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The Troy herald. [volume] (Troy, Mo.) 1873-1890, August 06, 1873, Image 1

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V L. 8.
NO. 31.
rcMMsuKt mr
tM.ffO n Vnnr In Advance.
II 00 1 nilnutnf tmt
I square 1 InM-rtlon, fl W
ftsch additional Insertion i$
Aihntulstratorft' Notice 3 00
Mnal Settlement Notice
FITBT toners iinxit- "irnj I l-
Mm..U n.l.llltiinal uti-iiv In anmn luill.i- . 1 00 WUS
. Liberal deductlous will be utado to resuilar of j0b and display
lXo ccrtWent of publication will be made wood, not possessed
intll such publication Iim been paid for.
The non-nhrvatiec of thin rule has been
the nreaolott of much troubl and actual loss.
ur leBerricK. Iwhat a visitor hay or vn
Tho consolidation of two printing Correspondence of tho MUiourl Ropub-
offices Into ono has given us unusual ,,,. ....
.111.1... 1.1 I... I I.'--1. "'! -w,
IUC1IIIIUO IUI JUU IirillUIIK. JTJHU1I BCI1" I ... f .. ......1.1., tl.ta a..
aratc office wos largely stocked with tloll of Missouri has never beon
typo and material of the latest styles "written up." Why, I am at n loss
$80,161.17; tax rate $1.95. Tho debt
or tne county an torn is oniy v.69,uuu.
The following persons were gran
ted certificates to teach in the pnblin
There are no outstanding warrants h u , this county for the eniuitig
trutnat thn nnilntv. and coiintv war. I """ iuiii(
atralnst the county, and county war
rants havo nover beeu sold below
xno court-nouse is a substantial
year: Oscar w. Avery, win. .
Welch, Miss Sallle E. IUc, Jamt
Wells, James Holliday, colored.
two-storv brick structure, on a I
suitnblo for tlio finest kinds of to soy, unless n , 00 a predisposition foundation of beautiful blub Hmo- County Court will be In regular
. Thcso wcro so selected that 0M 1110 P.8" ,V-7.i tM2! -S tono quarried three miles from session next week,
was but little surplus, the T&&J3faEi tow" ! P
of all parts being perfect, 0, rfThou shalt not hide thy light V "EfffiT 'SIK Lincoln Oam hedw plaat-. l.re and fin. to, the
srlvtnir us advantages in tho lino under a bushel." Gortalnly there is .., .. ,F, .. 1.. , .t,. -. If.11 ..,,1 .nrin imi. . m.in. h.
I lWIIIII a ub iw ikllbDD uw awV sua aus. 1 a'-f mm. mu v 'Oft
type, metal and co"" ,n j Vat0 thfl
1,1. In.i.v "m08 superior advantages to
by many cotm- of L,ncoln c0Utyt
. .... ...... i . 1. ..... rii- .11 il.t.
it j uuibus 111 iiiu bmiivi .. THR TOWN OK TtlOY.
wo navo constantly auuou oy juui- ... fl,,t ,B..,.d ln m th. flr.t k-nlfo.
. I I .1 I ' - -. . . . I ...
cious aim carciui selections, atructuro Dclns a fort near where is
Wo have Just received from St. now tho center of tho town, built by
ing the past year there has. been but Buffalo nursery, 3 mllea ioutn.at of Troy,
one county boarder, he being the on the Telegraph road, an41 mile from Mot
present incumoeni, coioren, arrestcu cow.
for stealing a nolr of omits and a Jack-
knife. Troy has one thousand souls.
Thero aro 19 business houses. 4 sa
loons, several dry goods houses, 2
Prico 2.50 per thousand, more or taw
according to the demand.
Wantkd! IIondhI In tho next
three weeks, Lincoln county railroad
bonds, at 90 cents oa tho dollar, flat.
F. C. Cake, Agent
JKM3 for Lincoln county
Tho wheat Just harvested has pro
ven to bo of much larger yield than
auticlnated by the farmers.
