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V( )L. 8.
Ml.fSO it Your In Atlvnncc.
1 siimirc t iiicrlion , ft M
Each additional liM.i-tlon "A
Administrators' Not Ire 3 (Ml
Final Settlement Notices 3 (10
Stray NVllccs (sliitflu stray) ft 00
Each additional stray In Mima notice,. 1 00
Liberal deductions will bu made to rcuulur
Xn ccrtldcatn nf publication will bo made
-Mil Mich publication lias bent paid for.
The iion-obcrvaiice or ttil ruin fin boon
(lie occasion of much Iroulil ntul actual loss.
'mictit Coimr. rlrst Mnndav after the
f.virlh Momliiy In March and Septi-mber.
County OnmtV. Sffonil Mmiiluv ill Feb
ruary, Mav, August, and November,
I'lliinATK COl'KT. Second Monday In
January, April, Jdy mid October.
Tliosoof our subscribers who wish
their papers left hi this office Instead
of Hits post-office, in order to savo the
postage, should notify us nt once.
We wish toarraugu our books so that
thcro can bo no misunderstanding or
Wo refor our readers to the report
rt vh sanitary committee, which
was handed lu this morning. It is an
official statement of the condition of
t lie health of tho town. Wo are glad
that it is ablo to make so encouraging
:i report.
Chinch Ruu.--We hoar many
complaints from the fanners that tiie
chliich bug is at work upon tho Into
corn. Should tho weather continue
lry, tho damage they inflict will bo
qulto serious.
Thkft. Mr. It. F. Sandersof Now
llopo arrived hero this raorulng with
a negro man named John Dorsey and
dollvcred him over to the jailor. He
was arrested for stealing a pair of
pants from Mr. Salsbury and a pocket
kulfo from Mr. Andrew Downing of
that place.
Wo learn from tko Glarksvillo Sen
tinel that while u large number of tics
for tho Mississippi Valley and Wes
tern railroad have been dellvcred,con
trary to the general expectation, no
iron lias yet arrived. Thore must
have been soino mistake about the
telegrams from Mr. Henderson which
announced tho purchase of tho Irou
for tho whole road.
From a letter from Will Norton to
a gentleman of this place, wo loarn
that ho, with his father and Mr.
Knox, aro at James Link's, in Floris
sant, Colorado, one hundred and llf
tccu miles west of Denver, and that
the health of the latter two gentle
men had very much improved. They
were about to go on an extensive
huut, and after that visit Mt. Lincoln,
the highest peak of the Rocky moun
tains, which is seventy-five miles
furthor west. Tho party had visited
all tho wonderful scenery of that
wild country. Will Norton expects
to return homo In a short time.
Count v Co cut .Judge Wilson,
tho presiding justlco of tho county
court, was in towu on Monday and
convened the court for the purposo of
taklug judgment in tho matter of the
delinquent real estate. This was tho
day set by law for this purpose, but
as tho dolinqucut land list had not
been published in time to glvo the
legal notice, nothing could bo douo
in tho promises except calling the
court and adjourning until next Mon
day. It being unnecessary, tho other
two justices, Martin uud Mudd, did
not appear.
Wo dcslro to impress upon our au
thorities and citizens of tho town,
and our readers, tho necessity of con
tinued care and precaution to guard
agalust tho cholera. Notwithstand
ing tho disease has abated, it is of the
highest importance that the same
saultary regulations be rigidly en
forced, disinfectants freely used, and
all nuisances promptly suppressed.
Everybody should continuo to exor
clsothosamo care In diet and atten
tion to general health. We may not
expect to bo entirely tsnfo from the
discaso until the cool weather oi au
tumn sets in.
The hopo expressed lu our last issue
that tho cholera had abated its fury hns
bocn realized. SInco then we havo
had but ono death lu towu, and but
one other well marked case of tho dis
caso. The measures suggested by
the sanitary committee have been
faithfully carried out and every pre
caution has been taken by tho town
authorities and our citizens to pro
vent its recurrence as an cnldemlc.
