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V( )L. 8.
NO. 30.
0ll.no n Yonr In Advance.
1 square 1 Insertion fl M
Each additional insertion TO
Administrators' Notice 3 00
Pinal Hettlcment Noticed 0 00
Stray Notices (stnxl stray) 8 00
Each additional stray In name notice 1 00
Liberal deduction will be made to rcsular
No certldcate of publication will be mado
-Mil iiich publication has been paid for.
The non-observance of this rulo has been
the occasion of tnucli troubl and actual lo.
CincutT Court. First Monday after the
fourth Monday In March and September.
County Court. Second Monday In Feb
ruary, May, Augu.t, uad November,
Pkobatk Couht. Second Monday in
January, April, July and October.
Wanted I Bonds! In tlio next
tlirco weeks, Lincoln county railroad
bonds, at 90 ccutB on tho dollar, flat.
F. G. Cakb, Agent
3012 for Lincoln county.
Probate court will be held on tho
second Monday of August, which
will be tho 11th day of that month.
The usual business will bo transac
ted. Dr. Mudd left for St. Louis yester
day morning to purchaso a Universal
jobber for our office, and othor ma
tcrial. We propose to compete with
city offices in tho prlco and quality of
our work.
During th sojourn of Mr. Botiflls
aud family near Prnirieville whilo
the cholera was raging here, some
body who hadn't tho fear ot God, the
law nor cholera in his heart, entered
hi: bouse and stole a largo quantity
of sugar, coffee and flour.
There will be no camp-mectlug this
year on the ground between this
place and Wright City. Tho com
inlttco having tho matter in charge
met a short tlmo since and deter
mined to defer it, on account of the
unhealthy season.
Joseph L. Duncan ot West Prairie,
in this county, has put in two huu
drcd and forty acres of corn aud one
hundred acres of oats, besides wheat,
and other crops. Mr. Duncan is
good specimen of tho vigorous, go
tthcad, intelligent farmers of that
In another column will be found
Hie advertisement of Harvey Ss
Rogers, commission merchants, St
Louis. 'I his firm is represented by
Mr. Gen. P. McRobcrts, who is well
known in this aud adjoining counties
as an energetic and elllcicnt business
man. He will no doubt secure the
house a large trude from this section
Last weok there was but ono fatal
easo of cholera in this place, and ono
or two cases which recovered, show
ing that the disease Is modlllcd in its
virulence, and is no longer epidemic
Thcro have been no new cases since
Our refugees a to returning, and the
town presents a more cheerful aspect
than it has for several weeks. lco
from tho country are also bnginnlug
to visit us, and Troy is fust assuming
the even tenor of its way.
County Couht This court met
last Monday for the purpose of on
tcrlug judgment on tho delinquent
land?, a list of which was published
last month. Commissioner Lewis C
Wright, who was authorized to re
pair rronctuiiatrs biuu bridge, re
ported that ho had completed the
work, and that the bridgo was i
good condition. He also reported
that the Big creek bridgo needed
new roof and floor, and the court di
roeted tho clerk to notify the St
Charles county court, that some ac
tion mlglit bo taken In the matter
The bridgo is on tho lino dividing
this county and St. Charles. Com
mlioncr Wright submitted spcclfl
cations for abridge over Bob's creek
on tho Moscow und Cap-au-GrU
road. Mr. Brevator proposes to pay
ono half tho cost of tho bridge. Bids
will bo advertised lor after the Au-
gun lenn oi me court.
A morchant of this town, a gentle
man of correct and liberal business
views, some days ago made a propo
sition to tho other merchants and
business men to have posters printed
and circulated hi the neighboring
districts from which Troy. has here
tofore drawn her trader, giving the
peoplo reliable and accurate informa
tion concerning the health and sani
tary condition of this placo, assuring
them upon tho strength of their re-
ponslblo names that all danger of
Infection is past and that they cau
with perfect safety come horo to do
their dealing and transact whatever
of business they may dcslro. For tho
past four or flvo weeks business here
has been at a stand-still. People of
tho country shunned us, and there
was left in town scarcely anybody to
purchase of the stores. Tho reason
for this does not now exist, and the
interests of our business men re
quires that this fact should be moro
gonorolly kuown in order that tho
trado which has been diverted to
other channels should return. This
project, although Btrougly urged by
the gcutlcman who conceived tt,
failed becauso of tho expenso of n fow
dollars It would necessarily Involve,
though the share of each would be
but a mcro pittance
Now tho falluro to recelvo this ob
of printing is a small matter to us
scarcely worth a thought; but the
Incident so strongly illustrates a
characteristic of a majority of our
busiucss men, ut the bottom of which
lies a principle so radically wrong,
that wo cannot forbear to montlou it.