Probate court will bo held next
Week, commencing Monday. Tho
utfual business will bo transacted.
The Fabiikhb' Fhibnd.- Double
forco feed Grain Drill is ahead of all
the greatest Improvement of the age,
tho only drill that can be changed
while seeding, without taking off cog
a a I It A . . t 1 1. a
sivo ins speech, wnicn inoaiout iwo-nory dhck. Kept uv wneeis: zigzag or sinslo rank : can
I t 1 II 1L. ...ll I SSliaaMB 'I'hAHIllll S I BW IIIIkaMMll MhAMA I a
anablo of dolnir wa"a "cuncner ua uiu niuinnow, iuwuuhi uujubiii .:. ue changed to sow from one q
Alter presenting nis dui
Its evenness of COUnty, ho said: "Mr g
(Hstwii wiBBTj-rim nimnir wr . . iTntrnrani inl. PrA.i Zadoc Woods andMr. Cottle. About arug stores, luriuture, uoots anu
''fffift'fth. . V . u i T! .. .1' the year 1820, David Clark camo hero hooa. hardware, 8 llvory stables.
ruaVv lav AMwtTnnrNovcn?iin aud about one hundred dollars worth "om North 'corollna, ond was soon saddle and harness manufactories, 1
l'KOBATK i"ouht. Hemiid Monday In of additional material. This Jobber after elected a mombor of the legls- bank and 2 hotels the Laclcdo and
January. April, July and October. la mimliloritil tho beat that la maim. latut-A. Am a aamnle of loirlilatlon at Planters'. The former is a neat com-
-------- 1
fncimnrl. hMiiff tliA moitaulistfltitliil. that time. I
i r 1 .1 it..
. . . a . a a 1VRI n "Pill
I M tlfl M t lltn SAHIA limn iianalilA nrIAIii-f w'
itivflv a, no siaftitiv lliiu
tho finest work. In
imiircsslnn and perfection of register have lived In Lincoln county N. C.
It Is uusurpa:scd. Its speed is fifteen Lincolu county Ky., and I want to dio
. 1111 i.innn mi r-nii 11 1 v. mo." l nn Mil
nunarca impressions per nour.
We are now printing the assessor's
blanks and the tax receipts, and havo
a largo order for printing blanks to
fill as soon as tho work can
lor B new mirmy, 11 11 iiui y emu em tun ......I i.t.... i "
Rnenkoi.! I tret so met 1 nir irood to dr nk aud a"' "" wuu. vyu n.u
. . III.- . V . t I a . I lutm fl.ll n.trl I. m m a.
nicti, civan oea in wnicn w rust. " u u moiu uuiurc jiur'
There are five churches : Ono Pres- chasing. Every drill warranted to
county, Mo." Tho bill byterian, o. S.; two 1 Methodist, Bivo clltlro 8fttlslactlon , or money re-
wiuiu uiiu coiorea: unuiiai uuu 1 (,ia,i T n . ....
Christian. The first is an elegant
ttva-atiltatr Its I f.li na Ai A 1WA tvli t
Dv wav of dlirrcsslon I dIvo tholi. nnn-i n.t.i nn.... ta
i. .ill0 f0,!?wi"t wh,c,h. actually occurred, Ouo publlcschool building, and afluc,
bo done, as the stylo in which Justlco was dis- handsome brick academy. There Is
lu Lincolu
funded. J. P. Lynott.
no28m2 Agent for Lincoln eo.
Fresh lemons at the Laclede. ft
... . , , ... 1 . . I , 1 1 ' 1 iitiiiunviiiL ui.vn ..... .'H A M In I Kill,
tvnirii nn urn iiiimir. nun win rnn. i uuimeu dl iiiub uuiiv uuiu. ami 11 iidiiahI. nMn iM Tmi. in n . r. . .t ........ ..Ha.
mTi..7. in"" w unuaiiunu wiiiiiKit. unTliuriil.y
tinuo to do at Hannibal and St. Louis withouta point. only 0110 in the county tho Troy July 31, 1878. at the reMdcnco of the brtdc
prices. Wo think the demaads of "rn., f ".n,l,u'' ran uaincr erat. u is a neat paper 1
i.... ...111 i..otr.. 11... oiiir xiiuriiiiui, uiiu ui 111c pro Krapnicany. riocnuy anu euuoriniiy wi,i,..i
business will JtiRtlfy tho expense prct01.g of tl0 Laclcdo hotel hero, ft Indicates enterprise aud marked
uiiciiuvu iuuiitto. i was oioctcu nquue in lo.v;. uui'iuir nb itv i it is Duuusueu uv Alcssrs.