Willi tho present regulations in force
we consider Troy as safo as any other
It is likely that tho dlsoaso will
manifest itself occasionally until au
tumn, but wo aro satisfied that the
cases will bo Isolated and that the
cholera wilt not rago again as ait epi
demic Wo aro furthor satisfied that
from now thcro will be no greater
danger of contracting tho disease lu
Troy than elsewhere. Tho reason
for this is plain. The discaso iuvaded
this placo In exactly tho same man-
uor as it did other uarts of tho
county. That it becaino epidemic
nerc, wuue sporadic clsowhore in the
county, was duo entirely to causes
which ouercd a nucleus for Its evolu
tion and spread. This hvno thesis la
based upon tho latest researches of
medical science. Those causes, thanks
to our sanitary regulations and tho
exertions of our citizen, no longer
exist. Our towu has boon thor
oughly disinfected and cloansed of
everything that could generate nox
ious gases, or bo tho vehicle of infec
As yet but very few of those who
left to vscapo the disease have re-
iui ucu, nuu our streets aro still do
serted. Persons from the country
shun us as much as over, and only
venturo in on the demand of im
portant business. Whllo we com
mend their care and prudence, we
must represent that so much of it as
makes them regard Troy as a breodor
of pcstileuco, is unnecessary. It la
furthest from our intention to say or
do aught that would inspire falso
confidence or cause the nronercare
and precaution to fee abandoned. On
tho contrary wo have, from the first
approach of the discaso. warned our
readers of the necessity of tho utmost
care and vigilance Wo still rccotn-
moud 'tho same measures of precau
tion, and tho samo attention to hv-
giene. We believe, however, that
tho time has como when the absentees
may safely return, uud tho neonle of
tho country resume their business
relations witn us. In this view wo
aro supported by medical advice.
JViauy exaggerated ronorts of tho
ravages of tho cholera have beou cir
culated, tho offset of which lias boon
to crcato unnecessary alarm in tho
minds of tho people, aud false impres
sions concerning our actual condi
tion. Tho continued circulation of
tnese reports will work much injury
to tho business of our town : hence
tho necessity on tho part ot our citi
zens or removing falso Iinnrcsslons be
spreading reliable information as to
the health of tho placo. Wo have,
since tne commencement orourailllc
tlon, kept our readers fullv uostud as
to the extent and the mortality of
tno disease, and privately, whenever
occasion offered, justified and advised
the exodus of our population. Wo
aro not thcroforo open to tho imputa
tion of endeavoring to declovo when
we recommend tho return of our cit
izens and tho resumption of broken
business relations.
To sum up: Troy is as safo from
tho cholera us uuy other placo ; that
the discaso ceased to exist here as mi
epidemic on tho 11th of this month.
and that the cases wo havo had since
that time, and thoso wo may yet havo.
aro sporadic, such us aro llablo to
occur anywhere ; aud finally, that so
long as our present sanitary rcgula
tlons are enforced, tho cholera will
not appear here as an epidemic, be
cause the propagating germs havo
i-ituuiiiuiiy ucsiroycu.
Little Charloy Jackson was thrown
from a donkey, which he had been
rming about town, on Sunday, and
severely bruised aud cut about the
faco. Ho now wears a mask of stick
ing plaster.
anclout colored individual, Nelson
Mourning, during tho most fatal pe
riod of tho cholera epidemic here,
was deliberately walking along to
ward our graveyard, and one of our
citizens riding out overtook him.
Just boforo getting to him, ho saw
tho old darkey run his hand in his
pocket and draw out a largo green
cucumber about a foot long, and hold
lug it in his left hand ho drew his
pockot knlfo and began to let into it.
"Hello, Nets., aro you going to cat
that thing" inquired the gentleman
"Dot I is!" "Why, Nels., that's a
fine thing to bring on tho cholera,"
"O, oh, I'll risk dat; you sco dat
nigga dar wid dent saudlo-bags
dey's plum full of whiskey." Whis
key is a good thing to bring on the
cholera, too." "O, no, I'll risk dat."