Tho stagnation attendant upon tho
visitation of tho epidemic in our
midst has worked a serious Ioks to
our merchants and others dependent
upon tho patronage ot tho surround
ing country. This loss may bo more
than temporary, as much of tho cus
torn belonging here may bo perma
nently estranged. This state of af
fairs, except stopping for tho time
being our usual cash receipts, has not
damaged our nowspapor or printing
business one cent. In last week's
l88tio wo had an article intended to
remove the impression that it was
dangerous to como to Troy. This,
like every articlo written for a news
paper, cost tlmo and offort. It wns
written with tho unselfish purposo of
benefitting tho business men of Troy.
Our busiucss men expect and demand
tills. For this what return do they
makotous? Almost nothing. Tlu
aggregate yearly patronage extended
to us by the merchants of Troy would
not begin to run this office one
month. They in effect say to us
ou devote all your energies and
all tho abilities you possess to the
building up of the business nud the
prosperity of this town, and if you
can livo by it, we have ho objectlou."
Is this just ? We ask this question
in all candor. Is it even politic?
We bollovo not. This close-flsted
policy which withholds a decent pit
tronago to the local paper is a serious
obstacle to our advance in prosper
ity. It is wrong in principle, aud
leads to falso conclusions. It can
savo at the spigot, but its views aro
not broad enough to comprehend tho
wasto that is going on at tho bung,
Whilo its narrowness is occupied
with diligent and anxious caro in
making aud hoarding nicklcs, the
opportunity for making dollars slip
by unnoticed and unknowu.
Suppose a stranger, anxious to learn
something of us, our business, and
the enterprise of our population
possibly with a view to location und
permanent Investment, would pick
up the Herald. Tho home adver
tlsements would solely occupy lit
attention, as they aro considered
sure inuex or tho business or every
placo. Tho only conclusion lie could
poBsiuiy arrive at is : "Troy u n
town of account; but little buslure
done, und that principally in th
drug lino. It 1b n weak uuhenlty
place. I'll look out lor some other
Ihiiso aro considerations which
most ot our business men havo over
looked. Those of other towns of our
size and smaller who have not done
so, but havo none their plain duty i
(his respect, have invariably profited
oy u.
Taxable Wealth op Lincoln
County. Tho total amount of taxa
ble wealth In this county, according
to tho last assessment, is $4,119,660.
The personal property amounts to
$1,232,020, and tho real cttato to
12,887,640. The state tax rate is 46
cents on the hundred dollars, making
$18,688 that the county will pay over
to tho state treasurer. The county
rato is $1.60 on the hundred dollars,
tho amount to bo raised for county
purposes being $61,622.70; of this
amount $41,061.80 Is for our slow
coach railroad, nud $20,660.00 for the
general expenditures of tho county.
L'hls will mako $80,161.17 to bo paid
by our people in the way of state and
county taxes, exclusive of road and
school taxes. Tho road tax is 10
cci'is on the hundred dollars, making
the amount to be collected $4,108.18,
which may bo worked out under the
overseers of the several road dis
tricts, who will glvo a receipt for tho
ork which will be accepted by the
collector iu paymont for this tax.
'-very person between tho agca of
twenty-ono and fifty is subjoct to a
road tax, and thoy can cither work it
out at ono dollar per diem or pay It
in money. The school tax is fixed
by tho various school districts, ac
cording to their demauds. In this
county the rates rango from 12 cents
to $2 on tho hundred, the latter bo-
ing the limit of the law.
Handle Factory. Two gentle-
mou engaged In tho business of man
ufacturing handles for axes, spades
aud tho like, have been prospecting
in St. Charles for a location for a fac
tory in that city. They havo been
examining the timber and havo come
tho conclusion that St. Charles,
with tho help of Lincoln and Wurren,
will furnish enough for their purpose.
Shcliburk hickory Is tho kind of
timber used. Now, as Lincoln county
baa the greatest abuudauca of this
timber moro than any threo counties
mis pari oi me stase wny can't
some of our citizens tako the matter
in hand anA induce theso gentlemen
to establish their factory here, where
they can obtaiu their stock at the
least possible cost? This factory
will give employment for twouty-fivo
hands, aud would bo mi important
addition to the business of our town
It would, if secured, stimulate tho
conimnnitv to further effort in tho
same direction. Our advantages for
tho location of such enterprises will
never be appreciated unless wo make
them known to tho proper parties.