.a a a aM . a, I. a.t.aml... - - it . I a at aT
wnuavo tlio Dosijonomce in tlio 1110 trini 01 nip omy case mat ever in isucr s juuuu.
J'PO-1 mother, by tho Key. Francis M. Hlrkhead,
lolly uri. y"-,"l,u nong 10 wn Anns ai.
The White Swnn Ladira of (road
templars will give a picnic, on the state outside of tho larger cities, and cnnJ before him, ho heard a wild
r a..-...? ... ii... r.' ... 1 ,t....i. ...1 .1... .11- turkey gobbling, when ho iunnodU
' ku., uu iiiiiu. Hum au-inu nu uui iii.mua uuu utcjy roso to his foot, saving : "Uen-
uuru biiii iiircu 1111 ch irom omiin s 10 Know iiiai we nro rcauy 10 uo
Mills. Messrs II. II. Ellis and J. B. everything lu tho printing line,
Allen will address tho audience.
Among tho leading business houses
are those of Parker, Crows & Co.,
as blanks of every description
heads, bill heads, monthly statements
tictnen. iiarncv Knows the law. niui . . - - ......
n . i .T jinrinii a i;o.. urv crnnna. irroceriea. " :
, sucn naving cnreiuiiy consmerca tno ol" ? Wnolfoik A (V. l)r s! T. Ealt. "I.. !
pusn. nil oninion in inn it in trnincr i . - mk.h-iii
, ii-iiui "v--v-"j- uS.iP.arnggists: .1. r. L,ynott. naraware real
. J UUUI, ,,,, ,.,... llno.. a.i.1 T I nml
practice in the various courts of this
joining counties, sjiecial Httcntlon
to collertloiiM and matters relstiutr Li
entute. Uftlce northeast corner Main
Tho camp meeting committee of T , ' V -..-.-, nddlng that during his absenco they Siw
ihUMtMYChar,tHn,l ,abcU' P0,ter8. dodgers, etc., and could compromise tho matter. As " n?'
this district, M.L. Church houth, met .ine,, vUlliBg and adding cards, he did iiotretnrn until late at night fn S iK,
short time sluce and reconsidered ..... . . ih nnnlns hud romnrnml.P.i mi Iho most cxtci slvo esl
harness. &c., utel
boots and shoes
establishment in
Cherry streets, Just below the Lucledo
their former action and decided to
hold tho camp meeting at tho old
grounds between Troy und Wright "
n. ih. ri.ii.t. B1....1.1. (.. Kan. tuatca
, VII .V .VI. KM WMUMM ... MH1I-
.1 1 1 u j . . 1 Iho nni-llpR hml rninnrninUpil ,! 1 110 inosi CXICIISIVO estauilBnniCIH in M. J..JUiN.,
plain, colored or bronzed, ln styles Pr"8 h,,a colnProm,sed nud tho county is the tnuncry of Messrs. A TTOUNEY AT LAW.