And the old fellow went on his way
rejoicing. A few days ago he saw
old Nels., and said: "Well, Nels.,
that cucumber didn't glvo you tho
cholera if" "No, sa'; I wish I had
somo mo' 1"
All tho fools aro not yet dead and
there is no law In this country against
a man being as big a fool as ho can.
A maw, whose name wo havo not
heard, saw a neighbor of his prepar
ing to come to town aud gave him a
dollar to buy somo coffee. After
somo conversation tho nolghbor re
marked that he must hurry up as it
would be night before ho could get
to Troy and return home. "You
going to Troy?" asked tho man in
great alarm. "Yes." "Why, I thought
you wcro going to Truxton. G'o'my
dollar back. Don't fotch me any cof-
feo from Troy; don't como on my
placo nftcr going to Troy." And
after getting back his dollar he incon
tinently lied tho presouco of tho man
who was so 'rash as to venturo to
It ha? bccti suggested to us that in
our last week's paper we neglected
to do justice to two of our citizens
who with a truly commendable, self
sacrificing spirit, dovotcd themselves
during our affliction to the good of
tho town and the preservation of the
property of tho citizens. It is well
known that tho corps of nurses and
tho posso of tho marshal engaged in
executing the orders of the sanitary
committee, left no available forco to
keep within bounds tho hugo coal
fires that wcro kept burning upon
tho streets to dispel miasma and pu
rify tho atmosphere. In this emer
gency, Sim Thornhill aud John Mc
Donald, with sleepless vlgilanco.
guarded tho fires night after night
until the exigency was past. It is to
their forethought aud caro that we
owo our preservation from the prob
ability of a conflagration that would
have been as destructive to tho mate
rial prosperity of our town as the
cholera has beeu to the lives of its
inhabitants. Wo repair this omis
sion witli pleasure, believiug, as wo
do, that merit wherever fouud should
be recognized and commended.
Tho Montgomery standard thinks
that tho cholera at this place was
probably caused by somo impurities
in our town spring, from which, it
says, nearly all our citizens use wa
tor. In this our con-temporary is
doubtless mistaken. Not the half of
our citizens uso water from the town
spring, and not it (loath has occurred
in any family during the epidemic
that used that water exclusively.
Tho water from our town spring is
cool, clear and wholesome, witn so
so llttlo mineral In it that it is with
(.difficulty detected. Tho discaso was
brought about by other cause-, tho
air was heavy and damp, and during
its prevalence tho wind blew from
the cast aud southeast, which to
inanv systems Is very cnorvstlug.
Tho Montgomery Standard ostl
mates that Mr. Henry Larimoro of
Callaway county lost nearly $21,000
by uot advertising his lato stock salo
as extensively as did Kissinger of
l'iko. It very justly remarks that
when Mr, Larimore learns the value
of printer's ink he will moot with
success aud not boforo, a suggestion
which business men of ovory class
would do well to heed.
Pkkronal.- Mr. E. Garrotl called
Joo Creoch ventured lu on Monday
and ventured out on Tuesday.
James Leach, of Moscow, cnllml
yestorday and left a substantial token
ot ins visit.
Mr. Henry A. Bailey, of the firm of
llailcy, Estill & Co.. St. Louis, was
in town this week.
J. B. May, of Wontzvllle, showed
his smiling faco in our sauctum on
yesterday. Ho is tho same Jim
Mr. Mark Canmattn of St. Louis,
wholesale dealer in liquors, was in
town yesterday,
Our friend Bonflls trusted his nro-
clous self a short tlmo in town vos.
tcrdav, and returned safely to his re
treat near 1'rairleville. Hu will bring
his family homo to-day.