Our Timdiir Traue. Perhaps
one of our largest exports is timber,
which is cut from tho banks of tho
Mississippi river, King's lako and
Cuivrc, and rafted to St. Louis. Tho
quantity of wood of all kinds cut
from Culvre is immense. Tho timber
growth all along this stream Is very
heavy. It comprises tho very best
qualities for general use that can be
had, such as bluck and white walnut.
white and other valuable varieties of
oak, wild cherry, birch, maple, syca
more, linden, ah, hackborry, cotton-
wood, elm, hickory aud many others.
The trade Its elm stock has of lato bo-
come quite a business of itself. This
is principally in tho hands of St.
Louis men, who purchaso tho elm
trees of tho owners, and hiro laborers
to cut down and saw tho trees into
blocks. These are used iu tho manu
facture of saddles. A considerable
amount of tho liner timber goes to tho
furnituro and cur factories. Wo will
shortly glvo some statistics concern
ing tho lumber trado of Cuivrc. .
Mr. Buchanan, paymnstor of the
railroad company, enmoto within six
miles of Troy Inst Wednesday, in
tending tc come to this place for tho
purposo of making tho regular
monthly payments, but wns deterred
by tho reports he heard of tho chol' ra
hero. We beg leave to assure him
that thcro is not tho slightest danger
in coming to Troy, and that many of
our citizens would hail his coining
with pleasure, especially if he brought
with him that plethoric pocket-book
of his. Plcaso to reinembor, Mr.
Buchanan, that thore is now no epi
demic cholera in Troy,
Pehbonal. Thomas Coiicy, Esq., I
was in town Friday.
E. S. Ackerman of tho Warrcnton
Chronicle was in to seo us lasf week. I
Bon. T. Whitruoro of Clarksville
passed through Troy on his way from
St. Charles.
Capt. lllchard Wommack was in
town on Monday, attending to pro
bato business.
Capt. J. Mi Reeds, an old and re-
spectablo citizen of this county, was
In town Monday and gavo us a pleas
ant call.
Our friend Sam'l Wilson left us a I
nice lot of ripo Juno apples yester-
day, the finest we have seen this sea-
son. Thanks.
Our young friend Alex. Duff was
in town on Monday. He Is making
arrangements for a tournament, to
be hold next month in West Prairie,
S. B. Hopkins, ono of our oldest
citizens, paid us a visit this week,
Ho has been in this county for more
than forty-thrco vcars. I
il. C. Magrudcr, Esq., of Cap-au-
Gris, called to sec us. He Is about to
found a now city on the lino of the
Mississippi Valley aud Western rail
road, on the road from this place to
Judgo W. W. Shaw, collector of
this county, was in his office, this
week, tho first time tho offlco has
been occupied for several weeks, his
deputy having left during the epi
demic without his knowledge.
Dr. J. P. Coffey, a native, and un-
til lately a resident of this county,
is now living in Collin county, Texas,
Esquiro J. C. Elmore of Nineveh,
called on Monday and entertained us
very pleasantly for a kilf hour. He
informs us that in Nineveh both vll
lago aud township improvement is
tho order of tho day. A fine Masonic
hall is nearly finished, and a lodge
will .hnrilv lm l...t Tl, ft.-.
will shortly bo Instituted. Tho far
mcrs' club Is prosperous ; it extends
a cordial invitation for the co-opera
tion of tha farmers of tho rest of the
i ne principles or mauy or our goou
. .. i 1 1 1 .i . . .
lumiuui-s wuicu Hi me npproncn oi
Klntr CMinlnrn Wn linllnvn ll.n Pln
m iT ,i .. liui. i.
of alcbolic liquors for medical pur-
poses. This provision is right and
just; and somo of the members acting
up to the letter and spirit of tho law,
have, without anv special nlens as to AKeW State and Phoenix Insurance Coin
no i, w ii iout uuy spobiai picas ns to pantt.Mt Rntj rt,,ai Ketate Agent. J. U. At.-
uiuir iiiMiviuuni mimcum culling tur
this particular remedial agent, been
taking their medicine regularly as a
precautionary measure during tho
unhealthy season. One of our good
brethren, however, who has for some
years occupied an advanced position
In the cause of temperance, advoca-
ting not only total abstlnenco and
prohibition, but even the suppression
of tho manufacture of Intoxicating
j -i j
privilege and tho same immunity
from the dreaded disorder, but tho
desire to prescrvo a show of con
sistency prevented the uso of tt upon
his own prescription. He must huvc
medical advice to tirgo him to It a
gentle violenco, as it wero, to his owu
scruples. Tho plan of action formed
(tho cholera was then at Its height),
ho sauntered down tho street in search
of a physician. Seeing Dr. McLcllan
seated in Woolfolk's drug store, ho
went in looking as bluo us possible
and stretchlntr his limbs. and yawnine
l'ulibiuir his hands said "Doctor I warrants, uceus, uecita or truu anumort
uioiiife nis nanas. Bam, uoctor, I gagci ue on short notice. Largo number
leel mighty bad ; feci my bunds ; seo of valuable farms for sale, oinco on Maui
how cold they are : I feel bad and cold
nil over. Don't you think n littlo
whiskey would help me ?" "No,"sald
tho Doctor, "I do not think it would.