and at prices that will bear compar
ison witli any other office, wherever
Is now a man living some several miles west walnut, maple, sugar, birch, cotteu- consumes 200 cords of bark annually, A TTOBNBY AT AW,
ood on tho of this place got Into trouble with wood, hickory and all vnrlotlcs of which all comes from Lincoln county , At ,V AI'-GRIS, MO
a collected Ida i.nlirlilior. in trvlnff hvvlrlue of onk' costs flvo dollai per cord. Ill T,II.?.t...l.Vtl,C, c'ourt" ' luoteeul
.!?,!?. ,,0W,bo.r? J"' "' y V:I1"?.01 The shipping of this tlmbor forms connection with tho tanuory is a boot '""' circuit. TptowinB
Troubles uevcr come singly. A
DniFT Wood. There
large amount of drift wood
bars of Culvrc. This has
by the rains of the spring and 6um- his office of school director, to place
mor. Wo notico that some of these over the school a teacher objection
drifts have beon burned. Wo think It able to the patrons. Hardly wus
a good plan to rid the stream of these this little war at its height before his
tomporury dams, thus preventing the wifo left kiin aud his luother-iu-lHW
formation of ponds and sloughs, had him bound over to keep tho peace Louis.
sulowing the water to pass off after towards his littlo brother-in-law. To I in almost every portion of tho
rains, and rcllovlng tho fords and rid himself of as much of this dlffi- county aro fouud rich deposits of the
gu.iv ..u.i.v. Pnfcn Jfe Ttoirora. Tim pnnllnl lnvnstnil A NKW llnni! iln
the natural itEsouncES i. 26.000: tholrvearlv business from Will oractlce IntheCourtiiorth.. Nin.fnn.h
Of this county nro not excelled by $20,000 to $25,000. It was established Judicial circuit, Speclul attention given to
that or any other lu the state. Thero fifty yeara aito. and has beon under the ipwuuio
are large quaniuics oi various kiiius present management nve years, it
or large growth, including black has a capacity of 10.000 hides, and
a considerable trade of Cuivro river, and shoo establishment, and also one
wnicn cxtcuus iin-oiiKh tho center or for mnnulacturiiig saddles, harness,
the couuty-aiid Is navigable for steam- whips, &c, in both of which the fin
boats to thu mouth of Dig creek, a est uuulltv of work is turned out.
distance of 40 miles. It empties Into Tho tannery Hives employment to
tho Mississippi 70 inilos above St.
fifteen hands. The boot and shoe.
and suddle department each employ
six nanus.
. , TilOY, MISSOUItl.
Will practice In the CourtK or the Nineteenth
Judicial Circuit, and pay rneclal attention t
collecting, office over Dank building. 8niU
....bl,. II..... ...... til. ..iii.t. annn.i. .o 1... I.. t.l. I.. ..I.I l.t. I (I1I1CICIU millCI'aiS COftl. 11 'Oil. S,C nS Tumi I. hlniciul hnlmnil mnll Iawii. I
hese drifts will soon be dry enough port on of the crop atid promised his SoS'yor SSoSgSp'ur E
to bum without any trouble, and it wife's mother that ho would never white limestone, sandstone, flrestone, Mld w " :
would be well for tho farmers living nealn molest them by his nreseuco. &c. Tho coal deposits surpass those tien tnwn. ami in n snnRon of dromrht n. w. wnr.P.T.vp
on the stream to sot flro to them. This resolution ho was not able to
"Eternal vigilance is tho price of kcP fo,r moro U,aM wcck"v T,,ouh
Jlberty," and if our city fathers wish
to keep us frco from epidemics they
must keep up their sanitary rcgula
latlons. Somo localities already bad
Jy need the application of disinfec
tants. We call their attention to
thcso facts.
not welcome by any means ho prescn
ted himself at his old quarters and
gave the folks to understand that he
wis coming to sec them whenever it
pleased him to do so. They wcro not
furnishes tho country for miles
nrotiud. With a vlow to cleaning it
out, eight ncaiiny men woi-Kca vig
of all others, and nro composed of tho
very nnost qualities, it Having taKcn
the nrcin nun at your f air in 1H72.
Tho Lincoln ftauntv f!onl comnnnv.
of which G. W. Peck of your city Is
secretary and treasurer, with their Ut f,irnLhcs the water necessary to
..m.n Ik. 12, .... I a .....a . ..M. I . ... .... I ... ..
tho purposo ot tievelopiug these
JX THOY. Missniriti.
