor--,,..
I a'.n-n th adjirit nmetti of lit reg
ii'ur aeaaloii of h leeUl.ilsire, dud
!,e l l n uf t'. Itl rtf III. lie anl
.! i r t- t ii.urt reporter, may he paid
.en of r.ild fund of r.4.o-'i-, and !i"
Kfi'i' audifor 'a lo-re'iy auih"r:ed l"
p:tv a .id aaUriea and etpen.ea during
I'..- tt tn,.liner f the fUial year nnd
ii.ft June :to. I ' -1 '
Ciiler In'erprrtl th" lot to inn 4 II
nj'oirlea itlii 0J ittie helween "he date
.,f i.4,-e i. ud Jun at) isn he paid
bv hi n H nw-ver. Chirk NW-iwila jt
Kuf'OiU. rii'-mber cf th aetmle. tmv
teiiiU it niesna the !ji uu lTor ahait
pay lm k ..l.ir l"-i bet .'! the ()4le
of pa-a.iK" and Jut'" " MctmU via
lied the tifttriiey gellerala '.if'tei.
Tneaday in the fntere't of an oplnli.ti
wbU b my ts ritUh'. n the matter out
i:UI (.ON Si! I.N I AS
0 l;l ( (KAIIION
June 1 Preld4tt.t
.,i,,, r;tv
Mesiirj l ity
(tbregon ha not T lomniurilcaied
an answer to fieorne T, Surnmerlio, j
American char-., ii 'ffi'ra, rela'ive to
the memorandum reported to rn
.rn recognhloti f Mmlrn by the
t'ni e,j Ktatea aulmil'ted to blin lact
week by Mr. Sutiiinerl n. tl wa siil (
at the AintifiCttO euibasy here las.
Tmw t.O.ipt of lh County Ar To
IW VivtM In Pi Vie Tlut ft
Ta Bitn ThU
The i-v.-i iHii' t,,!vi, ;(,-.. ,f
I IHl- 14.1.1 V !,!!
4-,Oi.! h-n tn ! l-fi ''! f
M 4U li lin'iij' I f i '!''$
T r f i r-n: ? ifiv'ni a. 44 hi'it uyi
f i-f ! in l i. .s, iiii.it 1 tu i
! ' ! ' !'" ! vf :ttlhile t''-'
r.i ritnitM th""!1- Mr. U a'-tar
I r S;4 ' -,ti'l4 fii.i;ft'
1 II Hi" I 'mini !'!' . IH! W Is
ft n et al l i," ! lii' '-ll i'i'
4 .i- : ., I Ml I , t j I'1 ' . -4
. " i" r. 'ntt.-. ii.ii i..t V
,1!. I Mll(j J i I . I- I
,: l t 'ii!.!ii
: ; 1 1 .1 r'. t , ; m n f 04 f
.'(I , K. 5 1 -if
M ! !l!i !! 44 ill
I f nf M ' I
i n w . k i(i at ft
t I .vfr - 1
f f h 4 ! i Ui i . '.V
rf!.t In Ve.ist
I',':. V,'(
l,.f t. .).I
f the nods
? itiiiiiHf r "
lita-l Mi I ! .
in ,ii4 ' ''')
ill H. hunt Hi-. i a-.!., 1 1 a
.ml In .ir .:k In'n a 'lltr'. f
i H (4s It ''i'l' h '.; I I ' oi 4 I
UH.'tl if . !' V tl . - t
i!--r.u )' .1' I II 1 ti '-el4.tll
V l,
., ., lit
a').. In 4 I "''ill!
.1 Hi V'! 41,1 I
Hi I. h U tl"''4 " I'
.14 4 ! I II II 1-14
mt im , 1 1 ,f .itiri
I ' . '! '.ffi I "-ei net i- it iH4r't'
New Offii cr Ai Ictriwltit cd Al' ftli)y (,r ,,, ,-lf ra-irnra
Nuotuhiy I.ujohi'fU; VI u ut ., t j'r .