Goo. L. Collier, the artist, havlnir
emalncd here throuuh the whole of
the dullest season we could nosslhlv
havo, lias taken his car to Wright
Wm. II. Wells, of St. Louis, has
been in town sovcrnl days. Ho ex
pects to locato hero and go into
business. Wo bono that ho will not
forego his Intention, as he Is a young
man of good business qualifications?
and would conduct an establishment
that would bo an acquisition to the
J. F. Bennett of St. Louis, formerly
editor and proprietor of tho IMcasunt
Hill (Mo.) JlevuHO, and later on tho
statt or tho St. Louis Times, has been
in Troy and vicinity for several days,
looking up life insurance His sne-
clal business was to settle the policies
of tho lato Messrs. B. Crump and J.
it . uogcrs.
Wo trlvo as far as wo havo been
ablo to ascortaln the places our absent
population now "rcsldo:" J. It.
Knox. Ellas and Win. Norton. Col.
orado; Dr. Waddy aud family,
rnncetown, Kentucky ; Fred. Wing
and family, Austin Wing and family,
Jacksonville. Illinois: Chas. Wltnr
and family, Arcadia, Iron county ;
J. M. McLollan's family, Scdalia;
airs. Withrow and family, T. W.
Withrow and J. It. Kuox's family,
Ottumwa Iowa ; It. II. Norton, St.
Paul, Minnesota; J. F. Drown and
family, Joncsburcr: N. Ackcrmanand
family, and J. B. Allon's family,
Warrcnton; Dr. East's family aud
Mrs. Chas. Wheeler, St. Charles; II.
W. Perkins and family. St. Louis
county; E. X. Bonflls aud family,
I'rairiovillo : J. Creoch. Calhoun
county, Illinois; It. D. Walton and
family, Truxton; John Henry and
family, St. Louis; Leonard Henry
and family, St. Charles ; Geo. Gentry,
Mrs. Pocnsalot and familv, Mel.
Glore and family, W. II. Swan and
luiiiiiy, unanuny ; Airs. win. Morton
and family, Wright City ; Hov. Mr.
ltobinetto and family, Martlnsbuig.
Wo have received a late conv of
Vtr nanre Jrorttchritt, edited and
published by Gustav Bruerc. St.
- -
Charles. It is a neat soven column
paper, well edited and claims to bo
tho organ of tho German clement in
Missouri, It takes sovcral items from
our papor, which contain reliable
news; but when it follows the exam
ple of somo of our cotcmnorarlcs and
gives flying rumors, it is us far from
tho truth as any of them. Tho fol
lowing extract which wo trauslato is
a spociineu :
Famlllos flying from Troy bring
fearful uows about tho cholera in that
villntro. Tliern linvn linnn In tlm ins
two weeks over flfty.flvo deaths from
uus urcauiui tusoaso, in a towu of
not moro than sovcu huudrod Inhabi
tants. Constable Lav aud the part
ner of tho county clerk, Mr. Cako,
count anion" thmlnnt lis. V.vm-v Imcl.
ness house with the exception of ono
hotel and ono ilriur c(m la lna1
Tho whole town hns n death-liko
appearance, and overybody who can
possibly afford to leavo ha already
Bbsb Ball. From a prlvato lottcr
from a friend In St. Louis we extract
the following: Duriiur tho soason
the championship hns bocn hotly con
tested Between tho following Dry
Goods Baso Ball clubs : Samuel C.
Davis & Co., Dodd, Brown & Co.,
aud Crow, McCrcory & Co., result
ing in the defeat of the last two
named, and leaving tho Samuel C.
Dayisfc Co. tho champions.
Kkpohtof thk Sanitary Com
mittrk. The sanitary committee of
tho town of Troy submits the follow
Ing report :
Tho town has been thoroughly
cleansed of all filth and nuisances, anil
tho general health is hotter at present
than usual for this soason. There has
been fifteen deaths In tho town limits,
uud live in tho near vicinity, from
This committed nnnrnlinniln tin
further danger, and is satisfied that
mose wno have fled to tho country
can return in safoty. Many havo al
ready done so.