Will attend to any proKottlonal biiNineM in
.... .1... v'i..V. ... ... i. ...... ....
orously for five hours with buckets h"r"r,!',,: Nltcenth Judical Circuit;
and lafled to lower the water an Inch. ttHorncy of U)w
run the tannery, as' well as tho mo-
IIiia nnitfnx f r aiiii at onw aitl tl
Jt.. s C7 I 1(1 U III IV Vt frV IUII M B7U If HUM UWMB -
mines. The company own large I Inar-mlll. A favorlto place of resort
more ambiguous than he In their dec- tract or land about tlvo miles west ff sportsmen, and particularly those
! L"""".' 1 .i wfc mi of 'our cy. scouing recreation, is jua'dal circuit and Supremo Court "of tb
Inhnllitii if iclslina in tlm mnttor
SC. XI10
it vii.l i'ay. we kiiow ot no again ue migm expect trouuio anu dovcloDmcnt is the
uottcr opening man Troy lor a goon any amount 01 it. Aim inus anairs
merchant tailor of energy and Indus- rest. Gory batllo is imminent.
trlous Imblts. A first-class cutter
and fitter, with a modeiato canital. l'KRSONAI.. Mr. Alvln liolcomb
Would moHt with onenuriiiritinniil. called AlOlluay,
from our business men and bo hailed Pson Hardesty ot ChantUly called aevoioi mmt m . ''Jy.
Will practice In the Court of the Nineteenth
Thov Informed htm that if Ho came ll"- '"If. c.
. . . rrt-iin r nnftTiip.in in innii
development Is
Thero being no rullroad In the
county. In fact, the absence of these
facilities has matciiuiiy rotaructt the
King's lake, in tho eastern portion of state. ltutneH promptly attended to, on
tho county. It is four inilos long, over Dr. Rant's drug store. Ivsnffl
fivorainiitr three-quarters of a mile
In width. Game ot all kinds abound
in the woods around about, whllothe
lake contains large quantities or fish,
Including bass, buuaio, croppy
perch, sc.
Troy and vicinity has boen pretty
Alio Notary Public and Heal Estate Airent.
Will (five special attention to eollcctiant.
ruui eniuie prai-uce, ana me invesiiKimon or
fir iiince in c.orK' uuiiuintr.
. . i .1 ,
with deliirht by tlio vouar mcu of ""OUB5r"l wee. r.n.. n,ni ti.t. nin imi muni, inimi. ..miv nnit.ii with Miiaimi iin
our town. An establishment of this J. Alex. Wlthrow, who has boon 1.. ti.e .... Thov uro cxnectluir the tweeu 16 and 20 havo died from the
character is sonic th lug wo have long residing in Neosho for nearly a year speedy completion of tho St. Louis, dlsoaso in the town alono; among
land titles.
west room,
made. .
Satisfaction tfiven or no chiirxo
alouir the linn. This road whs char
tcred in 1K65, with a limit of ten
lieeded. but havo nover hud. and there VU located in Grnnby.
cau bo no doubt about tuo Davinrl Miss Maggie E. Edrlngtou, of Lex
part of it. AVIth a select stock of i"ton, Kentucky, is vUitlng her rcl
cloths, and a iruaranteo for food fits. Utivos in this place.
!.... r.t .1... ... ........ I Rev. O. R. Tlinmnann. wn rnorrof tn time to time.
iiuoi. w. wi uui a iiiiu. fl I u uiuh wowm -- .. - w . . 1.
tent to St. Louis and Now York by say, has loft Troy, having received a ready beejcommencod t
our clileons, would bo placed in the c11 to Cnrmol cliurch, St. Louis, twelvemonth tl.e whistle of
hands of any good tailor who will " preached ins tarowcll sormon last
ciut his lot among us ; aud those who Sunday week,
nre now seemingly content to wear Mr. Jas. L. Duncan called on Mon
the rnady-mado clothing that Is ltt' ad, to mo bis own expression,
brought on, would abandon them for "insulted us by bringing us a now
a nice fitting suit, modo of doth of subscriber nnd paying for twoolh-
thclr own selection, and to order. crs." wo never object to bulng In-
suited in that manner; intact, we
rather llko it.