Under Way Vor ido 1. vi: " -!' t -tmt'lf
I I t."i !.! I I i iri j te . !. I ( M.
j iik,i,Uv ii.ui h'M.i, .it lh It .ji i; i ti'ih
.ill t i mi i'. I t.e i lull , vi k a I t
S li S re. II
I'ltif Jtf i o leather ,.( lain tu
t ei,ll,.l !' Nmilia!, ii I iltii'Ki.l.
,. uf tiili'l I'eak. 4 i44 In' ro hi i I
.mil ,eli4Me, i iniei. !iini(i if ... mn ;.
nil h,aliy w i'"ie pt. ri.,ifoii and'
fitl.'litr' lii duty II" Im" I IiU 1'iiw j
t-ri III" "l.te.i It " il It-1 11 .lie "'ilii'
ittlereating a t Ktltite'i 1 1 .,ng Idi'arUn '
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WithKs. Ju-e t.-Caeergj Cruta 't
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Qiae, arrording t a jury vr4litt ae-
rtourtced thl.
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morn-ng Cru.
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a..,,. -- -
Waliir.yti.ti June I ! V a tofe of
n n, Zt tba iraii- today reaffirmed
Tlts . (Ion In regard ', the Mil pro-
J.id.ug CiO.Mei naiid of I ni)'l nin
j tir ,tlfl nff ,s vote j hy the bonne
Wahhlrigton, June 1 Air mall
rr-uteH from Chicago te Kt. Neil and
St. Paul probably will be discontinue!
about July lt. it wae announced to
day at tb poat office departuieat.
But II f IS
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tit j with r ard f lati
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I4a,i.l.i,l ct4 ! t I
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Th eontniiiii iy w.if.r want tJ
T,o"'tiy it'itiit v. er-i ih
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f (..-,, j..4 ir,..ra wS'l'i awak 4
a Hi.-M i, r.ecurfl all t iaiha hena
n f mi.i 'lie niiiiiniinl' jr art. c("-
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. fei IU4 in I wilt ! C'l ii"'
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i i -..,. and Vli.t R..-U lf r.m
t -ei ti,' if.. p.'ric.ait p'y wiir
ai.iM.n.. f.tr th- t ii'rd f .'a Th'
I,.- f(i.era (.d lf.da i f '"'
.... .i.,.
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li( it, i,.-;iM'4 iwiinur tisiiii'h
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,;(, a
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tl Ctfeiut
ill !! I ti
t-rr U I'm , I'lnied tt'et-4 d"it
'.. I- 14 4 t.r-'-r. ( j.!4l .( I'l cm
!,(, f,. f.is'e'1 i''.' ttiara!
for il- ln-fi l. I he f--i"ril ) lavl'.'
Mo ii if North e'o'a H t t 1 -te
y an tl"(l . ' 'e fmlafat
it i, trii t e.-.i't of appeal tt taiHl
, ,, a i, r. . I-'T ti T "!
) i'i,ii,. M iilieila f .'her In l,
ni i
V t.i o,li l e -Jte
I a il
hi: ii.xs uiui i.i
! ,', J ! t f ef Vo ' - I'l
tU Wanner t . ir'nu-nt, Anna K"',
il yttufa i. '.-I toi' en f erto'ie'y
firril V- l'ey V. uriiKf I i ( t.
jwb. ,,.,,
1 v, a feo!r fio.nl
it a itresaer iirer The miiite
' , h,lt iir,, the Hilti T-i
jti.iid cjh h p ure.t f itl if it
ie.. sr.iiiaa I. ptil.' h vt,r or tower.
t 1)4 1 I..H i ud
pf, y ADK anonr 41f IARGC
l.aat ri!ht the I M!e mUi un ot
t We.t ile, flev Wade sve
(lmp!, ftwerf-il talk that frre ail
H! .errnoii a "The f n who gave
jt-'maelf wl'H'iir'v to tiod". W by fli'
the grrale t aeriiioe h baa glveU
durins the ae-ie -if meeting tl
ItuptU'a are inrniui'' I'l?
Bsryc!9 ry erenlu I.Q'1.

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