I would nrescribo It for anv bodv dsn
in your condition, but you havo de
monstrated conclusively that alcohol,
, t 1
under every aud all circumstances, is
an unmitigated evil, and I cannot
bring myself to advise any body to
tako what ho is satisfied will work
nothing but positivo injury." This
was a poser. Our cold-water friend
began to think Ills chancos of obtain
ing a little of "that 'ero," in an au-
tltorlzcit a mi a legitimate manner,
was exceedingly slim, But the good
naturuu uuysiciaii, aucr dialing mm
. i ..i t ? t i .
" ""v v " - b- v ...w
coveted prescription.
Multum in Pabvo. In looking
over the tax book of this county wo
seo that twentv-seven fiirures renrc.
sont tho grand totals of the valua-
tton of property in this county and
the various taxes thereon. They
stand there, at the bottom of tho dif
ferent columns, so plain, and tell with
such roadincss their mission, that it
appears aa if they placed themselves
there of thoir own accord, or camo
by maglo ; and yet to obtain theso
twenty-seven figures, all In their
proper order, flvo largo books havo
been filled with figures which have
been added, subtracted, multiplied
and divided, costing a year's labor ami
giving employment to thirteen differ.
lent persons as It progressed asses -
sor, assistants, board of equalisation,
clerks, collectors, etc. and when the
collector signs the receipt for the
book, beforo one dollar of tho taxca
i" collected, will have cost the stuto
and county over $2,000. One would
hardly think that, jut to tako a cav
uai glanco at theso twenty-soven
For additional locals see fifth pago
MARTINIK July 24. 187.1. In Trov. r,f
cholera, Max. Marti.mk, aged about j:
W1, ,ocm tc couru X
and adjoining counties, special attentloi
Sneelril nttenflnn
jr'.vcn to collections and matters relating to
real estate. Offlce northeast corner Main
and CUcrry htrcrts. Just below the Laclede
Hotel. fvHiHW
WIH practice InthoCourtsof the Nineteentii
JM.,."V ?' ; V,wu,t' Special attention given to
collecting. tptovDnlC
CAl'-AU-aRI8. MO..
Will practice in the Courts of the Nineteenth
Judicial Circuit.
i .
W'l'P.weti0 In the Court of the Nineteenth
Judicial Circuit, and pay upecial attention t-
umce over tiatik uuutung. vpch
xX troy. Missouri.
lis, .luiury i-iiimu.
Will attend to any prosesnlnnal bulne la
notary public. ptn36vB
wattm , ..ntmnn
ttohneys at law '
Will practice In tho Courts of the Nluctcewii
titatc. UuHlnesa promptly uttcudtd to. Ofll
over Dr. Eaot'a drug store. vHnSt
Alio Notary Public and Heal Estate Au'Uf.
will aive special attention to vollectitti...
real estate practice, and tlio Investigation (it
:anuuuet. t-omon in c ent's buildlDK.
went room. Hatlifactlon given or no charyi
made. fvolo!l.i
Will nractlceln the rourUnf tho Nineteenth
Judicial Circuit. Spnclal attention given U
inlli.i'tinnii ftml tsi tliM ubIa tmpitliA... ..nl
lualnir of real ewtate: abatrui-tK of tin..
,trcel ln nry' bultUliiK. up itulrs. nilt
k'9ro"" A?.n " r.STATK ageht".
Particular attention gUcn to cunveyuuclnt;
and examination of land titles, and contru
vurMe utt'n-tinx ri al estate. V wake a
tpecialty of rollcctiiur all kinds of claim,
notes, bills, etc., at a rcwoiublc ciinimUsioti.
WENT.vii.LE. Missounr.
Will be in Troy from tlmo to tlmn. due no
tice of whli-h Uita will be givtn in Tiir
ass.nw. f!PIK
Dr. W.
Will always be found ln his offlce. aext dooe
to T. W. WlTDKOW'S, up stairs, where lie.
I to T. W. WITuKOW's, ud
attends to dental ami suruleal dlipu.mrti.
momhi ,u ke anTMant always in ho
efflce to aid In Ailing teeth. " etti iu

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