John McDonald, )
G. W. CoLiiKitT, Com.
Jah. I). Buown. S
Troy, July 22nd.
MltKHKAD-Jlllv 11. INT.'I. at I.Ik cel.
Uciu-e 4 mile cunt uf Troy, of ilyncnti iy,
.ioiin .'i. iiiiikukaI), In thcJSth year ofiiN
HOUItl.AND-Julv IK. IST.'l. nt llw. I.
dt'Dcu of her husband in Trojr, of cholera,
Mm. .IUIiITII A.. Wife ot Dr. Jn. W. ll.nr-
Inml, in the !Wtli year of her ajfe.
t M.YNDI.EM July 19, it the rr-i-loiice
of her hurbaml. 3 uillcn cut i.r 'iv.
of cholera. Mrs. .Matilda a., wife of It.
ai. t unmiier, agvH 93 yews, 0 months unit ;
Uuy. The same day. of cholera Infantum.
Ciiarlkm, yoiniKcst child of H. M. and M.
A. Clmmller, oged 1 year, o months nnd Ji
jucivck, jsua'FILS & MAIM IN.
TltltV. MISurilTIM
Will nifiiflin In thn v.t.tmu .. n .i.j
and adjoining yuimtk-g. Special attention
K.vui to uolkctlun and mathm relathw t
fi I it tn tit im..n u.Mti r I..
ml Cherry urci ts, Ju.t below the l.udeil.i
Hotel. VDHJ4
Will practice In the Courts of the Nineteenth
JUllll-iul (Mri'llit. rtnnnhit ntt,..l. !.... ...
ctilloctliiK. ptovlinlO
It. C. MAGltUDElt,
Will practice III tho Culirln of Dip VI
Jinllilal Circuit. Fi)toUnr
Will Itnirr !( In Inn fTmirtu nf ihn l!ln.in k
.luUieliil Circuit, and pay special attention to
collcetltijf. oltlce over Hani; building. (vtiirJi
Ap-nt Mate and Phn-nis lmmmnce Com
panies, and Heal Kutatu Agents .Ml. Al.
I.KN, Notary Public.
Will attend to any prokondonal bushier in
the courts of the Nineteenth Judlcul Circuit:
aUn iiroKttnntlnir uttnntov (if tli.i ........ i
I - - - Q J " - .I'Utltl ..II.
notary public. ptn:tiih
Will practice In the Courts of tho Nineteenth
.1 llil'.'lill l'lrilllt mill Slinriimu f .if... .k..
Mate. Kindness promptly attended to. Oftlcn
over lr. Kat drug More. fvun'.M
Alto Notary Public and Ueal Estate Airent.
will k'vc special attention to collectln.
real estate practice, and Hip InveHtluation of
!uud titles. OTofflcc In clerk's buildliiK.
west room. Satltluetlou given or no charco
made. IvolsniKi
.. . . TUOY. Missoriti.
W 111 practice In the courts of the Nineteenth
Judicial Circuit. Special attention jclvfii to
collections and to the Mile, purchase and
lonkttlf. if ronl .iki.utn. ntia.un.ii rT .tl..u
warrants, deeds, deeds of trust and mort-
KUK" wane on non nouoe. luirge minuter
of valuable farms for salts OlHce on Main
street In Henry's bulltllug, up stairs. n27 v
Particular attention Klven to eoiiveyancInK
and examination of land titles, ami contro
versies ullivtliiK real estate. We make u
speciMlty of eollectlnn all kinds of claims,
notes, hills, etc., at a reasonable commUslon,
Will bo In Troy from lime to time, due no
tice of which visits will be given In Tiik
Thoy Hkkald. volttn':i
W,,IS aiS'a, ,onm, m "mc"t "t door
to T. W. WlTHHOW's, up stairs, where he
attends to dental and surgical diseases of the
mouth, lie keeps an assistant always In the
office to aid lu nfllng teeth. voltoa

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