G. W. llorton, engineer on the rail
road, was In town on Monday. He
Is supurlutouding the work in this
county. Wo learn from him that five
car-loads of iron for tho road left
Hannibal for Fraukford last week.
IJuuuibul & Keokuk railroad, which them somo of the most respectable
is graded, with a slight exception, all aud Influential. It has disappeared as
Will practice In the courts of the Nineteenth
Let some enterprising tiiun take hold
of this matter, nnd wo aro suns lie
will nover havo cause to regret it.
Wo havo a population of noarly a
thousand, and u class of gentlemen
-who dullght to strut in neatly fitting
suits, and yet wo hvo no tailor. We
oannot glvo oncouragomcnt to one
unless ho understands his business,
but for otic who does, Tsoy Is cer
tainly as good an opening at wo
know of.
Thornhill & Huswell have on hand
a supply of gcnnliio proof brandy
for sickness. Cull at tho Laclede and
beautitul nrnriosund wooded valleys und Dr. Mudd of the 7enifcf tor the
of old Lincoln. This road passes
Track laying has al
at several
thu Iron
horse will wake the cchoos along the
through Troy, which will bring it by
rail within 65 miles, or two hours'
travel of St. Lous. Troy llko every
other town aspiring or in possession
of a road wants the machine shops.
The company proposo to locate them
hero for $60,000. to bo refunded If in
Iho future they should move them.
suddenly as it came. About 40 fam- Judicial Circuit. Sneclul attention nit en tn
lllcslet't, but low of whom havo re- collections and to the sale, purchase ami.
.... .... HWH... W W . .... ---.
I. .1, . . .1 1 1
now, us uiu uisonsu una uimpji!uu. -tin inudo on short notice. Laroo uumt
111 COtlCIUSIOII 1 WOUIU say mat I of valuable, farms fur :i e. Oft ce on Mat
mil Indebted to Messrs. Cako & Mc- street in Henry's buildiiu;, upstair. ul7rj
Lcllan, clerk and deputy clerk ot the
years, but has been, extended from turned. All could do so with safety, Jtor l" ?1 J?'.1"
lu cone
county court aud real estate agents,
und Dr. Muud ol tho 7 era
Information given ubovu.
mi.. .... . j. ...... I n.n.l.nM
x iiu uusu ui onniiiui uiuiiuii;,
Lowis Wlggin and Gcorgo Foster,
charged with bridge-burning, was
culled up on Saturday last and dis
missed for want of nroof. Foslor
ii!?JLV.i.?lV .fiiV.TbJ I? II r was the only defendant present, Wig-
. nL....m,a gin having died of tho cholera some
,. .. ..,.,.. two or three weeks ago, and uro
a lie IIUI IIIVI II BilU nt-qiuiiiuuiuuiio . , ,
of tho county aro principally rich shongbolngtakon tho previous oven
undulating prairie, well adapted to ing wun severe cnoiora inoruua,
tno growing or an kiiius oi grain.
Collectors anu Uksl Kstatr auf.ni'..
Particular at teutlou given to conveyaiii'tu
and examination of land titles, anil i-mitro-
vrrilcs affectlni: real ektate. Wo unike. .
specialty of collecting all kind of cluiuv,
notes, hills, etc., at u reasouaule couunUsioti.
Will ho tn Troy from time to time. ilu ue-
tlce of which vislU will be give" in Tun
purchase a supply.
Tho timber land is well adapted to
and yields immense quantities of to
bacco of a tine quality, i ne taxable
wealth of the county Is 94,119,660,
u26 ' State and couuty taxes amount to
The court houso roof is receiving
another coat of paint at tho hands of
Van Wert. The appearance it much
Will always be found In bis office, next (loot
to T. W. WITHROW'H, up stairs, where h.
attcuds to dental and surKlcal diseases nf the
mouth. Il keeps ttuaUtaatalwax In itej
oftlvttoaidlnflflloitci-tu. oiau'A

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